Fudendo com o novinho amigo do meu corno

Fudendo com o novinho amigo do meu corno
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As part of my education for becoming a veterinarian I was required to do some work with a large animal veterinarian. My coordinator had recommended a Dr.

Miller who did work with farmers in the southern part of the state about a 2-hour drive away. He said Dr. Miller had worked with many veterinary students and was very good at explaining why things were being done and not just what was being done.

He was also good at having the student do the job and not just observing. This sounded good to me. He called the doctor and we arranged for me to work with him the next week. Monday morning I left my apartment at 4:00 in the morning for the 2-hour drive to meet Dr.

Miller at his office between 6:00 and 6:30. I arrived just after 6:00. Dr. Miller had a small one bedroom apartment that was above his office. He had explained that he used this for veterinarians that covered for him when he was on vacation.

I would be staying there for the week instead of making the 2-hour drive there and back each day. I put my bag in the room and heard the phone ringing downstairs. His wife, the receptionist, answered the phone and soon Dr.

Miller and I were off on the first call of the day. We got into his car and were off to a nearby dairy farm. The farmer there had 3 cows in labor and the farmer suspected that 2 were breaching. He could have handled 1, but not 2 with a third cow in labor. We arrived and went into the barn. In 4 consecutive stalls were the 3 cows obviously in labor and a fourth cow very much pregnant.

"Thanks for coming Morris," said the man in one of the stalls, who I was introduced to as Mr. Anderson. "They always come in bunches, don't they?" said Dr. Miller. Before there was time to respond one of the cows let out a loud bellow. We moved over to the stall and Mr. Anderson and Dr. Miller started working on the cow. They pushed and prodded attempting to adjust the calf to facilitate the birth.

The rear legs emerged followed by the remainder of the calf within 15 minutes. Within a few minutes a second cow was giving birth normally. The third cow, the other breech, bellowed. We turned our attention to her. Dr. Miller instructed me on ways to position the calf to make it as easy as possible. The hind feet began to emerge as expected. Then I noticed concern on the doctor's and farmer's faces.

"It's twins," said Dr. Miller. I was about to ask how they knew when I noticed a second set of hooves. We were able to get the first calf out quickly and the second calf was born soon after. I learned later that with twins usually one calf was born breech and the second born normally. However one or both calves usually ended up dead. We were lucky. Because our attention was on the twins we hadn't noticed the fourth cow had gone into labor and delivered her calf.

5 healthy calves and 4 mothers little worse for the wear was not a bad start to the day and the week. The week continued. Some people came to Dr. Miller's office with single portable animals. Other times we drove to farms or houses to see cows, horses, sheep, pigs, goats, chickens and turkeys. We even treated some cats and dogs. On Friday I drove my car. I followed Dr.

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Miller in his car as we visited his clients. At the end of the day I was going to drive back home. We drove to several farms that day. With all of the dirt roads and their twists and turns I had lost the sense of where exactly I was and the direction to get home. After we finished at our last stop Dr. Miller gave me directions to get to a familiar highway. I shook his hand and thanked him for an interesting and educational week. I headed off looking forward to being home in a few hours.

I headed north on a very dusty and rough dirt road that appeared to get very little use. Plants were growing between the tire ruts on both sides and sometimes growing in from the sides of the road. I hit a larger than normal bump as I crossed a bridge over a small creek.

The engine stopped abruptly. I coasted to a stop moving as close to the edge of the road as I could comfortably. I tried starting the car with no success. The gas gauge read half full. I opened the hood of the car, but I saw no obvious problem. I closed the hood and looked around.

About a half mile up the road I saw a house that did not look like the farm houses I had seen all week. This was a relatively new house. It was positioned in the middle of a few acres of well groomed lawn and was much closer to the road than most of the farm houses. There was a car in the driveway, so I decided to walk to the house. I walked up the driveway past the car. It smelled like the engine was still warm. I walked to the front door and rang the doorbell.

I didn't hear the bell from the outside, so I knocked 3 times. There was still no answer. I thought I heard some music playing from behind the house.

I walked around to toward the back of the house. As I reached the corner of the house I stopped quickly. In middle of the backyard about a dozen feet from the back door was a young lady approximately my age, maybe a little younger, lying on a reclined lawn chair. She was completely nude. I stared at her breasts moving up and down as she breathed. She had beautiful long brown hair cascading off the sides and top end of the chair. I stumbled slightly as I took a small step back. A dog's head, a German Shepherd, popped up from the other side of the lawn chair.

