Rough Fake Casting for German Blonde Teen with Big Tits

Rough Fake Casting for German Blonde Teen with Big Tits
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Another suite which was my responsibility was rented by a lady called Ms. Bowman, all I knew about her was that she was a broker who worked in the Bank District, she used to share her rooms with another lady but she had not been there for a couple of months. This particular morning, I had been assigned cleaning duties there in the afternoon, as per usual I knocked on the door, hearing no response I placed a 'Cleaning in progress' sign on the outside and let myself in with my cleaning trolley.

I made my way through the rooms to the master bedroom with the intention of placing the newly laundered towels in the ensuite bathroom.

The bedroom door was open but I was stopped in my tracks before walking through the opening, Ms. Bowman lay on the bed completely naked, she was watching some kind of home movie dvd on the television. I could see her on the bed quite clearly and via the mirror on the wall, a reflection of the tv screen, on which was a naked lady, she looked very like the other lady who had shared the suite with her.

Ms. Bowman was clearly very upset, she also had her legs apart, stroking her pussy watching this lady on screen masturbating. Both women were in their 40's, nice figures, both had large voluptuous boobs and shaven mounds, I didn't know which to watch, she obviously had not noticed me knocking on the main door, or even that I stood there watching her now.

My fanny started to twitch as I was engrossed in both ladies, the close up on screen of a very wet opening, a set of fingers diddling her clit and the other set pumping in and out of her cunt.

Ms. Bowman was trying to follow the picture trying to cum at the same time, she made me jump as she wailed, 'Elaine! Why did you leave me? I need you to help me cum, I can't do it without you, please come back!' She sounded so frustrated, in the end I had to tear myself away before I pulled up my dress and frigged myself to orgasm also, in case I got caught.

I quietly pulled the bedroom door to and busied myself in the other rooms tidying. After quite some time putting it off, I needed to get into the room to finish the bathroom off, so I pushed open the door and peaking inside.

Ms. Bowman was asleep on the bed, the screen frozen with the lady obviously in the throes of her climax, I tiptoed past and shut myself in the bathroom to tidy up in there. When I had finished, I silently straightened the bedroom as best I could, turning off the television, I stood by the bed watching her sleeping form, her breasts rising and falling as she slept. Overcome with an unstoppable urge, my hand reached out to caress her breasts, I trailed my fingertips over the soft flesh onto her large distended nipple.

She moaned softly in her sleep, her deep pink aureole puckered and the nipple hardened in reaction to my touch, I licked my bottom lip and bit down on it, oh how I wanted to suck it but dare not for fear of waking her. Fearful of disturbing her, I folded the cover over her body and pulled the bedroom door closed, quickly gathering together my cleaning equipment and letting myself out of the apartment.

I had to stop by the staff toilet, my electric toothbrush secreted in my pocket, hiding in a cubicle I hitched up my dress, tugging down my sodden panties I pressed the buzzing head onto my clit and closed my eyes dreaming of Ms.

Bowman's beautiful body, imagining her tongue in my dripping pussy. With one ear on the door for anyone else coming in, I brought myself to a mini orgasm which I hoped would satiate my aching cunt for the rest of the day. The following morning, I was back at Ms.

Bowman's rooms on breakfast duties, I hadn't been able to get her image out of my head last night and this morning so I had decided to play a little game all of my own and removed my panties before entering her suite. She sat at the dining table eating breakfast wearing a long silky wrap, she looked beautiful but so sad sitting there, her legs crossed the soft fabric draped open showing off her elegant legs.

'Good morning Ms. Bowman,' I chirped as I entered the room. 'Hi Mary,' she said thoughtfully whilst appearing to look at the Financial Times, 'Were you in my suite yesterday afternoon?' she inquired. 'Erm, yes Madam I was here cleaning.' I was panicking a little, nervous she knew I had been watching her. She didn't seem to have an answer to my response, so I carried on tidying, reaching, stretching and bending down in an attempt to reveal myself to her at every opportunity, frustratingly she didn't seem to take any notice!

