Uk helen blinkt in einem Taxi

Uk helen blinkt in einem Taxi
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(Part two, hope you guys like it.) What had she allowed to happen, his fluids mixed with her own dripped between her legs and onto the broken hardwood. She was angry at herself for allowing herself to enjoy the humiliation he had put her through, he had pulled from her body and moved away breathing hard as he snapped the button of his jeans and stared at her. Even he seemed shocked that he had done that, he had wanted to make a point by raping her however she could have sworn he had enjoyed that too.

She would attempt to stand feeling a bit sore between her legs and inner thighs, winching in pain a bit she would stand and attempt to close her shirt that he had ripped apart. Only a few buttons had survived and she would button them, her pants were thrown in a corner and were at least salvageable, "You should go." he said his voice husky with emotion and regret.

She would watch him for a moment and say, "I can't.not without taking you in." his concerned look would change to one of anger, "Like you could." he growled at her. Looking at her from head to toe he would add, "It's obvious you don't have the strength to take me in." she would blush at the mention of his rape.

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"I might not have the strength to take you in but if I have to kill you I will Leon." that earned her another growl, "So that is what this has come to?" "What did you think would happen Leon, you'd rape me and that I would stop my mission to bring you in?" she would scoff, "I'm not the same scared little girl you knew those years ago." He would laugh and move closer, "Oh but I know how much of a woman you're my darling." he would wink and take another step closer.

She knew her pistol was on the couch behind him, could she get to it quick enough.

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His reflexes were lightening fast and much more advanced than her own, "You forced yourself on me." "Damn right I did and you enjoyed it like a bitch in heat." It was her turn to let her anger show, "Watch it Leon." He laughed at her seeming unfazed by her threat, "Or you'll what Sage?" shaking her head she eyed him with a glare, "You really have become a monster." Her words hit him hard making him feel a bit sad, it was true he was a monster but they had made him that way.

The Helsing group had taken everything from him once upon a time and he hoped to return to the favor.

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"Yeah I'm a monster already knew that yet you enjoyed what I did to you so what does that make you?" He had a point, what did it say about her that she hadn't tried to fight him harder, was she as bad? He was barely a breaths distance from her now, pushing back her hair he would say, "I think you want more." she would back away from him bumping the wall behind her, "Never again Leon.this has got to stop." "Does it?" he asked watching her and once again moving towards her, it was a shock that his erection was beginning to strain against his pants again.


He hated what she stood for but by god he wanted her. Whatever hold she had on him hadn't been sated in their earlier moment of passion, in fact he wanted her more. Wanted to bury himself so deep inside her that he lost himself completely, what was it about her? "Don't you want me Sage?" his voice was low and kind as he caressed her cheek.

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Did she, she knew he held something over her, he made her go weak in the knees and crave his touch. He had since the first time she met him, she often had imagined what his love making would be like and well. "How about it Sage, how about allowing me access to your lovely body again, only this time let you enjoy it." her breathing would pick up as he placed his muscled arms on either side of her pinning her to the wall, "We can't Leon." he laughed and leaned in closer his lips inches from her own, "You mean we shouldn't.can't is just a useless word." his lips would cover her gently and when she didn't resist he forced his tongue between her lips and deepened the kiss, she would moan yet his kiss silenced her as he pushed his body into hers and ran his hands along her side and under the tattered shirt.

Another moan as her fingers dug into his chest, "So how about it Sage?" he asked pulling away from a moment to get approval and when she looked up at him with desire in those grey depths his reasoning vanished. A low growl would come from deep inside him as he grabbed her underneath her buttocks and lifted her, setting her down on the couch he would kneel between her legs and remove her pants. He would thrust a finger deep inside her moist opening and move it in and out before adding another, she would cry out and fall into the couch as she moaned once again.

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Lowering his head he would flick her clit with is tongue as he fingers pumped in and out of her, "Oh god Sage you're so wet." he seemed in awe over that, she couldn't reply to him the pleasure was to much. He would lean down and speed up the motion of his tongue as his fingers pumped faster and faster.

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He could feel her inner walls squeezing and tightening, she was close, good he thought. With a smile on his face he would add yet another finger filling her fully and she would almost scream as she came undone around his fingers and soaked his fingers with her fluids.

Breathing hard she would gaze at him through heavily lidded eyes and attempt to control her erratic breathing, he wasn't going to give her a chance though. Letting his erection spring forward he would press the swollen head against her slick delta and thrust into her, once again her back would arch off the couch and meet his thrust forcing him deeper inside her womb.

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God she was still so tight, even after his earlier lovemaking and taking of her virginity, "Oh god Sage." he said as he pulled from her body only to plunge deep once again, she was writhing underneath him and her hips would meet his thrust for thrust. For a virgin she was well versed in pleasuring him, he would contain his own groan as he allowed his thumb to feather across her clit.

She would cry out his name and he would almost spill his seed inside her once again.


Gritting his teeth he would instead continue to work on the tiny bud of her femininity and groan as her inner walls squeezed around his shaft, her moans were increasing and he could tell she was getting close to her end.

Not yet he thought, he wanted her for a bit longer, pulling from her body he would pull her up and sit on the couch pulling her atop him, her hips would straddle his own as he aligned his cock to bury deep inside her body again.

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This position would put her breasts right in his line of sight and boy was it a sight, he would lean forward thrusting upwards into her while taking nipple into his mouth and lightly biting it. She would moan again and grind against him causing him to hiss in pleasure, if she did that again he might not be able to stop himself. She caught on quick and she would soon grind against him gyrating her hips in tempo to his thrusts, this positon allowed her clit to rub against him and send wave after wave of extreme pleasure through her.

She was burning, surely she would burst into flame if this continued on, she needed release. How had she gone from wanting his head to wanting his body, she was so close to her end she needed to reach her orgasm. He would hold her hips in his hands and force her to move faster as she was impaled by his member that was growing closer and closer to the end. His breathing would pick up as he forced her up and down harder and harder upon him. His fingers would dig deeper as he felt her inner walls convulse around his dick and cover him with her fluids, it was enough to draw a mind numbing orgasm from his body.

He would spill himself deep inside her and groan as she continued to move on his shaft drawing every last ounce of his semen from him. She would fall against his sweat slicked chest with her own and breathe hard, god he couldn't get enough of her. He knew it, she was dominating him but he could never let her know that. This couldn't go on, one or the other would wind up killed and he couldn't allow that to happen not with his plans.

He could enjoy her until than, what harm could come from that. (Well if you want a part three let me know!!"