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Home boy porn and gay boys sex emo porn free movies Slim and slick
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Author's notes: A couple times I have been asked not to make this a 24/7 orgy. This chapter does contain a lot of sex. It is their honeymoon and sex is a lot of the story here. I am trying to write a story about how five people find love and how their romance grows. I will try to move the story along without the sex being the entire story, I apologize to those who are offended, but please enjoy the story for what it is a romance first and foremost.

I like to think the readers and apologize for writing this story so slowly; I am trying to do the series and you justice. And thank you for all of the votes and comments I really do appreciate them and those who have P.M.

in the past. In the previous chapter we had discovered that the twins are both lactating. They were prescribed a medication by their ex-stepfather the caused that. His reasons are still a mystery to us. Their lactating has changed the plan for sharing my time between my wives. Hopefully we found a reasonable compromise. The other major issue that comes up during the day was our friend Sharon's marital problems.

With no way to directly help her all we can do is to continue offering our support and friendship. Let's continue with Bobby and his four loves' honeymoon. I close my mouth and followed my beautiful Loves in to our bedroom. When I entered the bedroom I have completely shed my clothes. I stood there nude enjoying the scene in front of me.

Morgan was between her mother's legs and apparently doing very well at eating out Jewels. Jewels moans. "Oh yes baby… get me hot… get me ready… for your Daddy." I don't know if Jewels is ready, but Morgan definitely has gotten me ready. I went from half-mast to raging hard on in the time it took for Jewels to make her statement.

As I walk closer Jewels eyes open and lock onto my throbbing cock. Even with making love four times earlier today, I'm so hot for Jewels it could've been weeks without any sex, and I would not have been any more eager to make love to my beloved Jewels.


I am standing slightly behind Morgan, treated to a beautiful view of her fourteen-year-old ass. Bent over she licks her mother. Jewels stares into my eyes, I am tempted to bury my cock into this gorgeous young pussy in front of me. I won't have to wait long to do that, so I bide my time until Jewels begins to spasm; her head falls back and moans. "Oh yes, I'm just about there." Little Bobby is taking pictures as Morgan moves out of the way smiling.

I step forward holding my cock, I'm lining up to Jewels. As I make contact with her open sex Jewels spurts covering my cock. She moans. "Put that big cock in me." Morgan cheers.

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"Yes Daddy, fuck Mommy's brains out." Sara is giggling standing beside Little Bobby. Sara gives pointers on the use of our camera. The pictures are a little dark so Sara turns on more lights, fixing the problem without using the flash. Jewels looks absolutely beautiful as she begins an orgasm, I know the shot that Little Bobby just took will be one of my favorites. Our bodies move together as I hold Jewels throughout her climax.

As soon as her main orgasmic gyrations have ceased I begin a fast rhythm in and out of Jewels. I know we will make our love play last quite a while, and I do that giving Jewels many orgasms before I feel the need to cum myself. Jewels is nearing orgasm and my need to relieve my pent up pressure is reaching the point of no return.

Jewels moans as she senses my need. "Yes husband, give me your seed." A few more strokes and I do exactly that I began to throw rope after rope deep within her. As my first rope hits her womb Jewels screams as a powerful orgasm begins. "THAT'S IT, CUM IN ME, FILL MY WOMB, AND BATHE OUR DAUGHTER IN CUM." She spurts hard covering my balls with her cum. Her legs are pulled up tight, the picture that Little Bobby took at that instant show Jewels cum spraying off my balls.

That one is Jewels favorite picture, because the memory of that intense orgasm it invokes. I have to admit it's one of my favorite pictures of the night for the same reason. As our orgasm ends we collapsed together, panting hard our bodies demanding more oxygen than our lungs can gather. Jewels arms and legs wrap around me holding me tight to her. When my other Loves go to roll me off, Jewels tells them. "Don't, I want to hold him." My eyes open to gaze into Jewels beautiful green eyes love blazes within them, our sense of joy created a bright smile that sweeps across both our faces.

The photo of that instant was the best picture that Jewels and I ever got taken of us together, to that point in our lives. Our love was whole again, without the pain the last fifteen years apart caused, strong and pure our love connected us in ways few people will ever feel.

Tears of pure joy formed and both our eyes, once we've caught our breath we begin to kiss each other lovingly. We break off on feeling the stream of Morgan's cum that hits us, followed by Sara's on the opposite side.

They were both masturbating watching us as it has become their fashion. Jewels and I simply laugh enjoying the love that fills the room. Morgan and Sara both lie down beside us to catch their breath. Once their breathing had normalized I raise up, Jewels' leg still wrapped tightly around me, pulling Sara's face to mine I kiss her passionately.

I feel that Jewels has shifted under me. Glancing over I see that Jewels is kissing Morgan just as passionately as I kiss Sara. After a long time Sara and I break, and then Jewels and I kiss passionately, when we break I move to Morgan and Jewels to Sara we both kiss passionately still locked at the waist, with Little Bobby still taking pictures.

Morgan has both her hands on my head as she holds me to her face. I feel Sara rub my back as Jewels shifts again. Jewels unlocks her legs from my waist. As Morgan and I break our kiss, Jewels says to us. "It's time for Sara to have our husband." I rose up to separate from Jewels, one look at Sara and I was beginning to go from semi hard to steal in just a few heartbeats.

I haven't quite pulled out of Jewels as I seem to be elongating faster than I withdrew. Jewels begin the giggle.

"Do you get that turn on when it's my turn?" Letting down I pushed in just for the fun of it. Leaning in I whispered to Jewels. "Every time." Jewels giggles. "Remember tomorrow was to be my day." Smiling I say back to her. "I remember and I still want to spend as much time together as we can." Sara giggles and says. "Are you going to do the same for me on Tuesday?" Removing myself from Jewels now hard as steel.

