Intense fucking sexy teen Britany Olsen

Intense fucking sexy teen Britany Olsen
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Seth looked at the adress in front of him. This was the correct place. The young man had found a post on a BDSM social site of a submissive couple who wanted to be dominated by a master. He was named John 32 years old and a shopowner.

She was Mary and was 27 years old. Mary was a teacher. After some online chatting, they went for a casual drink to see if there was a connection. The drink was succesful and after discussing some hard limits and a stopword, he agreed to be their master.


Now he was standing in front of their house. His house, as long as he was in there. The young man had a backpack with some toys he wanted to try out and a list of rules that would be hung in their living room. He had even framed the list for good measure, as if it was a picture.

Seth rung the bell and John opened the door. Slightly shorter then Seth, John had black hair without facial hair, a musculair build and brown eyes. He was wearing only a pair of boxers and a black bowtie, as he had been instruced.

'Welcome master.' John spoke as he looked at Seth. 'Eyes down. A slave only looks upon his master when given permission.' Seth spoke shortly.

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'Sorry Master.' John said as he looked down, not daring to look his master in the eyes again. The man shuffled towards the living room and Seth followed. His girlfriend Mary was already standing in display position. She had curly black hair and blue eyes.

She had a soft belly and beautiful legs. Mary was wearing a blue thong and dito bra. As soon as Seth entered, John joined his girlfriend in display position; standing upright, knees slightly bend and hands behind the back. Seth slowly walked towards a chair, dropped his bag and sat down. 'Give me a beer.' He said to the two, wondering who would act first. It was John who acted and walked towards the kitchen.

A minute later, he came back with the drink and after giving it to his master, stood in position again. Seth took a minute to look at the two. He stepped forwards and Rubbed Mary over her breasts. A good C cup. He then smacked her ass and grabbed John by the crotch. Seth noticed that John was already half hard. He smacked him on the ass as well and sat down again. After a gulp of his beer, Seth took the list with rules out of his bag. 'Rule 1.

You two are mine 24/7 until I decide to release you or give you to another owner.' Seth looked at the two, searching for their eyes. He wanted to see both fear and exitment in them as this was very important and almost a lifelong commitment.

When he saw that they did not regret it, he continued. 'I can decide to use either one of you or both you together in your house, my house or any other place that I see fit.' The pair nodded. 'Rule number 2. John will be slave 1 and Mary will be slave 2. I will adress you as either slave 1 or slave 2.

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Your names don't mean anything with me.' Without waiting for a reply, Seth continued. 'Rule 3. Every important decision will be made with my consent. If there is anything life altering, I get the final say.' This was more a extension on rule 1 but Seth wanted to make it clear.

These were also all things that had been discussed and agreed on earlier. 'Rule 4.' The two of you are only allowed to have sex with my direct permission. If you want to have sex, you ask me and give the reason. I will approve or denie your request.' This was one of the rules that Seth hoped they would break. If that was the case, he had a nice little cage for the cock of John. The two nodded and Seth continued. 'Rule 5. The two of you will recieve collars and they can only be taken off with my direct permission' At this Seth noticed both of them squeek a little.

Ofcourse they were thinking of their jobs, but Seth did not care.

'Rule 6. When I decide to sleep here, I will sleep in the bed with one of you. The other will sleep in a location of my choosing.' What he did not yet mention was, that he was planning on buying a dog cage from their money, which would be the sleeping location of the other partner. That also brought him to rule 7. 'Either you or I will spend your money on things that will improve our relationship or things that you will need as slave.

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If I spend your money, you either transfer the money back that I used or I take one of you with me.' In the conversations, the two had made it clear that it was okay to spend their money if it was for them.

Seth was not allowed to use it for his personal gain and he had completely agreed. He was not into this for the money but felt that they could pay for the things that they would need. 'Rule 8. I get the final say in how you dress. If I want you to dress for a certain occasion, I will let you know beforehand and you will be dressed that way when I arrive. Rule 9. If you have guests over when I come by, the two of you either need to explain the situation or get them away quickly. If they are not gone within ten minutes, I explain the situation and order them gone.' This had been a hard point on discussing, as the they wanted the outside world to know as little of their new lifestyle as possible but Seth did not want to deal with other people around.