Feeling thoroughly disheartened that my plan had not worked, I disappeared into the second bedroom to dust and vacuum. By the time I had finished, turning the machine off I realised she was in the bathroom showering, hoping to get a glance of her wondrous body again I went into the bedroom and started to change the bedlinen. My pussy was in a relentless mood today, tingling and begging for my touch, it didn't help matters that my nakedness was heightening the sensitivity as I shook up the new sheets wafting a delicious draft between my legs.

I could see into the bathroom as Ms. Bowman had 'conveniently' left the door open but the glass shower screen was clouded so all I could make out was her form but without any detail. I was leaning over the bed smoothing the covers as she turned off the shower and came out drying herself, my tiny bald pussy lips on good show but still she said nothing.

I straightened up, turned to face her, she stood in the bathroom doorway, her hair dripping wet, she clutched the bath sheet to her breasts just shielding her nipples from view, the towel draped down in front of her hiding her special place.

She looked at me keeping eye contact she walked towards me until she stood in front of me, I could feel the heat of her body next to me. 'Do you see something you like Mary?' she suggested provocatively.

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She had rendered me speechless, I bit down on my bottom lip, I had planned and orchestrated a situation similar to this but now it was happening I turned mute.

'Come on Mary, you've been giving me the come on all day, you saw me last night playing with myself watching my dear friend Elaine making herself cum on the dvd, didn't you?' Still I remained dumb, just looking at her with big bug eyes! 'Don't you like what you see Mary? You stroked my breast yesterday, don't you want it now? Come on Mary that little cunny of yours is dying to have me lick it and suck it, isn't it?' By now I was nearly drawing blood on my lip, my cunt itched and throbbed, I had to cross my legs to try and stop it, slowly she moved the towel to one side, dropping it to the floor.

My eyes took in the sight in front of me, her adorable plump breasts with bolts for nipples glistening still damp from the shower, her flat tummy with such a dainty belly button and then her puffed lips hiding her secret place, I moaned softly, I had only ever seen Claire's body close up, this was a totally different playing field!

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'Touch me Mary, touch me wherever you want, I need you to touch me, I want you as bad as you want me.' she whispered. I tentatively reached out a shaking hand touching the top side of her breast, her nipples instantly tightened into hard extended buds, my fingers gravitated towards the puckered flesh feeling its tightness, rubbing hardness between my thumb and base of my index finger.

Ms. Bowman laid her head back and gasped, 'Oh god that feels so good, touch them, touch them both, pinch them, pull them please!' she begged.

Encouraged and with increasing confidence I put my other hand up also feeling both her breasts at the same time, cupping, massaging and pinching both her nipples. Her breasts were large enough that I could pull both hardened nubs closer to one another, I tried to suck them both at the same time but couldn't quite do it, so I quickly alternated between each one, licking, salivating the sensitive flesh, drawing each one into my mouth to suck on their length.

'Oh good girl, that's it suck them baby girl, harder, harder pleeease.' I drew each one into my mouth as hard as I could, stretching the nipple out away from it's base, she moaned loudly encouraging me for more. She had her hands on my shoulders, caressing my neck and hairline, holding my face into her breasts as I continued to suck hungrily on them as she gasped in pleasure.

She felt for my dress zipper and tugged it down, I pulled away from her to undo my pinny and remove my outer garments, embarrassed at how plain my bra was I quickly shrugged it off casting it aside.

She kneeled down in front of me, her face about breast height on me, she looked up and smiled at me. 'You are so small Mary, how old are you?' 'I'm sixteen Miss.' 'You're way to young for this, this shouldn't be happening, I assumed you were older than this, what with you working and that.' She went to get up reaching for the towel to cover herself.

I put my arm out to stop her missing her arm and touching her breast, I held my hand there caressing the flesh, squeezing her nipple in my fingertips. 'Please don't stop Ms. Bowman, I am far more experienced than you give me credit for, I want this so badly I've thought of nothing else since I saw you yesterday!' I cried, begging her with my eyes.

'This must go no further, I could lose my job and your parents certainly would not be happy.' 'Yes, yes, of course, anything you say, my parents would kill me if they knew!' Obviously my reassurance worked as she seemed to relax, kneeling back down to face me, her hands moved forwards covering both my tits, my tingling nipples pushing into the palm of her hands.

