Mi mujer quiere verga grande

Mi mujer quiere verga grande
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I was only 14 at the time…And up till that point, I really genuinely thought I was straight. I'd hooked up with a few girls at school, and I loved every second of it.

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Of course, I'd never even thought about being with a guy, so I really had no idea what to do when an opportunity arose… It was 3:00 and I had been dropped off at the movies; gone to see 300. Love the violent flicks, it's always been a thing of mine. And luckily, I knew one of the ticket checkers, so I got in under-aged. I sat in the back row, because it was the only row without any other people in it. I never really like seeing movies with strangers around me; I can't seem to get into it.

Lights go down, previews run, and things are going smoothly. But about 20 minutes into the movies, I see a light from behind me. Two older men came in late to the show.

"Their loss," I mutter to myself, and go back to watching. I forgot about them for a while, till I look over and they're sitting in my row. Not next to me, exactly, just 4 or 5 seats away. Not gonna ruin my day though; I'm already enjoying the movie. There's a slow motion sex scene a little ways into the movie, and the chick is pretty hot. Kinda big nipples, but they worked on her. I look over, and I got a serious surprise.

Those two guys were really enjoying the scene too, but they had their fucking dicks out! I was freaked out, and couldn't help but stare at them. One of them caught me looking, nudged the guy next to him and pointed at me. They smiled at me, and started jerking off. I was mortified, and quickly averted my gaze. I thought the worst was over, but I was wrong.

They got up, and moved seats so that I was in between both of them. Dicks were still out, and I could see now just how big they were. It was dark but I could tell that they were way above average.

The guy to my left was probably 8 inches long, and the guy to my right was a little bit shorter but his cock was almost twice as thick.

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My heart was racing, and I wasn't sure what I was feeling. Looking back on it, I can tell I was excited, but at the time I was just nervous and extremely confused. They put their hands on my legs, and I was petrified; I couldn't even move. They started rubbing my legs with one hand and continued jacking off with their free hand. This went on till one of them moved their hand up and cupped my member. He smiled wickedly and grabbed my hand, putting it on his dick.

I'd never felt another dick before, and I had no idea what to do next. He put his hand on mine and started moving it up and down on his shaft. The guy next to me grabbed my other hand, and before I knew what was happening I was jerking off two strangers in the back of the theater. "Looks like we've got us a nice new friend to play with" one of them laughed. They unbuttoned my pants, and my dick was out there before I could move. One of them cupped my balls while the other stroked my shaft, and against my will I was started to get hard.

Really hard. This went on for a while, and they soon started to get more aggressive with me.

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The guy to my left grabbed me by the hair and whispered "You ever sucked a cock before?" I shook my head, to scared to speak. He forced my head down till my mouth was right over his throbbing member. "We can make this easy or hard for you," he said. "But either way, we're gonna have fun with you." If this was the easy way, I had no idea how crazy the hard way would be. So I opened my mouth, and put a few inches of it in my mouth.

He was hard as a rock, and I could feel his pulse against my tongue. He worked his hips up and down, fucking my mouth till I had gotten most of it into my mouth. After a few minutes, he roughly pulled my head back up. "I'm not gonna waste a cumshot on a bj. That's coming later…now suck my friend off, till I think of how we're gonna do this." I was just going with it now.


The terror was starting to wear off, and I was more focused on remaining unnoticed by the rest of the audience. I took the other man in my mouth and started sucking him hard. After a while, they told me to get up. They buttoned my pants, along with theirs, and told me to follow them. We got out of the room, and they led me up the stairs to the next floor of the theater. Now that we we're in the light, I could see them clearly. One of them was wearing a vest from the theater, he must work here on staff.

He was white, probably 30 or so, and fairly overweight. The other guy was black, very in shape but maybe 50 years old. He was wearing a dark suit, and it looked expensive. How the fuck do these guys know each other, I thought&hellip. They led me into a corner of the building I hadn't seen before. It had a big door with a heavy lock on it. "This is the storage room," the white guy said, pulling out a string of keys.

"It's far from the showing rooms, and it's basically sound proof." There was something very sinister about how he said that, and I could only imagine what they we're planning.

They led me into the room, and locked the door. They turned around, and each grabbed little bags from their pockets. I looked into their hands, and they each had probably $100 worth of weed. They laughed at my confused face.

"No reason this doesn't have to be fun," the black guy said. "You're doing this the easy way, right?" I nodded. "Then let's get this room good and hazy." The white guy pulled out a bowl, and they started smoking. After a few minutes, they handed it to me. "This is gonna help, trust me." I'm a pretty big pot head at school, so I figured if there was any way of making this easier I was gonna seize that opportunity.

