Hardcore anal action in disco club

Hardcore anal action in disco club
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I lay on my left side and she laid down putting one leg over my chest and sliding until my dick was in her face. she pulled my right leg across her and put it under her arm before she sucked half my shaft into her mouth and laid her head on my left thigh.

Alissa spooned into her and reached down to slide her hand between her thighs slipping two fingers between her wet lips. They were close enough that I licked her fingers as she rubbed CJ's inner lips. Amanda curled up to me under CJ's leg with her head on my shoulder. Doesn't she have the prettiest little pussy? Her lips look like a little flower blooming and it smells sweet to." Anna lay behind Amanda with an arm across her. I fell asleep dreaming about sweet smelling flowers and honey flavored suckers.

Several times during the night I was awakened by CJ sucking on my flaccid shaft like it was a mother's nipple. The Girls Next Door 11 Alissa was the first to wake up. She woke CJ by rubbing two fingers into her warm pussy. When CJ stirred, and started sucking and stroking me, she pulled the fingers out and put them between my lips.

The sweet taste on my lips and her wonderful musk in my nostrils woke me up. When my eyes opened I was still less than the length of my tongue from her delicious womanhood. I raised my head and pushed my tongue into her velvety tunnel. She pushed back against me holding my head against the pillow as she moaned and ground on my tongue. She was running the full length of my shaft in and out of her throat, stopping with it all the way in and swallowing around me.

Her throat felt like a hand milking an udder. Just as I started pumping cum down her throat she pressed her slit hard on my mouth and groaned around my shaft. I was rewarded with a mouthful of her sweet nectar. CJ rolled over on her back and pulled Alissa to her for a long tongue wrestling kiss.

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I rolled over to face Amanda and moved her down enough to take one of her nipples in my mouth and suck on it gently. She woke and hugged me. "Mmmmm I just love all the different ways you wake me." Next thing I knew Anna was on top of us with her breast in my face. "What about me daddy I like having you suck on my titties to." It ended up with me attached to one nipple and Amanda attached to the other. We hugged and sucked while Anna moaned.

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Pretty soon she shivered and got up. "Thank you daddy, thank you also Mama Wife. Now let's go shopping like you promised." I wanted them to wear their Levis, tank tops and heels. I told them we would be getting what they needed for their motorcycle class and a few extras. We piled into Alissa's convertible and headed out to find them some boots for riding. We found what they needed at one of the big sporting goods chains then were off to our next stop.

We headed to my favorite leather shop about 1:30. Dave had converted a small, older two bedroom house to a store and his wife used one of the rooms as a beauty salon. The place was packed with racks and not a lot of empty space.

Just one small area where he had a platform about 3' square and 2' high that customer's stood on so he could measure them or fit leather pants and chaps. When I walked in with my four ladies his smile grew. "Well, long time since you've been in. What can I do for you?" I introduced the ladies and started listing what I wanted. I need a light weight leather jacket, chaps and gloves for each of these lovely ladies." Dave got busy finding what we needed from the racks and having them try them on.

He had them stand on his platform one at a time so he could cut the legs of their chaps to length. They all picked black fringed ladies jackets that really showed of their figures. When we had everything I wanted for their class. I told Dave they needed leather pants. When he asked for one of them to step up on the platform CJ said "Wait, we need our other shoes." They ran outside and got the heels they had brought and came back in.

CJ stepped up on the platform wearing the 5" heels she had brought. When Dave measured her inseam she cooed at him "Be careful down their I get turned on real easy." Dave just grinned at her and went to find a pair of pants from his racks. He handed them to her and told her to try them on. Before he could point her to the back room, CJ had kicked off her heels and had her Levis down to her ankles revealing her panty-less mound. Dave just stood there with his mouth open as she kicked off her Levis and wiggled her hips as she pulled on the leather.

"These are too big. Do you have some that are tighter?" She slid them off and stood there naked from the waist down as Dave walked away. With her wicked smile CJ said "Did I do you think he likes the show so far?" When he came back I said "Maybe I should have mention that they are uninhibited and like being exhibitionists." Dave laughed.

"I don't mind. But if my wife shows up you get to explain it." With a little help CJ got the pants he had brought on and stepped into her heels so he could mark the bottoms of the legs for trimming. As he stood up she pulled her tank top off. "I forgot they also want vests that make them look hot." Dave went to the racks and came back with a vest that only had two ties. CJ tried it on and pronounced it too big.

He brought out another on that had laces on the side and three ties in the front. By the time CJ finished adjusting the sides the front just came past her areolas in the front. Just as she was satisfied, Alissa jumped up on the platform. She had stripped while she was waiting. Just as Dave went to measure her inseam I felt an arm slip around my waist. "What the fuck is going on here." I looked back and Dave's wife Maryanne was standing behind me.

It was her arm around me. Damn I can't leave you alone in this store for 5 minutes without you finding some way to get a girl naked." If she hadn't started laughing she might have scared Dave but as it was he just laughed and kept working.

Maryanne gave me a hug. "Haven't seen you around for a while, how have you been?" I told her about my wife and a little about my new family. She told me she was sorry about my loss then looked at my four ladies. "I hope you know what you're getting into." When I told her I was happy and Amanda was pregnant. She wished us well and went to help Dave. While they were fitting Alissa Anna hollered from the other side of the racks.

"He has leather bikinis." She came out carrying an armload of bikinis. She piled them on a rack in front of me and stripped her pants and top, handing them to me. She picked out a red micro bikini and put it on.

It fit her like a second ski and barely covered enough to be legal. While I watched she rubbed her nipples under the material and when she pulled her hands away, the material formed around them.

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"Daddy can I have this one, please?" Maryanne gave me a strange look and I had to explain my 'Daughter' to her. I told her she could have that one and to let the others pick one out. After Dave and Maryanne finished fitting everyone for pants and vests they all picked out their own color bikini like Anna had and tried them on. The four of them were wearing red, blue black and tan bikinis and wanted to wear them out of the store. It was a hot day in Austin but seemed to get a lot hotter as the four of them walked out in the bikinis and 5" heels.

They put all their bags in the trunk and waited until I put the top down before putting on their sunglasses and getting in.

They were happy with our shopping so far but the wanted to make another stop, Victoria's Secret. They wanted to find something to wear over the bikinis so they could take me to dinner before we went home. We got to the mall where the store was located and my ladies got out and headed for the entrance.

