Angry police officer smashed a big ass escort teen

Angry police officer smashed a big ass escort teen
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Squeak! Squeak!" Sounds of a good Whore!!!" It was a dark Friday evening, just a little passed 10pm. I had been sitting in my patrol car all night. I looked around outside. I could see a light out above the old gas station.

It was your typical slow boring, small town night. I had moved from the big city a few weeks ago. I graduated from the Police Academy. Worked two years on the mean streets of NYC. I needed a big change in my life. I decided to move down to Maryland. Out on the Eastern Shore.

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As far away from civilization, I could get. I ran for Sheriff in this small town. The previous Sheriff retired. "You'll love it here young man. There is never any action in this small town." he said. So far he was right. I was working on my 4th straight week of doing nothing.

I looked at my watch as I sipped some coffee. I tossed my empty cup in the back seat. I picked up my new issue of Bodacious, off the passenger seat. I was just about ready to call it a night. I live alone in a big house near the beach. I had the weekend off. I wanted to wash my car and fix some stuff around the house. "Beep! Sheriff!! Sheriff Buck! Come in. Over!" said the radio. I reached down to pick up "CB".

"Sheriff Buck! Here! Over!" I said. "Hey Sheriff. This is Lucy. We got a code 69 in progress. Behind the Five n Dime.

Over!" said Lucy. She was the new Dispatcher for the police and fire departments. She worked from home. We had one line installed in her dining room. "Who called it in? Over!" I said. "Mr. Fancy, he lives across the street from the Five n Dime. He said there were two people in the back of his store.

Doing something funny. Over!!" Lucy said. "OK! Lucy! I will go check out the code 69.Over!" I said. I tossed my adult magazine on the passenger seat. I then checked my rear view mirror as I started the patrol car. I shook my head when I remember what a code 69 was. It was for prostitution.

I was sure the two parties involved, probably left by now. It was a good 20 minute ride to the store. I was just hoping it was going to be a good call. Maybe my night would not be so boring, after all. I pulled the only patrol car in the town, down main street. I drove through the only traffic light.

I think it was yellow. I turned on my turn signal just pass the Five n Dime store. I pulled into the dirt parking lot. A few rocks bounced off the grill of the car. I edged slowly around the green dumpster. I pulled into the back alley connecting the store with the only laundry mat in the county. I looked over the hood. My mouth dropped open. There were two people in front of my head lights. The gentleman dropped his beer on the ground next to his foot. The girl put her hand up to her eyes to see who I was.

Both there mouths fell open when I turned on my red/blue flashing police lights. A second later the gentleman fell to the ground. He looked pretty intoxicated, as he yelled something in the air. The woman tried to run from the scene.

Her 6inch silver platform heels barely moved in the rocks. She was wearing a shiny silver dress. It was at least two sizes to small on her. Every curve on her body could be seen under the tight fitting dress. She had two very large breast, that were pushed together under the shiny silver dress. It look like two tiny hammocks trying to cover up, her very large breast.

They swung side to side, almost popping out. The two straps around her neck, made a big hole for her cleavage to almost spill out. There was a silver ring in the middle separating her large cleavage. It held both straps up on her chest and around her neck. She had big hips, to go with a huge ass. Her two thick thighs jiggled as she took a few more steps in her heels.

Her big curly red hair shook behind her as she picked up her small feet. I picked up my Sheriff hat off the passenger seat. I put the patrol car into park. I opened the door to get out. "Stop! Sheriff! Put your hands up. Now!!" I yelled. I watched as her left earring fell out under her big hair. I watched as it hit the dirt near her left side. She then put her hands over her head. Her big purse fell on the ground.

Her shiny silver dress rode up her huge ass. It stopped about half way up her curvy ass. I could see she was wearing a very tiny silver thong. It was wedged between two very large white butt cheeks.

I started to walk closer to her. I could feel the rocks on the under side of my black patrol boots, being crushed. I walked passed the guy laying flat in the parking lot.

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He was already passed out. I walked up behind the voluptuous woman standing 10 feet behind him. She was breathing heavy. I pulled out my long black flashlight. I then moved the light down her back, over her big exposed ass. Her big shadow, shinned in front of her. She flinched her hands. Like she wanted to put them down. 'Did I say you can drop your hands.

Keep them up." I said. "Yes! Sir!" she said. "Why are you trying to run from the police?" I said. "No! Not me! Sir." she said. "Right! How far did you think you might get in those big heels? There a little big for your small feet." I said.

