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Teen gives a good service
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Chapter 2: Wes had a smile glued to his face, as he slept next to his birth-mother, his whole body was relaxed as well as his soul. Wes felt a tug on his cock, that caused him to wake up grogily and look down at his mothers head bobbing up and down on his semi-erect cock.

"Oh.morning baby. I woke up horny and hungry and I wanted this yummy cock for breakfast. Hope you don't mind" Melanie giggled, as she jerked him a bit and stared at him for approval, as his cock throbbed in her hands.

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"This is.the best way to wake up. Bit unfair that I have to starve though" Wes pouted jokingly, his mothers eyes flashed as she got what he meant and positioned herself, so he could eat her, already dripping pussy. "I'm.so.sorry. Here.eat me" Melanie groaned, as he sons long tongue, darted in and out of her wet cunt, flicking her clit and lapping her juices.

Wes put two of his fingers up and down her slit, parting them and then sliding his tongue deeper, her pussy dripped on his tongue and it was a salty and sweet feeling, but he loved it. "Tongue fuck my cunt so bad baby. I'm about to cum in your face so hard" Melanie moaned, her hips were thrusting at him and she had to hold his cock in place to put it in her mouth. "I'm about to cum mum" Wes groaned, fingering her pussy as he spoke.

"Then cum for me baby. I'm just holding on for you" Melanie told him, as she came, soaking her sons face with her cum. Wes cried out and he shot 3 hot, stringy load of cum, his mother caught 2 in her mouth, while the 3rd hit her on the chin and dripped onto Wes's crotch, in his mass of pubes. Melanie rolled off her son and onto the bed next to him, her pussy was tingling and her heart was pounding, Wes's chest was tight and his face was drenched in his mothers juices, his cock was slowly becoming flacid.

"God damn, you know how to treat a woman. So what do you want to do today?" Melanie asked, rubbing his legs and poking her firm tits into them as well. Wes and Melanie decided to go shopping, it was 8 in the morning and everything was opening up and Melanie wanted to treat her son, being she had the money to do so.

"So apart from being a God in bed, what else are you great at?" Melanie asked, as they wandered around town, looking through some windows at some stores. "I'm great at video games and I like to play guitar. I know smoke on the water.and I know a few more notes, but still" Wes chuckled, doing some air guitar and thrusting his hips a little, making his birth-mother raise her eyebrow and lick her lips.

"You know what, I want to buy you a new shirt or pants, anything really, I want to make you feel special" Melanie told him, leading him towards the most expensive clothing store, where the owner was dusting and had a very bad comb over.

"Hello! Would you two like any help today?" The owner asked with a smile, he couldn't help stare at Melanie's chest, her cleavage was ample and Wes noticed a bit of his cum had crusted on her. "No thank you, we're fine, just spoiling my special man" Melanie liked the attention and she pulled Wes in and kissed him deeply, slipping her tongue deep into his mouth and moaning into him.

"Well.I.um.oh look other customers" The owner was blushing and quickly waddled away. Wes laughed once the kiss broke and he followed, as she picked out a few shirts, a couple of pants and a belt. "Here, go try them on. I believe they will make you look handsome.I mean more than you already are" Melanie squeezed his cock, which was half hard and winked at him.

Wes tried on a pair of the pants, but they were a bit tight and he put them over the door, he pulled his shirt off and Melanie surprised him by entering the dressing room. "Hows it going? Those didn't fit?" Melanie pointed at the pants over the door, and he shook his head. "Nah they were a bit tight. I was about to put this shirt on" Wes told her, she trailed her finger down his abs and couldn't stop staring. "Forget the clothes. Fuck me right here and now" Melanie demanded, she got on her knees and pulled his boxers off, his cock hit her in the face, causing her to giggle and she grabbed his cock and passionatly began to suck it.

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Wes had to put his hand on his mouth to keep from moaning out loud, his other hand was on his birth-mothers head and helped guide her back and forth, she deep-throated him and gasped for breath. "You're amazing.I can't wait to get loud in the hotel room" Melanie giggled in a whisper, she looked up at him and batted her eyes.

There was a knock at the change room door. "Occupied.I'm sure there are other change rooms" Wes told whoever was, the knocking stopped and Melanie shrugged and began sucking his cock again. "Guhhh" Wes moaned quietly, he shot two loads into her mouth, his cock was still hard, but he couldn't feel it. "Yum. I love it. Fuck trying on the rest, we'll get some food and go back to the hotel" Melanie told him, Wes fixed his pants and shirt and she opened the door and his adopted mother was standing there, Zoe, she had her arms folded over and looked hard at both Wes and Melanie.

"Mum.I.uh" Wes tried to say, but he didn't know what to say. "What are you doing? And Melanie I assume?" Zoe put her hand out and shook her hand, looking down at her nose to her, but Wes could see something in her eye, that he saw whenever she got new shoes or when her husband kissed her on the back of the neck. 'She's horny and jealous' Wes thought to himself.