By the time I got the top up and headed that way they were inside. When I caught up they were walking thru the mall like they owned it and ignoring the looks they were receiving. They walked into Victoria's Secret and I waited outside. Two minutes later Anna came out and grabbed my hand to take me in. "You're not getting out that easy." The girls started trying on and modeling dresses for wear over bathing suits.

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I must have seen 20 different colors and styles. They all disappeared for a bit then reappeared with all of them wearing white crochet dresses that did a wonderful job of showing off their colorful bikinis.

As they headed for the door Amanda looked back over her shoulder at me. "Be a dear and pay the lady. Oh and we will be in Kay's Jewelers When I caught up they were gathered around one counter with a sales lady. Amanda saw me and waved me over. The sales lady asked them if I was the gentleman they were shopping for.

When Amanda said I was the lady took my left hand and looked at before reaching under the counter and pulling out a box full of small brown envelopes. She flipped thru them until she found what she was looking for. "I think this is what you're asking for." She opened the envelope and poured out a man's gold four piece puzzle ring with four small diamonds. Amanda took the ring, put it together and slid it on my ring finger and held it up for the others to look at. They were smiling and nodding yes.

Amanda told the lady they would take it and pulled a credit card out of the small purse she had with her. "Well ladies I think we've marked our territory pretty good. Now let's go to dinner." As we walked back to the car Amanda had my arm around her shoulders, holding my hand out looking at the ring. "This looks good on you. Now other women will no your spoken for." When we got to the car they crowded around me and said they wanted to christen the ring.

I did know what they were talking about until CJ stood close in front of me and put my hand inside her bikini bottom and slipped my ring finger in her hot hole.

In less than a minute her nectar had coated my finger and was running into my hand. She hugged me and said "I'll love you always." Then she pulled my hand to her mouth and kissed my wet palm. Alissa and Anna did the same thing. When it was Amanda's turn she smiled and told me later. They wanted to do dinner at a place on Lake Travis that had decks for watching the sunset as you ate. We had finished dinner and ordered dessert just before sunset. Amanda was on my left and slid her chair close so she could put her arm around me.

Just as the sun touched the horizon Amanda put my left hand between her legs and pressed it against her wet lips. That's when I looked down at her lap and saw that she had untied on side of her bikini and slid it aside.

She buried my ring finger in the entrance to her silky hole and held it as she leaned against me watching the sun go down. When it had disappeared she stroked herself with my finger until I felt her give a shudder and my hand was coated with her cum.

She held me in her until she was breathing regular then held my wet hand where the others could see it. She licked one finger and asked if they wanted a taste. Anna took my hand and sucked on one finger then Alissa and CJ stepped around the table to do the same. Amanda tied her bottom back then stood up to go to the ladies room.

Next thing I knew they were all up and walking away. They reappeared about twenty minutes later, ready to leave. I pulled out of the lot headed towards home.

By the time my wives, I guess it should be wives and daughter now, put away the day's purchases it was 10pm. I wasn't ready to call it a night so I went out to the pool and swam some laps. When I turned to climb out I found all four waiting for me. "What's up ladies?" "We're waiting on you so we can go to bed. We miss you. We fit together better with you in the middle." I was kind of surprised when we got to bed and they wanted to just cuddle and go to sleep.

They said they thought we all needed a quiet night after the week we had just went thru. When I woke up everyone was gone except Alissa who was next to me on her side still asleep. I moved to spoon her back and put an arm over her so I could hold her breast. When I kissed her neck and ear she rolled over to face me and press her body against me.

What can I do for you this morning, missy?" "You can let me suck on your dick like Anna and CJ." Then she turned around so her head was on my thigh and one leg was across my chest putting her slit right against my lips. I licked at her inner lips that were peeking out of her open slit and she jumped.

"Hey you didn't do that to them." "We were asleep. Beside if you don't want me to eat don't put such a tasty treat in front of me." I took her hips and pulled her slit to my mouth. As she put the head of my dick in her mouth and sucked on it like a straw she slowly stroked the shaft. Each time I pushed my tongue into her or sucked on her clit her hand would tighten on my shaft for a moment. We had been playing with each other about 15 minutes when Amanda stuck her head in to tell us brunch was ready.

I looked at the clock and it was almost 11am. Amanda said the rest of them had been up for hours. Turned Alissa around so her head on my chest. "Tonight you get to pick the way we sleep and I bet I know what it is." She just giggled and pulled me out of bed towards the showers. After a quick rinse off.

We headed for the breakfast table and dug in with the others. While we were eating I remembered the envelope Anna and CJ's father had handed me. I had thrown it on the dash in my truck and forgotten it. "Hey daddy's girl would you do me a favor." Anna perked up.

"Anything for my new daddy." "Go out and get me the manila envelope from the dash in my truck, please." She jumped up and ran outside and was back in a flash with it. When I opened it and tipped it up, four bank books and some papers fell out. Each of the bank books had one of the daughter's names on them and one of the sheets was a map. When I read the other sheet I gathered everything up and turned to CJ. "Call your sisters and do what you have to, to get them here for dinner tonight.

Tell them it's about the house and your parents. Tell Katrina and Marisa they can stay in your house or they can use one of our spare rooms and drive back tomorrow." CJ said "Are you ok?" "I'll be a lot better after we take care of this." CJ made the call and surprisingly they both said they'd be here this evening at 5pm. I put Alissa and Anna to work getting a room ready and working on dinner. I sent CJ to their house to make sure it was ready and the ac was working.

I took Amanda to the bedroom and we put on some shirts, jeans and tennis shoes and headed out the door. We drove my truck next door to the girl's house and took it on back to a far corner of the 10 acre lot. Amanda asked what we were doing. "One of the papers in the envelope was a map of their lot. There is an X on it and the other paper said to look for a metal locker." We found what looked like one of those 2 door upright lockers lying on the doors and overgrown with weeds and mesquite.

I got some gloves and a machete from the tool box on my truck and half an hour later we had it cleared enough to turn it over. When we did the door fell open and two large suitcases fell out. They were bulging, heavy and the zippers were stuck. We dragged them back to the truck and I opened one of them with a pair of pliers.

There must have been over a hundred bundles of 20's, 10's and 5's in it. Each one had 1,000 written on the band. We threw them in the back of the truck and closed the tonneau cover. I moved the truck back to our carport and asked Amanda not to say anything for now.

