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Gay sex He gropes  teases  unwraps and then takes aim  filling a
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Dana takes a deep breath and knocks on Abby's front door. Dana had only talked with her on the phone once since yesterday where the blonde had called to discuss the nail marks on Abby's wall. Now for some reason, she was slightly nervous. Dana looks down at the champagne and orange juice in the paper bag she is carrying and bites her lip. She hopes Abby likes mimosas.

The door opens and she smiles.for a second until Abby's mother comes into view. Dana's jaw drops and her eyes widen. Abby's mother looks equally surprised. "Mom, who is it?" A young male voice asks from behind the older woman. "M-Ms. W-Warren?" Dana stumbles out and gulps. Abby's mother's jaw suddenly hardens and before she knows what's happening Abby's mother's palm is connecting with her cheek in a resounding slap.

Dana gasps and her head turns with the slap. "Mom!" Abby yells in surprise. Never has she seen her mother lay a hand on anyone, let alone a woman she barely knows. Dana rubs her stinging cheek. "That is for all the pain you and your family has caused to my family and my daughter." Abby's mother says and Dana looks back up to the older woman. Her heart breaks a little. She'll be burdened with her family's mistakes for the rest of her life, it seems.

"What? Mom, I've already-" Abby starts but Dana stops her. "No, Abby. I deserve it." Dana says and looks past Abby's mother to her other family members that had gathered around. An older man that was most likely Abby's father. A younger version of the man stood next to hip with a little girl about the age of 4 in his arms.

Next to them was a woman with her finger being trapped in the little girl's grip. Sitting on the couch facing the door was another one of Abby's brothers with a woman next to him. "I am so sorry for everything my family or I have done. I wish I could take back all of it." Dana says and drops her hand from her face.

Abby smiles gently at Dana before looking around at her family. Abby's mother suddenly pulls Dana into an embrace. Dana is tense at first before patting the older woman's back and relaxing. Abby's mother pulls back. "That was for turning in your family and saving my daughter's life." Abby's mother says with a small smile. Dana is surprised by the quick change but smiles softly.

Abby walks over to Dana and grabs her hand. "Okay, let's go look at that cheek- did you really have to slap her mom?" Abby asks as she leads Dana into the kitchen. Abby's mother shrugs and gives Dana an apologetic smile. Abby leans Dana against the counter and runs a washcloth underneath the cold water. "I'm sorry she slapped you." Abby apologizes for her mother and runs the washcloth over Dana's cheek.

Dana smiles. "She packs a lot of power in that hand." Dana jokes and Abby chuckles. Dana clears her throat and holds up the bag of champagne and orange juice. "I planned on mimosas and staying in bed for most of the morning." Dana says with a pained smile then continues. "I did not bring enough for your whole family, though- oh, and happy birthday." Dana smiles sweetly. Abby bites her lip and looks at Dana apologetically.

"I know. Thank you and I'm sorry. They decided to come early and surprise me then they wouldn't let me slip away to at least text you." Abby responds with an apologetic smile. Dana shrugs. "It's okay. I'll just leave you with this and head out." Dana says with a smile but Abby frowns. "No, it's okay. You can stay." Abby says as she sits down the washcloth and holds Dana's hands.

Dana raises her eyebrows. "Are you sure? They don't seem to particularly like me." Dana mumbles softly. Abby smiles and wraps her arms around the brunette's neck.

Dana's arms wrap around her waist and she pulls the blonde against her. "You saved my life and you make me happy. They like you." Abby says with a smile and plants a kiss on Dana's smiling lips. The other woman rests her head against Abby's shoulder. "I make you happy, do I?" Dana husks once she realizes how unbearably close they are. Abby shivers and tightens her arms around her neck. Dana kisses Abby's neck and moves her lips up to the blonde's ear.

"I promise I will make you more happy tonight birthday girl." Dana promises in a sultry whisper. Abby holds back a moan and presses a kiss to her cheek. "You're a tease." Abby whispers back.

Then suddenly someone clearing their throat behind them pulls them away from each other. Dana clears her throat nervously and busies herself with the mimosas.

Abby turns to her brother Abel with a raised eyebrow. "Uh, what, Damon- I mean Abel?" Abby asks slightly flustered. He smiles smugly. "Mom wants you both to come back out so we can start on presents- but if you're too busy." Abel says and winks at his sister.

Abby tries to hide her smile and shoos her brother away. She turns back to Dana and lays a hand on the small of her back. "Sorry, both of my brothers are pretty annoying when it comes to the fact that I'm a lesbian." She chuckles and Dana smacks her hand away playfully.

Abby pouts at the move. "They already have a bad first impression of me. Making out in the next room is not going to help that. Hands to yourself Detective Warren." Dana husks and hands her one of the glasses. Abby gawks at the brunette. "You really are a tease- I can't believe I didn't see this 8 years ago." Abby mumbles and leads them back into the living room with Dana following in laughter. "Oh, we get mimosas?" Abby's mother says excitedly.

Abby sits down in the love seat with Dana next to her. "Originally it was supposed to be just Dana and I this morning so there isn't a lot." Abby says and wraps her arm around Dana's waist.

Dana smiles at the blonde before looking at Abby's mother. "You are welcome to get some, though." Dana says politely and Abby's mother and Abel's wife stand up to get a mimosa. It's silent for a while until Abby's father speaks up. "So, Dana, how was the prison?" Dana raises both eyebrows in surprise at the question, nearly choking on her drink. Abby groans. "Jesus, Dad. Does any of my family members have manners? Mom slapped her when she walked in.

Abel's already being gross. Damon.I don't know what you did but I'll think of something. And Dad, you do not just randomly ask someone how prison was." Abby admonishes.

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Damon raises his hands in offense and looks to Abel in confusion. Dana smiles and puts her hand on the blonde's knee. "It's okay. There's not much else they know about me. Prison was prison. It.sucked, for the lack of a better word, but I got through it." Dana says vaguely, hoping it would suffice. Abby's father smiles.

"Sorry." He apologizes and Dana shrugs. "It's fine." Dana says. Once the two women come back from the kitchen with their mimosas the conversation flows smoothly.

Dana isn't brought into many of the conversations but she's happy with listening to the family talk. Abby's arm stays firmly around Dana's waist. They eventually get her to open up presents which isn't much but she is happy her family is here to give them to her. After they eat brunch they all sit back down in the living room and talk. Lilly, Damon's daughter, sits in Abby's lap as she watches tv. While the conversation goes on with the adults Lilly looks at Dana and smiles. Dana smiles back and before she knows it the little girl is climbing into her lap and leaning back into her.

Damon's wife, Charlotte moves to reach for her daughter. "It's okay with me if she stays. If that's okay with you too?" Dana says and Charlotte smiles and sits back down. Lilly holds Dana's hand as she falls asleep. Dana listens to the conversation until Abby nudges her softly. "She likes you a lot. Lilly never fell asleep with me holding her until a year after she was born. She's stubborn." Abby whispers to Dana, careful not to wake the little girl.

Dana smiles and gently rubs Lilly's back. "I like her too. I always loved kids but we never got to see many kids in my family." Dana whispers back. Abby smiles and kisses her lightly. Abby is pulled back into the conversation as she slips her hand into the brunette's. Eventually, everyone promises to meet up tomorrow and start to leave to go to their hotels. Damon stands at the door with his wife and their little girl in his arms.

"Aunt Abby, can we build a fort next time?" Lilly asks, rubbing her eyes to fight off the sleep. Abby smiles. "Of course, we can sweetie." Abby says and Lilly concedes into sleeping on her father's shoulder.

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Dana stops cleaning to watch them with a smile. "Can Dana come too?" Lilly asks before yawning. Abby smiles as does Damon and Charlotte. "I'm sure she would love too. Go to sleep and be good for your mom and dad, okay?" Abby says and kisses Lilly's forehead. Lilly nods in response before being carried away from her aunt. Abby shuts the door behind them with a sigh, leaning her back against it and looking at Dana.

Dana smiles and walks into the kitchen. The blonde follows her and leans against the doorway. Dana starts washing out a few cups when she feels Abby come up behind her. Abby starts kissing her neck. "You're incredible with my family.

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They love you." The other woman whispers. Dana smiles as Abby's lips trail higher until she reaches her ear. "Maybe more than they love me." Abby whispers with a smile. Dana chuckles and shrugs her shoulders. "Doubtful, but thank you." Dana says then turns around in her embrace. Abby smiles and pushes dark hair back from her eyes. "You always do that." Dana points out softly. Abby raises an eyebrow. "Does it bother you?" Abby asks and kisses the other woman's cheek.

Dana smiles and pulls her closer. "Not in the least." Dana husks and kisses Abby's neck. Abby moans when she grips her hair and pulls her head back to expose more of her neck. Dana leaves a love bite where the other woman's shoulder and neck meet. Abby whimpers and digs her nails into Dana's hips. "What do you want birthday girl?" Dana asks and moves her hand down to take off Abby's shirt.