I positioned myself between Sara's open legs as she welcomes me into her body. My wet cock I rub over her slit to stimulate her, then moved into position and begin to stretch her vaginal opening around my steel hard cock. "I want to spend as much time with you as I can, but I still want to spend time with everyone, we will do that together." Sara looks down between us seeing my cock glistened from the wetness surrounding it. She threw her legs quickly around my back, and thrust up with her hips pulling me completely into her.

Sara screams as instantly an orgasm takes her. "FUCK ME DADDY. FUCK ME WITH MY SISTERS CUM." I begin a quick rhythm pumping into Sara, which heightens her orgasm. Sara spurts over my cock and balls increasing the wetness already there. Jewels screams beside us. Morgan had gotten back between her mother's legs and now cleans our cum from her mother's pussy. Jewels is having an orgasm holding Morgan to her tightly.

Sara was so turned on; that once I stop as her orgasm has ended, she spurs me back in motion. In just a few minutes Sara is beginning to show the signs of a large orgasm building. I slow down slightly and Sara moans. "Faster Daddy, fuck me faster, fuck me with Jewels cum…" A number of his At the pace Sara wants I'm not going last very long even though this will be my sixth orgasm of the day if it wasn't for that I would already be spurting my hot cum into my beloved Sara.

Sara's pussy tightens begins to spasm around me and she screams "OH YES DADDY, FUCK ME DADDY, CUM FOR ME DADDY." I'm filling Sara's womb with rope after rope of my hot cum. Sara begins to shake as her entire body orgasms. She spurts heavily against me as I have my entire length pushed into her.

Once I am balls deep she wrapped her legs so tightly around me I am unable to move. We ride out our orgasm then collapsed heavily. Gathering my strength, I roll over bringing Sara on top of me, to allow us to catch our breath.

Little Bobby still taking pictures comments. "Wow that was hot!" Morgan groans looking at Sara as our cum dripped down over my cock and balls. "Sara roll on over to your back, please." Sara rolls over to her back between me and Jewels.

As soon as she settles Morgan grabbed her legs and spreads them diving into her pussy her licking tongue leading the way. Morgan can be heard as she licks and sucks at cum from Sara's pussy. "Mmm, Oh so good." Sara definitely enjoys what Morgan is doing, Jewels giggles. "That's it Morgan, you getting it out feels almost as good as Bobby putting it in." I thought how I feel about this, how Morgan licking her mother or Sara is driving me into a sexual frenzy.

How watching Morgan has again taken me from semi hard to steal in just a matter of seconds. I decided one thing, I like it, hell I love it. Any of them making love to the others is turning me on beyond belief. Probably a blow job wouldn't turn me on as much as watching my fourteen-year-old daughter lick her mother, or Jewels licking her sixteen-year-old sister, my wife.

I stand up and walk behind Morgan, now bent over Sara. Morgan's legs are open enough for my cock to rub against her wet labia. Morgan moans as I run my cock between the lips of her labia and across her clit. "Oh yes Daddy, fuck me, while I lick Sara's cunt." She dropped her head back down again to lick Sara even harder. I run my throbbing cock over her vagina opening. Morgan labia's lips contract around my cock.

I push in to Morgan's incredibly wet birth canal.

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Morgan sighs. "Yes Daddy, fuck me with Sara's cum…" I begin to stroke faster into Morgan holding her hips tight, my ball slapped her clit on each stroke. I'm trying not to, but from the motion of Sara's breast I must be pushing Morgan's face into Sara's pussy.

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The expression on Sara's face tells me she's enjoying it. Suddenly Sara throws her legs around Morgan's head her back arches and she screams. "OH FUCK YES, FUCK YES, YES, YES I'M CUMMING." Sara spurts covering Morgan's face.

Morgan quickly shifts her mouth to catch Sara's following spurts. At the conclusion of Sara's orgasm she falls limply to the bed, now she lays there with a satisfied smile watching Morgan and I. Morgan now free of Sara's legs raises turns to me and kisses me passionately. During our kiss Morgan passes some of Sara's cum into my mouth.

I love the taste of my wife's cum, no matter how I get it. It excites me so much I find myself doubling my rhythm pushing hard against Morgan's ass with each stroke.

We break our kiss, and Morgan's swallows Sara's cum. I too swallow Sara's cum gratefully and tell Morgan. "I love you sharing with me." Morgan giggles. "You help me get it. Oh yes pound my pussy." Sara and Jewels are lying hip to hip.

Morgan only had to shift a little to get at Sara. Jewels and Sara now masturbate watching us, matching my rhythm.

When Morgan turns and falls forward her hands come to rest on both of their hips. Morgan realizing where her hands are starts to shift them, but both women's hands quickly moves to hold Morgan's hands in place.

I reached around Morgan and begin to stroke her hard clit. Morgan's back arched upward as she pushes back into me. Morgan screams her pleasure. "OH FUCK YES, YES, DADDY YES, FUCK YES DADDY." Jewels and Sara both throw their hips forward. Little Bobby photographs all three women in orgasms simultaneously as they screaming their pleasure.

"FUCK YES." All three spurts with Sara's and Jewels covering Morgan's chest, Morgan's lands on the bed, but her breasts are directly over top Sara and Jewels and she spurts her milk wildly striking the women randomly on their sex.

All three shriek again. "FUCK YES." Spurting again hitting the same areas, but I can no longer hold back and I come hard in to Morgan, she screams from the feeling of her womb being drowned in my hot cum. "FILL ME DADDY, FUCK YES, FILL ME UP DADDY." The three women jerk and spurt repeatedly. Sara and Jewels cum drips mixed with her milk from Morgan's breast. Little Bobby is now too turned on to take more photographs the camera sits atop the dresser.

Little Bobby is masturbating fiercely watching as the events unfolded in front of her. Before Morgan, Sara, and Jewels have ceased their orgasm, Little Bobby spurts as she to enter an orgasm. She is only a legs length from the three of us, and her first spurts strikes Morgan's breast as well. She screams. "FUCK YES, FUCK, OH FUCK." Her breasts to spurt wildly but the only one they ever hit is herself.