We went in to see how things were going and had Alissa tell us that she and Anna had it under control. We old folks could go lounge on the deck they would let us know if they needed anything. We took her at her word. shed our work clothes and went out to the pool. We got in to get wet and then laid down in the sun in my favorite position. Amanda was on her back and I had my head on her breast, one leg across her leg and my hand on her mound.

We had been out there about 30 minutes when CJ came out. "So they chased you out to?" CJ got wet and laid down on the other side of Amanda. Anna came out to let us know it was 4pm and we needed to get dressed for our company. By the time Marisa and Katrina arrived I was in slacks and a sports shirt. The girls were all wearing short skirts and tank tops with bras.

We looked like a regular family. When Marisa and Katrina walked in they didn't look anything like I remembered. Of course it had been a few years but they had really become beautiful young women. Marisa was 19, a Brunette. She looked to be a 34C and was 5'8" tall. Katrina was 21, another Brunette with 36D's and 5'9". Marisa was finishing her 1st year at UT and Katrina was in her 3rd at A&M. after some introductions and hugs we sat down to dinner. We had pasta, baked chicken steamed vegetables and garlic bread.

Marisa and Katrina were surprised that Anna and Alissa prepared all of it by their selves. When we had finished and the table was cleared Anna brought me the envelope. I opened it and handed each of the sisters one of the passbooks.

"Your father gave me these when we were getting the paperwork done for custody of Anna. Each of you has $50,000 in your bank account. The last deposit was three years ago before they are known to have started the smuggling.

Next a deed for the house in my name is supposed to be here in a week or so. I'm supposed to ask if you want to sell it and split the money or keep it as a place to live. If you want to keep it I have been given enough money to take care of the taxes and utilities for a long time. So you ladies need to talk it over and decide what you want to do. There is no rush. This isn't something that needs to be done today or even next week but you do need to decide eventually.

Anna fixed up rooms for you here and CJ has your house ready if you prefer. Just let us know." Katrina spoke first. "I would just as soon take CJ and Anna to the house tonight so we can talk." CJ and Anna collected some things for overnight and 15 minutes later left with their sisters.

Amanda, Alissa and I went into the family room and sat down to watch some news. Amanda asked what I was thinking. "I think I want this over so we can go back to just being a family." We sat there in silence for nearly an hour before turning off the TV and going to bed. Of course Alissa reminded me of my promise this morning. I lay on my back and she put her head on my thigh again with her leg over my chest and her pussy in my face.

Amanda put her head on my other thigh and reached under my leg to hold my testicles. Amanda's legs were spread enough I slipped two fingers into her hot tunnel. I slipped my tongue thru Alissa's wet slit causing her to shudder.

"That's enough. You're supposed to go to sleep." How am I supposed to sleep with such a pretty and tasty morsel at my lips?" She laughed at me. "Save it for morning." I closed my eyes inhaled her scent and dreamed I was surrounded by hot virgin pussy's.

I woke up around 3am with my fingers still in Amanda. I moved them in and out slowly as I licked Alissa slit. I felt Amanda move and looked down to see her smiling up at me. I watched as she put her hand around my shaft and started stroking what wasn't in Alissa mouth.

I had a sweet pussy on my lips, my pretty blonde wife suckling on the head of my dick and my redheaded wife stroking my shaft. It was only a matter of minutes until I came in Alissa's mouth. She swallowed it all as she suckled in her sleep. Amanda stopped stroking and squeezed her thighs on my hand as she came softly.

We closed our eyes and went back to sleep. I awoke with Amanda kissing me. "I think the girls are in the kitchen fixing breakfast." She was shaking Alissa as I planted kisses on her little crinkle and her Tain't. She moaned softly as she took my dick out of her mouth. "I had the best dream. You were sucking on my pussy and shooting gallons of cum down my throat.

It felt so real." Amanda looked at me and busted out laughing. "Ok you two what's so funny." We told her what we did and she started laughing to. "Now I know why I had that salty taste this morning." When we quit laughing we got dressed and headed to the kitchen. All four sisters were working away fixing breakfast. They had their backs to us and all four were wearing shorts and tank tops.

Anna hollered at us to have a seat, food was coming right out. I sat down with Amanda on my left side. Anna came in with a platter of pancakes and sat on my right.

CJ brought orange juice and sat next to Anna. The shock came when Katrina and Marisa came in with the bacon and toast. Both had on tight tank tops and no bras. Their nipples looked like round erasers sticking out under the material. Katrina sat directly across from me with Marisa next to her. As we ate I couldn't help but glance across the table at those magnificent 36D's of Katrina's and think of nights spent sucking on Amanda's. Unfortunately I looked up to find her looking back at me.

"You're staring at my tits. What's the matter aren't my little sisters enough for you?" My chin dropped and I looked at Anna. "I'm sorry daddy. She made us tell her everything." "That's right. They told us about you taking their virginity, sex on the golf course, sex in the pool, even the sex in front of hotel windows and on your motorcycles. Now we need to decide what to do with you." My heart was in my throat. I could see bars and big guys named Bubba. "So where do we go from here?

Are you going to turn us in or something?" "Turn you in? Oh hell no Marisa and I aren't mad about it we're jealous. When we were thirteen and fourteen we used to sneak over and watch you and your wife thru the fence. That was right after you moved in. We would go back to our room and talk about what we saw and wish it was one of us over there with you. But we were to afraid to do anything like CJ and Anna did. The most I ever did was wait until you and your wife were gone for a weekend and skinny dip in your pool then lay on your lounger with a cushion on top of me and dream it was you.

Anna and CJ keep telling us how happy you make them so Marisa and I just have one thing to say. If you do anything to hurt either one of them we'll cut your balls off with a hacksaw blade and feed them to you." "Now that we have that taken care of I have to take Marisa back and then get back and study. We're going to think about the house for a few weeks then get back together and make a decision if that's alright with you?" my head was spinning with what I had been hearing and it took a moment before I realized she had asked a question.

"I said 'If it's ok we want to get back together in a couple of weeks'." "You're welcome here any time.

In fact the girls are having a Hawaiian themed get together next weekend. Why don't both of you join them. I have to warn you though, their party's can get a little wild." CJ told them she would call them with more info. When Katrina and Marisa stood up to go I could see Katrina's shorts had pulled up creating a camel toe with a wet spot in the middle.

