Young teen gay boys swapping cum and piss first time Pissing In The

Young teen gay boys swapping cum and piss first time Pissing In The
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Author's Note: This is my first story so if you can please have any advice, I would like to hear it so I can get better at writing stories. If you liked it, there are more stories to come about John. Enjoy. I didn't know why I was failing English. In fact, I was getting mostly 80's on everything else except English. Maybe it was because I was paying attention ,listening to what the teacher was talking about.

Or maybe it was because I was too busy,thinking of sexual fantasies of my English teacher,Ms.Kori and I fucking. My mom wasn't pleased when she saw that my midterm was a forty-five percent. She screamed at me for what seem like hours, about how I should pay more attention in my school work and stop thinking about girls.

"John,"she would say," You're getting high marks in everything else but you're failing English." Maybe it was because Ms. Kori was tall, and lanky, with shoulder length.

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She must have been part Indian, because her name and her dark, chocolate colored skin with big brown,puppy eyes and shoulder length hair.Or maybe it was the fact that she wore skin tight clothing that I'm guessing is either from Lulu Lemon or American Eagle. Or, could it be that she had nice tight tits that I wanted some much to lick or the tight ass that would get me hard at any time.

It isn't like I was smart from my father, who ever he was. He walked out when he found out that my mother was pregnant with almost eighteen years ago.

Since then, my mother would never go on a date with another man because she felt that all men were scum. None the less, I looked exactly liked my father, standing six feet two inches with brown eyes and short brown hair.

Plus, if that wasn't enough, I had a eleven and a half inch cock to go along with my solid structure. She made me promised that I would go find Ms.Kori for help to try and get ready for exams, which only six weeks away.

The next day, fortunately was Friday, meaning that I go still see Ms. Kori and still be able to have enough time to come home, eat and hang out with my friends. School went by pretty quickly that day. First period was English, which Ms. Kori was talking about Romeo and Juliet. I manage to speak to her after class and get directions to her house because she wouldn't be staying after school. After that, I ran to my locker, got my stuff and ran to Geography class.

I manage to walk in before the bell rung. After Geography class, was lunch,then French class where I sat for seventy-five minutes listening to Mr. Gagne's speech's about boring global warming.

Then, I was off to Math classwhere I had to finish 5 work sheets in 30 minutes or else it was for homework. I was relieved when I heard the bell ring at 2:25, signaling the end of the school day. I walk down the busy stairs, crowded with students walking to their lockers.

I walk down the steps to the first corridor where I walk slowly past a group of cheerleaders talking about new moves for their routine and jocks talking about the football game. I walk past them towards my locker, to get my school bag, throwing some binders and textbooks along with my pencil case.

I walk at a fast pace out of the corridor, out the back entrance,where step into a wave of heat greeted me. I looked for my 2009 black Acura that my mother gave me when I got my license to drive without a parent. It was,apparently, an early birthday present. I opened the door of the car, got in and put the keys into the ignition, listening to the sound of the classic rock music, waiting for the AC to kick in. I drove from the school, listening to old classic rock artists like Alice Cooper and Led Zeppelin with Purple Haze from Jimi Hendrix.

Ms.Kori's house, was only about 15 minutes driving from the school. It was an new apartment building that I saw going a couple years ago and( I was thinking of buying a room when I turned nineteen). I walked up the steps of the apartment building. I opened the door where a cold bust of wind gently hit my face. The room, was made to look likes stone pillars with oak floors and an polished oak desk that matched the floors with an old man siting behind the desk.

The old man at the front desk didn't even glance up from the newspaper he was reading to see whom I was. I walked by him to the elevator, pressing the the sixteenth floor. I quietly hummed to myself the tune of Purple Haze as I was the only person in the elevator.


After the last floor, the doors of the elevator slowly opened to reveal a long,wide hallway with oak floors and paintings of beaches and flowers on the walls.

I walked slowly down the hall, looking at the numbers on the doors. I stopped at number 604, where I gently knocked with my knuckles on the tall white door.

It opened, revealing Ms. Kori in one of her usual skin tight clothing. I had to stop myself from wanting to tear those clothes off her.

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'Come on in," she said with a smile, as I walked past her into her tidy apartment. The floors, were wooden, with a shine that told me that she had just bought it. She had pictures of herself and family members or friends on the walls. Her furniture were a leathery black with a wide screen television in the family room. The kitchen, from what I could see, had a oak cabinets with gleaming green counters and a grey stainless fridge.

" Do you like my house John?" she asked curtly, noticing me looking around. " This is a really nice apartment", feeling so stupid after I spoke those words,but she just smiled politely.

" I was going to take a quick shower before you got here,but I guess you came quicker then I expected." " I can wait for you if you still want a shower." I said with a smile. She smiled and then said "I'll be back in 15 minutes".

She left towards the bathroom. I took off my Nike shoes and walked around the house for a bit. I then sat on one of the black couches. I could hear from the bathroom, the sound of a tap being turned and the sound of a zipper. I immediately thought of Ms.Kori, getting undress with me being not even fifteen feet away. I could feel my cock begin to throb. I looked over and saw that the door to the bathroom was ajar, meaning that if I walked over to the kitchen, I could probably see her undressing.

