New nxxx story full sex stories

New nxxx story full sex stories
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As I had every day for over a week, I awoke with Donna, my granddaughter, snuggled up next to me, her arms draped across me as she slept. This morning, though, her mother, my daughter, wasn't in bed with us, having generously allowed Donna and me to spend my last night there by ourselves in Donna's bed, to give us time to say our goodbye to each other alone.

Just a few weeks earlier, on her twelfth birthday, Donna had come to me to take her virginity, and her mother and I and her grandmother had spent the few days they were visiting me to teach her the basics of sex.

Donna had continued learning once they had gone home, her mother and grandmother, an old girlfriend of mine, teaching her more of the details of how to please a man, or more specifically, how to please me. For the last week or so I had been visiting them at their place, enjoying sex with each of them, but especially enjoying Donna's young body as she proved eager to show me what she had learned, and to learn even more from me, the things only a man could really teach her.

She had learned very well, I had to admit. Every night she slept with her mother and me, joining in our lovemaking, and every morning, as soon as she was up and awake, she would drag me to the pool for a swim, and a nice fuck in the water.

During the day she was constantly around, her nude body tempting me with just the hint of pubic hair and her young, firm breasts, with very large nipples, even though they were just beginning to develop. Her dark skin and mischievous, sparkling eyes, her full lips and rounded ass, kept me in a state of sexual arousal almost constantly, and it wasn't uncommon for me to find my cockhead sticky with precum from watching her prance around.

My daughter would watch from a few feet away, watching me watching her naked daughter, and giggle every time she saw me wipe the sticky liquid off with a towel.

I usually woke up an hour or so before my daughter or granddaughter and gently eased my way out of Donna's embrace, making my way into the kitchen to start the coffee, then out to the patio to cruise the internet on my daughter's laptop while I waited for Donna to come get me for our morning dive into the pool.

This morning, though, my last one there for a while, I stopped and watched my granddaughter sleeping peacefully, soundly, and placed one hand on one of her breasts. They were small and firm, still developing, and I ran my hand over it gently, taking the nipple between my thumb and forefinger and squeezing ever so lightly. Donna moaned in her sleep, slightly raising her breast toward me as I toyed with her nipple, then falling back as I removed my hand.

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Emboldened, I trailed my hand down her slender body, across her belly, lightly stroking her beautiful dark skin with the tips of my fingers. I reached her pubic mound, covered with just the beginnings of a nice bush of pubic hair, and cupped my hand over it, barely letting it touch the coarse hair. I let one fingertip wander a bit further down, pressing it into the top of her vagina, rubbing it ever so lightly over the hood of her clit.

Donna moaned again, her pelvis rising up toward my hand, and I looked to be sure she was still asleep as I slipped my finger further into her slit. Her legs parted almost automatically as she slept, and I parted her pussy lips, letting my finger gently slip inside, finding she was already very wet.

I fingered her pussy for a few minutes, feeling her grow wetter and wetter, her pelvis rising and falling as my finger probed her, though she showed no sign of waking. She moaned several times in her sleep, her head moving from side to side, until I finally stopped fingering her.

Carefully, moving slowly so as not to wake her, I positioned myself between her legs and lowered my cock to her pussy lips. I eased the head of my cock into her slit, using one hand to guide it in, then work the head up and down the slit, barely penetrating it, once, twice.

I pushed the head of my cock in deeper, and had gotten about two full inches inside her before she moaned again, and her eyes opened. I slowly eased the rest of my cock into her as she let out a long, low moan, and her arms came up and encircled my neck.

"Oh, Grampa," she sighed, pushing up against my cock, her beautiful pussy taking it all as she raised her head toward me. I lowered my head to meet her, and our lips met as she pulled herself up to me and kissed me passionately. I could feel the walls of her young pussy contracting and relaxing around my cock, just like her mom had taught her, and slowly began to withdraw my cock from her as she continued to kiss me.

I removed my cock and Donna frowned in disappointment, then her eyes sparkled again as I moved her so that her ass was at the edge of the bed. I stood between her legs, hooking one hand behind the back of each of her knees, and forcing her legs up and spreading them as I once again speared her with my cock. I set up a nice slow rhythm, my cock sliding in and out of her sweet pussy, and she lay back, arms spread, her lips forming a perfect 'o' as I fucked her.

"Mmmmmmmmm," she moaned, trying to thrust her pelvis up to meet my cock as it glided into her, her vaginal muscles contracting around it as though trying to milk the cum from my shaft. Her mother had taught her well in my absence, and the last week or so of actually having my cock to practice on had given her the practical experience she needed to learn the technique.

I almost felt as though someone were masturbating me as I fucked her, squeezing and releasing their grip at just the right moments. She was pinned to the bed, unable to move, as I thrust my cock in and out of her, gradually increasing the tempo. I could see her growing breasts bouncing with the rhythm I set up, the beautiful dark skin of her body and the even darker areolas around her nipples, so sweet and inviting. Looking down, I could watch my cock spearing her wet, warm, wonderful young black pussy, my pale skin a contrast to hers as my cock glided in and out of her.

As the tempo increased, she began to moan loudly, crying out. "Fuck me, Grampa," she hissed, then more loudly, "Fuck me, please…fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…" Her cries grew louder, and I knew her mother could hear us in her room across the hall and wondered if she would come in to join us, but she didn't she had promised us this time alone, and she was true to her word. Soon the tempo had increased until I was ramming my cock in and out of her, hard and deep, as fast as I could, and Donna began to cum.

"Ooooooooooooh, God," she screamed, and I could feel her pussy spasming, contracting and relaxing involuntarily around my cock.