She caught me looking and when she hugged me before leaving she whispered in my ear. "Maybe one day I'll give you a better look." Then she kissed my cheek and moved away.

Marisa hugged me and rubbed against me with a little moan. "Kat I think we need to leave." She grabbed her sister and led her off to the bedrooms. Apparently they had brought their things here when they came over this morning. When they came back out they were wearing skinny jeans, tank tops and heels. We walked them out to their car and after more hugs and kisses Marisa said, "See you Friday." As we went back inside I called for a family meeting. "Can we get in to something more comfortable" I told them yes and went to the family room to wait.

Ten minutes later they all walked in, naked again. "Hey how come you're wearing clothes to a family meeting? We never have before and we don't want to start now." I stood up and slipped off my slacks and shirt. I sat on the couch and the girls took up their usual positions, CJ on my right, Amanda on my left, Anna hugging my left leg and Alissa hugging the right.

"I want to know what happened last night. What were they told, who told them and why." CJ and Anna were studying their laps intently. "I'm not mad. I need to know so we can figure out what the future holds." Anna was the first to break.

She crawled up into my lap, put her arms around my neck and buried her head on my shoulder. "Daddy I'm so sorry. We started talking about the house but when I said I didn't need it because we lived with you and you took care of us and made us feel happy and loved, she kept asking questions.

When she found out we had both lost our virginity she kept up until I slipped and said I begged you to take it. Then she made us tell her everything since we started coming over." "How mad did she get?" Now it was CJ's turn.

"She didn't get mad. She and Marisa just sat and looked at us. Then she told us the same story she told you. She told us not to say a word to you about it." "If they're not mad why did they leave so fast?" "Katrina is torn. She had a major crush on you until she moved to the dorms at A&M.

Now she comes home to find out her baby sisters are living with you and being treated as wives and equals. She wanted to say something but doesn't want to come between you, Anna and me. She wants time to think." "So what's going to happen Friday?" "All we know is Marisa and her are coming back for our luau." "I guess we'll just have to hope for the best. Its noon so what do you want to do the rest of the day." They decided we had had enough excitement in the last week and they just wanted to have a lazy afternoon at home.

The girls all headed outside to the pool and I stayed in to watch a race on TV. I dozed off and woke after a couple of hours when CJ and Anna came in and cuddled up to me. "We're really sorry and don't want you to be mad at us. What can we do to make it better?" "Just sit her like you are right now. Having you close is all I need right now." We sat there quiet until Amanda and Alissa came in saying they were hungry.

They said they wanted to go get pizza so we all got dressed to leave. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and they came out in sandals and sundresses.

We headed for a nearby pizza place with Amanda driving but when we got there Amanda said to wait in the truck and ran inside. She came out a few minutes later with a stack of pizzas and two liter bottles. "We could have had them delivered." "We're not taking them home." She got in and drove away.

Soon I figured out where we were going. It was dark as we pulled off the road and stopped at the golf course Anna had given me her virginity. We got out and headed across the grass like we had before. One of the girls had a light blanket and spread it out for us to sit on. We ate pizza off paper towels ad drink soda out of the bottles until everyone had their fill. Alissa collected all the trash and set aside off the blanket. Anna held out her closed hand to me. "Daddy we want to make you feel better." She opened her hand exposing one of my little blue pills.

"And we want it to last a while." As I took the pill with a swallow of soda the girls stood up and pulled their dresses over their heads and threw them in a pile. I thought I saw a glint of jewelry on a nipple and when I looked close I saw they were all wearing the nipple clamps and labia clips I had bought for them on Saturday a week ago.

I was going to give them to the girls this week but it looked like Amanda decided they needed them sooner. Amanda pulled me to my feet. "I thought we might need something shiny to get your attention." CJ was behind me pulling my shirt over my head as Anna and Alissa, on their knees were removing my shorts.

"First we want you to make sure we put our nipple bling on correct" as she guided my mouth and hands to her breast. I sucked on her nipples until they were swollen and hard. As I tightened the loop she moaned and pulled me to her. When she released me I moved to CJ and got the same reaction. Anna and Alissa stood up for their turns and they hugged me together as I moved from one of their breasts to the other. When I finished they hugged me then each other as Amanda continued.

Anna moved in front of me as Amanda said "we also need you to check our pussy clips for us." I went to my knees and looked at Anna's wet lips before tightening the clips slightly and giving them a little tug. As her nectar started to drip from her slit I stuck out my tongue and lapped the length of it relishing her sweet taste. Alissa said it was her turn and instead of moving away Anna lay down on her back in front of me and slid up to where she could suck my dick as I checked Alissa's clips and licked her slit clean.

When I was done she backed away from me, went to her hands between Anna's legs and knees and put her lips to her clit. When she did Anna put her hands on my hips and pulled her head up until her nose was against my ass and my dick was deep in her throat. As CJ brought her slit to my mouth Anna's throat was clenching around the head of my dick like a cord was being twisted around it.

CJ was dripping juices from fingering herself while she waited. As I slid my tongue up her slit to her hole she shuddered and pulled my head to her and her nectar flow onto my face and tongue.

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I had to grab her waist to keep her from falling and when I did I leaned forward pushing my shaft harder into Anna's throat. Amanda caught CJ as I fell forward. I caught myself on my elbows as my face joined Alissa's at Anna's pussy. Amanda laid CJ down then knelt over her head and bent down to rub her mound and kiss her clit. CJ jerked and had another orgasm. Anna was still deep throating my cock as I sucked on her clit while Alissa fingered and licked her pussy. Her throat was again trying to draw my cock deeper when I reached a peak and flooded her throat and stomach with cum.

I tried to rise up but Anna held me down until she had finished licking my cock and balls clean of my cum. When I could get up I sat next to Anna and Alissa and watched as Alissa's work on Anna's pussy, with her tongue brought Anna another orgasm.

When they were ready I pulled them up to sit next to me. "Daddy, lay down. Now it's our turn to take care of you." Anna gently pushed me onto my back then put one leg over me and slid back until her hot slit was on my mouth and her pretty little ass star was just a tongue swipe away. Her pussy was so hot and silky, that it felt like putting my tongue and lips into hot chocolate.

As I pulled her down, holding her tight to my lips, I felt Alissa's hand guy my hard shaft to her love tunnel. It was almost torture waiting as she slowly lowered her tight wet sleeve down my shaft. When she reached bottom and started back up it felt like it was sucking on the tip of my shaft.

