Lewd tranny mounts a wang

Lewd tranny mounts a wang
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The following is a true story, only the names have been changed to protect the innocent, everyone who appears naked or in a sexual light has given the writers consent to use their character with a different name. We recommend reading these stories in the order they were "published".

Becky and I have skipped 2 years and are now writing about when we were 17. We will return to the times we were 15 and 16, later. Chapter one is kind of an intro/explaining how I got my car, if you are just looking for sex, skip to chapter 2, but I don't recommend it. NOTE: If all you want is SEX, SEX, SEX, this story is not for you. Although there is lots of sex, it is also a detailed story that will not make sense if you skip paragraphs.

Cheers! "Jason" and "Becky" (our aliases) <<<<<<<Chapter 1>>>>>>> It was June 5th, I had just gotten out of school the day before and, although I would not be working on Becky's tree farm like I had the past two years because later this week, Becky would be getting on a plane to visit family in Europe for a month and a half. I know I could not believe it either. A lot had changed about me since the last story. I had become an EMT in my township.

This meant, whenever I got a call I got to cut class. I had also gotten a more permanent job, working as a mechanic in my uncle's auto-repair shop.

With the money I had earned on the tree farm and working in the garage I had scraped together about $12,000. A few months ago I had decided to put that money towards a car, instead of paying to borrow my parents car. My friend's dad owned a custom car shop. They had purchased a black 1998 Hummer H1 alpha wagon (you can google it to get a better idea of what it looked like) they were originally going to make it a stretch limo, but when they were driving it back to the shop, the transmission blew up (or so he thought) and he had it towed back to the shop.

When he got it back, their mechanic told them it would take 16 grand to replace the transmission, they just parked it on the back lot and forgot about it. My friend was telling me all this over lunch one day, and I asked him if his dad would let him have it, he said no. "How much is he selling it for?" I asked. "$7,000" Dave, my friend said. "Can I stop by and take a look later today?" "Sure" he said. The rest of the day, during all my classes, all I could think about was this truck.

Right after school I got in Dave's car, an 83 Camaro IROC (he had a really nice car) and he drove me to his dad's shop. He walked me in the open garage bay, past a brand new Audi S-10 that was being customized. He walked me over to a door wich led down a hallway in to an office. I walked in and a man that looked a lot like Dave was sitting behind a desk on a computer. He looked up from the screen and said "Hey Dave, How was school, I don't believe I have met your friend" Dave introduced us as his dad stood up and walked around his desk to shake my hand.

"Pleasure to meat you, I'm Rob." I shook his hand. I told him I was interested in buying the hummer and, at first he thought I was kidding, but then he walked us through the shop and grabbed the hummer key and a car battery. We walked out to a small back lot with about 12 other cars parked in it. At the very end was the hummer. He tossed me the keys and told me to let him put the battery in. Once the battery was in he told me to start it.

I did not think it would start because it had been sitting for a few years. I put the key in the ignition and after a few cranks, the big diesel started right up. Rob sat in the passenger seat and told me all about the car. He said if I had the $7,000 he would let it go the next day.

He also told me about the huge transmission problem and how expensive it would be to fix. I told him I worked in a garage that specialized in transmission re-builds and my uncle owned it and he would help. "I will be back tomorrow and I will have a check and a tow truck" I said. Rob smiled and said "ok" I ran home and called my uncle and told him about it. He said he would let me park it in the lot at his shop and let me work on it in my down time.

The next morning was a Saturday and I was at Rob's at 10 AM with a check and the tow truck from my uncle's garage. I gave rob the check, and after it went through, he helped me get the Hummer hooked up to the truck.

I drove it to the Garage where I showed it to my uncle. I had it running and driving in a week. <<<<<<<Chapter 2>>>>>>> All right, back to the story. It was June 5th. I had told Becky about my car, and she had seen a picture, but she had yet to see it in person. I had filled it with stuff so she could live In it if necessary. Before she went to Europe I was going to drive up there and stay over a night. I got in my car and started driving. Because I was an EMT/volunteer fire fighter, I was required to put sirens in my car and tonight I turned them on and traveled down the highway at the top speed of the Hummer, 90 mph.

I got there in an hour and a half, at about 6:30 and pulled up next to her house. I had seen that her parent's car was not in the drive way so I figured, what the hell, and I let out a quick burst on the sirens. I saw her stick her head out the window to investigate and she instantly got an excited look on her face. She ran outside to the driver side door. I rolled down the window and she said "Oh my God, this thing is huge" "I know, hop in, we will go for a drive." I said.

Becky ran around the front of the car and I could see her boobs bouncing in the black tank-top she had on. She opened the door and climbed in. "And I thought my car was huge, holy crap!" she said, referring to her black Chevy Silverado 3500. I drove out of her driveway and she looked around, "whats in the box" she said, pointing to a big black Tupperware container that was strapped on the hump in between the two seats in the rear. "Survival equipment, so I can live in my car if I have to." I said "What about the blue one?" she asked.

"That's my EMT gear" I said. She looked around the car some more. "What does this do?" She asked, pointing to an array of switches and buttons. I flipped one of the switches and the sirens turned on. "I like" she said. I turned on to a back road and turned off the sirens.

We drove for a bit until we were at a dead end in a clearing. I looked at her and said, "We NEED to have sex, now" "Agreed!" she said. I would have leaned over and kissed her but the three and a half foot wide center console was in the way, it was the same case with the back seat. Luckily the trunk was big enough to inflate a queen air mattress and about 5 ft high, it was also carpeted. We walked back and got in the trunk.

Becky shut the door behind her and I already had her top over her head. She took off her shirt and I unhooked her bra. I took off her shorts as she worked on my clothes. Soon we were both naked and ready to go at it. I moved and kissed my way down, past her breasts and to her pussy.

I went straight to eating her out and she moaned with pleasure. I licked everywhere, tasting her sweet pussy juice that I had missed so dearly. "Baby, I missed you so much." She said between gasps. I flicked my tongue slowly over her clit, sending her in to orgasm. "Your turn" she said as she sot on her knees, taking my dick in her mouth. She swirled and licked her head over every square inch of my rock hard shaft. I had not jacked off for several days so I was already close.

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She was applying gentle pressure to my balls and it felt really good. I blew my load in her mouth. She swallowed it all, not missing a drip. We got in to position to fuck. We both laid on our sides and I came at her from behind. I speared her on my shaft and she moaned on pleasure. "Fuck MEEEE!" she yelled. I followed her orders and thrusted in and out of her.

