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Teen girl fuck his crony playmates sister and london amateur teen mia pearl was on her
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The day got off to a bad start for Jacqui.

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She woke up feeling as if her eyes were weeping and with a blocked nose that felt heavy. Her mother took no time ar all when she saw her and immediately sent her back to bed. Jacqui immediately felt a little better as it meant no school that day.

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She was 12 years old and although she had been at the new school for a year she hadn't made many friends. Her good looks made her stand out from most and her classmates seemed to shun her more than most.

Five foot three inches tall with long, flowing blonde her she seemed to have everything her peers never had. Her mother ran her own hairdressing business and her father was a well respected newspaper columnist for a national newspaper.

Money was not short in her home. Today though it didn't matter one iota. She was housebound. Her father had already gone to work when her mother sent her back to bed and her mother prepared some soup that Jacqui could heat up at any time. As she lay in bed hoping the day would go fast she slipped off into a sleep. She woke about 5 hours later and felt a lot better although her nose was still blocked. Deciding that it was warm enough not to bother too much with clothes and with no one due to visit she went downstairs and made herself a cup of coffee.

The soup could wait till later. After about five minutes of sipping the coffee and meandering around the kitchen and lounge she decided to head back to bed. When she got to the top of the stairs she noticed that the door to her fathers work room, where he sometimes hid himself in order to do some writing, was slightly ajar.

She had never been allowed in there and couldn't resist the temptation to peek inside and see what it was like. There was nothing out of the ordinary in it when she scanned around.

The work desk with a PC on it, as expected and a filing cabinet with books and a few magazines. She went and sat at his desk and turned the PC on and as she was waiting for it to come up on the screen she glanced at the bin that was at her feet.

At first she wondered why it was there and not at the side as you would expect. Then she noticed that it was full of tissues. Perhaps he had the cold first she thought. She gingerly picked up one of the tissues and noted that it was matted. Strange she had not seen him sniffling. The screen came up and she could see she needed a password to open it.


She typed in her mothers name with no luck, then her fathers. As a matter of fact she typed in everything she could think of, including their pet dogs name but with no luck.

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Just as she was about to give up she tried the name that her father often fondly called her when there were just the two of them, cutey pie. Voila, it was the correct combination.

Jacqui felt a little please with herself that he had thought of her as he had made that password up. Once in the screen saver came up and yet again it showed his fondness for her because it was a picture of her when she was 6 years old riding her little tricycle. Jacqui smiled to herself when she thought that there was no way would she allow photo's like that of her now because it showed her legs wide open.

After looking at the icons she decided to be daring and open the Wordperfect directory so she could read what her father had been writing about. She had no idea what his column was about, only that it was something about sport. The first thing she noticed on the screen was a directory in the listing with her name on it.

Was it some letters that he was writing to her but hadn't printed off for her yet. The first title rather startled her though. It was called What I would Lick. Nervously she double clicked on it and started to read. It only took a few sentences for her to go into a sweat.

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He had written about once when she was younger and the occasion when they had both been next to a swimming pool on one of their holidays in Acapulco.

She vaguely remembered the holiday and even more so the day he was describing but certainly not in the way that he had written it. Apparently without her realizing he had positioned himself on a sun lounge directly opposite her and could not take his eyes off her vaginal area.


So much so he had later gone into the shower to toss himself off, whatever that meant. Jacqui was perplexed now. She had been totally unaware that her father had such thoughts. He had never touched her. As she pondered over the story she decided to check on the SEARCH icon to see what photo's he had.

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To find them all she typed in *.jpg and watched in amazement as a lot of photo's appeared on the screen. She wasn't only taken aback because every single one seemed to be of her but the fact that she was unaware that most of the photo's had even been taken at all. When she started to scroll down her heart skipped a beat. There were pictures of her both in her bed, asleep and also of her in the bathroom with no clothes on. From the angle of the shots she could tell they were taken from his cabinet that housed his soaps and aftershave and so on.

Just as she was getting her head around this she saw some photo's of a penis. She was still in the photo's but only as a picture that the penis was pointing at.

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There was some liquid on her pictures and she concluded that it must be the love juice her and her friends had sometimes joked about. It was almost at the end of the photo's that she saw the owner of the penis. It was her father. His hand was grasping the penis and there was no mistaking his wedding ring. While she was looking at this picture her hand slid down and she slid her finger in herself. She was so flattered that someone, even her own dad, had been turned on by her.

She was very wet as she frantically pushed her finger in and out. She closed her eyes and was in the raptures of pleasure when she was jolted by a hand grabbing her shoulder. She quickly stopped and turned around to see her father was the one holding her. "And what do you think you are doing in my room?" Jacqui panicked and fainted. The next thing she was aware of was that she was laying on her bed.

Her father was sitting by her side.

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His face showed both a kind sympathy and also a firmness that she wasn't used to. His voice was gentle as he spoke. "Your mother will be home shortly and I won't tell her about how naughty you were if you let me punish you now." "Please, please daddy don't tell her she will be livid if she knows." Her father waited a moment before he reassured her that he wouldn't say anything to anyone is he turned over and lay face down and closed her eyes.

Jacqui wondered at his reasoning but still obeyed. As she lay there she had visions of him taking his belt off and lashing her hard. However all she felt were a few hard smacks from the palm of his hand. She was amazed that it actually felt good instead of painful. As she lay there in anticipation of more smacks she felt something warm being squirted on her ass, Then there was silence until she heard her bedroom door close.

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She felt the liquid on her ass and put it to her nose to try to identify it. She had never seen it before but it smelled so good she tasted it.

She couldn't wait to be naughty again!