Ersticken Sie Ihr Gesicht mit meinen großen runden Hintern

Ersticken Sie Ihr Gesicht mit meinen großen runden Hintern
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so here i was staring face down at my hands trembling and my mind racing what's going on with me were the only words coursing there way through my mind it was like my brain just wouldn't shut down as the thought of what just happened kept eating away at every last peace of me i must of been thinking about it for what seemed like forever because when i snapped back to reality and finally opened my eyes to what was around me everything was silent peaceful for once but that still didn't solve my problem i reach into my pocket to see what time it was when suddenly it started to ring i took a deep breath and answered not bothering to look who it was "Jake where are you man I've tried to call you 8 times in the passed hour bro you just took off where are you " i sighed leaning my head back against the wall before saying a word back to Kyle "uh Kyle listen this really isn't a good time im kind of caught up at the moment" "Jake listen im not leaving until you tell me where you are bro i can stand here all night and its the least you can do after just taking off like that bro so where are you" i went over excuse after excuse in my mind hoping to think of something i could say to get him off my back but my head was still side tracked by everything that was happening around me so there was nothing more i could do than to just come clean with it " look if you really want to know meet me at the park in 15 minutes" "ok 15 minutes my man ill see you there and don't be late" i just hung up the phone as i took a deep breath in trying to calm myself down but how could i i mean i didn't even know what the hell was going on with me let alone tell somebody else especially Kyle but id eventually have to tell some one and id rather it be some one i know i can trust so i slowly stood up and shook my head trying snap out of this almost hypnotized state i was in i put my backpack on and started to slowly walk down the narrow ally and onto the main street i stared up at the sky seeing everything get darker as the sun started to set but i still had to try and hide my shirt that was still covered in blood so i crossed the road and started to jog to the park but while i did i still had this feeling resonate through my body like i was filled with energy it felt good well better than good it felt great but i was to afraid to enjoy it knowing what id done to that asshole but then again even if it was wrong he still deserved what he got and i must admit seeing his face as he crumbled to the floor in pain made me feel pretty good but reminiscing would have to wait because a short 12 minutes and i was there standing by the side gate so no one would see me i wasn't really in the best of moods to be disturbed by anyone "Jake yo bro where have you been man you just flipped on us and left" i herd Kyle say as i turn my head noticing he was alone witch took the pressure off me a little "so what's going on with you bro and no lies Jake come on were family you know you can trust me ok" i just looked at him not really knowing what to say or even where to begin on a scale this crazy "uh ok i don't know where to start but what if i told you that something happened to me and i don't know what it is but as hard as it is to believe its starting to become a part of me and its changing me" i replied stuttering trying to get my words together "changing you umm im sorry bro but i think your going to have to fill me in on the details dude" i looked around making sure no one was around before scaling the gate and jumping over i looked back at Kyle who was just standing there confused and a little curious "you want details ill show you" i said waiting for him to clime over "umm bro what does this have to do with the park" Kyle said grabbing hold of the gate and following my lead "i kind of has everything to do with it so follow me i have to show you something and then maybe you will understand" i walked to the foot bath with Kyle following closely behind me "Jake what are you looking for" Kyle said staring into the darkness "this was your idea you wanted to know what was going on well here it is" i said pointing to the big crumbled crater laying in the middle of the path "umm Jake what is this thing man where did half of the ground disappear to" Kyle said making me laugh even though this wasn't the time for it but he had a point the rock the meteor rock that was here its gone all that's left is this big hole in the ground "arghhh dam" was all i could say out loud as i realised that rock was the only thing that could help explain what happened to me "bro what's wrong man you look like you've seen a ghost dude" "no you don't understand a couple of days ago remember when you had that party and i had to work late well i finished a couple of hours early then on the way home i saw this blaze in the sky glowing red and like a dam moron i followed it here to the park but when i saw it was a meteor rock i guess you could say i got to curious the dam thing exploded and i had a cut on my hand witch healed in like a second and what ever was in this fucking is now apart of me and i cant control it i have no answers and this was my last chance" Kyle just looked at me like i was telling him a joke at first but i think it started to click when only at that point did he see the blood on my shirt then the laughing so died out "see i told you it was hard to believe" i replied walking over to one of the benches near the path before sitting down on it and putting my face in my hands at how stressed out i felt " Jake calm down ok bro im