She looked down. I could see she had painted her toe nails the same matching bright red, as her long finger nails. "Slowly put your hands down. Nice! Now put them behind you." I said.

She moved her hands down to her big hips. She had trouble putting them behind her lower back. She groaned as I watched. I reached down with my two big hands. I felt her small hands. "I need to put you in cuffs. Just until I figure out, what's going on. Your not in trouble." I said. "But, I did not do anything. Cletus!! Wake up." she yelled.

I reached around my belt. I unhooked my hand cuffs. I quickly put them on her hands. I could hear the heavy metal close around her wrist. Her dress was still pulled up in back. I looked over her shoulder. She was maybe 5ft 5 in her heels. Being almost 6ft 4inches tall, helps. I had a direct view of her large breast in the light. I then turned off my flashlight. I stuck the big metal flash light under my belt. I grabbed her hands and walked her toward the gentleman lying in the dirt near my patrol car.

I had to help her stay upright. She could not walk in her heels very good. Her bodacious body shook as she barely moved. It took us a few minutes to get back to her male friend. We were both standing above him. "Sir! Can you hear me??" I said. He laughed. "Open your eyes. It's the Sheriff Office." I said. "Wake up Cletus. You idiot." she said. I turned to look at her. We had stopped a few second ago, but her body was still jiggling.

"Stay here. Don't move." I said. I turned to walk back to get her purse and earring. They both fell when she ran away from me. I leaned down to pick up both.

I smiled. Her purse was kinda of heavy. A wrinkled $20 dollar bill was on top of her purse. Some cigarettes and a huge set of keys were just inside her purse.

She must have 40 keys on this big key chain. Her earrings was just a little bigger than her key set. I walked backed to her. She was still yelling at her friend on the ground. "Cletus! Wake up you fool. Wake up! Where in trouble you dumb ass." she yelled. I put her purse on the ground next to my feet. I then leaned over to pull down her tight silver dress.

She wiggled around as her dress inched back down her thick body. "Thank! You! Sheriff!" she said. "Now! Mame! Tell me! Who is this man to you?" I said.

"Ok! Sheriff!

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He is my dumb ass husband. Cletus. It's his birthday today," she said. "What were you both doing out here. Behind the Five n Dime." I said. "We were just talking. Then you pulled up behind us." she said. "What is your name?" I said. "Mona Biggins!" she said.

"Mona! The truth now. I know what you two were doing. Is he really your husband?" I said with a smile. "Yes! I was dumb to marry him. But we are married. We were just talking. He got home today. He was drunk at his job. He quit his job. Then we went out. Some how we got here." she said.

"Ok! You both can come with me. Right this way." I said. I grabbed the back of her arm. I picked up her purse next.

I walked her over to my patrol car. I tossed her purse in the front seat. I put her earring in my front pocket. "Watch your head. Can you squeeze back there?" I said.

'Sheriff! Am I under arrest?" she said. "At the moment.Yes!! Until you tell me the truth. I am taking you both in. Now squeeze in the back of my cruiser." I said. I watched as she bent at the knees. Her big butt slide slowly across the back seat of the car. Her huge breast pushed her dress against the back of my seat. Her breast rested on the safety glass separating the back and front seat. I then shut the door. She was still talking as I walked over to talk to her husband on the ground.

"Cletus! Get up!" I said. He opened his eyes. "Sheriff! What's up!!!!!" he laughed. I could smell his breath from the ground. "OK! You need to get up. Now!" I demanded. I reached down to pull him off the white rocks in the parking lot. He was maybe 5ft, and very thin. He did not put up a struggle as I cuffed him. I walked him over to my patrol car.

His wife was still yelling at him.


I tossed him in the back seat on the other side of the car. He easily flew in the back seat. His face hit my empty coffee cup. Some coffee got on his chin. I walked around to my side, to get in. I looked in the back seat. I smiled. "Cletus! Is this your wife?" I said. He smiled. "No! Just some cheap hooker I tired to pick up." he laughed really loud. Mona tried to elbow him with her arm.

But her breast would not move from the glass. Instead she grunted at him. "It's true Sheriff." he laughed again. "It's not true. Sheriff. You need to make him stop. He is lying. It was his birthday surprise. I read it in a magazine. Our sex life had been so non existent. I thought dressing up for him. Would be fun." she said. Cletus began to laugh. He then turned to his wife. "Hey Baby! Come here often. How much?? Oh!

No! Not you again. I'm not married." then a big laugh. I buckled my seat belt as I sped out of the parking lot. I looked in the rear view mirror. I could see Mona head move. Then her big breast pushed on the glass. I pushed on the breaks to watch them smash against the glass. "Our you OK?" I said.

