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School teachers sex big dick student
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The Devil's Pact, The Tyrant's Daughter by mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 Chapter Two: The Twins Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this. Monday, August 10th, 2071 Chasity "Chase" Glassner Sierra Nevada, CA The sun was hot as I crossed the mountain meadow. One of the cows had broken through the fence and wandered far from the cabin. The long summer had begun drying out the grass, turning greens to golds.

I wiped at my brow and scanned the tree line a mile away for the missing cow with a pair of broken binoculars. One of the lens were cracked—Rex had dropped it last year—but the other still worked. Nothing. How far had this stupid cow wandered? I shifted the quiver of arrows dangling from my belt and headed out across the meadow, cursing Rex beneath my breath.

He should have fixed the fence last night like I told him to. Then the cow would still be in her pen. My younger half-siblings could be a pain. At eighteen, I had thought they were mature enough to be trusted with simple chores. Instead of fixing the fence, that boy was probably mooning after Queenie, the oldest daughter of the panhandler that worked the valley over from us.

Rex took after our father. He had grown up with the same boyish face, piercing eyes, and manly build, though his skin had a darker cast from Isabella, his Hispanic mother. Reina didn't have as much of our father in her face, though she did have his eyes. She had grown into a pretty thing, skinny and perky, a sultry grin always on her lips. I had seen her cast eyes on my boyfriend Joab, and she was blossoming into a little vixen.

Our father's blood pumped as hotly through her veins as mine. Despite the hassle of searching for the missing cow, I did love the Sierra Nevada. There was a remote, austere beauty to them. Not as lush or green as the mountains of Washington, but just as solitary.

Here, I wasn't constantly reminded of the suffering my deeds had caused. The world had suffered the last seventeen years, though things were beginning to stabilize into the new normality. Between my parents stifling technological growth and knowledge for forty years and the wars that consumed the world, mankind had backslid.

At least in the Americas. I was told there were still working power plants in Europe around Rome. After rescuing Rex and Reina from those bigoted, misguided Christians, I settled in the nearby mountains. It was a hard life, but I managed. I did have certain skills—the ability to travel instantaneously around the world on the Light—that kept the supplies coming. I settled in an abandoned cabin I found beside the Truckee River and raised my twin siblings. Most of the time, I was actually happy.

But my despair always lurked, a shadow in the recesses of my mind that could swallow me up at a moment's notice. If it wasn't for the twins, there were times I would have just laid out in the snow and let winter bury me. But I couldn't. I had to raise my siblings. But they were getting more and more self-sufficient. I expected Rex and Queenie to marry in another few years, and Reina would find some guy to make her happy, and then they wouldn't need me anymore. I tried not to think about that, driving back the growing shadow.

I was halfway across the meadow when the wind shifted and the overwhelming stench of sour sweat and shit slammed into me. I froze, my heart hammering as I shifted to my right, knocking an arrow and preparing to draw my bow. The wild men burst out of the brush with a loud whoop. I let out a startled yelp, struggling to think. There hadn't been bandits roaming the Sierra Nevada in a decade. The wild men were brutish, smeared with dirt, their beards and hair wild and gnarled with twigs and leaves.

I loosed an arrow. It sailed over their heads. My hands shook as I drew another. Metal flashed, each raider drawing rusty, long knives. They howled almost liked beasts. I fumbled to knock the second arrow, the men crossing the ground far faster than I thought possible. Shadow burst between them. I rarely saw the demon. It only appeared when I ran into trouble. Once, it had killed a hungry bear that decided I would make a fine dinner, and this would be the third set of raiders it had killed.

The wild men howled in pain as the demon tore into them. I shuddered as viscera and limbs went flying, crimson painting the golden grass. I turned my back from the massacre. These men deserved it. They were murders and rapists. They would have hurt me before they were finished, then tracked my trail back to the cabin and the twins. They had to die. I just wish they wouldn't scream so loud. My hands trembled as I began to undress.

My protector would want satisfaction after he finished. Despite the violence, my pussy already itched, eager to feel his girth stretching me out. No man filled me up as much as Shadow did. I cared for Joab, maybe even loved him, but he could never make me this wet. My nipples were hard, warming beneath the shining sun. The screams had died behind me; my demon lover had finished protecting me. I knelt on my hands and knees, shuddering, my pussy clenching in desire as Shadow stalked to me.

