Nasty hotties know how to turn kinky dreams into reality

Nasty hotties know how to turn kinky dreams into reality
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Contract Extension Jason Jackson is the starting small forward for the Chicago Bulls.


An all-star the past three seasons and has never had a problem with ownership. Yet now that he asks for a much need contract extension and more money he's getting the cold shoulder and cant figure out way this is.

After another big win where he recorded 30 points, 12 assists, and 13 rebounds, Jason finds himself the last one left in the locker room after taking a long soak in the whirlpool to sooth the aches, bumps, and bruises that he received from the game. As he stood at his locker toweling down he hears a woman's voice say "Nice game…… real nice." Jason is a bit startled and quickly covers himself and turns around to see Terry McAllister, the team owner's wife, standing there with a smile on her face.

"Ummm thanks Mrs. McAllister," Jason says with a bit of curiosity in his voice. Wondering what she was doing there. "You're very welcome. I'm Impressed!" Terry says with a devilish grin on her face. Almost with an arrogant tone to his voice, Terry replies, "I've only been doing that for the past three seasons." "Ah yes you have Jason, but ummm I'm talking bout something entirely different," Terry says while eyeing Jason's body as she started to walk towards him.

Jason with a puzzled look on his face watches Terry walk towards him slowly checking him out. He could help but notice her long shapely legs and that tight dress that showed every sexy curve on her body. This caused a stirring under Jason's towel which Terry quickly noticed and pointed out. "Mmmmm looks like you're ready for overtime!" Terry says as she reaches out and grabs Jason's growing erection through his towel.

"Oooo Mrs. McAllister," Jason moans. "This can't happen!" Jason moves Terry's hand away and tries to step back away from her, but Terry follows his every step and has him cornered against the wall. "Please! Call me Terry and yes this can and will happen!" Terry then reaches and snatches Jason's towel off and grabs and strokes his now fully erect penis.

"Oooooo it's bigger than I imagined!" Terry says to Jason as she licks her lips. Many games she starred at his shorts trying to estimated how big he was.

"Mmmm maybe 9 inches," she often thought to herself. Now that she finally was seeing it in person and holding it she was convinced it was 10 to 11 inches.

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"Mrs…… Oh ummmm I mean Terry. What are you doing to me? Are you trying to ruin me? You know.mmmmmmm. you know that if your husband finds out this is happening that I will never play in this league ever again!" Jason says while moaning. Terry just smiles and leans forward to slightly kiss him and says "But he won't find out!" She lets go of his dick, walks over to a chair and sits down.

"Well umm Jason I've been attracted to you ever since we drafted you. I've watched you run up and down that court and dreamt bout you nightly," Terry says with now heavy breathe as she slowly grinds in the chair. "I mean, why do you think you've gotten just about any and everything you've asked for?" She asks him, Jason still hard and without realizing it is stroking his own dick while listening to Terry talk.


After bout a minute of just standing there puzzled. He says, "Umm I figured it was my play on the court." "Yes you're a great player but my husband had to be talked into a lot of the meeting a lot of the demands you made.

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I've done a lot for you to get what you wanted and now it's you're time to repay me. You want that extension don't you? Well as of right now I've been telling my husband not to give it to you, but if you act right you'll get that extension and much more!" Jason is wowed by what he has just heard. Some what shock and excited at the possibilities of this all. On one had he doesn't do it and don't get the extension and she might even say he came on to her and his career is over.

Then again if he does it and get caught his career is over, or he does it and gets all he wants.

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"Well Terry, I've also checked you out from time to time and often thought what it'd be like to fuck you. Now I have the chance to do so and also get my extension?" Jason walks over to Terry, takes her hand and has her stand up. He sits in the chair that she was sitting in and says only one thing to her.

"Strip!" Terry hears this and lets out a huge smile. She reaches behind her and unzips her dress and lets it slowly fall to the floor. Jason sits there and admires her 5'6 frame. He guesses she is about 120 pounds.

"Take that bra off now and let me see them titties," Jason says while stoking his dick. Terry obeys his command and lets her 34 C titties free. Sitting there perky and with her nipples fully erect due to a mixture of excitement and how cold it is in the locker room.

Jason just sits there admiring the sight so far then lets out another command. "Turn around and take them panties off.

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I want to see that ass." Terry turns around and slowly removes her lace panties. Now standing there facing away from Jason showing off her round peach shaped butt. Jason leans forward and grabs each cheek in his hands and gently squeezes them.

