Yui Hatano looks pleased with so many dicks around her

Yui Hatano looks pleased with so many dicks around her
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Susan and Polly were two good friends home from college for winter break. It was after the holidays, and Susan had taken Polly to her family's cottage in the woods for a change of pace from the big city.

Both of them rather enjoyed this isolated little house. However, a blizzard blew in late one night, effectively trapping them until the storm clears. It is on that night that Susan found the game. "Hey Polly!" Susan called from the kitchen. "Yeah?" she said, digging around in her bag. "Did you find any candles?" she called back to Susan. Susan was silent for a moment. "No, I just found an old board game." Susan called back.

"Oh?" Polly replied. "What is it? Candyland?" she asked. "No." Susan trailed off. "Hard to tell in the dark." she said. "Well, bring it in here by the fire!" Polly called, withdrawing a flashlight from her bag. Susan returned to the den, where Polly waved her flashlight about with a wide grin on her face.

"Well, no power, no Internet, middle of nowhere in a blizzard." Susan said. "What are we to do?" Polly said sarcastically, checking her cell phone.

"I've still got, like, no reception out here." Polly sighed. "Well, we've got this mysterious board game." Susan said, holding up the box.

"The Mommy Game" Polly read off. "What even is this?" Susan asked rhetorically. "Well, it was in your parents house." Polly said with a shrug. "Well, they just bought this place a couple years back. I don't think this is theirs." Susan replied, turning it around so she could read the cover herself.

"A board game through the pleasures of Motherhood." Susan read off. "Sounds weird." Polly said with a grin. "Wanna play it?" Susan asked with a smile.

"This could be the worst board game of all time." Susan said with a chuckle. "Worst ever? Judging by the box art, that's possible. Okay Susan, let's play!" Polly replied, and Susan set the box down on the large coffee table and took off the lid. Inside the box, lit by the light of the fireplace, was a collection of old pieces, cards, and a folded cardboard playing board. Susan folded it open, and at first glance it did bear a striking resemblance to Candyland.

It was a path, dotted with blue, pink, yellow, and green squares- where some had little stars on them for the player to draw "Mommy Cards". Around the board there seemed to be all sorts of unusual "stops" that the game wound through. Susan read them aloud. "First love, pregnant." she traced her finger down the board. "Big chunk of space in that area." Susan mused. "Probably for how long somebody's pregnant." Polly said, who was now studying the yellowed instructions by the light of her cell phone.

"Birth." Susan continued, passing her finger around a horseshoe part of the game board. "Don't want to hit any of these spaces." Susan chuckled, moving her finger past "Birth", down 5 spaces that all read "Pregnant again! Go back to Pregnant!" She pushed forward down the board, and was surprised there wasn't too much more left- "Feeding" she read. "Nurturing" she read again. "Then a spot that says 'You Winner!'" she read off in a sarcastically excited tone of voice.

Polly chuckled. "You ain't 'winner' yet." Polly said with a smirk. "Well, as best as I can make out." Polly said. "We need one die." she began, withdrawing a multicolored die from the game box. "We select a game piece, set them on start, and roll to determine how many spaces forward you move. If you stop on a star, you draw a "Mommy Card" and if you land on a word space, you do what it says." Polly read. "First one to the end is 'winner'" she said with a laugh.

"Sounds easy enough." Susan stated, reaching into the box and withdrawing a game piece. "Huh, the pieces are little plastic figures of naked ladies." Susan said.

"Yeah, these are kinda weird." Polly said, holding hers into the light. "They're like, walking, but just gt it all out there." Polly said with a giggle. She took a picture of hers with her phone. "Maybe they're just in really tight clothes." Polly mused. "Here, feel this one." Susan said, handing her game piece to Polly.

"Oh, yours has, like, nipples sticking out on it. Mine doesn't. Weird." Polly said, setting the piece next to hers, before snapping another photo with her phone. "These would so be up on Instagram if we had any data out here." she sighed.

"Well, let's play the game- I have a feeling these "Mommy Cards" will make pretty good pictures too. They set their game pieces on the board at the start, and Susan opted to roll first.