here for you but i think you need to see a doctor" Kyle said sitting beside me "no you don't understand there's no doctor that can understand what's going on with me or do i have to prove it to you" "wait prove it how exactly are you going to do that my man" Kyle said with a intrigued look so i looked around and on he ground a found a jagged stone "you ready for this" i said looking at Kyle as i pressed the sharp stone to my wrist and started to slice through my arm almost shouting with the pain Kyle tried to stop me but i pull away and threw the rock on the grass "JAKE WHAT ARE YOU DOING MAN HAVE YOU GONE CRAZY " Kyle screeched in a blind panic "Kyle shut up and just watch" i said holding my hand out Kyle's face was seemed amazed as the 7 inch cut started to heal in front of his eyes untill there was nothing there except drops of blood what i wiped off with my shirt Kyle just stood there speechless like we was frozen in time "um how uh wha.what" " yeah i know exactly what you mean" i replied with a smug look " umm bro don't you see this umm this thing what ever it is brother its a blessing i mean that was amazing so what this is why your freaking out" " no theirs more than this ok at the cinema i started to get this hunger this burning hunger through my hole body like i was starving and then i got into this fight with another guy because i was trying to help this girl and as soon as my hand touched his body i felt the life drain from his body into mine look there's to much to explain ok im going crazy trying to find out what's happening to me" " yo Jake don't you see what this is this thing what ever it is its made you stronger man and wait what do you mean dude what fight and your telling me this thing that's made you stronger took this guys what his soul his life what" " ok first of all soul no do i look like the grim reaper no im just saying it was like i could feel the life drain from his body and fill my own but it felt crazy it made the hunger stop but that's not all i can do" "wai.wait there's more ok you have to show me what else you can do bro" Kyle said sounding as excited as a kid on Christmas but what was it with him i mean i was terrified of what this thing could do but Kyle just seemed more interested in how much stronger it made me "ok you ready for this" i asked walking up to one of the street lamps that were on the side of the path before i reached out i closed my eyes trying to focus just like i did with my cell phone then i opened my eyes again and saw the same bright light except this time i could stand to look at it i could feel the electricity filling my hole body i could feel in run through my heart but i didn't i stop there it was starting to feel so good i kept on draining every last drop of juice from this thing untill the light went dead but i didn't stop there i could feel it surging through my body i felt so much power inside me that i had to test something "Kyle get behind me" i ordered with a wicked smile before raising my hand and focusing again holding my hand clenched untill i faced the bench and focused all the energy i had in my body untill a massive pulse of electricity like a shock wave ripped the bench to peace's making electrified wood and metal fly out in every direction possible and boy did it feel good " ja.Jake man that was fucking awesome brother how the hell did you do that" Kyle said putting his arm around my neck leaning against me amazed by what id just done and i had to admit to myself this was starting to feel pretty dam good i mean i was still scared as hell but maybe there was something more to this "Kyle listen you cant tell anyone and i mean anyone about this ok i mean it this has to stay between us at least untill i find out what's happening with me "bro calm down don't worry i got your back you can trust me but my man how did you do that i mean you blew that dam bench to peace's" "thanks man and well i did say it was complicated didn't i" i replied smirking at Kyle "haha complicated you can say that again my man i mean this is amazing your superhuman bro" Kyle remarked with a childish look on his face but before i even had time to reply Kyle all we herd was a voice screaming at us not to move so loud that it echoed in our ear drums as i turned to see who it was all i saw a cop carrying a flash light running towards us "uh Jake i think we should run" i said with concerned tone "uh yeah im with you run" Kyle shouted grabbing my backpack and his we both sprinted to railing as fast as we possibly could until we couldn't see the flash light or the cop in sight but we new we couldn't wait around so we both jumped back over the gate making sure nobody noticed "haha ok dude see now this is fun man we have to do this again bro" Kyle said in laughing fit but i wasn't going to argue it did bring a smile to my face for once "haha well my brother this has been fun but i should be heading home but listen dude meet me tomorrow morning at 8 we need to talk more and we can see what else you got ok superman" Kyle remarked before bursting out with laughter before his phone started to ring "i have to be some where man but ill see you at 8 my brother" and just like that he was gone sprinting down the street and i soon followed running down the road to my house but while i did i noticed i was moving faster than id ever thought i could move and at the same time getting faster and quicker this thing what ever it was did have a lot of benefits but at the same time what if it went out of control how would i controlee it but to control it i needed to understand it so i decided id have to do some research there had to be something some where that might help me even though its going to be nightmare.