This was a good compromis. 'Rule 10. This list will hang in your living room so you can read it every single day.' The two nodded. 'By my next visit, I want it hanging on the door.' And again a nod, this time from John. 'Now another important thing. 'If either of you say the word Pencil, I will stop directly with what I am doing.

I also will do anything with poop, puke or blood.' The safe word had been agreed on, as the hard limits of the couple. 'Do you accept?' Seth asked. 'Yes master.' Came the answer of John, followed by a Yes master from Mary.


Seth looked at the two, wondering which he would use first at the first official day of becoming his slaves. He had several fun activities planned already. Some included only Mary while others included both of them. Maybe he could include Barbara sometimes as well.

But, that was future talk. First Seth wanted to play with his new toys. 'Slave two. Take off the boxers of slave one.' Seth said. Mary looked up, nodded and walked towards her boyfriend. With a good tug, she pulled the boxers down and a very small penis appeared. 'No wonder your girlfriend seeks other attention.' Seth spoke as he looked at it. 'Turn around and show me your ass. John turned around and Seth saw that the ass was firm but small.

He walked towards hm and smacked the man on the ass. 'Ever been fucked there?' 'No sir.' 'Slave two, Lick the ass of slave 1.' Seth said as he turned around again. 'Yes Master' Mary replied as she went on all fours and started licking the ass of her husband. Seth grabbed something out of his bag and watched the two working. 'Slave 2. Here.' Mary looked up and saw a buttplug thrown to her. Knowing what to do, she took it into her mouth and made it wet. 'Do you want me to put it in?' Mary asked.

'Sir.' Seth corrected her. 'Do you want me to put it in sir? The new slave tried again. 'Yes.'Seth smiled as he saw how she pushed the buttplug into the ass of her boyfriend, who groaned as it entered. 'Stand up again both of you.'Seth directed them. The two did what they were told and Seth commanded again. 'Slave one. Undress slave two.' 'Yes sir.' John replied as he slowly walked towards his girlfriend. It was obvious he had trouble with the plug.

John first undid her brah and the C cups escaped from their trap. Seth grabbed one rubbed it and played with it for a little before he sucked the nipple.

'Nice.' He spoke as the master motioned to continue. 'John then pulled down the thong of his girlfriend, baring her for their new master for the first time. The cunt was shaven bald and as Seth pushed in an finger, he found her wet but tight. 'No wonder you are so tight, with such a little dick to play with,' Both of them blushed.

'Slave 1, sit on the ground next to the chair.' Seth said. The man did as asked and once he sat down, Seth montioned for Mary to suck him. She slowly undid his pants and boxers, before licking the cock and pushing it into her mouth. Seth felt her tongue play with it as she sucked and her hands fondled his balls. She allowed the head to come out of her mouth as she started licking and sucking the balls.

Seth saw that John was looking down and spoke sternly. 'Watch.' The man held his head up and now saw how Mary was blowing another man. 'On the table.' Seth said suddenly. He could not wait anymore. The woman climbed upon the table and spread her legs.


Seth pushed his head against the lower lips and grinned as he rammed his cock in. A shriek came from Mary as he started fucking her. She slowly started to moan and Seth decided to amp it up a litte. He smacked the tits of his slave and started biting both the tits and nipples. Cries and moans combined as the girl got fucked primal. Seth felt her cunt lips tihten and grabbed her throat. He held her tight as he fucked her, then releashed for a moment, to grab her again.


Seth felt her cum as he continued to fuck her. The moan of cumming, was enough for John to start rubbing his own cock, which was hard still small.

'No' Seth yelled loudly, A surprised John let go of his cock and kept watching his girlfriend get pounded. Finally Seth came hard in her cunt. He already knew that she was on birthcontroll and that both had been tested. 'Seth pulled out and motioned John to come. 'Lick her cunt clean.' He said as his Dick hovered near the face of Mary.

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As John started licking and drinking his cum, Mary was cleaning his cock. When her cunt was cleaned, Seth watched the two kiss, both faces still dirty with his cum. This was going to be a fun couple to play with for years to come.

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'Can I cum please?' John asked. 'No. always ask me if you are allowed to play with yourself.' Seth spoke strictly.

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'You keep the plug in untill midnight.' Seth said as he pulled up his pants. 'You will get a message if I need to inform you.' Seth then said as he walked out.