Annabelle sinn gegenseitige Masturbation

Annabelle sinn gegenseitige Masturbation
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Passion and my son were married five years ago while Jim was living down south and working. When Jim called us with the news he happily told me that she was a stripper with more body piercings and tattoos then he had. About a year later, Jim decided to move north with us while they looked for an apartment.

In the six months they were with us, I couldn't help but notice how attractive and down-right sexy Passion was.

On the times that we were left alone, I tried to keep my distance, but Passion, being the tease she was, enjoyed Tempting and teasing me with comments and innuendo.

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Their marriage didn't last and the following summer, Passion moved to the mid-west with some friends. From time to time I would get an e-mail from Passion asking me how everything was going and I didn't mind keeping in touch with her. A year ago, I was on business in the same town that Passion lived in and so I called her to see how her life was going.

She excitedly asked me if we could have dinner the next night and so I told her that I had time. She suggested that we eat in the restaurant in the hotel. That night I was nervous as I waited for her, but I didn't have to wait long and she certainly didn't disappoint. Passion wore a tight black dress with a slit up the side and a low cut halter type top which accented her ample breasts.

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We had a slow, quiet dinner and she had quite a few Jack and colas so by the time the check came, she asked if she could come up to my room and have some coffee. I was suspect of her motives but I was quite flattered as well.

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On the way up in the elevator, she told me how much she missed me and how good a friend that I had been to her. The room was dark as I opened the door and Passion quickly closed and locked the door behind her. Without a word, she touched my cheek and then ran her hand behind my head and pulled me close and gave me a long deep kiss.

"I'd been wanting to do that since the first time we met", Passion told me. "Would you mind if we didn't have sex?" Passion said, as she slowly let he dress drop to the floor. Now I have to say that Passion had one killer body and the tattoos, nipple rings and clit ring just accentuated her body. "What did you have in mind, naked Monopoly?" I asked her with a wry smile.


"No, actually I was hoping you'd eat my pussy, she said, looking into my eyes. "Absolutely", I told her as she led me to the bed. She stripped off my shirt and then she slid on the bed and pulled me to her. We kissed and hugged as I ran my hands over her breasts and down to her shaved pussy.

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I moved to her neck and breasts and then tongued her stomach and eventually ended up with my head in between those lovely legs of hers. I massaged her breasts and teased her nipples as I worked on her clit until I was rewarded with her juices as she came. "That was the best!" she whispered to me as she slowly sat up and reached for my belt buckle.

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"Now it's my turn to return the favor." Passion slid my pants off and slowly took my cock in to her mouth. My God, she could suck cock! She worked on me for a few minutes and then she took my cock out of her cock and said, "I changed my mind, I do want to have you in me." Passion smiled and crawled up and mounted my cock.

She was tight and she made me feel GREAT! "Do you think we'll have to go on Jerry Springer?", she asked. "No one will hear it from me." I told her.


We spent the rest of the night pleasing one another and we made plans to meet again when our schedules permit!