"Hi.you are Zoe. So nice to finally meet you. I was getting some new clothes for Wes, wanted to splurge on him" Melanie explained, pointing at the clothes in the change room to justify why she was in there with him. "Splurge huh?

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I heard what you were doing in there. I don't want to make a scene here, how about we go to your hotel and talk." Zoe told them, she stood aside and they walked out and made their way to the hotel. "Ok.So what exactly happened? Met decided to fuck each other? You know this is incest right?" Zoe ranted, as soon as they got into their hotel room, she saw how drenched the bed was and decided to sit on the couch in the room.

"I." Wes started. "I dont want to hear from you. You're a horny teen, so I know the main brain isn't the top one. I'm more talking about your birth-mother right there" Zoe interrupted him. "Well, he is a handsome young man.

He reminded me so much of my husband and I don't know. The fact that I never had him and the attraction was strong as I saw his picture and I wanted him bad as I came face to face" Melanie explained looking at her son and then at Zoe. "I can understand attraction, believe me, Wes is very handsome and when he was 15 and I caught him in checking himself out, he had abs then and his cock was rock hard and looked amazing."Zoe told them.

"Wait, you checked me out?" Wes piped up, he was a little slow but when his adopted mother said he was attractive, that caught his attention and sent a tingle in his pants.

".Yes I have. But for me to have feelings for you, isn't wrong as we aren't related. But for you and her.what are you doing?" Zoe stopped talking, as Wes pulled his shirt off and unbuttoned his pants, he stood there in his boxers and Zoe could see his cock grow and make a tent in his boxers. "I know you want me.

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Take off your clothes and lets play" Wes told her, Melanie was sitting quietly on the bed and enjoying the show. "No.I" Zoe began trying to shrug it off.

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"Take off your clothes" Wes demanded, he got in front of her and put his hands on her hips, he could feel her shake. Zoe was a beautiful woman and Wes wanked a few times over her, whenever he needed to imagine a woman. Zoe had ginger hair, a few freckles on her face and neck, she was chubby but in a cute way and she had 16-B cups and she had a few tattoos, she had more, but Wes didn't know about those.

"Take them off" Wes simply said, he put his hands up her side and put his hands on her face and leaned in and kissed her softly. "Ok" Zoe answered, she pulled her top off and dropped it on the floor, Wes looked at her cleavage in her bright green bra, his favourite colour.

"Oops, do you want some of this?" Wes pulled his boxers off and his cock was fully erect and hit her in the leg, Zoe gasped and Melanie licked her lips. "I do.I'm not sure, if I should, but I do" Zoe uttered, she held it in her hands and felt his cock pulsate in her hands.

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"Go on. Its amazing" Melanie egged her on, she stood up and began to get undressed, it took her a few seconds to be completely naked and she got up and went behind Zoe and undid her bra. "Wow" Wes uttered, her boobs were perky and the left one had a small tattoo of a winky face, while the right one had a big looking freckle on it, he noticed she had another tattoo on her rib cage of a flower, a purple rose.

"Wow indeed" Zoe replied, she got on her knees and slowly licked his throbbing cock, then helped it in her mouth slowly, moaning as she did, Melanie smiled and rubbed her tits together for her sons sake.

"You enjoying your adopted mother suck your amazing cock? Want to tongue fuck my cunt when she rides your cock?" Melanie asked, spreading her pussy lips apart, Wes saw that she was soaking wet and he just nodded his head and tried hard not to cum.

"Do you like it? Am I doing it right?" Zoe stopped sucking and began jerking him as she asked the question, her attitude had changed and she was loving everything.

"Its perfect mum.God. Can we move to the bed, then we can all get comfy" Wes suggested, Zoe stopped sucking and let go of his cock and they moved to the bed. Wes laid down on the bed, grabbing the pillow to have under his head, his back felt the wetness of Melanie from last night and this morning.

Melanie laid next to him and watched as Zoe was between his legs and sucking his cock as ravenous as she could, moaning as she did, her pants were still on, but she had unbuttoned them to get comfy. "Ever think that you'd be in this position?" Melanie asked, letting Wes rub her nipples, making them perky and pinching them a little. "Never.


I love how this has turned out.oh god mum, I'm about to cum" Wes put his hands on her head, Melanie jokingly pouted as he let go of her nipple, then she began kissing his neck and listened to him cum.

"My lord, fuck you taste amazing.


Wow.just wow. I can't believe I did that. Can I have some cock in my pussy now?" Zoe asked, sitting up on the edge of the bed and licking her lips, her breasts bounced and her hair was ruffled and in her face, so she put it up in a ponytail.


"Say please" Wes teased, sitting up and touching her tits, and they felt firm and bouncy. "Really?" Zoe couldn't believe the sas that was coming from her son. Zoe taught her son good manners, as she didn't want her friends to look down on her, or the teachers to kick up a fuss.

"Yes really. Say please, then you can get on and I'll fuck you so hard, your brain will melt in your head from all the cum" Wes told her, Melanie choked back a laugh as she rubbed his back. "Fine. Please son, can I have that amazing cock in my pussy.which by the way you havent seen yet.