when i finally got home i looked around the house for Amy until i found her crashed out fast asleep on the sofa i looked around untill i saw a blanket to cover her with so she wouldn't get cold but as i did i noticed a letter in her hand i pulled it out making sure not to wake her up but while i red it i just got madder noticing another dam bill to pay on the house and this time it was a final notice i had to get the money together but how the shifts i was working at the restaurant weren't helping that much and to make it worse i couldn't get more hours but i would have to figure it out tomorrow i threw the bill on the table before i walked up stairs and booted up my laptop there had to be something about what was happening to me i must of searched for hours but all i could find was things on world record holders all the way from a guy who could hold his breath for 22 minutes to some one who could eat poison without dyeing i mean it was pretty cool but it didn't help me at all but when i finally had enough i stumbled on a page about meteor showers and guy called martin howls who clamed to see a guy disappear right in front of his eyes after a meteor was found on his farm but what were the odds of that happening but then again what were the odds of it happening to me i kept reading until i found out at the same time of the meteor shower a person was reported missing and to this day they never found him and that's where it got interesting this kid was spotted in several locations around the world with in the span of a year but no one knows where he is or how to find him witch led me to thinking maybe i wasn't the only one who ever had this crazy yet messed up experience.

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"jaky when did you get home" i herd Amy say standing at my door "oh hey sis sorry i got caught up again my but im here now" i replied with a hesitant laugh "is everything ok jaky i saw the bill and got really worried " "hey listen don't worry about that ok ill get the money some how i always do ok so i don't wanting you thinking about it you just focus on school and ill focus on work everything will work it self out i promise" i replied trying to sound as sure as i could about it "ok jaky and have you eaten yet i could make you a snack maybe" Amy said what did kind of make me smile "yeah sure sis i wouldn't mind just let me jump in the shower first" and without another word she ran down stairs but then that thought came back into my head about hunger about that bustard's face but more to the point of how do i control it when i needed to this was like a hole new life to me one second everything's routine then the next thing i know im this guy this stranger and that's why i couldn't let anyone else find out about this not sure how anyone would react but i knew i couldn't tell anyone else so i forgot about it grabbed my towel and went for a hot shower to clear my head it was helping at first but then as the water started to run down my body and i closed my eyes my head started to spin first pain forcing its way into my head so intense it forced me on my knees but then i saw it this memory of the asshole i saw these images rush into my head like they were latched onto me i could see his memories burning into my brain untill i saw myself standing there above him my wrist clenched around his neck but then it stopped my head felt clouded with fear at first but then there was something deeper than fear i felt understanding but no regret i could see all the bad fucked up things this asshole had done but how what just happened to me the images were still fried into my brain i stood up breathing heavily trying to catch my breath when i just herd Amy scream the house down i almost jumped out of my body i ran out of the shower grabbing a towel to rap around me before racing down the stairs and into the kitchen as i burst through the door all i saw was Amy clenching her hand in pain i ran over to her almost having a heart attack " AMY WHATS WRONG WHAT HAPPEND" i said in a blind panic "arghhh i burnt my hand" she said in pain and scared "Amy let me see how bad it is" but as she moved her hand it was as if some one soaked her hand in gas and lit it "Amy how did this get this" i replied panicking even more "the stove it just went out of control and the flame burnt my hand please jaky it hurts so much" i was so scared and worried i had no idea what to do "listen we need to get you to the hospital ok they will help" but she was so scared she just put her head on my shoulder and cuddled into me i held my her hand in mine and something inside me changed i held her hand so tight and tried to focus all my energy on her and it worked i could feel some of the life drain from me and into her i looked down and held her head over my shoulder so she wouldn't see and freak out but it was working as the life drained from me and went into her the skin on her hand started to heal untill there was nothing not a scratch but for once i felt happy about this new part of me it helped to keep my sister