Morgan leans forward and roles onto her back her motions have extracted my still hard cock. I quickly move forward in position myself over Little Bobby. Little Bobby goes flat on her back as I push into her. I latch onto her breast and begin to quickly nurse as she still in orgasm and squirting from both pussy and tits. On beyond my normal arousal level having orgasm three times in fairly rapid concession, it has to be the supplements given this ability.

I nurse both breast until there empty. I pound little Bobby's pussy, and she goes in the back to back orgasms, for what seems like the next twenty or thirty minute.

She is totally incoherent making only primal screams during each orgasm. I finally unload a torrent of semen as I pushed deeply into her forcing open her cervix. Filling her womb with my hot fertile seed, Little Bobby can only hold tightly to me and shake wildly. The last my strength is used to roll off of Little Bobby and lay beside her as sleep takes me.

Jewels, Sara and Morgan giggle watching as my cum drains from Little Bobby. Morgan says. "I would swallow it up if I thought Daddy would stay asleep." Jewels giggles.

"You're afraid Daddy will fuck you again tonight." Morgan reluctantly replies. "Yes, I couldn't take what he just did to Little Bobby." Little Bobby, not yet asleep, smiling very brightly saying. "I could, it was fucking awesome." Jokingly Morgan insults Little Bobby. "You're a horny slut." Little Bobby returns. "Oh you better believe it. I'm a very horny slut, when it comes to my Dad." I come awake hearing little Bobby's comment. I tell them. "You smell like sex.

It's making me horny again." Jewels says. "I can fix that. Come on ladies time for a shower. " Sara laughs and says. "Good idea before we fuck somebody to death." All four of my loves are unsteady as they walk to the bathroom.

Jewels giggles and says. "You know you've been fucked real well when you're legs are this wobbly." Little Bobby giggles and jokes.

"I always thought it was the drainage that gave that away." I catch up to them to help steady them. I know I need a shower almost as bad as Morgan. I sniff Morgan's chest and tell her. "I absolutely love your Perfume, what is it?" Giggling Morgan answers my question. "La cram de slut." "I bet that taste better than it smells." I'm going to express Morgan's breast. They are full even after all the squirting she did.

I would like to get a taste of Jewels and Sara's cum anyway. From the look of it I did manage to fully express little Bobby's breasts. Morgan's begin to leak as I stood there, as they drip my cock got harder. We hear giggles from across the shower, I look over Little Bobby is whispering something to her mother.

They both shake hands I bet they made a bet on me fucking Morgan. I grinned but ignore them. Pulling Morgan back to the bench I set down. When Morgan looks down her eyes go wide seeing that my cock is steel hard again. Morgan asks. "Don't you ever get enough?" I respond by saying.

"I'm a slut for my wives. I'll never get enough of their pussies." All of my women giggle, Morgan sets down straddling my leg like she did midday today. I smile and begin to nurse. I will never force my loves to do anything they don't want.

Like earlier today Morgan begins sliding her cummy pussy over my thigh with each draw. Morgan's not the only one who could masturbate while I nurse. I wrap my hand around my throbbing cock and began to stroke with Morgan's grinding. Jewels comes over and sets beside me watching what happening Jewels commenting says. "Morgan you can at least jack-off Bobby when you hump his leg." This brings giggles from Sara and Little Bobby. She had her eyes closed, but now is looking down watching me Jack off she begins to feel a little hornier with each passing second.

Morgan rises and takes my cock from my hand as I look into her face she lowers herself onto my steel hard cock. Morgan's cummy pussy slides easily down my shaft I groan. "Oh, Morgan that feels so good." Morgan giggles and kisses me before raising her breast back to my face.

Little Bobby says. "I thought you said you were afraid he would fuck you again tonight?" Morgan replies to her sister. "I wasn't as horny then as I am now." Little Bobby returns the insult Morgan made earlier. "You're a horny slut, Morgan." Morgan laughs and returns Little Bobby's own reply. "Oh you better believe it. I'm a very horny slut, when it comes to my Daddy." I laughing as I say.

"I love a very horny slut when it comes to my Morgan. I love a very horny slut when it comes to my Little Bobby. I love a very horny slut when it comes to my Sara.

I love a very horny slut when it comes to my Jewels. I'm a very horny slut when it comes to my wives." My loves giggle merrily. Jewels eventually punches me in the arm. "You call me a slut." Still happy I chuckled and say. "I called myself one too. I did say I love you." Jewels still punches me again.

"You didn't say I wasn't a slut." This time I turn to Jewels and pull her in my arms, mainly to keep from being punched again. "Your mine slut or not, I love you. Besides you're no better than Morgan or Little Bobby they're both my sluts." Sara pipes in. "I'm a very horny slut, when it comes to Dad too." Jewels see she's outnumbered and just playing anyway. Giggling she says.

"You know I've been your horny slut for over fifteen an half years." Pulling back just slightly I kiss her passionately. Morgan moans. "Yes Daddy, kiss mommy your horny slut." Morgan began to bounce on my hard cock now that I'm no longer nursing. I break my kiss, take a deep breath. And Jewels giggles and says. "Listen to your horny slut of a daughter." I been back in and begin to kiss Jewels again.

Morgan bounces a little faster I can feel beginning of her spasms; I know a powerful orgasm has started. I begin meeting Morgan's bounce with a thrust of my own. I hold the kiss just long enough to catch Jewels unaware.

I move my hands to Morgan's breast placing my thumbs over her leaky nipples. I break the kiss just as Morgan's powerful orgasm begins and she's spurts and her breasts spray milk as I direct the spray over my other three loves seated on the bench. They laugh and hold their hands up to block the spray of milk. Little Bobby says. "If I had any milk in me, I would get you back right now." I close my mouth over the breast that is spraying Little Bobby and Sara Just before Morgan spurts the second time.

To my surprise Jewels is silent, until I hear her sucking Morgan's other breast. That was all I could stand I thrust up hard in the Morgan cum for the ninth time today. It's not terribly large maybe two or three ropes put Morgan still feels it.