"4." she said, moving her little woman forward 4 pastel spaces. Polly took the die, and gave it a shake for good measure, before letting it go on the table. "6" Susan said, craning to see the number on it by the light of the fire. Polly moved her little woman up six spaces, tapping it on each space as she went so as not to skip any spots. She landed on a star space. "First 'Mommy Card' of the night." Susan chuckled, handing her one out o the box.

She smirked, holding up her phone's screen to it so she could read it. "Heartbreak! Lover is leave you. Go back 2 spaces." she read off with a laugh. They both laughed for a spell at the terrible grammar. "Did your 'lover is leave you' because you grammar is no good?" Susan giggled. Polly snickered at that. "Don't worry Polly, when 'You Winner!' he'll come crawling back to you!" Susan said with a laugh.

"Oh yeah!" Polly said, reaching over to grab the die off the table, before handing it back to Susan. Susan rolled again, and got a three. After that, Polly rolled a 5, and then Susan rolled another three. With a bit of a lead, Polly was nearly out of the "First Love" section of the game.

Polly rolled another 6, and she bounded into the Pregnancy part of the game. "Wow, you're doing good." Susan chuckled. "See?" Polly giggled. "I'll be winner in no time." she said.

They played on for a spell, with Polly maintaining her lead by a wide margin. The "Pregnant" section took up most of the board though, so there was considerable room to catch up.

Polly moved forward another 4 spaces, and leaned back on the sofa with a cross face. "You okay?" Susan asked. "Just feeling kinda sick all of a sudden." Polly replied. "You wanna keep playing?" Susan asked. "Oh, yeah, I'll be fine." Polly said, taking the die from Susan as the game proceeded. A short while later, and Polly was feeling better again, and the pair were having a great time. Then, Susan landed on a star space. "Mommy Card." Susan said, withdrawing one from the box. Polly extended her phone, the screen on a blank "Facebook" page to give the most light, over to Susan.

Susan read her card. "Hormone fluctuation in your favor. Go up one bra cup size. Move ahead 2 spaces." Susan read off, giving an approving nod. "As if the "D" cup lady needs even bigger breasts." Polly said, rolling her eyes.

"I'd pass the card onto you, little "C" cup, but with your vast lead, I don't think you need any more spaces forward either." Susan said with a smirk. She handed the die to Polly, who rolled again, moving right along through the pregnant section of the board.

"I wonder why it's called "Pregnant" if we don't have to do anything else." Polly said, grabbing the instructions again. "Are we missing something, because this is boring. I'm almost to the first trimester, and there's like 60 more squares or something to go." Polly protested, scanning the instructions again.

"I don't. OH!" Susan squeaked. "What!" Polly said, startled by the sound. "My chest." Susan said,putting her hands to her breasts. "Oh man this is tight." she said. Polly looked her over in the firelight, fearfully. "Are YOU okay?" she asked. "Yeah, I just." Susan said standing.

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She took off her sweater gingerly, revealing her breasts underneath- squeezed and overflowing out of her bra. "No. Way." Susan said, her mouth hanging open. Polly looked her over in amazement. "So. did the game." she said incredulously. Susan just laughed, turning away, and undoing her bra.

She took it off, and let out a coo of relief. "Wow." she said, cradling her somewhat larger breasts in her hands. "Yeah, I'm a cup size bigger. Easily a cup size bigger." Susan said. "Are you sure!?" Polly said, a slight pallor to her face now. "Come take a look if you like!" Susan said with a chuckle. Polly began to stand, wavering as she did, causing her to grab the couch for support. Her center of gravity had shifted unexpectedly. "Oh. no." Polly said, a dry horror to her voice.

Susan turned around at this, displaying her massive new mammaries in all their glory by the firelight. Polly was deathly white, and had both hands on her belly. "What is it?" Susan asked, concerned. Polly lifted up her sweater, and underneath, her flat belly now bulged out in an unmistakably pregnant way.

They both looked at each other, their mouths hanging open in disbelief. "Polly, I." Susan began, before running her hands over her own belly. Her heart sank when she felt that she too had a bulge.

Less defined, but she was indeed pregnant- the same as Polly, just not as far along. Susan walked in closer, and they looked at the game board again, and how they were about a third of the way through. "It's just a game." Polly trailed off.