This position allowed me to hit her "G-spot" very well and this was getting her close. I was not so close though, to make up for this I fucked her even faster and harder. I felt her pussy muscles clamp down on my cock in reflex of her orgasm. Shes sent me over the edge. A roaring orgasm took control of my body as I shot my seed deep in her pussy. "That was so good baby" I said. "Mmmmmhmm, thank you" she said in a very sexy voice. We walked outside where she stood with her legs spread, to empty herself.

We got dressed and got in our seats. We drove out and back on to the road. "We will have to break-in my truck before I leave tomorrow." Becky said. "You leave tomorrow?" I asked, I had thought her flight left in a few days. "You didn't get my message? We found a cheaper flight, so my dad made an executive decision." She said. "No I thought you left in a few days." I said as we pulled up next to her house. We got up and walked in to the house.

I walked in and her dildo was on the floor. I picked up the dildo and handed it to her, she blushed. "Did I interrupt?" I asked, lauging. "Yea, kind of, but what you brought was better" she said. It was 9:00 and we walked upstairs. Becky's bags were in a pile on the floor by her desk. She put her dildo in a bag and sat on the bed with me. She had a nervous look on her face. "What's wrong?" I asked, putting an arm on her shoulder.

"I'm not sure I want to go" she said " Why would you not go, you get to see a good proton of Europe, and your family" "Yea, I know, but most of my cousins wont be there, just me and Alex, and one can only stand so much of her. Everyone else is in college or married" Becky explained.

"What airport do you fly out of?" I asked. "Newark" "How are you getting out there?" "To the airport? We are parking my parents car at the airport" she said. "That will cost like $1000.

I am going back that way, I will drive, I insist." "You don't have to" she said "I will" She leaned in to kiss me, but just as we were about to lock lips, she pulled away and she said "SHIT!" "What happened?" I asked. "Nothing, I just forgot to show you something. Quick, get naked!" We both striped and Becky led me to the upper porch, the lounge chairs were gone and in their place was a hot tub. "How did you get this?" I asked.

"Well, daddy knows the man that owns the company that makes the hot tub, and he was able to get us a good deal. Then daddy and I split the cost." Becky explained. We got in the hot tub and just sat and chilled. We talked more, and we eventually got to playing around.

We rough kissed at first, splashing and creating waves, then I started to suck her nipples. I moved her in to position on top of me and slid her on to me.

I used my arm strength to move her up and down on me. The water felt really good. This was a good investment. Her pussy was tight around my cock and it felt amazing.

I was ready to blow, and so was she. I shot my load deep in her pussy. She screamed in orgasm. We both slowed down and then stopped, My cock sliding from her pussy.

She leaned to the left so we could kiss while she was still in my lap. The warm water splashed up against our bodies as we softly kissed. "I wonder what time it is?" Becky asked "I have absolutely no idea" I replied. We dried off with the one towel that was hanging on the railing.

We walked in the door and down the hallway past Becky's desk and computer to our bed. We laid down and I looked at my phone It was 11:45. "It's 11:45" I said.

"We better get to sleep if we are waking up at 6 am tomorrow." "Sure" I said, spooning up next to her and spooned her. The next morning and we woke up and got dressed and walked to Becky's parents house for breakfast. "Morning Becky" Said a cheerful Pamela as she heard the door open, not looking and seeing me walk in as well.

"Morning mom" Becky said "Morning Pam" I said Pam turned around and saw me "When did you get here?" Asked pam. "I drove out here last afternoon to come see Becky before you guys left" "How sweet" She said, smiling. "You two help yourselves to some cereal and toast" She said, pointing to a plate with some toast and some boxes of cereal and milk.

I did not eat anything, I just got some coffee and put it in my travel mug that I had gotten out of my car.

I sat at the table with Becky and Pam. A few minutes later Becky's dad, Jim walked down the stairs and in to the kitchen. He got himself some cereal and joined us at the table.

"Morning" he said as he sat down. We all said good morning "I guess you can drive now" he said "When did you pull in" "Yesterday afternoon at about 6 pm" "You know we are leaving today, right?" he asked "Yes, and I am offering to drive you guys in because I live that way anyway, and it is better than parking a car there for a month, which will cost a lot." "Are you a good driver?" "I have a commercial4 license." "Why?" He asked "All EMTs need to have one in my township, so you can drive an ambulance." Becky's mom cut in "You're an EMT?" she asked.

(fyi, EMTs are the people in ambulances) "Yes" I said. We finished breakfast and Becky and I walked back to the house while her parents finished doing a few things in the house. I helped her carry her bags to the trunk of my hummer and lift them in. We then locked up the house and got in the car. We drove over to the driveway where Becky's parents had all there bags on the ground. I helped Jim lift the bags in to the car. "Nice truck you have, did you buy it?" "Yea, I bought it from a friends dad and re-built the transmission" "I appreciate the ride in, it will probably save me $1000 In parking too." I laughed, "yes it will." I closed the tailgate and got in the drivers seat.

I started the diesel engine and quickly turned of the death-metal music that was playing on the radio. I checked to make sure everyone was in the car and drove off. Becky was still in the passenger seat. Pam was behind me. Jim was behind Becky. Becky and I talked most of the time, Jim and Pam were having a conversation in the back, they could not hear what we were saying over the sound of the engine and the sound of the road.

"Will you be able to video chat" I asked "Sometimes. My phone will work there though, so you can text me." She said. We could see the airport. We pulled up to the curb and I helped them un load their bags. I said goodbye to Jim and Pam and told them I would pick them up when they got back. I then hugged Becky and she leaned in and kissed me, on the lips, with tongue, right in front of her parents.

At first I was shocked, but I wasn't surprised, and her parents seemed to ignore us. "I'll miss you baby" I said "Me too, see you in a month" she said as the walked away with their bags in hand.

I got in the car, turned on my music, and drove away. Once I got away from the airport I turned on my sirens and drove back to my house at 90 mph. I got home and almost immediately after I walked in to the house my dad started yelling at me and saying stuff like "you should not be out so much" and stuff like that, luckily mu pager went off and I had to go help in a car accident. It was now July third, and I knew Becky's flight was landing in an hour. Her parents were remaining in England another week, but she convinced her parents to let her fly home early.

I got in my car and started driving towards Newark intl. airport. When I was about three quarters of the way there I got a message from Becky "Just landed, waiting for my bags" "Ok" I replied and stepped on it, I wanted to be there just as she was walking out of the airport. I pulled up to the exit, and texted Becky that I was here.

"Ok, my bags just came out, see you in a minute" she replied A minute later I saw her walking out the exit. She looked incredibly sexy in her aviator sunglasses. She had on a light purple top with short sleeves and jeans. In each hand she had a large duffel bag and she had a backpack on. I got out of my car and opened the back door. Becky dropped her two duffel bags on the curb and ran and hugged me, still wearing her backpack.