Each long stroke she made seemed to increase the pull on my shaft. Every few strokes she would rise of until just the tip was touching he hole then plunged back down.


As she did this I was trying to drive my tongue deeper into Anna's hole between sucking on her swollen clit and rimming her little ass. I felt cool air as Alissa rose off my shaft. If she had been tight before this time when she dropped down it seemed as though she was trying to stretch the skin of my shaft.

She had plunged my dick in her ass. This was more than I could take and I began blasting cum deep into her ass. She stayed down as her sphincter tightened around the base of my shaft like a to small cock ring.

Anna was rubbing her slit on my face faster and just as Alissa relaxed she sat down on my face cutting off my air as her sweet musky nectar flowed between my lips. I was swallowing s much as I could but soon I needed air and had to push her off of me. I lay there with Anna and Alissa by my side, under the moon light. Their heads were on my chest and I listened to their soft breathing until they appeared to drift off to sleep. I carefully slipped out from under them and stood up to look around.

Amanda and CJ came up to me, wrapping themselves around me. "We were beginning to think you forgot about us." They stood rubbing my body with their hands, breasts and mounds until the slipped down to their knees and began kissing the sides of my still throbbing shaft.

They pushed until their lips touched around my shaft and started slipping back and forth feeling like one of the masturbation devices meant to resemble a woman's vulva. One of them had a hand on my ball sack squeezing and rubbing my balls and I felt another hand between my butt cheeks.

Then the hand moved away only to return feeling wet and slick as it rubbed across my anus. As they parted and took turns sucking my dick deep, the hand probed a finger against my anus. As Amanda bottomed my shaft in her throat, the finger tip pushed in past my anal ring. As she stroked her mouth on my shaft the finger moved in and out to the first knuckle.

When CJ replaced her on my shaft and sucked it in the finger went in to the second knuckle and stroked my ass as Anna swallowed my cock. CJ pulled my shaft out and sucked on the head as she put her hand on the shaft, gripping it tight and stroking it fast. Amanda had my balls in her hand as Anna jerked me until I started cumming. As the first shot hit the back of CJ's mouth the finger started rubbing my prostrate. I shot more cum in her mouth than the first time I came. CJ did not swallow, she held it in her mouth as some leaked out and dribbled onto her heaving breasts.

My legs were shaking and when my dick stopped squirting CJ took my dick out of her mouth and I dropped to my knees as the finger was removed. I was catching my breath as CJ pulled Amanda to her, kissing her and sharing my seed with her. They pulled apart showing me the puddles of cum on their tongues. They licked their lips, swallowed and both moved to kiss me at the same time. I could taste my salty cum on their lips as our three tongues and lips met. I lay back on the blanket pulling them with me.

We lay there tangled together sharing hugs and kisses until Amanda said we should head home since it was now midnight and I had to be up at 5:30 for work. We woke up Alissa and Anna and as I walked them back CJ picked up our trash while Amanda rolled all our clothes up in the blanket and brought it to the truck. I got in the back with CJ on my lap and Alissa snuggled next to me.

Amanda threw the rolled up blanket on the empty back seat, then with Anna as shotgun drove us home. When we got home Alissa and CJ were asleep and I after I woke them I had to guide them still half asleep to bed in one of the spare rooms. While Amanda and I took care of this Anna brought in the blanket full of clothes then headed off to our bedroom.

Amanda and I walked in to find her sprawled across the bed on her stomach, facing away from us, fast asleep. I couldn't resist the urge to slide my hand between her thighs and touch her wet pink lips. I was surprised as she moaned and said "Oh daddy I love you so much." I leaned across her and kissed her cheek. "I love you to darling." Amanda and I moved her so she was straight in the bed then got in next to her. By the time we pulled up the covers she had rolled over with her body half on mine.

Amanda was on the other side in the same position and whispered in my ear. "I think you have a true love there." I kissed Anna on the forehead and she just wiggled a little closer. When my alarm went off Amanda kissed me and said it was time to get up and take a shower. As I slipped away from Anna she started to wake but I kissed her cheek and told her it wasn't time to get up.

She burrowed deeper in to the covers and pulled a pillow over her head. Amanda and I got in the shower and stood together under the warm water talking. "So what do you have planned today while I'm at work?" "I have some things to pick up for this weekend's luau and as soon as the girls get home from school we're going shopping for a bit so you just might be home alone for a little while.

Do you think you will survive or do I need to order a couple of baby sitter's for you?" I started tickling her and as she laughed and tried to get away I told her "Aren't you the ones that won't let me do anything alone? I'll be just fine." I got dressed and naked Amanda walked me out to my bike. After I got on she put a foot on the floorboard and step up sitting astraddle the tank facing me.

"So tell me lover when do I get my naked ride with you?" "Well, if you're brave enough how about tonight, after we have a family meeting, we ride out to the highway and back then I fuck you silly on the bike." "Ah you say the sweetest things lover.

I'd love to and I'll bring a towel for the tank." She pulled my mouth to her breast for our standard nipple kiss and reminded me how I should ride safe then hopped off the bike. "By the way what's the meeting about?" "The money in the suitcases." She smiled and waved as I rode away down the driveway. My day went by pretty fast after I updated my boss about last week. My only problem was I couldn't stop worrying about Katrina and what was going to happen.

I got home about 5:30 to an empty house for the first time in longer than I could remember. The sun was still up so I went out to the pool and swam laps for a while. I sat outside until it started getting dark then moved inside and watched some TV. Finally I heard "Hi honey we're home." They came thru the door loaded with bags."We went to Party Pig to get decorations for Friday.

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We got our grass skirts too." They hauled all the bags into one of the bedrooms and said they wanted to show me their costumes. They went to change and I went to the family room to wait. They walked in wearing grass skirts with a 4" gap over one hip and so short that when they wiggled like they were doing a hula their pussy lips were visible. The top piece was a small flower for each breast that was barely the size of an areola.

They looked fine to me. After I told them how good I thought they looked, Anna asked why we were having a meeting. I led my four x-rated hula girls out to the truck and had them carry in the two suitcases. I brought in a pair of pliers to open them and when everyone sat down I pulled the zippers open and threw back the tops. The intake of air almost caused a vacuum in the room. "Damn daddy where did all that come from." I gave them the whole story from her father giving me the envelope to right now.