Abby keeps her eyes closed and lets her pull off her bra. "I want you to fuck me." Abby whispers as Dana pulls down her jeans. Dana smiles and stands up as she steps out of the jeans. "Damn, no begging this time?" Dana teases and picks Abby up by her thighs.

Abby gasps and wraps her limbs around her as she walks them into the bedroom, kissing and licking Abby's chest and neck.

Abby moans and grinds her wet panties into Dana's stomach, her kisses driving the blonde wild. Dana gently sets her on the bed and kisses her firmly. Abby whimpers and cups Dana's cheeks, wanting to hold her in the kiss. Dana pulls away and gets off the bed.

Abby starts to protest but she hushes her with a finger to her lips. Abby sits back on her elbows and watches the other woman undress.

Dana watches with a secret smirk at the blonde's impatience. When the final article of clothing is gone Abby starts to sit up but Dana smiles and shakes her head. "Ah, ah, ah." Dana pushes on Abby's chest to keep her down. Abby holds back her frustrations. Dana pulls down Abby's panties, satisfied with the wet spot she sees on the gusset. "Kneel on the bed." Dana instructs softly as she tosses the detective's panties aside. Abby does and Dana gets on the bed too. She sits on her ass and spreads her legs.

Abby smiles when the brunette motions for her to get onto her lap. She kisses Abby's cheek. "Wrap your legs around my waist and relax." Dana whispers into Abby's ear and the blonde complies. Dana runs her hands slowly down Abby's body, cupping her breasts and teasing her nipples but never putting her hand on the blonde's cunt.

She whimpers whenever the other woman comes even two inches within Abby's throbbing pussy. She bites her lip and rests her forehead against Dana's. "You're going to.kill me with your.teasing." Abby pants out and her thighs start to quiver. Dana smiles and kisses the other woman softly.

"Oh, did you think I was going to go easy on you just because it's your birthday?" Dana asks with a smile. Abby whimpers loudly when Dana trails her fingers closer. She shuts her eyes tightly. "Dana.please, just.please." She lets herself go and moves to grab Dana's hand and shove it between her legs.

Dana gasps in utter surprise when she feels all the wetness that has gathered between Abby's legs whilst she was teasing her. Abby moans and tilts her head back. "Fuck." She moans out and grinds against Dana's hand. "More. I-I want you to fuck me so deep Dana." Abby says and tangles her free hand in dark locks.

Dana moans and crashes her lips against the blonde. Abby moans deeply and kisses her back. She groans in Dana's mouth when the brunette thrusts two fingers into her. Abby finds herself riding Dana's fingers fast and hard. The brunette breaks the kiss to look down between their bodies. "Fuck, Abby. You look so hot riding my fingers." Dana whispers and nibbles on Abby's neck.

The blonde releases Dana's hand and hair and leans back on her palms. Dana moans and Abby rolls her hips harder. "Oh, fuck- fuck- fuck!

Right there! Don't you fucking stop Dana! GOD!" Abby screams and throws her head back. Dana moans and leans forward to take Abby's nipple into her mouth. She cries out again. Her orgasm was already starting to reach her. Dana thrusts her fingers deeper, searching for the g-spot inside of her.

She gasps when Dana finds what she's looking for. With a few more strokes of Abby's sensitive g-spot, the blonde is arching her back and tightening her legs around Dana in her orgasm. Abby screams and her toes curl hard in pleasure when her orgasm never seems to end. Dana makes sure of it, pushing Abby over the edge into her second orgasm. The blonde whimpers and has to grab Dana's wrist, silently telling her to stop when her voice gives out.

The brunette gently pulls out of her and Abby falls back onto the bed. Abby sucks in air greedily as Dana licks at her fingers. Dana moans and moves her legs out from under Abby. She opens her eyes and smiles at Dana.

"I have a confession." Abby breathes out and Dana smiles as she moves to lay between Abby's legs with her head resting on Abby's stomach. "Uh oh." Dana teases playfully and Abby chuckles. "In my whole life, only two people have been able to make me cum twice- one right after another." Abby admits.

Dana raises her eyebrows. "Well, I hope you know you just set my goal of giving you three in a row." Dana whispers and presses a kiss to soft lips. Abby smiles and rolls her eyes. "Oh, please." Abby says and Dana smiles. "I might have to tie you up, though." Dana teases and runs her fingertips over Abby's wrists. Abby's heart starts to race and she hopes that Dana can't notice. "You tend to stop me when you've had enough." Dana says then reaches up and pushes and pulls on the wooden headboard.

"Oh, yeah. That'll work." Dana teases again before meeting Abby's gaze. Abby gulps and tries to hide the desire she feels towards the idea of Dana putting her in bondage. Dana narrows her eyes at the blonde. "You want to be tied up.don't you?" Dana asks and Abby bites her lip, connecting their eyes again. "I-I have thought about it." Abby admits. She had proposed the fantasy to her only girlfriend in the eight years Dana had been in prison but her girlfriend hadn't liked the idea of tying her up.

Dana tilts her head slightly. "If.if you want me around I wouldn't mind exploring your fantasies." Dana mutters and Abby's eyes open wider in surprise. "I want you around but this isn't just my decision. If you want to stay around then you can. If you are willing to explore my fantasies then I'm willing to explore yours." Abby says and tucks a piece of hair behind Dana's ear. Dana smiles and moves up farther to plant a firm kiss on full lips. Abby moans and rolls them over.

"What about you? What are your fantasies?" Abby asks in a whisper as she kisses down Dana's neck. Dana moans. "Public sex." Dana admits in a husky whisper. Dana had only experienced public sex one time before when she visited a lesbian club.

A beautiful woman had simply started dancing with her and the next thing Dana knew she was being fucked against a wall on the dance floor without anyone's least they didn't say anything. Abby smiles against Dana's chest and teases around the brunette's nipples. "Oh really? And what do you like about public sex?" Abby asks curiously as she flicks Dana's prominent nipple with her tongue. Dana gasps and arches her back in pleasure.

"Cumming in front of people." Dana whispers then let out a gasp when Abby flicks her other nipple. "The thrill of- mmm.possibly getting caught." Dana says around a moan and arches her back when the blonde sucks on her nipple. Abby moans softly and switches breasts. "Having a pretty lady's hand down my pants." Dana moans out with a smile and Abby chuckles as her kisses move down Dana's stomach. Dana gasps when Abby spreads her legs wider.

Dana swallows hard and grips the bed sheets tightly. The blonde kisses the top of Dana's pussy before running the tip of her tongue everywhere but Dana's clit. Abby has always wanted to make the brunette beg. Tonight, that was going to happen. Abby continues this, licking her wet pussy everywhere except for her clit. When Dana lets out her first groan of frustration the blonde finally flicks her clit just once. Dana gasps and thrusts her hips for more but Abby was already sucking and licking her lower lips.

Dana bites her lip to keep in the whimper threatening to escape her and tightens her grip on the bed sheets.

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She was trying to let Abby take her time. She knew she could withstand a good amount of teasing but Abby was starting to push right through her breaking point. Abby was going to make her beg eventually, whether she stopped right now or not. Abby looks up at Dana and sees her biting her lip and her eyebrows furrowed in concentration to cum.

Abby teases her tongue over Dana's clit, staying there longer than a few seconds before pulling away with a wail of desperation from Dana. "Ab-Abby.p-please." Dana gives in and Abby moans, silently taking her clit into her mouth. She gasps and arches her back, one hand tangling in Abby's hair. Abby moves one hand from Dana's hips and under her chin. Dana moans, grinding her hips fervently against Abby's mouth as the blonde slides two fingers inside of her.

Abby moans and flutters her tongue over the brunette's clit, knowing how close she was and how desperately she wanted to cum. She had begged after all. Abby thrusts harder and faster as Dana moans and groans.

Her orgasm hurtling towards her. She cries out Abby's name as her orgasm finally rushes over her. Her muscles clamp around Abby's fingers and her clit throbs in pleasure. This is the type of orgasm you feel in your toes. The blonde moans and slows her thrusts while Dana is rocked by wave after wave of her orgasm. She can feel beads of sweat trickling down her neck and chest as her orgasm subsides.

Abby gingerly slides her fingers from Dana and takes them into her mouth, moaning at her taste. Dana pants hard for breath and Abby moves up her body placing kisses on her sweaty skin. She kisses Dana with a smile and Dana opens her eyes with her own smile. "Has that been your plan ever since you met me? To make me beg?" Dana asks and wraps her legs around Abby's waist. Abby chuckles. "No, but I'm not going to lie. It gives me quite the thrill." Abby teases and kisses Dana lightly. Dana narrows her eyes playfully at the blonde.

"Well, I'll be tying you up pretty soon so we'll see how much thrill you get from being below me." Dana husks and Abby bites her lip, pressing a kiss on soft lips before moving them to the shell of the brunette's ear. "And I'll still get a thrill. I win under all circumstances." Abby whispers and Dana smiles, running her hands up and down Abby's spine. "I didn't know we were in a competition." Dana says and Abby chuckles. "Well if we were I think you would win with the two orgasms you gave me." Abby says and Dana chuckles, pulling the blonde into a kiss.