Melanie's looks amazing, but this one is a surprise for you" Zoe pleaded and stood up, she put her hands on her pants and slid them down seductivly, they dropped to her feet and she stood there in a green g-string, and Wes could see she was more than wet, she was soaking her panties.

"You can and please can I see that pussy please?" Wes asked, she smiled at his manners and slid her g-string down and Wes saw that Zoe's pussy was freshly shaven, had a small tattoo of another winky face, and her pussy smelt delicious, a pugent smell of piss and cum and to Wes it smelled sweeter than sweat. "Wow, that looks amazing. Want to ride me?" Wes asked, Zoe nodded and slid down on his cock with ease, she felt tight, but his cock fit perfectly.

"Oh god.OH FUUUUUCCK" Zoe cried, leaning back and breathing heavily, her tits bouncing with each thrust.

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"Now eat me, so I can talk to your mum" Melanie told Wes, she got up and put her wet pussy in his face, and got comfy as he slid his tongue deep in her wet hole and swirled it around.

"SHIT.OH.OH.OH" Zoe moaned, she opened her eyes and watched as Melanie came eye level to her and her eye was flinching as Wes was teasing her pussy.

"I'm sorry we.had to meet like we did, but you have to admit.it's amazing that it turned out like this" Melanie beamed, slowing her breathing down and trying not to get to excited. ".It.is, but I was.expecting a more meet and greet between you two.

Not a.whole fuck show.but seriously right now.I can't.complain. Absolutely not complaining" Zoe groaned, she leaned forward and placed her hands on her sons hips, trying not to touch Melanie. "Don't be a prude. I'm not going to be" Melanie told her, she put her hands on Zoe's tits and squeezed and leaned in and kissed the tattoo playfully, before going up and kissing her and slipping in her tongue.

Wes felt the mood change from his position, and so he quickened the pace of his hips and held Zoe in place and his tongue darted in and out and over Melanie's pussy, teasing her clit in the process, making her moan into Zoe's mouth. "Oh fuck.god he is good" Melanie cooed, she leaned down and kissed Zoe's tits and wiggled her pussy deeper into Wes's mouth. "Damn straight he is.I'm pissed.that I waited to make a move.

My husband is a great lover, but he doesn't have the cock or stamina that Wes seems.oh fuuck.to have" Zoe explained, she slid her fingers up Melanie's chest and teased her nipples and squealed as she pulled her hair and bit her neck playfully.

Melanie pulled Zoe in and bit her bottom lip with passion, as she clawed her tits and felt her pussy brewing towards an explosive orgasm. "I'M ABOUT TO CUM" Zoe screamed, pulling away from Melanie and raising her hands in the air. "FUCK.ME TOO" Melanie moaned, her hands went to Zoe's hips and she dug her nails in. "MMMMHMMMHHHM" Wes mummbled, meaning he was cumming, his cock exploded into Zoe's cunt, while she came all over his cock and Melanie came in her sons mouth, causing her to catch her breathe.

Zoe rolled off her son, Melanie did the same and Wes took in a deep breath and felt his body tingle and tighten up, white spots appeared in his vision. "Let me clean that up. I'm still horny, I didn't have that cock in me yet" Melanie crowed, she moved down and began lapping up his cock, sipping up the juices of Zoe and Wes, which tasted amazing and his cock stayed erect in her mouth.

"Do you think you can go another round?" Melanie asked, looking up at him, he nodded and she climbed on top of him and slid her sopping pussy on his cock, it slid with ease and she pushed down which hurt her cervix a little, but she got over it. Wes looked at Zoe and she was laying on the bed, looking up at the roof and she felt her body tingle and cum leak from her dripping cunt. "Fuck your mother.come on baby, fuck me so hard" Melanie growled, she leaned down and kissed him deeply, before scratching her nails down on his chest and speeding up the pace.

"Oh.fuck, you're amazing" Wes moaned and he leaned forward and buried his face in her tits, smelling her skin and licking her nipples. "YES.OH BABY" Melanie cried, holding his head to her chest, making her tits poke him in the face and bouncing faster on his cock.

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"I'm about to cummmm" Wes moaned putting his hands on her hips and leaning into her more "Just a little longer.FUCK FUCK FUCK" Melanie pleaded, sweat was coming from her head and her heart was pounding hard. "I'M CUMMING" "ME TOO BABY" Melanie screamed, holding onto him as they came together and fell back on the pillow in a heap. Wes had his birth-mother Melanie on his right side and his adopted mother Zoe was on his left side, both were naked, sweaty and filled with his cum.

Zoe was sound asleep and Wes saw her tits go up and down on him, Melanie was kissing him quietly and passionatly. "I love you, and I believe she loves you too" Melanie told him, smiling at how her son was smiling.

"I love you as well." Wes said and he watched as she went to sleep as well. With that Wes held them tight and closed his eyes.