She smiled. "Yes! Sheriff. My husband is an ass." she yelled. I smiled as Cletus turned to laugh at his wife. I got to the small Sheriff office/County Jail.

I pulled the car out front, along main street. I then got out to unlock the front door to my office. I turned on the light. I then walked back to the patrol car. I opened the door to take Cletus out. I walked him into my office. I only had two jail cells. Both were just small enough for one small twin bed.

There was a pillow, blanket on the bed. There was a sliding metal door to the dark grey metal bars, that enclosed the small cell.

I tossed Cletus in. Then I went back for his wife. I did believe they were married. No one could have told this story. With out laughing. I reached into the passenger side door to get the big silver purse off the seat.

I walked around the back of the car. I opened the back door to my car. Mona was breathing heavy. Her dress had rode up her thick thighs. I could see her silver thong around her upper thigh.

Her big breast were still smashed against the glass. She tried to inhale, then move toward me. She arched her big ass to finally get her legs out.

I grabbed her hands to help her on to the side walk. She walked into the small jail. "This is it. I am not staying in the same room as him. Sheriff. I can not do this. You liar!! Cletus! Fuck you!!!" she yelled. I smiled as I walked her over to the next cell. I slammed the metal door behind her.

"Sheriff! What about the cuffs?" she said. I turned to lock the front door to my office. I then walked over to my metal desk.

I took off my flash light, then unbuckled my gun belt. I put both on the metal desk. I fixed my name tag on my chest. Just over my left pocket. I then put my Sheriff, hat on the desk. I looked down at my black leather knee high black boots. I fixed the gold star om my chest. Mona kept watching me. I turned to see her husband was passed out in his cell.

His face was against the side wall. His head on the small pillow. He was still dressed in his plain white t-shirt and muddy jeans. His cowboy boots were still on. His hands were still cuffed behind his back. Mona then turned to look at him. "Fuck! Passed out again. It's like were home." she said. I walked over and open his cell. I reached in to uncuff him.

He still smelled of cheap booze. Mona was hopping up and down on her big platform heels. "Are you Ok?" I said. "Just these cuffs.

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Sheriff! There really tight." said Mona. I put his handcuffs in my pocket. I then closed his cell door behind me. I checked to make sure it was locked. "Your not going to try to escape again?

Run from me?" I said. She smiled. "No! How far did I get last time?" she giggled. I was glad she was cooperating. "Ok! Turn around." I said. She turned around as I opened the cell door.

I put my hands on her fingers. I squeeze them together as I brought her closer to me. I could feel my semi hard cock stir in my black uniform pants. Between her sexy red hair, her sexy perfume and being in cuffs. She was really turning me on. I wanted to touch her silver dress. I ran my hand down her back. She arched her neck to look over her shoulder.

I than moved her body against mine. My cock was wedged between her ass crack. She sighed as I reached down to uncuff her. I moved her red hair with my chin.

She looked backed into my blue eyes. She caught me stealing a peek down her dress. She smiled. I watched her hands, as they went around her big hips. She then shimmed her dress down over her big ass.

Her left breast almost fell out of her top. The small silver like hammocks keeping both her breast in place shook extremely fast. She then moved forward as I took a few steps back out of her cell. "Thank you! Sheriff! I really appreciate it.

What is going to happen now?" she said. I looked at her as she turned around to face me. I moved my eyes through the opening of the metal bars in her cell.

She put her hands around the two bars in front of her. She then pressed her breast against the metal. "First thing on Monday, I will take you both in front of the judge. Judge Hatchett! She is very hard." I said. "No! I've heard of her Sheriff.

Is there anybody else?" said Mona. "No! She hates prostitution!

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She calls it evil. Against everything she stands for. Last person got a year in jail for her first offense." I said, with a big smile. "What? No!!! That can't happen. I belong to the PTA, I teach Bible Study." she said. I walked over to my desk to get my chair. I then moved my chair in front of her cell. "What happen again?" I said. I crossed my left leg over my right. I checked my dark black uniform, as she began to talk.

"Well! Cletus got home early. I was not expecting him so early from work. But he quit his job for the 1 millionth time. Then he started drinking some more. I went to get dressed. Then I drove him to the parking lot behind the store. The one were you pulled in and saw us. I gave him some money. Then he started to laugh. He wanted to use the money for more beer. I was trying to spice up our sex life. Its been almost 6 months since.we had sex." she said.

