Pretty tanned exotic babes lick pussy and use toys

Pretty tanned exotic babes lick pussy and use toys
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Jessica was a gymnast, she lead her team in school and was top of her game. She was flexible, strong and could take a hit if she ever fell from her apparatus.

She was a confident girl, she knew she was attractive to all the guys and even the male teachers in her school which made her somewhat hard to get as she simply liked the attention and nothing more, she was far too busy with her gymnastics to pursue any kind of relationship.

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When Jessica wasn't in the school gym she was at home studying for her final exams. She had a lot of friends being head of the gym team and being extremely attractive only made her more popular. Guys would message her attempting to get even a shred of recognition but she would just ignore them and continue with her studies. Unusual as Jessica lived alone after her parents had left the country after winning millions in a lottery draw. She didn't want a life without her gymnastics so she stayed and they left without her.

It wasn't all bad, after all she had her own house and car all paid for with a little money her parents had left for her but that was soon about to change.

A few months after her parents left Jessica was evicted from her home due to false legal paperwork; her car was also taken along with the money her parents had left for her.

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She was forced out onto the street without as much as a good bye. She decided to stay in the high school until she could figure out a way to get back onto her feet. No one could know about her staying there or she would be arrested for trespassing. Her life continued as usual she would go to her classes, practice in the gym and coach her team.

After school she would tape a lock at the rear of the building to ensure she could get back in after appearing to go home. She couldn't tell her friends in fear she would also lose her position as gymnastics team leader not to mention being laughed at.

She had no idea what fate lay in store for her in the coming weeks. It was late; Jess opened the rear door of the school she had taped earlier to gain access to her new home. This was now a routine she had been doing for a few weeks without any problems.

The teachers, cleaners and late pupils had all left so she was safe to roam without being seen. She closed the door making sure the lock didn't snap into place locking her in. After doing so Jessica's routine was to go to the gym locker rooms, have a shower to relax and sleep on her well-worn gym mats. In a way she felt in her heart this was her home. All the years spent in this place she never felt homeless but even closer to home.

Jessica entered the female locker room feeling stressed after her day.


She grabbed her towel and headed for the showers. It was cold at night; the only heating available was a nice hot long shower and that's exactly what she was about to have.

Jessica's tanned skin was covered in tiny goose bumps from the cold air, her breasts were tight against her shirt and her nipples were stiff. She loosened off her tie that hung between her plump C cup breasts and hooked it on the door handle, as she unbuttoned her shirt from her neck she could feel the pressure release from her chest as her breasts lay cradled in her bra.

The cold air creped in under her shirt making her flat stomach tense and her breasts pucker as she flicked her shirt away onto the door. She unclipped the clasp of her skirt and unzipped the front sliding it down her long, tanned, smooth athletic legs past her rounded knees bunching up at her tiny feet. Stepping out of her skirt and out of her shoes she stands in the empty cold air wearing only a white frilly bra with her white see through panties.

Jessica always took a moment to admire her figure in the mirror before a shower, it was one of her little pleasures knowing after all she had lost her body was still sexier than anyone she knew. Jessica unclipped her bra from the back and let it fall to the floor.

Her breasts dropping only a few millimetres back to their natural position. She loved her breasts, they were soft when squeezed but firm in their position which helped when doing her gymnastics. Her nipples were stiff and bright pink poking out almost begging someone to suck them. No one had, Jessica was a virgin no one had even seen her naked even though she had seen other girls bodies.

her body was hers for her eyes only, for now anyway. Jessica reached for her panties when a piercing sound ripped through the building and her body. It was the fire alarm, something had triggered it and now she had to escape before the police and fire department arrived. If someone knew she was there she might get the blame if there was a fire for real.

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Jessica rushed to get her clothes back on and get out of the building. The fire department was only a few streets away and she could hear the sirens already approaching. She ran out of the shower rooms into the lockers and out into the gym, she ran for her secret entrance and pulled at the door but it wouldn't move. "Shit Shit Shit !" she ran for the nearest fire exit and out onto the south side of the building.

"Freeze, don't move! Police officer, get down on the grown face down and hands out to the side" "Please officer I didn't do anything I was just taking a shower" The police officer approached gun drawn until he saw that she was a pupil. He holstered his gun and picked Jessica up.

"Why are you here taking a shower at this hour?" "I uh I &hellip. I'm homeless I was evicted a few weeks ago and I've been living here" The officer looked at Jessica with disbelief. "Parents?" "They moved away and left me the house, car and gave me money but the lawyer took it all" "Ok well at this present time you're under arrest for trespassing and suspected arson" Jessica looked at the officers eyes, they were dark blue, deep like the ocean.

