Unusual yoga session with an anal lover busty teen

Unusual yoga session with an anal lover busty teen
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Brother and sister As I look back at my life this seems like it happened three hundred years ago.

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My sister Shela and I lived in a nice little three bedroom house in a small town in east central Nebraska with mom. We had lost dad about the time I had turned ten. Mom worked long hours and double shifts in a retirement home. She would work extra shifts when she could just to make ends meet.

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I was coming up on my nineteenth birthday and sis had just turned eighteen a couple of months ago. We always joked that mom and dad were part rabbit. We were born ten months apart. Neither one of us was popular in school. We didn't do sports, dances, or hang out with the rest of the crowd. Sis was five foot six and just a tiny bit heavy. Not fat, just not a twig. She weighed around130 pounds. Her jet black hair hung down to her shoulders.

I was five foot seven and weighed about 135 pounds. My hair was short and light brown. We both wore glasses. Neither one of us would win a beauty contest. We were just ordinary farm kids that had ended up in the city after dad died.

We were both considered nerds and dwebs by everyone in school and everyone let us know it all the time despite the fact Shela was a straight "A" student. Shela and I got home from school on a Friday afternoon about three thirty. It was the middle of January and the weather was colder than the middle of a glacier.

It was already dark, the wind was blowing and the snow was starting to fall and be whipped and whirled around by the wind. The radio and television stations were telling everyone to get inside and stay there. This was going to be a blizzard to end all blizzards. Everyone was cautioned to have extra food, a second heat source, extra blankets, flashlight batteries, candles and anything else to protect themselves from this ugly storm. The weather man was calling for five to seven feet of snow with thirty to fifty mile an hour winds and a wind chill of ninety five plus below zero.

As soon as we walked in the door we sat about getting all the fire wood in that we could find a place for. The house was heated with an oil furnace but we used wood as much as we could to keep down the cost. Besides if the power went out there was no blower to circulate the heat. Shela sat out the oil lamps, and all the candles and flashlights she could find while I jumped into my car and made my way uptown to get more lamp oil, candles, batteries and food. We had found a note from mom saying that she might have to stay at work until the storm was over.

She could fill in for someone that couldn't make it into work if need be. The driving was treacherous; the streets were slick and drifted with snow. The wind was blowing and drifting the snow so bad I couldn't see where I was going half the time.

Thankfully I only had to go about six blocks to the local grocery store. I rushed into the store and grabbed anything I thought we might need, food, lamp fuel, candles, matches, snack food, soda, batteries two cartons of cigarettes, and more food.

It only took me about thirty minutes in the store but when I came back out to head home I almost didn't get my car out of the parking lot. Needless to say I hurried home as fast as I dared so I could get in out of the storm. Sis had the wood stove going good and it was warm and cozy inside.

We hurriedly got everything in out of the car and then I forced the car up onto the lawn so the snowplow wouldn't hit it. We didn't have a driveway so we had to park on the edge of the street. I shuddered at the thought of them ripping the whole side off my car with the blade of their plow. My car wasn't much but it was mine, bought and paid for. I had worked my ass off last summer for a contractor to get it and I didn't want it ruined.

We had just started to fix something to eat when the phone rang and Shela grabbed it. "Hello, oh hi mom did you get to work alright? Ya we're fine big brother got brave and went uptown and brought back some more emergency supplies. Ya he's home now, he parked his car clear up on the lawn. He said he didn't want the snowplow hitting it.

Nope, I'm just starting to fix dinner. I hope the electricity doesn't go out for a while yet. They did? That means you'll be there for a while. No we started the wood stove when we got home. Ya we'll be fine, don't worry about us just don't you try to get home in this storm. Mom, we're big kids now and we can take care of ourselves.

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We have food, water, and half the living room is full of wood for the stove. I know it'll be a mess but we wanted the wood inside so we wouldn't have to go outside after it. Okay talk to you later, bye." "Mom says they want her to stay there all night if she can. Some people from the day shift that live outside of town stayed and almost everyone for the midnight shift has called in already. They're hoping that they have enough people there to get by until this is over with and the roads are opened up again.