"So! You were just trying to spice things up?" I said. "Yes! Sheriff!" she said. "How long have you had that dress and those heels?" I said. "I got them yesterday, from a store online. Why? You don't like my outfit, Sheriff?" she cooed. I smiled. "No! I love the heels and the shiny silver dress. You make them look really good. I could tell you just got them, by the way you tried to run from me." I said.

She smiled. "Yeah! These heels are hard to run in. I'm also glad I did not pop out of this dress. I thought I was a smaller size. I guess eating ice cream in my trailer, has made me put on a few pounds. Got little more junk in my trunk than before." she giggled. Mona then turned to jiggle her big ass.

I smiled as she spun around again to face me. "How much were you going to charge your so called husband. The legendary Cletus." I said.

She smiled. "Sheriff! He is my husband. Like.$20.00 dollars." she said. "What was he going to get for $20.00?" I said.

She smiled. "Sheriff! Our these questions necessary?" said Mona. "I need to find the truth. It will help you in front of the judge." I said. "All the way.Wham bam thank you Mame." she giggled. "All that for $20.00. That a good deal. I mean most prostitute charge allot more.

Usually when I pick up a girl its like a minimal charge of a couple of hundred for as you say "Wham bam thank you mam." Usually $20.00 might get you some oral." I said. "Sheriff! Is this from experience, your telling me this. I mean you are very cute for such a young man. I mean you never had to pay a prostitute?" said Mona. I smiled. "No! I've arrested a few girls over the years. They give me the low down, on what they charge. Did he even give you the money back?" I said.

"He gave me the money. I put it in my purse. That when you showed up." she said. "You should have stuck the money somewhere inside your dress and not in your purse. The hide and go seek $20.00 as we call it. Then I would have never seen the money, just inside your purse." I said.

"I should have put it where? Sheriff?" she said as she brought her long red finger nail to her mouth. She bite down on her red finger nail. I smiled.

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I could feel my cock growing inside my black uniform pants. I got off my chair. I reached into my front pocket. I had a big wad of money in my right hand. I pulled out a $20. I walked over to her cell door. I moved just to the right. I was standing right in front of her.

I looked over to her husband, who was still passed out. I was inches from her. Only the metal bars separating us. "Mmmm Sheriff.That a big wad of money you have in your hand.

What ever should I do?" she said in a soft voice. "You would ask me, "Would you like a date?" I said to her. "Hi! Honey! Would you a like a date?" she said in a very southern accent. I smiled. "Nice! Why don't you strut down and back for me? Oh you do that well." I said.

She smiled as she came back to stand in front of me. "How much for the date?" I said. "What are you looking for?" she said. "I like the same deal as Cletus got. I only have is a few dollars." I said with a big smile. Mona ran her eyes up and down my solid lack uniform. She smiled. "Your not going to arrest me twice Sheriff? For the same crime." she said. "It depends on our date and how much your going to charge me. Can I get a Sheriff discount?" I said.

She smiled. "I think that can be arranged. Your not fooling around with me, Sheriff? I'll do anything to get out of this. I mean it.Anything!!" she licked her upper lips with her tongue. I looked down. My cock was rock hard under my uniform. All 9 3/4 inches wanted to bust out my tight uniform pants.

Mona was moving her hips, and big thighs. She looked at the tent in front of my pants. "What would you like to do next?" she cooed. "Here's my $20. Remember what I said. Always get the money up front." I said. "Where should I put it again Sheriff?" she said. She leaned into the metal bars. "Let me show you. Put your hands down to your side. Lean in some more. That's it!" I said. I took the twenty from my right hand. I pressed it against my left palm.

I then stuck my hand inside the jail cell. Mona eyes got big as she followed my big hand toward her dress. I slowly put my hand inside her shiny silver dress.

She moaned softly. I moved the crisp twenty under her huge left breast. I could feel the heavy weight on my hand. I then ran my hand up, over her big thumb size nipple. It was very erect as I left the twenty inside her cleavage. I slowly pull my hand out massaging her big fat breast.

"Mmmm.Just like that. Now no one can see the money inside your dress." I said. I could hear her heels click on the floor. She grabbed the metal bars with both her hands, to keep her balance. "Also make sure it's in the inside and not on the outside of your breast. Because this could happen." I said. I reached into the cell to pull both her big breast out of the silver hammocks of her tight dress. Her big breast cascaded in my hands.