"Look at our pieces!" Susan said, reaching down, before Polly lurched awkwardly over to grab her. "Don't touch them. This is some Jumanji crap we have going on here." Polly said, breathing hard as her mind raced.

"So if it's like Jumanji." Susan said, carefully fitting her sweater down over her newly enlarged breasts, "We. we can't stop until somebody wins. Right?" Susan asked. "I don't know. I didn't take 'magic board games 101' back in school!" Polly said, collapsing back into her seat.

She buried her face in her hands. "I. I'm pregnant." Polly said with a little sob. Susan sat down gently next to her. "I mean, we. we are pregnant." Polly growled out, fighting to compose herself. Polly leaned back, one hand pressed to her mouth, and she stared intensely at the fire.

"What do you want to do?" Susan asked, checking her phone for a signal. "Well, we've got no phone service, and can't leave here for at least a day or two." Polly sighed. "I don't know, if it's like Jumanji, everything should go back to normal when we win, right?" Polly asked. "I. I don't know." Susan said, looking the game over. "If we don't play, we'll still have to go through whatever is left of our pregnancies, if they even progress beyond the game." Polly said, again more to the room and herself than to Susan.

"So, one of us needs to win. At the very least, we have to get to 'Birth'." she trailed off. ".so we can. I don't know, get these out of us." Polly said, stroking a circular motion on her belly. A tear ran down Polly's face. "Birth. That sounds like fun." she said sarcastically, though Susan could see she was shaking.

"It'll be okay. If it works that way, you're ahead of me. So I can help you." Susan said. Polly turned and looked at Susan- her face was still upset, but her eyes were thankful. "My sister Gwen had a water birth at home. I was there for that, so. I mean, I'm no expert on baby stuff, but I do know the process." she said. "I don't have the little pool thing, but." Susan trailed off.

"We could use the hot tub. It's gas heated." she said, gesturing towards the back door leading to the cottage's back porch. Polly leaned in, and wrapped her arms around her friend. She didn't say anything, and though Susan could tell she was still crying, she could tell Polly was trying to cover it up.

"Thank you Susan." Polly began, her voice cracking. "What are friends for?" Susan said, trying to improve the mood. "I mean, it's just a magic. or cursed, or whatever board game.

We'll just play by the rules, have some fun, and be glad when it's all over." Susan said. Polly nodded, sniffling, but more composed now. Polly stroked her belly for a few moments longer, before looking up at Susan. "Well, who's turn is it?" she asked. My turn, Susan said, rolling a measly 1 on the first roll. "Well, off to a good start." She chuckled.

She handed the die to Polly, who reluctantly rolled a 4, passing the first "Trimester" marker. She let out a resigned sigh as she handed the die back to Susan, who rolled a 2.

"Could take awhile for me to get up there Polly." Susan said, before stopping short. "Hang on." she said. "What!?" Polly asked, cautiously optimistic about this.

"Look at our pieces." she said, putting her face close to the board.

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Polly reached over and grabbed the flashlight, before turning it on the game board. "See, mine has bigger breasts now." Susan began. ".and yours has a little belly." She concluded, pressing a hand to her face. Polly leaned back in her seat, again thinking about this. "So, the little pieces.

are us." she said, looking back at the board. "Well, that would make sense I suppose." Susan said, rolling her eyes. They clicked the flashlight off.

"I guess on we go." Susan said. The two played in near silence for another half hour, pushing Polly almost to the end of her second Trimester, and Susan to the end of her first. Polly's belly was now a pronounced pot belly that was visible under her sweater. Susan's Belly was considerably smaller, and still hidden by her sweater, more so due to the overhang of her enlarged breasts than anything else.

Polly shook the dice, and dropped it, revealing a 3, and she looked up at the board. "Oh, great." she said. It was a star space. She reached reluctantly into the box, and withdrew a "Mommy Card". She held up her phone again to read it.

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"Baby Bonus!" she began. "Wider hips for easier delivery!

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Move ahead 5 spaces!" she read off, setting the card down firmly on the table. She leaned back in her seat, and set her hands on her hips. "I feel something." she said with a groan. "Are they really getting wider?" Susan asked, grabbing the flashlight, and standing to hover over where her friend was seated. Polly adjusted herself so she was sitting towards the edge of here seat, and drew back her sweater- revealing her baby bump to the flashlight's brilliant glow.