His tentacles were the first to touch me, sliding up and down my back, caressing my ass, and slipping between my legs to rub at my shaved pussy.

I shuddered, pleasant sensations bursting through me as the demon played with my labia. Other tentacles slithered about my side, reaching up my stomach to my breasts. "Yes," I moaned as the tentacles wrapped around my tits, squeezing them together. The tentacles wounded up my small tits and reached my nipples. "Mmm, you know what I need, Shadow." The demon snarled, his breath hot on my naked pussy. The tentacles parted my labia, spreading my flesh open.

His tongue licked, starting at my clit and slipping all the way up to my asshole. I gasped in delight, my clit sparking with pleasure. I loved the way his tongue could caress every part of my pussy at once. One of his tentacles pushed inside my pussy as his tongue worked into my asshole.

I shuddered as his thick tongue thrust into my bowels, stirring a hot heat through me. I pushed back into his lapping tongue as his tentacle worked in and out my pussy's depths, a taste for the feast that was to come—his massive cock.

I bucked my hips, my fingers biting into the sere grass as he fucked my asshole with his tongue. His tentacles wrapped tighter about my tits, squeezing my pliant flesh. My nipples ached harder, the tips of his tentacles bating them back and forth as my juicy pussy squeezed down on the third tentacle reaming my pussy.

"Yes!" I hissed. "Keep eating my ass. Make me cum! I love it! Oh, Shadow! Oh, yes! Oh, fucking yes!" I bucked my hips back into his hungry mouth.

My body spasmed. I squeezed my eyes shut. My pussy convulsed about his tentacle as my orgasm burst through me. I groaned and swayed, letting him ravish me. I threw back my head, gasping and moaning for the mountains to hear.

More tentacles wrapped about my waist and upper arms. I was lifted up, my pussy still writhing about his pumping tentacle. I shuddered, my breasts heaving as I was lifted into the air. Shadow rolled onto his back, his thick cock rising up from his black belly, throbbing with desire. Shadow's red-yellow eyes met mine, burning with lust.

More tentacles seized my legs, spreading them apart. I didn't fight. I could never fight Shadow's lusts. I would let this demon do whatever depraved acts to me he wanted. "Yes! Impale me on your cock!" I moaned as his tentacle ripped from my dripping sheath. He lowered me down, his cock jutting up. I licked my lips, eager to fill it sliding into my depths.

"Do it. Make me cum so hard." The demon pulled me down his shaft. I screamed in delight as I was driven down onto his massive cock. My pussy stretched, almost tearing. A shudder of pain and bliss ran through me as his hot cock stabbed into the depths of my cunts. It felt like he brushed my heart. I groaned, letting him bounce me up and down on his cock. "Use me!" I groaned. "That's it! Oh, fuck!

Use me! Cum in me! I love it, Shadow!" His pink tongue lolled from his mouth. The tentacles bent me over. The tongue licked at my dangling breasts, the rough tongue caressing my nipple.

I shuddered, my pussy exploding with delight as I was slid up and down his thick dick. His tongue slid up my neck, leaving a trail of heat behind. He brushed my lips. I moaned, opening wide, his tongue thrusting into my mouth. My lips brushed his snout, my tongue grappling with his massive organ. I came hard on his cock, gasping into his kiss. My pussy writhed, massaging his wonderful cock as the pleasure burst and exploded through me.

I gasped and moaned, bucking as he used me. The pleasure assaulted my mind. My body was awash in the bliss of his wonderful, demonic cock stabbing into my depths. The tentacles tightened, biting into my flesh. A deep growl rumbled from his gullet. His cock throbbed inside me, the tip expanding. I shuddered, squeezing my pussy down harder, eager for his blast of cum. The tentacles slammed me down his girth. His cock throbbed and swelled, stretching my pussy to the limit. I came again, shuddering as my nipples rubbed against his coarse fur.

His cum burst inside me. I threw back my head and howled in delight as the hot cum fountained into my depths. My pleasure drove all thought out of my mind. I was just a ball of sexual bills impaled onto a magnificent cock. And then Shadow was gone and I fell onto the grass. I gasped and moaned, rolling onto my back staring up at the beautiful sky. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rex Glassner "Hurry up," Reina moaned as she straddled the fence, her long, blue skirts sliding up to expose her stocking-clad ankles as she ground herself on the long plank, her small breasts jiggling in her tight bodice.

