Thick hard cock slams daya knights ebony pussy

Thick hard cock slams daya knights ebony pussy
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The next day Jim calls Robert and tells him to come over to the house because he's got a big suprise for him that he's really going to love. Several minutes later Robert enters Jims house and he still looks broken up over Cindy cheating on him so after a few drinks Jim hands him the 6th dvd and he says " this ones free buddy " Robert sits on the couch sipping his drink as Jim puts the dvd in the dvd player and Robert watches as Cindy is manipulated into having sex with her own biological father.

When the dvd ends Jim hands him the dvd and he says " She's all yours buddy, with this dvd you can blackmail her into doing whatever you want and I'll make sure that from a legal standpoint your 100% bulletproof " Robert takes the dvd, hugs his best friend Jim and says " Thanks brother, your truely are my best friend ".

Robert leaves Jims house and begins plans for the ultimate revenge against that cheating bitch Cindy.


Several days later Cindy receives a letter in the mail that reads : I wonder what would happen if your father knew he fucked his own daughter? If you do everything I say then I can make sure your daddy will never find out. If you tell the police or anyone about this letter then I will release copies of the dvd to all your family members and post it on the internet, the bottom of the letter has a date, time and an address.

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Cindy shows up on the date and time written in the letter and the address is the house that Jim used to make his previous films, the front door is locked but Cindy hears a buzzing sound and she opens the door. She enters the house and see a small box with the words For Cindy written all over it on the table, when she opens the box she finds a note that reads : Look behind you, before she has time to turn around a very large masked man grabs her from behind and putting a cloth { laced with a sedative } over her mouth, Cindy passes out.

Cindy wakes up and realizes that she can't move, to her left is a very large mirror and she can see in the reflection that she's bent over a bench, her legs are spread wide exposing her labia and anus, her ankles have handcuffs around and are attched to large bolts on the floor and her hands are bound together with handcuffs that are also attached to a large bolt on the floor.

The large masked man who knocked her out is sitting on a chair infront of her and he says " Don't waste your energy trying to get away, the only way to get out of those cuffs is with a key " he shows her the key and then puts it in his pocket and he says " You have been a very, very bad girl and now it's time to be punished for your sins ".

The large masked man leaves the room for several minutes and comes back with 2 very large 150 pound French Mastives { I think that's how it's spelled } dogs and a jar of honey.

He attaches the chain leeshes holding the dogs to a bolt on the wall and he walks behind Cindy and starts pouring some honey on Cindys vagina and anus, Cindy screams " NO, PLEASE DONT " the masked man just laughs and he stops pouring the honeythen walks back and lets both dogs loose.

The dogs gets behind Cindy and start to lick the honey off Cindys pussy and ass, the man sits on the chair laughing as he hears Cindy screaming " NO " and watching her struggle, trying to get away.

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One of the dogs mounts Cindy putting his huge paws around Cindys waist and it's huge red cock poking against her legs looking for it's target until with one hard push the dog rams every inch of his massive cock deep into Cindys cunt, Cindy screams " NO, PLEASE GOD NO, STOP IT " the dog keep fucking her faster, harder and deeper until he cums inside her, the dogs cum starts leacking out of Cindys pussy.

The second dog then mounts Cindy and cuts her while trying to wrap his paws around Cindys waist, the dogs huge red cock also pokes her legs and ass cheecks until he rams his cock deep into Cindy anus, Cindy let's out a very loud yell screaming " IT HURTS, IT HURTS SO MUCH " the dog keeps fucking her asshole until he cums deep into her anus and his cum starts leaking out.

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The large masked man just sits there watching as the dogs take turns fucking Cindys pussy and ass again and again and again, the dogs sperm leacking down Cindys legs and forming a pool on the floor.

The man finally gets up and puts the dogs back on their leeshes and takes the dogs out of the room.


several minutes later he enters the room and he takes off Cindys handcuffs and drags her to the bathroom where he says " Take a shower bitch and wash all of that dog cum off you ".

Cindy tries to wash all of the dog cum off her but there's so much inside her vagina and asshole and it keeps leacking out of her, the masked man watches her as she showers and he says " You got a nice tight little body there no wonder the dogs liked you so much " and he laughs at her.

The man gives Cindy her clothes and after she gets dressed the man gives her some money to take a taxi and he says " remember the rules bitch, if you tell the police or anyone what happened here today the first video of you getting fucked by your dad goes to all your family members and then on the internet and now the video that was just made of you getting fucked by 2 dogs also goes to your family members and then on the internet " Cindy say " I promise I won't say a word " and she leaves the house.

The man makes a call and he says " Did you get the video?

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" and Robert says " yes I recorded the whole thing, good job thanks, pass by the house tomorrow to pick up your money ". THE END Please leave comments, thank you in advance.