Susan watched intently, as Polly tried to look around her belly to see if she could see a change. "May I." Susan began, reaching in with one hand.

"Yeah!" Polly said, nodding eagerly, gesturing for Susan to go ahead with whatever she was going to do. Susan tilted her head so she could awkwardly pin the flashlight between her head and her shoulder so both her hands were free.

She put her pointer fingers on the outermost points of Polly's hips, and held them there. They stared in silence for a few moments. "Yeah." Susan began softly. "It's very slow though." she said, looking back at Polly.

Polly was again a shade of terror. "How 'wide' are they gonna get!?!" she stammered. "I don't really know." Susan said, taking the flashlight in her left hand, before reaching down again with her right.

She set her index finger on the outer edge of Polly's left side, and reached her thumb across the underside of her belly as far as she could reach. "Probably not too much bigger." she said reassuringly. "My pants are kinda tight." Polly peeped, her voice cracking again. "It's gonna be okay." Susan said again, reaching down and undoing the button on Polly's slacks. She unzipped the zipper, and Polly let out a breath of relief. Underneath, she could see her bright yellow panties, but she assumed they would stretch to accommodate.

"This is actually a good thing. If you have to give birth, your hips are the biggest obstacle, so this will make things a lot easier for you." Susan said, stroking her friends belly in a comforting manner. "I'm on the track team. How am I going to run in the spring if my hips are all out of whack?" Polly groaned. "Well, when one of us wins the game, it's over." Susan said reassuringly.

"Then things should. go back to normal." Polly said. "That's the spirit!" Susan said, taking up the die herself. Susan rolled, and proceeded a wild 6 spaces, passing the first trimester mark with a smile, before handing it back to Polly, who had again composed herself. She rolled again, and also got 6, leaping ahead even further, just narrowly missing another star space. She passed the die back to Susan, and the duo proceeded for a spell, with both of them growing steadily larger.

Though Susan's belly was more in pace with the game, Polly was now in her third Trimester, and looked every bit of it. Susan noticed, but didn't say anything, but Polly's breasts, hips, and belly were all significantly larger than before. The bottom of her belly peeked out from the bottom of her sweater, and her breasts now pushed her sweater outwards, so it was no longer loose on her at all. "Be careful ahead there." Susan said, pointing ahead on the board.

At the end of "Third Trimester" was a series of three star spaces in a row, before entering "Birth".


Polly looked at her, let out a reluctant sigh, as Susan rolled another 2. Polly rolled again, this time a 5, landing her on another Star Space. "Do I have to read it?" she moaned. "You'd better. I don't want to find out what the game does if it thinks you are cheating." she trailed off. Polly took a card in her shaking hand, and read it. "Milk overflow! Breast lactation for remainder of game. Go back 5 spaces." she read, dejected. At once, her sweater darkened about the chest area.

"Oh crap." she fumed. "So, you're. leaking?" Susan asked, careful to try and not upset Polly further. "YES." she growled, pulling her sweater off over her head. Susan watched as she did this, and saw that her breasts were also overflowing out of her yellow bra- she assumed that Polly was in denial about it, and hadn't said anything about it on those grounds.

Polly threw the sweater over the back of the couch, and then undid her bra, releasing her breasts. "Looks like you've got D's too." Susan said with a smile. "Something good comes out of this." Polly sighed, looking herself over. She held her breasts in her hands, as she examined them. Her nipples were large, bright red, and collected at their ends were droplets of white milk that slowly grew as more was drawn out.

She watched as a drop fell from one nipple to the couch they were sitting on. "Um, sorry about this." Polly said, wiping the breast milk away with her hand. "It's fine, I'm not worried about it at all." Susan said with a reassuring smile. She handed Polly a blanket, which she wrapped about her breasts.

"Thanks." Polly said, her face red with embarrassment. "It's okay Polly." Susan said, reaching over to give her friend's shoulder a reassuring squeeze. They played on for a bit more, with Polly adjusting her blanket every so often when it would come out of place when she'd reach for things. As they moved forward, their bellies continued to swell.