"We need to count it and figure out where to put it. Some of it will be used for taxes, utilities and maintenance on the sister's house. The rest is for us to use any way we want. The problem is if you start spending big quantities of cash it draws attention. No cars, motorcycles or other big purchases.

Gas, groceries, party supplies and others low cost items only. If you have any questions ask me or mama wife." No one said anything so I continued. "Well mama wife do you still want your ride?" She jumped up and ran to our bathroom and came back naked carrying a towel.

I slipped on some tennis shoes, grabbed my wallet and headed outside. By the time I caught up Amanda was standing next to the bike with the towel over the seat and tank. "About time husband, you're moving a little slow these days" "Good thing you're smiling or I'd think you didn't want to go for a ride." She stepped up on the floor board, threw her leg over and sat on the tank facing me. She put her feet on the hard bags and raised her hips to line up with my hard-on.

She slid towards me until I was most of the way inside her slick pussy, and then clamped her legs around my waist to pull me deeper. She put her arms around my neck and pulled herself tight against me. "Come on honey get this thing moving." I started the bike and off we went.

We live far enough out that we have to go about 5 miles before we get off rural roads to a well traveled road. As we rode she was rocking her hips in my lap and every time I hit a bump and she bounced up and fell back in my lap with a grunt.

Soon she was moaning into my ear whenever she had a bump drive my shaft into her. About a quarter mile before the highway they were putting in streets and utilities for some new housing.

I drove up into the area, stopped and put the bike on the stand in a cul-de-sac off the main street. I put my feet on the road pegs and grabbed her waist. She put her feet back on the hard bags and we began slipping her up and down my shaft.

"Mmmmm this is so fine. Sitting out her fucking where we could get caught makes this so delicious." After 5 miles of her bouncing on my shaft it only took a couple of minutes more until we both came. "Oh fuck, oh fuck I feel so full. Don't stop now. Keep pounding my pussy." I kept sliding her on my shaft until she whispered in my ear. "Stop and let me turn around." She put her feet down and got off the bike. She wiped up two big gobs of our mixed cum that had leaked onto the towel as she got up, wiped them on my shaft and rubbed it over the Glans.

She got back on with her back to me, stroked my shaft fully hard again and pointed it at her brown puckered ass. She sat down forcing me into her ass completely. She leaned forward and put her forearms on the tank. "Take my ass while you take me home." I started the bike and slowly pulled out towards the house while Amanda rocked back and forth fucking her ass with my dick.

Less than half a mile from home she was moaning loudly and her body was trembling. "Stop this thing and fuck me. I need you to make me cum now." I stopped right there in the middle of the road, grabbed her hips and standing on the floor boards drove my shaft deep in her.

I kept up the stroking until she shuddered and her legs gave way. I fell back to the seat pulling her with me. She landed on me forcing my dick another ½" into her. "OH SHIT" then she collapsed onto the tank lying on her breasts. I made sure she wouldn't fall off and rode the rest of the way home with my dick still in her ass. Anna, our want to be family photographer, was waiting for us when I pulled up. She was taking pictures of Amanda laid out over the tank and as I started to pull my dick out she yelled "Wait".

Do it slow, so I can take a picture." She took several shots of it coming out and a close up of our cum dribbling out of her slowly closing sphincter. "Wait until mama sees these. Anna scooped up the cum that was running down Amanda's crack and wiped it on my shaft. "We don't want this to go to waste now, do we?" Amanda woke up as we were starting to lift her from the bike. As she lifted one leg over me to get off Anna stopped her and had me rest her leg on my shoulder.

Anna handed me her camera then bent over to lick our cum from Amanda's ass and pussy. As she ran her tongue across Amanda's lips, slit and ass I took more pictures for her. When she finished and Amanda was standing on the floor Anna handed her the camera. "Now you can take pictures of me and daddy. Anna asked me to stand up then took my shaft, licking it clean before slipping her lips over the head and sucking it in.

She sucked on my dick until it was hard again the stood up. "Well daddy looks like we need to go inside and let me work on that." We went into the bedroom and Anna took what she described as her new favorite sleeping position. I was on my back with her laying partially on me. One leg was across my chest with her head on my thigh and my dick in her mouth. She was smiling up at Amanda taking more picture as she sucked and stroked my dick.

"I just came twice with Amanda. This might take a while." "That's ok daddy. I have all night. Besides isn't that one of a baby slut's duties." She went back to sucking and stroked faster.

Eventually I felt my groin tighten. "I'm ready to cum for you, baby slut." Instead of holding my dick in her mouth she pulled it out and kept stroking. Soon my cum was shooting out and hitting her face.

She was smiling and Amanda was taking pictures. She was still clicking away as the last of my seed was dribbling out over Anna's hands and she was lapping it up.

When the dribbles stopped Anna laid her cum covered face back on my thigh with my dick in her mouth. Amanda took one more picture as Anna mumbled 'Goodnight' around her mouthful of cock. Amanda put the camera down and lay down next to me across from Anna. "Thank you for the ride tonight. I feel wonderful.

I think you might have made Anna's night also." When I got up and got ready for work Anna and Amanda walked out with me. Today I was taking my truck to pick up some material for Amanda.

After Amanda hugged and kissed me Anna climbed up and sat in my lap. "You know daddy, you could let me go with you and sneak me into your office. I could sit under your desk and suck on your meat stick all day." I could tell she was serious. "You have to go to school and there are too many cameras to sneak you in. Beside I wouldn't be able to get anything else done. You already sleep sucking on it. What more do you want?" "I want your child but I'll settle for fucking and sucking until I turn 18, then you're going to fuck me morning noon and night until I get pregnant." There was determination in her voice and I knew her single-mindedness would get her what she wanted.

She pulled me to her breast for a kiss.


"Drive safe daddy and hurry back home to us with your big dick." When I got home that evening I unloaded the large sheets of cardboard Amanda wanted for her party decorations and put them on the deck. When I went inside I hear everyone laughing in the family room. When I walked in they were looking at a full screen view on the 55" TV of Anna with cum all over her face and my dick in her mouth. "Wow is that our new screen saver?" They all jumped and looked at me.

Amanda wanted to know how long I had been there. "I just walked in." She motioned me over to sit with them. "We were just starting to go thru last night's pictures." I sat between Amanda and Alissa.

