Chata culona clavada en el sillon

Chata culona clavada en el sillon
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This is a fictional story!! If you find any of the reference in real life, it is just a coincidence! Hope you all enjoy this (not so long) story! Hi everyone, this story is happened to me when I was in Australia.


I was 22 yrs old then. The girl in the story was 24. Her name was Sneha. I am from a town in Maharashtra, India and studied in an English medium school.

She was from a nearby village and studied in the same class as me till year 10. While in school, I never thought of her as a potential fuck. Anyways, years later, after my year 12, I decided to move to Australia for further study and consulted a local agent. That's where I found her and about of us landed up in the same city. I had already found accommodation for myself with some boys and she used to live with the girls.

On many occasions, I used to help her, in case she needed it. After a year or so, I was going to go to India for my vacations and so was she.


We even took our tickets together for the same dates. We had a flight from Australia to Singapore and then a 23 hrs halt in Singapore and then Singapore to Mumbai. The airlines had even given us hotel accommodations to refresh us. The flight from Australia was in the evening @ 7pm, which landed @ 1am in Singapore. We boarded the plane and she had a window seat and I had an aisle seat at the end of the aircraft. We were at the end and the plane was pretty vacant. I was enjoying my beer and we started talking about the school days and we were enjoying our time, just then, I don't know what came to her mind, she wanted to play truth or dare.

I resisted but then ended up agreeing. It started with easy and silly Questions and then some serious Questions. I don't know, was it the beer or the night time, but I was really getting horny then.

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And it was my turn and the game was getting intense. I choose TRUTH and Sneha, asked me Do you really have a hard on now? I knew the game is going to lead us somewhere else than I anticipated. I said Why don't you check it yourself?

She was shy and slowly tried putting her hand on my pants and took my penis in my hand over the pants. It was a different feeling for sure.

After a min, she took her hand back and sat quietly.

I politely kept my hand on her hand, n she looked at me with surprise. I just asked her Truth or Dare? Because it was her turn. She smiled and said DARE. I knew what I had to ask from her. A wonderful KISS. She was happy to give one.

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Things were changing between us. And both of us wanted it. Next was my turn, I asked for a DARE, and she asked me to suck her loving boobs and sparkle her wonderful nipples. She took a blanket and kept it over her and then slowly let me in, so as to look as if both of us are sleeping under the blanket and then she slowly took her top off and the melons were all for me. I kissed, tasted, made a love bite and pressed them hard with my mouth.


She was enjoying it, and I could feel it with her nipples pointing straight up. A few more minutes and I pulled off.

She was horny as hell. She quickly asked for a DARE and I politely asked her to SUCK IT OFF BABY. It was again the blanket which was used to cover us.

And, to tell you people out there, there was the best actually the best of the bestest blowjobs I have ever received till date. While sucking my penis, she was already fingering herself. And I knew, it's time to FUCK. I pulled her up and whispered her to come to the rear bathroom.


I quickly got up with my hard on and went in the bathroom and within 10 sec., she came in. The main issue here was space.

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We pulled ourselves closer to have a passionate kiss and we removed all our clothes while we were kissing. We broke the kiss in 2 mins and then I made her face towards the toilet seat and asked her knell on it. I came behind her and my penis was pointing straight to her wet pussy. I didn't wait for anything else and in one go, just inserted my iron hard penis in her wet pussy and fucked it hard to get inside completely.

She screamed out loud as she had never taken such a big penis inside her ever. I put my left hand on her mouth and smacked her ass with my right hand.

I was going in a slow speed just to get acquainted and I picked up my handkerchief from my pants' pocket and loaded her mouth with that just so that, if she screams again, her voice doesn't go out.

I increased my speed suddenly and slapped the shit out on her ass, as it turned red. She was having a blast and so was I.

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I took her melons in my hand and that gave a really nice support to fuck her with better intensity. I think she came like 3-4 times while fucking, and I could feel both of us sweating with the fucking session we were having. I emptied her mouth and asked her, where does she want me to come? All she spoke was, ON MY FACE.

I removed my penis from her sexy pussy and she turned around and sat on the toilet seat and started sucking my penis.

This was over the top and I came all over her face and she sucked all the cum from my penis until it was clean. Both of us just cleaned ourselves and went back to our seats. We were lucky nobody saw us. It was just 5 mins after we came back to our seats that the announcement was made that we are about to land in Singapore. Well, we manage to fuck and fulfil a few fantasies of ours in Singapore. If you like, please comment or send me an email, and I would to hear back from you people soon.

My email is [email protected]