Susan's pronounced bump was nothing compared to Polly's big baby belly. She wasn't a big girl by any means, and so to have what appeared to be a large watermelon trapped in her belly made here appear very strange. Though she dare not bring it up, Susan also noticed that Polly's hips had made her form truly pear-like, widening considerably from before.

Susan thought back to her sister's water birth, and recalled how wide her sister's hips had been- Polly was now easily double that, so the worst was out of the way, or so she hoped. She had really only been present for the event, and not really active in what was going on, but she was confident that, if she had to, she could deliver her friends' baby.

Likewise, she believed she could deliver hers as well if she needed to. Susan rolled a 6, but her celebration was cut short. She had landed on a star space, just ten spaces shy of the third Trimester line. She reached into the box, and Polly looked on, wondering what was about to happen. "Baby Bonus! Vagina size doubler! Move ahead ten spaces!" Susan read. Polly's eyes snapped to Susan's crotch, blocked by her flannel pajama pants.

"Do we want to watch it?" Susan asked. Polly looked up at Susan. "I'm no prude, this feels weird, and I want to see. Do you want to see?" she asked. Polly nodded slowly. "Well, come over here with the flashlight. With my belly I can't see too well. actually.


she trailed off, reaching into her pocket, and withdrawing her phone. She pressed a few buttons. "Get a video of this. I want to see this when it's done." she said, pulling the pajama pants away from her hips, and dropping them to the floor. As they fell, her purple panties became visible, and beneath them something was churning. Polly moved over to the new spot adjacent the fire, as Susan removed her panties. She kicked both aside, and walked to a large chair, before taking a seat in it, leaning back, with her legs spread.

Polly stammered, then attempted to explain what was happening. "Well, it's like, churning." she began. "Like?" Susan said, calmly. "Well, it's like moving in and out a little bit on all sides. It's bright red towards the top, and it seems like it's kinda, pulling in a little bit." Polly rambled on. "What does that mean?" Susan asked.

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"It's uh. well, I'm no good at this. It's like it's getting longer by opening up more at the top." Polly stammered, adjusting her blanket when she noticed a droplet of milk on the floor beside her. "I'll say, this feels fantastic." Susan said with a contented sigh. "I'll bet." Polly said. They sat in silence for a bit, with Susan cooing contentedly, and Polly dutifully filming the bizarre transformation her friend's nethers were going through.

A little while later, and Susan's phone was beeping about low battery. Susan sat up, closing her legs as she did so, and Polly handed Susan's phone back to her. Susan clicked a few things on the phone, before studying it intensely. Polly deduced she was watching the replay. Susan took her free hand, and gently caressed her new, larger, vagina.

"I keep getting big things." she mused. "It's not done." Polly said. "Yeah, I can feel it." Susan said with a smile. "But, that'll wait, we've got a game to play. She said, turning her phone off, and setting it on an end table.

Susan rose, and helped Polly up with her bigger belly. They both went straight to the couch, and sat down to resume play. Polly glanced at Susan's bare lower half, and Susan caught it. "Seeing as you just watched my vagina grow, there's really no sense hiding it.

If we're going to be having babies in the next few hours, no sense even covering up." Susan concluded. Polly nodded in agreement. "I'm glad it'll be easier now. I won't have to stretch things as much." Susan said. Polly didn't reply to that. "Seriously though, I hope you get this card." Susan said, tossing it back into the box. "This felt amazing, and it'll really help you out." Susan concluded, handing Polly the die. Polly rolled forward, and found herself on the last line of the "Pregnant" part of the board.

A terrifying seven star spaces lay between her and birth, with nary three plain spaces between them for the most part. Polly's belly let out a gurgle, and Susan noticed it was still getting bigger, and would soon be huge. She wasn't sure how big the baby would be, or whether the game helped in the birth process, but Susan figured it wouldn't be too much longer and Polly would be having a hard time moving around. Susan rolled a 5, and narrowly missed a star space, handing the die to Polly.