Abby pulls back with a smile and Dana checks the clock. 4:12 pm. Dana sighs and looks back to Abby. "I should go so you can get ready for your dinner." Dana says and Abby smiles. "You mean so we can get ready." Abby says and Dana eyes her suspiciously with a raised eyebrow. Abby chuckles and kisses Dana's confused lips.

"My mom told me she added a seat to our reservations. You're welcome to come- I hope she's not overstepping?" Abby asks Dana. They haven't discussed being a couple and maybe they never would be a couple but her mother sure was treating them like one. Dana smiles brightly. "Not at all but, she's not going to smack me again, right?" Dana teases and Abby rolls her eyes with a smile while she sits back on her heels. "Yeah Dana, that's why she invited you.

Get out of my bed." Abby teases back and pats Dana's thigh. The brunette chuckles and slides out of bed, starting to get dressed. Abby does as well, venturing out to the kitchen to gather most of them, then tossing them into her hamper.

Dana finishes dressing and leans against the doorway of the bathroom as Abby turns on her shower. "I had a really great time Abby." Dana says and bites her lip. Abby smiles and walks over to Dana. "Me too. Thank you for coming." Abby says as Dana wraps her arms around her neck. Dana leans in and presses a firm kiss to the blonde's lips. Abby moans. "Reservations.are at.6.Chateaux Lounge." Abby mumbles between kisses.

Dana moans when Abby's hands slide over her hips to grab her ass. She tries to deepen the kiss but Abby pulls back. "You should leave before I jump you." Abby whispers after she pulls back from the kiss.

Dana chuckles and pulls away with one last kiss. "I'll see you there at six." Dana starts to leave but Abby calls after her. "Wait- I'll pick you up. I'll call you when I'm on the way to get your address." Abby yells as she steps into the shower. Dana comes back to the bathroom and raises her eyebrows.

"You know I have my own car right?" Dana asks as she leans against the doorway. Abby peeks her head out of the shower door with a smirk. "Well, I know how you just love my sweet ride." Abby teases with a wink and leaves no room for debate as she steps back underneath the water. Dana smiles and leaves the house feeling excited for tonight. //// Dana had chosen conservatively for tonight. Her dress was a simple black wrap with black heels. Abby had chosen something familiar to what she wore on their first date.

A blue blouse with perfectly cut slacks and shiny black boots. Abby whistles when Dana walks out of her apartment building. Dana smiles and walks to her. "Well, I might have to skip the dinner all together and just take you home, beautiful." Abby teases and opens the car door for Dana. Dana scoffs and stops behind the door, using her fingers to keep Abby's eyes on her own and not her chest.

"You look beautiful in blue." Dana whispers and kisses Abby lightly. Abby smiles softly and Dana gets into the car before Abby gets into the driver's seat. Dana watches outside the window.

"The restaurant isn't far. So I guess I should tell you now- you know before we meet up with my family- that you look very, very fuckable." Abby says and it sends Dana into a laugh.

"Oh, how gracious of you to say that." Dana teases when her laughing subsides. Abby chuckles and shrugs her shoulders. "You are." Abby says with a smirk as she pulls up outside the restaurant. The valet boy opens Dana's door and helps her step out of the car. Dana thanks the young man and holds Abby's hand as they walk into the restaurant. Abby checks in under the reservation for Warren and the host smiles.

"The rest of your party is already here ma'am. I'll lead you to your table." The host walks them through the restaurant until the reach a private room with all of Abby's family. Abby and Dana smile when Lilly squeals in delight and hops off of Abel's lap. "Aunt Abby! Dana!" Lilly screeches and hugs their legs. Abby smiles at the brunette and Dana smiles back. Abby swiftly picks Lilly up and walks to their seats.

"Hey, little dinosaur. Have you guys been waiting long?" Abby asks Lilly as she sits at the round table. Dana sits next to her and smiles at Lilly. Lilly giggles and hides her face in Abby's neck. "No. Only ten minutes, daddy says." Lilly answers when she comes out of her hiding spot and waves across the table at Damon.

Damon smiles and waves back at Lilly. Abby smiles at everyone. "Sorry. I thought we would be on time." Abby apologizes and hands a menu to Dana. "They probably fit in a quickie." Abel mumbles to his brother with a smirk. Abby sends him a glare and his wife, Jessica, smacks him on his shoulder.

Abel feigns pain and rubs his shoulder and sends a wink to Abby. Abby rolls her eyes and sends a tickle to Lilly's sides, making the little girl burst into giggles. "Do you want to help me decide what to eat Lilly?" Abby asks her niece and the little girl shakes her head.

"No. I wanna help Dana." Lilly says and starts to scramble onto the brunette's lap. Dana smiles and helps Lilly onto her lap. Dana opens her menu in front of them. "What do you think Lilly? Chicken or pasta?" Dana asks and Lilly cranes her neck to look up at Dana. "I'm Chef Lilly when I get food. Mommy says it more pro.prop.profess." Lilly struggles and Dana smiles.

"Being Chef Lilly makes you more professional, huh? Well, Chef Lilly, chicken or pasta?" Dana asks and Lilly smiles brightly. "Chicken, duh!" Lilly squeals like it's obvious and Dana sighs playfully.

"Oh, of course." Dana says and sends a wink to Abby who was watching the interaction of a smile. Abby's mother starts off a conversation about Abel's work at the hospital. Lilly stays on Dana's lap until her food comes and Lilly goes back to sit between her parents.

Abby slides her hand onto Dana's thigh halfway through the dinner, sending Dana a smirk when she looks at her in warning. Abby swirls the tips of her fingers over Dana's skin sending heat coursing both herself and the brunette. She catches herself before laughing when Dana grabs her wine glass and nearly gulps down half of the rich red liquid. Dana feels a blush creeping over her chest and neck when Abby's hand moves farther up her leg.

"So, Dana, now that you're back out in the world what do you plan on doing?" Damon asks politely so his sister doesn't get on him about being rude like their father was. Dana smiles and reaches down to stop Abby's hand. "Right now I'm living off unemployment but I plan to get a job teaching children how to ride horses. I always loved it when I was a kid but.not many people want to hire an ex-convict to work with children.

So I suppose if that doesn't work out then I'll go into journalism." Dana answers confidently and tries to push Abby's hand away.

Abby smiles and grips the brunette's thigh harder. "You're wonderful with Lilly so I can't imagine they wouldn't hire you if they let you do a test run with the kids." Abby's father says with a smile.

Dana smiles back and shrugs her shoulders. "I suppose so. I'll have to offer that when I start applying for jobs." Dana answers and smiles at Lilly. Lilly smiles back with her pearly white teeth showing proudly. Abby scratches her nails along the inside of Dana's thigh. And Dana is thankful that someone else had taken reign of the conversation or she wouldn't have been able to play off the shiver that runs down her spine.

Abby is the only one who notices. Dana feels her grip loosen and Abby moves her hand higher before her grip tightens again. Abby's hand was now underneath Dana's sensible black wrap dress. She knows Dana wants to give in but her family was surely making her nervous.

Abby leans over to whisper to the other woman. "Let go. Trust me." Abby whispers and kisses Dana's cheek lightly. Dana swallows hard and looks around the table. Everyone was immersed in their food and conversation.

As long as no one drops their fork or asks her a question then she might be able to handle this. Dana releases Abby's hand, praying that nothing gets them caught. Abby smiles and kisses Dana's cheek again. "Keep quiet beautiful." Abby whispers before leaning back in her seat, looking interested in her food and wine but truly only thinking about Dana. Dana licks her lips and starts eating her food again. Abby moves her legs farther apart and cups her sex, the blonde is satisfied to feel the arousal that has seeped through the gauzy thong she has on.

Dana swallows hard so the food doesn't get stuck in her throat. She washes it down with a big gulp of her, almost gone, wine. Abby softly runs her fingers over the crease in Dana's panties before moving the gusset to the side and sliding her fingers through the wetness she finds there.

Both Dana and Abby hold back a moan. Dana licks her lip and continues eating her food, hoping she is keeping the heat of the moment from spreading to her face. Abby bites her lip before drinking more of her wine.and sliding a finger into Dana, of course.

Dana has to bring her napkin to her mouth and fake a cough to hide her moan. "You okay?" Abby checks in. She's willing to stop her hand, she would be reluctant of course if Dana isn't up to this yet. Dana looks at Abby with glassy and dark eyes, prepared to say no but her head shakes yes. She couldn't help it. Everything happening right now makes her crazy with lust and her pussy wetter than ever. Public sex is her fantasy and she wasn't going to give that up now, not with her orgasm coming fast.

Abby pumps her finger faster and presses the heel of her hand to Dana's clit. Dana coughs again to hide a louder moan, praying that no one will ask her if she is alright.

Someone does. "Dana, are you okay?" Abby's mother asks. Abby smiles devilishly and thrusts faster. Dana gasps and forces a sweet smile. "Perfect Ms. Warren." Dana responds smoothly and keeps from clenching her thighs. Abby's mother still looks worried but she is pulled into another conversation by Charlotte. Abby curls her fingers trying to find that sweet spot inside of Dana. She does. Quickly. Dana nearly yelps in surprise then almost moans so loudly she'd put a howling wolf out of its misery.