I glanced at my twin, her impish, blue eyes twinkling at me. My cock hardened as she ground on the fence, little moans escaping her lips. "I have to fix the fence," I muttered. "Big sis is pissed with me." "But I'm horny," she moaned. "I need you in me." You can fix the fence later, my lust whispered.

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Enjoy Reina's body now. "That's why I didn't fix the fence last night," I muttered, fighting down my desire as I lifted the new plank. "It'll only be a little bit longer." "Rex." Reina panted. "Don't make me wait." "But you're so affectionate when you wait," I grinned, loving the way she squirmed.

My sister was one of the most beautiful women in the world. It was a toss up between her, big sis, and Queenie. My twin was gorgeous, with her smooth cheeks, perky tits, and an amazing ass, but Queenie had those wonderfully pillowy tits.

Chase was gorgeous, but she didn't have the innocence of Queenie or the vivacious playfulness of Reina. I couldn't decide who I loved—Queenie or Reina. Nothing wrong with loving them both, my lust whispered, supplying depraved fantasies of enjoying both women at the same time. But Queenie was a good girl. I had only manged to sneak a kiss from her. The girl's parents were strict Christians, and she feared her father's belt. I grabbed the hammer, pounding in the nail as Reina licked her lips, her fingers toying with the buttons of her bodice.

The first one popped open. I paused, the nail only halfway in as my sister's hands worked down her bodice, exposing her tan, creamy flesh, the slopes of her small breasts coming into sight. Her nipples were pink and hard. She touched one. "Mmm, better hurry," she purred, grinding harder on the fence. "If you take too long, brother dear, I'll finish on the fence." I groaned and slammed the hammer onto the nail, driving it deep into the wood.

I grabbed a second nail from the bucket, beating it in hard, trying not to be distracted by my twin sister's hard, pink nipple and her soft moans.

My cock throbbed hard in my pants. The nail was pounded flush with the board. I dropped the hammer. "Done!" I seized Reina. She gasped in shock as I yanked her off the fence into my strong arms.

"Oh," she giggled, throwing one arm around my neck. She kissed me with a fierce passion, my heart beating faster. I did love my twin. We were almost the same person. We had been together from the moment we were conceived. It was only right that we love each other, even if the Church preached incest was wrong. What's so wrong about love? Nothing. "Oh, Rex," moaned my sister as I carried her down to the grass.

We had been lovers for a few months, finally giving into our lusts not long after our eighteenth birthday. Reina was a perfect woman. Playful, loving, and passionate. I wanted to make her my wife. I wanted to make Queenie my wife. Make them both your wife, suggested my lust. Polygamy was another sin.

But my father had multiple women. He had his wife, Mary, but he had a whole army of women devoted to loving him. Was it so wrong? No. Especially when you can have a woman as loving as Reina. I listened to my lust and kissed my sister as her hands untucked my shirt from my denim pants.

Her hands slid up my back, biting into me as her hips humped into my crotch. My cock throbbed as I dry humped her, my hands finding her hard nipples. "Oh, yes," she moaned, her voice liquid passion as my fingers played with her nipples. I let her hands pull my shirt off, throwing it to the side. Her hands went to my muscular chest, tracing the lines as I stared down at her smiling beauty. Her breasts rose as she breathe deeply.

I leaned down, nipping her pink nipple. Reina squealed in delight as I suckled at her nipple, nipping her hard nub. My fingers slipped her dress off her shoulders, baring her fully to the waist. She moaned and purred her appreciations as I sucked and nibbled. "Mmm, you are so sexy," Reina purred, stroking my short, dark-brown hair. "I have such a sexy brother." I grinned, kissing lower, my lips hungry to taste her spicy flavor.

My hands pulled up her skirt. She was naked beneath. Reina never bothered to wear her petticoats and bloomers. She loved the freedom going without undergarments afforded. Her legs spread, exposing the shaved lips of her pussy, a triangle of brown hair right above her hard clit. I licked through her slit. She gasped and moaned in delight. Her flesh was hot on my lips.

I nuzzled her, sucking through her folds and tasting every bit of her spicy juices. She bucked, grinding her lips against me.

