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Exotic dances does a casting
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"Where did you leave your phone? Think!" I said starting to panic. "I don't remember. Don't try to flip this around on me; we wouldn't be in this situation if you hadn't done what you did." "Put that off for right now, concentrate on the phone." "It has to be at Ashley's, or someone from the party took it, that's the last time I remember having it.

Hopefully it's lost in the couch or something." "I doubt that since we didn't go anywhere near a couch. Shit. Anyone could have it by now." Rita put her hand over her face and leaned up against the wall. "I can't believe this is happening. I can't… if those pictures get out… oh my god… there's nowhere we could go where we won't be recognized.

Just leave me alone Randy, I don't wanna talk about this anymore." I didn't even put up a fight this time. I didn't wanna talk about it anymore either, not with all the scenarios of who has her phone running through my head. I headed down to the couch and plopped down on it, not even bothering to turn on the tv and just sat there, off in my own little world unaware of everything around me.

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If news about us got out there would be no doubt that we would have to move, Stephanie and Chris too, just for being associated with us and also being brother and sister people would make that assumption they were screwing each other too. I was so lost in thought I almost didn't notice dad leaning up against the wall.

"Ten minutes I've been standing here. You didn't move so much as an inch," dad said. "Hey dad, a lot going on right now." "Compared to world hunger, war, global warming, I'd say not. I take it you and Rita are still having problems then?" "What gave me away?" "It's amazing, you two almost never fight but when you do you're like an old married couple." "I guess. You don't seem as irate like you were before, how come you're not yelling at me?" "Because your mother yelled at me.

She figured me breathing down your neck won't do anything but make things worse, so I'll let you work this out by yourself." "I don't know how I'm gonna get out of this one dad." "You'd better figure it out. This looks to be the worst argument you two have had to date. You got kicked out of your own room! You're twins, you're supposed to have that connection other brothers and sisters don't have, if you don't fix this, that's gone.

Can you live with that?" "No. I need her around dad, I don't know what life is like without her, and I don't wanna know." "Then you got a lot of work to do.

Get some sleep and get on it. You let this come between you and Rita and you'll both regret it." He cut off the living room light and headed upstairs, leaving me in the dark. I just sat there for a while, doing and saying nothing, trying to figure out the best way to go about this situation that was getting worse and worse with each passing day. I turned the TV on to help me think hoping this would be the one time those boring infomercials were on, but nope, White House Down, and pretty much at the beginning too.

I laid back on the couch/bed and drowned myself into the movie, unable to think of anything in my current state, I would give it a fresh start in the morning, hopefully when I have a clearer head. I didn't know when, but at some point I passed out during the movie and ended up on the floor with the TV still on.

I got up and did a once over of the downstairs, there were a couple dishes in the sink but nothing else really, and all the cars except ours were gone, so Rita was at least here, unless she went off with mom or dad or took Tibbles for a walk. I went back to the kitchen and made myself a bowl of cereal, not even bothering to wash up first, and went back to the TV to watch whatever was on at that moment, which this time was Fantastic Four.

I sat and ate my cereal bowl after bowl until I went through an entire box of cinnamon toast crunch, and then still went back for more. The entire time I was eating and watching TV I didn't hear so much as a sound come from upstairs, so I figured Rita was gone too, not that she'd answer me if I tried to check on her. The only thing I could think about and still not come up with an answer for was who had her phone.

There were so many people at that party that I could be in anyone's pocket right now, and they'll definitely know who Rita is after that public display of affection she had with Steph right in the middle of the party.

How would I even go about finding it? I wasn't going back to Ashley's house, I'm liable to drop kick her out of a window if I did, but that didn't leave me with much other options besides craigslist since we didn't know anyone else at the party. I picked up my phone to see if I still had any incrimination pictures in it when it started ringing, it was Stephanie.

I was so surprised to see her name on the screen I almost didn't answer it. "Hey Randy," she said in a low, apologetic voice. "Hey," was all I said back. After the way she flipped my words around last time I talked to her, "hey" seemed like the only safe answer. "Look, ok it's like this. I didn't know, but I…," She paused, then exhaled. "I'm sorry Randy." I didn't know what to say. "I don't know what to say, I'm just glad that you're talking to me again.

After the way you told me off the other day I thought you were done with me." "I was gonna be, but Chris sat me down and made me see the situation differently.

You are part to blame, but it's not completely your fault." "Yeah if I could hold my liquor better we wouldn't be in this mess." "True, but Ashley knew what she was doing. You said she had on the same clothes as me?" "Yep, even had on a blonde wig. She set us up without us even knowing." "Don't worry about her, she'll get what's coming to her.

Did you ever find Rita's phone?" "Nope, she had to leave it at the party. That was the last place she remembers having it." "Well at least noone can get into it with her password thing on it." "She took it off. Whoever has her phone can look at anything in it." "What? She didn't have anything with you guys in it did she?" "She said she did, pictures, text, everything that says we're more than just brother and sister." "Crap." She was silent for a second before she started talking again.

"Hey I don't mean to sound insensitive or anything, but was there anything about me and Chris in her phone?" "She said it wasn't, just us." "Whew, I'm not ready for my dad to find out his son is screwing his daughter." "If we don't find her phone that's gonna be the least of our problems." "If there's anything Chris and I can do to help just let us know." "You can talk to Rita, she still won't talk to me, but she'll talk to you." "I'll try, but I can't promise anything.

You won't get out of the doghouse that easy." "Yeah I know, just do what you can." "I'll let you know how it goes, or Chris will." "Ok, thanks Steph, see you later." I hung up and slunk back in the couch. Stephanie seemed to forgive me a little which is the only positive thing that's happened since the party, but with so much crap going on it was overshadowed by all the other problems I still had going on. I had to find Rita's phone, convince whoever had it not to say anything, make amends with Stephanie, and get Rita to trust me again, something I thought I'd never have to worry about, and make Ashley pay for all the shit she caused.

The last one doesn't count but I needed something to feel better about myself. I drowned myself back in the TV and was only my way to falling back asleep when my phone started ringing again, that fucking ringtone, Ashley was calling me. After everything she did she still wants to call me like everything's alright? I was about to ignore the call, but this was a chance to tell her the fuck off, so I answered on the last ring." "You've got some fucking nerve calling me…" "I'd be quiet if I were you, that is, unless you don't care if everyone knows you're fucking your sister." I was stunned silent.

The worst possible person to have found out about us is now in a position to completely ruin our lives altogether. What the hell did we do to deserve this? "Good. Now that I have your attention this is what you're gonna do. You'll come to my house, alone, and I'll give you her phone back, then you can try to convince me not to tell anyone about your dirty little secret." "Why would you mess with someone's lives like this? You're the worst kind of person." "Insults won't help your situation.

Like I said, come alone, and don't tell anybody where you're going, not unless you want the whole city to know how close you and Rita really are." She hung up feeling really pleased with herself I'm guessing.

How much worse could this situation get? I get that I messed up, but come on, this is kicking a guy when he's down, rubbing salt in the wounds, pepper spraying him when he gets back up and letting him stumble blindly into traffic. I didn't wanna ever see her again for what she did, probably because I'd have a strong urge to push her through a wall, but I have to. I have to get Rita's phone back.

I have to try to convince her to keep quiet about us. I have to play by her fucking rules. This was a suicide mission if there ever was one. I cleaned myself up and threw on some basic clothes and went upstairs to grab the keys so I could get this over with.

I turned the door but it was locked, we never locked the door unless we were home, so I now knew Rita was in fact here the whole time, just avoiding me again, which gets harder to deal with as time passes. "Hey, I need the car keys, I gotta make a run somewhere." There was no response at first, so I thought she was sleep, and then I heard movement like she was creeping around trying not to be heard.

"I can hear you moving around in there! Come on, I really need the keys right now!" I could clearly hear her rummaging around now, though she was taking her time coming to the door. When she finally opened it she stared at me silent before handing me the keys. "Thanks, I…" "Don't be out all day, I have somewhere to go too," she cut me off and closed the door back. I sighed, knowing I didn't have time to try to amend the situation and went out the door and into the car on the way to Ashley's house.

As I was pulling out of the driveway Aunt Lisa pulled up beside me and tapped on the window. "Where you headed?" Aunt Lisa asked. "I'm not supposed to say, but since you're not involved I guess its ok. I'm going to Ashley's." She gave me a half puzzled, half pissed off look. "And why exactly are you doing that?" "She's the one who has Rita's phone. She knows about us. She said if I didn't come over right now to get it she'd tell everyone about us.

Please don't tell Rita, I'll tell her when I get back." "How can you tell me this and not Rita?" "Ashley said not to say anything or she'd expose us." "But you still told me, that isn't gonna go over well with Rita." "We both know what Ashley is capable of Aunt Lisa.

She can tell in a second if someone is lying, and you know how bad a liar I am. You know if I told Rita she would be over there trying to bash her face in, and then its game over for all of us." "You might be right about that, I know I definitely would, so would your mother.

You make sure you tell her the second you get back, and I'll be there to try to keep things calm." "Thanks Aunt Lisa, you being there would really help." "I told you not to trust that girl. This could end badly for everyone. You get that phone, convince her to shut up, and you get back here, nothing more.

Don't you do anything stupid while you're over there, you're already in enough shit as it is." "What if she tries to make me do something? She has us right where she wants us and if I refuse anything she tells the world about us, not to mention it'll hurt dad's career." "I don't know what to tell you Randy, you're not in control of anything that's about to happen. I hate to say it but you're kinds screwed either way it goes.

If you don't do what Ashley says then tomorrow you'll be packing up to leave the state, but if you do anything sexual with Ashley it puts you in a deeper hole with Rita. An actual rock and a hard place." "It's not like I'm in a position to bargain with her, I don't have anything against her." "No, but you can defend yourself against anything that goes on while you're there…" "I don't follow…" "Turn on your voice recorder when you get there, that way Rita will know you were forced into anything that happened and you can cover your back." "That's perfect!

