Se masturba viejo y me lo env iacute_a por watsap

Se masturba viejo y me lo env iacute_a por watsap
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"David! wake up!" his sister called. He rolled out of bed with a groan, It had been a long night. After the football game he had ogne out drinking with a bunch of friends, but he didnt remember any of it.

Not only the beating he took from the game, but also the late night and whatever he did during the night left him aching. Dave pulled a pair of jeans off the top of his dresser and pulled on a t-shirt.


Dave was a big kid, at 6' 2", 220 pounds he was fairly muscular, but not jacked, just decent. With dark brown hair and barely any facial hair.

No girls had ever pointed him out at the mall to wisper to their friends, but he did all right. When he was dressed he went down stairs and showered up, then headed off for school.

Upon arriving he was soon assalied by three of his closest friends, "What happened dude?" and "Who WAS that chick" and "You get some?". David had no idea what they were talking about, they soon explained to him that he had left with some hot brunette chick half way through the night.

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Digging into his wallet, he found that not only was his spare condom gone, but there was a folded up note inside. "Hannah Jean 763-0225". After classes were over David hurried home to give this mystery girl a call. "Hello?" came a strong, feminine voice over the phone, "Hey, this is David from the bar last night." "Oh, hey.", "You want to get together again tonight?" "Well, a friend of mine, Kim, wanted to hang out tonight.So you'd have to come to my place".

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David thought about this for a moment, with a friend over her house he prolly wasn't going to get it still COULD be fun, and he had nothing better to do anyway. "Sure, I'll be there around 8". Showing up at her front door at 8:15 he knocked.

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"Open" came a slightly slurred voice from inside. "Cool" he thought, "atleast I can get drunk, if there's nothing better to do". David walked in and took his shoes off at the door, the sounds from the two girls were comming from a room to the left, with the sound of the T.V. in the background. ~~~~~~~~~ Hannah hung up the phone after talking to David and called Kim. "Hey, Kim.It's Me" "Hey Hannah, we still on for tonight?" "Yeah, thats what I wanted to talk to you about.You know how earler I told you about that guy, David?" "Yeah." "Well, he wants to come over tonight, while your here.You want to give him a little surprise?" "You horny little.Well, you know I can't refuse any offer from you!" Hannah grins as she thinks about her Best friend Kim, and David and her, all together.

She was already starting to feel aroused. "Wear the sexiest thing you can think of without giving it away to early." Hannah hung up and went to get ready for herself. ~~~~~~~~~~ David stepped into the T.V. room and stopped, there in front of him were two of the hottest numbers he had seen in a while. There was only one problem, he couldn't remember which was Hannah. "Wow, he said, you two look great." The shorter of the two answered in an unfamiliar voice, much softer than the one on the phone.That must be Kim.

Kim was about 5' 3" with blonde hair, and a muscular body.


She had a solid C cup. When she stood up later, he noticed that her ass, while not bad, was a little small. Hannah on the other hand was dark skinned as well as dark haired. She was about 5' 7" with smaller tits and a perfect ass. "What are you two watching?" he asked with feigned interest. "We were just about to pop in a movie" said Hannah.

Kim got up and put it in, while Hannah motioned for him to take a seat between the two. Kim sat back down, and pressed play.

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After it had been only only moments David realized that it was a porno, infact, it was one of his favorites. As a cheerleader was getting felt up by her coach on the screen, David started to get a hardon, thinking about what was to come. Getting very uncomfortable, and trying not to show his growing dick, he shifted positions and noticed that Kim was licking her lips, watching his growing bulge.

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Looking over at Hannah, she was doing the same. "Umm.What are you two doing?" Hannah had started to lean into him, her eyes intent on his pants. "Just relax, and have fun". Dave could not believe his luck, here he was, between two gorgeous women, and they were starting to luck awfully cock hungry.

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David leaned back, giving full acess to his now fully hard member. Kim almost dove on it, unzipping his fly and taking him into her mouth. Hannah got up in front of him and started a slow strip dance.


When she was down to just her thong, she pulled Kim off and kneeled in front of him, tacking his full 7 inches. Pulling off her clothes, Kim and Hannah got up and helped turn him, so he was stretched out on the couch.

Hannah resumed her lustful attack on his dick, while Kim climbed over to Davids face, and sat down above him. David immediatly started in on her. She tasted great, having been the only pussy he had tasted in weeks.

Kim soon came for the first time that night, bucking her hims, and pushing her pussy into his face. David too felt himself nearing climax and thrust his hips up into Hannah's mouth, gagging her. As she gagged her throat tightened and he came, most of which she was forced to either swollow or choke on.

Pulling Kim off him, he put her on the couch and thrust his wet dick inside her. David's second surprise of the night came when Hannah climbed on top of Kim's face. After a much shorter time than he had accomplished, Hannah started to squirm and thrust herself closer into Kim's face. As Kim grew closer to yet another orgasm, she slowed her tounge. "Oh my god Kim, DON'T STOP" Hannah panted, bringer her own hand down to rub her clit.

Kim moaned as David thrust deep inside of her and Hannah pulled her head up into her pussy.

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Hanna came, her sweet juices flowing all over Kim's face. Kim, herself, soon became flushed and had her second orgasm, this one much stronger than the last. David still had more left and pulled the slightly exhausted Hannah off Kim. Pushing her on the ground, he bent her over the bottom of the couch and positioned himself behind her. Grabbing her ass with both hands, he spread her firm cheeks. Using her pussy juices as lube, he pushed the tip of his cock up against her puckered asshole.

Pushing just the head in, he heard a sharp intake of breath as she got used to the feeling. He slowly started to thrust in and out of her anus, it was so tight it was almost painful. As Hannah slowly started to realax her ass loosened up enough for him to thrust in farther.

Without warning he thrust all the way in, pounding her ass in hard, fast strokes. She tensed up and he jammed into her one last time, his cum filling up her ass.

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Pulling out, he laid back on floor and let the two girls clean each other, and him up. "Wow" he thought, "Im glad I didn't find anything better to do."