"Oh, yes! My brother is a stud! Eat me! Oh, yes! Oh, Rex! I love you!" I grinned at her through her pussy, my tongue diving into her depths. She shuddered, bucking hard.


I licked up to her clit, shoving a pair of fingers into her depths. She humped her hips, squeezing down on my girth as I suckled at her clit. Her hips spasmed as I pumped my fingers in and out of her sopping depths. My cock was hard. I wanted to penetrate her. I loved to feel her flesh wrapped around my cock.

But I wanted to make her cum. I did love the way she gasped and moaned. Reina's small breasts heaved as her hips bucked. She tore at the grass, gasping. "Oh, Rex! Make me cum! Oh, yes!" Her thighs squeezed about my head, holding me in place as she writhed.

I drank down all her juices, savoring her delicious treat. I jabbed my fingers deep into her cumming pussy, her flesh sucking at my digits. "Fuck me!" she moaned. "Stick that wonderful cock in me, Rex! Please! I need it!" I didn't need to be told twice. I rose over her. Reina's hands deftly undid my belt and trousers, reaching in to pull me out hard and throbbing.

She guided me to her hot sheath. I groaned as I sank into my twin sister. There was no feeling better on earth.

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"Damn, Reina," I groaned. "You're so hot and wet." "You make me that way," she groaned, humping into my hard thrusts. I kissed her lips, her tongue tasting her own juices. Reina loved her juices. I think she liked women, too. I had seen her gazing at our big sis and Queenie before. A flash of Queenie and Reina entwined together flared in my mind. Wouldn't that be perfect? "Yes!" I groaned, pounding my sister faster.

"I want that." "What?" Reina asked, bucking into my thrust, her hands squeezing my ass. "To watch you and Queenie!" I moaned without thought. "Yes!" she hissed, her fingernails biting into my buttocks. "Oh, yes! That's so hot.

Me and her! Oh, fuck!" Reina bucked beneath him, her tight sheath massaging his cock. My balls couldn't handle it. The tip of my cock ached. I buried harder into my twin as my entire body tensed. My orgasm built. I couldn't hold off. I erupted into my twin sister's hot pussy. She shuddered and bucked as she came, her cunt milking every drop of cum out of me. I groaned, collapsing on her as my cum poured into her hot sheath.

I stroked her side as I kissed her, savoring our closeness. "Mmm, do you really want to watch me and Queenie?" she moaned after a few minutes. "Yeah," I grinned. "You have such a crush on Queenie," she giggled. "I don't. I.I love you, Reina." "And you love Queenie." Reina cupped my cheeks. "That's okay. I love her, too. Mmm, those big, pillowy tits.

What's not to love?" I grinned.


"You're just as perverted as I am." "Well, we are the children of the Living God. Why wouldn't we have his appetite? I know Chase has it." Reina giggled. "Joab will be coming by.

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You hear how loud they get." I nodded my head, rolling off my sister and lying on the grass. " you think Queenie would.?" Reina shrugged. "I know she loves you. We just have to overcome her.upbringing." My sister's hand stroked down my body, fondling my half-hard cock drenched in her juices.

"You make it sound easy." "It will be," she winked, leaning down to lick at my cock. I groaned, my hips shaking. A cowbell rang. "Shit, that's Chase," I groaned. Reina's mouth engulfed my cock. "We need to stop. She'll catch us." Reina sucked harder, my cock expanding in her mouth. Chase won't care, my lust whispered. She'll understand. You've heard the stories of Father.

She's slept with him. Just enjoy Reina's sweet mouth. I relaxed, listening to my lust. I always had such great pleasure when I did. Reina sucked harder as the cowbells approached, my sister's blue eyes flashing up at me, her lips smiling as she worked more and more of my cock into her mouth. Chase reached the nearby gate, leading the missing cow. Her auburn hair was loose, her face flushed.

She stopped, staring at the pair of us. I nodded to my older sister. Unlike Reina and me, Chase didn't age. She looked eighteen and gorgeous. "I see you're our father's children," she muttered. "Don't let others catch you." "We won't," I nodded, leaning back and enjoying the blowjob. My lust was right, Chase understood the power of lust, love, and incest. I stroked Reina's hair and erupted into her hungry mouth. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chasity "Chase" Glassner I couldn't get the sight of the twins naked, Reina's mouth wrapped around Rex's cock, out of my mind.