She screams. "OH YES DADDY, FILL YOUR SLUT UP." It didn't take long to express Morgan's breasts especially Jewels working one of her breasts.

Morgan went into orgasm once more during that time. That I was nearly done for the night I stayed hard enough for her to get off. When we're finished I looked over at Jewels, who had a trickle of milk running down her chin. I lifted off Morgan, and kissed Jewels and her passionately. "Did you like how Morgan's milk tastes?" Jewels giggles. "It's different, not bad at all. Maybe we should get a pump and see what it tastes like cold." We go back to washing each other, playfully teasing I kiss a lot of body parts, testing to see if their clean.

Jewels giggles. "I told you, he would enjoy it." For that I bite her strawberry birthmark just under the curve of her ass. She jumped and turned just pulled me up to kiss her after we break, she says. "I've missed that." Of all things for her to miss she missed me nipping at her birthmark.

I just pull her close and kiss her again. Sara giggles. "Are you two coming to bed?" I noticed that they have stripped and remade the bed with clean sheets.

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We all climbed in the freshly made bed. Sara as her custom snuggles in on my left arm Morgan snuggles in against my right arm. Little Bobby is spooning in against Sara's back. Then Jewels climbs onto my chest and says. "I'm just protecting my turn." We giggle as we drift off to sleep.

Monday morning. Soft music begins to play at nine o'clock. I'm awake feeling Jewels hot cunt sliding up and down my cock. Sara giggles seeing her sister working my hard cock. I turn and whisper to Sara. "Jewels is still asleep. Don't wake her." Grinning Sara whispers back. "How long has she been fucking you? I simply hold up three fingers then bring my thumb and fingers together making an O. Giggling Sara says. "30 minutes." I shake my head yes.

It's then that Jewels begins her orgasm her eyes flash open. Her body in automatic mode now brings her mind along for the ride. Jewels screams.

"OH FUCK YES, FUCK, YES BOBBY, FUCK ME BOBBY." Jewels' orgasm takes me over the edge I begin filling Jewels with large amounts of my cum; it feels like each rope explodes from my balls traveling length of my cock as fast as a bullet.

Jewels screams again. "OH YES BOBBY FILL YOUR SLUT UP." My body was tense as I hold Jewels to me tightly I already driven balls deep into her, Jewels body spasms atop me, then goes limp.

Both our breath comes rapidly as we recover from our first intense orgasm of the day. Morgan giggles. "That's one hell of an alarm clock. Waking up to your mom screaming as your Dad fucks her brains out. I love it." Sara giggles as she points out. "Jewels was raping Bobby in her sleep. So it's more like Mom was fucking Dad's brains out." Little Bobby giggles. "Who cares who fucked who, they made me horny as hell." Morgan giggles.

"I'm so horny I am dripping." Jewels looking over sees Morgan's breast drip and knows she needs to be expressed. Looking down Jewels kisses me and then says.

"Daddy's breakfast is ready." I chuckled and grabbed Jewels' ass. "Mama better get off the plate." Jewels rolls off my chest. Morgan is the first to move and she climbs onto my chest and brings her breast to my eager mouth.

Nursing from Morgan is always easiest in the morning one drag at her breast and her milk flows easily the only struggle is to keep it all. Morgan is press against my lower abs with each draw, grinding her Clit against my skin.

I roll my hips trying to find her labia with my steel hard cock. Jewels hand wraps around my cock I roll my hips down then back up, Jewels aims my cock and I impaled Morgan deeply. Morgan moans. "Oh yes Daddy, fuck your daughter as she breast feeds you." Morgan slides down my body taking last few inches of my cock into her beautiful body.

I start a medium rhythm, Morgan is meeting each thrust. I had to stop suckling to take a few quick breaths then latch back onto the breast I had started with. I thought she was going to drown me. I realized that would be a great way to go drown in breast milk as you fuck the woman who did you in. I'm to stop nursing forced to catch my breath one more time. Shortly after I start suckling, Morgan orgasms, and nearly does drown me as she spurts milk.

Just as Morgan's orgasm is ending, I notice a bowl held near Morgan's breast. Shifting my eyes to see who is doing that, its Jewels holding the bowl using it to collect Morgan's milk. I say to her. "I think you need a larger bowl." We thought of that Sara should be back in the second, and then waltzes Sara through the door with a pitcher. Jewels transfers the milk from the bowl into the pitcher, and then also hold back under Morgan's dripping breast.

Thinking of how one drag will start her breast flowing, especially when I first started. I say. "Jewels, let me speed it up a little bit. Move the bowl. Be ready to catch the milk when I move my head." Jewels moves the bowl down out of the way as I latch onto Morgan's dripping breast.

I take one drag to start the milk flowing, I then back away holding my mouth wide open and catching the milk till Jewels intercepts it with the bowl. Jewels giggles and says. "She's just like her mother. Morgan used to do that to me." I tell her.

"Morgan has so much milk this morning she nearly drowned me. We will have to set the alarm earlier tomorrow so I can express her milk sooner." I then return to nursing her half full breast.

I'm using gentle long strokes intermixed with several short strokes across her G spot. I do this mainly to allow Jewels catch Morgan's milk. Shortly after Jewels empties her bowl into the pitcher, I feel Morgan is about to go into orgasm again, several strong strokes takes Morgan over the edge. With Morgan spurting it doesn't take long for Jewels to refill the bowl. It's time for me to switch breasts this one is nearly fully relieved of its burden.

Jewels still holds the bowl gathering Morgan's milk. Jewels stops me saying. "We are out of fresh milk, and I don't feel like defrosting one right now." They're eight gallons of milk frozen in the freezer ready to use once defrosted. I noticed Sara is gathering little Bobby's milk as well. I guess Jewels was serious seeing what it tastes like cold.

Looking on the bright side I make it a solid breakfast this morning after all. Jewels continues to empties Morgan's breast by drawn to start the milk than catching till to it stops. When it no longer does that, Jewels tells me to finish Morgan's breast and moves to Little Bobby to catch her breast milk.