I smoked a bowl or two, and was actually started to have fun. These guys had a seriously rape-y vibe, but I was starting to get horny. Pot always does that to me; and getting off is getting off. I was gonna make the most of this.

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They started undressing, and told me to take off my clothes. By now I was so high I could barely think straight, so I complied without hesitation. They walked over to me, completely nude with their dicks in their hands. "Now get back to work," the white guy said.


I took him in my mouth, and the black guy came up behind me, groping my butt. "Shit," he said, "This boy has a sweet ass…you want to break him in, or can I?" The white guy laughed.

"I want that hole to be tight when I fuck him, you're gonna wear him out if you go first." I stopped blowing him, and they told me to get on all fours.

The black guy put me in his mouth, while the white guy came up from behind and put lube all over my ass. He groped me for a minute, and they stuck a finger inside me. It hurt. A lot. But for some reason I liked the pain.

I groaned through the pain, and kept sucking. Then I felt a ton of pressure up against my hole. Fuck, he's sticking it in already.

Inch by painful inch, he jammed up me. I was screaming around the cock in my mouth; I've never had that much pain before. "FUCK…oh, god, FUCK!" I couldn't help it, the pain was overwealming, and screaming did nothing to numb it. He started moving faster, and deeper, till he was slamming up against my ass cheeks with every thrust.

He grabbed me by the hair and, as if it was possible, he started moving faster and harder. "Oh my god, slow down," slow down, I begged. "Please, that's the thanks we get for smoking you up?

I don't think so." He redoubled his efforts, and I could feel his cock growing inside of me. And with a grunt, he started cumming up my ass. Finally he stopped, but I wasn't off the hook.

"Greg, I think it's your turn. Show this ass what a pounding really is." The white guy pulled out, and now it was time for the monster cock… Greg pulled me up into his lap, and rammed into me. And I thought the white guy hurt…This was bigger that I had thought an ass could take, and I was yelling my lungs out as he pumped in and out of me.

The white guy got on his knees, and put my dick in his mouth. All the girls that had blown me at school, were nothing compared to this. This man had experience, and he knew how to work a cock like magic. It was the mixture of pain and pleasure that drove me over the edge. My screams slowly turned into moans, and my hole was finally loosening up. It still hurt, but it was a good hurt. My prostate now welcomed the intrusion, and I realized that men were exactly what I really wanted.

I was a fuck toy for these men, and the power difference got me off in a way I'd never experience with a girl. I wasn't just getting pleasure, coveting an object of desire; I was an object of desire now. And that turned me on more than being with any girl ever could. "Fuck me harder…" I whispered. "What was that now," Greg asked.

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"You want more?" "Yes, fuck, please…give it to me harder!" That was all the encouragement he needed, and slammed his full length into me.

He was hitting a spot that felt better than any masturbation I'd ever done, and I was moaning in pleasure.

My ass was tightening up, from the combination of Greg's cock and the unbelievable blowjob I was getting. "Fuck, boy, you're getting tight. You're gonna blow soon." And with that, he started pumping faster, till I was bouncing up and down on his lap.

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My ass felt amazing, and my cock felt unbelievable. Soon I was about to cum, and I was tightening my ass even more.

"Oh my god, I'm gonna cum!" I moaned. "Fuck, here it comes!" It was the most powerful orgasm I'd ever felt, and it wasn't just in my dick; I didn't realize it at the time, but I was having my first internal orgasm at the same time. I was practically screaming in pleasure, and I shot 7 or 8 spurts into the white guys mouth. He didn't stop blowing me though, and I was so sensitive after cumming that I could barely take it.

"Shit, that's too much! I can't take it any more!" But the white guy just smiled around my member and kept sucking. I was writhing around on Greg's lap, and felt like I was so over whelmed that I might pass out. But soon Greg grew even bigger, and shot a huge load into me.

It felt like he kept on spurting forever, but eventually he stopped and pulled out. I sank down the floor, almost unable to move. The two of them got up, took their clothes, and left the room; they left it unlocked so that I could get out when I was able to stand. "Not even a thank you?" I tiredly laughed to myself. "I don't even know where to find them again." I guess I'll just have to come to movies more often.

Who knows? Maybe I'll see them here. I quietly left the room, and walked back down to the showing room for 300. 20 minutes left in the movie. My ass was on fire; they seriously worked me good. I smiled to myself, thinking that an entire new world had opened up to me.

The world of men was now mine to experience, and I was going to take full advantage.