He looked my way and quickly ran to within 6 feet of me. He barked and growled, but stayed 6 feet in front of me. "What is it Max?", said the young lady as she turned and looked toward Max and I. Definitely surprised and shocked she grabbed a towel and covered herself. "Max, stop!" she said. "What do you think you are you doing here?" she said with irritation in her voice. I paused a couple of seconds taking in the beauty of the young woman holding the towel in place.

"I'm sorry to surprise you. My car stopped running just down the road. Your house was the closest. I rang the doorbell and knocked, but there was no answer. I heard the music playing and followed the sound," I explained. "What do you want from me?" she asked still irritated and maybe even slightly angry. "Do you know someone I can call to come look at my car?" I questioned.

She stared at me for a few moments and then smiled, almost laughing. "Ah, yes I can call Hank. He is a mechanic in a nearby town," she offered. "You go around to the front door and let me go inside and get dressed. By the way my name is Maria." "Thanks Maria! My name is Andy," I returned.

"I will meet you at the front door in a few minutes," she said waiting for me to move. I walked around to the front on the house. I heard her call Max and then heard the back door open and close. A few minutes later I saw her look out her front window toward my car down the rode. She opened the front door, now dressed in a light sweatshirt and sweatpants.

These of course hid the beautiful body I had seen earlier. "Come on in," Maria said in a welcoming voice. "I'll find the mechanic's number. Sorry for sounding angry, but I definitely was not expecting anybody to come by." In a few minutes she was dialing the mechanic. When Hank answered she explained the situation and handed the phone to me. I explained to him what happened. He explained that he was in the middle of some other work and because of that would not be able to retrieve the car until the next morning.

I repeated this out loud for Maria to hear. I thanked Hank and handed the phone back to Maria. She listened to Hank for a bit and then thanked him before hanging up.

"Well I guess I sleep in my car tonight. Thanks so much for your help. Sorry for catching you 'unprepared' earlier," I said turning back toward the door. "Wait do you want something for supper?" Maria asked. "I don't get many visitors, especially good looking ones." "Oh, I don't know. I've been in barns and around animals all day.

I wouldn't be a pleasant smelling dinner companion," I explained. "You could take a shower here while I make supper," she quickly offered. "Ok. If you don't mind," I said shyly. "I'll go get my bag." I moved to the door and opened it.

Max rushed out. Maria assured me Max wouldn't go far. I walked to my car with Max at my side. Max was jumping around like a puppy with a new friend. I grabbed my suitcase and my medical bag. Max and I walked back to the house. Once inside I went to the bathroom and took a shower. The only soap available was a very flowery, perfumed soap. I came out of the bathroom in a fresh set of clothes smelling like a flower garden.

I put my bags by the front door. Whatever Maria was cooking smelled wonderful. "It's almost ready. Can you put out plates and silverware?" Maria asked. I went into the kitchen and found the stack of things Maria was referring to.

I put everything in place on the small table near the kitchen door. Soon Maria came out and put a casserole dish on the table, then went back to the kitchen to retrieve a pitcher of water. I pulled out her chair and helped her get positioned at the table before sitting down myself. Along with the chicken, rice, asparagus, and cheese casserole she had put out a bowl of mixed fresh fruit.

"The strawberries and raspberries are from my garden. I bought the pineapple and blueberries from store yesterday. I hope you like the casserole it has a little curry to spice it up," Maria explained. "I love things spiced with curry and fruit is always welcome," I responded. The meal tasted as good as it smelled. While we ate she told me that she was a writer. She did freelance work for a number of publishers and had written a couple of books that had been published and was working on a murder mystery now.

She had built the house here on her grandfather's land because she liked the quiet and solitude to do her writing. I enjoyed a good-sized second helping.

After we finished eating I washed the dishes with Maria. After we finished the dishes she asked, "Do you have your medical equipment with you?" "Yes," I answered somewhat puzzled.

"Could you give Max a quick checkup?" she asked. "Sure!" I answered. "Do you think there is something wrong with Max?" "No, but out here there are so many things he can get into," she replied. I got my medical bag and we sat down with Max between us. Before I started there was a knock at the door. Maria got up and opened the door. "Grandpa!" she exclaimed. "What are you doing here?" "I noticed the car parked down the road when I was out in the field.