safe and in the end she's all that matters to me "calm down ok just breath im sure it looks worse than it is in this light" i tried to convince her but i new she would know something as soon as she looked down and she did when she saw that there was nothing there she almost freaked out "umm ja.Jake what's going on wh.what just happened um Jake tell me what's going on the.there's nothing there" "calm down what do you mean there's nothing there" i said trying to sound as clueless as possible "no jaky this isn't funny what's happening look my hand it" i just looked at her and new i couldn't hide this way not that i could exactly explain it i was on the floor in a towel soaking wet witch made it even harder to think "look Amy i cant explain it but would you believe me if i told you not to panic and just relax because what just happened i cant explain it ok" i replied sounding even more terrified then when i told Kyle "but Jake did" but before she could finish i had to interrupted her there was no way i could explain this "hey no buts ok just trust me and calm down please and your tired as it is so go to bed we will talk in the morning" i said trying to calm myself down as well as her "um ok jaky" she replied before she gave me a quick cuddle and ran up stairs to her room i just sat back head lent back shocked at what i just did and the fact of that bustards memory's being scolded into my brain wasn't helping but as strange as it sounds i couldn't help but smile and laugh to myself i mean this thing this new part of me helped me protect my sister from the pain she felt but noticing it was almost 1 in the morning i decided id done enough thinking for one day so i walked up stairs to my room shut the door so i wouldn't have to worry about being disturbed i shut down my laptop and just lay there in bed staring into space while the darkness around me consumed me it was peaceful at first untill i closed my eyes then i just saw flash backs of memory's that went my own that i shouldn't be able to see i saw all of all the wrong fucked up things this son of a bitch has done images of this peace of shit beating innocent people half to death bumping drugs into his body but the worst and most screwed up memory was him raping this girl and beating her until she did what he asked the memory was so intense it woke me up my head was burning and my eyes blinded by the vision of this asshole filling my head i couldn't take it i collapsed dropping onto the floor waiting for the visions to stop until it was just me on my knees consumed by darkness and anger anger for everything i saw anger because this asshole was going to get away with everything he's done my hand was clenched so tight that i could barely open my hand again after i tried to relax i rushed into the bathroom that was connected to my room and i ran the cold water from the sink over my face trying to cool down from the heat it was so intense it felt like i was going to burn up from the heat but the cool water felt amazing against my skin i must of sat there for what seemed like hours splashing cold water over my body trying to stop myself burning up when the burning finally stopped i walked out of the bathroom and looked out of the window and seeing that it was morning i sighed at the fact that i spent the hole night being tormented by that freaks memory's but in the end the flash backs stopped as i sat on the inside of the window ledge watching the sun rise but then a strange thought came into my head as i saw the sun rise over the roof top it made me remember of me and my dad before he died the one thing we always us to do together even though mum hated it always afraid we would fall or break our necks one day but seeing the sun rise reminded me of when me and my dad us to go free running from roof to roof just the feeling of being on top of the world the feeling of being free just running and climbing getting up early to run while the sun came up it made me miss the freedom and the clarity that came with it but why should i miss out if i wanted it i could take it but i didn't have enough time if i wanted to do it it would have to wait till tomorrow because for now i had to sort this money problem out so i walked over to my dresser and picked up my phone i scrolled through my phone book until i reached the number i was looking for Jason downs see Jason downs was a friend of mine well if you can call him that i met him about a year ago when i was serving at the bar lets just say after a few drinks he would let some things slip that he shouldn't of but it was a good thing for me because Jason from the age of 15 was a street fighter he owned a warehouse where he would bet fighters against other fighters sometimes you didn't even have to be a fighter all you needed was cash and a strong arm and the rules were simple the last man standing takes the money and when ever i needed money badly enough he was the one i called don't get me wrong fighting wasn't exactly a career option for me but i never lost and couldn't every time i got knocked on my ass