I whispered Morgan. "Does it feel good to have Mommy and Daddy nurse from your breast?" Morgan grows grinds her hips into me, and moans. "Not as good as it feels to have Daddy fuck me, while Daddy and Mommy nurse." I begin a faster rhythm into Morgan and nurse a little harder on her breast.

Morgan goes into orgasm in a few minutes finishing her breast milk at the same time. Morgan's orgasm triggers me as she spurts I cum hard into her holding myself as deep as I can.

As Morgan and I both relax after our climax I slide from her as a river of our juices runs from Morgan's stuffed pussy. Jewels giggles handing Sara the pitcher of breast milk, she says. "It looks like my breakfast is ready." She rolls Morgan onto her back and quickly begins licking.

Little Bobby now straddles my hips impaling herself on my now hard cock. She slides down its wet shaft and moans. "Oh that feels good getting my sisters cum in me." She slides back and forth into the mess left behind by Morgan.

Latching onto her breast I find a little milk still left. I nurse until it's gone then duplicate with her other breast. Once both tits are completely empty, I roll Little Bobby over onto her back and began to pound away at her cunt, Little Bobby loves it. Her legs wrap around me and she thrusts hard with each stroke.

Little Bobby and I make love for around ten minutes as our bodies approaches closer and closer to a massive orgasm. She screams as she begins her orgasm. "YES DADDY. YES, FUCK YES DADDY.

FUCK YOUR SLUT DAUGHTER. FUCK ME. I'M CUMMING. I'M CUMMING." I had been holding back until this moment I allow myself to thrust hard and begin to saturate her womb with my cum. Spurting Little Bobby shrieks. "FILL ME UP FILL UP YOUR SLUT." Little Bobby wraps her arms around my neck and pulls me down onto her. Remembering how Morgan likes to fill my weight, so let myself relax allowing my weight to be distributed evenly over Little Bobby.

Once my breathing has normalized. I raise my head to look at little Bobby's eyes, her eyes are closed and she is now just beginning to breathe normally. I raise my hand and clear the hair away from her beautiful face, her eyes open I see the love burning within them. I kiss her passionately and then say.

"I love you Roberta A. Winfield, I love you my wife." Little Bobby throws her arms tightly around my neck and kisses me passionately and says. "I love you Daddy, I love you Robert A. Winfield, I love you my husband." We kiss again. Till I feel a hand on my ass, I look over and Sara is playing with my ass running her hand over it. When she sees I am looking at her, she asks. "Don't I get a turn to have Daddy this morning?" "Of course my love I'm always here for you." I said the words that were my heart before my brain filter them.

I may have chosen my words poorly, but they were true just not exclusively for Sara. Feeling Little Bobby tense I knew I had to act quickly to avert any jealousy.

My speaking the truth in my heart had gotten me into this situation. The whole truth, held with in my heart should also get me out. "Sara you know I'm always there for the ones I love. I love you. I love Little Bobby. I love Morgan. I love Jewels. You are all my wives, and I'll always be here for you." Little Bobby felt my cock hard again, wrapped her legs around and asked Sara. "Sara, do you mind if I keep him?" I whisper into my daughter's ear. "Are you sure Little Bobby?

You know I'll need to express you four or five more times today, and I want to make love every time." Little Bobby utters. "Oh yes Daddy I'm a slut for you. I shouldn't be a selfish slut. Sara needs her Daddy too." Sara kisses Little Bobby in thanks, and then she tells her. "If I can't handle him I'll send him back." Little Bobby says. "That's right; we sluts will make sure we wear Daddy out." I kiss Little Bobby, and she releases me.

I grind my cock into her womb one time before extracting myself. Then I kiss her once more before moving to Sara. I kiss Sara on her chin, her neck, and then kiss her just under her ear. I whispered in her ear.

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"I love you." I am kissing down her body to her hard nipples. I kiss them, teased them, ran my tongue over areola and suck it into my mouth.

Sara's hands moved to the back of my head to hold me in place as I play with her breasts. "Oh yes that's it that feels so wonderful." Sarah moans. Her hands release my head and I remove my mouth for her breast in place my hand there.

I am kissing down her body sliding down on the bed as I do. Sara spreads her beautiful legs welcoming me back into her Paradise. Her clitoris is standing far above its hood as I move between her legs she spreads them even more fully opening her outer lips. Her aroma is so intoxicating my head is spinning. Her inner lips and clitoris sparkle with the moisture that is there. I quickly run my tongue along outside of her vagina.

More appreciative moaning comes from Sara. "Oh yes its better every time, that so good!" I repeat the action several times lightly brushing her clitoris each circle, this causes a sharp breath and moan each round. On the fourth or fifth pass I paid a little more attention to her clitoris running my tongue around it several times and repeat this action for about a minute before Sarah moaning is very loud.

At this point I take her clit into my mouth to give it the same treatment I gave her nipples. After a few seconds Sara is screaming. "YES, YES OH FUCK YES, I'M CUMMING I'M CUMMING" her lustful screams become primal as a very strong climax washes over her totally.

Her body is being rocked by strong spasms, as she spurts a large amount of her cum over my face and chest. I love it! I love the pleasure I gave her; I love the exhilaration I gave her! Her body goes rigid as she arches her back and more spurts of cum flies on my face and into my open mouth. I slow my onslaught to ease her out of her climax. Little Bobby giggles. "Daddy still licks Sara's pussy better than anyone else in the family. Daddy, please lick my pussy soon." On the way back up to lie beside Sara I give Little Bobby a playful wink and a bright smile.

Lying beside Sara as she catches her breath I smile and lightly begin to kiss her neck until she turns to face me. We kiss passionately for several minutes. I move into position over my lovely wife as she raises her legs spread them wide for me.

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Once I have my cock in position, I slowly push forward beginning to impale her. Sara moans. "Yes Daddy put that big cock in your girl's pussy." Her pussy is incredibly wet from the licking I gave her, I slide in easily my entire length disappears into her.