Amanda had the keyboard and was clicking thru the picture as they joked and made cracks about Amanda being unconscious and Anna's cock sucking skills. When it over, Alissa turned to me with a question. "When do I get a ride?" I've been thinking about that. How about if you decide what you want to do and how long and I'll spend a whole day or two, or even three with only you." "Are you serious?" Yep you decide I'll make it happen." She hugged me so tight I thought she was going to crush me.

Amanda collected the girls and took them to work on their decorations for Friday. I went to the bedroom and stripped down then went out to the pool until they called me in for a late dinner.

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By the time we went to bed Amanda had kept them so busy all they wanted to do was sleep. The week continued this way until I got home Friday. The party didn't start until dusk so no one had arrived yet when I got home. When I got inside I found all four girls busy in the kitchen.

They had gotten all of the food from one of the big bar-b-que places in town and were getting it ready. I heard a voice say 'Hi' and turned around to see Marisa standing there in one of the grass skirts the girls had bought. 'Amanda picked me up at the dorm since Katrina has to drive in from college station.' They must have cut one up to give them a bigger waist because hers sat low on her hips covering her crotch.

She had the single flower over each nipple with more in her hair and on her ankles. "Wow. Hi yourself." She walked up and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek the asked if we could talk in private.

We walked out to the deck and say down facing each other. I need to talk to you about something that I haven't told my sisters about. I like you a lot and have for a long time, but……… I have a girlfriend and I don't know how to break it to them. I'm not a lesbian. We both like guys, we just like each other more.

I just don't want to disappoint my sisters." I took both her hands because they were shaking. "I don't think you give your sisters enough credit. I think they would be more upset if you don't tell them. Why don't you bring her over tonight for the party and I'll stand by your side while you tell them?

In fact here are the keys to my truck. Go get her and when you are close coming back, call me and I'll have them waiting in the family room." She threw her arms around me and held me for a moment.

"Thank you. Anna keeps saying how great you are and I'm starting to believe it to. Let me go change and I'll take off." "Why don't you just grab a set for your girl friend and stay like you are. She'll think your hot and brave." She blushed.

"Thank you." She took my keys and ran into the house. I heard my truck leaving as I walked in. CJ and Anna wanted to know what was going on. "Marisa has a surprise for you when she gets back so just be patient." I put on a pair of shorts and when I came out the girls had outfits on that matched Marisa.

The difference was I could see they had their nipple clips under the flowers and they showed me the labia clips under the grass skirts. They dragged me out to the deck where they had created a photo booth with decorations for the party. It was a backdrop that looked like they were at a tiki shack by the beach. They handed me the camera and started posing, one at a time, and in different numbers, like they were doing the hula.

After a few 'nice' pictures the tops came off and after a few more all they were wearing was flowers in their hair, more on their ankles and wrist, and their clips and clamps. They had just put their costumes back on when the first guests started to arrive. Anna was going to take pictures of everyone as they arrived and later if someone wanted her to. I was sitting on one of the lounge chairs watching Anna work and greeting all of the girls as they arrived. Most of them were wearing a larger version of the grass skirt that my ladies were wearing but a few had been creative.

Lela and a couple others had on sheer sarongs over a bikini or just the bottom like Lela was wearing. A couple of the girls were wearing bikinis with something like a scarf wrapped around their hip. My personal favorite was when Darlene walked in wearing a lace wrap low on her hips with nothing under it and flowers in her hair. Other than that she was naked.

She came over, sat in my lap and pulled my head between her breasts. "I still think about you every day." She gave me a long, lingering, lusty kiss then stood up and walked away, wiggling her bare ass. Marisa called me about 6:30pm and said they would be there in ten minutes.

I rounded up my ladies and asked them to go wait for me in the family room. I went to wait at the front door. Marisa pulled up and she got out with a slender dark haired Hispanic girl. She was the same height as Marisa, 5'8" with smaller breasts, about a 34B. She had on one of the short grass skirt sets Marisa had taken for her and the first thing I noticed was that her areolas were larger than the flower of the top.

She didn't seem bothered by it so what the heck? They both ran across the yard and Marisa's girl friend jumped in my arms. "Thank you, Thank you Mr. Bill." When she let go I held her at arm's length. "I haven't done anything yet. And I usually know a pretty woman's name before she throws herself at me." "Sorry, I'm Carly and you got her to come pick me up in that outfit commando.

I have a hard time getting her in a short skirt. So thank you." Then she jumped in my arms again. "Let's go get you introduced. By the way I don't know if Marisa told you but these are all girl parties and they sometimes get a little crazy." She told me what her sisters said about you giving out spankings and giving some of them special treatment. I wouldn't mind if you gave some of that to us." Marisa blushed and smacked Carly in the shoulder. We got to the family room and I had Carly wait out of sight while we went in to tell the girls.

When we had their attention Marisa started. "I have some news. I have someone special in my life and I haven't said anything because I was worried how you might react. But your Mr. Bill convinced me I wasn't giving you enough credit so he had me bring them and introduce you." Marisa went to the door and motioned to Carly.

This is Carly, my girlfriend." CJ stood up and gave her a hug. "Hell sister is that all. We all like girls. We just like Bill more. Besides, she's a pretty little thing. You better keep an eye on her around him. He likes a challenge." While they gossiped and got to know each other I went out to the deck. The party was in full swing and girls kept coming by giving me hugs or squeezing my thigh but nothing unusual seemed to be going on.

It was almost 8pm and I hadn't seen Katrina yet. Some of the girls were having Anna take pictures of them topless so they would look 'native'.

Amanda came out and was laying in one of the loungers with me when Katrina showed up. She walked onto the deck wearing a sizzling silver micro bikini with her long hair cascading over her breasts and flowers weaved thru it. She had on 5" platforms that made her at least 6' tall and all the girls noticed her. She stopped by Amanda and me. "I said I'd see you Friday." Amanda stood up and gave her a hug then stood back looking at her. "Girl you look so hot. Bill still has his mouth open." They both looked at me and laughed.

They talked for a few minutes then Katrina asked, "Do you mind if I sit here and talk business with Bill for a bit?" "No problem, I need to be a good hostess and circulate anyway." Amanda left and Katrina sat down on the lounger next to me pressing her soft, warm flesh against me. As she turned to speak she pressed one of her model perfect 36D breasts into my side. "We are going to keep the house.