She suggested we close off the bedrooms, nail a blanket over the doors, and sleep on the floor in the living room near the stove if the power goes out." We had just finished eating and putting the washed and dried dishes away when suddenly the lights blinked out. It was pitch black everywhere. Shela screamed as I instantly dug in my pocket for my lighter.

"Don't panic, I'll get the lamps lit, it's no big deal" I said as I flicked my lighter open and thumbed the spark wheel to set fire to the wick. I lit the oil lamps in the kitchen and the living room.

Then armed with a flashlight we moved our mattresses from our beds and onto the living room floor. As Shela spread sleeping bags over the mattress I closed the doors to all three bedrooms and the dining room. I hung a blanket over all the doors to help keep the heat in the area where we were. We had piled extra blankets and clothing on the floor nearby.

It was crowded but cozy. By nine o'clock the wind was shrieking and howling. The house would shudder from time to time from a particularly strong blast of wind.

The snow had covered the bottom half of all the windows. Outside the windows it was pitch black. Shela wouldn't admit it but I think she was scared. Every hard gust of wind she would tense up with fear. Finally I moved around behind her and as a gust of wind hit I gently put my arms around her in a hug.

"Don't worry sis it won't get you in here, everything will be fine." She tensed up for a second then melted into my arms. "I've never seen a storm this bad. I hope the roof stays on the house and no trees fall on us. I don't know why I'm scared but I am.

Maybe it's because mom isn't here," she said with a quiver in her voice. I saw a tiny tear slip down her cheek.

"We'll be fine sis don't worry. This house was built when they built houses to withstand storms like this. Not like some of the junk that's built today." I held her close and tight. Suddenly I thought "oh shit." I was starting to get hard because I was holding my sister.

I tried to move around a little bit so it wouldn't be quite so evident to her. I didn't want my hard dick poking my sister in the ass and her coming unscrewed on me. Every time I moved she'd move. It seemed like she wanted me poking her, she would give a tiny twitch every time my hard dick throbbed between her ass cheeks.

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She had deaths grip on me. "Oh damn just hold me" she groaned then she grasp my hands and slowly slid them up onto her beautiful tits. I almost lost control right then. I had been obsessing over her ample tits for the last three years.

I had checked the laundry hamper a time or two and discovered that her bras were now 36 C. Most of her underpants were tiny thongs that covered almost nothing. I had been lusting over her body since I turned fourteen. Now it looked like my dreams just might happen. "Oh sis, are you sure you want to do this? I know I do but I don't want to do something that'll make you hate me for the rest of our lives," I whispered in her ear as I slowly squeezed and fondled her luscious breasts.

"Oh god it feels so good I can hardly breathe, it makes me feel so weird all over inside. Oh crap I'm glad mom put me on the pill last spring. I thought she was nuts when she insisted on it but now I know why she did it. I don't ever want these feelings to go away," she moaned and slowly turned her face towards me and offered me her wonderful, kissable lips. I was on fire inside and so was she as we began to fumble and share our first kiss with each other.

We were both virgins so we were both moving on autopilot and instinct. We stood and kissed and felt each other up in our own clumsy uneducated way for the next ten minutes. "Let's zip our sleeping bags together and go to bed.

It'll be easier that way," she finally moaned as she rubbed my screaming and horny dick through my pants with her hand. We forced ourselves apart and rearranged the sleeping bags in record time.

I put more wood in the stove and put the lamps out. All that was left for light was a single lamp glowing and flickering. As I turned back I saw her slip in between the covers wearing nothing but a red faced smile. It took me all of fifteen seconds to shed my clothes and crawl in between the covers with her. As we came together and our bare skin touched I moaned; "oh fuck sis don't move. If you do I'll come all over everything, I can't help it I'm ready to come right now." "I know how you feel.

Give me your t shirt or get a towel so I can take care of that for you," she whispered with a husky, strained voice. I reached out and found my t shirt on the floor where it had landed next to the bed. Sis flipped the cover off of us, took my shirt and began to fumble with my hard throbbing cock. I took her hand and showed her how to gently but firmly rub up and down my pole. As she rubbed my slobbering dick I silently reached over and began to rub her velvety smooth tits and pinch her nipples.