She could see a kindness in them that she had never seen before in any man. She felt safe with him so accepted her fate and went with him in his car to the station. Jessica sat in a small room facing a two way mirror, She was scared about being arrested she had never done anything wrong her entire life and she was now sitting in a police station.

She was only glad about one thing though and that was the fact she wasn't in handcuffs. She trembled wondering who was looking at her through the glass when the door of the interview room eked open. There he stood, the officer who had arrested her that night. He was about six feet tall and a build that she could only picture as boxer like or maybe even football player.

Whatever he was he looked strong, she could see his muscular arms bulging a little through his Shirt and she could almost count the abbs on his stomach.

Even lower she could defiantly see something bulging from his pants. He dressed smart. Black shoes, black trousers, blue shirt with tie with the cop accessories gun and all. He looked young but his face looked like he had seen many things, the small lines on his forehead told a story about him and she immediately wanted to know. "Hello Jessica my name is detective Mathews and I need to ask you a few questions, I know your Scared but I promise you'll be ok" His voice was soft and kind so she immediately believed him.

"Okay" "The fire in the school was caused by electrical failure so I know that you're not to blame" Jessica released a breath of relief and detective Mathews couldn't help but notice her breasts.

It was only for a second but Jessica saw, she knew he found her attractive just like all the other guys but at least he tried to look at her face. He was doing a good job too Jessica thought. Jessica couldn't help but think about the bulge she saw in the detectives' pants and found herself feeling a little strange. "He's so hot I cant stop thinking about how big his cock looked under his pants, it looked so big" she thought. "Jessica?" Detective Mathews looked at Jessica puzzlingly.

"Sorry I&hellip.I'm just so relieved" "Yes well that still doesn't excuse you from trespassing in your school, fortunately because of your clean record and situation I'm going to let you off " Jessica was even more surprised at this gesture and asked "why" "I'm feeling in a good mood and I don't think you deserve this after all that's happened but maybe this is a blessing for you" Jessica looked at Mathews in an even more puzzling look than he had previously given her "A blessing officer?

I&hellip.I don't know what you could mean by that" Jessica thought this was some sort of gesture for sex. This both scared and excited her. She found Detective Mathews very attractive and she definitely wanted to see what was hiding under his pants.

All of a sudden Jessica got rushing thoughts of her pressed against the two way glass being Fucked from behind by Mathews' big cock. She thought about what it would feel like for the first time, would it hurt? With the size of his cock it probably would she thought. She thought about his strong arms lifting her up against the wall and pounding her into it with his thick dick. She didn't know what to do. Before she knew it she was back down to reality, she found herself biting her lip sitting on a damp chair.

Her panties were soaked and she felt her clit tingling like warm pins and needles but the good kind. She was afraid to stand up, what if he saw? She would be so embarrassed. "Jessica?" "Yes?" "Are you okay? You seem a little distant from all this.

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Do you know how lucky you are?" He sounded hurt, she thought maybe she had made him angry because she hadn't started her sexual favour she thought he wanted. "I'm sorry Detective It's just that I don't really know what I'm supposed to do" "Nothing" he said "You're just lucky that I have a rather large house and you are welcome to come and stay with me, I can't have a young woman like yourself out on the street. There are terrible people out there" Jessica looked at Detective Mathews soft face, she stared at his lips between the five o'clock shadow on his jaw line.

"Yes" he said in a gentler voice "you can stay with me" Jessica's heart raced at the possibilities of what this could mean. She couldn't help but smile at Detective Mathews in a loving way, Like her own personal hero who was taking her to safety. She knew then that she would fuck him, she didn't know when and she didn't know how but she knew that she was going to give herself to him completely for his kindness.

The car came to a stop at a large house just five minutes from the police station. The house looked brand new for a police officer the age of Detective Mathews was at, Jessica thought maybe he still lived with his parents. "Home sweet home" He said Jessica stared at the house in complete Awe. "You live here" "Sure do, Just me" "Just you! No way" "yes unfortunately my parents passed away a few years ago and gave me the house. My siblings hated that so they all left too" Jessica couldn't help but feel a connection to Detective Mathews, It felt like the same thing had happened to them both only his parents were dead.

"I'm sorry detective" Jessica said sincerely "Please call me Alex" Jessica was surprised, He didn't look like an Alex. "Alex? That's your name?" she asked surprisingly "What you don't like my name?" Alex asked harshly "No no its just you looked like a john or a James, You know tough guy names for a tough guy like yourself" Jessica quickly realised what she had said and hid her face in her hands.

"I'm sorry that didn't come out right Alex it sounded insensitive but I dint mean it" Alex knew what she meant and he knew she found him attractive, Alex liked this, He had a smoking hot eighteen year old girl staying with him in his house who liked him and Alex Mathews had a little secret of his own.

"It's okay Jess let's get inside its freezing out here" Alex and Jess both entered his house, the back door lead to an open planned kitchen with wooden floors and marble top work surfaces.

