Geeky blonde moans with pleasure while guy pounds her in bed

Geeky blonde moans with pleasure while guy pounds her in bed
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I started this out not really understanding the rules here and I thank all the readers however what I am going to do is re- post it in the form I wrote it. I took a couple things I read the wrong way and I think it needs to be this way. This not a true story it is a fantasy incest story and I hope you enjoy it.


Daddy's Sweet PUSSY Cat This story starts in early spring, it has started to warm up and the clothes are changing and I love it, Less clothing more flesh. I am heading upstairs to make sure my daughter is about ready for school, she is about to graduate High School and a couple Colleges have showed interest in her. As I head up the stairs I think how much she reminds me of her Mother. She has the same long legs, the 36d breast, the small waist. She has her own deep dark red hair and dark green eyes.

Her lips are perfect and I am sure she drives the boys crazy in school just walking down the hall. I get to her door to find it ajar and she is standing by the bed and drops the towel she had wrapped around herself.

She turned around and I got a look at her beautiful breast, firm and standing straight out from her chest her aerolas are about the size of a half dollar and a dark brown. Her nipples are pink and about a ½ inch around and ¾ of an inch thick. Moving on down I have a look at her freshly shaven pussy, her lips are a little puffy and you can see the pink inside so she was either masturbating or thinking of her latest boyfriend, they seem to change like my underwear.

She moves over and steps into a small pair of bikini panties, actually a thong then a rather reveling bra and then a nice silk blouse and a very short skirt. I move back from the door and started speak loudly to her. I stopped and looked down at my hard cock pushing against my jeans. What am I doing I thought getting a hard on looking at my daughter!

"Honey is daddy's little girl about ready for school?" "Yes daddy will be right there." I went down and got ready to go as she bounced down the stairs smiling, "ready daddy", she said with a big grin. "Don't want to be late", she said as she headed for the door. We got in the car and I backed out of the garage and headed out as I turned the corner. She looks at me with a smile and asks " did you enjoy the show this morning daddy?" I was silent for a minute did not know what to say then finally I responded, " I am sorry honey I did not mean to peep in on you I was just surprised by you.

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You are a very beautiful young lady." "Don't be sorry daddy I found it to be a turn on. To have an older man lust over me and that said older man to be my dad.

I know you are lonely and that you miss mom, I feel your pain dad, after the cancer took mom knowing how much you loved her." "You are a very beautiful young lady baby and you remind me of your mother so much".

Reaching over she put her hand on my right leg and her fingers brushed against my cock causing it to spring up again. "Daddy I know I could never replace mom however I desire to help you please let me daddy please". She smiles and has, it seems, a lustful look as we pull up to the school. "Can we talk more this afternoon daddy? I love you so very much and I desire to comfort you and see you happy and cheerful again." Then she leaned over kissed me and squeezed my leg causing my cock to spring up again.

"Yes baby we will talk more when I get home from work." I spent the rest of the day at work thinking about her standing in her bedroom naked, remembering how beautiful she is and actually lusting and wanting her. Desiring to feel her against me as I slip my cock deep into her and fuck her like I did her mom.

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Then I would start to feel guilt because that is my daughter I am wanting am I sick or just plain horny? I have not had sex in almost a year, not sense Sara passed from the cancer. That has to be what it is I need to fuck I need to find a woman and get rid of this desire.

So I decided that this weekend I would go out and find a woman, even if I had to pay for it. Finally the day is over and I head home having set my mind that tonight I would go out and find a woman.

I pull into the driveway and get out of the car and rush into the house. As I enter I smell the aroma of my favorite meal Sara used to make me, her meatloaf was the best in the world.

Stepping into the kitchen I find Kali cooking, she turns to me with a big smile runs over to me throwing her arms around my neck and kissing me. However it was not on the cheek it was right square on the lips, and I could swear she pressed herself against me as she did so. "Welcome home daddy I hope you day was a good one, I thought I would making supper for you and spend the night home with you. Is that OK with you?" I just stood there looking at her basically in shock, "yes baby that is fine." "You don't have a date tonight honey?" "I did however I canceled it to stay home and be with you, if that is OK." What has come over my little girl she turned down a date to stay home with me.