She rubbed them a little then stroked round my back and down to my bottom cupping my cheeks in her hands momentarily, she then proceeded to slide my stockings off my legs, teasingly millimetres from my pussy which surely must be dripping by now. I placed my hand on her shoulder to balance myself as she removed my shoes and stockings, I could feel her breath on my pussy lips, her head was so close to my mound.

I put my foot back down making sure my legs were apart, knowing she must be able to smell my muskiness, I breathed a sultry sigh as I felt some of my juices start to trickle out.

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'Well, well, well, what have we here, are you that wet for me?' her finger moved to catch the pearl of fluid, taking it into her mouth. Moving closer to the join in my legs, her tongue poked out and licked the trail up towards it's source, maddeningly just touching the fork of flesh hiding my clitoral hood. I gasped, it was like an electric shock, with both hands she peeled the skin back and buried her tongue into the flesh seeking my clit. Her limited access was not enough for me, I stepped back, grabbing her hand, sitting down on the edge of the bed opened my legs as wide as I could, showing her my dripping wet folds of flesh.

She crawled over, slipping both her thumbs into my outer lips, slipping up and down rubbing my cleft. She pulled my labia open more, my clit very prominent like a hard rock. Rubbing her tongue up and down me, lapping up the juices, sucking the skin into her mouth, she moved closer to my clit until her mouth locked on to my very sensitive place. She was a master in clitoris sucking that was for sure, she knew exactly what to do to me and which way I liked it best, she curled her tongue into a tight roll and rubbed it over my sensitive rock bringing me to a nearly instant orgasm.

Bucking up into her face, I clutched her head and mashed myself against her. I desperately wanted to show her I could reciprocate, so I pulled her up on the bed laying her down on her back. I rolled her arse up in the air and kneeled under her back so I could support her in this position, so I could look down on her gaping pussy and she could watch me eating her out.

Her pussy was bigger than mine or Claire's, the folds of flesh were a lot longer than mine, almost like frilly lace, my fingers disappeared into slick skin as I slid them down to her cunt then back up to her clit, which was not as big as the Parson's wife's but a definite hard nub of flesh. I leaned over curling my spine putting my mouth to her openness pushing my tongue into her cunt hole, feeling around as deep as I could push it in, dabbing it in and out tasting her juices.

'Pleeease baby, make me cum, it's been a long time, I don't know if I can do it, pleeease help me!' she gasped at me, tears in her eyes. I moved my mouth onto her clit, sucking her into me, pinching her rock between my teeth sucking it in short bursts, my fingers moved to her cunt and I slid two fingers into her, moving them around feeling her cunt walls pushing them in as deep as I could, with my face in the way I struggled to frig her cunt deep enough, releasing my mouth from her, 'Play with you cunt Ms.

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Bowman show me how you make yourself cum!' 'I can't do it, I can't!' she blurted out. 'Try… come on&hellip. I will help you.' I plead. She nervously moved her hand to her pussy and started to rub herself, in time with her movements I started to pump my fingers in and out of her, encouraging her, 'Come on, that's it, play with yourself you dirty little slut, make yourself cum with your fingers.' the more I talked dirty to her the more turned on she became.

'That's it, harder, faster, come on, I want to watch you cum, you horny bitch!' Her fingers moved faster and faster over her clit, I jammed my fingers knuckle deep into her, her breath and moans quickened as she started to build to orgasm, I felt her muscles tighten on my fingers, her pelvis twitched as the spasms took over her body, she cried out in ecstacy.

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Her juices pushed past my fingers and much to my delight she squirted other fluid over my face, I moved my mouth back onto her, softly licking her as she recovered from her first orgasm in a long time! I gently moved out of the way, letting her lay flat on the bed, I crawled up the bed laying next to her, my arm laying over her breasts softly stroking her.