I just wanted to see if things were ok," said her grandfather. I stood and approached the door. "It is my car sir. It just stopped running," I explained. "Hello young man," he said looking me over. "Didn't I meet you earlier this week?" I looked at him more closely. "Yes sir. Dr. Miller and I came to check on your horse, Arrow," I stated. "Yes, you are the vet student," he said.

"What's wrong with Arrow?" Maria asked. "A strain in his rear left leg," I answered. "Did the wrapping help?" I asked. "Seems to be. Arrow is not favoring the leg like he was," he answered. "What is being done about your car?" "I called Hank.

He is coming in the morning to determine what is wrong. I made Andy supper," she said nodding her head my way. "I will be taking him into town to get a room for the night." "I see," her grandfather said with some hesitation is his voice.

"Call the house if you need me. I need to get back to the chores." Maria kissed him on the cheek and said, "Thanks for checking on me. Everything is fine." He left. Maria waved and shut the door.

"My 3 acres was once part of his farm field. He gave me 3 acres when I graduated high school. Then helped build my house when I graduated college. My grandparents raised me after my parents died, so he is also like a father to me," she explained. "He is very protective." "I understand," I said. "Should we get back to Max?" She agreed and again sat down with Max between us. I put on my stethoscope and listened to Max's heartbeat.

His heart rate was very normal. I listened to Max's lungs and intestines. Everything again sounded normal. I then felt his abdomen, again normal.

I checked his mouth nothing abnormal. I then took out a thermometer and checked his temperature. A little over 101, in the normal range.

I ran my fingers through his coat. I found a small bump about halfway down Max's back. Spreading the fir exposed a tick. I retrieved a tweezer with fine tips and removed the tick, killed it, then swabbed the area with some alcohol. I found a second tick that had not embedded itself and killed it. I finished my inspection. "Max is very healthy," I told Maria. "Thanks for doing that," said Maria. "I don't have much money right now. I'm waiting for a couple of payments to arrive." "Are his vaccinations up to date?" I asked.

"Yes, his annual exam is due next month," she answered somewhat nervously. She reached over a took the chest piece in her hand, then she took my hand and put the chest piece in my hand. "Can you give me a checkup?" she asked nervously. She guided my hand under her sweatshirt and up to her chest. The palm of my hand rested on her breast over the nipple with the chest piece between her breasts.

Maria sighed a soft moan. Rex looked at her to make sure she was okay. Then he looked at me as if to warn me not to hurt her. I had suspected she had not put on a bra, but the loose fitting sweatshirt had hidden that fact. Her breast was huge. I knew they were large when I saw them when I surprised her in the back yard, but things had happened so quickly that I did not fully realize how large they were. "How does my heart sound?" she asked. I hadn't been paying attention to her heart, rather I was caught up with the size, softness, and warmth of her breast and the hardness of her nipple.

I then counted the heartbeats. "Your heart is beating more rapidly than normal. You must be getting excited," I stated. "I hope to get more excited," Maria said. I dropped the stethoscope and it hung from my ears. I leaned forward, she leaned forward and we kissed. We continued kissing for several minutes. I moved my other hand up under her sweatshirt and found her other breast. I began to massage her breasts causing her to moan as we continued to kiss.

I squeezed her breasts and lightly caressed her nipples. They were hard and pushed back against my fingers. Maria moaned and pressed her chest into my hands. Max again looked at Maria to make sure she wasn't being harmed. I continued to kiss her and massage her breasts. I started moving my hand lower down her stomach. She quickly stopped me, stood up, and encouraged me to get to my feet. "Let's go to the bedroom," she requested.

"It will be more comfortable." We moved up the stairs past the bathroom where I took my shower. Rex was on our heels. We walked through the door of her bedroom. It was like a step back in time into a woman's high school or college room. She had some awards for writing, speaking, and debating mounted on the walls.

There was a couple of pairs of pompoms hanging on the walls. There were several pictures of Maria in cheerleader outfits displayed along with what I assumed to be her parents. A couple of pictures were of her grandfather with a woman who was likely her grandmother. She sat on the bed and looked at me as I surveyed her room. When I looked back her direction she patted the bed next to her.

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As I sat down I noticed my penis had come to attention and I had to adjust my pants as I say down. Maria had noticed also noticed the tent in my pants, then looked at me and smiled. She then looked nervous. "I … I haven't been … with very … many boys," she said with a little hesitation between her words.

"In fact I have only had sex a few times." "We don't have to go any farther," I reassured her. I began wondering how old she was. There was nothing in the room indicating she had gone to college. We sat silently for a couple of minutes. I was not sure what to say or do. I was about to stand up when she leaned into me.


