Gorgeous hottie gets her clean hairless loving holes fingered

Gorgeous hottie gets her clean hairless loving holes fingered
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It had been a solid week since my "wrestling" practice with Angela. Seven full days had elapsed and not one day went by without me thinking of what happened. It was seven days ago when I took her virginity per her request. She was absolutely amazing and took all the cues on how to be a woman.

I can't lie but I did have a hint of guilt because she is under age. That being said, I would not change a thing nor would I allow any harm to come to her.

On my drive down to the gym for another practice, my cell phone rang and it was Carlos. "Hey Coach, I wanted to let you know that I am running late so I need you to go to the gym and get things going." This wasn't the first time I had started practice so nothing was abnormal.YET When I pulled up to the gym, there was an eerie quiet.

There was only one car in the parking lot and it was Carlos' wife's car. I walked into the lobby and to my surprise Cynthia, the mother and Savanna (16) the eldest child were inside. No sign of Angela or any other wrestler. I have to be honest, I was a bit disappointed Angela wasn't present. As I settled in and started putting on my wrestling shoes, Cynthia came over to speak with me in private while Savannah kept busy on the laptop.

She briefly looked over the screen with those sexy brown eyes and smiled that beautiful grin. There was something a little off about her look. "Hey Coach, how are you tonight?" asked Cynthia.

"Things are good, just ready to get to work. Where are all the other kids?" I asked. Her reply "Carlos thought tonight would be a good night for you to work with Savanna. He let everyone else know practice was cancelled." Instantly, my crotch began to come alive with a plethera of visions shooting through my head.


"Will you be able to bring her home after practice? I have a few errands to run and it would be a great help" she said. "Sure no problem. I'll get her home after we're done" I replied. With that Cynthia came close to me and in a very low voice said, "Angela had the best week of school ever. She aced every test, brought all her grades up, and has been extremely helpful around the house.

I'm not sure what you taught her last week but I hope you can do the same with Savanna.". A small grin flashed on Cynthia's face. There was a brief pause when she said "Coach, the truth is Savanna doesn't enjoy wrestling and I'm not sure she ever will. But she needs discipline because she has been acting up lately and we don't know what to do.

Can you instill some discipline in her and try to get her back on track?" My head was spinning at this point as I wasn't sure what Cynthia was asking. Was she asking me to coach her wrestling or discipline her for her past transgressions? Either way, the thoughts were making my dick grow and all the while I kept catching Savanna looking over her computer screen. "No problem" was my reply. With that, Cynthia came up to me and gave me a hug which is something she never did.

While she hugged, she whispered in my ear "After you tame Savanna, there is one other lesson you will need to teach to me!" She quickly nibbled my ear, pressed her nether regions against mine and departed the gym.

Holy shit was all I could think. Carlos was giving me his two daughters and apparently his wife to train in the acts of being a woman. As I contemplated this, I quickly snapped back to reality and remembered there was work to be done. "Savanna, get your wrestling gear on and meet me in the gym in ten minutes", I said sternly.

She looked over her screen one more time, shut the laptop, and grabbed her bag heading to the women's locker room. She was wearing sweat pants and a hooded sweatshirt with her hair in a pony tail.

I made my way to the gym and the lights were already on albeit very dim. There was enough light to practice and since they were trying to save money I figured this was one of the cost cutting exercises.

After about ten minutes of waiting for Savanna, I headed to the women's locker room door, cracked it open ever so slightly, and yelled "Let's go, we don't have all night!". Savanna replied "uh, ok. I'll be right out". I noticed her voice was a little shaky and it struck me as a bit odd.

I headed back to the gym and waited.

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About 30 seconds later, I heard clicking noises on the floor and they were coming this way. I was a bit worried because it was supposed to only be Savanna and I at the gym. "Is that you Savanna?", I yelled. "Um, yes it's me.", she replied. "Let's go then, time to get to work", I shot back.

It was then that all things changed. Savanna came through the door and the reason for the clicking noises became crystal clear. Savanna was wearing heels not wrestling shoes. She was also wearing a short black mini skirt, pink button down shirt, and had her hair down.