Abby only quickens her finger, determined to push Dana as quickly over the edge as fast she can. Dana bites her lip then swallows the rest of her wine. She reaches a hand down to grip Abby's forearm, silently telling the blonde she is close. Abby watches Dana carefully out of the corner of her eye to make sure she isn't about to scream. But she is and Abby doesn't know how to help her without making it obvious. Dana bites her lip hard as her orgasm crashes over her.

A small groan can be heard but thankfully only by Abby. Dana breathes through her nose as inconspicuously as she can and closes her eyes tightly. Abby hums in pleasure at the way Dana's muscles are squeezing her fingers, pretending the hum of pleasure is from the wine she has brought to her lips.

Dana slowly opens her eyes and looks around the table. The only person that is looking at her is Abby who sends her a wink and a smile. She smiles back and subtly removes Abby's fingers from inside of her. Abby wipes her hand off with her napkin just as Lilly comes tearing around the table and hops onto Dana's lap with an oof.

Dana smiles at the little girl. "Mommy say I can see you if I finish all my veggies." Lilly says proudly and bounces slightly on Dana's knees.

Dana chuckles and looks at Charlotte. Charlotte shrugs and smiles. Dana looks back to Lilly and taps her nose with a finger. "Well aren't you just a good little girl?" Dana smiles and Lilly giggles. "Mommy and daddy says I am- and grama and papaw." Lilly says proudly and turns to wave at her grandparents. The grandparents wave back and Dana sees that everyone else is watching them. "Can I ask you something?" Lilly asks in a whisper and Dana chuckles and leans down closer to Lilly.

"Do you like aunt Abby?" Lilly asks with her hands cupped around her mouth. Dana smiles and looks around the table, no one heard her. Dana raises an eyebrow. "Can you keep a secret?" Lilly smiles excitedly and quickly nods her head. Dana pulls Lilly closer to her body to whisper the secret. "I do like your aunt Abby." Dana whispers back. Lilly's eyes widen happily and she giggles with her hands covering her mouth. Dana smiles and looks at Abby who raises an eyebrow.

She shrugs. "Sorry. It's a secret." Dana says and Lilly nods her head. "Yep. Sorry aunt Abby. Mommy and daddy say keeping a secret is important for peoples you like." Abby narrows her eyes playfully at the two. "Mhmm.I'll get it out of one of you someday." Abby teases and moves her hands to Lilly to tickle the little girl. Lilly squeals and squirms on Dana's lap until she begs for mercy.

Abby gives in. "Only if you give me a big kiss on the cheek." Abby says and taps her cheek with her finger. Lilly giggles and leans over to plant a kiss on Abby's cheek with a big smooching sound. Abby chuckles and watches Lilly sit back on Dana's lap and wrap her arms around Dana's neck. "Dana, can we go back to aunt Abby's to make a fort?" Lilly asks hopefully.

Charlotte steps in. "Lilly, we have to go back to the hotel for bed." Charlotte says and Lilly frowns. "But I want to play castle with aunt Abby and Dana." Lilly pouts and starts to tear up. Dana smiles at Charlotte, silently telling her she will handle this one. "I hear you guys are staying in town for a little while longer. I'm sure we can play castle before you leave, okay? I promise." Dana says and wipes away the tears starting to slide down Lilly's cheeks.

Lilly tucks in her quivering bottom lip. "You will?" Lilly asks and Dana smiles. "Absolutely." Dana says and wipes away another tear.

Lilly smiles and sniffs. "Now why don't you go back over to your mommy and daddy and get ready to leave." Lilly nods her head and slides off Dana's lap and runs over to her mother. Charlotte picks her up and smiles at Dana.

"I swear you're some kind of miracle worker Dana." Charlotte says and shakes her head in disbelief. Dana chuckles and Abby takes her hand in hers. She looks at Abby. "Do you want to get out of here?" Abby asks when her parents stand up to leave. Dana nods her head and they both stand up. Abby put her hand on the small of Dana's back and leans in to whisper to Dana.

"You are incredible." Abby husks and Dana smiles. Abby leads them out of the restaurant with saying goodbye's to her family. Abby and Dana wait quietly for their car holding hands. Dana slides into the passenger seat and Abby slides into the driver's seat. Abby lets out a groan when she starts driving. "Do you know how unbelievably sexy you are when you are cumming with my fingers in you while sitting in a restaurant?" Abby says and looks at Dana.

Dana bites her lip and raises an eyebrow. "Oh yeah? Well, I'm getting payback when we go to my apartment. We were at a table with your family and you decided that was the ideal situation to approach my fantasy. Not cool Abby." Dana admonishes and Abby smirks.

"I didn't hear any complaints." Abby says smugly and sends a seductive look to Dana. Dana narrows her eyes at her and reaches over to grip her sex through her slacks.


She gasps and tries to keep her eyes and focus on the road. Dana teases her lips over the shell of Abby's ear. "I have ropes from my move I think we'll use tonight. I'd ask how you feel about that but I didn't get a choice so I think it's only fair you don't either." Dana husks and squeezes Abby's clothed cunt.

Abby moans and bites her lip, nodding her head. Dana smiles and pulls her hand away. //// Abby swallows hard when Dana walks back into the bedroom. They had been back at Dana's apartment for ten minutes now. In those ten minutes, Abby had been told, or more likely ordered, to undress and lay perfectly still on the bed.

Dana had left to grab rope and strawberries she had in her fridge but also grabbed some waters for later. She starts to walk into the bedroom before backtracking and taking off all her clothes. Dana walks into her bedroom carrying all of the things for tonight without an emotion on her face. Abby licks her lips when she sees the rope then smiles at the pleasant surprise of strawberries, and of course Dana's naked body.

Dana sets down the waters and strawberries before climbing on top of Abby. Abby bites her lip and moves her hands over Dana's thighs. Dana finally smirks and sets down the rope. "You're not allowed to touch." She says and lightly grabs Abby's wrists and lifts them up to her mouth. Dana lightly kisses the inside of Abby's wrists before pinning them to either side of Abby's head. Abby smiles and the brunette gives her a soft kiss. "Stay still." Dana whispers and leans back, grabbing the rope.

Abby keeps her hands where they are and watches Dana tie her wrists to the metal headboard. Dana is careful not to make the rope around Abby's wrists too tight but to make the segment tied to the headboard secure. Abby tugs lightly on the ropes and feels the rope already chafing her wrists because of how loose it is. She looks at Dana and bites her lip. "Can you make it tighter on my wrists? I don't have work tomorrow so I won't have to worry about the red marks but the rope will chaff my skin pretty hard." Dana raises and eyebrow and moves to tighten the rope.

"I thought you've never done this?" Dana asks skeptically and Abby shrugs. "No, but I watch a lot." Dana smirks devilishly once she's finished tying the rope tighter. "Oh, so little miss detective also watches porn." Dana teases in a whisper in Abby's ear. Abby groans and bites her lip. "Tell me.Detective you always get off on watching these naughty videos?" She continues when she notices that saying 'Detective Warren' still affects the blonde.

Abby moans and shuts her eyes tightly. "Y-Yes." She admits in a whisper. Dana smiles and moves off the bed. Her eyes flash open in a second and watch Dana grab the strawberries and set them on the bed, far enough to reach but be a safe distance away from her soon to be writhing body. She watches Dana get between her legs and start kissing her thighs. Dana smirks up at her and reaches for a strawberry. She's curious to see where this goes considering she's only had food sex with whipped cream.

Dana rips out the green leafs and sinks her teeth into the fruit. She crawls up Abby's body, letting the cold fruit juices drip down on Abby's skin. Abby gasps and keeps her eyes trained on her eyes. How does she manage to make everything so erotic? Abby thinks. Dana winks at Abby and leans forward, letting Abby bite into the other half of the strawberry.

Abby moans and desperately tries to press their lips together, only succeeding for a moment before Dana pulls away. She finds herself tugging at the rope in her urge to touch Dana but of course, the rope stops her. Dana smirks and kisses and licks the trail of juice she left on Abby's body. Abby moans and arches her back. "That's different." Abby says seductively and Dana presses her lips firmly to Abby's. "You're only allowed to moan, groan, or whimper.and scream my name as you climax of course." Dana teases with a wink and makes her way back down Abby's body.

Abby smiles and moans loudly when her lips suck softly at the blonde's inner thigh. As she predicted, Abby squirms, jerks her hips, and arches her back when she goes nowhere near Abby's wet cunt. It takes a lot for Dana to take her time especially since the sweet smell of Abby's arousal was filling the air and driving her almost insane.

Almost. Abby whimpers and grips the metal headboard. "God damn it, Dana! I'm fucking throbbing! J-Just please- please touch my clit!" Abby cries out, tugging at her restraints again.