the only motivation i needed was Amy so i picked up the phone and gave him a call "hi Jason its Jake listen do you think you could hook me up with a fight tonight" "hey Jake long time no see and well well straight to the point i like it" "yeah its been a long time j.d so do you think you could help me out" "yeah I could work something out for an old friend ill tell you what ill see you at the usual place at 11pm sharp" "thanks j.d ill see you there" i replied hanging up the phone finding myself once again breathing a sigh of relief but it wasn't over yet i still had to make it through college without anything crazy happening so i walked over to my draw and pulled out clean pair of jeans and tank top for later then i covered with a black hoody i put on my trainers and snuck down stairs without waking Amy up thinking after last night she deserved to rest i walked out of the door and then realised how much time i had to spare the street was quiet and almost dead figuring most people would be asleep at this hour in the morning i decided to go for a run but not any normally run i ran down the street and down the corner to a back ally looking up i saw a drain pipe leading to the roof so i figured this was as better time as any to go for a run i grabbed onto the drain pips and shimmied myself up it slowly at first making sure i didn't fall knowing i was still rusty because i haven't been free running in over 2 years but luckily i made it half way up and then my heart really started to pump as i saw how high up i was "wow" was the only sound that escaped my lips and was the only thought in my head as i pulled myself up closer edging my way to the top i finally made it i stood at on the edge of the ledge looking down at the house that was directly across from me and as crazy as it was i new i had to jump to see if i could make it i took a 5 steps back braced myself and ran as fast as i could leaping my body off the edge of the roof and sent myself falling through the hair untill i rolled onto the opposite house but i didn't stop there the adrenaline just felt so good i stood back on me feet and kept running and jumping from roof top to roof top it was like my mind was set free it felt amazing not being held back feeling the sun on my face as i jumped and climbed higher and lower not knowing where i was going just running as fast as i could from roof to roof jumping and diving until i was lent down on one knee looking over at the view and for once i felt at peace and free not so closed in or trapped but i couldn't enjoy it for long because as soon as i got comfortable my phone started to ring again i answered seeing that it was Kyle "yo superman where are you bro your not going to believe this but man your name is all over the campus turns out that chick you helped out has put the word around Jake hale saved her dam life my man" "uh wait wh.what Kyle slow down what are you talking about man" i said confused and a little out of breath "look brother just put your cape away and get your ass over here trust me man" Kyle said laughing down the phone to me "ok ill see you in 5 minutes then" replied hanging up and kind of laughing to myself at how hyped up he was but i still had no idea what he was talking about i mean is he talking about the same stuck up bitch that basically might as well of spat in my face after i saved her ass well i guess i was going to find out so i stood up and looked over the edge of the building seeing there was another drained pipe i jumped forward off of the building and slid down it untill my feet were finally back on the ground i just looked up with a smile before i ran to college and with every step not only didn't i feel tired but i felt like i had more energy than ever maybe even to much energy if that's possible but on the way i ran passed the old oak tree witch reminded me of Claire and how much i was looking forward to seeing her later but at the same time it just kind of hit me how much i missed her even though its only been a day i still really missed her but i was going to see her later witch would bring a smile to my face "hey super boy bring your ass over here man" i her Kyle shout at me when i was jogging towards him but as i did i could see people staring at me like there eyes were all focused one me i stopped jogging and looked around when i caught up with Kyle "uh Kyle why is every one looking at me" "dude the words out my man everyone herd how you saved that chick from those guys man its all over campus" Kyle said putting is arm on my shoulder and nudging me "wait wait your telling me that that stuck up bitch who practically doesn't care about anyone except her self said i saved her" "my man you really have to listen more carefully and yes what's so hard to understand about that your a her bro" "a hero yeah that's a long shot" i muttered under my breath as we started to walk down the path across campus but as we did everyone kept looking at me and whispering and id be lying if it didn't freak me out "Jake my man cheer up your the talk of the hole college