She laid her arm over mine and absentmindedly stroked my arm. 'You know…… I haven't been able to cum since Elaine left&hellip. that was so special.' My hand cupped her large breast, her nipple between my open fingers, they were so large, I couldn't help but pinch and pull them. It did feel strange my tiny form laying next to her, she turned me on soooo bad, I couldn't explain it, she was so much more mature than Claire, from the day I saw her naked on the bed her body fascinated me.

I wanted her to make me cum, my pussy was so wet it ached to be touched; I gently placed my leg over hers and started to rub my mound against her. She manoeuvred her arm over my shoulder and down my back pushing my groin into the soft flesh of her thigh, pushing her fingers into the cleft of my buttocks massaging just the opening of my cunt.


'Come sit on my face Mary.' she whispered. I stood up on the bed, placed my feet either side of her neck and squatted down over her, I supported my weight holding the bed head.

My breathing quickened, I could feel her breath on my pussy, she pointed her tongue and licked my slit from back to front, I sighed loudly the tingling feelings intensifying.


'Peel open your pussy lips, let me taste you deep.' I placed my hands either side and pulled my self open to her and she began the most incredible experience ever.

Her tongue ranged my thighs, came up to my cunt, roamed the outer lips, came down and through my inner cunt, circled the clitoris, came down again and circled the inner lips, the inner wall, repeated this innumerable times, came slowly up after I don't know how long, circled the clitoris, flicked across it, sideways, then up and down, then sucked it in between her lips, licked it rapidly, circled it more rapidly, began to lick me faster and faster.

And then it happened! Watching her head between my legs, feeling her magnificent tongue in me, I found my juices flowing more and more; then suddenly, I felt my stomach muscles being to contract violently.

Every feeling was centred in my cunt, my legs collapsed down on to my knees closing around her head, and as she continued to lick me, I felt as if I were exploding, and I began to cum. My body convulsed, my hips bucked into her face and she held tightly onto my thighs to hold me against her mouth. With my first orgasm she just sucked in on my clitoris, in between, she licked it rapidly, and with each succeeding orgasm she sucked me in, then licked me again and again.

Each orgasm was a real convulsion, each one forced a shriek from me. She said I had about twenty orgasms. After my last one, she kept her tongue in my cunt, no movement, just holding it comfortingly against the upper wall and clitoris, ready if any further orgasms occurred. After some five minutes or so, I did have one of those delayed spasms, so she merely licked my clit very gently till it was over.

She gently lapped at my pussy, cleaning my fluids from me, licking me really softly my clit was too sensitive. My head hung down, quietly watching her, trying to recover and slow down my breathing, her face shining with sweat and my juices. After a while I recovered, lying in her arms, I was overcome with the urge to please her in return, I put my hand on her tit, which again felt so wonderful, kissed her, feeling that I owed her, then ran my hand down to her shaven cunt.

Before I had a chance to delve deeper she sat up, 'Come sit in front of me I have something to show you.' She told me to sit in front of her, my right leg over her left, my left leg under right leg, she pulled me closer twisting herself to one side pushing our pussies together.

Words could not describe the sensations as our clits touched and she started to move herself against me, our wet pussies slurping and slapping against one another. We hugged each other's leg as we ground against one another, massaging clit on clit as our orgasms built.

I know I had experienced this with Claire, but there was something unbelievably sexy about her huge pussy enveloping mine, grinding against one another. I gritted my teeth and hugged her leg tightly to me as I mashed myself against her as hard as I could, 'Fuck yess, oh fuck yes, there, there, push against it, rub it, yeeessssss!' My orgasm drew me over the edge as my lips chewed and rubbed against her. She ground down hard on me, in large circular motions, grunting, pushing to meet my climax, I felt her juices gushing against me as her orgasm spasmed her body, jerking her hips against my pubic bone.

We held each other close, our bodies shiny with sweat, breathing hard and holding each other together. She peeled the hair off my face were it had stuck to my skin, pushing her large breasts against me, kissing my flesh everywhere.

We lay in pleasant silence for some time, stroking each others bodies, recovering from our highs. I realised I would soon be missed so I slithered from the bed and put my uniform back on, Ms Bowman by now was asleep so I covered her wonderful naked body with the eiderdown and let myself out of her room.