She ran and kissed me, lifting her leg. Then we went back to get her bags and put them in the car. I drove her home, but had to leave because my graduation was in the morning. <<<<<<<Chapter 3>>>>>>> It was now July 9th, I had dropped off Becky on the third and I had been at home on my computer when Becky signed in and video chatted me. "I have good news and I have bad news, I have to tell you the bad news first" She said "Shoot" I said "My parents are selling the house that we rent out that is close to you" she said.

"Ok" "The good news is that we bought a small, one bedroom house in the outer banks, North Carolina, and they are letting us go down to pick up the keys and try it out for a few days." "Really?" I asked. "Yea, Can you drive to my house tomorrow? She asked. "Sure, my dad is out of town on business and my mom wont care." I said. "Cool, see you tomorrow." She said and ended the chat.

I sat on the bed and started to think to myself "I better get her something, then I had an idea, I ran downstairs and got in my car.

I drove to the mall and walked in to the jewelry department. I made my purchase and drove home to start packing. I Started by searching the outer banks in google, it was a strip of land that ran along the coast of North Carolina.

I packed my bag (putting in the small box I had gotten from the mall) and tried to fall asleep, but I could not, so I read. I ended falling asleep at around 3 am. My alarm went off at 8 and I woke up and carried my bag to the car.

I told my mom I would be gone for a few days and walked outside. I sat in my car and started the engine. After it was done warming up I pulled out of the driveway and drove off. About two hours later I arrived at Becky's house. She ran outside and hugged me. She handed me a folder that was filled with paperwork. "Hi, this is all the paper work we need to get the keys, I'll be right back out with my bag." She said. "Ok" I said as I walked to the truck to put the folder in the glove box.

A few minutes later Becky came out of the house with a duffel bag in hand. She locked the door and I helped her put the bag in the back seat. We got in our seats and I started the hummer.

We drove out of the driveway and towards the highway. It would be a 12 hour trip. It was currently 10:30 am so we would be getting there at 10:30 pm if we did not stop or hit traffic. For the first two or three hours we just talked as I drove, she told me about her trip. We had just gotten out of New Jersey when I had to go to the bathroom, so did Becky, so we stopped at a Harley-Davidson dealer/rest stop in Delaware called Mike's Famous.

We both went to the bathroom and I got a coffee. I walked back to the car and Becky must have still been in the bathroom, because she was not there. There were a few people looking at the hummer, which happens a lot because people never see a fully off-road kitted H1. I got in the drivers seat and the people left.

I put on my aviator sunglasses and I must have fallen asleep because I was woken up by Becky shaking me. "Do you want me to drive?" Becky laughed.

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"Huha, what, yea, sure, let me show you how." I stumbled, waking up. I hopped out of the drivers seat and showed Becky what the various buttons and levers did. As well as how to use the CB radio to get and give traffic updates. "It's like being in an airplane cockpit" she said "Yea, Kind of" I said. I got in the passenger seat and Becky started the truck. She drove as we talked, she got about halfway through Virginia when she pulled off the highway and in to a small parking lot.

The lot was for a small, Hole-in-the-wall, seafood bar called Maryland Blue Crab. "I'm hungry" she said "That's right, we didn't eat lunch, so am I" I said We walked in and were seated at a table by a nice southern lady. A few minutes later she came out with our drinks and we ordered our food.

We ate and paid the bill "I just realized, the real-estate office will be closed by the time we get there" I said as we walked out of the seafood joint. "Oh my gosh! You are right What will we do if we cant pick up the keys?" she said. We got in the car. "Get on your phone and see if there is a campground near the office, if there is call and make a reservation, because according to the GPS, we will get there at 1 am" I said.

"Sure" She said. I started the car and drove down the highway for a few hundred yards and turned in to a gas station. I started the pump and walked in to the convince store. I bought two energy drinks and a three pack of condoms, just to mess with the boy who looked younger than me, who was working behind the counter.

I put my sunglasses on and walked up to pay for the stuff. He looked at the condoms and asked "You gettin lucky tonight?" In a southern accent. I stared at him through my ray-ban aviators and asked in my best tough guy voice. "Is that any of your business?" "Ummm, no sir, sorry sir.


He said, now scared He scanned the things and made change for my twenty. I took my change and my items and left the store. I walked back to the hummer and Becky. I took out an energy drink and handed the other drink and condoms in a bag to Becky.

"What are the condoms for? I'm on the pill. And why are you wearing sunglasses, Its dark outside" Becky said. "I bought the condoms to mess with the 15 year old behind the counter" I explained. "I have to pee, lets go back in, we can mess with him again" she said. "Sure, let me move the hummer to a parking space, I have to pay for gas anyway." I said. I Moved the car and we walked in, Becky walked to the bathroom and I walked back to the kid to pay for gas.

"Nice car sir, Im sorry about what I said earlier" "No problem" I said, still in sunglasses and in my tough Italian guy voice. "What does gas for one of those beasts normally run" "About $140, and I only use one tank." I said, Still keeping with the accent. "You here to pay for it?" he asked "What do you think" I said, pretending to become slightly irritated. "Lets ring it up… that will be $143.50" (35 gallons of diesel, ouch!) At that moment Becky walked up to the counter and said "and this" putting a blow pop on the counter.

She quickly winked at him seductively. A look of pain crossed his face as he said "now $144 even" I gave him my credit card and we walked out of the shop. "I think he jizzed himself" I said. "Yea, and you weren't kidding about him being 15" she agreed. I walked up to my hummer and there was an old man in a confederate flag t-shirt looking at it. "Nice car" he said. "Yes sir" I said, climbing in to the drivers seat. I started the engine and we drove away.

We both cracked open our drinks as we drove down the highway. At about 9 pm, just as we were getting to North Carolina (we still had a few hours to go) Becky, despite the energy drink, fell asleep. At a red light I looked over at her while she was sleeping, she was very beautiful, just sleeping there, her chest rising and falling with her breathing. I could clearly make out the outline of her bra pressed between her breast and her shirt.

About an hour later we hit traffic. It was really bad, at 10pm, worse than anything I had seen in New Jersey. I sat for half an hour and moved about 50 feet.

I was faced with a dilemma, put on the sirens and wake up sleeping beauty and loose my entertainment or sit in traffic all night. A few minutes later I heard a trucker say over the CB radio that the backup was a few miles long. I had made my decision, I reached for my police radio and said "114 (which was my call number) going hot" I then flicked on my sirens and drove down the shoulder of the highway.