man" Kyle stated "wait Kyle what exactly did you hear from everyone man" "well my brother the word is you herd the chick shouting for help then like a night in shining you armour you show up then beat down 3 of these guys just to save her and then took off straight after and i even herd that you had a brick smashed across your head man but i guess that part was just a joke right" "no no that part i remember really well i mean apart from the blurred vision and the blood it wasn't that bad" i said in a sarcastic tone of voice "wh.what wait then how did" Kyle paused for a second before he realised "oh right one hit superman i gotcha" Kyle remarked patting me on the back as we got closer to the entrance "and would you seriously stop calling me that i don't think ill look good in tights man" i said shaking my head at how much Kyle was laughing "haha man chill out brother ok if you haven't noticed you've been blessed man" Kyle said holding his hands up in gold like motion just to try and make me laugh but it didn't work that well because i was to distracted by everyone who still seemed to have there minds and eyes fixated on me "Kyle listen remember when you said about us talking well something happened last night" i said unsure of what everyone's problem was "why what happened brother wait no way did you discover something else" Kyle wisped so no one would hear but at the same time looking excited "uh yeah i guess you could say that look its easier for me to start at the beginning last night that guy i well i don't know what to call it but do you remember i said when i grabbed when i grabbed that i guy it felt like his life drained into me well i don't think that it was all i got from him because last night i could see is memory's i could hear his thoughts so clearly it was like i was the one who was thinking them" "wait dude your telling me you can read peoples minds bro seriously we have to talk more about this my man meet me here at 12 we need to talk more about this but i have to get to hobs class man" Kyle said walking backwards down the hall but as stupid as it sounds maybe i could read peoples minds i mean i did see that bustards memory's so clearly but though memory's were still in my head then i felt something i didn't before it was unlike any feeling i ever had it was like anger mixed with guilt but guilt for what maybe because i let that son of a bitch walk away but i swear if i see him again next time there would be only me walking away but i was to immersed in thought to be able to go to class so i decided id go to metro the café we had on campus for people just to study eat pretty much anything and the best part it was quiet so i made my way over there but right as i walked through the door i saw a big huddle of people crowded around a table i couldn't see who was sitting at the table though so i figured it would be better just to ignore it and carry on i walked over to the counter and asked for a coffee maybe it would help me get my mind straight but even then i couldn't stop looking over at that same table wondering what the fuss was about must be something big but i just paid for my coffee and sat down at the table with my back to everyone looking out of the window lost in a dream a day dream but i could still here the conversation behind me and what really made my blood run cold was when i herd one of them say my name and asked how it happened "so im standing there and then he appears out of no where and then the biggest guy you know the one i told you about says to him just to walk away but he wasn't even scared he just stood there and he was even cracking jokes about offering them liquorish and then the scary part happened the big guy hit him over the head and even that didn't keep him down he just stood up and kicked the dickheads ass" i just stood dead still after hearing that realising it was her the same girl who not a day ago seemed to be to far stuck up her self to realise anything else around her then i decided id just walk out but i didn't have time to even stand up because before i could one of them noticed and decided to inform everyone else "wait look isn't that the guy" all i her was a rustle as everyone started to whisper so i put my hood up and sank back into the seat just wanting to be left alone by everyone but unfortunately that wasn't the case i just her a chair slide back before i her foot steps walking around to the front of the table i just ignored it looking down and closing my eyes i just wasn't in the mood "Um hi its Jake right" i herd that same voice say but instead of her screeching at me she had a calmer tone this time i looked up and there she was the same blond girl with blue eyes but in this light she did look pretty i had to admit but that still didn't change the her attitude problem i just looked blunt for a second before replying "uh i think your looking for some one else" i said hoping she would leave me in peace "your Jake hale i know who you are and i didn't have time to properly say thank you so thanks" she said witch totally