If you agree we want you to keep it in your name and take care of it. Marisa is going to move back in full time since she goes to UT and I'm going to live there on weekends and holidays until I graduate from A&M next year then I'm going to live there full time since I plan on working in Austin. Next subject? Anna keeps talking about having your baby.

I sure hope you have addressed that because I don't want to see her pregnant at 16 or 17." "I wouldn't touch Anna until she got on birth control. I also told her and CJ that until they graduate and are 18 they stay on it.

This is the last week of school for CJ and Alissa and they're both 18 so they're having a trash the pill party Friday night. Is there anything else you want to tell me?" She just smiled sweetly as she got up giving me a view of her perfect rear with the string of her suit splitting an immensely edible looking ass. "I'm going to enjoy the party. Maybe we can talk some more later." I mingled among the girls getting big hugs from Keisha and Christina. They told me Keisha's ex-boyfriend was taking a plea deal for a year in county and his partner was headed back to prison on the parole violation.

They introduced me to another girl with them. A caramel colored beauty named Destiny. She rubbed against me as we hugged and in a sexy, husky voice said she hoped to see me again. They had a hula contest which evolved into a hula strip tease. Pretty soon a lot of them were back in their element, walking around topless and/or bottomless and swimming nude in the pool.

Anna was busy taking more pictures as they all decided to pose just wearing flowers in their hair and on their wrists or ankles. The party wound down around midnight and we walked everyone to their cars. I hadn't seen Katrina since we talked and figured she had left early.

I helped put away food and do some cleaning until my four wives said it was time to call it a night. We were walking to the bedroom and they all stopped at the closed door and Amanda spoke. "We're not sleeping with you tonight. You have a present and you're on your own. Just wait until we're in our rooms before you go in." They all gave me hugs and kisses and walked away with smug looks on their faces. When the last door closed I opened the bedroom door. The room was lit by dozens of candles and when I pushed the door further I saw what they had left for me.

Katrina was sitting on the bed, with her legs pulled under her, wearing a sheer, powder blue, lace baby doll nightie with a neckline that plunged to the top of the matching string panty. I closed the door behind me and stepped over to the bed as she stretched her legs and moved to stand in front of me.

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"Your wives said I could spend the night with you, if you want. I have had this fantasy about you since I was 14 when you and you wife moved here and they said I could ask you to fulfill it." She wrapped her arms around me and held me as she put her head on my shoulder. In a voice barely a whisper she said, "Spend the night making love to me, please?

I want to feel what my sisters feel." I put my hands on her back and was rubbing her softly. "Are you sure this is what you want?" She whispered, "Yes, oh god yes. Don't make me wait any longer." I put my lips on hers and she kissed me releasing all her pent up passion. She pressed against my mouth and pushed her tongue in as much as possible tasting all of me. I took the hem of her baby doll and lifted it, pulling it over her head.

I had my first unobstructed view of her magnificent breasts. They didn't sag and her dark pink areolas were at least 3" across with hard ½" long nipples at their center. I laid her back on the bed then bent down to take one in my mouth, as I massaged the breasts themselves. I licked her nipples and ran my tongue around them feeling the little bumps on her areola grow with her arousal.

As I moved back and forth between them, Katrina had her hands on my head pulling me to each nipple and moaning softly. "Suck on my nipples, it makes me feel so warm inside." I started kissing my way down her chest and across her flat trembling stomach. When I reached the top of her mound I stopped and lifted her legs and spread them. She grabbed them behind her knees and held them where I put them.

I knelt on the floor admiring the sight before me. Her mound was bald and there was not a hair to be seen clear past her puckered brown anus.

I rubbed my hand over her mound causing her to shiver. She fell as smooth and soft as a new baby. Her slit was slightly parted and I touched her inner lips that looked like tiny rose petals causing her to shiver again.

I put the moisture that collected on my finger to my lips. She tasted like fresh sweet berries. I loved women that used flavored douches. I opened her slit more and put my lips over her clit, sucking it from under her hood. "OH god that feels so good. Do it some more, pplleeaassee." I teased her clit with my tongue as I felt her thighs close softly around my head. I moved down to suck on her inner lips as my fingers continued teasing her clit.

She was rocking her hips to my face and moaning as I pushed my tongue into the hot, tight, entrance to her vagina. Her legs closed tight on my head. "Don't stop please don't stop. I've never felt like this. Please don't stop." I tongued her pussy until she relaxed her legs and then I stood up. "What are you doing? I want more." I took my dick and rubbed the head thru her slit to make it wet. I want to give you more. Are you ready?" "God I've been ready since I was 15." I put the tip at the entrance to her tunnel and pushed until the head entered and she sucked in a deep breath.

"It feels so big." And it felt so tight. Like the night CJ gave me her maidenhead. I pushed another inch or so and hit something and she winced. "Oh my god, are you a virgin?" She started crying and covered her face. Between sobs she said, "I never found anyone I felt as much for as you.

Please love me. I want to feel your cock in me like my little sisters have. I don't care if it hurts I want you tonight." I pulled back until just the tip was inside her and pushed in as hard as I could tearing thru her hymen and burying all eight inches in a sleeve so tight I thought it would cut off my circulation.

As she screamed at the pain I put my mouth on hers and kissed her, staying still until she stopped sobbing. "I know it hurts and I won't do anything until you're ready." She lay there a few minutes and I felt her move her hips under me. "I feel a better now. Just take it easy for a little bit.

I started with short slow strokes and she had her jaws clinched until the pain turned to pleasure. Then as I slipped in and out the full length a dreamy look came over her face.

"Now I know why they love you and want to be your wives. Your cock fills me so full and it hits all the right places." I pumped into her gently until she shuddered and cried out.

"III'MMMM CCUUMMMMIIINNNG." I kept stroking as I felt her sleeve slicken with her juices. I kept up the pace and her orgasm grew. Soon she was shaking like she was having a seizure and my groin got tight. I rammed in deep one more time and sprayed her virgin pussy with my seed. Her body tensed and then went slack. She was out. When my dick stopped pumping my seed into her I pulled out and saw her virgin blood on her pussy lips and my shaft.

I gently lowered her legs and got a warm wash cloth from the bathroom and cleaned her. When I was done I kissed her swollen lips one more time then moved her to the middle of the bed. I wiped myself clean then climbed in next to her.


She turned over to lie across me and sleepily said. "I'm glad I waited. You made me feel so good and special.

I know you'll make my sisters happy." Then she drifted off to sleep in my arms.