Hot tattooed girl masturbating until she reaches orgasm

Hot tattooed girl masturbating until she reaches orgasm
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Because these are excerpts you will notice a disconnect between Part II and Part III. I am looking for feedback, and the ability of people to make comments. I encourage your comments so I can get a feel on how to edit this true story told to one of our editors.

Please feel free to make suggestions. [email protected] Deception is a Two Edged Sword The next day my mother in law woke up in my office with a drunken hang over. She made her way to her bedroom and sank into the queen size bed. She didn't wake until after noon. By then her daughter was up stumbling around with a migraine. I asked my wife into my office and we talked a few minutes. She had taken a Imitrex pill for the migraine.

Her mother had left behind the shawl covering with the fur trim. She didn't seem to notice, or care. I didn't know which. It only took me 10 minutes to get her naked and her kissing my dick. She didn't do oral, but I got my phone and took pictures of her kissing it. Then some pictures with my camera. Fortunately it was close at hand. I pretended to fuck her and for all the world, it looked like the real thing.

She let me play on the excuse "I was needy." I ran my hands over her body and took pictures of her to match the ones I had of her mother. I thought matching mother daughter pictures in the same outfit was appropriate now that I knew for sure she was going to divorce me.

In some of the pictures I thought it appropriate to put my dick between her butt cheeks to simulate anal sex, the camera could not tell. Then I got her laying on her mother's penoir as naked as the day her mother brought her into the world. I put the pictures on the same thumb drive. Later that evening my ex was back in bed still zonked. She hardly had any memory that she and I had sex. She was in a daze. Migraines hit her that way.

She would be stupid as a post for two to three days. I thought I would up the ante a little so went in and took some pictures of her laying in bed. I pulled the sheet back and saw that she was naked. I took pictures of her laying there in different poses as much as I could get her to cooperate. I then left as she was totally out of it and had gone limp. More pictures for the thumb drive.

I ran down to my office den and hooked up the camera and down loaded them to my computer, then to the hard drive. If we did get divorced, I knew I had some good stuff to keep her quiet. I already knew my line, "and if you don't, you will see these pictures on the internet." Her son Zac wanted to talk to her, I told him she was out of it and couldn't but he insisted.

I told him she was indisposed, it didn't matter. The favorite fair haired child insisted and without me knowing it went in to see his mother and talk to her.

Twenty minutes later he came out and went to his room. The little rat. He was so spoiled I wanted to take him on a camping trip out in the wilds of the high Sierras and make him rough it. I discounted it on account he might not make it back. Sitting on the couch his grandmother said under her breath "he is just like his grandfather." "Oh?" I asked.

She brushed me off, then said "he always gets what he wants." I wondered what that meant. I decided to make a trip to the local security shop and get me one of those pin cameras without anyone knowing it. It didn't take much of a drive. I am not to far from San Diego. When I got back I decided that later that night would be a perfect time to do a little Christmas decorating in my wife's room. A wreath, some LED lights, and a tiny camera to go with it.

The kid was gone in his car when I got back. I knew he would be gone until after midnight. I was thankful we had bought him the car, it kept us from having to run him around.

When I got done my chore with the lights I started to rummage around for some dinner. My mother in law suggested we get us some fast food. I agreed and we made a trek to Pizza Hut. Sitting there I was quite comfortable with her looking around the restaurant.

I didn't know anyone, but being with her was fine with me.


I had screwed her and the world hadn't come to an end, yet. I thought maybe she was telling the truth, maybe my wife really didn't mind me having sex with her mother. "God I'm sore," granny said. "Oh?" I asked innocently. "I feel like I have been screwed 50 times." "Oh?" I acted innocent. She looked at me and smiled. "You working in your office again tonight?" she asked. "Yea, I am" I said. Nothing was said after that.

There was no flirting, no sexual banter, just boring talk about the weather, doctors appointments she had in San Francisco. Stuff I really didn't want to hear or talk about. Two hours after we got home granny showed up, ready for more. This time she wasn't drunk. She had only a couple of glasses of wine and was mellow, but not drunk.

