Pretty oriental hottie takes big cock in mouth and eats cum

Pretty oriental hottie takes big cock in mouth and eats cum
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This is another Deirdre tribute story from 1994. Enjoy! I was going to fail biology. It hadn't happened yet, and I normally was an outstanding student, but a third of the way through the semester I could sense how things were going to turn out. So when the first low grade notice arrived in the mail, I was speechless but not surprised. There was just no way I could articulate the problem. "Well Mom, it's all Ms.

Cortez's fault. If she wasn't such a slut I'd be able to concentrate." Even if it were true, I couldn't say it -- and I wasn't even sure it was true.

It wasn't anything she ever said, or did, it just happened to be the case that I couldn't concentrate in her classroom. I'd hurry to my seat and scoot the chair in tight against the lab table so the bulge in my crotch wouldn't show. Then I'd try to study my text, or specimen, or whatever, but inevitably I'd find myself watching her. I'd scrutinize her tight knit skirts and wonder if the hem would slide up enough to see anything if she'd spread her legs just the tiniest bit more -- we'd heard about perfectly frictionless surfaces in physics, and Ms.

Cortez's long, sleek legs had to be the closest thing there was in nature. I'd stare at her jutting breasts and try to figure if the lack of strap bulges meant she wasn't wearing a bra, or the firmness and shapeliness meant she was.

But mostly I'd wonder if it was my imagination working overtime when it seemed she was looking right at me those times when she'd moisten her ruby lips with languorous swipes with the velvet tip of her pink tongue.

Then I'd agonize over whether I'd be able to hold out long enough to make it to the bathroom and jerk off instead of coming in my pants; I didn't, always. Coursework was a distant also-ran. Sure, I knew the text forwards and backwards. But it didn't help when my mind froze up during the written tests, or when my hands decided to draw pornographic sketches of Ms. Cortez instead of the sample under the microscope and I'd have to rush to have decidedly second-rate replacement work done by the end of the period.

And it didn't help at all that Ms. Cortez, realizing I was having trouble, gave me a little more attention than the rest of the students. Frankly I considered myself lucky to be pulling a D instead of an F. The upshot of all this was that I was facing the dubious prospect of a parent-teacher conference for the first time in my distinguished academic career. My less capable sisters delighted in teasing me about my predicament, glad they could get one up on the surrogate man of the house.

Alicia, who couldn't be bothered to do anything that interfered with her cheerleading or chasing varsity lettermen, took particular pleasure in razzing me -- biology had been the only class she'd ever gotten better than a B- in.

Mom groused about how she had enough problems at work without having to take time away for this meeting.

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Naturally that day turned out to be one of the ones where I lost it during class. So there I was, squirming in the classroom after school waiting for Mom, and hoping like hell I'd wiped up well enough that neither she nor Ms. Cortez would smell anything. Amazingly, Mom and Ms. Cortez took to each other immediately -- they were so unalike I'd been worried I might have to act as a go-between.

Instead they started chatting away like they were old friends and completely ignored me! Finally they told me I didn't need to stick around and I could go. I was glad to get out and didn't ask questions. When Mom got home that night, she told me that Stella -- Ms. Cortez -- had agreed to tutor me a few evenings a week until my grades improved! I couldn't decide if this was my hottest fantasy or my worst nightmare! My cock definitely cast its vote for the former and stayed stiff even after it felt like I'd beaten it raw in bed that night.

The next night I tried to get the right classy-but-casual look before jumping on my bike and pedaling over to the address Mom had given me. Completely defying my wildest expectation, Ms. Cortez was wearing a skirt even shorter, and heels even higher, than what she wore at school. Her silky crop-top was thin enough to prove conclusively that, tonight at least, there was no bra underneath.

We ended up seated facing each other across the low coffee table in her living room. I think Ms. Cortez was talking to me, but all I remember was watching her legs drift slowly apart, and her skirt creeping higher and higher.

I could see her panties! "Calvin!" I forced my eyes up to her face and remembered to close my mouth. "Poor boy! No wonder you've been so distracted. I'd forgotten how demanding young hormones can be. We'll have to get you calmed down before we can get any work done. Now, do you masturbate often?" I realized my mouth was open again, and the heat on my face felt worse than the burn I'd gotten last summer. I tried to come up with something intelligent to say, but before I could, she answered her own question.

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"Silly me, of course you do! Bonnie told me all about your underwear and sheets." Mom! I wanted to crawl under the furniture and die. "Go ahead, just pull down your pants and stroke yourself. It'll do you a world of good, I can tell just by looking." It was true -- I was completely devastated, but I was also harder than I'd ever been in my entire life.

But there was no way I was going to sit here and jerk off in front of Ms. Cortez. "Don't be shy," she reassured me, "I've seen them before. In fact, I'll join you if it'll make you more comfortable." I noticed her legs were still spread apart, and now she was running a hand up to her panties! She was pulling them aside and pushing a finger into herself!


I'd never seen a real cunt before, and now Ms. Cortez was doing hers right in front of me! Suddenly I couldn't get my pants down fast enough -- my cock felt like it was about to explode.