Slowly, I crepted to the kitchen, hoping she wouldn't glance towards me. I managed to quietly walked towards the door. I peeked inside,seeing her bending over, her back towards me as she was turning off the bath taps. Then, she turned around. My heart jumped as I saw her begin to take off her shirt. She was wearing a black, lacy bra on underneath.


She then proceed to take off her Lulu Lemon pants. She slowly, took them off, almost in a striptease. I had a thump in my throat the size of a baseball as I watched her finally take the pants off from her ankles. She turned around suddenly and saw me.

"John?",she said,"What are you doing?",with a puzzled look on her face. "I'm so sorry,"I said", trying to make an desperate excuse in why I was watching her undress. "It's okay", she replied with a smile,"I think that you're being watching me for quite awhile anyways.

"Ummm." "Why don't you come here and show me what you can do." she said with a wicked grin. My brain wasn't thinking but somehow, my feet managed to stumble over to where she was standing. The very first kiss that night was the most memorable thing I will ever remember.

Her lips were perfect, and I could smell the aroma of her perfume.

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That moment, time itself seem to stop as we kissed .We kissed seem to last forever, but I know it only lasted a couple minutes. Before I could actually think that I was kissing my hot English teacher, she was already fumbling with my shirt. I helped her out by lifting my arms so that she could get my shirt over my head.

She kissed me again, but this time, it was more quick then the last kiss. She was quickly at my jeans, opening the button and pulling down the zipper. Her hands were flashes as she quickly pulled down my jeans, revealing my plaid boxers.She got the jeans to my ankles before I noticed to lift my feet up to kick the jeans off. This time, I kissed her, more slowly, more romantically. I soon began kissing down towards the neck as I ended up near her tits.I slowly reached behind her back and undid the button, letting her black,lacy bra fall to the bathroom floor.

I kissed both her tits, before on her tits in my mouth and sucking on it and pinching on the other one. She let out a small moan, of pleasure, as I would switched back and forth between her tits. I lightly set her down on the bathroom floor as I continued downwards/ I worked my way down towards her stomach, where I teased her pussy through the black panties.

She let out another small groan of pleasure as her panties became wet with pre-cum. I took the hem of her back panties in my mouth, and pulled them down towards her feet, pulling them off completely and tossing them aside. I gently kissed her leg all the way up to her pussy. I used my index and middle finger to touched her pussy slightly, making Ms.Kori cringed and let out a soft moan. I then proceeded to enter her pussy with my two fingers, shallow at first,and then deeper, as I gently finger fucking Ms.Kori.

I could feel her still intact hymen, and that she was about to cum but I wasn't done with her yet. I then took my mouth and licked the inside of her pussy with my tongue. That sent her over the edge, as her body tensed up and she cum all over my mouth, dripping onto my chest. Her juices were sweet, and that only intensified my hunger.

Ms.Kori, seem to recover and pushed me onto my back on the bathroom floor. She then took my boxers off, my 11 and half inch cock popping out to greet her. She smiled as she began massage my balls, She then began stroking my shaft, at a slow pace,then up to a steady rhythm. I could feel my shaft begin to expand, signaling I was going to cum soon. She must have felt it too because she stopped stroking and started to licked the head of my cock.I could have cum right there but I didn't.

She then put the whole head of my cock in her mouth. Soon, she had deepthroated my cock, and bobbed her head up and down. Soon, my cock expand and I let out a huge moan as I felt the cum spurt in her mouth. As soon as I had finished, she began milking me, sucking the rest of the cum from my cock. She then laid me on back once again, and started to mount me.

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I could feel, as soon as she had put her pussy on my cock, that she had a nice and tight pussy. She slowly began moving her hips, each time thrusting my cock further into her pussy.

Then she pick up rhythm and began thrusting faster. Soon, she thrusted so hard, I could feel my cock go right through her hymen, breaking into pieces and spurting blood over my cock.She let a small groan of pain, then a moan of pleasurement as she cum just moments afterwards. I could feel the width of my cock start to expand as I let a loud groan, and with one final thrust, I cum my load into her pussy.

We laid there on the bathroom floor, hugging each other, my cock still in her warm and tight pussy. We must have fallen asleep because when I woke up, Ms.Kori was gone.

I got up, feeling tired but proud of myself for losing my virginity. I waked towards the kitchen, and saw Ms.Kori making coffee.

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"Hey John,"she said,"Would you like some coffee to drink?" "Sure"I replied with an eager grin and looked at the time on the stove. It was almost 6 o'clock! I was here for almost an 3 hours straight.

"I have to go."I said. "Oh" she said with disappointment."I'll guess I'll see you Monday." I had to leave, but I didn't want to. I said that I would come back so Ms.Kori could help me with my "English". She just smiled and said that she would be waiting for me on Monday for another "lesson". I could help but smile, all the way home, because I had just fucked my hot English teacher,Ms Kori.