She was in a black corset with red ribbons across the top of the bodice. The legs cut high on her hip. The underwire shelf bra jutted her bosoms out into the room so much I thought I could rest a can of coke on them and it wouldn't tip over.

She wore black stockings and black high heals. She was a true slut with her hair up tied in red and black ribbons. Owing to what we did the night previous I just walked up to her and put my hand on the big boobs and squoze them. She loved it and put her hand on my dick. She unzipped my pants finding it and began to fondle it.

I was prepared wearing athletic pants and a t-shirt. I took the shirt off and dropped my pants leaving me with nothing but silk boxers on. We didn't talk as we stood and fondled each other. Her breasts were large, soft and round. All natural they were something I had missed in both my first marriage and current marriage. They were really great to feel.

"I need your help," I said. "What?" "I need you to help me with your daughter for a moment, then I would like to fuck you again, how is that?" "Sure," she said. I led her into my wife's bedroom and pulled back the sheet. "I need to help her turn over and sit up a little, she is zonked. Can you help me?" As we struggled to get my wife up she said she needed to pee. She didn't even notice how her mother was dressed.

We helped her into the bathroom and I stood back and let the two women hang on to each other as I took a picture, then two. I got four more as granny struggled with her getting her back in bed. She laughed that I was taking pictures and asked to see them. When we got back into my cave I pulled the pictures off the camera.

She enjoyed seeing herself with her daughter. I don't know if she saw them like I saw them or if she saw them in innocence. But it didn't take me long to find out. "Too bad we couldn't have a threesome," I said as one of the pictures looked like she was sucking her daughters tit bending over her in bed.

She wasn't, but it sure looked like it. "You would do that?" she asked. "Sure.

I screwed you didn't I? If she doesn't care that I do, and you don't care, why should I care if we three get it on?" Then she shocked the hell out of me. "I would love to have a picture of me with my daughter sucking my tits." "Let's go," I said. We got up and went back into my wife's bedroom. We turned her over onto her side while granny took her clothes off except for the nylons and got in bed with her. The pictures went well. My wife laying in a pose sucking one tit then the other.

The thing is given the opportunity she really did suck that tit. It was like she was hung over or had taken a date rape drug of some kind. She was totally pliant. If we said open your legs she moaned and did. If we said open your mouth she did. I'd never really seen her this far gone before.

I maneuvered her around so her head was in granny's lap. With a little tilt and moving around, it looked like she was sucking her pussy. Annalise had pushed her panty hose nylons down making it very real. "Did you get that picture of her so it looks like she is sucking my pussy?" she asked. "Yea, hot huh? It will go well with the others you let me down load.

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Hot." "Actually, I would like to suck her pussy," she said. "I can arrange that," I said. It just couldn't get better could it? She gave me a sly look and said "that wouldn't be fair would it?" "She will think it is me," I told her.

We moved her around and I had granny take a picture or two of me sucking her pussy. She came around enough to simply say "oh I'm not in the mood, maybe later ok?" and then zonk her head hit the pillow.

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Quickly I got up and granny got in between her legs and I got some really good pictures of her tongue on my wife's clit, and further out clearly showing mother eating out daughter. "Have you ever sucked her off?" I asked. "No, with what her father tried to do, she is real off about that. She was five when he started getting her to suck his dick.

I found out and tried to put a stop to it. But not until she was eight. Then kicked his sorry ass out." "Did you mind all the other stuff he was doing, like not with your daughter, but with everyone else, and you doing everyone else?" "Would I be fucking you if I did?" "Did you have threesomes with him?" I asked.

"Threesomes!" she laughed as I pulled up the pictures. "You saw those on the internet. Three, four, five, men, women, any combination or age he wanted. I was anything and everything to him, he was rich, I was poor.

I fucked him, my father in law, his uncle, a brother in law, and three other women all in one night all in the same house with everyone else watching or participating.