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This set off my own orgasm, and I thrust my cock deep inside her, keeping it there, trying to force it even deeper as my cock pulsed and twitched, spurting my cum deep inside her. As my cock began to grow limp, I fucked her for a few more strokes, then finally removed my cock from her pussy and released her knees, allowing her to put her legs down.

Donna lay there trembling, her own orgasm slowly subsiding, as I dropped to my knees beside the bed, between her legs, and buried my face in her pussy, tasting my own cum and hers as I ran my tongue up and down her slit. I had barely begun to lick and kiss her pussy when I felt her hands on either side of my head, pushing me away.

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"Stop, Grampa," Donna begged, raising my face from her pussy. "I want to please you this time," she said when I looked up at her. I smiled back at her and gave her pussy one last, lingering kiss, then lay on the bed beside her, on my back, as she sat up. She slid to the floor between my knees, grasping my limp cock, still wet and slick from our fucking, in her hands.

I propped myself up on my elbows and watched as she kissed the head of my cock, licking and tasting the cum that remained there, then sucked it into her mouth. The sight of my cock disappearing into those full, sweet lips as she sucked it all in was such a wonderful sight, I could almost feel my cock straining to become erect once again.

I usually recover fairly quickly after my first orgasm, even after all these years, and even more so when it is my beautiful, black, twelve year old granddaughter sucking my cock. I watched as my cock grew more erect while she worked on it, using her hands, lips and mouth expertly, and soon it was rigid once more and ready to begin anew.

"I want to ride you, Grampa," Donna said as she raised her mouth from my cock. I shifted in the bed, still lying on my back, and pulled her in on top of me, holding her up close so I could kiss her first. "Please, Grampa," she asked, eager to have my cock in her again, and I released her, allowing her to mount me. She straddled me and lowered her pussy toward my waiting cock, knowing this was my favorite position to fuck her, and I watched the head of my cock slip into the folds of her pussy as she guided it in with one hand.

She lowered herself oh so slowly, knowing I was watching my cock enter her, thrilled by the sight of my beautiful, twelve year old granddaughter lowering herself onto my shaft.

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She placed both hands on my chest and stopped, my cock barely inside her slit, and her eyes sparkled as she grinned evilly at me. I lay there patiently, resisting the urge to thrust upwards and penetrate her fully, allowing her to enjoy teasing me.

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"Please," I asked, urging her to continue, and Donna lowered herself just a bit more, taking perhaps another inch of my cock into her, then stopping again. Donna had teased me before, using her nudity around the house to keep me constantly aroused as she pranced around suggestively, but never when we were fucking.

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I waited to see what she was up to, my eyes alternately gazing at my pale cock just penetrating her dark pussy lips and her face, her dark eyes and full lips. "Do you love me, Grampa?" she asked, mischievously.

"Unh-hunh," I answered, eying my cock again, trying very hard to resist the urge to thrust it into the warm, wet comfort of her eager young pussy. Donna shifted slightly, riding up and down on my cock very slightly, settling with the shaft just a bit deeper inside her pussy than before. "Will you stay, then?" she asked, knowing full well I could not, that I had to leave later that morning to return home and take care of some personal affairs. I reached up and placed my hands over hers on my chest, squeezing hers tightly.

"You know I can't, Munchkin," I replied, looking into her eyes.

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"You know that, baby, and you know I would if I really could, I would never leave you and your mom again," I told her in all honesty. Her lower lip trembled ever so slightly, just for a moment, then Donna lowered herself completely onto me, taking my cock as deep into her as she could.

She leaned forward, grinding onto my cock, contracting and releasing her vaginal muscles as she did so, and kissed me on the neck and shoulder. "I know, Grampa," she whispered, "I just don't want you to leave." "I'll be back, baby, just as fast as I can," I promised, wrapping my arms around her and holding her close as she lay atop me, wriggling her hips a bit, her pussy speared on my cock.

We lay that way for several minutes, barely moving except for Donna lightly grinding on my cock, enough to keep it firm and stiff inside her.


Finally she raised up a bit and moved up to kiss me, her sweet pussy releasing its grip on my cock momentarily as she did so. "I love you, Grampa," she said, her eyes moist. "I love you too, Munchkin," I told her, pulling her close, one hand behind her head as I kissed her deeply, passionately. "I love you and your mother so much…" Donna sat up again, repositioning herself over my cock, and guided it into her pussy once again, this time lowering herself onto it quickly.


She didn't play any games this time, riding my cock as hard and fast as she could, pausing every once in a while to force it as deep inside her as she could and grind on it a bit, working her vaginal muscles on it. I watched my cock gliding in and out of her, my pale shaft thrusting deeply as my hips rose to meet her, her dark pussy taking it all in with each stroke. She began to moan, her orgasm building as she rode my cock mercilessly, and moments later her first orgasm rolled over her like a wave, her pussy involuntarily contracting on my shaft.

She continued to ride me, never missing a stroke, and a few minutes later she peaked again, and this time, unable to restrain myself any further, I began to cum as well.

She kept riding as my cum spurted into her, some deep into her pussy, some near the entrance as she rode my cock, the cum providing extra lube as she rode me hard and fast. My cock became even more sensitive, but she didn't stop, continuing to ride me, the pleasure almost unbearable as my cock slowly began to grow limp. She had a third peak, a tremendous orgasm this time that caused her body to shake, and she faltered a bit, slowing down at last, then finally stopping as my cock grew too limp to continue and slipped out of her pussy.

Donna lay back down on top of me, both of us struggling to get our breath, and we kissed again, lightly, and I held her close to me. I was really going to hate to leave.