Once I come to rest against her cervix she throws her legs around my hips.

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She holds me there in that position as she wiggles to rub her clit against me. Sara moans. "Oh yes Daddy, fuck your wife's brains out. You made me so horny I can't stand it." Then she begins the thrust use her legs to pull me into her.

I begin a rhythm set at a pace that Sara loves. It doesn't take Sara long before she is achieving orgasm; I only slow down during her strongest spasms. When she begins to come out of it I resume the rhythm. Sara soon against a series of back-to-back orgasms that I make last for quite a while, but I don't want to totally exhaust her or myself.

I adjust the rhythm then bring myself to orgasm, triggering a very strong orgasm in response from Sara. Sara screams her bless.

"OH FUCK YES, FILL ME UP DADDY. OH YES, FUCK YES. I'M CUMMING. I'M CUMMING." Sara spurts back, as I dump the contents my balls into her. Once we finished our climax Sara pulls me down onto her. I hold tightly to her as she and I gasp. Once we have recovered, I rise then as she releases me I roll onto my back beside her. We lay there basking in the afterglow for a long time.

As four stomachs around me begin to rumble I know will have to get up and eat soon. Jewels is the first to prod us out of bed. "You guys stink like sex you better get up and take a shower before I rape the lot of you." I laugh at her. "Just bring your pretty little ass over here and start raping me." Jewels giggles, and then moves across the bed.

She sets down on my pelvis; letting her hands come to rest on my chest she begins to move them in circles. The circles have become larger and before long, Jewels rakes her fingers across my ribs. Her massage has turned into tickling. Jewels shouts. "Get that beautiful ass of yours up right now Mr." I set up carefully not the bump heads with Jewels, I bring her with me to standing position still holding onto her, and Jewels quickly wrapped her legs around me.

I start walking with her towards the bathroom a devilish grin is on my face. Little Bobby sees my expression and asks. "Daddy, are you going to rape Mommy in the shower again?" Jewels answers. "One thing your Daddy has never done to me is raped or hurt me in any way." I say in my most sincere voice.

"One thing I'll never do is that, I'll never hurt you on purpose." Sara interjects. "Just be careful if you get him to teach you martial arts. His very careful but accidents still happen." Sara rubs her arm over the area where it was broken six years ago, which always elicits a sorry expression from me.

Little Bobby asks Sara. "Could you tell us the story at breakfast?" Morgan says. "Yes please, I'm starving, I need food." Jewels says.

"Producing milk will make you have a larger appetite." I wait my turn use the toilet, shave and step in the shower. My loves wait for me they wash me from head to toe, then I wash them from head to toe, kissing them every place on their lovely bodies and rinse them again. Stepping out, today we dry each other. My loves begin to dry their hair; I quickly dressed and headed to the kitchen. I pill a half-dozen apples slice and a place them in a skillet with a quarter cup butter and brown sugar, a little cinnamon and nutmeg to taste.

Stir fry them to the apples of completely soft and butter has turned to a soft caramel. I make pancakes, eggs, and bacon. I place apple butter on the still warm pancakes making it triple stack per plate.

Then I cover them with the caramel apples sauce, my pancakes are now ready to serve. Not thinking I fill five glasses of milk from the pitcher and put them beside each place setting. I call my loves to eat. My loves comes in a rush, they each kiss me before taking their places. Sara and Jewels eyes light up seeing my famous pancakes. Simultaneously they say. "Hadn't had these in a while." They look at each other and then giggle.

It's contagious and spreads around the table as we all began to laugh. As each girl digs into the pancakes they complement me on the job I did. The pancakes are rather sweet so soon each girl is sipping from the glass of milk. Jewels first notices the difference in the milk. She gives me a look but doesn't say anything. Then I realized where I got the milk from, and I nearly break out laughing, but struggling I control myself.

Each time I reach for my glass I nearly cracked up again, so I finish my pancakes without hardly touching my milk, or should I say my daughters' milk. At the end of breakfast with everyone plate and glass empty, even Jewels has an empty glass.

Morgan says. "I don't know, if it was because I was so hungry or the food was so good, the milk even taste better." Jewels can no longer contain herself she burst out laughing and falls from her chair. Sara, Little Bobby, and Morgan have puzzled looks on their faces. That's when they asked me. "Dad, what did you put in the pancakes?" Jewels between gales of laughter says. "The milk, not the pancakes." Three confused expressions plead an answer. Of course I won't lie to them. "I got the milk from the pitcher." Jewels has set up just in time to catch the change in expressions on the three.

Their expressions change from confusion to shock, back to confusion then amusement. Sara gets a devilish grin before asking. "Got any more?" There's just a tiny bit left in the pitcher maybe of couple ounces, which I quickly poured into Sara's glass.

She takes her time slowly looking the twins in the eyes. Then she says. "Now I understand why Daddy gets so horny when he expresses you." Jewels giggles and says. "My daughters have the best milk I tasted. Course they never left enough of mine for me to taste." Sara chuckles and says.

"I want to taste yours and you can taste mine too." Jewels giggles. "You got a deal Sara." Sara gives Jewels playful expression then turns to the girls changing expression to one normally seen in zombie films, the zombie look wide eyes, nearly expressionless otherwise. Sara stands pulling her arms forward in a gruff voice she says. "Got to have milk, zombie need milk." As she begins to slowly move towards Little Bobby and Morgan, both girls giggle stand and run away laughing the entire time.

Jewels pokes me. "You created a monster." Holding Jewels to me, I say. "Whose idea was it to put the milk in a pitcher in the first place?" Jewels giggles. "I guess we're both to blame for the creation of that monster." The Twins run back through, they shout.

"Mommy, protect us from Sara the milk zombie." Jewels looking up at me gives me a wink, as a devilish grin is on her face. I release her stepping back I wink back, saying loudly. "Oh no run I think your mothers infected too." The twins gives a playful scream and turns and runs away again laughing as they run. The house is designed with two stairwells to the second floor and to the basement.