Polly held it in her hand comprehensively. Her goal, Birth, was right ahead. The odds of her making it without getting a "Mommy Card" were very, very low. "Hey" Susan began, giving her friend a reassuring squeeze to the shoulder. "They've been mostly good." she said, gesturing between her legs, and pointing to the card she had discarded into the box. Polly nodded, and rolled ahead. Polly rolled a 2, and landed beside a star space. She let out a sigh of relief as she handed the die to Susan, who rolled a 6, putting her well past the Third Trimester mark as well- she was closing the gap a little- and here belly gurgled as it expanded- pushing her sweater up and away.

Polly gain took the dice, and rolled, this time a 6. She moved forward, stopping on a star space. She looked anxiously at Susan, who pointed to the card again. "It's good. It's also not cheating." she said.

Polly took the card, and read it aloud. "Baby Bonus! Vagina size doubler! Move ahead ten spaces!" she read, grinning. At once, she snapped a hand to her crotch. "I. it. it worked!" she cheered. She stood gingerly, losing part of her blanket.

She pushed her already unzippered slacks off, before carefully pushing her panties off away from her vast hips. Susan came around the coffee table, and Polly sat back in her seat, her legs now spread.

Susan looked, and sure enough, her vagina seemed to "quiver", and as it moved, grew larger and longer. "It seems like yours had already started getting bigger naturally." Susan stated. "Yeah, if it gets twice as big, between that and your hips- the babies will slide right out." Susan said, giving her a reassuring pat on the shoulder. They sat in silence for a few moments, as Polly enjoyed the sensation taking place between her legs. A few minutes passed, and soon Polly composed herself.

"Wow. Okay, yeah, that was good." she said. "I told you." Susan said, a smug grin on her face. "So, let's see. ten spaces." Polly said, moving ahead. She landed on another star space. Her smile vanished, replaced by another anxious pallor.

Susan, however, was unchanged. "It'll be fine, whatever it is. Just grab it, and we'll deal with it." Susan said, giving a "thumbs up" gesture. Polly exhaled sharply, and reached again into the box, withdrawing a new card. "More time in the oven! Faster growth for three spaces. Go back 16 spaces!" she read off. Her eyes went wide.

"That puts me back on the last row." she said, her eyes welling with tears. Susan reached over and embraced her. "It's okay. Only a setback. We'll get it." she said, stroking Polly's hair. Polly again composed herself, and Susan took the die.

"Well, I'm only two rows behind you. Maybe I'll be 'winner' yet." Susan chuckled, reaching to pat Polly on the shoulder. Polly let out a sarcastic laugh. Susan looked the board over, and wondered how well she'd fare if she were to give birth first. Looking at Polly, she was worried how much she could physically take- the weight and strain of what was growing inside of her must be getting to her Susan thought.

Susan rolled a six, and landed on a star space. She rolled her eyes, and again Polly turned to give her her full attention. Susan reached casually into the box, and withdrew a card. "Baby Boon! Faster feeder! Nipple size double! Move ahead 7 spaces!" she read off, nodding. She set the card and die down before, pulling off the now-tight sweater, letting her massive mammaries flop out. She tossed the shirt over the back of the couch, and the duo now sat naked together.

They watched for a spell, and they saw as her nipples- stubby little things, began to undulate- growing larger as they did so. Susan glanced over at Polly, and Polly took up the die, giving it a roll.

She rolled a six, this time landing on a star space. "Not AGAIN." she groaned, but she quickly overcame it, and grabbed a card.

"Water logged! Vaginal discharge of excess water for remainder of game! Multiply discharge volume 2X on pink squares! Go back 10 spaces!" she read. At once, they both heard a gurgle, and she stood with a shot.

Where she had been sitting, a tiny puddle had formed on the sofa. "Oh my g." she began, but stopped short. She looked down, and from her nethers, a drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Like a leaky faucet. She just looked up at Susan, more shocked than even upset at this turn of events. Susan smiled and shrugged. "That's kinda neat.

Compliments your other one." she said. At that, the dripping accelerated- drip-dirp-drip-drip-drip-drip. before resuming it's more rhythmic pattern. "Yeah, that's really neat, actually."Susan said. "What is 'neat' about this!? I'm dripping, and I can't stop!!" Polly said, her fear welling. "Well, it's kinda neat because my sister had the same thing happen to her. She went through, like, a million pads. Her's wasn't regular like that.