His dad shagged me at the same time as he did, one in one hole one in the other." "Geez, we might be more compatible than me and your daughter," I joked. It was an effort to get her talking. I poured more wine as I put the pictures up on my four screens. "One night his mother was being fucked by his father and he asked me in for a threesome. My ex said to do it to make him happy, I did.

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She ate my pussy like a fucking lesbian. I was there more for her than for him. I ate her pussy for an hour while he fucked me doggy style. It was great." "We could get her drunk and you could eat her pussy while I fuck you," I said pointing through the wall towards her daughter. "If you do that, I will do that, good luck. I'm off limits to her, she will fuck lot's of things but not me. The only reason we got what we did was she thought it was you and couldn't resist. I didn't know she took such heavy drugs." "I didn't either.

Usually she is just sleepy and out of it.

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But she is like drunk and limp in someway I can't really explain." "She had a boyfriend in college, they did drugs and everything that came into the dorm room she fucked. She went through half the football team in one night. All the starters on both offense and defense anyway." "That's about half," I said. "She told me about that, and about having a lesbian room mate that wasn't lesbian, just took showers together." She laughed and laughed.

"Yea, that lasted a year and a half." "No shit?" "And she had one she drank with and went to parties and they would dance at this guys ski lodge. They played musical partners. When the music stopped. That's the one you fucked. Sooner or later you end up fucking everyone that is there, both male and female," she winked.

"Then she wanted kids, so she quit and married her first husband. He turned out to cheat on her after her third child so kick him out. You, you are convenience," she said. I was feeling comfortable enough with the talk and pictures to reach over and fondle a boob. I bent to one knee and sucked on a tit. "God you are good at that. I'm so sore from last night," she said.

"Thanks," I said as my hand went to her pussy rubbing it. She put her head back and started to get high. She took another drink of wine and put a hand on the back of my head pushing toward her pussy. I went there and rubbed my face on her mons pubis, hair and licked her clit. "I could rip those off of you," I said playing pointing to the panty hose. "Oh god, I love it rough, do it," she said.

I had never had it rough. Never played that way. Suddenly it sounded fun. I stood up and grabbed her nylons with both hands and began pulling at them. I dug my fingers into them and ripped them. Then yanked her to the floor and turned her on her front yanking at the seamless pantyhose tearing them off of her. She protested grabbing at them trying to hold them on as I ripped them to shreds ripping them off of her hips freeing her pussy.

I pulled my boxers off and as she started to crawl on hands and knees toward the door I grabbed her legs and pulled her back into the center of the room holding her legs high in the air.

I pushed them out to each side holding her ankles looking down at her vulnerable and exposed pussy. I locked her legs between my arms and sides and slid down to her pussy my mouth landing on her. I bit her engorged clit and made her squeal in pain and pleasure. Quickly I rose with her pussy juices on my lips and told her to lick them off.

As she did I forced my dick between her legs finding her pussy opening. I rammed my dick into her in one thrust.

She arched her back and protested. I slapped one of the big boobs and told her to shut up and take it. She liked it rough, though there was no pain involved. She had cum last night, and she came that night looking for the type of fun that turned her on.

It seemed she was the perfect woman who liked sex so much she was insatiable. Only her body held her back on what she would or could do. "Do you think all that stuff you told me I believe? Not for a minute, it was designed to get me horny enough for me to fuck you, now you are getting fucked, so close your trap and take it." She laughed smugly at me "I guess you'll never know then if you don't believe me." I rammed my dick into her and humped her for all I was worth.

I kept grabbing her thighs pulling them up as far as I could like I had seen in the pictures. She was older now and not as limber, but I did get her legs up and over my shoulders as I fucked her. She came to a climax, then a second as I pounded her. After her third I let her legs go. I pulled out and rolled her over shoving her forward until her head bumped against the chair she had been sitting in the night before.