I never would've thought of that!" "Ok, get out of here before she gets suspicious. Don't forget to turn it on silent too." "Thanks Aunt Lisa, wish me luck." She gave me a courtesy smile and walked into the house, and I made my way to Ashley's. All this just to go get a phone, you'd think I was trying to assassinate the president the way I was going about it. If I said I was cool, calm, and collected on the drive there I'd be lying my ass off, I was scared as shit.

I knew full well Ashley wasn't just talking when she said she'd tell everyone about us, she would actually do it. the damage that could cause would not only make us outcasts in the city, but that would be the worst way for dad to find out about us, not to mention I wouldn't live very long after he found out. I didn't know what I was gonna say to get her to drop everything and leave us alone, but I had to think of something, and the fact that our dad still needed to sign her dad to a contract didn't help much.

To be honest I had forgotten all about that until just now, with all the other shit going on that got lost in the pile of crap that's been my life over the last few days. The only thing I could do was what Aunt Lisa said, turn on the voice recorder to protect myself, and hope she doesn't string me along and make me do something that could further damage mine and Rita's relationship. Hope, yeah, not with Ashley.

I pulled up to Ashley's house and parked across the street so I could make a quick getaway if I needed to. I put my phone on silent, set all calls to go straight to voicemail just in case it interfered with the recorder, and turned on the voice record app. I minimized it just in case and got out of the car. I took a slight breath and made my way to the door.

I knocked a few times and waited nervously for about half a minute before she opened the door wearing boy shorts and a spaghetti strap, with that fucking smug grin on her face. "There you are. For a second I thought you weren't gonna show." "Well I did, so can you just give me the phone so I can leave?" "That's it? No pretty please?" "Ashley come on, just give me the phone." "You didn't think I was just gonna give you the phone and you would be on your merry little way did you?

No Randy, it's not that easy. Come in, you're gonna be a while." I hoped to god the recorder didn't shut off when the screen went dark because I didn't wanna chance her catching me looking in my phone for anything. She was leading me upstairs but I wasn't having that, I was staying where I was able to make a quick exit if needed. "We don't need to go upstairs, you can give me the phone down here," I said. "But the phone is in my room, you do want it don't you?" "I'll wait here for you to get it, I don't need to set foot in that room again." "Whatever floats your boat, well we both already know the answer to that," she giggled.

That was the first time I ever hated to see a girl giggle, simply because I knew the intentions behind it. While she was gone I quickly checked to see if the recorder was still on, it was, and I minimized the app and clipped my phone back to my belt clip. She came strutting down the stairs a few seconds later with the phone and a laptop, and instead of giving me the phone, like I knew she wouldn't do, she sat down with it on the couch opposite me. She didn't say anything, she just stared at me, with that grin on her face, egging me on to say something, I did.

"What!" "I had no clue. You two hid yourselves about as good as I've ever seen." "Yeah for certain reasons, this being one of them." "I can't believe you're screwing your sister! How long has this been going on?" "That wasn't part of any deal Ashley!

You said come and get the phone, you didn't say anything about answering personal questions." She opened the laptop screen. "That's part of my deal. If you want the phone back, and my mouth closed, then you do exactly as I say, and answer any questions I give you, or I go hit send on my computer and help you two pack your stuff to leave the country.

Do we have a deal?" I sat there stumped. I had no choice but to agree to her terms for all of our sake, and she knew it. "Yeah, deal. You fucking bitch," I said mumbling that last part under my breath. "I heard that, but I'm gonna let it slide just this once.

Now I'm gonna ask you some questions, and you're gonna answer them truthfully, or the deals off. First question, do you hate me?" "Oh yeah, I hate your fucking guts right now!" I said almost immediately. "Good, I see you understand the rules. Next question, did you tell Rita or Stephanie, or even Chris you were coming here?" "No I didn't." "Did you tell anyone else?" I hesitated for a second, clearly a dead giveaway.

Yeah I told my aunt." "Why when I told you not to tell anyone?" "Because she would've pulled it out of me anyway, I'm a bad liar and she can see right through me when I lie so I figured I'd tell her and…" "Ok ok jeez, I don't need the entire situation broken down, well not that one at least.

Now for the good stuff. How long have you two been fucking around with each other? And remember our deal, the truth, or the deals off." "For about six months now, give or take a month." "You fuck her good?

Does she come a lot or do you only think about yourself?" "I always make sure she comes! You sound a little too intrigued by this whole thing." "I just can't believe I know someone who fucks his sister, and she fucks him back!

Oh! So all those times you were late getting over here you two were fucking! It all makes sense now, and all the touching and friendliness we thought was a twin thing was actually a twincest thing!" "Are we done now!" "We're done when I say we are sister fucker!

I'm in control here, don't forget I can ruin your entire lives with the push of a button!" "Can I ask a question?

You went through a lot of stuff just to mess with us, you pretended to be our friend, hung out with us, spent money on us, even brought us in your little group. Why go through all that trouble just to fuck us over in the end?" "Because it was fun." "That's it?

No beating around the bush, sugar coating, sparing our feelings or none of that?" "Yep. Point blank, it was fun. Dad made me hang out with you so I had to make the best of it." "What about Stephanie and Chris? You're messing with them too?" "That's enough questions from you, I'm the one doing the interrogating here!

Now, where did I leave off… oh, speaking of, do Stephanie and Chris know about you?" I knew she'd see right through a lie, so I decided to give her a half truth and hoped she didn't catch it. "I think they suspect, but we keep passing it off as a twin thing." She looked at me for a while then grinned. "They know, why they're not saying anything though I don't know, maybe I should ask them and find out." "NO!

You're already fucking with us, don't bring them into it." "Are you even fucking them? Yeah you put on that little charade in front of all of us but did you actually do anything with them? Have you even seen her pussy?" "What the hell kind of question is that yeah I've seen her pussy she's my girlfriend!" "No Rita's your girlfriend, Stephanie's your side chick. How would that even sound to another person? My sisters my main girlfriend and my girlfriends my other girlfriend.

What backwoods down south in the bayou city is your family from!" "Not only is that prejudice as shit, but wrong altogether." "How? You fuck your sister more than you do your girlfriend. I bet you don't even know what Stephanie's pussy tastes like do you?" I paused for a second too long, which is always a big mistake with Ashley. "I fucking knew it! You don't even fuck her! No wonder she was so extremely pissed when she saw us, you won't fuck her but you'd fuck someone else.

Do you even know what you're missing? Stephanie is fucking beautiful, I'd eat her pussy all fucking day if I were you, but you probably got your mouth full of that yummy sister pussy don't you? That is if you even know how to eat pussy, wait you do right?" "How did we even get on this topic?" "Haha that's a no! Answering a question with a question is a dead giveaway!" "Awwww little Randy doesn't know how to please a lady," Ashley teased in a baby voice.

For a split second I lost what little cool I had. "Fuck you Ashley!" She stared at me, not saying anything, not doing anything, not even moving. The grin on her face slowly faded off.


I thought I'd fucked up, I just knew I did, everything I'd put up with for the past half hour was for nothing. Then out of nowhere, the smile came back. "I bet you wish you could, hell you probably couldn't even lick my pussy good." I was in dangerous territory, so I tried to lure her out of it by changing the subject, hoping she'd take the bait. "Ok Ashley, I answered all your stupid ass questions truthfully, now are you gonna keep your end of the deal and give me back the phone?" "Yeah I'll give you the phone back, but the deal isn't over." "What?

You know what, fine. What other questions do you have? You can't possibly embarrass me any more than you already have." "No, we're done with questions," she said as she lifted her ass off the couch and took off her shorts, using her bare foot to fling them behind the couch. "It's time for some action." "Ashley… come on, you really don't expect me to…" "Let's see just how good you are at eating pussy." My heart dropped in my chest. I hoped upon hope she was just messing with me, but that's a long way to go for a joke, well not for her apparently, but still, I had to hope.

"Come on Randy, my pussy isn't gonna eat itself…" Man what a situation I was in. I was in trouble for getting caught with Ashley, now I'll be in bigger trouble if I did what she said, but even worse trouble if I didn't. What the hell was I supposed to do in a situation like this? "Ashley please, don't make me do this." She sucked in air in surprise.

"That's the first time you've ever said please Randy, and all I had to do was make you eat my pussy by threatening to tell your dirty little secret!" "So I don't have to do it?" I said with a ray of hope.

"Now you still have to do it, but it was a nice gesture." My heart sunk again. It seemed there was no way I was getting out of this. I slunk back into the couch and covered my face with my hands. "Oh quit acting like that! You know secretly you wanna eat my pussy so quit trying to play innocent! Why are you acting like that at all anyway? Because you don't wanna cheat on Rita? I don't see what the big deal is you're just fucking her, you're not in l…" She stopped abruptly, a light bulb clicking in her head almost immediately as she gazed back at me with that fucking grin on her face that I've come to hate with a passion.

"Oh my god, you're in love? Both of you? Oh my god this is AMAZING!" I stared at her, saying nothing, with my emotions teetering on vulnerable and anger. "This is rich! The two twins who fall madly in love, so in love that they don't wanna even touch another person. Wow you two surprise me more and more as the time passes. So you've never, I mean, NEVER, did anything with Stephanie and Chris, ever? And remember, complete honesty still applies, or you know what'll happen." She was actually giving me a way out, a chance, who would've thought.

I wasn't gonna take the chance in getting caught in a lie now and mess it all up. "We did, at the beginning, no sex, just oral, but after a while we didn't wanna do anything with anyone else, until the party, when everyone had too much to drink that is." She sat there for a second after I finished, then smiled.

"I know. You know how I know, because Stephanie told me. Apparently you like messing around in movie theatres when noones looking. She also said a little about your pussylicking skills, but being she hasn't done anything with you in so long, I don't know what to think of you." All I heard was she found out from Stephanie.

"When did you hear all this? There was never a time where she was with you when the rest of us weren't." "That you know of. Something as simple as going to the bathroom can end up in a major girl talk moment, not to mention her being here alone not even a day ago." She at for a second and let me soak up everything that was just said, and then she was right back to business. "Ok, I believe I told you to eat my pussy didn't I?" Great, all that distraction for nothing.