You though." she reached down, grabbing another blanket. "Are good to go. We got blankets and towels for miles. Let me know when that one's all wet." Susan said with a grin. Polly sat down, red with embarrassment again. "I'm really, really sorry." she said. "Not your fault. It's this d*** game." Susan said with a shrug. She held out her hand, and Polly handed her the die back.

"I have never been this wet inside. ever." Polly protested softly. "Just don't land on a pink space." Susan said with a wink. Susan rolled, and rounded the corner on a new row, not far from Polly now. She handed the die back to Polly, and gave her an encouraging nod. Polly shifted her belly, now appearing as though she'd swallowed a beach ball of some nature, and rolled the die. Luck was on her side, and she missed the star spaces, returning, almost, to where she had been before. Both their luck held out for another two rolls.

However, with Birth again in sight, Polly became apprehensive, stroking her belly. "How long can a person be pregnant?" she asked. "9 months." Susan replied. "Well, I know that, but the game has matched that, and I've got all that extra time now with all the "go back" ones I got." she sighed, adjusting the blanket beneath her to better collect her drippings.

Susan thought about it. "Well, I mean, I hear people are 'overdue' all the time. But. I don't know that there's a limit." Susan said. "So, it's more about physical endurance?" Polly asked, nervously. Susan shrugged. "Well." Polly said, stroking her belly. "I'm getting huge." Susan nodded. "You are the image of motherhood." she mused, smiling. Polly cracked a smile, and reluctantly rolled the die.

Polly rolled a 2, landing on yet another star space. She began to groan, when she cut herself off with a squeak. The square was, sadly, pink as well. She stood gingerly, and just shy of a stream of clear amniotic overflow trickled out of her onto the floor. "I'm going to." she began, walking to the restroom. Susan watched her go. A few minutes passed, and Susan watched the fire dry the spots fairly quickly. A few more minutes passed, and Susan stood, walking to the restroom door. "May as well just grab some towels and come play.

It won't stop will it?" Susan asked through the door. "No. It just keeps going." Polly sighed, opening the door, an already-mostly soaked towel pressed between her legs. She returned to her seat on the couch, adjusting her towels and blankets for her leaking breasts and nethers, and settling down her massive womb, before reaching into the box for another card. She drew the card, and reluctantly read it aloud: "Baby Bonus!

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Vagina remains extended and open for remainder of game. Move ahead 20 spaces!" she said. Susan cheered- that put her into "Birth", skipping all the other star spaces. They heard a "pop" between her legs, and they saw it was true.

Her vagina was now stretched, and spread open, dripping amniotic fluid from within. "Too bad your boyfriend didn't want to join us.

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He'd have it easy like that." Susan said, pointing to Polly's crotch. "Yeah, don't let him know okay!?" Polly said. "No one would ever believe either of us." Susan said. Polly set her piece down, and looked at the new section of the board.

She drew the rules carefully off the table, wiping away a drop of errant breast-milk from one of her attempts to reach the table as she held it up to the firelight. "In "Birth" your goal is to reach the end of "Birth" resulting in birth of baby or babies. Continue game at red "Birth" square. She read, mopping her milk smeared belly with an errant blanket. "Special 'birth' cards for star spaces in 'Birth'" she concluded with an uneasy expression. "Can't be worse than what we just went through.

Susan said, rolling her die, nearing the end of the third Trimester herself. Susan handed the die to Polly, who rolled a 6, passing the first 'Birth' star space of three. It was a small section of the board, but she didn't want any more weird stuff to happen to her if she could help it. Susan took the die, and rolled a three, right into a star space.

"Oh boy." she said, reaching into the box. She withdrew a card, and read it aloud to Polly. "Water logged!" she began.

"Vaginal discharge of excess water for remainder of game! Roll dice for volume multiplier on star spaces. Go back 10 spaces!" she read. At once, she felt it, and shook her head. "I know your pain no Polly." she said. Polly nodded sympathetically. She rolled First one to the end is the die again, and it landed on 4. "So, if I land on a star, I will be pouring this belly juice all over the place." Susan said, settling in on a towel.