Becky woke up almost instantly "What are you doing" she asked. "I am helping with the accident up ahead" I said, jokingly. "Really?" She asked. "Nah, I'm just getting us around traffic." I said. About two miles down the road there was one of the biggest collisions I had ever seen. A sports car had been speeding and got wedged under a tractor trailer, which knocked another one over.

Traffic was reduced from five lanes to one. I sped down the open lane. One of the ten or fifteen cop cars turned on his lights and chased after us. I stopped "Be asleep again" I said. Becky obeyed The cop walked up to my rolled down window and shined his light in the car, on Becky, and then on me.

"Sir, I am an EMT and volunteer fire rescue personnel in chester (the town with the seafood bar) I just got dispatched to help with a house fire. "Is she an EMT/FRP" he asked. "No that's my girlfriend, we were out driving around when I got requested" "Are you 114" He asked I nodded. "alright, go on" He stopped traffic to let me get out and I turned my lights and sirens on and floored it. Once we were far enough away I turned off my sirens and slowed back down. "That was close, good acting" Becky said "All in a days work" I said.

Becky took a sip of her drink as she sat up "So, where are we going to sleep, we may have reservations but no tent or anything. Becky said. "I keep a queen air mattress in my survival bin." I said. Becky nodded, soon she was back asleep. When ever I stopped at a light I would stare at her beauty. More than once the car behind me would honk at me when the light would change and I did not notice. She was like a sleeping angle, and I tried to drive as softly as possible so she would not wake.

At 11:00 PM I stopped to get a coffee. And continued my drive. I pulled in to the campsite at 1am. I walked in to the office and paid the $15 for a site.

I got the air mattress out of the bin and inflated it, tossing it in the back. I then walked over to the passenger door and opened it. I shook Becky and she woke up. "Are we here?" She asked "Yes, finally." I answered. I helped her out of the car and to the back. We got on the air bed and laid down. We both used my blanket as a pillow because it was not hot and we did not need a blanket. I stripped and set the alarm on my phone for 9am. I the helped Becky get naked.

She smiled and I helped her take off her shirt and bra, then her pants and panties. I thumb tacked towels over the windows to function as curtains and I joined Becky in the realm of sleep. The next morning I woke up with the alarm. Becky did not hear it so I moved over and started to suck on her nipples. She twitched and then woke up. I moved up and kissed her. "Good morning babe" I said. "mmhm" she said. We got dressed, I wore shorts and a T-shirt.

Becky put on a black with pink dots bikini and a blue t-shirt and tan shorts over it. We drove around until we found a place to eat. It was the only place open, and the only thing they served for breakfast was pancakes.

The place was called Top Dog Café. The real-estate place opened at noon, so by the time we finished breakfast, we still had two hours to kill. We went shopping for food and supplies. Becky had demanded to pay for this because she felt like I was buying everything.

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We then drove to the office and pulled in 15 minutes early, just as the owner was arriving. He invited us in and showed us the floor plans to our house, then to the flagship of houses that they rented out, which had 9 bedrooms, 10 baths, and 2 kitchens.

Ours, by comparison, only had one of each. Becky went outside to get the papers from the glove box and the owner, Rick and I talked about cars, specifically my car. He said that the next day there was a car show that his cousin was running in the town to the south of the town the house was in.

He said he would enter my car for me if I wanted, and I obliged. He took down the cars info and e-mailed it to his cousin. Becky came back with the papers and he handed over the keys and told us how to get to the house.

We walked down the stairs to my car and got in. "This thing got entered in a car show tomorrow night." I said. "Really, that should be fun" she said. We got to the house and walked inside. It was about twice the size of Becky's small trailer house. The bed was a California King Size.

It also had a hot tub and was a short walk away from the beach. We brought our stuff inside and put it away, then got ready to go to the beach. Becky took off her shirt and shorts, revealing her bikini. I got in my surf trunks and we walked down to the beach. We got there and put our stuff in the sand and went for a swim. The water was warm and pretty clear.

We got out and decided to go for a walk on the beach. We held hands and walked down and back up the beach. I noticed other guys looking and admiring Becky. I did not mind because she did not seem to mind. After all, she was very sexy in that skimpy bikini. We walked back in to the house and we threw each other on the bed. I moved my face down to her crotch and moved the strip of bikini fabric to the side, exposing her sweet pussy and I slowly moved my head down to lick it.

Her pussy was alredy very wet. I drew lines over her pussy with my tongue, saving her clit for last. I ran my tongue over her clit. "Ohhh, yes!" she yelled.

I ran my tongue over her clit again, causing her to orgasm. Her body twitched a in pleasure. I moved back up to her so we were even on the bed. She recovered and I leaned in to kiss her, a few seconds later she broke away to go down on me. I helped her slide off my swimsuit. She took my stiff member in her hand and slowly stroked. She took the head of my cock in my mouth and swirled her tongue in circles around it.

She took more of me in her mouth as she started to bob her head up and down my shaft. Her warm mouth surrounding my shaft felt heavenly. "Oh yea baby, so good, I'm so close" I moaned.

She bobbed her head up and down more furiously now. I blew my load in her, she swallowed my cum, missing one spurt, which landed in her hair and forehead. She scooped off what she could with her finger and licked it off. "That was the best blowjob you have ever given" I said. "You weren't too bad yourself" She replied. "Let's get this off of you" I said, lifting her swim suit top over her head and tossing it to the ground. I grabbed a nipple and started tweaking it. She started to softly moan as I started to gently suck on her left nipple.

"I need you in me" She gasped between breaths.


I pulled her to the edge of the bed and I stood on the ground. She bent her legs in a pretzel position so her ankles were behind her ears and her wet pussy was exposed. I slid the crotch of her bikini out of the way. I slowly inserted my cock in to her tight pussy. She was amazingly wet. I moved in and out of her, slowly at first, but then I gained in speed.

Her warm pussy enveloping my cock felt awesome. "Harder" she gasped. I did that, fucking her faster and faster. She was moaning in extreme pleasure. Just then she climaxed, clamping her pussy muscles on my cock, causing me to go harder, so I could hit my orgasm. I hit my orgasm, shooting my cum in her pussy.

I pulled out of her and laid on the bed next to her. After a minute or two of recovery she asked "I wonder what the bathroom is like." "let's go find out" I said "Ok" Becky went to stick a finger in her pussy to stop my cum from leaking out, but I stopped her. "let me help with that" I said.

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I put a finger in her and we walked to the bathroom and walked in. There was a sink, shower, toilet, and most importantly, a Jacuzzi. "lets try it!" Becky said in excitement I went on turn on the Jacuzzi while Becky stood over the toilet and spread her legs to let the cum drip out of her pussy. The tub was filled and she was done leaking so we got in.