"Ashley come on, don't make me do that." "Why not? Because you love Rita and don't wanna cheat on her?" "Yeah that's a big part of it." "Then you should love her enough to do what needs to be done to protect your relationship, and right now, that involves your lips on my pussy.

Turning down such a simple request is not only selfish, it shows you don't really care about her, is that true, Randy?" "Ashley don't act like you give a damn, you could give a shit about our relationship, you just wanna get your rocks off, and put us through hell in the process." "Yeah we've already established that, but it doesn't make what I said any less true.

That's enough stalling, get over here now, or kiss you and Rita's relationship goodbye!" I resigned to the fact that there was nothing I could do to change her mind, every tactic I tried either backfired or failed miserably. Despite her bitchy nature, the one thing I could say positive about her was that she kept her word, if she said she would do something, she'd do it, albeit a few days later and some changed details, but she still did it, and that right there made me realize I would be eating her pussy.

I had to do this, for the sake of us, I didn't have a choice, hopefully my phone was still recording so Rita could see that I didn't. I stood up and started my slow walk over to her and then she put her hand up signaling me to stop. "No, crawl over to me, you're gonna be down there anyway might as well start now." I wanted to throw her out of a window. As if this wasn't embarrassing enough now I have to crawl to her like a slave? It was getting really hard to hide my anger.

I did as she said and crawled to her, and she spread out on the couch so my face was walking directly into her pussy. Wien I got in distance she let her leg rest on my back as I came face to face with her panty covered pussy, and she cupped her hand under my chin and raised my head to look at her.

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about this, maybe," she grinned. "Fucking evil bitch. You know how Rita is gonna be mad about this." "I have plans for Rita too, big plans, not just you. This is just the beginning of what I have in store for either of you, but for now, let's see what you got." She grabbed the back of my head and pushed in down on her pussy.

She never moved her hand, or let me pick my head up, she just sort of held my head there. "Lick me through my panties first, and you better do it like you're licking Rita, or else." I resigned myself to my fate, a sex slave for someone who I at the moment hated more than anyone else on this planet. I only hope that she doesn't take it any farther, and that Rita see I had no choice in the matter. She thrust her crotch in my face to remind me what I was there for and cleared her throat, snapping my out of my thoughts and back into this nightmare.

Knowing I had no way out of it, I sucked it up so I could do what I had to do. I edged my face towards her panties and stuck out my tongue to lick her through her panties, but right before I could, I jumped in place on account of some very loud banging at the front door.

"RANDY ARE YOU IN THERE! ASHLEY OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR RIGHT NOW!" Rita screamed from the other side, very much to my relief. "Really? You pop up now of all times? Don't you move," Ashley said as she got up and headed for the door, not even bothering to put her shorts back on. She opened the door and before she could say anything Rita was blowing past her, and came to a stop when she saw me on the floor in front of the couch.

"What the hell is going on in here!" Rita demanded. "What does it look like? I was just about to get orally serviced by your lovely brother over there until you came bursting in here like your SWAT!" Ashley said back. "Were you Randy? You was about to eat her pussy?" "I didn't have a choice Rita, she threatened to expose us to everyone in town, I couldn't let her do that.

How'd you find out I was here? How'd you even get here, I have the car." "How do you think? Aunt Lisa told me. I drove her car here." "She told me she wouldn't say anything until I got back!" "Well she did, and I'm glad I got here in time before you touched her slutty pussy." A little ray of hope.

She sped up here to stop me from doing something I would never live down, showing that even though she's still mad as shit, she still cares a lot. Unfortunately, her being here won't stop Ashley's plan, not in the least, it would just force her to watch. "Hey! Whatever! You being here doesn't change anything, he's still gonna eat my pussy, just now you get to watch him do it," Ashley interrupted.

"I don't fucking think so Ashley, he's not doing anything to you," Rita said back. "You think so? I have twenty-six pictures and a handful of texts showing up in newspapers, on TV, and even on the internet that says otherwise…" "You do that and I'll bash your face in so bad your own father won't recognize you." "That still won't stop me from sending anything. You both know me well enough that when I say I'll do something, it gets done.

Are you sure you wanna try me on this?" "Why the fuck are you doing this?" "Why? It's simple. I don't like being told no to, I'm a girl that has to get her way." "What does that have to do with me and Randy?" "How many times have I asked you to hang out with us, that you'd have so much fun if you were to come with us instead of with Randy all the time?

Each time you said no. I even gave you the benefit of the doubt and asked you again, and Stephanie, but once again you both said no, you'd rather spend time with those jackoff brothers of yours rather than with four of the most gorgeous females you'll ever lay eyes on, well now at least I know why you chose them." "So that's it?

Because I didn't wanna come play house with you and your little followers that's reason enough to fuck up our life? That's as stupid a reason if I ever heard one. Why do you wanna hang with just girls anyway?

Are you a fucking lesbian or something?" She was quiet at first, but then smiled that fucking smile at us. "You could say that kinda, more like 90% lesbian. I would say I'm a 21st century feminist. Men exist only to give us what we want and need, then get out of our way." To say I was shocked wouldn't have been close.

Neither Rita nor I saw that coming. "What the hell happened to you that just have a serious distain for men?" I jumped in. "Life happened. No matter age, race, or whatever, all men are exactly the fucking same. I've had nothing but bad experiences with men, from being slapped in public, to being treated like a stripper, talked to like I don't have a brain, even you Randy, embarrassing me in front of a crowd at a bowling alley, you're just like the rest of them too!" "Hey you brought that on yourself!

We weren't bothering you, you chose to come over there and start something, you can't fault me for defending myself!" "But I can fault you for committing incest and not being smart enough to cover your tracks." "You take me down you take Rita down too, she's a woman if you forgot that." "Not one that stands with me so she's as good as a man, in mind though.


It's a shame, with a body like yours, and Stephanie's, we could've all really had some fun together." "So what? You're gonna take your anger out on every guy you meet?" Rita asked. "Basically yeah. If you two had played the game right none of this would be happening, but you didn't, so unfortunately you're next on the list. I told you, I don't take rejection well, and being rejected for a guy only makes it ten times worse." "You said you're only 90% feminist, don't count out that 10%," I said.

"Don't count too much on that, 8% is my dad, and even he does what I want. That other 2% is from a long time ago so I wouldn't put all my eggs in that basket." "Not all men are bad Ashley! There are some good ones out there still!" Rita said. "Really? Like Randy? The good guy who got drunk and felt me up right in front of you and Stephanie? Yeah he seems like a great guy.

Guys are so tainted even you didn't believe Randy when he told you he didn't do anything didn't you? Because deep down you know that all guys are liars who only care about themselves, and will walk over whosever in their way." Rita was quiet, I guess some of what Ashley said rang true in her ears. "It wasn't just that, I was angry, hurt, I didn't stop and think, just the thought of Randy doing that with…" "See? It doesn't make a difference how faithful a man is, he's still a man, and he'll screw you over in the end.

I would never cheat on my spouse like Randy did," Ashley said. "You fucking set me up! You had a wig on and pretended to be Stephanie! You talk about men being assholes but what you did isn't any better than how you pass off men!" I said. "That's where you're wrong. I did it to prove that when given the chance a man would fuck you over, a woman wouldn't do that, not as quick as a man would." "Someone screwed you up pretty good.

An attitude like that just doesn't pop up overnight, not without good reason. This couldn't have gone on your whole life, has no man ever spoiled you, made you feel good about yourself, call you beautiful, anything?" Rita asked. "HA! I almost laughed for a second. Besides my dad giving me money all the time no man has ever done anything nice for me, ever. Nineteen years of nothing leaves a sour impression. It would take something out of this world big to happen for me to change how I feel about men, and I don't see that happening.

Throughout my life men have only showed me that they're good for nothing bastards who need to be put in their place, like on their knees, with their head between a woman's legs for example." "You honestly think men are so far gone that there's no hope for them?

What if someone comes along and does something so humbling it changes your opinion of men?" Rita asked. "I can say with confidence that'll probably never happen. For that to happen they'd have to do something so selfless, something completely against their character, something only for the other person and not them, but it won't happen, men are too self-centered. Ok now, enough talking, Randy, you either get over her and get my pussy right now like a good little boy, or see your family secrets all over the news tomorrow, and if you think I'm bluffing, try me." Rita looked at me and I looked right back at her.

We both knew she was right. If I didn't follow through on what she said our faces would definitely be everywhere by tomorrow morning, not to mention how shitty a way it would be for dad to find out that his son is fucking his daughter. I appreciated what she did more than she'd ever know, trying to spare me from going down on someone I hated so much, but this was a game, Ashley's game, and she just played it better.

She walked over to me and helped me off the floor, then glared a hole right through Ashley. "So what's it gonna be? Snack time for me or prime time for you?" Ashley asked. "He's not going anywhere near you Ashley," Rita responded. "But Rita, if I don't then she'll…" She cut me off with her hand over my mouth. "That's too bad. All he had to do was give me a little head and all this would've went away, now I'll just have to send this in and…" "Wait," Rita interrupted her.

"Wait for…?" Ashley said. She took a deep breath and looked her in the eyes. "I'll do it." "You'll do what?" "Don't play stupid Ashley, I'll do it. I'll eat your pussy." Ashley crossed her legs on the couch. "This just proves my point. You did something selfless to spare him from having to do it, a trait only found in women." "Can we just get this over with please, it's bad enough that I'm doing it in the first place." "Just relishing in the fact that I'm right once again, unless, you secretly wanted to eat my pussy in the first place, now that would be something, hmm Rita?" "Yeah because everyone just has to eat your magnificent pussy, you're so full of yourself.

How do we know you'll keep your word and won't tell anyone? How do we know you haven't already told someone? Something like this now way you could shut up about it." "Now where's the fun in that? The moment I tell everyone about you two my bargaining chip is gone. I don't want anyone having the upper hand on you two but me, I'm kinda selfish like that, besides no matter your opinion of me, I'm not a liar, and I keep my promises, as you already know, just make sure they're the good kind of promises.