caught me off guard mind if i take a seat but she didn't wait for my reply she just sat down anyway i looked behind me seeing the same group of kids staring at me "wait let me get something straight the last time i saw you you seemed more interested in putting me down and now your saying thanks" i looked up at her with a cold stair "well uh about that im sorry to its just must guys around here are kind of jerks and when you kept bumping into me the only thing that i could think of was that you were trying to get a look ok so im sorry hot shot" she said with a laugh "hey this might sound weird but why don't you let me buy you lunch to say sorry or catch a movie or something maybe" she asked with a awkward grin but the worst part is i had no idea what the in the world to say but i know i didn't have time to enjoy myself "uh look im kind of busy ill see you around" i said standing up leaving my coffee sitting on the table and walking out with everyone's eyes still fixated on me but i must of got 10 feet before i herd her foot steps behind me again and it was the strangest feeling ever it was like everything seemed clearer my eyes seemed better i could hear things better than i us to but i couldn't indulge in these thoughts because as soon as i did i herd her voice behind me again "hey Jake this is to say thanks" confused by what she said i turned around and all i could feel was her forcing her lips against mine and her tongue in my mouth but i regained my senses and pulled away after a second then she just looked at me with a devilish smile "yum ill see you soon hot" was all she said as she turned and walked back towards the café i just turned around shocked and kept walking i mean i wouldn't admit it but she wasn't the only one who enjoyed it but still what the fuck just happened out of know where this girl comes up and kisses me but at the moment my heart sank when at that moment i thought about Claire but even if she did find out she couldn't blame me i mean it wasn't my fault i just kept walking thinking there was just so much going on i couldn't take it so i decided to walk home but this time i took a longer rout home just to think and try and distract myself from everything that was happening i was walking down a back road when all if a sudden i herd a voice that echoed in my head what brought all my senses back to me i herd that bustards voice and then it hit me it wasn't in my head it was for real i ran down a back road into a empty parking lot behind a grocery shop and then i saw him there with those 2 same assholes but the anger in me just rose i couldn't stop myself i swear that if i saw him again seeing everything he's done i wouldn't let him get away and i was going to keep that promise i got closer but they didn't seem to notice me with my hood up and the rain what started to pour down on me i just stood there untill they looked at me and all 3 started walking to where i was standing "what the fuck are you looking at" one of them shouted at me "i think he's lost why don't we tell him how to get home for a price of cause" but that asshole just walked up to me untill he was standing only a few meters away from me "do you have a fucking hearing problem he said" but his voice ran through me like a knife and then the flash backs started again of this bustard i just pulled my hood down and stared at him but his face went blank and white like a sheet of paper i stood there grinning at him " did you miss me" i said jumping forward and hitting this guy in his throat making him drop to the floor suffocating trying to get his breath back i looked back up seeing the other 2 assholes just look at each other before walking backwards and then running i looked back down seeing that this peace of shit got his breath back i grab him by the throat and forced him against the wall even though it didn't seem like he was in any shape to fight back "haha now who's lost for breath" i said as i felt the anger in me get stronger with all these images of him raping and beating this girl came flooding back then a new image came rushing through my head a image of him beating a girl to death an then i saw red as the anger in my body became stronger my hand tightened around his neck and all i could think of was what if that was Amy what if that was my sister but i wouldn't give this asshole another chance to do it to some one else i could feel the rain drop down my face as my hand became tighter around him i could feel the life start to drain out of his body again but this time i wasn't stopping i saw his eyes start to go grey and dowel and the veins start to appear in his neck again it felt good seeing this bustard suffer in pain seeing his brain getting fried i could feel myself get stronger and madder with each second of life i drained out of his body it felt so good feeling the pain he caused being wiped from this earth this pathetic weak waste of a life but i could feel his heart get slower and the veins on his hole body stood out a pail red then i just let him drop to the floor lifeless "good reddens"