Her big stiff nipples fell off the side of my hand. She had more than a handful, more like 4 hand fulls. I started to fondle her big juggs. She moaned as I slapped them together. "Or this might happen too." I said. I tugged on her nipples. I then smashed her breast against the cold steel bars. She screamed as I bit and licked her big nipples. They felt like two huge nipples in my mouth. I was really making her moan as I sucked on her nipples and top of her juicy breast.

She had two inch pink aerloes, that were turning darker as I sucked on her breast. I started to lick the length of her big breast. From under them, to the top near her neck. Then side to side. I got both her big nipples in my mouth at the same time. I dropped my hands to my side. I had her breast suspended in the air with my mouth and tongue. She shook her head back and forth as I man handled her breast.

I stopping sucking for a second. Her eyes were closed. I bite down on her right nipple, until she opened her eyes.

"What else comes with this date?" I said. "Why don't you unlock this cell door and find out Sheriff!" she purred. I released her big breast. They quickly fell back through the bars and smashed on her chest. She shook for a few seconds as I unlocked the door with my big metal key. "Prisoner! Back! Back I say." I said. She giggled. I closed the door behind me. I then put the big key in my pants pocket. She smiled. With her husband directly behind my back, in the other cell. I motion for her to get on her knees.

Mona got down on her knees in front of me. I reached into my pocket. I pulled out her missing earring. She smiled. I handed it to her. She put it on. "Time to earn your money prostitute or are you my whore?" I said. "Both! Sheriff! I hope you can last more than a 30 seconds. That my husband personal best time." she said as she licked her big red lips.

She slowly put her hands on the front of my black pants. I could feel her long nails go up my thigh. She moved her hands over my erect cock.

"Nice!" she giggled. She then reached up to unzip my pants. She then unbuckled my pants. She slowly dragged my pants over my leather patrol boots. She looked up to see my cock grow down my thigh.

She could see the head of my cock pulse inside my bright white boxer briefs. She licked her lips again as she pulled down my tight boxer briefs. My cock fell out and hit the cold air of the cell. I put my hand up on the metal bars.

Her mouth was wide open. Her eyes opened further. "Mmmm.That is very nice Sheriff. I should have charged you triple more than Cletus. Your three times as big and so round." she said. I reached down with my free hand, around the back of her red hair. I moved her head down to my cock.

She started to lick the tip. She then swirled her tongue down my shaft. Her big red lips opened to take more of my cock in her mouth.

I moved my hips forward. She could only get 3 inches of 9 3/4 in her mouth. She was used to her husband and not me.

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I grabbed her hair. Then forced more of my cock in her mouth. She gagged and spit me out. She was dribbling saliva on her big breast. I looked down to see her dress getting wet. I started to face fuck her throat as she took more of my cock in her mouth.

She was making loud sucking sounds in the tiny cell. I stopped after twenty minutes of her sucking. She caught her breath as I pulled my pants and underwear over my boots. I then took off my shirt.

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I had her place my uniform on the small bed behind her. I was just standing in the cell naked, except for my knee high black leather patrol boots on. I turned around to have her suck my cock and smack my ass in her face. She started to lick my big naked balls.

I looked down to see her face full of cock and my balls on her chin. "Not bad! Your going to need to practice more on your technique. Now get up and remove all your clothes. Leave on your heels. All good whores, fuck with there platform heels on." I said. Moan got up off the ground. I moved over and sat on the edge of the bed. I had to unzip the back of her dress. She had to peel her shiny silver dress off her curves.

She then pulled down her wet silver thong. The front had turned dark silver. I could smell, just how wet she was. I motion for her to turn around. "Grab the bars and lowered that pussy on me whore. Shake that big ass." I demanded. I started to spank her big white ass. My hand prints turned her naked ass, red. She tried to look between her legs, to see my cock.

But her big breast were in the way. "I have to do everything. Just fall back. Whore!!" I said. I put my two hands on her big ass cheeks. I guided her body to my cock. She knocked into my legs three times, before I entered her wet pussy.

She moaned very loud as the head of cock disappeared into her soft wet pussy. Her pussy tried to push me out, but her weight kept her on my cock. She slowly pushed all the way down on my cock. Her hairy pussy slammed on my skin. I started to bounce her on my cock. "Aggghhhh!!!!" she screamed. A second later, my cock was soaked inside her pussy. Squirts of warm liquid splashed out her pussy onto the cell floor. I grabbed her waist and pulled her back on me.

I reached around to hold her big breast in my hands. Her back was against my face. I slammed her up and down on my cock. I started to slap her big breast together, and she took over fucking me harder. She leaned forward. She put her hands on my knees. I reached up to slap her ass. I used my finger nails to scratch her big ass, making it bright red.