We were both so close to coming it was unbelievable. Suddenly it started in my toes and rushed upwards. All I could do was moan "I'm coming" through gritted teeth and thrust my hips up in the air. Sis carefully caught everything in my shirt. All I could do was lay there and shake. A few minutes later we began to move and kiss again. By now I thought we had the kissing thing figured out so I began to kiss and nibble my way down her neck and onto the edge of her silky smooth tits.

She laid back and groaned with lust as I gently ran my tongue around her swollen areolae. They were the size of a silver dollar, swollen and puffed out.

Her nipples were half an inch long, hard, and standing erect. I slowly teased her nipple and then suddenly sucked it into my mouth. She jerked and moaned. As I was working her breast my hand slowly moved down between her legs.I was a virgin but I had read some about sex and had a vague idea what I would find and what to do with it. With a groan and a whimper sis threw her legs wide open to give more access to her pussy. I gently rubbed and felt my way around her steaming hot, wet, and well lubricated hole.

By now she was moaning and twisting around, raising her hips and trying to hump my hand. I had two fingers stuck in her as far as they would go. I started to saw in and out as I curled my fingers to try to find her g spot. As I sawed in and out my thumb would rub her clit, Seconds later she stiffened up and thrust her hips in the air.

Her pussy clamped down on my fingers like a vise as she squeezed her legs together. "Oh fuck I'm coming, don't stop, keep going please don't stop," she squealed as she shuddered shook and jerked.We hugged each other close and rested for a few minutes so she could get her breathing back to normal. "Oh fuck that was mind numbing, I thought I was going to die but I didn't care. All I wanted was to feel your fingers in me like that.

Give me a few minutes then I want something besides your fingers in me," she said softly as she stroked my chest and abdomen.We lay there and talked as we rested. I found out that she was like I was. I had been lusting for her and she had been lusting for me for the last two or three years. When I had put my arms around her something inside her mind had snapped and she couldn't stand it anymore.

She had to have me and find out what sex was all about. No one had ever even offered to touch her before. She'd had the hots for me for the last two years and she decided to do something about it. I had never been able to get near a girl and I always had to satisfy my own needs. Sometimes two or three times a day. She sheepishly admitted she did the same thing, usually with the handle of a hair brush. By now we were holding each other close and I was hard again. Gently I rolled over on top of her and supported my weight with my elbows.

We were kissing, nuzzling and whispering endearments to each other. Slowly I began to get myself aligned with her honey pot. Finally I reached down and slid the tip of my hard cock across and around her hole for some lubrication. She was squirming and moaning as I placed the head in between her pussy lips. Slowly I began to ease into her. Because of her hair brush comment I wasn't surprised when I didn't find any resistance on the way in.


Good grief this girl was tight. We fought and struggled to get her pussy filled and stretched. Finally I felt our bodies come together I knew I was all the way in. She was groaning and moaning about how big I was and how full her pussy felt. "Oh fuck you're in me, oh shit it feels so good.

Oh crap, go slow I've never had anything that big inside me before." Her breath was coming in quick short gasps as she fought to breathe.

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Slowly I began to make short strokes in and out of her. She was moaning twisting and tossing her head from side to side as she pulled my hair."Oh fuck, harder, go faster," she whimpered as she slammed her arms onto the mattress and grabbed handfuls of the sleeping bags and twisted. "Oh fuck, harder I'm going to come again" she whined. "Oh shit me to" I groaned. I slammed my cock in and out of her like a madman. Suddenly I couldn't hold back any longer.

"Oh fuck here it comes, I'm coming," I groaned as I slammed my dick into her as deep as I could go and held it there as I pumped my goo into her. She felt me come. She shrieked and stiffened up and then began to quiver.

She went over the edge and off into another world. I couldn't hold myself up any longer. My entire body was shaking and my arms were weak so I rolled off to her side and held her close.

This would be a night we would both remember forever. We fucked three more times and had oral sex twice before the morning came.

In between our rounds of fucking I'd get up and put more wood on the fire. Not that we needed the heat for ourselves but I didn't want the pipes to freeze. The morning came too soon with the wind still howling around the house and blowing snow until we couldn't see my car in the yard. Some of the windows were completely covered with snow others were completely uncovered. I turned the battery powered radio on and listened to the news.

The storm had completely buried the whole county. Nothing was moving anywhere. The power lines were down throughout our town and several other towns around the area. Thankfully the phones were still working. Mom finally called about ten o'clock to see if we were still alright.