I got my pants and underwear down past my knees and barely had a chance to stroke myself before I was spraying cum all over the place. My orgasm went on forever, and I was still hard afterwards. Ms. Cortez saw that, and had me jerk off again while I watched her do a sleazy dance and feel herself up. After that, I felt drained and my penis was down to half-mast.

Ms. Cortez casually tugged her clothes back into place, then appropriated my underwear and used it to wipe up the worst of the jism on the coffee table.

I was left half-naked in just my shirt and shoes.

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"Go ahead and sit down," she directed me, "and let's get to work." I gestured at myself and asked, "like this?" but she didn't relent. "Yes, like that. I want to be able to see when your attention is wandering." So we spent the remainder of the session reviewing biology with me just hanging out like that.

Between the embarrassment and my attempts to concentrate on the material, we only had to jerk off once more that evening. Finally Ms.

Cortez let me dress in my stained and sticky clothing and leave. I resolved I was never going back, but in the privacy of my bedroom I was ready to go again. Report this, Mom! I thought as I unloaded on the sheets. That night I slept like a zombie. Naturally I went back for more tutoring. We quickly fell into a set routine.


I would arrive and strip for Ms. Cortez and then jerk off. After a few sessions, she stopped participating and just watched me, although she still wore really sexy and revealing outfits. Then she decided I should start cumming into my hand so she wouldn't have to clean the carpet and upholstery. A while later she started having me eat my cum, saying it was too much of a disruption to go to the kitchen or bathroom for a washcloth. We would work for about two hours, taking a break for me to masturbate whenever I got an erection, and always at the end.

Once, when I feeling a little sick, it took me nearly two hours to get off, but Ms. Cortez wouldn't let me go home until I'd cum and licked my hand clean! Luckily Mom didn't ask me why I was so late that night. The next effect of all this, besides strengthening my right arm and pretty much killing my inhibitions, was that my biology grade was up to a C by the second midterms. I was cautiously optimistic that after the follow-up meeting with Mom and Ms.

Cortez, I would be able to end my tutorials. After all, these days I was getting almost as good a show in class, and I didn't half to humiliate myself either. So Mom and I ended up waiting in the lab for Ms. Cortez on another afternoon. I was daydreaming and mentally counting days until summer vacation started when I realized Ms. Cortez had come in and was staring at me.

"Calvin! Why aren't you prepared for our session?" What? She couldn't be serious! We were sitting in school, in front of Mom.

"Is this not a special meeting to assist you in raising your grade in this course? Do we not have a code of conduct for these meetings? Well?" I looked at Mom for support, but the expression on her face matched Ms. Cortez's. Reluctantly, I stripped off my clothes.

And masturbated. And came in my hand. And ate it. There hadn't been much, but Mom and Ms. Cortez were all smiles.

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I sat on one of the lab stools, hoping I wouldn't pick up a splinter in my butt, while they chatted about me and work and other stuff. As Mom was telling Ms. Cortez about her recent promotion at work, I noticed she was wearing much sexier clothing -- stuff like Ms. Cortez wore. I tried to recall when she'd started dressing like that, and couldn't remember. The worst part was that they decided Ms.

Cortez should keep tutoring me, "just to be on the safe side." Then Mom really surprised me. She asked if Ms. Cortez would consider helping Alicia with her math so she could be sure of graduating! Ms. Cortez gave me a sly look, then replied she would be happy to, but that it would be a good idea if I helped out, since I was such a good math student! My cock was throbbing in no time, and I started stroking away even before Ms.

Cortez could say anything!


I could just imagine my stuck-up older sister, minus cheer uniform, fingering herself while I got to watch! There was a lot of jism this time, and some even got on the floor, but Ms. Cortez didn't seem to mind. Neither did Mom; she even invited Ms. Cortez over for dinner as a "thank you" for her efforts.

One thought stuck in my mind as I was pulling on my clothes.

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If girls didn't cum like guys did, what would there be to lick up? It sounded like a biology question; I'd have to ask Ms. Cortez at my next tutoring session. I got downstairs for dinner that night and discovered we'd really gone all-out.

The good china and silverware were set out at each place, and it was clear Ms. Cortez would be sitting at Dad's old spot at the head of the table. I was preparing to sit down when I noticed a medium-smallish cucumber sitting on the tablecloth between my plate and the tub of soft-spread butter. Curious, I picked it up.

"Ms. Cortez says you're going to demonstrate how to take the volume of that cucumber," Alicia drawled in her snottiest tone of voice. "Calculate the volume," I sneered in reply, already wondering if an approximation to a cylinder would be sufficiently precise. "No, take," she argued. I looked up, ready to really unload on her, and noticed Alicia was wearing a sexy outfit like Ms.

Cortez and Mom! So was Susan, and she wasn't even in high school yet! They just stood there and looked at me. Mom and Ms. Cortez walked in from the kitchen and stood next to my sisters.

After a moment, Ms. Cortez leaned across the table and took the cucumber from me. Then she pushed it into the butter tub! "I think we'll work on our lesson during dinner," she suggested with a meaningful nod in my direction. The entire expanse of the living room was open behind me, but I felt cornered. All four of them continued to stare at me while Ms. Cortez twirled the cucumber in the butter.

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I was trapped. I was also getting hard. I started unfastening my pants.