Homemade teasing with the camera

Homemade teasing with the camera
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John woke up strapped to a bed, his hands tied above him, his feet were unbound. His arms were sore from having being tied up for so long, but something else was bothering him.

He was the horniest he'd ever been in his life. He was so horny it was painful. He felt like his nuts were physically going to explode. He was covered in sweat and was thrusting into the air, to try and get some friction to relieve his painful cock. A door opened in front of him and he realised he was facing a one-way mirror.

A man came in dragging a girl on a lease. She struggled with every step, but the man was large and he pulled her all the way to the table. John noticed that she had some metal pin thing sticking out the top of her head and John got a very bad feeling.


The girl looked at Johns inflamed cock and started to scream. John 11-inch dick had always caused him problems. He struggled to get and to stay hard and no one would sleep with him because it would hurt them.

Getting an idea of what was going to happen, John felt sorry for the girl. Another man came in, holding something in his hand. He walked over to the table where John was bound and the strong man and the girl waited.

"Hello John.


We're with the government and we're testing new torture methods. You've been selected for your penis size and because no one will miss you from the prison system. As far as anyone's concerned, you are now dead." He said all of this with a smile.

He placed his hand around Johns cock and John started thrusting into it. The only thing on his mind was to cum. "We've injected you with a potent form of Viagra. Unless you have sex, your penis will continue to fill with blood, and tear from stress.

You have about 5 hours until this happens. We've also stimulated your brain to only want sex for the moment. It's all you will think about until the time that we allow you to cum" That's when John realised that he too, must have one of those pins sticking out of his head. The man removed his hand from Johns cock and he groaned in disappointment. He cock still humping the air, looking to find friction.

Lucky for you, we have this lovely lady". She growled at the man who smiled at her. He looked back at John. "Luckily for you, we're not torturing you today, we just needed you for an instrument. She's been abused so thoroughly thus far with no result that this was our last resort." The man showed what was in his other hand and it made John's blood run cold and the woman renewed her screaming.

It looked like a metal ice cream cone with a blunt tip. It would extend his cock by a further 5 or 6 inches, meaning that he'd most likely be fucking straight into her womb. He strapped it onto Johns cock, and instead of the cold metal he was expecting, a warm, pulsing substance engulfed his head, making it feel like his tip was inside a cunt.

He groaned, his thrusting hips never stopping. He was in a world of his own then. Nothing else mattered apart from the need to cum. The pulsing stopped and John felt tears roll down his face as the pain in his cock returned. "Now, this has a hole at the top so that when you do come, not only with it sting a little bit for our little whore, but we've pumped both of you full of fertility drugs, so I would bet on this little madam being a breeding whore. That is, unless she wants to tell us what she knows?" She gave the tiniest shake of her head.

The two men nodded to each other and the strong man lifted the woman up and onto the bed.

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She kept screaming and saying "no" but the strong man just lifted her up by the waist and tried to place her over John's waiting cock. Her hands were tied above Johns head but she refused to lower herself onto his cock. She screamed as, John assumed, the people behind the glass stimulated her pain receptor. Her legs shook by finally gave and she lowered herself onto his aching dick.

As she lowered, John could see her cunt moisten and it was dripping juiced onto the dildo strap on. She lowered herself onto the first inch, but as she did, the pulsing in the dildo engulfed Johns head and he thrust into her.

He got the dildo and some of his cock into her. She screamed but in pleasure. Johns dick had never felt this good. Together they worked all 16 inches of him inside her, he felt her juices spilling over his legs and he began to fuck her. Within seconds of thrusting inside her moist, tight cunt, he was ready to cum, but a painful jolt shot through him and the urge left him.

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So he fucked her again, and again, when he wanted to cum, pain radiated through his head and he no longer had to cum. She was moaning on top of him, convulsing from her orgasms. He could feel her cunt pulsing around his cock and he grew angry. He needed to cum so much and they were giving her free orgasms.

He pulled out as much as he could and thrust deeply into her.


She screamed in rapture as he fucked as hard and deep as he could, the sounds of his balls slapping against her arse and their grunting filled the room.

The woman came again, but this time she looked to be in pain. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuuuuuck" she screamed as she came again. She collapsed in her restraints and still John fucked into her used cunt.

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"No more. Please no more. Don't make me cum agaiiin." She moaned as she was engulfed in another mind blowing orgasm. Each one more powerful than the last. She wasn't built to take this much pleasure.

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Already she had cum 6 times and this guy would not stop. All she could was his grunting as he furiously fucked her. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as she came again. Her senses were being overloaded by the people behind the door and every time she came her pussy tightened and the friction caused her to cum again. She was exhausted, and yet this man still carried on. He was relentless for hours he fucked her, never cumming and growing more and more desperate. The woman was hanging limply in her restraints now, passed out from all of her orgasms while John was still working for his.

Finally, they let him cum. He roared as he released his seed into the woman, who had woken up just as he came. Her eyes widened as she felt him cum in her, knowing that she would get pregnant from this just so they could use it to torture her even more. John fucked her still as he came, making sure every drop was in her. He collapsed on the table, hands still above him. His breath was ragged and heavy and he had never felt more tired in his life. The strong man returned, un tied the woman, picked her up and carried her limp, cum leaking form out of the room.

John lay there, not having more energy than a new born lamb and wondered what would happen next.