There are a few other ways, I'm sure the women haven't found yet. With Jewels setting an example of playing with her children I'm sure my future is definitely going to be a lot of fun. I need to go check my e-mails to see if anyone is in desperate need of help, one of those companies will always need something. I walk into my office set down at my computer and log on, bringing up my e-mail I find a few e-mails. Most are congratulations on wedding to Sara.

But one catches my eye it's from Mike. He has some interesting results from Jewels DNA test; I didn't know he had one preformed.

With some further investigation they found out something else Janet had used their mothers name when she gave birth to Jewels. Jewels is Janet's daughter! Jewels was, or is my stepdaughter. Jewels pokes her head in the door, she still looking for the girls. I call her over to look at the e-mail.

She reads it, looks at me then with a devilish grin says. "I finally get to have a good Daddy, one that really knows how to love his little girl right." Jewels giggles like when she was twelve. She begins taking off her clothes. Talking like a little girl Jewels asks. "Does Daddy like seeing me naked?" I nod my head yes, as Jewels continues removing the remainder of her clothing, and then she begins to strip me.

"Daddy, do you want to fuck your little girl? Daddy you want to fuck your Jewels?" As she pulls my pants down with my boxers my manhood springs upward standing nearly straight out.

Jewels giggles. "I see Daddy wants to play with his Jewels. Daddy with that big cock wants to fuck his stepdaughter Jewels. Say it Daddy, tell me what you want to do." I grab one of Jewels breasts and begin a little tease of her nipple which hardens instantly. Bending down I take Jewels other breast into my mouth, my tongue licks over her nipple teasing it to hardness. Jewels moans.

"I love Daddy sucking on my tits." She moves her hands to the back of my head and pressed her breast forward. Jewels moaning again. "Put your daughter's tits in your mouth Daddy. Suck on them Daddy. Daddy stuff your mouth with my tits. Oh so good Daddy!" Jewels moves me to her other breast where I suck and tease it I move my other hand now to the vacated breast.

After a while playing with that breast Jewels spasms lightly and releases my head. I place Jewels on the edge of the desk as I kiss down her body, her legs spread wide as I look up into her eyes, Jewels says. "Yes Daddy, eat your daughter's pussy. Make your daughter cum on Daddy's tongue." Begin to lick her lips wildly; I'm turned on at the knowledge of Jewels being my stepdaughter.

Jewels screams after a moment, holding my head tight to her pussy she spurts wetting my face. "OH YES DADDY LICK ME, OH YES, OH YES I'M CUMMING." Jewels shakes spurts again. I don't want to wait. I want to drive my nine inches of steel hard cock into my stepdaughter. I step back rising I grab my cock and aim it straight for her hot little pussy. Jewels eyes fly open see my approach she screams at the top of her lungs.

"YES DADDY. FUCK ME. FUCK YOUR DAUGHTER. FUCK ME." As soon as my dick opens her pussy lips Jewels spurts again totally wetting my cock. I press into her one fast stroke Jewels screams still an orgasm. "I GOT ALL OF DADDY'S COCK IN ME. YES DADDY, FUCK ME DADDY. FUCK." I begin pounding away at Jewels the two of us are so turned on nothing else matters but the giving and taking pleasure from each other. Jewels screams again. "FUCK YES DADDY, I'M CUMMING." Only at the very edge of my perception am I aware that someone else is reading my e-mail.

Jewels begins another orgasm and screams. "YES DADDY FUCK YOUR LITTLE GIRL. I'M CUMMING." I feel the tightness in my balls and I know I'm going to fill my little girl, my Jewels with my hot semen, I shout. "Yes Jewels I'm Cumming." I pushed deep in hold myself as I fire rope after rope into her. I feel her shake violently as she spurts back lost in her own orgasm. I carry her over to the couch and lie down with Jewels resting on my chest. Hearing all the commotion Little Bobby pokes her head into the office.

Sara wraps Little Bobby in a hug, and says. "You got to read this e-mail." Little Bobby takes the desk chair and begins to read the e-mail. "After only a second or two her mouth was open in shock." Then she begins to giggle looking over at her Dad and Mom. They quickly find Morgan and practically dragged her back to the office to read the e-mail. When she is finished she looks over at her grandpa and sister on the couch. Morgan giggles and says.

"We've got very connected family here." Sara giggling points out. "Depending how you look at it, in this room are five people, they are one grandfather, one father, one husband, one mother, one aunt, two nieces, four daughters, four sisters, and four wives." Little Bobby and Morgan say simultaneously.

"That's nineteen relatives." Chuckling from the couch I point out. "Sara you missed two granddaughters. And don't forget all the in-laws, three brother-in-law and three sister-in-law's, three father in-laws, and five son-in-law's." Little Bobby and Morgan giggle and say in unison. "You sure did Sara and that makes thirty-three relatives." Jewels now it's my turn to make Sara feel old says.

"Sara you're also our stepmother. Making you also Little Bobby's and Morgan's step grandmother" Sara somewhat confused for just a second then laughs. "I'm my own stepmother, and Little Bobby and Morgan. Jewels you're your own mother. " Jewels points out. "That means two of my moms have milk." Little Bobby and Morgan again look at each other and giggle. They scream. "MILK ZOMBIES." Instead of running away this time they start removing their clothing.

After that we spent the rest of the day making love, and sleeping together, to wake up and do it all over again, in short very blissful day. Tuesday morning: I woke early had the alarm set at seven, I needed to start doing more exercise or I'll start gaining weight, that is last thing I wanted. I slowly climbed out of bed laying Sara next to Jewels, in their sleep they moved to cuddle each other.

I was trying to be very quiet but I still woke up Morgan, she whispered. "Where are you going Daddy?" Bending close to her ear, I whispered back.

"I'm going to the pool, to do laps." She smiled and got up too. Her breasts were full but she didn't want expressed yet. She had gotten in the hot tub for a little while. Then dried set in lounger near the pool. She set down the house ask her if she'd like to tan. This caused her to giggle. Then she replied. "Yes house, I would like to tan." She set there watching me do laps for ten minutes.