Dana moans and looks up at Abby, grabbing the blonde's hips to keep her down. "Tell me you think I can give you three orgasms in a row." Dana whispers hotly against Abby's soaking lower lips. Abby opens her half lidded eyes and looks down at the brunette intensely. "I know you can give me three orgasms in a row." Abby whispers back and earns a smoldering smirk from the brunette between her legs. Dana, satisfied with the remark, dives between the blonde's legs and sucks her clit.

Abby gasps and arches her back. She'd be screaming in pleasure if it weren't for her sudden loss of breath. Dana sucks lightly at first then flutters her tongue along with sucking. Abby moans loudly and bucks her hips, knowing her orgasm was right there. Suddenly she goes rigid and cums in Dana's mouth. Dana nearly misses it but reacts quickly and shoves two fingers inside of the blonde.

Abby screams. "Fuck- DANA!" She screams and her hands instinctively pull down on the rope. Dana moans and sucks harder, still fluttering her tongue and thrusting her fingers against the muscles clamping down on them.

Abby pants wildly when she feels her second orgasm coming quickly. "Yes, yes, yes! Right there! Right th-THERE!" Abby screams and the harsh waves of her second orgasm hit her.

Dana groans in pleasure and thrusts deep then curls her fingers to hit Abby's sweet spot. She nails it. Abby throws her head back and screams in a mix of pleasure and exhaustion, her third orgasm hitting her hard. By now Abby was soaked not only in sweat but her own cum and she knew Dana was smirking on the inside. Dana doesn't stop, though. "OH GOD!" Abby gasps out when Dana's insistent fingers, mouth, and tongue send her into her fourth orgasm.

She can feel her orgasm sending her nerves into overdrive and every sensation she feels heightens ten fold. She sees stars and fucking fireworks.then nothing. Dana pulls her mouth away and looks up at Abby's still body. She carefully slides her fingers from Abby and moves up her body. "Abby?" Dana questions when Abby doesn't open her eyes. Dana pats her cheeks a few times. Nothing. She quickly unties Abby's hands and moves to kneel by her side.

Abby blinks her eyes open to see a relieved Dana. She sighs and cups Abby's cheek. "Jesus Abby. You scared me. You were knocked out for at least 30 seconds." Dana says then leans down to kiss the blonde. Abby sits up with a smile. "Dana, you gave me four orgasms." Abby breathes out. Dana furrows her brow in confusion. "Are you sure?" Dana asks, she's sure she only gave her three. Abby chuckles. "It is my body that had the orgasms, Dana." Abby says and Dana smiles. Abby leans in for a kiss but Dana pushes her back.

"Uh, no more tonight. You're going to relax." Dana says strictly and Abby's jaw drops in surprise. "Are you kidding?" Abby asks and Dana shakes her head then reaches for a water. "Not at all. Drink some water. Eat some strawberries. Relax." Dana instructs.

Abby frowns and starts to argue but She stops her quickly. "Or I kick you out." She threatens with a smirk and Abby huffs in frustration but says nothing else. She smiles and hands Abby the other water. "I'm going to get a shower. The remote to the tv is on the nightstand." Dana winks at Abby and gets off the bed and walks into the bathroom. Abby sighs and grabs the remote as Dana steps under the water. This is so not fair, Abby thinks and crosses her arms.

Dana catches a glimpse of Abby in the mirror and chuckles. "Stop pouting!" Dana teases and Abby uncrosses her arms with a smile. //// "You should come over tomorrow if you want to keep your promise to Lilly." Abby tells Dana when she has to leave and is standing at the door.

Dana smiles and wraps her arms around Abby's neck. "I always keep my promises. I'll be there. What time?" Dana asks and Abby wraps her arms around her middle.

"Sometime after 12:00. Everyone is going out to explore the city so I'm watching Lilly." Abby says and drifts her hands down to cup Dana's ass. Dana smiles and bites her lip. "Wonderful." Dana whispers and teases her lips across Abby's. Abby quickly presses their lips together then tightens their embrace.

Dana moans and deepens the kiss, heat spreading through both of them. "Are you sure you don't want me to stay?" Abby asks when they break the kiss for air. Dana smiles and shakes her head. "I really want you to stay-" Dana starts but Abby cuts her off by kissing her.

Abby starts backing them up into the living room. Dana moans but pushes her back, narrowing her eyes. "But I have work to do so you need to leave. Go." Dana turns Abby around with a groan from the blonde. A quick smack to Abby's ass gets her past the door. "Fine, but you so owe me." Abby says as she walks towards the elevator. "And what exactly do I owe you for?" Dana asks with a hand on her hip.

Abby smiles and holds open the elevator doors. "For not letting me touch you." Abby winks and leaves no room for conversation when she jumps into the elevator. Dana smiles and rolls her eyes, closing the door to her apartment. She works on her resume and searches for equestrian teaching facilities close to the city.

Dana eventually goes to bed after dinner and cuddles into the pillow that smells like Abby. //// Abby wakes up to a hard pounding on her door. 11:38 am. Abby groans and scrambles over to the front door, swinging it open. Damon rolls his eyes. "Christ Abby. You're supposed to be watching my kid." Damon says and barges into the apartment with Lilly giggling in his arms. Abby smiles at the little girl.

"I thought it was at 12:00? What ya doing little dinosaur?" Abby asks and takes Lilly into her arms. Lilly simply giggles and hides her face in Abby's neck. "I told you 11:30 before you left the restaurant last night. All her toys are in her bag. No pop or candy. Nap time before dinner. You good?" Damon asks her and Abby nods. Damon kisses Lilly on the forehead. "Be good for your aunt Abby, honey. Mommy and I love you." Damon says goodbye and rushes out the door.

Abby sighs and looks at Lilly with a smile. "You go pick out a movie from your bag and I'll go call Dana so she can come over and build a fort. How does that sound?" Abby asks Lilly smiles brightly, wiggling out of her arms to do as she's told.

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Abby chuckles and grabs her phone and calls Dana. "Hey, beautiful." Abby purrs into the phone when Dana answers. Dana smiles and grabs her coat, locking her apartment door. "Hey. I'm just leaving for your place." Dana says and Abby smiles, going into the kitchen to make popcorn. "Well that's great because apparently, Damon changed the time to drop Lilly off to 11:30 last night but I was too distracted to hear him." Abby smirks and puts the popcorn in the microwave then moving to watch Lilly file through her Frozen themed book bag.

Dana chuckles and rides the elevator down to the lobby. "I wonder why Detective Warren." Dana husks, glad the elevator is empty. Abby bites her lip. "Yeah.If Lilly wasn't here.Dana, you have no idea what I would do to you." Abby husks and turns her back on Lilly. Dana closes her eyes and smiles. "I wish I could find out." Dana husks back and walks out to her car. Abby smiles and glances over to Lilly to see her staring at her excitedly then clears her throat.

"Right, um, so I'll tell Lilly you're on your way here." Abby says and Lilly claps excitedly. Dana chuckles and gets into her car. "I'll be there in ten minutes." Dana says and Abby smiles. "See you then." Abby responds and Dana hangs up. She grabs the popcorn and pours it into a bowl. "So what did you pick, little dinosaur?" Abby asks when she walks back into the living room. Lilly jumps up and down, waving the movie she picked in the air.

"Up! Up! Up!" Lilly screeches and Abby chuckles. "Of course. Don't eat all the popcorn while I put the movie in." Abby teases with a quick tickle to Lilly's side. Lilly giggles and takes the popcorn bowl, only eating one piece at a time. Abby puts the movie in and sits on the blanket next to Lilly. Without a minute to spare Dana shows up in ten minutes. Abby pauses the movie when a knock sounds at the door. "Come in Dana!" Abby yells and the door opens to reveal Dana.

Lilly squeals and runs to jump into her open arms. "Dana!" Lilly yells and Dana smiles brightly. "What are you watching, kid?" Dana asks and walks over to Abby's spot on the floor and winking at the blonde who smiles back.

Lilly smiles. "Aunt Abby and me is watching Up. Has you seen Up?" Lilly asks Dana as the brunette sits her down next to Abby. "I don't think I have." Dana says and sits down next to Lilly. Abby smiles and leans over to place a small kiss on Dana's lips. "Hi." Abby whispers when Lilly has immersed in the movie again.

Dana licks her lips while she looks at Abby's. "Hey." Dana whispers back and smirks at the lust in Abby's eyes. Abby turns back to the movie and so does Dana. Lunch comes around and Dana volunteers to make sandwiches for everyone. Abby starts to stand to help the brunette but an arm pull and an insisting whine to stay from Lilly keeps Abby put. After the movie, they build a fort with sheets and chairs until Lilly declares it perfect.

They play castle with Lilly as the queen, Dana as the princess, and Abby as the night in shining armor. Lilly soon becomes tired and is yawning widely. Abby smiles and takes the little girl into her arms. "Nap time, little dinosaur." Abby says and walks Lilly into the bedroom. Dana follows and helps Abby put Lilly to sleep, giving the little girl a kiss on the forehead.

Abby follows suit then they leave, closing the door behind them. Dana moves to take down the fort but Abby grabs her wrist and pulls Dana to her. Dana smiles as she kisses her. Abby moans and quickly deepens the kiss then moves her hands down to grab her ass with rough hands.