I slowly put my arm around her shoulder. She leaned in harder. "My girlfriends talk about the wonderful sexual experiences they have had. Mine haven't been that way," she said with sadness in her voice. Since she had opened up the subject I asked, "What happened?" After some contemplation she started explaining, "I was very sheltered growing up.

First by my parents and then more so by my grandparents after my parents died. I hadn't gone on any dates until the prom my junior year of high school. I had several guys ask me to the prom. I finally agreed to go with the one I thought was the nicest. I had a great time through dinner and the dance. On the way back to drop me off he turned off onto a small dirt road that didn't appear to be used much.

He parked and turned the car off. He kissed me. Then told me that is was tradition for prom dates to have sex afterward. I reluctantly agreed, being sheltered and yes naïve. He pulled his pants and underwear down. I pulled down my nylons and underwear, then pulled up my dress. He was on top of me quickly. He pushed inside me. It was extremely painful. I cried out and sobbed as he continued. Before I knew it he was done and he was back it the drivers seat with his pants pulled up.

He started the car and drove off while I pulled myself together. He dropped me off at my grandparents, said thank you, and left. I was sore for the next week." She paused and sighed deeply. She sniffled. "I am sorry you had such a bad experience," I empathized with her.

She continued, "My second experience was my freshman year at college. I was staying at my aunt and uncle's house to save on room and board. The neighbor had a son a little older than me. When we saw each other we would wave and say hello. After a couple of months he asked me out on a date.

We had a good time and dated occasionally for awhile. Then on one date he ordered a beer. He then told me he had had his 21st birthday a couple of days ago.

I was still 19 so I just had a lemonade. Our dinner came and he ordered a second beer. Throughout dinner he kept looking at me with a look I hadn't seen before. On our way home from the restaurant, I apologized for not giving him a birthday present.

He told me that there was a present I could give him. I asked what present I could give him. You can give me yourself. He asked me to have sex with him. I thought for a minute and then agreed, thinking it wouldn't be as bad as my first experience. I was naïve. He turned off the road into a dark parking lot behind a warehouse.

He moved over on top of me in the passenger seat. After a couple of kisses and mashing his hands into my chest, he pulled down my pants, pulled down his pants, and thrust his penis into me.

After a few strokes he groaned and then flopped back into the drivers seat. It all happened so surprisingly fast, I was shocked and didn't really have time to tell him to stop. Next time we went on a date, he expected to have sex again. I refused. That was our last date." She paused again. She began to sob. I began to feel the warm wetness of her tears on my shirt. I hugged her a little tighter. Max was still sitting watching us.

He whimpered, then growled quietly. "Max, it's okay," she said between sobs. She scratched him on the top of his head. "My third experience," she started.

I interrupted, "Maria, you don't have to tell me if it is too painful." A few moments later Maria said, "I want to tell someone. I haven't told anyone. No one else knows. My third experience was during my junior year at college. I was a cheerleader. After a football game one of the 'star' players asked me on a date. I was a little star struck and immediately said yes.

He asked me if a certain day would work. I told him that that day was my birthday and I was going to spend it with my family.

So we agreed on a day a week later. He picked me up in a pickup truck. The date went well. He ordered a bottle of champagne to celebrate my birthday. I had to show my id for the first time to prove I was 21. I had a couple of glasses as did he. I was still naïve and star struck. Being on a date with one of the starting players for the college football team was a dream come true. On the way home he drove into a parking lot by a lake. The moon was coming up over the far side of the lake.

It was a very beautiful and romantic setting. He put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer to him. He turned his head and kissed me. He told me he had a birthday present for me. He asked if I wanted to see it. I thanked him and told him I would. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis. I gasped. I looked so big. He smiled and then reached over and tugged my pants down. I again was shocked and froze as he got on top of me.

He began to push inside me. I wanted to tell him to stop. It hurt all the way in. He pumped 5 or 6 times and let out a big "aaah". I could feel his sperm inside me. He stayed motionless for a few seconds then withdrew and sat back in the drivers seat. I pulled my underwear and pants back into place and moved over to the door on the passenger's side of the truck.

A minute later he started the truck and drove me home. As soon as the truck stopped in my uncle's driveway I got out, thanked him for dinner and walked quickly inside. After the next game I had several football players ask me if I wanted to go on a date. I refused all of them. I found later he had bragged about bagging me. I felt so used." She stopped and we sat in silence for some time. Finally I broke the silence, "Maria, again we don't have to go any farther.