The look Rex gave me, so confident and cocky. For a moment, they were my parents, loving each other while I watched from the doorway. I wanted to join them. A powerful, burning pleasure shuddered through me. I had been trying hard not to molest my twins, to raise them in the more repressed culture of today. Once a month, we traveled to the nearby town of Truckee and the twins and I attended a church service. So they had heard the lectures.

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But I didn't hide who our father was. And it was clear they couldn't fight their attraction for each other. I should have marched over there and put an end to Reina's blowjob. But I couldn't. They looked so happy. I missed that same intimacy with my father and grandfather.

I smiled, remembering grandpa, his reddish hair going gray, as he took me hard. He was so much older and dignified. My pussy grew hot remembering the night I had dressed up like a naughty schoolgirl for grandpa. I dumped the bucket of water over my head in our outdoor shower, a small, wooden shack near the house and grabbed the rough bar of soap. I hated making soap. It was worse than butchering an animal.

I had to learn so many new skills the last eighteen years. I washed Shadow's seed and my sweat from my body, working fast. I had to start supper. Joab promised to stop by today. After being ravished by the demon and watching my twins, I needed Joab. He was my hunky trapper, with piercing, blue eyes and a burly physique. He wanted to marry me, but I had been reluctant. I wasn't going to age.

Eventually, he'd realize that. The twins knew my secret, but Joab didn't realize that the girl named Chase was actually Saint Chasity. I wanted to keep it that way. I used a second bucket to rinse off the soap, dried myself, and pulled on a clean dress. The twins walked by, both their tan skin flushed, big smiles on their lips.

They eyed me, hunger burning in their blue depths. I stirred. They both had Father's smile. And Rex looked so much like him, it was sometimes like seeing Father in the flesh. A sudden emptiness yawned in me. I would never get to be loved by my father. He must hate me down in Hell. All our family must despise me for taking away their happiness and sentencing them to eternal torment. "Hey, beautiful," a voice called out. I drew out of my despair, smiling at Joab as he trooped up to the house, a line of fur pelts dangling from his pack.

He wore a deerskin jacket and tough, brown denim jeans. His boots were worn and faded. He was handsome, almost thirty, his cheeks covered by a dark patch of stubble. "Hey, you," I smiled, strolling up to him. He scooped me up in his arms, kissing me boldly. I loved it, letting myself melt into his strength as I stared into his blue eyes. His hand dipped down, groping my ass.

I giggled into the kiss, enjoying his familiar grip. "Someone's excited to see me," I purred, grinding against his hard cock.

I was nearly sixty, but he made me feel eighteen. And since I did have the body of an eighteen-year-old, I went with my lusts. I gave him another kiss, savoring his girth as my tongue played with his. "Hi, Joab," Reina purred, her voice dripping with coquettish desire. I broke the kiss, the twins nearby. Rex had a big grin on his face. He was still at that age where he could bounce from adult maturity to boyish excitement. "Did you see any bandits, Joab?" Joab loved to tell a story where he fended off twenty bandits with his traps.

It was such a tall tell, but my siblings had grown up in a world without TV or even books, so they drank the stories up. Particularly Joab's tales.

"Well, I did see the strangest sight," Joab said, nodding to my brother. "Came across a mess of bandits torn apart in the upper meadow." "Yes, some bear or something got to them," Chase nodded. "Passed them on the way to finding the cow." I shifted, trying to keep a straight face. Joab was an amazing tracker. Would he figure out what else I did there? "It was more than a bear," Joab warned.

"Something dark is prowling up in the mountains.


It tore apart those bandits like they were made of dried kindling." Reina's eyes were wide, but Rex drank it in, hugging his sister from behind. They had always been close, but now I was wondering just how long they had been intimate.

Months? The blowjob I witnessed today was so casual; clearly, it had not been the first one. "What do you think it is? Some devil left over from the Demon Wars?" Rex asked. "Maybe," Joab shrugged. "Or one of the Tyrants' foul pets." "Come on, let's get supper started," I said, clapping my hands together.