Shela talked to her and told her everything was fine. I had kept the fire going over night and we still had running water because we were letting it run a tiny stream all the time.

We had just finished breakfast and were putting the last of the clean dishes away. We had moved everything from the refrigerator out onto the back porch. Mom explained that she was just going to work. She had got off at eleven o'clock the night before and had slept in an empty bed. They couldn't see town or the street from where they were.

There was a snowdrift about fifteen feet high out front and the snow was blowing so bad she couldn't even see the parking lot. Thankfully they had a big generator and a huge tank of fuel for it there. That storm had started on a Friday evening and finally wore it's self out late Monday night. On Tuesday the Governor declared a disaster and brought in the military to help open the streets and roads and to repair the power lines.

On the following Monday it would be back to school for the two of us it sounded like. We planned to spend the rest of the week fucking, eating, sleeping and fucking some more. We had taught each other what we liked and didn't like.

We tried a dozen different ways of fucking. Early Thursday morning we heard a snowplow go by. "Oh crap I bet there's a berm of snow ten feet high where we park," I said and started for the door.

I grabbed my coat and hurried outside into the subzero degree weather to survey the damage. Thank god I had parked up on the lawn they were shoving all the snow into the center of the street.

Our parking places were scraped clear. The machines would clear out the intersections and I soon saw why. A dump truck would back down one side of the street and a huge snow blower would chew the ridge of snow up and blow it into the truck while another truck would be backing down the other side of the street. I watched as they went by the front of our house and on down the street. I was thinking to myself as I went back inside, boy could I ever use a snow blower like that.

I could do every sidewalk and driveway in town and make a fortune. On Thursday afternoon we finally got our power back on. Mom just called, she says she should be home by two o'clock," Shela told me as I walked in the door. "Damn that means the end of our fun don't it. Course I guess we still have the evenings since she don't get off work until eleven," I said as I hung my coat up and stepped up behind her I put my arms around her and gently began to fondle her tits.

Shela moaned and leaned back against me. As my hands fondled her t shirt covered tits and my fingers were pinching and tugging at her hard erect nipples she was grinding her ass into my crotch.

"Oh damn, that feels so good please don't stop. I love it when you do that. Oh crap let's go over on the bed." "I got a better idea" I said as I bent her over with her tits lying flattened out on the table.

I quickly yanked her sweat pants down and shoved the t shirt up around her neck. She hadn't worn a bra or panties since our first night. We were both naked most of the time. I instantly shoved my hand between her spread legs. Shela let out a squeal as I started to rub and massage her pussy.

I was busy with my other hand dropping my own pants down to my ankles. Just seeing her bent over with her bare ass waving in the air and hearing her moans and grunts had me hard as an iron pipe. I stepped up behind her and rubbed the head of my cock all over her now wet and dripping pussy. "Oh fuck in me please, put it in me now. I need to feel your cock up inside me.

Please ram it in and make me come," she was begging. I slowly sat the head of my enraged cock up to her entrance and grunted as I shoved it slowly inward. My sister was busy thrusting backwards towards me squirming and moaning as I slid in and pushed against her cervix.

I grabbed her hips and began to thrust in and out. Every time my cock would hit her cervix she would squeal or moan. I knew I was climbing to fast so I slowly slid completely out of her pussy and slapped it with my cock several times. Then slowly reinserted it. "Oh fuck Commingggg, I'm coming. Don't stop, oh shit don't stop now. Please, oh fuck help I can't stand it. It feels so good. Oh god, more please more." I couldn't hold back any longer I wrapped my arms around her and growled as I slammed deep into her and dumped my load.

As started to shoot I reached around and violently rubbed her clit. Suddenly my hand was drenched, not once but three powerful squirts of liquid were ejected from her pussy and onto the floor as she shuddered and shook. I felt my cock deflate and slowly slip out of her battered pussy. She was lying on the table and still jerking and twitching. We were both exhausted still holding on to each other as we came back down to earth.

"Oh crap we need to get moving and get the beds put back together before mom gets home," I finally groaned and began to move. We gathered the blankets and sleeping bags up and put them away then put our mattresses back on our beds. Neither of us wanted anyone to think anything was out of the ordinary. We had just finished getting the house back to normal when I heard mom's car door close outside. I gave sis's tits a quick fondle and tweak before mom came in the door.