I laid down and she laid on me. We started to kiss, then it got intense, my tongue probed the inside of her mouth and she did the same. It was the kind of rough yet slow intimate kissing Hollywood movies are famous for. Then Becky's phone started to ring. She stopped kissing "Shit, Its my mom, sorry honey but I have to get this" she said as she jumped out of the tub and ran to get her phone.

She came back in talking. "Yes mom the house is nice and we had no problems getting the keys" (Pause) "We are trying out the Jacuzzi in the bathroom" (Pause) "Yes mom, we are wearing swimsuits" she lied, winking at me.

(Pause) "Alright mom, by" she said ending the conversation. "But, we are not wearing swimsuits" I said jokingly She smiled, "now, where were we?" she said, getting back in to the tub.

"Right here" I said kissing her. I stuck a finger in her pussy and just played with her. "I think you got tighter" I said. "Well, with the exception of tampons, what we just did was the first time I have had any thing in me since we had sex before I left for Europe." She said.

"I think you missed me" I said. "definitely" she said. We got out of the tub and got dressed. I wore just some shorts. Becky wore some shorts and a different, black and white striped bikini top. Seeing this reminded me of something, and I took Becky to my bag to show her, I handed her a pink Victoria Secret box and she opened it. I also grabbed a small case out of the bag but I did not give it to her "Oh my god, you still have this?!" she asked in excitement. She lifted her blue and black zebra striped bikini that she had been wearing when we first met at a scuba class.

"I cant believe you kept this all these years, this brings back so many memories! I wonder if it still fits" she said, looking at the tag on the top. "Well, the only thing is that this is for a b cup, It will still fit, it is just revealing" she continued.

With that, she took off the top she was wearing, and put on the black and blue one. I helped her fasten the back and, I was amazed, the top still fit, they just covered her nipples, and that was it.

She stood up and pulled her hair back to give me a better view. "Wow, you should wear that to the car show, It wont be my car that attracts the attention, you aren't hiding anything, it looks amazing" I said. "Are you kidding, I won't wear this outside, to many perverts!" She said jokingly. She changed in to her bikini top that she had been wearing before and put the small one back in the box. We did some exploring around the house, we went outside and saw there was an outdoor closet.

It was locked so we walked back to get the keys. We got it open and there were two bikes, some bags of charcoal, a surfboard, some beach chairs, and a small, ground level portable grill that was only big enough for five or six burgers. "You wanna go for a bike ride?" I asked. "Sure!" Becky replied. We got on the bikes and biked down about a mile and then biked back.

There was not much to see in this part of town. We got back in to the house and looked at the clock. It was 5 pm. "What do you want to do for dinner before we go to the car show, I'm hungry" Becky asked.

I thought. "I have an idea, lets grill burgers on the small grill outside on the roof of my car at the show. We could bring those chairs and sit up there." I suggested.

"Great Idea, I'll grab the burger stuff and some drinks, you grab the grill, charcoal, and chairs." I walked outside and loaded up the car with all the supplies. A few minutes later Becky came out with a plastic bag in one hand and her striped off white and blue Pac-sun beach bag in the other. She had also put on a black shirt that said in big yellow letters "I LOVE DICK" and "LEABOU" in small white letters under that.

This was a shirt for the Pittsburg Steelers football teams defensive coordinator. She put the bags in the back seat and we got driving. It was a half an hour drive to the car show. When we got there we met the real-estate agent and his cousin, who was running the show, and he told us to park in the "offroad" section.

I parked in between a green range rover discovery and a jeep cherokee and popped the hood to display the engine. I let it idle and left the flashing lights (but no sirens) on. (the car had been designed to idle for hours, so this was not a problem). Becky had already started setting up the chairs and the grill on the roof of the car.

I handed up the last of the stuff, then I joined her. I started the charcoal in the grill and we sat and talked. The car was already attracting people (I guess the flashing lights helped) There were also a few people in EMT shirts looking at my car. I climbed down to talk to them. They were there in duty, but they were allowed to look around. "Are the lights legal?" they asked, kind of jokingly, kind of seriously. "I am an EMT/Fire Rescue Personnel Myself.

My township requires I put them in." I then sat down in the drivers seat and blasted the siren for a second. One of the younger EMTs got excited and said "Cool, can I sit in the drivers seat." I nodded and let him sit in the drivers seat.

I talked to the remaining two EMTs "You heard about the parade of cars we are leading down route 12" (the only, major road in the outer banks) he asked. I nodded "Since they are closing both lanes, you are welcome to drive along side us as we lead" he said. "I would be honored" I said. They walked away. I climbed back on the roof of the car as Becky was putting the burgers on the grill.

"Who was that?" she asked "The local EMTs, We get to help lead that parade they are doing later tonight" "Really" she asked I nodded "That's cool, lets eat quickly so we get to look around some before the parade starts." she said.

We pulled the burgers off the grill and ate them. I dumped the coals from the grill and Becky took the chairs and stuff off of the roof. I shut the hood and turned off the engine and lights. We started walking around, there had to be at leas 100 cars. We had seen most of them when Becky stopped me. "SAM!!" she yelled as she dragged me towards a lime green mini cooper There was a girl who was about 3 inches shorter than Becky who ran up and hugged her.

"Fancy seeing you her" the girl said. Then she looked at me. "She wasn't lying, you do exist." I must have had a puzzled look on my face, because the girl explained. "Becky always talks about you during school, but none of us have met you." "Well here's your proof" I said. Becky introduced her as Sam. Sam had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was about five foot six inches tall and had smaller but nice breasts. She wore a dark pink tank top and jean shorts and carried a beach bag.

She was a friend of Becky's from school. "So, why are you down here" Becky asked. "My parents dragged me down here for a family reunion, i felt like coming down here to look at some ideas for what kind of car I should get." She said.

Becky asked if she wanted to drive in the parade with us and she said yes. We walked by the EMTs ant they told me what channel to use on my police radio and I them my call number. They gave us all T-shirts. They said they would drive by my car in 15 minutes. We walked back to the car and got in, Sam sitting behind Becky in the back seats "This car is huge, way bigger than Becky's" said Sam.

We all laughed We just sat and waited for the EMTs to drive by. They did a few minutes later and my radio crackeled "114, you ready" they asked "yep" I said and flicked on my lights like the ambulance had done. We drove to the end of the two rows of cars and drove down the middle. My radio blaired again "628 going hot, 114 I'd advise you do the same" I flicked on my sirens and followed the ambulance down between the row of cars.