Is she feeling what I am feeling as well, is she desiring me as I have been her, is she feeling sorry for me. all these thoughts running through my head as I stand and look at her.

"Why don't you go change into something comfortable daddy and I will get supper on the table." I did as she suggested and changed into some shorts and a t-shirt and when I came back down it was on the table and she was standing there waiting for me with a smile.

"Tonight is going to be your night daddy it is time for me to make you happy and show you how much I love you and appreciate you, so sit and let's eat before it gets cold. We had supper with a lot of small talk and silence I complemented her on it and thanked her once we had finished she told me to go find a movie and she would join me after she cleaned up. I found a movie, a James Bond, put it in and sat down on the couch and my mind drifted off back to this morning and how Kali looked naked.

My cock started to grow as I thought about her and my mind drifted off to taking her and fucking her and eating her and hearing her moan from the pleasure, I was snapped back to reality when I heard her speak my name. "Sorry sweety must have nodded off." as I looked up seeing she had changed into her robe. However something was not right for she had on hose and very high heels.


"Daddy I know about some of the things that went on when I was little and suppose to be asleep. So I have thought about it for sometime and this morning confirmed my feeling about it." With that she opened the robe and let it slip to the floor, there she stood in all her glory naked except for garter-belt hose and heels.

"When I was younger I did not understand what was happening however I heard things from mom like: Yes Master, I love to suck your cock, please allow me to please you Master, I give myself to you Master, use me Master.

and on and on now I am older and understand what was going on and daddy I am giving myself to you to use as you wish." I sat there looking at her and remembering Sara when she would be my slave girl how she loved pleasing me. I felt myself becoming her Master as I looked at Kali. "Daddy can I be your slut, your whore, you slave? I promise I will do whatever you desire and be whatever you wish me to be. I have read about the Master slave relationship and that is what I desire to be, I desire to be used by you and owned by you.

So please use me daddy and let me be your slave." It was like I was outside of myself and I was with Sara, I looked up at her "yes slut you can be and are my slut slave you will be at my beckon call you will be my slut and you will obey me or be punished. I am Master Daddy to you and I will be calling you as bitch, cocksucker, cunt, whore, slut or slave.

And the following rules will be followed at all times. 1. When we are at home you will be naked except for what you are now wearing. 2. You will respond to my request instantly. 3. You will be totally under my control you will not go to the bathroom, have a climax, sit, or speak unless I tell you to.

4. You will do the daily chore list that I will supply you 5. You will sleep in my bed your room will be used for punishment and if you are to sleep there it will be on the floor," With that I stood up and told her to kneel and wait until I returned.

I went upstairs and retrieved Sara's collar it was a wide one with 4 rings; front, back and one on each side and spikes in between.

I came back down stairs and walked up to her Sara's collar. "This was your mothers collar and if you wish to assume her place you will take it and put it on and you will wear this when you are in the home. You do not answer the door unless I tell you if I am not here I will call you and tell you what to do. If the phone rings let it go to the voice mail, If I call I will let it ring twice hang up and call right back you will check the caller id and to make sure it is me then answer it with Yes Master Daddy." Kali took the collar, looked at it rubbing it and reading the plate in the front of it SLUT SLAVE then placed it around her neck and fasted it in place.

Looking up at me she responded "Yes Master Daddy I wish to take my moms place and become your little girl slut slave." "OK your first proof of submission is to remove my shorts then take my cock and take it in your mouth you will suck me to completion and swallow my cum.

now get busy!" She moved over on her knees and pulled my shorts down. I stepped out of them she took my cock in her hand and stared at it for it is larger than average. I am blessed with a 8 ½ inches long 2 ½ inches in diameter and 8 ½ around she holds it stareing at it and then kisses it licks the head and then takes it in her mouth and starts to suck as she works it with her hands.

"Now slut your mother could swallow it down her throat and you WILL learn to do the same. You will also learn to not use your hands when you are sucking me." I pushed into her mouth and she choked and gagged on it. I was so excite at the site of my beautiful slut on her knees sucking me I almost shot when she kissed it.