Just remember not all men act the way you have experienced. With what you have experienced why did you initiate things with me earlier?" After sitting silently for some time she responded, "You are going to think it is stupid." "No.

I really want to know," I assured her. Hesitantly she said, "A few days ago I was out with some of my girlfriends. They all talked about their love life and how great it was. That night I had a dream a few nights ago.

Although I don't remember everything clearly, I remember some one telling me I would meet a man that would show me who would show me how wonderful sex can be.

I … I thought you might be that man." She caught me off guard. She had been the initiator, but she was definitely frightened of what might happen. She had big expectations, but also clearly a big fear.

"Maria, if you still want to have sex I have a few conditions," I explained. "W.what are t.they," she said nervously. "First, if you don't like me doing something, if something hurts, you will tell me to stop. I promise to stop immediately," I said. "Sounds good to me. I agree!" said with some enthusiasm. "Second, try to put your horrible past experiences out of your mind," I said.

"Okay, I will try my best," she said. "Third, can we put Rex out of the room. He is so protective of you, he might think I am attacking or hurting you. He has already growled when I hug you," I suggested. "I see what you mean and I understand," she said.

"I could put Rex in his kennel and we can shut the door to reduce whatever noise he hears." "That sounds good," I returned. She thought about it, then said, "I understand and agree.

Rex kennel!" Rex got up and walked slowly out of the room. Maria followed him and returned in a few minutes. "I usually only put him in the kennel when I am gone for the day and can't take him with me," Maria said. "He may whine when he doesn't hear us leave or hears us here." "I've noticed how obedient Max is. Did you train him?" I asked. "No my father was a policeman and Max was his police dog. When my father and mother died Max was also injured.

They decided to "retire" him and they offered him to me," she explained. "Of course I accepted. Max and I had already spent a lot of time together and he obeyed me like he did my father." "If you still want to do this we can start now," I said. "Remember, you can say no, or stop, a any point." Still nervous, she agreed. "First I am going to brush your hair," I explained. "Is that ok?" "Y.yes," she said sounding surprised and confused.

I had seen a hairbrush on her nightstand. I picked it up. We both sat on the edge of the bed with her back toward me. I gently touched her shoulders. She shivered noticeably. I began on one side brushing her soft hair. It shimmered in the light with variations of red, light brown, and darker brown. I did 20 brushstrokes before moving toward the next section of hair. 20 more brushstrokes and I moved on the next section. I repeated this 5 more times during which she noticeably relaxed.

I finished and put the brush back on the nightstand. "I am going to kiss your neck," I said. I moved her hair aside and started kissing the side of her neck, just below her ear. She shivered again with the first kiss. I gently kissed down her neck toward her shoulder to the point where her sweatshirt covered her shoulder. I pulled the sweatshirt to the side to expose more of her shoulder for gentle kisses.

I slowly moved to the back of her neck and upper back exposing what I could by lightly pulling on her sweatshirt. Maria let out an "Mmmm". "Do you like this?" I asked fully knowing the answer. "Yes," she replied I continued to the other side of her neck moving her hair and sweatshirt aside as I went.

She adjust to give me better access. I moved up and kissed her ear lobe, then lightly nibbled it. Maria giggled with approval. "May your sweatshirt be removed?" I asked. She stiffened slightly and then cautiously agreed.

"May I remove it?" I questioned. "Y.yes," she answered nervously. I pulled on one of the sleeves and she pulled her arm out of it. I repeated the process for the second sleeve.

I hooked my fingers under the bottom hem of her shirt and lifted it up over her head. Her back was still facing me. I admired her smooth, tanned skin. I lightly traced my fingers up and down her back and arms. Her skin was soft, moist and supple. She let out "oooos, "aahs", and "mmms". I caressed and massaged her neck, shoulders, and upper back.

Her skin and muscles seemed to melt into my fingers. She cooed and sighed in pleasure. I moved down her back to the waistline of the sweatpants she was wearing. "May I reach inside the waistband of your pants," I asked. "Would it be better if I took my pants off?" Maria asked.

"Yes, if you are comfortable with that," I responded. She paused, then stood pulled down her pants and underwear and stepped out of them. "I'm going to kiss your lower back and touch your rear end. Are you good with that?" I asked. "Yes!" she answered with enthusiasm.

She started to sit down. I grabbed her hips and guided her to stand in front of where I was still sitting on the bed. I ran my fingers up her sides and then I circles around her lower back. She shivered and moaned happily.