No more talking now, get eating! I'm curious to see how good you eat pussy, this is a perfect time for you to take notes Randy, women always were better at it." I stood there as Rita made her way in front of Ashley and bent down so her face was in her crotch.

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She looked back at me with a kind of apologetic look on her face and then turned her attention back to Ashley. She hesitated at first, trying to work up the courage to do it, then finally gave in and started to kiss her through her panties.

I had a direct view of everything that was going on in front of me, and from what I could see, she had small lips that formed a small camel toe that slowly puffed up the more she kissed, and was getting wetter the more Rita licked her through her panties. "Yeah that's it, keep going, you're doing good," she moaned. I blocked her out as much as I could, we weren't doing this for her pleasure, but to keep her silence about everything she knew. After a while of doing nothing but kissing and licking panties Rita looked like she wanted to stop, but she couldn't make herself stop, she had to make her tell her to, she had to hurt her, and by the look that popped on her face she knew just how.

She started back up tracing around her pussy until she got to the hood of her clit, when she did she made an O with her lips and trapped it, then squeezed and pulled on it at the same time, she was doing everything to Ashley that I'd done to her. When she pulled back off her the wet spot Rita left on her panties had shown something hard, something metal, and it clicked in my head that she had her clit pierced.

I could kinda see the ring as it stood up off her skin and Rita confirmed it by tugging at it to see if it pulled at her, it did. I will admit, I didn't expect her to have a clit piercing, but Rita could definitely use it to her advantage.

She grabbed it with her teeth and pulled at it, a little harder then I usually do with Rita, mom, and Aunt Lisa, I guess hoping that she'd gotten too rough and hurt her to where she made her stop, but once again, it backfired. Not only did she really like that, it made her even hornier, figures. "Oh my god what the fuck was that! Fuck that felt good!" I didn't say anything, neither did Rita, she was too pissed, she just went back to sucking her lips through her panties, but she put a stop to that right away.

She put a foot on either side of her face and pulled her off of her (how she managed to be that bendy I don't know), raised her legs and pulled her panties off, sitting them on the couch next to her, then grabbed her face again with her feet and pulled her back down until she was face to face with her now bare pussy. "Come on, let's see what you really got. Earn my silence." We both stared at her bare pussy which looked back at us with the clit piercing sitting atop it.

If it wasn't attached to Ashley, it would've thought it was really sexy, but since it was, I didn't care. I could feel Ashley watching me, taunting me, waiting for Rita to press her lips against her, but Rita didn't wanna seem to anxious, like she wanted to eat her, so she messed around for a little bit kissing around her pussy until she was just about to yell at her, then she raked her tongue against it from top to bottom, effectively shutting her up mid-sentence.

"You little bitch, don't fucking do that, oh you bitch, that feels so fucking good!" She was starting to get really wet as she licked her, and whenever she pulled at the ring then sucked on her clit she would gasp and cradle her legs around her head, ready to squeeze it at any moment. She palmed her hand on the back of Rita's head and smashed her face in her pussy in a circular motion as if she was trying to mark her with her pussy juice. Her eyes were locked shut and her head was thrown back against the couch, and she'd managed to pull one of her tits out without me noticing and was pulling on the nipple like she wanted to rip it off.

It didn't take long to notice she liked it rough, matches her fucked up personality, but I'd be damned if we gave her what she wanted after all the shit she put us through, and is still putting us through by making Rita eat her pussy in return for her cooperation. She pulled at her ring, not hard, but just a little, enough to fuck with her, and she groaned again even louder as her pussy began leaking again.

She was getting hornier and hornier by the second, and by the looks of it, since Rita was doing everything to Ashley that I do to her, she had no intentions of making her cum. That wasn't part of the deal, so she would just have to suck it up and finish herself off once we left. As she was tugging on the ring she took her hand off her head and grabbed her hand and started to suck on one of her fingers like it was a cock, ironic.

I could tell she was waiting for a release, for Rita to attack her and send her over the edge by the way she was grinding on her face and sucking her finger all the way into her mouth. She wanted to cum, and bad, but Rita wasn't gonna let her, and with good reason. She may have had the upper hand in making Rita give her head in place of me, but in no way did she have to make her cum, and I could tell she wasn't going to.

She slipped up and let us know she liked it rough, and when she did that Rita toned it down drastically until she was basically doing what she was when she started, kissing her lips and licking her slit.

The change in her was almost immediate. She went from just about to go over the hill to slowly rolling back down, and no matter how much she smashed her pussy against Rita's face, she didn't change a thing. "Stop playing around Rita, eat my pussy like you were before," she said almost pleading.

"I am doing what I did before," Rita replied. "No you're not, you slowed down, come on I was getting close to cumming." "You never said I had to make you cum, you just said you wanted to see what I could do." "You can't be that good and then just fucking stop!" Ashley whined getting frustrated. I was enjoying the hell out of this, not the eating her pussy part, but the her being frustrated part.

She had both hands on Rita's head trying whatever she could to make her eat her better, but she was having none of it. Ashley wanted to get mad, but she was way too horny to process another emotion at the time.

She wanted to get off, and bad. I could see the desperation in her eyes; she could break at any time, and I was loving it. "Fuck! Eat my pussy Rita! Make me cum and I'll give you back your phone!" "Today?

Before I leave?" "Yes! Yes!" "And you won't tell anyone about us? And you'll delete everything off your computer?" "Yes yes I'll do it all just fucking make me cum!" Had her. Finally, a break for us. We had her complete silence, and all Rita had to do was give her a mind shattering orgasm, shouldn't be too hard excusing the fact that she hated her guts and was on her knees with her face in her pussy, but for a good reason, even though looks can be deceiving.

She looked at me for a second and signaled she was about to pull out all the tricks, well not all but most, just enough to make her cum and get the hell out of there. She held her legs apart so her pussy would open by itself a little and jabbed her tongue right in it, also using her nose to tickle her clit while she licked her.

Ashley's response was right on point with Rita giving attention back to her clit, and she went back to rubbing one hand through her hair and playing with her nipple with the other. When she started to climb the hill a little bit Rita wet two of her fingers with Ashley's pussy juice and slid them right inside her. In an instant Ashley was convulsing each time Rita shoved them inside her and pulled them out; she could barely make a noise that wasn't a moan let alone form any words, so I knew she was on the right track.

Rita sucked her lips around her clit but didn't pull on the ring just yet, she waited a few seconds then real quick like pulled hard at it, then again, and again, matching it up with her fingers thrusting inside her pussy. "Fuck my life, you're so fucking good at this!

Why did I…ooooooooooooh fuck fuck fuck!" Rita had her clit in between her teeth grinding it to the point where each time she smashed it, Ashley would jerk in place, and squeeze her head tighter. What Rita did next surprised even me, she lubed up a finger on her free hand and put it at her asshole. Ashley liked pain, I guess we were gonna see exactly how much. While she was occupied trying to cum Rita shoved her finger in her all the way in, in one thrust, opening her eyes wide as she stared over at me with the biggest look of shock on her face, and I just stared right back, hoping it hurt.

She was about to say something before Rita started moving her finger in and out of her ass as deep as it would go. I wasn't gonna lie, I wanted it to hurt her so bad I was practically willing Rita to do it with my mind, and she responded in kind by jamming both holes while pulling at her clit, but it only served to push her closer to orgasm, which was equally fine with me because then we'd be done with this punishment.

"Fuck, right there, right there, here it comes, fuck here it comes!" Ashley yelled out of nowhere. She didn't let up, she wanted this to be over, and so did I. I'd definitely been here too long and with Rita here with her car I know Aunt Lisa was definitely suspicious now. Rita was about to be an even bigger asshole and shove another finger in Ashley's ass, but as soon as the other finger poked at her ass she grabbed her head with both hands and smashed it directly against her pussy as she fucked her face mercilessly, she was about to come.

"FUCK! YOU MOTHERFUCKER! OH MY FUCKING GOD!" She didn't squirt, but her pussy was pulsing pretty damn hard, and when it stopped, all her cum just sort of poured out, like when a cup overflows, it just, poured out.

Rita managed to back her face off a few times but Ashley was right there to clamp it right back until her body had had enough, which took longer than I thought it would, must've gone a long while being abstinent.

When she finally let go of Rita's head she breathed a sigh of relief, mostly to actually be able to breathe again and to rub her head where I guess her nails were digging into her scalp when she was cumming. She leaned back into the couch panting and looked straight down at Rita. "You little bitch! How the hell can you eat pussy like that! I'm still tingling!" "Ok Ashley. We had a deal. You have to give me the phone, and you can't tell anybody about me and Randy," Rita said ignoring what she just said.

"I demand to know! How the hell are you that good! Who taught you? It obviously wasn't Chris, or Randy, they're too selfish to focus on a woman's needs," Ashley persisted. "You'd be surprised what you could learn from a man," Rita said looking in my direction. "Him? Yeah right, I'll believe it when I see it. Well, he was originally supposed to…" "Not a fucking chance Ashley!" Rita cut her off.

"I just wanna see if you're telling the truth." "First you hate him, then you want him to give you head, make up your mind!" "Nothing's changed, his place is still on his knees between a woman's legs doing whatever she tells him to do, I just happen to be that woman in this instance." "That attitude's only gonna get you so far, we all need each other and you know it," Rita said. "I have a collection of toys and a drawer full of batteries, I don't need anything." "Ok fine, whatever Ashley, I gave you what you wanted, give me the phone so we can leave." "Hold on a second, I'm reveling right now.

You should be soaking up the compliment." "Whatever." "Don't try to act like you didn't enjoy eating my pussy." "I don't have to act, I didn't." "Bullshit. I know a liar when I see one, and you, Rita, are a big ass liar right now." "How do you figure?" "You are too good and like eating pussy too much to not have enjoyed that, even a little." "It easy not to when you hate the person you're doing it to." "That may be true, but you still ravaged me.

I'm still fucking pulsing! You'll never admit it, but some part of you wanted to eat me, you probably wanna fuck me too don't you Rita?" "Ok. That's enough of that shit. Give me her phone so we can leave, please," I forced out. "You didn't even eat my pussy and it's got you using manners. Don't worry, I'll make sure you get your turn," she boasted as she reached between the couch cushions and pulled out Rita's phone and gave it to her. "A deals a deal, here." "And you have to delete everything on your computer about us," I said.