She was a vision of beauty that had me momentarily mesmerized. As I snapped to, I asked her where her wrestling gear was. The answer was a bit suprising.

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"Coach, you and I both know that I don't like wrestling and my father makes me come here to train. I spoke with Angela about your one on one and she told me everything". Busted was all I could think but then a thought came through my head. She wouldn't be dressed like this if she was upset about my dealings with her sister. I was intrigued. She continued with "I am in the uniform I like and one I overheard you like.

I am ready to be taught discipline as my mother requested and it is up to you to instill it in me." It was then that she shakily walked over to me. She was face to face with me and I took all of her in. With her heels on, she stood 5'7, had nice c-cup breasts, long brown hair, deep brown eyes, and her legs with heels on looked absolutely amazing.

I was hooked. I leaned in close to her and asked "Are you sure this is what you want?".

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She sheepishly looked down and replied "Yes sir, this is what I want". At that moment, I knew it was time to get to work. "Your mom tells you have been acting up and not listening, is that correct?" I asked. "Yes sir" she replied. "I guess you need to be punished then and I will be the one you answer too." flew out of my mouth. "You will experience some pain over the next hour but it will be balanced with pleasure just like life offers.

I could see the fear come through her eyes as she whispered "Yes sir". In my mind, all I was thinking was good girl. "Just like a little girl who is bad, you will be spanked accordingly. Now come over here and lay across my lap", I instructed. Slowly yet every seductively this beautiful Puerto Rican woman in training sprawled across my lap and the heat was amazing.

"Have you been bad?" I asked. "Yes sir" was her reply. With that, I let my hand spank her ass cheek through her mini skirt. She jumped but there was a small moan mixed in. Again and again I swatted her beautiful ass but honestly I wasn't yet satisfied.

I instructed her to stand and lift her skirt up to her waist. To my surprise, she wasn't wearing panties and that made her a very bad girl in my eyes. "You are not wearing panties young lady, why?" "Because I want to be a dirty slut and not wearing panties gives me that feeling, Sir". Back over my lap she moved instinctively and the spanking continued. After a good twenty swats her beautiful ass was nice and pink.


As I rubbed it to ease the sting, I slid my hand past her ass and found her young pussy. It was soaking wet already and signaled her enjoyment.

As I slid one finger in her, she lifted her head and turned towards me. "Coach, I am not a virgin and I should be punished for that." I quickly grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet with all her glory exposed. I took her over to the pull up bar and secured her arms above her head with some wrist straps.

She was sweating from the spanking and I couldn't resist kissing her. I leaned in and pressed my lips against hers and slowly extended my tongue. Our mouths stayed connected for what seemed like eternity.

She tasted delicious. With my ever growing erection, I pulled back and retrieved my belt from my gym bag. The lust in her eyes was replaced with fear.

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"Now you will be punished for allowing some young boy to penetrate and deflower you. Do you understand?". Her quiet reply was "Yes sir". I reared back the belt and smashed it against her sexy ass. She jumped a bit off the floor and let out a squeal. I pulled back again and returned the belt to her ass. Savanna started to whimper a bit but I was not to be deterred. The next hits I moved up to her back and let it ripple through her body.

I came around to the front and unbuttoned the shirt she was wearing exposing her beautiful breasts. I leaned in and took a nipple in my mouth.

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I roughly nibbled on it making her squirm with pain and pleasure. I switched to her other breast and repeated my actions. At the same time, I reached down to her pussy feeling the heat and quite a bit of moisture. I roughly inserted two fingers and began sliding them in and out all the while she was meeting my motion grinding her pussy into my fingers.

As I pulled them out, she let out a moan of disappointment and raised her head to meet mine. I took my two fingers and instructed her to open her mouth. Both fingers slid in her mouth and she greedily cleaned them. With her tits and stomach exposed I began to moderately whip her causing her to jump in pain.

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For the next ten minutes, I continued to assault her all the while taking notice of the steady stream of pussy juice running down her legs. She began to cry which worried me.