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She groans and wraps her arms around Abby's neck. "Mmm, I missed your lips." Abby husks when they break apart for air. Dana smiles and cups Abby's cheek. "I know what else you've missed." Dana bites her lip and pulls Abby down and into the fort.

Abby chuckles as she falls on top of Dana. Dana kisses Abby roughly, forcing her tongue into her mouth. Abby whimpers and Dana rolls them over. She makes quick work of sliding her hand into Abby's sweat pants and panties, moaning at the wetness she finds between Abby's legs. Abby moans and breaks the kiss to pant for air. "Oh.God." Abby moans and Dana grabs one of her hands. "We have to be quick and quiet. Abby, I really need you." Dana whispers in Abby's ear as she pushes the blonde's hand against her jean clad pussy.

Abby moans both at Dana's words and her insistent hands. Abby flicks open Dana's jeans and slides her hand into her soaked panties. Dana moans and grinds against Abby's hand. She uses her free hand to grip Dana's dark locks and force her to look at her. "Kiss me." She growls and slides her fingers into Dana's tight entrance. Dana moans and crushes their lips together, pumping her fingers faster inside Abby. Abby whimpers into her mouth as their tongues search for each other.

It feels so good for both of them that they don't last long before starting a fast journey to their climaxes. Abby was already moaning, panting and sweating in under a few minutes, she was close behind. Abby breaks their kiss for breath and arches her back, feeling her orgasm close in on her. "Fuck, fuck, fuck! Right there- I'm going to cum, Dana. Yes!" Abby moans out in a hushed whisper. Dana moans into her neck and knows she is close herself. Dana groans and fucks her harder and faster, getting the same from the woman below her.

Dana sinks her teeth into her shoulder when the blonde pushes her over the edge. She barely manages to contain a scream from Dana's bite and her own orgasm. Abby uses her free hand to wrap around Dana's waist and keep her pressed against her. Dana gently slides her hand from Abby's pants once she's calm.

Abby sluggishly follows her lead and relaxes against the blankets underneath her with a sigh. "Fuck." She says in exhaustion. Dana chuckles and lifts her head from Abby's shoulder. "'Fuck', indeed." Dana says smugly and kisses her. Abby smiles and tucks a rogue piece of hair behind Dana's ear. She kisses her lightly and Dana lays back down on Abby's shoulder. Abby softly rubs Dana's back as she stares at the top of the tent.

It feels like before everything went wrong 8 years ago. Abby thinks about all the times she has woken up with Dana in her arms and wonders if that's in her future. If not, she's not sure what she'll do or feel. Dana lazily runs the tips of her fingers over a small patch of skin revealed by Abby's tank top, reveling in the soft skin of the blonde next to her.

"What are we doing Dana?" Abby asks absent-mindedly. Dana furrows her brow in confusion. "Uh, cuddling, I guess." Dana answers but Abby sighs.

"No.I mean what are we doing as in between us. Are we just having a fling or- or will it become something.serious?" Abby asks suddenly nervous.

Dana sits up and looks at her. Her expression is unreadable but on the inside, Dana is considering being with Abby or leaving the woman alone. She's panicking. Abby licks her lips and doesn't look at Dana. "You've met my family and they love you.

I don't want to hurt them again like what happened with Josie. I don't want them to get attached if you're going to leave." Abby says, her voice shaky. Dana bites her lip and leads Abby's eyes to hers. Dana swallows hard and looks Abby in the eyes. "I feel like shit. I've felt like shit for 8 years because I want you so badly but I don't deserve you. I never have. I don't deserve your family either." Dana tears up and kneels next to the blonde.

Abby sits up also and shakes her head, pulling Dana's hand into her lap. "That's a lie. You deserve me, Dana. You saved my life-" Abby starts and Dana pulls her hand away with a sigh. "That's all I have going for me Abb-" Dana starts but is cut off by a small voice. "Aunt Abby?" Dana and Abby look at the entrance to the fort and see Lilly rubbing her eyes sleepily with a frown.

"Are you and Dana fighting?" Dana sighs and Abby crawls past her and out of the fort with herself following. "No, honey. We were just talking. Did we wake you?" Abby asks as she kneels in front of Lilly. Lilly shakes her head and smiles weakly at her. "Okay. Are you still sleepy or are you hungry?" Abby asks and Lilly perks up more.

"Hungry." Lilly says and Abby smiles, picking the girl up. "Let's get you some dinner little dinosaur." Abby says and sends a quick smile to Dana. Abby and Lilly cook Mac n cheese for dinner along with peanut butter and jelly while Dana takes down the fort. The meal is quick and fun but Abby notices how Dana smiles less.

Dana wasn't smiling because she believes Abby likes her just because she saved her life. Like Abby has to repay her for the chivalrous act. Damon comes to the apartment after they finish dinner.along with everyone else. Dana gulps and stays in the kitchen, insisting on washing the dishes. Abby chews on her bottom lip, contemplating going with her but her father starts talking about their evening so Abby sits down to listen.

Dana comes out of the kitchen once she convinces herself that she won't freak out and embarrass herself. "Oh, Dana! We were just talking about Christmas tomorrow. You're coming right?" Abby's mother asks and Dana freezes. Abby sees her starting to freak out. "Dana, can you pretty please come?

I want you to see my presents from Santa!" Lilly asks enthusiastically. Dana breathes harder and her body temperature rises to what feels like 1,000 degrees. "I.I have to.go- I'm sorry." Dan mumbles and slowly backs away. Abby stands up and her glass gets knocked off the table to crash to the floor. Dana flinched and pain shoots through her side. Flashbacks run through her head of Brandon shooting her.

The flashbacks don't stop and neither does the pain. Dana groans and grips her side. Abby reaches for her but Dana pulls away and runs for the door, desperately needing air. Abby follows in concern.

"Dana, wait!" Abby yells. Dana leans against the hall wall and pants for air. Abby reaches out for her when Dana falls to the floor.

"Call an ambulance!" Abby yells to her family standing in the doorway. Dana closes her eyes tightly and groans at the pain still throbbing in her side. Abby cups Dana's cheeks and tries to get another reaction besides pain from the brunette.

"Dana, open your eyes. Talk to me." More flashbacks of Abby leaning over her telling her the same things. Dana feels herself slipping from reality when Abby tells her to stay awake. //// Abby paces nervously in the waiting room.

The ambulance had arrived five minutes after Dana had gone unconscious. Abby had ridden on the ambulance to the emergency room but now she was being forced to stay in the waiting room. "Abby, darling, how is she?" Abby's mother asks as she walks into the waiting room.

Abby turns to her mother and shrugs helplessly. "I-I don't know. I'm not family. They won't tell me anything. The paramedics said something about maybe a panic attack but they weren't sure." Abby says frantically and her mother wraps her in a hug.

Abby feels herself slowly calming down. "I haven't seen you this upset since your father broke his hip." Abby's mother says in concern and the emotions hit Abby like a freight train.

Abby covers her mouth to stifle the sobs and her mother leads her to a chair. "Oh, baby girl. She'll be okay. Calm down honey. Tell me what's got you so upset." Abby looks at her mother with watery eyes and shakes her head in disbelief.

"I love her mom. I know that now. I love her and I haven't told her. She could be dying and I wouldn't get to tell her I love her." Abby says with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Her mother gives her a kind smile and wipes her tears. "Sweetie, you're going to have plenty time to tell her that. I promise." Her mother assures her quietly. "She'll be fine sis." Abby looks up to see Damon and the rest of her family standing in the doorway. Abby smiles weakly and wipes away her tears. Lilly releases her mother's hand and runs up to Abby and takes her aunt's hand.

"Aunt Abby, is Dana sick?" Lilly asks with her little lip quivering. The little girl's eyes are red and slightly puffy from crying.


It's hard for Abby to see this happening to Dana let alone a five-year-old that has fallen in love with Dana as much as Abby has. Abby gives her best smile to her niece and lifts her into her lap. "I don't know honey but I'm sure she'll be just fine." Abby says and Lilly wraps her arms around Abby's neck in a hug. Abby closes her eyes and hugs the little girl back. It takes an hour of silence and nervous waiting before a doctor walks into the waiting room. Abby lets Lilly hop off her lap before she goes to talk with the doctor.

"Dana had a severe panic attack that lead her to pass out. Her heart couldn't pump enough blood into her brain for a few seconds which produced her to become unconscious but the fear kept her in that state for quite a while. She's awake and responsive now if you would like to see her?" Abby swallows the emotions in her throat and nods her head silently.

She and her family walk to Dana's room. The doctor knocks on the door softly. "Dana, you have some visitors." He announces then lets Abby and her family into the room. Dana smiles until she sees Abby's red eyes. Dana sits up more in her bed. She had a panic attack. The glass and words triggered flashbacks and even pain. After a thorough check from her doctor, he said her incisions were still looking good and that the pain she felt was more mental than physical.

"Were you crying? I-I'm so sorry. I didn't know you would react that way." Dana quickly apologizes and Abby shakes her head. "No, it's fine. It's not your fault." Abby forces a smile. Dana is about to ask Abby something else but Lilly runs up to the bed and grabs Dana's hand.