I moved my hands down to her round rear end. I just stopped and admired the beauty of the woman standing in front of me. Her evenly tanned skin was perfect. I don't know how long I stared.

"Is something wrong?" shed asked breaking my reverie. "No, no just enjoying looking at your gorgeous body," I answered. I began placing light kisses on her lower back. She sighed and moaned approvingly pushing back against my lips.

I began massaging her full soft hips. Her moaning became constant and louder. I moved my mouth lower to the point where her butt cheeks began to separate. She jerked. "I'm sorry did I surprise you? Or did I do something you didn't want me to do?" I asked. "No, not at all. It was just so sensitive where you kissed me, I reacted. Of course no one has kissed me there before," she apologized. "Should I continue?" I questioned.

"Yes! Please!" she answered. I started massaging her butt cheeks again. I kissed her again just where her cheeks separated. She jumped again, but I continued and kissed her several more times with her twitching each time. I moved my lips down to her butt cheeks. Maria continued to moan.

I continued kissing while I moved my hands lower onto upper thighs. I gently rubbed the outside of her thighs, then moved to the backs. Maria's legs wobbled slightly as she drew in a deep breath and then it out slowly. I continued rubbing as I moved my fingers to her inner thighs. My fingertips ran over her smooth skin. Near the top of their stroke they encountered a warm liquid running down her legs.

Maria wobbled slightly, then her knees buckled. Soon she was sitting on my lap. "Wow! That felt so good I just couldn't stand up any longer," she said.

"Did I hurt you?" "No. I am not hurt," I said, although with my erection being trapped under her it was somewhat uncomfortable. "What am I sitting on?" she asked. "You are on my lap," I answered. "No there is something hard," she said. I chuckled, "My penis." She jumped up and turned around. "I'm sorry! Did I hurt you?" she asked apologetically. I stared at the naked beauty in front of me.

Her breasts were so large and so perfect. The bounced slightly then settled into place with the nipples pointed straight at me about mouth high. "Oh, did I hurt you that much? Can you talk?" she asked worried.

"No! I am fine. You are just so beautiful, you took my breath away," I responded. Her face and skin turned bright red. She began to cross her arms across her chest. "Please don't hide them. They are so perfect and wonderful," I requested. After a few seconds she lowered her arms to her sides. Her mouth slowly turned into the biggest smile I had seen from her. "I haven't been naked in front of a man since my father gave me baths when I was very young," she explained. "I've never had someone look at me the way you are.

The other guys had lust in there eyes. You have the look of appreciation or maybe love." "It is definitely appreciation, it is much to early to be love. I don't want you jumping to something that needs more time to develop," I said. "I know," she said and paused. "Can we continue? May I remove your clothes?" "Yes, to both questions," I answered. Maria leaned over slightly. One of her breasts nearly touched my lips.

I resisted the temptation to stick out my tongue and lick her nipple. She pulled my shirt up over my head. "Stand up!" she commanded. I stood. My erection pressed up against my pants. Maria stared at the bulge for some time before she unbuckled my belt, unfastened my pants, and then unzipped them. They fell to the floor.

As I stepped out of them my penis pushed out the hole in my underwear. Maria stared again for some time. "I've never really seen a man's penis before," she said. I watched her hand move from her side toward my penis, then stop. She looked me in the eyes. I nodded yes. She hesitantly moved her hand closer until her fingertips touched the head of my penis. "It's hot and soft," she said talking to herself. I reached forward and touched the lips of her pussy.

"It's hot, soft, and wet," I returned. Some pre-cum exited from me onto her fingers. "Your wet too! Did you just pee on me? Eew!" She exclaimed. She pulled her hand back quickly. "No!" I chuckled. "It is just the fluid that comes out before I would ejaculate. It helps lubricate during sex. Just as your liquid helps lubricate during sex." She contemplated my answer for a bit then said, "I told you I was naïve and definitely ignorant regarding sex.

My grandparents were too embarrassed to discuss this with me and my small town education really just glanced over the subject." She reached forward again and touched the head of my penis.

She then lightly ran her fingers up and down the length of my shaft. It was entrancing to watch her face as she explored something new to her.

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She the hooked her thumb over the elastic band and pulled down my underwear, letting them drop to the floor. She moved her hands down the inside of my thighs.

She cupped my testicles with her fingers lifting them slightly from their resting position. She rubbed them lightly with her thumbs. I sucked in the deep breath and let it out slowly with a sigh. "Does that feel good?" she asked smiling not really expecting an answer.