Damn mom looked rough as she walked into the house. Her hair was a mess and her uniform looked like she had been sleeping in it. Her feet were dragging and her eyes were half closed from lack of sleep. "Oh my word it feels good to be home, I'm beat. Those twelve to eighteen hour shifts were about to kill me.

I just want to go to bed and sleep for a week. Thank goodness I don't have to be back to work until next Wednesday." We talked for a few minutes before mom headed for the shower and then into her bedroom."Don't either one of you dare wake me up for any reason. If the house is on fire just let it burn and let me sleep." Mom slept the sleep of the dead for the next twenty four hours while sis and I fidgeted silently and entertained ourselves.

The snow was piled six to eight feet deep almost everywhere. It was colder than a steel flagpole outside, so outside was out of the question for the most part. I did go out and spend four hours shoveling snow so I could get my car back out onto the street. We didn't have any friends to go hang out with so we stayed home and watched television or played games for the next three days.

By the middle of March the snow had melted and the weather had warmed up. Everything was back to normal including sis and I hurrying home every day and fucking our brains out. In May I took a job with a contractor that would be nearby for the entire summer. That fall I was laid off and drew unemployment all winter as Shela and I fucked our brains out. The third week of April the contractor called and wanted me to return to work, this time in the middle of Wyoming.

Shela was beside herself. She didn't want me to go. "Babe it'll only be for a month then you can pack up and join me. Just think, out there no one will know the difference we can live together and be open about it. Your driver's license will have the same last name as mine does. It'll be just like we're married. We can be together and no one will say anything.

Besides they offered to supply a house for me to live in and doubled my wages. Normally I won't have to leave the area. I'll be home every night just like I was last summer. Most of the guys I worked with last year thought you were my girlfriend anyway and I didn't tell them anything different." Shela finally gave in after she thought about it for a while and made me promise to call her at least twice a week. The third week of April I loaded everything into my car and headed west.

The next five weeks were hell on wheels. I was missing my sister and missing her blow jobs and her pussy. Finally the first week of June I had to take a company pickup and go back home to fix a minor problem from last year's construction.

As soon as I had that fixed I went straight home to my sister. I pulled up in front of the house and Shela came running out crying tears of joy.

I held her close for a long time as she cried and shook. I don't mind admitting I was a little bit teary eyed also. We had been talking on the phone almost every other day but the phone didn't take the place of the personal touch and body contact.

Mom came out and we all three hugged then went inside. As we turned from the pickup to go in I reached in and grabbed the flowers I had brought for both mom and sis. Now both of them were in tears again. We went inside and talked for an hour before I finally brought up the news I had. The company needed a dependable office person and I had thrown Shela's name out to them. My boss wanted to talk to her, he told me before I left Wyoming to bring her back with me.

Mom wasn't impressed to say the least. She thought Shela was too young to be running off like that. Finally Shela told mom flat out that she was nineteen and graduated from high school. She could go if she wanted to, and she did want to. Besides she had her big brother to protect her.What was there for her in this little town besides trying to get a job waiting tables at the local restraunt or working in the rest home where mom did?

Mom finally accepted the fact that both her babies were grown up and ready to leave the nest. I took the two of them out to dinner that evening. The next morning we packed Shela up and with a very tearful good bye from mom we drove off together. The boss hired Shela on the spot after he saw her high school diploma and a recommendation from her school.

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He gave us a bigger three bedroom house to live in and soon she saw a nice raise. She had discovered that the person she replaced had been skimming hundreds of thousands of dollars from the company. After the dust settled from that we were told that we didn't have to worry about anything. We had saved the company several million dollars.

The board of directors and the company owner guaranteed us a job for as long as we wanted to be there. As I lay here tonight forty eight years later remembering back I have to smile as my "wife" Shela settles into the bed beside me and reaches for my cock once again. We're both getting older now but we're both just as hot and horny as we ever were. It's just that we're a little bit slower these days. As far as the rest of the world is concerned we have always been man and wife not brother and sister.

And yes we have three children and four grandchildren. Not even they know the truth.


The end