After she had been tanning ten minutes the house informed her that for an even tan she should than rollover to tan her back now. Somewhat reluctantly Morgan rolled over on her stomach. When another ten minutes were up, the house informed Morgan that she had reached recommended tanning time for her. Morgan decided it was now time for me to express her leaking breasts. Morgan calling to me says. "Dad I don't think I can wait any longer to be expressed." It's only about eight o'clock so I know that the others are not up yet.

I chuckled and then ask. "Should I get the pitcher?" Morgan now leads me out to the kitchen. "That was funny yesterday, and when Sara and Mom chased us around was fun. Yes, let's do that." After Morgan is fully expressed, I go bring Little Bobby out to the kitchen to express her as well. Today we actually have just a little more milk than yesterday. We placed the pitcher in the fridge and go back to bed for a little while. The four of us make love again before getting up.

Jewels, Little Bobby, and Morgan Cook breakfast this morning. Sara and I check my e-mails just a little advice here and there to a few of the companies, and more congratulations on marring Sara for most of the e-mails.

After we completed reading the e-mails we joined everyone else in the kitchen. The twins were doing most of the cooking with Jewels assistance on the recipe. The kitchen filled with wonderful aromas as they cooked breakfast. Soon the food is in place on the table, and no one was surprised as Jewels poured milk from the pitcher. I still wanted to take Jewels to our stargazing spot and she agreed to go with me, but Sara wanted to bring the entire family so we went together after breakfast.

I had two gators utility vehicles. There was a two seat vehicle four-wheel-drive, it also had snow blade, plus another one which had four seats, using the two gators we could move all five of us with no problem. I could keep everyone close. This time of year the Bears should still be in hibernation. If not they would be aggressive and I would not want to be separated in that case. Both gators had cans of bear spray, it is a mace like product. It will cause most bears to turn and run.

We start off for the waterfall Little Bobby brings the camera this time. She wants pictures of everyone in front of the waterfall. It doesn't take near as long to get there on the gators as it does walking, not as romantic but we are altogether. After a few pictures with no one, Little Bobby begins to pose us with the falls as backdrop. Sara takes one of Little Bobby, before Little Bobby leaves I walk up to her and put my arm in hers, like we were when we first came here.

I kiss Little Bobby and Sara takes a photo of it. Soon each girl replaces Little Bobby and we all take pictures of me kissing them in front of the falls. We also take a group photo before leaving. We had to the Meadow up the old logging road, we arrive there is still just as pristine as the day of the snow fall, I carried Jewels out to our spot. As Jewels and I tell the girls of the events that happened here.

Little Bobby take photographs of everyone, Jewels and I set down in the exact spot the twins were conceived.

Jewels tells them. "I didn't know it then, right here is where Daddy knocked me up." I look at Jewels and say. "You knew you were pregnant." Jewels laughs and replies. "No I didn't know you were my Daddy." Jewels gives me a passionate kiss.

Much like the falls each girl has to pose with me. By this time we are all terribly cold and head back to the warmth in our cabin.

We put the gators away back in the garage to use later. Since I'm out and dressed already I bring fire wood and for the day. My loves had scampered off into the hot tub to warm up. When finished I join them a warm water feels great as do eight hands massaging my body as the girls play with me. After a while Jewels asks. "Does Daddy want to go put his big hard cock in one of his daughters?" I replied happily. "Of course I want to put my big dick in my daughters' hot dripping little cunts." It only took a little while before all five us were again in the master bedroom making love like yesterday.

Sara worked the camera today. And Little Bobby basically did what Morgan did yesterday. It had a déjà vu feeling to it, with the events occurring in nearly exactly the same way. Little Bobby sprayed her milk on Morgan and Jewels, but today I tried aiming and it their clits a lot more.

Sara took pictures of the events. As Little Bobby and I came to our climax, Sara sets down the camera. I roll Little Bobby onto my chest as we both try to catch our breath. Little Bobby hasn't completely caught her breath when Sara rolls her onto her back. Sara dives between little Bobby's legs. Sara sucks and licks at Little Bobby's cummy pussy. When I see this I'm instantly hard again my excitement seems to fully recharge me. Sara turns looking over her shoulder as I line myself up to enter her.

She smiles and says. "Yes Daddy, my pussy is so very ready for you." Shortly after I press my head into her hot body, Sara thrust back hard taking all of me fully into her. I grab her hips and began to pound into her, Sara leans forward again going back to work on Little Bobby's pussy. Some minutes later both women scream as they are in orgasm. I too no longer can't hold back pushing deeper into Sara I release a torrent of cum, as rope after rope fires into my climaxing wife. I collapsed to the bed and sleep, satisfied I've done my best for my wives.

Its four thirty in the afternoon when a weeping Jewels awakes me. I'm confused as Jewels cries into my chest; fear suddenly takes me as no one else is in the room. "Jewels, is everyone okay?" She shakes her head yes against me. "What is it Love?

What can I do?" Jewels sniffles and says. "Not what you can do, what you did." Now I'm definitely confused. "What did I do?" Jewels holds up an early pregnancy detection strip with the + on it. Then backs off I then see the brilliant smile and bright eyes shedding tears of joy. "You got me pregnant again Daddy!" I kiss Jewels passionately when we break I say.

"Silly girl I knew that." Jewels punches me on my shoulder. "You are no fun." Sara is in the doorway the bathroom with the brilliant smile, tears of joy she runs jumps on the bed. Sara waving her test strip about excitedly shouts. "I'M PREGNANT, DADDY YOU KNOCKED ME UP TOO!" I kiss Sara passionately when we break I say. "Silly girl I knew that." Jewels and Sara giggle then throws their arms about me, told me tightly I kiss them.

Little Bobby and Morgan now run from the bathroom where they had been watching. They throw their arms around the three of us and join in on the giggling. "You have made me the happiest I've ever been."