"Yeah yeah," she said as I watched her delete everything on the laptop. "And you can't tell anyone about us, anyone," Rita added. "And I won't, as long as you keep eating me out like that." "What?

That wasn't the deal Ashley!" "Not at first, but do you think I'm gonna let you off just like that after you ate me out so good I almost had a heart attack? I don't fucking think so! I'm gonna stretch this out." "You can't do that!

You're altering the deal!" "I'm not altering it, I'm extending it. I'm still gonna delete everything off the computer, but I didn't say anything about deleting the backup disk I made, and I won't tell anyone about you two if you don't give me a reason to. As long as you keep me feeling like this, I'll be quiet." "You fucking… this is such bullshit! We did what you asked, stop trying to turn us into your personal sex slaves!" I yelled.

"I'm not TRYING to make you my sex slaves, you ARE my sex slaves. I can't wait to mess around with her, and watch you two fuck each other." I sunk my head in defeat; she pulled another one on us.

"There is a special place in hell for you." "Yeah, and you two will be sitting there burning right next to me on the same ledge." I should've known better, that's been something I've been saying to myself a lot lately.

She maneuvered her way into getting what she wanted and again I'd walked right into it. She'd probably be more lenient on Rita for being a woman, but me, I'm screwed. "Hey, Earth to sister fucker, you in there?" Ashley said snapping her fingers in front of me and pulling me from my thoughts. "We don't have anything else to talk about, so unless you want your turn at eating me out, you can leave." I got up and gave her a glare to let her know I hated her.

"This isn't over Ashley." "No it's not Randy, not by a long shot. I'll see you and Rita later, and make sure you keep that tongue well rested, he's working a double shift tonight." I didn't say anything, I didn't even look back, I just headed for the door and kept walking until I was in my car.

I immediately pulled out my phone and saw the recorder was still on, with over an hour tape and still going. I turned it off and dialed Rita, but her phone went straight to voicemail, she still hadn't turned it on. Rita pulled off and sped down the street, not wanting to stay another minute at her house, and I was right with her, I just didn't drive as fast as she did.

I drove off cursing my luck again. Of all the people to find her phone, fucking ASHLEY? I guess too much was going good in our lives so it had to be balanced out with the bad, but this much? And most of it on me? To say life wasn't fair would be a big understatement right now, with bad things happening to good people being an even bigger cliché.

I got back to the house to see dad's car there, and went in the house to see him sitting on my new bed watching TV. He was caught up in the baseball game took a quick second to nod and raise his hand with the beer in it before he turned back to the game. "Hey dad." "Hey son, can't talk now, bottom of the ninth, down two runs." "Ok enough said, talk to you later." I decided not to push it, he gets a little testy when he's watching a crucial part of a game, so I left him alone and went straight to our room.

I knew Rita was home first because of how fast she took off, and Aunt Lisa's car looked like it had been sitting there for a while now because she got home so fast. I went to turn the handle expecting it to be locked, but was surprised when it opened, and saw her sitting on the bed hugging the giant bear I'd won her at the carnival a while back.

I went over and sat down next to her, hoping she wouldn't push me away, thankfully she didn't. I could tell she was still a slight mad, but I think she'd forgiven me. "So did Aunt Lisa willingly tell you, or did you beat it out of her?" I asked. "I beat it out of her. I knew something was up the way you needed the car in a hurry." "You sure got over there fast for being mad at me." "I don't know, I guess that instinct kicked in or something." "Because you knew Ashley was up to no good." "Yeah and mostly that.

I was angry, all I saw was you on another woman that wasn't me, or Stephanie for that matter. Everything else blocked out, I just wanted to hate you." "Rita, you gotta know I would never knowingly do that, that was all Ashley." "Yeah, but you're not completely innocent either. You did kiss her back, and feel her up, and let her feel you… I don't even wanna think about it." "She made herself up to look like Stephanie, I was too drunk to comprehend anything." "You couldn't tell the difference between Ashley's body and ours?

Her ass is way firmer than ours and her tits are definitely smaller than ours!" "Drunk. The smart part of my brain completely shut off.

I couldn't think about anything except "I have titties in my hand and she's grabbing my cock, yes!" I know it's not what you wanna hear, but it's the truth. I couldn't tell much of anything as drunk as I was." "Ok, I get that, but you still shouldn't have put yourself in that situation, if you knew you were too drunk you should have stayed with us." "True, but I thought I was ok when Chris took me off to a bed, and I couldn't stay with you two, you were too busy making out in front of everyone and getting hit on by every guy there." "Nu-uh don't try to turn it around!

And what about today? Running off into the lion's den and don't even give me a heads up about it?" "You were short with me since the night this all started, plus she said not to tell you or Stephanie or she would send out the pictures to everyone." "That's still something I should know Randy, you can't tell Aunt Lisa and not me." "She was gonna tell everybody about us Rita! She took everything off your phone, everything!

She already had it ready on her computer to send if I didn't do what she said!" "You still should have told me!" "She said if I did the deal was off and we were done. You know how bad a liar I am, she would've seen right through me, and she said she talked to you and Stephanie with that girl talk stuff and you both told her stuff, so she basically knew the answer to every question she asked me anyway, and if she would've caught me in a lie, we'd be leaving the state right now." "Even with all that you still should've told me." "And then what?

You would've gone over there swinging first and asking questions later. You know you wouldn't have been able to hold back.

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That not only would've messed us up, but dad too. I was in a bad spot Rita, I tried to make the best of the shitty hand I was dealt." She was quiet for a second, but not long. "Even still Randy, holding that back only makes you look guilty, I know it's not completely true, but looks can be deceiving. What makes Aunt Lisa so easy to tell stuff to? She's the one who told me where you were in the first place." "Aunt Lisa looked at it from a neutral point of view, she said she would tell you when I got back if I didn't, so much for that part.

If it wasn't for her I would've went over there blind." "Did Ashley even delete everything off? You don't know if she was lying, or told anyone." "We can't completely delete everything with the way internet backs everything up nowadays, but you heard her, she's selfish, she's not gonna tell anyone else about it because that'll give everyone else the same leg up on us she has, Ashley's too greedy for that." "Trust me I know, the taste of her is still on my breath unfortunately." "Speaking of that, why'd you volunteer to do that in my place?" "Because I don't want your lips on Ashley's dirty fucking cunt that's why!" I was a little suspicious.

"Ashley's dirty fucking cunt, or any girls dirty fucking cunt?" "Ashley! Why does it matter anyway?" I decided to shut up before I made things worse. "It doesn't, I was just thinking out loud." "If you had been thinking in the first place I wouldn't have had to put my face in her pussy." "Tell me Rita, if you were in my spot, what would you have done?" "I'd have done nothing, because I would've known better than to end up in bed with Ashley." I was stumped.

I felt horrible. All of this happened because I couldn't hold my liquor. You're right, I screwed us. "I'm sorry.

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I made a stupid mistake and now I'm paying for it." She threw her phone on the bed and headed for the door. "No, now WE'RE paying for it." She left the room and left me sitting there on the bed. I couldn't feel any lousier. The conversation started off good but then took a serious turn into bad. I lay back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. I wanted to just lay there and never get up. No matter what I tried to do to fix something I would make it a tad bit worse.

I was there for so long I figured I'd just go to sleep, that way I couldn't screw anything else up. I couldn't have been sleep for ten minutes before my phone started ringing, Chris was calling me. I didn't wanna answer because I had actually managed to get comfortable, I didn't feel like talking, and I'd knew he'd wanna do something, and I just wasn't in the mood.

After debating for five rings, I gave in and answered, the sooner I did the sooner I could go back to sleep. "Yeah man." "Hey what are you doing?" "Trying to go to sleep." "At four in the afternoon?" "Don't judge me, I'm tired, so I'm sleeping." "Well get up, my dad's inviting you guys to the drag race show today." "Not today." "Today is the only day man!

Come on, it'll take you mind off everything, you need it." "Nothing is going right man, I need to fix this, I don't need a distraction." "That's exactly what you need, you'll work better with a clearer head once you get rid of that stress man, come on, don't be that guy." "You can't use that man, that's cheating." "You made me do it.

So you coming, or are you gonna be that guy?" Cheating bastard. "Fine, I'll go, this shit better be fun man." "It's drag racing, what's not fun about it?

Meet us at our house in half an hour, gotta go." He hung up as quickly as he called. I lay back on the bed and thought about going back to sleep, and was halfway there before dad came bursting in the room.

"Alright, I know Chris told you, put on some decent clothes and let's go! DRAG RACING!" Like Chris, he was gone just as quickly as he showed up. Dad loved drag racing. From what I remember, he used to take mom to the races a lot when they were younger, he even had himself a souped up thunderbird to race with, but sold it when mom got pregnant with us. With dad this excited, I knew there was no way I'd be getting out of going now. I got up and took the worlds quickest shower, threw on some shorts and a shirt and was ready to go in fifteen minutes or so.

Aunt Lisa's car was gone and Rita was nowhere to be found even though our car was still there, and I didn't have time to look for her with dad rushing me to the car, so I would wait until we got back to try my luck again at getting through to her. The drive there was silent, mostly because dad was excited to go to the show, but when he noticed I was slumped in my seat not saying anything, he turned his attention to me. "Still no luck working things out with your sister?" "Nope.

Every time I try to fix it I just make it worse." "Why exactly is she mad at you? I asked Rita but she kept saying ask you." "Long story short, she and Stephanie walked in on me kissing Ashley." "WHAT?

What the hell is wrong with you!" His anger was definitely noticeable. "No it's not like that dad, it was a big misunderstanding!" "How do you misunderstand kissing someone that's not your girlfriend?" I had to tell him sooner or later, might as well get it out of the way now.