I separated her legs and pulled myself up between them sticking my dick up into her doggy style grabbing her hips pulling them into me. Her tits hung down dangling back and forth as I fucked her.

She groaned over and over as my dick rubbed against her g-spot. "Oh god, oh god," is all she could say. "Oh god…" she would pant, "oh god," I rammed myself into her.

I pulled her back away from the chair so her elbows rested on the carpet then her head. My well greased dick went back to her anus. I tried to shove it in but it wouldn't go in.

I slapped her butt on one side then the other, but she wouldn't relax. "Relax you horny slut I'm going to fuck your butt.

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You like that don't you," "Yes, but I'm not into BDSM, just rough." "Get up, I have an idea." I told her. I took her to my shower and put her in it.

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I turned on the water and took the hand held shower massager and turned it to jet spray. I shoved her against the wall and when the water was hot stuck the spray into her but hole. "Oh god, it's hot, oh god, it's hot." She complained. She stopped complaining when her butt relaxed and shit plopped out.

I washed it down the drain and stuck the wand back onto her butt hole.


Soon I took my dick and placed it on her wide open relaxed butt and jammed it into her. I put the handle back on the wall and turned the rest of the shower heads on sending hot water over her backside and down my front as I screwed her. I pulled her hips into me hard as I thrust my dick into her. Just as I was about to cum I stopped and pulled out. I took a bar of soap and turned her around.

"Wash me, and suck my dick," I told her. I turned the water jets down as she got down on her knees. She didn't last long there and we had to turn around so she could sit on the seat in the shower.

She washed my dick and balls then sucked me off as I fondled her tits and pinched her nipples until I came to a climax. I made her open her mouth and watched the cum shoot into her mouth watching her swallow it all. When I was done I let her up. "You are good" I said. "You don't know the half of it," she said as she took hold of my dick and started to jack it off. I thought she was dreaming about getting me hard again. After all, I was 43 and she was close to 60. I hadn't had that much sex for a long time.

But she knew her stuff and knew how to get me excited playing with my balls and shaft, even my butt hole. She soaped up my anus and stuck her finger in it while she jacked me off in front.

Her lips kissed me everywhere, and her teeth nibbled at my tits while her finger massaged my prostate. Her other hand worked my dick and balls and within minutes I was hard again. She turned me around and just as I was about to cum she put my dick in her mouth and put two fingers up my butt. It was excruciating pain and pleasure all at once as I came, and came, and came to the longest climax I ever had. When we got out of the shower and were drying off I walked over to her and fondled her tits, they were gorgeous tits.

She looked up at me. "You aren't the only one that is good, how was that you stud?" she said. "Lady, you are one horny old lady and I think you know ten times more than I do and have 100 times the experience." "You bet your shiny white ass," she said smiling at me.

Later, I was able to turn the tables on her. I told her I wanted a clean shaven pussy to play with, and was able to shave her later in the shower. I took my razor and soaped her up and started shaving, then put shaving cream on her and slowly bit by bit shaved that pussy as bald as her butt. After getting it clean I sat down on the floor of the shower and had her stand over me and licked her pussy. It was great. I could not tell the difference between hers and her daughters or any other woman's pussy I had eaten no matter the age.

She rocked on my head and tongue coming to climaxes. "Okay, this is really good, can we change something? Will you do something for me?" I asked. "Sure, whatever you like by now big boy, what do you want?" "I want to lay down in bed and you sit on my face facing the wall so I can eat your pussy and fondle your boobs at the same time, will you do that?" "Oh hell yea, let's go." She started to walk out of my den, but I stopped her.

"The couch makes into a bed," I said. We folded it out and I laid down.

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We adjusted the pillows so she could kneel alongside my face putting her pussy down on it. It was wonderful. I could reach up and play with her boobs as I tongue fucked her. I was in heaven. "God you've got one great tongue" she said while rocking on my face. * * * * * * * * * * Please leave comment if this is a book you would buy at IBooks, or for your IPad, Nook, or other electronic device.