"You two can speculate as we work." And they did, Rex spouting off idea after idea for what the monster might be. I kept silent. I didn't want anyone to know that I cavorted with a demon. I doubt even my siblings could handle that revelation. My pussy clenched as I drifted up, remembering the pleasure of his girth. Supper was a simple affair. Vegetables from our small garden, the carrots mashed up, served with a hunch of venison Joab provided. The twins devoured their food, the pair grinning at each other as they sat side-by-side.

"Well, that was a mighty fine supper," Joab nodded, his hand squeezing mine. Outside, night fell. The days were growing shorter. "Been a long day." I grinned. "Rex, Reina, clean up before you find your bed. I'm exhausted from having to find that cow." "Right," Reina smirked.

"Exhausted." Joab grinned, winking at her and the little vixen puffed out her chest and smiled. If Rex noticed his sister's flirting, he didn't care. Joab took my hand, leading me upstairs to my bedroom. The twins each had a room downstairs, but I doubted they would be using both tonight. The moment we burst into my bedroom, Joab pushed me against my dresser, his hands roaming my body.

I groaned, savoring the rough stubble of his lips on mine as my hands roamed his muscular body through his flannel shirt. His lips moved down, nuzzling my neck. I stroked his face, glancing down into his blue eyes. "Oh, Daddy," I moaned as he sucked and nipped. Why did I say that?

"Daddy, huh?" he asked with a grin. "That's a new one." I blinked as his fingers squeezed my ass. "I." "Have you been a naughty girl?" His eyes were so blue, so like Father's. "Yes. I've been so bad.

I've been thinking such naughty thoughts all day." "About a boy?" "Oh, yes," I panted. "A hunky boy." Joab pulled me to the bed, throwing me over his knee. I gasped in delight, shuddering on his lap. This wasn't the first time he had spanked me. I always loved being spanked by my lovers. I squirmed as he slowly drew up my skirt, the fabric sliding up my thighs. My pussy clenched in anticipation. Joab bared my naked rear, his rough fingers running across my cheek, dipping down into the crack of my ass.

I gasped as he brushed my dripping pussy and squirmed harder. His cock hardened beneath my belly. "No bloomers or petticoats," he groaned. "You have been a bad girl." "So bad." "And you're wet.

You've been thinking impure thoughts." "So impure," I moaned.

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"About this older, hunky man." His hand cracked down hard. I gasped in delight, the burning pain shooting through me. I squirmed harder, rubbing his cock as my pussy wept juices. His hand cracked down a second time, burning my asscheek. I shuddered, the pain shooting right to my juicy twat.

"Such a bad girl," Joab groaned, stroking my ass. "Such a beautiful, bad girl." "You shouldn't touch me like that, Daddy," I moaned. "You're just supposed to spank me." "Right," he panted. Crack! "Yes, Daddy. Punish me! I was so bad!" I killed you. Crack! "I deserve to be punished. I'm such a horrible, bad girl." "Yes, you are," Joab groaned. "So bad and so sexy." His hand cracked down, his fingers lingering, squeezing my ass. "So hard to resist." His fingers dipped down, brushing my pussy again.

"No, Daddy, stop! This is wrong. You need to keep punishing me." Please keep punishing me. Tears beaded in my eyes as his fingers shoved into my sopping pussy. "I can't resist your hot body," Joab groaned. "You're making Daddy so hard.

You have to do something about it." "What?" I gasped as he pumped his fingers in and out. "No, Daddy. Keep spanking me!

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I'm such a bad girl!" "Yes! And bad girls get fucked!" Joab suddenly seized my shoulders and threw me down onto the bed. He was on me in a flash, pushing my thighs apart. I gasped as he fumbled at his belt and pushed his jeans down. His cock buried into me, hard and thick. "Daddy needs this," he groaned, pounding hard. "Be a good girl and love your daddy." "Yes, yes," I moaned, hugging him tight. "I love you, Daddy! Keep fucking your bad daughter!" I closed my eyes, picturing a different man with blue eyes pounding me.

I bucked my hips into Joab's thrusts, crying out, "Daddy!" over and over. My pussy convulsed, a hot flood of passion bursting through me. I came beneath Joab, thrashing on my hay-stuffed mattress. The wooden frame of my bed creaked as Joab pounded me. I squeezed my thighs tight about him, bucking into his thrusts. I wished so desperately it was my father fucking me, loving me.