"Ok, I'll speed run through it. We went to a party at Ashley's house, we helped set up everything, Ashley gave some of her clothes to Rita and Stephanie for the party, people came and everybody was getting drunk but us, Ashley pushed us to drink, we did, I can't hold my liquor, Chris takes me to a bed to lay down, a girl I thought was Stephanie came in the room pretending to be her in the dark, we start making out, actual Stephanie and Rita show up, turns out I was kissing Ashley, Rita and Steph storm off, Ashley picks up the same clothes off the floor that Stephanie had on and a blonde wig and let me know she set me up, bam, I'm in the doghouse." He was quiet for a second.

"That's an awfully elaborate story." "You think I can make that up? When have I ever been a good liar dad?" "I'm just saying, it really stretches the imagination, that's a lot to believe." "You know me dad, you know I'm not that type, I'd never do anything like that on purpose." "That may be true, but it still happened, and you still have to fix it." "I've been trying for the last few days, I'm getting nowhere, I only make it worse." "Look at it from a woman's point of view, they saw nothing but you kissing another woman.

You need to sit them both down and appeal to them from their view, because I know you haven't yet, and maybe they'll listen. And don't try to suck up, makes you look guilty." He turned the radio on and I went back to looking out the window until we got to the Wilsons. Once there we skipped the formalities since they wanted to get there on time and we all loaded up in the Wilsons car.

Mr. Wilson was doing at least eighty-five on the freeway so we could get there on time while rambling on with dad the whole time. Chris was on his phone texting the whole way there, not even bothering to look away from the screen, which suited me fine because I just wanted to sit there and look out the window anyway.

A good twenty minutes later we finally made it to the site where the drag racing was being held, but finding a parking spot was such a hassle it wouldn't have mattered if we were late anyway.

We finally found one and got inside just as they were finishing up the intros, a little late but not by too much. "We're sitting in the blue stands, so get your food or whatever and meet us there," dad said.

"Good, they're finally gone. You won't believe what happened man," Chris said. "You better tell me before you dive back into your phone for another two hours," I remarked. "That's it though, I've been talking to Steph this whole time." "Ok, there's nothing unusual about that…" "We got closer." He now had me interested in the conversation.

"What do you mean closer?" "We were arguing about if you were guilty or not, then some stuff was said, and come to find out, she's been in love with me for some time now. Can you believe that!" "She has? What about all the kissing and flirting and trying to have sex with me and all that?" "She was trying to make me jealous.

She said she'd about given up on me and was really gonna sleep with you if I didn't pull my head out of my ass, her words not mine." "When was all this gonna happen?" I asked as we got our food and went to sit down. "At the party, she was coming up to fuck you when she caught you with Ashley, the irony." "I don't know if I should be relieved or pissed off…" "Well however you take it we have to thank you." "For what?" "If you didn't get caught with Ashley Stephanie probably would've slept with you, and I would've missed my chance to be with her." "You two fuck all the time what was different… wait, you made love?" He stared at me for a second before nodding his head.

"Yep. I see her in a whole new light now. I wanna do all that boyfriend stuff now. It's weird, but a good weird, you know." "And here you were playing like you didn't care all this time, I knew it," I grinned. "Yeah. Thanks for not being able to hold your liquor and making out with Ashley and getting caught, we wouldn't have realized what we really meant to each other." "Glad I could help. At least something good came out of all of this." "Ok man enough of that downer talk, the races are about to start, let's enjoy it." So that's why Stephanie suddenly forgave me out of nowhere.

I knew something happened but I didn't think it would be that. Even though I'm in a shitty situation myself, it's nice that they finally got everything out on the table and acted on it. I had a lot of making up to do if Rita and I were ever gonna get back to the way we were, but for now Chris was right, I needed to distract myself from all the problems so I could come back somewhat refreshed and with a clearer head, that way I could go about handling the situation better.

It turns out, though I wasn't nearly as excited as dad and Mr. Wilson was, this was exactly what I needed to take my mind off of things. From the second the first two cars made their way to the strip I was lost in the show. I don't know if it was the atmosphere, the smell of various car fumes circulating through the air, or just everyone around me having a good time, but it rubbed off on me, and soon I was cheering just as loud when I car I liked zoomed past us on the way to the finish line.

All types of cars were out there; Dodge Challenger, Pontiac GTO, Toyota Supra, a Corvette, Mustangs, and the list goes on. One of the drivers even let dad drive around in his 1980's Thunderbird, a car he used to have (once he proved he knew a thing or two about it) and got to relive a little of his youth, if only for a little while.

We went around taking pictures of everyone's cars during the break, and went back to watching them fly down the pavement until there were only two cars left, a 1991 Beretta GTZ and a 1979 Chevy Monza. The Monza had it all the way until the Beretta kicked in the last gear and crossed the finish line a full second ahead, it was great. The races closed for the day and those that didn't leave stayed to talk cars with each other or take pictures with different cars, our dads were talking cars while Chris and I were among the ones taking pictures.

After we'd taken all the pictures we'd wanted and when our dads had finally decided to leave, we met back up and headed the car. "That was one of the better shows they had. A way bigger variety of cars," Mr. Wilson said. "Yeah it was great! When's the next one supposed to be happening?" dad asked.

"I don't know, sometime in around six months I think, I'll find out." "If I get that promotion at work I can by a car and maybe get in the race myself." "Wouldn't that be something. What kind of car you think you'd get?" "Right now I wouldn't even care, I just wanna race again." Dad's comments jumped me back to reality. He needed a promotion to get the car, Ashley's dad controls the promotion, Ashley controls us, Rita is gonna fight against it, maybe even Ashley, and dad won't get the promotion, maybe even get fired, all because of my stupidity.

While I didn't completely go back to my depressed state, I did get back into a sort of funk, but after having time to take my mind off it for a while, I was able to think clearer, and come up with a better, more rational way to get through to Rita; I just needed her to sit down and talk to me first, which is a challenge in itself.

On the drive back to the Wilson's it was the same as it was on the way there, with our dad's talking about cars, Chris texting constant with Steph, and me sitting there looking out the window. While it didn't exactly bother me, but unlike the drive there, I didn't wanna just sit there, I didn't wanna wait until I got home to talk to Rita, I wanted to get a jump now.

I started calling her over and over again, and each time it would go straight to voicemail. Resigning to the fact she wouldn't answer, I left her a voicemail saying I'd keep calling until she answered, and I'd keep knocking on the door at home if she wouldn't let me in. we had to clear the air, too much time was going by, too much damage was being done.

We had to get back to the old Rita and Randy before there would be no Rita and Randy left, and I for one would not have that. We pulled back up to the Wilson's and got out; my dad getting a few more car jokes in before we left and Chris finally getting off the phone with Stephanie.

"Finally done huh? The way you two are texting you'll never go to sleep," I said. "I don't know what it is man, it's just different now.

You know that feeling," Chris replied. "I knew that feeling you mean." "It isn't over man, the fat lady didn't sing yet, she's still eating. You still have plenty of time to work this out man, I'll even get Stephanie to talk to her." "Thanks, that'll help a lot seeing as she was more made than Rita at first." "Here's hoping, catch you later.

Let me know how everything turns out." I nodded as he and Mr. Wilson walked into their house and dad and I got back in his car. Dad was still buzzing from the excitement from the races, and I didn't wanna kill his mood, so I tuned the radio until I found a song I liked and sang it as a distraction. Either dad knew what I was doing, or he didn't have a clue because he was in his own little world pretending to race every car he passed, even making the vroom noise as he passed them.

The music thing was actually working, so good I almost didn't hear my phone ringing I had the radio up so loud. I thought it might've been Chris telling me I forgot something, or Rita finally calling me back, but I was wrong on both accounts, it was the bitch herself, calling to ruin everything. "What," I said as plain as I could when I answered.

"What? That's no way to answer your mistress…" "You're not my mistress, I'm not your slave, what do you want Ashley?" "I require some servicing tonight, and thanks to Rita's performance this morning, your names are at the top of the list.

Now this time I wanna see what you can do." "Sorry, I have plans." "With who? Stephanie's still mad at you and Rita's still pissed, unless your plans is with them to try to kiss ass and get back on their good side.

Forget about that right now, come get on my good side, you can come kiss my ass all night." "You need to quit, we told you that was a one-time thing." "And I told you if you wanted me to keep my mouth shut you are to do what I say." "I didn't agree to that, especially to come back twice in one day, I have a life too." "Please you're probably sitting on the couch right now hoping I'd call." "Yep that's exactly what I'm doing.

Go get one of your lesbo girlfriends to kiss your ass." "I don't know where you suddenly got this confidence from, but it isn't gonna end well for you if you don't give me what I want, and you know what I want Randy…" "I know if Rita did that good and you think I'm better you won't wanna ruin a good thing." "Haha are you gloating?

Are you admitting you wanna eat my pussy? I knew it." "Goodbye Ashley." I hung up before she could say anything else and try to trap me in another one of her moments. Dad was pretending to look at the road and listen to the radio to make it seem like he wasn't listening, but I knew he didn't like the station I had it on. "Yeah she's the reason for all the problems," I answered before he could ask.

"It sounds like she was trying to schedule another visit with you." "Why did she have to be the daughter of your client, of all people?" "Look son, don't think you have to do something you don't wanna do because you're scared of me losing an account, there are plenty more out there." "But not like this one, this one makes you a partner.

You could retire off this dad." "I'll have other opportunities, don't sacrifice your dignity for a job, it's never worth it." "So what do I do about her?" "Whatever you want, I won't be mad. Just don't kill her; I can't explain that to her dad." We laughed it off as we turned on the main intersection leading back to our house.

It meant a lot knowing he wouldn't be mad at me for costing him a once in a lifetime promotion, and even more that he was against everything Ashley wanted out of me. I wanted to call Ashley and tell her I didn't care what she did, that we weren't gonna be her puppets, but that wasn't a decision I could make on my own, and Rita still wasn't talking to me.

We were coming up on our favorite ice cream shop and it gave me an idea, maybe if I got her out of the house and around other people I might have a different outcome, plus it wouldn't hurt to have a banana split waiting for her when she got here, it was worth a shot. "Dad, let me out at the ice cream shop, I have an idea that might fix this." "The ice cream shop?