I nodded and put my hands on her breasts. I slowly circled my fingers around her areolas and lightly across the tips of her nipples. She sighed. I sat back down on the bed. I moved my mouth to her left breast. My tongue touched the nipple and Maria shivered. I put my lips around her nipple and she gasped.

I began sucking and Maria shook and her knees buckled. I grabbed her and laid her on the bed. "Did that feel good?" I asked. "Yes, almost too good. I nearly collapsed," she replied. "Do you want me to continue?" I asked.

"Yes, definitely!" she answered. We heard some whines and whimpers come from Rex downstairs. "Rex, be quiet!" she said loudly. I went back to her left breast nipple. I avoided getting over the top of her and just put my heard over her. When she had told me her stories of she previous experiences she had felt trapped in each one, so I tried to avoid giving her that feeling. I again starting by lightly licking the tip of her nipple, then putting my lips around it.

I began gently sucking. She moaned and shifted on the bed. I began to suck more vigorously and her sounds and movement intensified. "P.please m.move to the o.other one. It is f.feeling l.left out," she managed to get out. I moved around to the other side of the bed.


I avoided getting into a position that would make Maria feel trapped in any way. I licked the tip of the other nipple, before putting my lips around it.


It hardened against my lips. I began sucking lightly and she moaned softly. I increased the intensity of my sucking over the period of the next several minutes. I opened my mouth as wide as possible and licked her nipple as I continued my suction. Maria moaned loudly and writhed on the bed and I continued my attention on her breast. My hand slowly worked it's way down the soft skin of her stomach.

Her breath became more rapid and shallow. Before long my fingers touched the coarse hair above her pussy. I swirled and scratched her hair and skin as I continued toward my ultimate goal. Her skin reacted to my touch. I soon felt the heat emanating from deep inside her and then the warm liquid oozing from inside her. "I've never let anyone touch me down there without getting hurt," Maria stated.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked. "No, I just am a little apprehensive," she responded. "Say, stop at any time and I will stop," I assured her. I moved my fingers tracing the outside of her pussy lips several times. I then tracked up and down crack between her pussy lips. I continued with 3 fingers one on each side of her lips and one up the middle. Each transit I pushed the middle finger deeper into her pussy.

After several strokes at the top of one stroke Maria jerked and yelped. I had encountered her clitoris. "What did you do?" she asked. "I touched your clitoris," I answered.

It finally dawned on me how naïve, innocent, and sheltered she was. Her hand touched mine. I directed her fingers to her clitoris. She began stimulating it. She moaned and writhed around slightly. "Mmm, that feels good, but it felt so much better when you were touching it," she said. "Please continue what you were doing." I moved my fingers back and started by circling around her love button.

I rubbed my finger over the top of her nub. She jumped and an "ooo" exited her lips. I repeated this several more times with a similar reaction each time. I then rolled her clit between my fingers. She purred her appreciation. I rubbed a little harder and her movement and sounds intensified.

I moved my mouth downward from her breast toward her bellybutton, kissing and licking as I went. I climbed up on the bed and was now on my hands and knees. My penis was still hard and dangled between my legs.

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Reaching her navel I kissed, licked and sucked. "Mmm" is all in heard from Maria. I then moved down to the beginning of her public hair. When I moved lower Maria asked, "Are you sure you want to go lower? You know what happens down there." I smiled, nearly chuckling, but proceeded toward my goal. Just before I reached her pussy a hand surrounded my rod and slowly, gently began pumping it.

I sighed approvingly at the feeling. She then repositioned herself on the bed, putting her head between my legs. I hesitated, but then said, "Are you sure you want to go there? You know what happens down there." Her answer came as her lips touched the head of my penis. I jerked not expecting her to do this. I encouraged more by spreading my knees.

She began kissing the underside of my rod and continued the full length of my shaft. I moaned loudly, but appreciatively. She then ran her tongue along the length of my shaft back to the head.

I spread her pussy lips apart and moved my tongue and lips to her clitoris. I opened my mouth and sucked. I flicked my tongue over her nub. She writhed and moaned. I continued more vigorously and rapidly for several minutes as she continued working on me. I then slid a finger into her love tunnel. She was extremely wet so there was little resistance. Maria a then put her lips over the head of my penis and began licking and sucking.