The cars filed in behind us as we slowly drove down the middle. We drove out on to route 12 and down a few hundred yards until all the cars were in line.

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We then sped up to about 20 mph. All of route 12 was lined with people waving, so we waved back. After about 10 miles of driving, we all pulled in to a parking lot and people went home. There was massive traffic, and the ambulance had used its lights to avoid it, so I did the same.

I flicked on my sirens spoke over my PA system telling people to move out of the way. Once they were I sped up and passed them. "Where can we drop you off Sam?" Asked Becky. "Is it cool if I hang with you guys tonight?" she asked Becky looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders in a whatever movement. "Sure" Becky answered.

We got to the house and walked inside, it was 9:30 pm. "What do you guys want to do" Becky asked. "Poker" I said "How about question poker" Sam said. "Sure" I said Sam and Becky sat at the card table and I got the cards and joined them.

We went over the rules and how to play, it is normal poker except you bet with personal questions. "I want to add a rule" said Becky "Go ahead" I said "When ever someone folds or looses a hand, they loose a piece of clothing. You guys down?" Becky said. We both nodded. We played our first few hands. With the exception of the first round which I won, Sam won the next five. She was laughing because she had only lost a sock, for the next question she was winning again.

To call her bid, we had to answer the question she was about to ask. The question was "Have you ever had or will you ever consider having a threesome." Becky whispered in my ear. Then I did in hers. We both answered "no we have not had one, but, yes, we may consider it." We won that round and Sam lost her other sock. Sam had the next question and it was "Would you guys have one with me?" Becky and I discussed.

Finally we decided to answer yes. Becky and I won again, Sam lost her shorts, she was now in panties and a bra. Sam's next question was "Do you guys want to, right now?

I will go to the bathroom to let you two discuss." I looked at Becky "I think she wants a threesome" I said. "Are you OK with it?" Becky asked.

"Only if you are" I answered. "I was using the same logic, lets go for it." Becky said. Sam walked out and sat I her chair.

"So, what did you decide" she asked. "We will do it" I said "You are on the pill right?" asked Becky. "No, I'm not, do you have condoms?" Asked Sam. "Shit, we don't" Said Becky. "Yea, we do, remember I bought them to mess with the kid in the gas station." I said. "Where are they" asked Becky, "In the car, I'll go get them" I said. I ran outside to grab them. I was excited, I was about to fuck two girls at once, and my girlfriend was not only letting me, she was with me.

I reached in to the glove box and grabbed the box. I had to know my limits and guess Becky's; I did not want to do anything that would piss off Becky. She was something I did not want to loose. I walked in to the house, Becky and Sam were already naked. "I guess I'm a little over dressed for the party" I said, taking off my boxers.

We walked in to the bedroom, Becky holding my hand on my left. We all sat down on the bed, Sam had me lay down and she started sucking my dick. I had Becky come and sit on my face so I could eat her out.

She was really wet, like soaking wet her pussy was dripping. I licked all around her pussy and she seemed to be enjoying herself.

Meanwhile, Sam was sucking my dick, it felt good as she bobbed her head up and down my shaft. Suddenly, Becky hit her orgasm, shooting her juices in my mouth. She got off of my face and kissed me. "Are you sure your ok with this, I don't want to upset you" I whispered. "I'm sure" she whispered back. Sam and Becky switched places, so Sam was sitting on my face and Becky was sucking my dick. I began to eat out Sam, she had a different taste, it was not bad but it was different.

She was also very loud, and very fast; I had only been eating her for about two minutes when she screamed in pleasure. I was close but I told Becky to stop. I had them both get on their knees so they could both get some of my cum. I began to stroke my cock. I came and some cum landed in both their mouths and on their faces. They took turns licking the cum off of each other's faces.

This was a major turn on. By the time they were done, I was hard again. Becky climbed on the edge of the bed and Sam climbed on top of her, giving me access to both of their pussies. I fucked Becky first, and rubbed Sam's pussy.

Becky was moving back with each of my thrusts. She came with an intense moan and shot some juices on my cock. I grabbed a condom off the nightstand and put it on. It was the first time I had worn one it was different. I stuck my cock in Sam, it was also the first time I had fucked anyone besides Becky.

Sam was not as tight as Becky, and I hit her cervix when I went in. Becky had crawled out from under Sam and stood next to me. I kissed her and she stuck one of her breasts against my side. Suddenly, Sam hit an extreme orgasm. I pulled the condom off and put Becky back on the bed. I thrust in to her and lost it, I shot my cum deep inside her. We all laid down on the bed and chatted. Becky went to the bathroom and I went with her. "that was fun" Becky said.

"Yes, it was." I agreed "But wearing a condom sucks" I added as Becky sat on the toilet and started to pee. My cum dripped out of her as she peed. She finished and wiped. We walked back in to the bedroom and laid down with Sam. We all fell asleep. The next morning, we all woke up at about 10 am. We got dressed and ate a quick breakfast. We all got in my car and drove to Sam's house, she was leaving the outer banks with her family in a few hours.

The house was huge and had 7 or 8 cars parked in front of it. We dropped her off and drove back to our house. We got back to the house and put on our swimsuits. We walked to the beach and got in the water. We swam around and splashed each other some, then we got out and sat on the beach. "So, honestly, who was the better fuck?" Becky asked.

"You." "Your not just saying that?" She asked. "Of course not, you are way tighter." I said. "She does have a reputation of fucking a lot of guys at our school" Becky said. "What was your favorite part?" I asked.

"When you fucked me with her on top of me, what was yours" she said. "When you two licked my cum off of each others faces" I said, Becky blushed. "What, its nothing to be embarrassed about, it was hot" I said. "Really?" she asked I nodded. There was really no one near us on the beach so we figured it was ok if we kissed.

She rolled on top of me and we started to kiss. I grabbed gold of one of her breasts through her bikini top. She whispered in my ear "We had better get a room before this gets any more serious" "Sure" I said.

We grabbed the towel we had been on and ran back to the house and inside. We did not even make it to the bed, we jumped on to the couch and got back to kissing. I slid my tongue in her mouth and she did the same to me. I stopped and stood up. I picked her up and carried her to the bed. I laud her down and slid off my swimsuit. I sat on the bed and we started kissing. I moved one hand back behind her and pulled the string to un-do the not that held up her bikini.

Her bikini top fell between us. I began to squeeze her breasts while I still kissed her. I was fascinated by her breasts and I could have spent a whole day squeezing, licking and massaging them.