Aren't they closed, it's past nine." "They close at ten. I don't know why so late, not that many people come in that last hour." "Ok suit yourself. Don't be out too late, you gotta get up bright and early to do nothing." "Ha-ha dad real funny. See you back at the house." He let me out and I went and sat at a table and just stared at the traffic. I was hesitant to call Rita, not wanting to be blown off in public, but I'd come this far and it'd be pretty stupid to chicken out now, so I pulled out my phone and called her.

She let it ring a few times, which I knew was coming, but I was determined, and I kept calling until she finally answered. "Randy I…" "Please don't hang up, we NEED to talk." "What's there to say that hasn't already been said?" "A lot. And some stuff you need to hear." "Where are you, I didn't see you come in with dad." "I'm at the ice cream shop, can you meet me?" "I'm in my sleep clothes, I wasn't really planning on going back outside." "That's ok, just come in that, noones really here anyway." "Fine, I'm not staying long though, me and mom are going somewhere in the morning." "Ok.

You'll see me when you get here, I'm in the front in the enclosed section." "Ok." She hung up before I could say anything else. Though she was quick to rush me off the phone and was still pissed, she noticed I wasn't there, which is reassuring a desperately needed.

I went up and ordered us both a banana split (much to the window person's surprise that anyone was still there) and went back to the table to wait for her. Even though we lived around the corner, I knew she wasn't gonna rush to get here, so I left hers in the case and started eating mine.

I was trying to figure out exactly what to say and how to say it so I wouldn't do any more damage, if that was even possible anymore. Maybe Stephanie called her earlier and tried to reason with her on my behalf, that's probably why she finally answered and agreed to come meet me, either way it went, I had one last try at this, and I wasn't gonna blow it.

I didn't realize how fast I was going through my ice cream until I looked down and saw about ¼ of it left, I must have been on auto pilot while I was thinking about what to say. She really was taking her time getting here, another way of making me suffer I guess, but if everything went how I hoped it would, it'd be worth it in the end, just to see that smile on her face again.

just thinking about her brought a smile to my face, all the fun things we did, the games we played, all the wild stuff we did… "So THIS this is where you've been hiding out all night!" Please no.

Anybody else, please. I already knew it was her, I just didn't wanna turn around and look at her, but she saved me the trouble and sat down directly in front of me. Fucking Ashley. "You bought me a banana split? Or is it for Riiiiitaaaaaa! I saw you daydreaming." "What are you stalking me now?" "Please, it wasn't hard to find you, you have no life. You're only at two places when you aren't at someone's house, at Mikey's, but they close at nine, or here, buying ice cream for your sister girlfriend incest lover.

Looks like she stood you up, that's too bad." "She didn't stand me up she's coming, so you need to leave." "Why? And miss out on the epic conversation that's about to happen? I don't think so!" "Ashley you've done enough damage, can you leave, please?" "There it is again, the manners when you want something.

Pretty soon I'll have you begging to eat my pussy all the time, we both know how much you'd enjoy that," she grinned. I didn't say anything. I just sat there and ignored her. I knew it wouldn't last long, but it was better than her countering everything I said. Whenever I looked down, she'd try to look under me, if I looked past her, she'd slide her face in my view, when I turned my chair around, she got up and walked around in front of me and just stood there with her arms crossed.

"I can do this all night, but I'd rather you be doing something else," she said. "Go away Ashley not happening." "I'll bring Rita and have her watch while you eat me out this time, then I'll see whose better. If she does a good job maybe I'll return the favor, not on you though." "Just leave her out of this.

She has enough to deal with already," I cut her off. "You brought her into this the moment you stuck your dick in her. Had it been Stephanie that left her phone I wouldn't have thought anything of it once I found pictures, but you two not only fucking each other, but keeping proof?

You were asking to be found out!" "We didn't ask to be bribed into being personal sex slaves." I threw that one in free of charge. I can't wait to see you two fuck each other, I mean really fuck each other. I can just see it now, her on top of you with your dick shoved in her a…" "RANDY WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!" I turned around and saw Rita standing there, arms crossed, foot stuck out to the side, face curled into a ball of anger, that same pissed look from before right back on her face again.

"Rita she just showed up, I've been trying to get her to leave but she just won't," I said. "Really? Is that why you bought me a banana split?" Ashley challenged. Rita's face tensed up again. "You bought her a what?" "Come on Rita she's lying and you know it, she's just trying to stir up stuff." "Yeah I'm lying, like he lied when he said he thought I was Stephanie, he knew it was me." "What is she even doing here?

How did she know you were here? Did you call her?" "No she just showed up! I swear she's fucking stalking us!" "If you went to more than three places in your life it would be harder to find you, I mean seriously, if he hadn't invited me I would've drove straight here anyway," Ashley interrupted.

"That doesn't even sound like something I'd do. She's the reason why all this is happening, why we're in this situation, everything, it's all her!" I said as I pointed at Ashley. "No the reason this is all happening is because you're brother and sister fucking each other to death and taking pictures of it, then carelessly leave your phone at someone else's house, during a party mind you, AND without a password to protect it!

Randy trying to fuck me was just in the cards I guess, I knew he always wanted to fuck me, oh, and by the way, nice job faking drunk Randy, I don't think they bought it all the way though," Ashley said.

"Haven't you caused enough problems Ashley? What do you even want?" Rita said. "A lot of things, namely you two doing whatever I say, when I say it," Ashley responded. "WHY ARE YOU BEING SUCH A BITCH! NOONE DID ANYTHING TO YOU!" "Do we have to go over this again? Men made me the way I am, and not just me, lots of women, even you Rita. When you walked in the room and saw him with his hands all over my body you hated men at that moment didn't you? I know you did, I could see it in your eyes." "SHUT UP ASHLEY YOU FUCKING TRICKED ME!

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Don't let her get in your head Rita," I pleaded. "I didn't force your hand between my legs, you were free to leave whenever you wanted." "And I would've if I'd known it was you!" "You should've known who you were messing around with, that was your fault, not mine." "Fuck this, Rita can we leave?

We can talk at home away from her," I asked. "Randy you can go home, but Rita I want you to come with me, for a 'girls' night." "Yeah fucking right Ashley I don't think so, you're not making me do anything," Rita said back. "I won't have to make you, you'll do it willingly.

You might still be mad but there's no way you're just gonna drop Randy, especially if he gives head like you say he does…" "SHUT THE FUCK UP ASHLEY! HE WILL NEVER GO DOWN ON YOU!" Rita yelled. "You can yell all you want but I beg to differ. I have you both right where I want you, I own you, and if you don't do what I say when I say it won't end pretty for any of you.

Your dad will lose his job and you'll be forced to move, and you'll have noone to thank but…" "WELL WELL WELL, WHAT A BIG FUCKING COINCIDENCE THIS IS!" We all turned in the direction of the voice and saw that same asshole that would just never go away.

We knew who he was unfortunately and by the look of disgust on Ashley's face when she turned and saw him she knew who he was too. This fucking guy just happens to show up? Really? That must be the theme this week, everything you hate shall come in bulk. "My three most hated motherfuckers all gathered in one place, what are the odds?" he said. "It's no surprise someone else hates Ashley," I caught myself saying out loud. "I call myself asking her out in front of her friends and the bitch flat out embarrassed me, treated me like trash and laughed in my face!" "Because you're trash!" Ashley jumped in.

"Prime example right here of a piece of shit man, a fucking waste of a body. Why don't you go drown in a bathtub." "Come on man, can we do this another day, we're not in the mood for any shit today," I said.

"Well I say you are, let's all sit down and talk a while." "Look you fucking creep, we're not in the mood so go fuck off somewhere else!" Rita said. He grins at Rita and walks toward her.

"You have a mouth on you, where's it been all this time? If you'd been a little nicer to me I would've put it to good use," he grinned. That last comment pissed me off. "We don't have time for your bullshit man just get the…" "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOU DON'T HAVE TIME FOR!

YOU'RE ON MY TIME NOW, AND YOU'RE GONNA DO EXACTLY WHAT I FUCKING SAY!" Ashley huffed and crossed her arms. "Hmmph, typical loser." He turned and glared a hole right through Ashley. "What did you just say?" "You heard me, typical fucking loser. Nobody wants you so you have to force your way onto them, you're the lowest kind of man out there. It's kind of pathetic really." He started getting red in the face. She'd really pushed his buttons saying stuff that kinda resembled her a little bit, but it had a bigger effect on him.

"I'd watch it bitch." Ashley decided to press her luck and walked up to him, right in his face. "Or what? You're gonna keep getting all red in the face? Please. You aren't gonna do anything, you're nothing but a little boy acting like a man. I don't know why I even waste my breath on you." Ashley turns to leave and he grabs her arm before she gets too far.

"Don't walk away from me!" With lightning quickness she spins around with the other arm and slaps him clean across his face, the sound echoing over the few cars driving by as he staggered back and cupped his face with his hand. "DON'T YOU EVER FUCKING TOUCH ME!" Ashley yelled. As if his face wasn't red enough, now he had a handprint on the left side of his face.

That definitely pushed him over the edge. He grabbed her arm again (this time her right one) with more force and yanked her back in front of him. "Bitch, you're gonna pay for that." She goes to hit him again but freezes when he lifts up his shirt and pulls out a knife. Both Rita and I are locked on him in horror as he puts the knife against Ashley's chest. "You scream, and I'll stab you right fucking now." The scene escalated in a matter of minutes from just arguing to all of our lives being in danger thanks to Ashley.

Her constant need to belittle someone finally came back to bite her in the ass, and in the worst possible way. "Yeah bitch, you wanna get quiet now that your precious life is in danger." Rita locked her arm in mine and was standing halfway behind me. I could feel her shaking she was so scared. Ashley on the other was an entire different definition of scared. She was absolutely horrified, to the point where it looked like she was gonna cry. I myself was definitely scared, I mean he had a knife, and he was crazy, but I told Rita I would risk my life for her without hesitation, so my protective instinct overrode my fear of the knife, that and him pulling a knife around Rita got me a little pissed, so my adrenaline started to flow.