The house was warm from the heating system that he had left on to keep the house warm over the winter nights. Jessica was still wearing her school shirt and skirt so Alex didn't need to take her jacket although he had put his over her during the ride over so he took it back and hung it up.

"when I first met you you told me you were having a shower" Jessica heard the question in his voice "Yea" "You were bone dry when I saw you" Jessica was taken aback by how smart Alex was "I was just about to when the fire alarm went off" Jessica looked up at Alex with her big brown eyes. "Come with me I'll show you your new room" Jess was excited but a bit uncomfortable, she liked Alex and she liked the fact he was being so nice but she could feel herself changing, with all the new danger and him being her hero her mind was no longer focused on her gymnastics.

Her mind was now focused on what most other girls minds were focused on, SEX. And she couldn't stop thinking about it. Alex led her up the spiral stair case to her new room. She noticed his firm looking ass as she followed. Her new room was big so big in fact that she had her own four poster bed, walk in wardrobe and en suit bathroom. She couldn't believe how lucky she was after all the shit that had happened things were finally looking up.

"I'll leave you to settle in then" Alex left and closed the door behind before she could say thank you, Alex knew she'd be saying thank you very soon.

The only thing on Jessica's mind was getting that shower and that's what she was going to do.

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In the next room Alex was drawing his own bath after his long day. Alex had his own en suit room right beside Jess's and tonight he'd have his own little show.

As Alex drew his bath Jess was getting ready to jump into her shower, Jess opened the glass door to the shower and saw that there was one side which was a mirror. Jess liked this, she'd never seen herself in the shower before and was interested to find out how she'd look all soapy and wet.

Alex had drew his bath and was getting undressed, He took off his shoes and tie followed by his shirt. Jess was right his chest was rock solid with a six pack sitting firmly in position. He slid off his trousers revealing a HUGE bulge in his boxers. Removing them his cock flops down ten long inches and slowly rises to a raging boner over the anticipation of the show, butterflies in his stomach and a ten inch boner Alex climbs into his bath looking into Jessica's shower through the glass that is Jessica's mirror.

Jessica turns the knob for the hot water and takes off all of her cloths. Her panties are still sticky from the thoughts at the police station. The water is instantly hot and she steps in feeling the hot spray of the water against her plump juicy breasts. Alex stares at Jessica's unknowing body through the glass. His cock leaks pre cum at the sight of her and the sheer perverseness of it all as she slowly runs her hands over her breasts and peachy round ass.

To Alex's surprise Jess is clean shaven revealing two tight pink pussy lips between her legs. Jessica lathers soap over her naked body and washes her blonde hair. Alex watches excitedly slowly rubbing his fat cock that is leaking more and more pre cum "Oh jess" he groans stroking his cock faster. Suddenly jess starts to think about Alex and wonders what he'd look like naked, she thinks about her thoughts at the station and how she wanted to fuck his big bulging cock.

Her hand slowly reaches down between her legs running between her pussy lips up and down, Jessica's pussy starts to drip like a leaky tap as she thinks about Alex's cock inside her. She slides he finger over her clit slowly circling building up tension as her thoughts run wild.

Alex can't believe what he is seeing and wanks his cock faster trying to keep it up. Jess's finger gets faster flicking her clit vigorously as she squeezes her tits moaning his name under her breath. Jess's nipples are rock solid and she can only imagine Alex sucking on them hard as he penetrates deep inside her virgin pussy with his fat ten inch cock. Jess starts moaning his name over and over. "Alex Oh fuck Alex why don't you fuck my little virgin pussy!

I need your cock inside me now" Alex stops wanking and is shocked at what he hears and sees.


He can't take it any longer he needs to fuck Jessica and he needs to blow his load inside her. Jess wanks herself harder and harder, she can feel an orgasm building up closer and closer she squeezes her clit and nipple as she approaches orgasm. Alex bust into the bathroom startling Jessica. "Alex What the fu&hellip." Jessica looks and Alex's ten inch cock in both stunned horror and amazement.

"I heard you jess, I heard everything and I want you too" Jessica gulped as she stared at Alex's throbbing cock pulsing up and down. Jessica bits her lip and grabs Alex into the shower.

She can't believe what's happening to her she feels like a bitch on heat and with a cock like Alex's she needs to get some. Jessica kisses Alex and sucks his tongue licking slowly down his chest between every line on his six pack and to his giant cock. "Its so fucking big Alex I'm going to choke on just your bell end." Alex smiles and says "just open wide" Alex is about to grab Jessica's head and force his cock all the way down her throat when jess grabs Alex's tight ass, opens her mouth and forces it down herself.

All the way down ten inches of fat, semen leaking cock penetrates Jessica's throat and she doesn't gag one bit. Jessica throws her head back and forth taking every inch.