And that is what I did, at least for the next 15 minutes. I broke away from our kiss and started to suck on her nipple while I rubbed the other. Then I switched and did the opposite. Becky has very sensitive nipples and I tweaked the one I was not sucking, sending her in to a mini orgasm "ohhh yea." She moaned I moved further down her body to her sacred area.

I pulled of the only thing guarding it from me, her bikini bottoms and went straight to exploring her pussy with my tongue. Gentle mews and moans of pleasure were escaping her lips. I started to softly and quickly flick my tongue across her clit. She screamed in pleasure as she hit a massive orgasm. I moved up next to her as she recovered. She was breathing heavily as she said "You have no idea how good at that you are" "I try my best" I said.

"I need to fuck you" she said "Just me and you, no one else, nice and slow and intimate" she added. We got in to missionary position. I thrust in to her nice and slowly. As I picked up speed, her breasts bounced with each thrust. We fucked for a few minutes, but Becky stopped me.

"I have an idea" She said "What" I asked. "Get under the sheet and stick your dick through the hole in the sheet." She said. I followed her orders and got under the sheet. She Sat on my cock through the sheet. The fact that only our privates were touching gave the sex a feeling of forbidding, which it kind of was because we were under 18 and not married.

We were also un-protected. She slid up and down my shaft lubricated by her juices. She was getting close to her impending orgasm, so was I. All of the sudden she stopped, it was only for a few seconds, but it was long enough for the feeling of impending orgasm to subside. She started to slide up and down my shaft again, this time harder and faster. We both hit our orgasms at exactly the same time, I came very very hard, it was mind blowing. She seemed to be enjoying herself as well.

She was still sitting on my cock as she recovered. I could feel her pussy muscles expanding and contracting around my cock, It felt surprisingly good. Much to my dismay she slid off of me and went to the bathroom to leak. I followed her and we had a discussion. "I am going to take you out to a fancy dinner tonight" I said. "Cool! I just feel so bad that you are paying for all this" she said.

"Its ok, you are worth it." I said She stood up and kissed me. "You are so sweet" "I try" I said, kissing her back. We walked back to the bedroom. "I'm tired, let's snuggle, then we will take a nap before dinner" Becky said. I followed her on to the bed and she pulled the covers over us.

We softly kissed as we snuggled. We fell asleep We woke up at about 6pm and went to take a shower. We got dressed, I wore a black t-shirt with a dark blue Black Diamond Outdoor Gear Logo on it, Over that was a black sport jacket.

I had on kaki shorts. Becky wore some kind of elaborate dark purple top and a not to short, not to long pencil skirt that showed off her legs nicely. She had a small black handbag. I told her to bring a change of clothes so we could find some where to sit and watch the sunset after dinner.

I did not tell her, but I was planning something. We got in the car and drove to the only country club in the outer banks. They had a fancy seafood place that was just called Fish. The tables were placed very close to each other. And we were seated next to two elderly couples so we whispered, or texted, each other the more private parts of our conversation. At one point I texted her… "Are you cold?" "No, why do you ask?" she replied. I looked down at her breasts and back at her.

She did the same and noticed I was looking at her nipples poking through her blouse and bra. "Oh, that, you idea of watching the sun set after dinner in some more comfortable clothes has me horny" I laughed, or lol'd in this case. "What?" she asked "You being horny just hot me all horny" I said. We finished dinner and skipped dessert. I paid the bill, which was not that bad, and we walked back to the car.

It was 7pm, we had about half an hour until sunset. I drove to a place that rented Jet skis during the day about five minutes away. They had a place on the sound that you could park and watch the sunset. I grabbed the chairs out of the back and took off my sport jacket. I set the chairs up on the roof of the car while Becky got changed.

She climbed up on the roof to join me a minute later. She was now wearing a black tank top that showed off some of her tan belly and a jean skirt. She sat down in the other chair and thought a second. "One more thing" she said, pulling off her shirt, removing her bra (a very sexy black one), and tossing her shirt back on in the blink of an eye.

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I just looked at her She threw her bra at me in a "what are you thinking" kind of way. "What, you know I hate wearing those" she said. "I know, I am just amazed at how fast you did that." I said. We sat and looked out over the calm water for a minute. There was still a few minutes until sunset.

"Is now a good time to talk about something serious" I asked in a softer voice. Becky nodded. "What's the matter?" she asked I handed her the small case that I had put in my pocket when I had gotten the chairs.

I watched her as she opened the box. Her eyes lit up with excitement almost instantly as tears of joy welled up in her eyes. "Babe, I want this ring to be a promise that we make each other. When we are a few years older, and we feel the time is right, I want to marry you. I love you more than anyone or anything I have ever known, you are the love of my life and I would be crushed if I ever lost you.

Will you marry me?" She looked at me and nodded. With tears rolling down her cheek she managed to say yes over all the excitement and emotions. I leaned in and kissed her.

I helped her put the ring on and we sat, hugging and kissing. We missed most of the sunset. We sat in the dark on the roof of the car. "I will be right back, I have to go grab something, sit tight." I said as I climbed off the roof. I came back up holding a small battery lantern and a small box of cookies. I set down the light and handed her the cookies "Oh my god, my favorite, how did you know?" she asked. "I texted Rick yesterday and told him I was going to semi-propose to you, I asked him if you had a favorite cookie or candy to give you after the ring.

He told me to get you these." I answered "What did Rick think of the "Semi-propose" part" She asked. "He thought it was a great idea, and he let me in on a secret, he told me I could tell you and no one else, and I have to swear you to secrecy" I said. "ok" Becky said. "Rick is going to actually propose to Sarah next week on their original anniversary" Becky was silent, but she had a smile on her face. She handed me a cookie and tried it.

It was not my favorite, but I could see why Becky, let alone any girl, would love these, they were supper chocolaty. "You know what the best part of this is" Becky said. "You get to call me hubby?" I guessed. "No, well that too, but no, the best part is we get to a wedding." She explained. I looked at her blankly "That's right, you have never been to an after party with my family, they are party animals." she said "I can also promise their wedding will be some where beautiful and, hopefully, we will get our own hotel room, with a view." She continued, winking at me.

"That's interesting, I never envisioned your parents as party people" I said. "Oh trust me they are." She said. "I see" I said. We looked at each other again, then I looked down and saw her nipples were hard again. "You better take these from me before I get fat" she said, handing me the box of cookies.

"How old are Rick and Sarah?" I asked "20" Becky said "Three more years" I said. "I cant wait" Becky said, leaning in to kiss me. I leaned in to kiss her. It was a fast kiss because all of the sudden the mosquitoes decided to come out. We brought the stuff down and put it in the trunk, then we got in the car and drove to the house. We pulled in to the driveway at about 9pm. We walked up the wooden stairs and in to the house. "I have an idea, lets get naked, get something to drink, put on some bug spray and go test out the hot tub on the roof." I said.