She is getting more in her mouth and sucking harder and I am about to shot, she reaches up and takes my balls and starts to message them as the grow then from deep inside I felt it and I exploded in her mouth and she sucked and she swallowed and it still ran out of the corners of her mouth and run down her chin and dripped onto her tits. "You did good cunt you are going to be a fantastic cocksucker. Something tells me you have done it before just not with a man's dick." "Yes Master Daddy I have sucked some of the boys however not anyone as well endowed as you." I took hold of the collar and pulled her to her feet and headed up stairs to the bedroom.


"Well cunt you have two more holes that need to be used and I think we need to get busy." I needed a good fuck, it had been nearly a year sense Sara died and now I have a new slut slave and my dick is hard as a rock as I pull her up the steps. Once we are in the bedroom I pull her to me and kiss her long and deep. "Now my little slut we are going to spend the night introducing you to my dick.

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Have you been fucking your school mates slut?" "I often laid here wondering if you being fucked, when you were out. So tell me whore do you let them fuck you." "Yes daddy I was 15 the first time it was with Tommy he and I watched a video of his dads and we did it." Maybe 8 or 9 times." "Well I am going to train you in the art of submission.

You are going to learn to be a good cum slut it seems that you have developed the ability to suck dick however with some training you will learn to really please and become a great cocksucker and fuck toy" "Yes Master Daddy I have but one desire and that is to please you I will learn and work at been all you desire me to be." I looked at her standing there with her collar on and decided that she would learn I told her how to stand and/or kneel with her head bowed and her hands clasp behind her back.

How she would sit with her legs slightly open exposing her beautiful cunt. She will learn to be a lady in public and a fucking whore in private. I tell her to get on the bed and I start to kiss my way down her body taking my time to lick and kiss her, watching and feeling the desire grow. At her tits I spend time kissing and sucking, I suck each nipple into my mouth then biting down on them.

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She moans and a scream as I bite them. Then moving down I get to her sweet, hot, wet pussy, and I start to kiss and lick it slipping my tongue between her lips and tasting her. Remembering the aroma and taste of Sara it is almost as if she had come back to me again.

"Slut you will not cum! Not until I give you permission." "Yes Master Daddy I will wait for your permission", she says with a tremble in her little girl voice. I slip a finger in and start to pump her then two and then three. I start fucking my bitch hard and I feel her getting close so I stop and move to her inner thighs kissing and rubbing them.

Then back to her wet cunt I slip my fingers back in and start to pump her again. "I want you to beg me to fuck you slut. Beg me to give you my dick. Yell it, scream it, beg me cunt NOW!" "OH please fuck your little fuck slut Master Daddy please give me your big cock I need you to fuck me like the whore I am Master Daddy.

Make me cum and please fill me cunt up with your hot cum PLEASE FUCK ME!" With that I move up and rub the head of my dick against her open fuck hole, as she tries to make me slip into her. Holding back until the right moment the with one hard and fast push I enter her.

I start to pump her adding more dick with each push until I feel the head pushing against her cervix. She is whimpering and moaning as we get into it. "Yes Maaaasster fuck me use me I am your fuck slut." With that I drew back and slapped her.

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"Who's fucking you bitch what is my name." "Oh Master Daddy I am sorry it won't happen again, please forgive you little slut. It's just that your big cock feels so good in me!" She then pulled her legs up and wrapped them around my waist and started humping against me.

"Remember you can not and will not cum until I give you permission." I can feel my balls tightening knowing I am going to cum I am so excited to be fucking her the feeling of her tight pussy clamping down around my cock, knowing I am fucking my daughter so beautiful so hot. "Master Daddy can your little fuck slut cum PLEEEEAASSSSEEE!" With that I started to explode a hot load of cum in her cunt. "Yes whore cum cum on your daddy's cock! Cum you little fuck slut cum now." And with that she exploded into a over whelming organism screaming I AM CUMING.

I am cuming for you Master Daddy I am cuming!" I drop on top of her and just lay there. Finally I get enough strength to roll over and flop on the bed next to her. As I do her hand takes my cock and starts to work on it, without a word she leans over me and takes my half hard cock into her mouth and starts to lick and suck it until it is clean.

"My lil' cunt I have another rule for you also from this day forward you will wake me with a blowjob then you well have breakfast for me when I come downstairs." "Yes Master Daddy I will suck your cock and wake you every morning and thank you for allowing this fuck slut that pleasure.