"Mmmm shit this ass is beautiful," Jason moans. He then kisses each cheek then turns her around to face him. Reaches up and starts to massage her titties while letting his fingers slightly brush across her nipples.

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"Ooooooo Jason you making my pussy throb!" Terry groans as she reaches down to rub her in between her pussy lips. Jason grabs her hand and moves it saying. "I didn't tell you to do that!" "I'm sorry daddy," Terry says in a baby voice. Jason pulls her forward and kisses her left breast and then licks and sucks in the nipple while still playing with her right nipple. He reaches around with his left free hand and grabs her ass pulling her closer to him. "Mmmmm daddy! You're driving me crazy!

I need you!" Terry yells out.


Jason moves over to suck her right nipple and moves his right hand to between her legs and slowly rubs her pussy. Feeling how wet she already was he dips a finger deep in her.

Terry gasps at the entry and almost falls out at how good it feels. Jason pulls his finger out and sees it's glistening with her juices and puts up to her mouth. Terry takes the finger in her mouth and sucks it clean.

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"Yummy!" Jason stands up and barks at her "Get on your knees!" Terry drops to her knees and takes his dick in her hand. Stroking and caressing it, she admires at how beautiful it is and licks out her tongue to lick a drop of pre cum on the head of his dick.

This sends electricity through Jason's body. "Damn baby! Take that dick in your mouth! Suck that dick girl!" That's all Terry had to hear and takes the head in her mouth. Swirling her tongue around and going deeper. Then she slowly slides it back out.

Then back in trying to go deeper. "Mmmmm SHIT! That feels so good! Keep going like that," Jason moans out with a tremble to his voice. Terry now working a nice pace with suck and stroking his dick reaches down and begins to rub herself. After about five minutes of this, Terry finds herself having a powerful orgasm.

"I'm cumming!" Terry yells out and falls to the floor.

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Jason gets down on the floor on top of Terry and kisses her deeply, sliding his tongue in her mouth. Then he kisses her neck, works his way to her titties and down her stomach. Finally he finds his way to her love mound and kisses around it teasing her. "Daddy please!!! I need it!! Stop teasing me!" Jason licks at her out lips then deeper penetrating them and finding her clit with his tongue.

Jolts fly through Terry's body.

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"OH YES!" Terry yells out while raising her hips "Right there!" Jason laps his tongue from her clit to her hole back to the clit. Works two fingers into her wet pussy and slides them in and out slowly while he sucks her clit. "OH MY GOODNESS IMMA CUM AGAIN!" Terry yells as her body tenses up from her second orgasm of the night.

Jason starts to kiss his way back up Terry's body till her reaches her face then stops. Puts his two fingers to her mouth. Terry slurps the fingers clean then pulls Jason close to her by his ears and passionately kisses him. They lay there on the floor kissing for a minute. Terry reaches down while still kissing Jason and grabs his dick. She guides it towards her whole and signals for him to thrust forward.

Slowly he does letting the head go in. The scream Terry let's out shows that she was ready for how thick Jason was. "Oh daddy! You're going to have to take your time with me!" She says moaning from pain and ecstasy.

Jason slowly slides in and out, going deeper with each in thrust till he found his way all the way inside her. Sitting there for a minute to let her get use to him being in her, he begins to slowly long stroke her pussy while kissing her neck and sucking and licking her nipples. "Mmmm yes, go faster," Terry says with a tremble to her voice "deeper, harder!" Jason speeds up his thrusting to the point that there was an audible clapping of their bodies together.

"Oh baby, you're so wet! You like daddy's dick beating your pussy up?" Jason asks her with much pleasure in his voice "Yes daddy, I love you dick deep in me. Harder daddy!" Jason goes as hard as he can and feels his balls tighten and a great feeling coming over his body "I'm cumming baby!" He yells out. "Yes daddy, fill me up with your nut! Shoot that nut deep in me!" Terry moans out.

With one strong thrust Jason's dick throbs and shoots off deep in her.

Jason collapses on top of her. They lay there for about a minute catching their breath. Terry's phone starts to ring. "I need to get that," She says as she wiggles from underneath Jason. "Ok, I'll be right there." Terry starts to get dress. "That was my husband; the limo is waiting for me." She kneels down and kisses Jason one more time and says.

"Congrats on getting that extension. I will be seeing you on the road trip." Jason just laid on the floor with a smile on his face imagining how great this road trip was going to be.