After a few minutes, we both stood up. I pushed her to the corner of her cell. With my back still toward her husband.

She pushed up with her arms on the bars. I got under her and bounced her on my cock. She put her hands around my neck as I pushed her back against the metal bars.

I held her in the air and fucked her faster. Biting her nipples, and sucking her breast. With my cock still in her, I walked her over to the other side of the cell. She put her hands high on the metal bars. Her face was next to the open bars of her husband, I was still fucking her from below. She held her mouth closed as she orgasm again on my cock.

A few minutes later, I sat back on the bed. With my big balls dangling against the bed and with Mona on my cock. I brought both her huge breast up to the side of my face. I held them against my head as she bounced on my cock. I was close to exploding deep inside her. "Such a good whore! Now fuck me faster. Don't stop.Keep fucking me.

That a good cheap hooker. Make me happy. Stop!!" I yelled. She stopped, with all my cock deep inside her. I smiled. She groaned.Her neck snapped back, as she screamed. Her pussy clamped down on my cock. I could feel my cock expand, then exploded. All my warm seed went deep inside her. Mona then began to bounce on my cock. Her pussy milked every drop of my big load.

It was more than an hour before she climbed off. We spent the rest of the night, fucking in every position I could think of. In the morning, she put her clothes back on. I put my uniform back on. She fell quickly asleep as her head hit the small pillow. The jail smelled of sex. I locked her cell door as I went to wake up her husband. "Wake up!" I yelled.

I could hear him roll over. "Hey! Sheriff! Did I do something wrong? How did I get here? Why my wife passed out in the other cell? Is she mad?" he said. "She was caught prosituting herself last night.

I don't think she's mad at you. Just disappointed she got caught. She asked me to take you home. She needs to spend the weekend here. Along with the next few weekends. You need to drive her here on Friday and pick her up on Mondays. She needs to get some more whore clothes. I want to make sure she stops trying to whore herself again.

It helps her to look like a cheap hooker. Don't be alarmed. I do this all the time with some of the ladies in the town. We just need her to get back to being a good wife." I said, with a big smile. Cletus just nodded is head "Yes!" to everything. I walked him out to the back seat of the patrol car. I took him home. He waved as he opened the front door to his trailer. I sped back to the jail.

My cock was starting to get hard. I looked in the back seat. I could see Mona's big boob imprints on the glass separating the back seat, from the front. "Sheriff this is Lucy. How did it go last night with the code 69?

Over!" she said. "All good Lucy! Got the Perp in a holding cell. She is going to serve out her jail time on the weekends. I think she learned her lesson.

Over!" I said "Roger Sheriff! I figured you were at the jail, last night. We had some reports of loud noises, and screams, coming from inside. Over!" said Lucy. "She was trying to escape. I had to add a few more nights on to her time.

You might get a few calls tonight and tomorrow. Don't worry, I have her, I mean it under control. Over!" I said. "4 Weekends later" "Sheriff, I don't think I can fit back there, with you also in the back seat." said Mona.

She had a tight cheetah print dress on. She was wearing some 6inch gold platform heels on her feet. I was in back of my patrol car. I was wearing only my black leather patrol boots. "Slide that big ass over the seat and get on your cock. Be a good whore." I said. "Were in the back of the Five n Dime. What if I get caught again. Like when you caught Cletus and I." she said. "The owner went on vacation. Who can catch us? I'm the only Sheriff in town.

Get your ass over here, my whore." I said. She giggled. I felt the patrol car move. Some twenties fell out my shirt pocket on the back seat. Then she crawled toward her cock. She deep throat my cock in one quick motion. I put my hand around her dress. I felt her big ass was bare.

She was not wearing any underwear like I told her. "Sheriff! I think Cletus might be on to what were doing. He saw me in the shower the other night. I was shaving my pussy, like u like.


I've been using that big vibrator you got me. Not to mention all these cheap hooker clothes you keep buying me." Moan said with my cock in her mouth. "You let me worry about Cletus. Now get the shaved pussy on my cock. Smash your big breast on the glass. I like that. Rub them all over that glass." I said.

I looked out the side window, next to the Five n Dime. I saw Cletus with a beer in his right hand. His small cock in the other. I saw some of his co-workers next to him. He got his job back, he just had to show his boss and friends what a good whore his wife had turned out to be. I charged them $20 a head to watch. "Squeak! Squeak!!!" That the sound of my whores big breast on the glass. Love Buck xoox