"Probably." Polly lamented. "It's okay. It's actually kinda nice." Susan said with a smile, settling back into her seat. "In a weird kinda way." she concluded. Polly took the die, and rolled ahead. She rolled a 5, and landed on a 'Birth' star space. She shuddered, and then loomed over the box, looking for the blue and pink "birth" cards.

She found one, and withdrew it. "Birth Booster! Birth Muscle Multiplier X2, move ahead to birth square." she read off. She heard a gurgling sound, and as she moved her piece onto the red, a great wash of water raced out of her massive, wide open vagina.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she yelped. "It's happening!" she squealed. Susan, thinking fast, wrapped her friend in a couple, towels, and led her to the back of the house, and out onto the enclosed porch. There, on the far side, lay the hot tub. Susan gave the lid a big shove, and it tumbled away in a burst of steam- the water was still hot. "Carefully climb in Polly." Susan said, and her friend did as she was told.

Susan climbed in after her, and soon they found each other opposite each other in the massive hot tub. Susan reached down, and pressed her hand on the bottom of Polly's belly- it was firm and taut, but as she pushed it gave way slightly.

Polly's breathing became rhythmic, as her body began to push. "Good girl Polly. Just push that baby out of you." Susan cheered.

Polly's belly seemed to move and change shape as the baby was drawn down lower inside of her, before it even seemed to collapse in on itself on top. Polly strained and pushed, and soon, to Susan's delight, the head began to crown. "Good thing you got all those bonuses!" Susan called over Polly's panting. A few moments later, and the head popped free of Polly's massive vagina, the rest slipping easily free, and into Susan's arms.

She brought it to the surface, and cleared it's mouth for air. The baby began to shriek immediately, and Polly took it into her arms. "Girl." Susan said, stroking her own belly. "Aw. what do I name her." Polly lamented, kicking herself she hadn't thought of a name as she tried to catch her breath from her ordeal. The baby, whatever it's name would be, latched onto Polly's nearest breast, and drank greedily.

Polly cooed. "Okay, that feels great. Oh wow." she said, stroking her baby.

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Susan sat alongside her, and stroked her belly. "We girls and our babies." she said. Polly looked over. "You don't have your's yet!" she said, seeming to be genuinely upset that her friend didn't have her baby yet. "I've got him or her right here. Even closer." Susan said, stroking her belly anew. "Now, when we get back in there, roll a 6.

Anything less, and you get to do this all over again." Susan said, and Polly gave her a mortified look, her sensibilities seeming to return. Polly looked down at her baby, and saw that her umbilical was still attached- snaking back up inside of her. Susan followed her gaze. "I don't know what to do about that." Polly said. "We can cut it inside if you want." Susan replied. "I don't think so. I think I want it like this for a little while." Polly said, stroking her baby.

"Looks like it'll be fine that way." Susan said, standing, and exiting the hot tub, before retreating into the much warmer house. A few minutes later, Polly followed in, her baby bundled up neatly in her arms, still presumably gorging herself on Polly's abundant milk.

The baby's other source of food, her greenish umbilical cord, snaked down from the bundle, around Polly's somewhat deflated belly, and up into her mommy's womb.

Susan walked to greet them, and they stood in silence for a few moments. Polly, smiling gleefully at her baby, Susan beaming as she stroked her belly. Both of them dripping milk and excess fluid onto the floor in little trails of drops and puddles.

"Ready to play the game?" Susan asked. "More than ready." Polly said, and they re-entered the room together to finish the game.

were still neatly folded in the restroom, the hot tub was covered on the porch undisturbed, the floors and furniture were as dry as could be, and her phone contained no video of supernatural growth. They reconvened, reassured of what had happened, and pondered what to do next. "So, we're back to normal." Polly said, running her hands down her sides before clasping them in front of her crotch.

".what do we want to do with the night we just got back?" she asked. They both turned and looked at the board game, neat and set up on the table, the die sitting on the center of the board, the flickering light of the fire glinting off of it's polished sides.

The two girls looked at each other. Susan smirked, pulling up the edge of her sweater. "Care for a rematch?" Polly asked, grinning widely, before popping the button on her slacks. "I'm going to be 'winner' this time." Susan chuckled, and the two girls took up their places on the sofa again. It would be a very, very long night. -The end, for now.