"Dana, is you sick?" Lilly asks with her lip quivering. Dana sighs and leans over and pulls Lilly into her lap. Abby watches them and her heart swells with even more love. "No, I'm okay Lilly. I just.didn't feel very good but I do now." Dana reassures and Lilly smiles cheerfully.

"I love you." Abby blurts out, not wanting to stall anymore. All eyes snap to her. Dana gulps and brings Lilly off of her lap. Abby bites her lip nervously. "No, you don't Abby. You love the fact that I saved your life and-" Dana says and shakes her head but Abby cuts her off. "Shut up." Abby says and moves closer to Dana. Dana's eyebrows furrow in confusion. "What-" Dana starts but Abby cuts her off yet again. "Shut up Dana." Abby says again. Dana shuts her mouth.

"For 8 years you've told me how I've felt and I've thought you were right because I thought I did like you for saving my life- actually, you're right. Part of me loves you because you did save my life but that's not everything Dana." Abby says and shakes her head. Dana gawks at the other woman. "I love you because you're believe in're great with my're great with me.

I love you for so many more reasons. Can't you see that?" Abby asks and desperately looks for an answer. Dana struggles to make words let alone think of what she's going to say. A tug on Dana's arm makes her look down to Lilly. Lilly motions for Dana to come closer and cups her hands around her mouth.

"Didn't you say you really, really like aunt Abby?" Lilly asks and Dana smiles. Dana looks back to Abby and takes a deep breath. "You mean that? You love me?" Dana asks softly and Abby sits on Dana's bed next to the brunette's hip. "All of you." Abby confirms and brushes back the dark locks from Dana's eyes. Dana closes her eyes and smiles at the touch. "I wish I realized sooner. I'm sorry if I made you freak out with the whole is this a serious thing and everything. I was just going crazy thinking about it.

I didn't want to-" Abby rambles and Dana cuts her off with a passionate kiss. Abby moans softly and cups Dana's cheek. Dana pulls away with a shy smile. "I love you too." Dana whispers softly and looks into Abby's eyes. Abby smiles and lets out a sigh of relief.

"Thank God." Abby lets out and kisses her again. Dana smiles into the kiss and wraps her closest arm around Abby's waist. "And here I thought telling the woman you love to shut up meant signing a death wish." Abel says with an exaggerated huff and a shake of his head. Jessica grips Abel's chin with a practiced glare to her husband. "It still is for you, honey." Jessica promises and everyone snickers except for Abel.

Abby clears her throat and motions to the door with her eyes. Abby's mother smiles and ushers everyone out of the room. "We're glad you're well Dana. Abby's mother says with a smile before exiting the room. Abby looks at Dana and holds her hand. "You look hot in polka dots by the way." Abby compliments and moves closer to Dana. Dana chuckles and looks down at the scratchy hospital gown she was given.

"I'm sure I do." Dana says and Abby steals a kiss. "You are very, very sexy Dana." Abby whispers and steals another kiss. Dana smiles and runs her thumb over Abby's hand. "Should we talk about my.breakdown?" Dana asks shyly and Abby shakes her head with a smile. "Not unless you want to babe." Dana raises her eyes to Abby's with a small glare. "No cute nicknames please." Dana half warns and half asks.

Abby smirks and leans closer into Dana, teasing Dana's lips with hers. "Damn.I really wanted to call you darling and sweetheart when we make love." Abby husks mockingly and places a soft kiss on the corner of Dana's mouth. "That too. I fuck or I have sex." Dana clarifies as Abby leaves kisses down her neck. Abby chuckles and teases her ear lobe. "And what is your difference?" Abby asks and nibbles at the sensitive spot behind Dana's ear.

Making the brunette moans softly. "I take sex slower. When I fuck, I fuck hard and fast." Dana says softly and Abby moans, connecting their lips in a brief kiss. "You can't make an exception for me?" Abby asks and sucks Dana's bottom lip into her mouth. Dana moans softly.

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"Well.eventually." Dana admits. Who was she kidding? If Abby told her to make love to her right there in the hospital bed she would make love to her in the damn hospital bed. Abby smirks proudly and pulls back to look Dana in the eyes. "I love you." Abby whispers and Dana smiles softly.

"I love you too." //// "Okay, Harper and Joules are down- oh." Dana says exhaustively then her eyes widen in surprise when she sees her wife sitting on the side of the bed clad in lacy lingerie.

Abby smirks and stands up. "I decided that a day of fun with our beautiful children.means a night of fun for us." Abby says as she walks over to Dana then slowly pulls down the zipper of her wife's jacket. Dana gulps and rakes her eyes down the blonde's body. "I.uh.O-Okay." Dana stutters and Abby chuckles devilishly then takes a step forward so her lips are next to her ear. "I love making you speechless baby." Abby teases huskily.

Dana moans when Abby runs her fingers down her clothed stomach. Normally Dana would have rejected the nickname as quick as it came out of Abby's mouth. But normally her wife wasn't seducing the hell out of her in the sexiest lingerie set she has ever seen.

Abby kisses Dana's cheek and strips the woman of her tank top. "Clothes. Off." Abby demands. It was a risky move. Dana is the dominant in their sex life except for the occasions when Abby fingers her in public or has had a bad day at the precinct and needs a little control, which Dana willingly gives to the love of her life.

Tonight was not one of those occasions.and Dana notices. Her eyes open and she looks at Abby with a small glare. Abby knew she was going to be set in her usual submissive position tonight.she's not complaining. Dana moves her arms around her wife's silky smooth waist and pulls her tight against her with a gasp from the detective.

Dana inches them to the side of the bed and never breaks eye contact. Abby licks her lips at the feeling of Dana's skin pressed to her, thanking the gods silently that Dana hates wearing a bra at home. Dana loved these moments. Just looking into Abby's eyes to see the undeniable lust right before she takes her.

Dana moves one hand to Abby's scandalous thong and quickly rips it from her body, making a mental note to promise her wife to go out to buy another matching set. Abby gasps at the sting the elastic leaves on her skin. Dana drops the torn panties and runs her hands gently over the red skin.

Abby closes her eyes but a sudden groping of her ass makes her eyes fly open in surprise. Dana smirks and moves her hand between the blonde's thighs and watches her reaction. Abby gasps slightly and spreads her legs farther apart.

Dana smiles and kisses her lightly. "Foot on the bed." Dana instructs in a whisper. Abby smiles hungrily when she realizes Dana is going to fuck her just the way they have been for close to 13 years, with a small 8-year break in the middle, of course. Dana thrusts two fingers into Abby's dripping pussy, drawing a deep moan from her wife. "Oh.GOD." Abby groans out and quickly wraps her arms around Dana's shoulders to steady herself.

Dana uses her other hand to hold up the leg of her raised foot on the bed. Between the two of them with her arms around her shoulders and Dana holding her leg, they were steady. Dana moves her forehead against Abby's and pumps faster into her wife.

Abby gasps and digs her nails into her shoulders. "Yes, right there." Abby whispers and grinds her hips down onto Dana's fingers. Dana smiles as she realizes how Abby is trying to be quiet so not to wake their children but Dana had put on their fans tonight. She had wanted sexy time with her wife she just didn't expect the lace and the seducing from her lover.

"I turned on their fans. You can be loud." Dana whispers and sends a hard thrust into the blonde, making Abby squeak in surprise.

"I want to hear you." Dana growls into Abby's ear and starts making her thrusts rougher. Abby whimpers and pulls her closer, needing the connection they always seem to have. She rubs her thumb against Abby's clit in tight circles, making the blonde moan loudly. Abby buries her face in her neck, whimpering, and moaning as she fingers her hard and fast, never faltering.

"I'm so close Dana, please.I'm right there- I'm on the edge for you. Make me cum." Abby begs in a whisper with her lips brushing Dana's soft cheek. Dana moans and kisses Abby's sweat slicked neck. "That's right Abby, cum for me." Dana moans out and teases Abby's neck with her teeth. Abby whimpers and feels herself falling over the edge. "Fuck, fuck, fuck- DANA!" Abby screams her wife's name when she reaches her climax. Dana moans at the sound of her name from Abby's lips and her muscles clenching around her fingers.

It never fails to turn her on. Abby rides out the waves of her orgasm slowly and pants harshly for air. Then Dana faintly hears their baby girl crying. Abby calms her breathing and opens her eyes to smile at Dana. Dana gently slides her fingers from her wet cunt and kisses her lightly. "You screamed a little too loud tonight- I'm not complaining," Dana helps Abby into the bed with a smirk. "Our little girl is complaining, though. I'll go settle her down then be right back." Dana kisses Abby lightly before going to the bathroom and washing her hands and throwing on a shirt.

"Make sure she has the little lion. She loves it." Abby reminds Dana and she smiles. "I know Abby, relax." Dana smiles in amusement at her wife. Abby felt more of a connection with Joules because they had decided that Dana will have their first child and Abby will have their second.