Alex dam-near falls to the floor. Jessica's tongue massages the base of Alex's cock as she swallows it deep. Jess soon realises that every time she swallows her throat squeezes Alex's cock. Jess rams his cock into her throat all the way down to his balls as she swallows slowly squeezing the cum from him. Alex cries "Jess I'm CUMMING! IM…" Jess grabs Alex's ass tighter as she feels his cock start to pump stuff through that long ten inches.

Jess wants to feel his cum inside her mouth first so she pulls back sucking his cock as she goes. Alex pumps a whole pint of warm, thick, sticky cum into Jessica's mouth as she swallows every drop into her body.

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Jessica looks up at Alex's exhausted face and says. "We aren't finished yet big boy" Alex looks at Jess with both shock and excitement. Jess Whispers into Alex's ear. "My pussy has been neglected officer and it NEEDS a good fucking, my virgin pussy is all yours" Alex's cock becomes rock solid again in seconds and is ready to take Jessica's virginity. Alex kneels down and looks at his prise, Jessica helps by lifting her leg vertical in the air.

Alex is shocked as he didn't know Jessica was so flexible. He takes his fingers and pulls her pussy lips apart.

Her pussy is leaking sweet cum for him. Alex licks Jessica out slow but hard, he flicks Jessica's clit fast and hard as he approaches his de-floweration of jess.

Alex Spreads jess's cunt apart and looks inside, he can see jess's hymen and gets even more excited to know for sure he's going to fuck an eighteen year old virgin. Jess looks at Alex and says, "Get me all wet Alex get me so fucking wet bend me over and ram that cock inside me." Jess can feel the excitement building, she's finally going to fuck someone and she can't wait another second. "Alex?" "yea" "You make sure you pump every last drop of cum inside my virgin cunt.

Please I want it all I don't care what happens just pump me full of your hot sticky cum, fill me up baby." Alex bends jess over licking her virgin pussy and ass hole, he can't believe how good they taste.

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Alex forces his tongue inside Jessica's ass hole making jess's legs weak with pleasure, she can feel his tongue moving inside his little hole. She begs him to fuck her.

Jess's pussy is leaking more than ever so much so Alex can drink he pussy juices straight from her. "Please Alex I need you inside me, Please Please Please FUCK ME YOU DIRTY FUCKING VIRGIN FUCKER." Alex spreads Jessica's legs as wide as the shower will allow. He teases her clit with his bell end to get her excited and slides up to her entrance.

Jess is moaning uncontrollably now and can't wait to be penetrated.

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Alex grabs onto Jessica's hips hard, he secures his fat throbbing cock by putting his bell end just inside. "you ready?" "jess screams FUCK ME PLEASE!!!" Alex grips jess and thrusts his fat ten inch cock deep inside her once virgin pussy, he rips past jess's hymen and pushes up against her cervix. Jess creams in a flood of searing pain and an orgasm of unbelievable anticipation. Alex pounds jess constantly burring his dick inside her as a mixture of her virgin blood and cum trickle down her leg and into the drain.

She reaches underneath and cups Alex's Balls in her hands squeezing them gently as her fucks her. Alex can't believe he has just deflowered a girl he has just met. "Fuck yes yes uh Alex yea" Jess cries as his cock pounds her tight pussy walls, Alex grabs jess and picks her up against the wall. He drops jess onto his rock solid cock repeatedly pushing further inside her, Alex's cock is so big he pushes through jess's cervix. This makes jess scream, His cock is pounding the deepest part of her and it hurts as well as driving her crazy with pleasure.

Jess feels a familiar pumping feeling inside her. Alex is about to cum again. Alex's thrusts become more violent as he explodes another pint load of hot sticky cum inside Jessica's whom, Jessica cries out "OH GOD ALEX I CAN FEEL IT INSIDE ME I CAN FEEL UR HOT CUM INSIDE ME!!" Alex presses jess against the wall and the stay linked together for a while before Jess says "Two down one to go" Alex says. "What the hell do you mean one to go" Jess stands up and bends over.

"You still need to fuck me in my tight little ass hole, I want my ass filling too" Alex can't believe what he's hearing. "You burst in here wanting me so you finish me off fill my ass hole you dirty bastard" Alex slams Jess against the two way glass and spreads her ass cheeks with his cock.

No hesitation Alex needs to finish this. Alex pushed Jess's ass hole down onto his throbbing cock as he penetrates ten inches into her ass. Jess screams at the pain but Alex keeps going. Her warm tight body is squeezing out his last pint of cum, Alex thrusts onetwoTHREE he fucks Jess's ass hole and pumps his cum inside her ass. Every one of Jessica's holes is dripping with Alex's cum as he leaves her on the shower floor leaking with cum and blood.