"I like your thinking hubby!" she said, giving me a quick pat on the ass. I gave her a peck on the cheek and we walked to the bedroom to get naked and put on bug spray. We stopped by the fridge for two vitamin waters and headed upstairs, towels in hand. We lifted the cover off and got in.

Becky sat across from me and we played footsey with our feet underwater. She swam over to me and spread her legs over me and faced me. "I'm glad you proposed to me" she said. "I'm glad I met you" I said She moved in and we started to kiss. We kissed soft and slow like two lovers, not two horny teenagers. Becky was moving back and forth with the rhythm of our kiss. She lowered herself an inch or two and was grinding my cock with her pussy. I grabbed her but and pulled her up towards me.

Becky moaned I used my hand to guide my cock in to her pussy. I slid in to her and she moaned while she was still kissing me.

She slid up and down on me to match my thrusts. She broke away from our kiss and arched her back. She has always done this right before she hits her orgasm. I watched delighted as her tits bounced up and down as I fucked her.

She hit her orgasm and moaned loudly in pleasure. I was still going, but I was about to loose it. I thrust deep inside her and shot my wad.

I slipped out of her and we went back to kissing. All the sudden the light in the neighbors porch came on. We pulled the cover for the hot tub 3 quarters of the way over the hot tub so we could be covered but still have space to breathe. I turned on the light underwater in the hot tub. I could see my cum leaking out of Becky's pussy.

After half an hour, there were still people on the porch no more than 15 feet away from us. The EMT in me was screaming "GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE BEFORE YOU SUFFOCATE" But the common sense in me quickly struck it down. Then came our lucky break, most of the people went inside, there were only a few, I figured it was better to go now. "Lets go babe" I said. We quickly pushed the cover back and jumped out of the hot tub. We dashed across the deck to the door that went in to the house.

We made it half way when people noticed. They were all cheering us on. We got in the stairwell and on to the couch. I looked at Becky and she was crying. "I've never been so embarrassed" she sobbed. I hugged her "you shouldn't be, you are beautiful, at least we put on a good show" I said, the last part jokingly. "Yea, but they probably watched us fuck too" she said.

I hugged her again. "Its ok" I said. We walked in to the bedroom. It was 12 am, we had a full day of driving to do tomorrow. We fell asleep. The next morning we woke up at about 8am and packed our bags. We tossed them in the car and ate a quick breakfast. We washed the sheets and cleaned the house some. We left most of the food there because her parents would be driving down while we were driving up.

We planned to meat them at the Maryland blue crab seafood bar to exchange keys. We drove and we were the first to the bar. We were sitting for a good half an hour when Becky's parents pulled in.

It was 3pm. They offered us lunch but we had gotten subway. We gave them the keys and told them how to find the house. At 10 pm we were just getting to Delaware, which meant we were three hours away from Becky's house. We pulled over, I got coffee and Becky got a red bull. I had to pee so I gave Becky the keys and let her walk out the car. I got back and she was sitting in the drivers seat.

I hopped on the passenger seat and she started the engine. We talked the whole way. We pulled in to her driveway half an hour early thanks to Becky's lead foot.

We did not even waste time with bags, we just un-locked the door and walked in. We went upstairs and got in bed. We stripped and spooned together. The next morning we got up at about 9am. We skipped breakfast. "You know, we still haven't "broken in" my truck yet." Becky said.

I took the hint "Well, lets go then" I said. Becky grabbed her keys and we dashed out the door and to her truck. She drove a brand new Chevy Silverado 3500 that her dad had bought her because it was a safe car.

I got in the passenger seat and sat down. The seats were like a lazy-boy recliners compared to the hummer. The car also had the "new car smell" "How many miles dose this thing have on it?" I asked. "Not even 700, because you do all my driving for me." She said, smiling. "I'll still drive, but we are taking this, it's like a Cadillac." She smiled as she started the engine. "There's my baby." She said as it purred to life.

She pulled down the driveway and on to the main road. "Are we going to the same place?" I asked. "Nope, I know a better spot" she said. We drove for a few minutes until we came to a driveway. She took it. I almost immediately recognized it as Rick and Sarah's driveway. "What are you doing, this is Rick and Sarah's driveway" I said. "I know, they are not here, so we can use their driveway." She said. I looked over at her and she was smiling.

She parked the truck so we could look out and see the scenery that surrounded the hill they lived on. She climbed in to the back seat and I followed her.

We helped each other strip out of our clothes. Everything came off except for a necklace that Becky had on. It was one of those white crushed shell necklaces that was common with surfer chicks.

She sat on the rear seat, I straddled her, wrapping my arms around her neck and kissed her. I pushed her up against the door and spread her legs. I began by licking her inner thighs, then her pubic mound, then her pussy. I did not miss a square inch. Her love hole was soaking wet and I could not wait to get inside her. I did not have to wait long, I flicked my tongue across her clit, causing a massive to pulse through her body. I sat on the seat and watched Becky recover. "That felt so good" she said.

"Thanks" I said. I sat down and she climbed on top of me, facing me. She grabbed a hand support mounted in the ceiling to help support her as I thrust in to her.

The look of pure bliss was on her face. The moans that were escaping her lips were really turning me on. She leaned in to me and tried to kiss me but we were moving up and down too much and we could not kiss. Instead I grabbed hold of her tits and started to tweak the nipples. She started to moan even louder. I kneaded her firm breasts in my hands. I could see why every man ever to walk this planet has been fascinated by boobs.

She arched her back and clamped her pussy muscles on my cock, trembling in orgasm. Her tightening her pussy on my cock made me feel amazing and caused me to shoot my cum deep inside her. She leaned in and we kissed for a minute. We then walked outside naked, Becky spread her legs to let the cum leak out of her pussy and we took in the view. Rick and Sarah lived on a hill that overlooked quite a bit of land. Becky was finished so we walked back to the truck and got dressed.

"Can I drive" I asked. "Sure" she said, tossing me the keys to the truck. I drove us down and out of their driveway. About thirty seconds after we had pulled out of their driveway we rounded a bend in the road and we saw a white ford F-250 the driver stuck their hand out the window and waved, then they made a STOP motion with their hand. It took me second but I eventually realized that it was Sarah's truck I stopped and Sarah pulled up beside us. "I heard the news, congratulations!" she said.

"Thanks!" We both yelled as we drove off. "That was close!" I said to Becky. "Yes it was, she must have gotten of work early today." Becky said. We got back to the house and I said goodbye to Becky. I had to go back to work. I drove home.