Harper was birthed by Dana and Joules was birthed by Abby. There was no doubt that they didn't love both their children equally even though they had their connections. Abby smiles sheepishly and Dana leaves to take care of their baby girl.

Joules is crying hard and Dana swiftly takes the little baby into her arms and hands Joules the stuffed lion her daughter loves so much. Dana closes her eyes and rocks Joules back and forth in her arms, humming the song from hers and Abby's wedding.

It takes a minute or two for Joules to fall back into sleep but Dana holds her a little while longer. Dana opens her eyes and smiles at Abby standing in the doorway.

She had changed into shorts and a t-shirt before coming to see Dana and Joules. Abby can hardly stay away from their children, just like Dana. God help Harper and Joules when they grow up. "I love you Dana Lorraine Morgan-Warren." Abby says softly with an adoring smile. Dana smiles and walks over to her wife.

"I love you too Abby Grace Morgan-Warren." Dana whispers and places a soft kiss to Abby's lips. Abby smiles then lets Joules grasp her finger in a tight little fist while she sleeps. Abby leans down and kisses the top of Joules's head. "I'll be back in a second." Dana tells her wife and turns to lay Joules back into her crib.

"I'll go with you." Abby says, knowing her wife was going to stop in to look at Harper to make sure he is sleeping well. Dana tucks in their daughter and smiles at Abby. Abby leads them to Harper's room and creaks open the door to see their son fast asleep. Dana smiles and sighs. "I love our children." Dana whispers and Abby softly kisses her cheek.

"Come. Let them sleep." Abby whispers and pulls Dana towards their room. Dana follows her with a soft smile. She sits Dana onto the bed and leans over to place a kiss on her lips.

"Have I ever told you." Abby whispers and pulls off Dana's t-shirt. "How wonderful you are?" Abby asks seductively and tucks a piece of hair behind Dana's ear. Dana smiles and pulls off Abby's shirt. "Maybe but I think I would rather you show me." Dana husks and pulls down Abby's shorts before pulling her wife onto her lap. Abby chuckles and pushes her onto her back, trailing kisses down her stomach.

Dana moans and tangles her fingers in Abby's hair before the blonde can reach her hot core and tugs her back up. "I want you naked." Dana groans and flips them over. Abby smiles and wiggles out of her shorts. "I want you naked." Abby husks back and connects their lips as the blonde's hands push down her sweat pants. She chuckles and pulls them down her legs. Abby bites her lip and groans when she sees her wife without panties. Dana smirks and kisses Abby's chest.

"I really like it when you don't wear anything underneath your clothes." Abby breathes out as Dana kisses up her neck. Dana kisses her lightly. "I know you do." Dana whispers and cups Abby's breasts, making the blonde moan. Abby whimpers and grabs Dana's hips roughly. "Damn it, Dana, let me fuck you." She groans out and pulls Dana against her. Dana suddenly pins Abby's hands to the bed. "Abby, you're begging me to tie you up tonight. First with bossing me around then next with demanding to fuck me." Dana whispers seductively into her wife's ear, knowing that it will turn her into a puddle of lust in seconds.

Abby whimpers and slumps against the bed. "But-" She starts but Dana quiets her with a hard kiss. Abby moans and concedes into her wife's desires. There really was no arguing with Dana's sexy dominant bedroom voice. Dana blindly reaches over to her night stand and presses the button on the side she had put into lock and unlock her drawer.

Dana pulls back from the kiss and looks at her option of ropes. "I think I'll go with the blue tonight." Dana decides and pulls the blue rope from the drawer then closes it. Abby bites her lip and immediately moves her hands to the headboard. Dana smiles and reaches over to tie her wife's hands to the metal headboard.

Abby tugs on her bonds when she is done and finds them tight like she likes them. Dana smiles mischievously and gets off the bed to go into their closet and grab their strap on. Abby especially likes to use this when she's had a bad day and needs to let off steam but Dana has a different plan for the toy. Abby chuckles when she sees Dana with the strap on.

"Teasing me is more of a punishment than the strap on Dana." Abby says and Dana smiles devilishly as she gets onto the bed. "Oh, I know." Dana husks and slides the harness onto Abby's legs. Abby's eyes widen as she puts everything together.

"That's why I'm going to fuck myself with the strap on while you watch me cum as many times as I want." Dana tells her wife and buckles the strap on in place. Abby whimpers. "Fuck, Dana. Please tell me you're joking." Abby pleads and Dana smirks and moves up the blonde's body, placing a soft kiss to her wife's pouting lips.

"You always say how much you love watching me come undone." Dana husks and straddles Abby's hips and the strap on. Abby licks her lips and tugs at the ropes. "FOR ME. I love watching you come undone for ME." Abby states firmly and watches Dana helplessly as her wife starts sliding onto the strap on. Dana moans deeply and plants her hands next to her raised arms before taking the strap on up to the hilt.

Abby moans herself as the faceplate of the dildo presses against her clit. "You don't like it? The faster I cum, the faster I get off you and get you free." Dana breathes out and breathes harder, moving up and down slowly on the dildo. Abby groans and presses the flat of her feet to the mattress and pushes her hips up. Dana gasps and reaches down to grab Abby's hips. Abby holds in a smirk and rolls her hips up against Dana's hand and successfully thrusts a little deeper into the brunette.

"Fuck- oh fuck. O-Okay. That's not fair." Dana gulps and grips Abby's hips tighter. Abby smiles and shakes her head. "You have me tied up wearing a strap on to please yourself. You're not being fair." Abby points out and thrusts harder into Dana. Her jaw drops open in a desperate moan. Her plan was to dominate her lover by using the strap on on herself but Abby was quickly changing the game. Abby thrusts again and eventually her hand slips on her grip and both hands grab the sheets instead.

Abby jerks her hands against the bonds, wanting to grab Dana's hips and feel her skin, but they stay put and Abby resorts to pushing her hips up faster. Dana moans wantonly and rides Abby hard and fast, meeting every thrust the blonde was giving her. "Fuck, don't stop Abby." Dana gasps out and Abby moans. The thrusts were pushing the face plate even harder into her clit now and she knew she was well on her way to her climax just as Dana was.

Dana moans and leans down to crash their lips together in a hard kiss. Abby whimpers into Dana's mouth as her tongue plunged past her soft lips. Dana moves her hands up to cup Abby's breasts, pinching and teasing the blonde's nipples because she knows how hot her wife gets when she uses the strap-on.

Abby moans into the kiss and thrusts as hard as she can, actually drawing a whimper from her wife which is rare, VERY rare. "I'm- I'm gonna cum, Abby- FUCK." Dana groans out and throws her head back in ecstasy. Abby bites her lip and continues to thrust into her, drawing out Dana's orgasm and initiating her own with a scream of her wife's name. "GOD- DANA!" Abby screams and her hips jerk and spasm in her orgasm. Dana cries out softly as the dildo brushes against her g-spot and her muscles clench tightly around the silicon.

Abby groans and falls back against the bed in exhaustion, her muscles burning in exertion. Dana pants for breath and slides the dildo out of her cunt before rolling over onto her back next to Abby. "Ropes." Abby reminds Dana. Dana sits up and silently unties the ropes.

Abby rubs her wrists when the ropes are taken off then slides the harness from her hips. Dana closes her eyes with a sigh. "Damn, Abby." Dana whispers and smiles.

Abby chuckles and pulls the blankets over them. "You can't refuse it now." Abby says smugly and Dana looks at her in confusion. "Refuse what?" Dana asks and rolls onto her side to face Abby. She smirks and glances at her wife. "Refuse that I made you whimper. I heard it loud and clear." Abby says and closes her eyes like she is about to fall asleep.

Dana huffs and crosses her arms. "So what?" Dana asks. She knows that Abby making her whimper is a big accomplishment to her wife even though she didn't understand it at all.

Abby turns onto her side and raises an eyebrow at the brunette. "So, Dana, you realize I can rarely make you whimper almost every two years- if I'm lucky. You're so dominant that you don't whimper. But I, occasionally, can make you whimper." Abby husks and places a kiss to Dana's lips. "It means I've fucked you just right and just good enough that you can't handle it." Abby bites her lip with a smirk and Dana smiles.

"You like it for your ego." Dana points out and rolls over to get comfy. Abby chuckles and moves closer to her, her wife's arm wrapping around her stomach. "And I like knowing I can still make you feel good." Abby mumbled against Dana's shoulder. Dana covers the ivory hand covering her stomach.

"I wouldn't doubt it even when we get old and wrinkly." Dana responds and smiles when Abby kisses her neck.

"I will gladly still fuck you when you're old and wrinkly." Abby says and they both laugh. They settle down and Abby pulls Dana closer. Abby closes her eyes and rests her head on Dana's shoulder. "Goodnight babe." Abby mumbles and Dana sighs. "No nicknames Abby." Dana admonishes and Abby simply smiles.

Dana plays with the ring on her wife's finger. A sign of their marriage, their love, their past, and their future. "Goodnight." Dana whispers back and brings Abby's hand up to kiss her palm then sets it back on her stomach. Dana can feel Abby's smile on her shoulder. //// That is the last episode of the "Yes, Detective" series.

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