I picked her chin up with my fingers and kissed the tears away. "Sorry sir, but I don't think I have been disciplined enough and you should not hold back" she said. I couldn't believe my ears but quickly got back to work. The belt hit every part of her body and she had red marks to prove it. She was limply hanging from the pull up bar when I decided it was time to release her.

Once released, Savanna fell to the floor. "It is time to continue your punishment" I said as I pushed my shorts down to the floor and removed my t-shirt. Her eyes, with running mascara, looked up in surprise as my 7 inch erection was only inches from her face.

Without hesitation, she leaned in and engulfed half of it before she started to gag. "I want you to take the whole thing in your mouth and make it nice and slippery" I instructed.

She did her best but couldn't quite make it all the way down.

As she looked up at me, I grabbed the back of her head and slowly began pushing it down. She didn't flinch, rather she relaxed and cleared all seven inches. She started to bob her head up and down until I could feel my balls tightening. It only took another minute and I was sending cum down her throat which she surprisingly took all of. With tears still in her eyes and a small grin, I pulled her to her feet.

It was now time for her pleasure as her pain had been doled out. "On your feet beautiful", I said. Rising up with her shirt open and skirt above her waist, I took her over to the angled bench and gently leaned her over. This put her head and feet down with her ass as her highest body part. The welts on her legs and bottom were bright red and still warm to the touch. Her heels were barely touching the floor as I spread her legs ever so gently and approached her sweet smelling pussy.

I thrust my tongue directly into her pussy and made my way down to her clit. She instantly started writhing on the bench as I punished her clit with my tongue. Alternating between her pussy and ass with my tongue assault, my erection began to return. It wouldn't be long before I would penetrate her sweet pussy. After a few minutes of oral, she screamed out "Suck my pussy mother fucker, I'm cumming".

While surprised at her tone and language, I did exactly that. In an instant, I was covered in her cum as she squirted her climax with sweet force.

With her still sprawled over the bench, I positioned myself behind her ready to penetrate her with my solid erection. As I was about to slide into her sopping wet pussy, she turned back to me and said "I have been a bad girl again. I just called you a mother fucker and you haven't punished me for that". I was a bit confused for a minute until she reached back and spread her ass cheeks.


Not missing a beat, I slowly raised my cock head to her anus and slowly started to push in. I could feel her hole tighten up once a piece of the head was in. It's punishment time for your foul mouth. I quickly grabbed both her hands and pinned them to her lower back with one hand and grabbed her hair pulling her back.

As I did, my cock began to quickly enter her and all she could do was moan. Halfway in, I was slowly starting to stroke in and out of her. "Have you been a bad girl?" I asked. "Yes sir, I've been a very bad girl. Please don't hurt me" she replied as she looked back at me. Tears still in her eyes and sweating like a gangbang whore, I continued to pierce her ass, pumping hard and fast until my whole cock was inside her.

Pumping away, I was again getting close to cumming. "I'm going to cum soon baby" I spoke quickly. Her reply was a bit shocking but sexy nonetheless. "Please cum on my face daddy, just like you did my baby sister". That was all it took as I extracted my cock from her ass as she quickly turned around to face me. Stroking my dick a few more times with her on her knees, mouth and eyes open I began to blast rope after rope.

Some landed on her forehead, eyes, and in her mouth when she quickly took the last two shots down her throat.

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Looking up at me with that beautiful cum covered face, I couldn't believe how close to her I felt. Disheveled and pleasured, she rose to her feet still a little wobbly and said "You are the best man I have ever met and it was my absolute pleasure to have you punish me. Please say that I will see you again?". "You will." I replied. "Now I want you to be a good girl when I'm not around. You will be rewarded for your good behavior." "Yes Daddy, I will be a good girl.

May I get cleaned before you take me home?" she asked. "You may" I replied. As she turned around, I saw a glimmer of light coming from a door that was slightly open. It was Savanna's mother whose eyes I met as she quickly closed the door while grinning and removing her hand from her panties.

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