Slowly she took more and more of me into her mouth. I was getting closer to the point of no return. I slid a second finger inside her with slightly more resistance. She moaned louder, but did nothing to indicate I should withdraw it or stop. I began moving my fingers in and out of her quickly increasing to match the pace of my tongue on her clitoris. Suddenly her body stiffened.

She groaned long and loud. Then she began to shake, shiver, and spasm. She twisted and arched her back. I then exploded into her mouth with several jets of semen. Maria coughed and sputtered due the unexpected liquid that squirted into her mouth. She turned her head to side leaving the last string of cum across her cheek. Her pussy drenched my face and fingers as her flow dampened the bedsheets.

"Wow! You almost choked me," she gasped between sputters. "Sorry, I should have warned you!" I apologized. "It's alright! I have never felt such pleasure before," she said. "I didn't know sex could be so wonderful, because of my previous experiences.

I now understand what my girlfriends were telling me." Once her breathing returned to normal, Maria got up and walked out of the door. Soon I heard water running in the bathroom. I laid back in the bed with my head on a pillow. I heard the water stop and some rustling in the bathroom, before long I heard her footsteps approaching the bedroom. Maria stopped in the doorway and leaned against the door frame. She was a vision of loveliness. Gorgeous in face and form. Graceful, defined curves in all the right places.

Her breasts were so large and so perfect with only a very slight sag. A smile crossed her face, making her even more lovely. Her eye focused on my manhood. She licked her lips and took a big breath. My penis was still semi erect. As I continued to look at her I began to get hard again. She reached down and lightly rubbed her pussy. I opened my arms wide and Maria came over and laid on top of me, trapping my rod between our bodies.

We embraced and kissed for several minutes. I kissed her neck and nibbled on her earlobe. She returned the actions giving me goosebumps. "Can we have sex the normal way?" Maria whispered in my ear. "Certainly," I agreed. She tried to roll off me onto the bed. I stopped her by hugging her a little more strongly. "Why don't you stay on top! I don't want you to feel trapped!" I suggested.

"You can then take things at your speed and position and move yourself to what feels best for you." She thought about it and then assented. She lifted her pelvis allowing the head of my penis to travel down to her pubic hair and then her pussy lips. She lowered her pelvis and I pressed past her lips and into her vagina. Maria gasped as the head of my penis entered her. She slowly pushed down, putting me deeper and deeper into her. She was so wonderfully tight it took pressure to move inside her even though she was very wet and well lubricated.

She lifted up and then pushed down several more times until I was fully inside her. She paused and a huge smile appeared on her face as she looked at me. "I had doubted I would be able to get the whole thing inside me!" Maria exclaimed.

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"You are much longer and much thicker than the 3 that forced themselves on me. And you feel so good inside me." We kissed and I hugged her tight to me, but then I let go. "Why did you stop?" Maria asked. "I didn't want you to feel trapped in any way," I explained.

"Oh, thanks, but I didn't feel trapped at all. I felt desired and wanted, and it felt so very good," she said. "Beside, you said I could tell you to stop at any time and you would. I believe you would. You have been so wonderful and caring so far." I hugged her tight again.

We again locked lips. She melted into my arms. I moved up and down inside her, at least as much as I could. She got the hint and began moving her pelvis up and down, coordinating with my movement and rhythm. Maria began moaning and sighing into my mouth. She lifted her head and said, "Please let me go.

I want to try something." I immediately released her. She got up on her knees keeping me deep inside her. Although disappointed for a second, I changed my mind when I saw her breasts hanging in front of me. She began moving up and down and her breasts bounced up and down.

I took one in each of my hands. Maria moaned her approval as I massaged them. She was vigorously impaling herself on my rod and I was doing my best to synchronize with her. After a few minutes she arched her back and screamed before she began shaking uncontrollably. I grunted as I came shooting what I had remaining into her in strong jets. When she finished shaking she went limp and collapsed back on top of me. I hugged her and stroked her back until our breathing returned to normal.

"I'm exhausted," she said quietly. A few minutes later Maria was asleep, laying on top of me with me still inside her. I was able to grab a blanket and sheet and pull them over the top of us. I closed my eyes a soon I was also sleeping. The morning came with the telephone ringing.

Maria awoke still lying on top of me. She got off me and picked up the phone in her bedroom. It was Hank. He was leaving his shop to come tow my car. We got dressed and waited downstairs after Maria let Max out of his kennel. Before long a tow truck passed the house and stop at my car.

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I gave Maria a hug and a huge kiss before walking out the door. "Thank you for everything," Maria said as I walked down the driveway.