"Really man? Why would you bring a knife out here, we're at an ice cream shop! There's cars driving past us right now!" I said. "Yeah, but there's only one problem, it's the fucking suburbs. Noone in this fucking town stays out late unless they're working, and even then they're just worried about going home, not kids fighting at a fucking ice cream shop!

Not a single car is slowing down, or even acknowledging I have a knife.

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The people in the ice cream shop aren't even doing anything, they can't even see it. For all they know, we're just having a really heated argument," he replied. Unfortunately he was right. He had Ashley's body blocking the knife from the front and his was blocking it from the back, noone would even know he had a gun, not unless he stabbed her… "Now that I have your attention, what should I do?" he asked noone in particular. "You could let us go, look at them, they're scared to death man!" I said.

"Good! Finally they fucking know the world doesn't revolve around them! She gets all bent outta shape because I grabbed her ass, and you wanna be big fucking hero boyfriend and cause problems, and this bitch right here deserves everything she fucking gets, fucking president of the feminists of America, I don't even wanna get into the things she did to me, or I've seen her do," he said as he yanked on her arm.

"That's what this is about? You're mad because she, like any other person, doesn't wanna be groped in public by someone they don't know, and I'm bad for defending her? I don't know what Ashley did to you, and knowing her it was definitely bad, but come on man, stabbing her doesn't even the score." Ashley was absolutely terrified. She wouldn't take her eyes off the knife.

She tried frantically to shake her arm free but he wouldn't let up, and when he had enough of her struggling, he back handed her, hard, and she dropped to the ground, bleeding from the mouth. I don't know what was worse, that I kind of enjoyed her getting hit after all the shit she put us through, or that noone, in cars, the ice cream shop, or passerbys, stopped when they saw her fall to the ground.

I felt guilty for enjoying seeing her in pain for once, even though she deserved it. "Come on man was that really necessary?" I found myself saying. "And everybody wonders why I'm like this," Ashley said holding on to her bleeding lip. "You're like this because you're an evil spiteful bitch who'd walk over anybody to your way, yeah but that shit ends today, one way or another," he said running the knife through her hair so she knew what he meant.

"Now stand the fuck up!" Out of nowhere the most unexpected thing happened, I mean completely unexpected, Ashley started crying. That was something I never thought I'd see happen, ever. This wasn't just a tear or two she forced out, she was really crying, tears were actually streaking down her face. I guess it finally clicked in her head that her life was really in danger. "Please, let me go, please!" she pleaded in a breaking voice looking up at him from the ground.

"You see this? It takes someone holding a knife on her to finally show some fucking emotion, and even now she's still selfish, she only asked for herself to be let go, not you two!" She hung her head and turned it to the side out of everyone's view when he called her out. Even though he had a point, I was willing to let it slide on account of the knife he had at her chest, she couldn't think straight, hell I was surprised I was lasting this long.

Rita gripped my arm tighter and I stood directly in front of her, determined to get her out of here unharmed. "Can you blame her? You have a big fucking knife aimed at her threatening to stab her!" I said. "Don't fucking defend her! You probably hate her just as much as I do don't you? DON'T YOU?" I thought for a quick second, I had to choose my words carefully, if I said the wrong thing I could set him off, and I wouldn't put Rita's life in jeopardy like that.

"I'm not gonna lie, after all the shit she put us through, practically ruining our lives, I hate her, I really fucking do." Ashley dropped her head and wiped her eyes, reality of what she'd done finally setting in I guess. "See! She's a fucking problem that needs to be dealt with!" "Even hating her though, I wouldn't pull a knife on her, that makes me no better than her!" He tightened his face to let me know he'd caught my hidden insult.

"You wanna reword that?" I decided to take a chance, but still kept Rita directly behind me just in case. "You're just dropping to her level man, having to force someone's hand to get what you want out of them." "You know what? I'll give her one chance. I'll ask one question, if she gets it right, I'll leave, and everybody goes home, if she gets it wrong, well you can figure it out." "Ok man, that sounds fair, she answers one question we all leave," I repeated.

He looked down at Ashley who in turn looked back at him with makeup running down her face from crying. He squatted right in front of her and looked her in the eyes. "What's my name?" Her face almost immediately went pale. She tried to search in her head for an answer, but it looked like she kept coming up blank. "Come on ASHLEY, what's my name?" he demanded. "I don't know, I never… you never even…" "Wrong answer! You see?

Doesn't even take the time to learn the guys names who she degrades. Selfish fucking bitch. I guess you're coming with me tonight!" Fuck. I didn't even know his name. We never got that far, it was instant problems from the moment we met him.

Ashley dropped her head again and tried again to pull from his grasp, but he wasn't having it. "Stop fucking struggling! I gave you a chance with the simplest question possible and you failed miserably! You're all coming with me, we're gonna take a little ride." I heard Rita suck in air in horror as she squeezed my arm.

"And go where? To some back alley or abandoned building so you can stab us? No way man. Come on, just let us leave. These bullshit arguments and insults aren't worth getting stabbed and going to jail over, we can work this out another day, look at them, they're both scared to death man!" I said. "Let you go? Yeah so you can go straight to the cops? I don't fucking think so," he replied. "With what? We don't know your name, we don't know where you live, we don't know your friends or family, there aren't any cameras around here, we can't describe you to the cops without you sounding like every other person in the city, we have nothing man, just let us go." "Do you think I'm fucking stupid!

Nah, there's only one way this is gonna play out…" In a last effort Ashley used all the strength she had, and while he was distracted she yanked herself free from his grasp and pushed him away, and he stumbled into one of the tables nearly falling over, but caught himself with his free hand, and dropped his knife in the process. "That's it bitch!" he yelled as he turned his attention back to Ashley, who was pressed up against the enclosed gate she most likely forgot was there.

He picked up the knife and went to point it at her, and at that moment I could see my life flash before my eyes, and he wasn't even looking at me, but Ashley was cringing against the fence waiting for the inevitable, so there was no doubt the same thing was going through her mind.

I hated Ashley, I did, but pulling a knife on someone doesn't even the odds, especially when they're as defenseless as we were. I had to do something, and I had to do it now. He picked the knife up and charged at Ashley, but before he got there I lunged myself at him and knocked him back a few steps, making him bump into a few more tables.

He didn't fall, he caught himself again and gave me a death stare, and I didn't feel comfortable having them run while he still had control of the knife, too risky. I directed Ashley to get behind me, and she slowly walked over, still scared out of her mind, but grabbed on to my other arm for dear life.

"Randy…" Ashley said in a still shaky voice. "Not now, we're not out of this yet." I responded. "I wanna go home Randy, please let's just go home," Rita cried.

"He still has the knife, if we try to run he'll definitely catch one of us, we have to get it from him first, then maybe SOMEBODY WILL CALL THE POLICE ON THIS GUY TRYING TO KILL US!" I yelled.

He threw the knife between both his hands. "Biggest mistake of your fucking life!" He charged at me with the knife up and I moved forward to get away from the girls, he came down from top and I was able to block it, but he cut my arm in the attempt.

I winced but still held on, trying to knock the knife out of his hand, without success. He had a free hand and used it to punch me in the nose, and when I stumbled back, he slashed across at my chest, cutting through my shirt and drawing blood again. Again it only hurt for a second I'm guessing because of the adrenaline, but I wasn't trying to make that a habit. "Call 911!" I yelled to noone in particular while I had a chance to say something.

Before I had a chance to do anything else he was on me again, trying to push the knife into my chest. I was scared to death as I held him off with both my hands, but he was getting closer to my chest and my arms were starting to give away, so I did the only thing I could, I headbutted the shit out of him, hurting myself in the process, but at least it hurt him just as much.

While he was dazed I grabbed the hand with the knife in it and slammed it across the table until he dropped it, then I punched him as hard as I could in the face. Immediately after I hit him I tackled him into a table and some chairs, but that gave him the upper hand because we rolled off the table and hit the ground with me on the bottom.

He had position on me, and took advantage of it by smashing me with fist after fist, trying to blacken my eye, bust my nose, break my jaw, crack some ribs, whatever he could do to inflict more pain he tried it. "Stop it! Get off of him!" I head Rita yell. "Shut up bitch, you're next," he said as he looked back down at me to continue hitting me. Him talking like that to her made me incensed. Even though he was still hitting me, hard, I got this sudden wave of energy, this burst of adrenaline, like I was becoming super saiyan or something.

I used my arms to block his next flurry of punches and slung him off to the side, and immediately started pounding his face into the ground like he did me.

"You bitch! You fucking bitch! Fuck you!" I screamed as I hit him with punch after punch, each one feeling stronger than the last, kinda like when John Hartigan was bashing in the yellow guy's head at the end of Sin City.

I punched him until I couldn't punch anymore, and when the adrenaline wore off, I felt extremely weak. I looked up from his bloody face to see Rita clutching her phone in her hand and Ashley huddled up next to her. I could finally see some other people after what seemed like forever, but they were a good distance away, us four were still the only ones in the area.

I slowly got up and went looking for his knife, stumbling around as I did on account of the beating he gave me. Since my shirt was already ripped and cut up I took it off and used it to pick up the knife so I wouldn't leave my fingerprints on it, thank all the million cop shows for that. I tried to stand back up but dropped down to a knee because I was so battered, I felt like Shepherd looked at the end of Mass Effect 3, and that's not a good feeling.

I staggered over to Rita and Ashley who were still frozen in the same place since all this started. "Did you call the cops?" I asked Rita weakly. "Yeah, they're sending someone," was all she said in a scared, but controlled voice.

"Good," I replied holding my ribs. I looked over at Ashley who was still shaking, and unable to make eye contact with me. She was trying hard to fight back saying something or fight back tears. "I still hate you," I said, not knowing if I was serious or not. "I could've gotten stabbed to death, luckily all he brought was a knife." "Hey fucker!" I heard him weakly yell from behind me.

I had forgotten for a second he was still there, biggest mistake I ever made. I turned around and watched as he reached into his waist and pulled out a gun. "Always have a plan B." "No!" I screamed as I took my beaten body and slid over to Rita and Ashley. I pushed them both to the ground out of harms way, then I turned around to go after him and. BANG! BANG!