Forgiving me. "What a good girl you are!" Joab moaned. "Take Daddy's cock! Oh, fuck! That's it! Such a good girl. Mmm, I love it! Oh, fuck! Yes, yes, yes!" Joab came in me. I moaned as my pussy drinking in his hot cum. I shuddered, one last orgasm rolling through my body.

Joab collapsed atop me, gasping for breath as his lips nuzzled at my cheek. My tears came. He wasn't my father.

I would never feel his love. "What's wrong, baby girl?" Joab groaned. "Good girl's don't cry after loving Daddy." The roleplay disgusted me. I shuddered, feeling soiled. He wasn't my father. "Get out!" I snarled. "What?" Joab blinked. "I said get out!" I pushed at his strong chest. "Get out of my bed! Out of my house!" "What the fuck, Chase?" Joab demanded, sitting up.

"What's gotten into you?" "You're not my father!" I cried, the sobs wracking my body. "No shit," he snapped back. "Based on how different you look from your siblings, I doubt you even know who your father is. Your mother had no idea which john she bedded—" I slapped him hard.

"My parents were married, asshole!" I screeched, my fingernails leaving a red streaks across his cheek. "Get out of my house! How dare you call my mother a whore! She was a." Goddess. ".a beautiful, loving woman." And I killed her. I killed everyone I loved. The sobs came harder.

I buried my face into the skirts of my dress as Joab pulled up his pants. "Fucking bitch," he muttered, rubbing at his cheek. "I don't know why I put up with you? The way you fuck, I bet your servicing every trapper that wanders through your valley." I cried harder as he stomped to the door. "Fucking whore. Maybe I should go see your little sister. The slut's been giving me such heated looks. I bet she fucks as passionately as you do." Joab slammed my bedroom door. I sobbed harder.

I barely heard the scuffle downstairs. I really didn't care. I laid my head on my pillow, clutching them tight, and sobbed as the shadows swallowed up my soul. I felt my parents watching me from Hell, hatred in their eyes. They were surrounded by my half-brothers and -sisters, the sluts, the maids, the bodyguards. Everyone I killed glared at me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reina Glassner I examined my twin's black eye and gushed. "That was so brave, Rex." "Hurt like hell," he muttered, his knuckles bloody.

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"But the asshole deserved it. Neither of my sisters are whores." I glanced upstairs. I had tried to talk to Chase, but she wouldn't answer me when I tapped on her door.

I turned my attention back to my twin. I squeezed my thighs together, my pussy wet. It had been exciting watching Rex thrash Joab. Sure, the older man got a hit in, but Rex had knocked Joab on his ass and sent him packing. Pity that's the last I'll see of Joab, my lust whispered. He was so cute. He would have fucked me hard. I nodded my head. I so wanted to fuck Joab, he was hunky. I'm sure Rex wouldn't have minded. I loved my twin, and maybe even Queenie, but I only lusted for the hunky Joab.

I squirmed again, rubbing the wet cloth around Rex's eye. He winced. "You were so dashing," I purred. "Really," Rex smiled. I loved that boyish grin. It always made my nipples hard and sent a warm flush through me.

Chase always said Rex looked so much like Father. I wish I had known our father. I bet he would be a magnificent lover. But I had Rex, and he was amazing. "Uh-huh," I purred.

"You made me so wet." My concern for Chase faded. Rex and I would have to find a way to make her feel better. But that could wait until tomorrow. Tonight, my horny pussy needed to be satisfied. My hand found Rex's cock, stroking him through his jeans. "I've been such a bad girl," I purred. Rex's eyes widened. That's it. Let him pull you over his lap. He'll love spanking your ass. I didn't fight it as Rex pulled me across his lap and hiked up my skirt. It had been so hot listening to Chase and Joab's roleplay.

My pert bottom was exposed, Rex's hand squeezing my asscheeks, then he gave me a light slap. He can spank you harder. You've been bad. "Oh, Rex," I purred. "I've been so bad. You have to spank me harder." "Really?" he asked, and then his hand cracked down. A stinging slap echoed through his bedroom. I yelped, the burning heat shooting straight for my naughty pussy. My eyes widened. "Yes! Like that!

I've been so bad, Rex. Discipline your sister." Crack! "Yes!" I gasped. "I love it." "I love you." I smiled at my twin as his hand cracked down. "I love you, too!" I gasped in pain, shuddering on his lap, his cock hard beneath me. To be continued.