College love cum gay sex story xxx Jason is deep throating a pipe

College love cum gay sex story xxx Jason is deep throating a pipe
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Lady Abused The old house was way out in the country and I lived the by myself and that's the way I liked it. I turned off the dirt county road and into the wagon trail driveway. I wondered if the mail had come and when I looked at the mailbox I saw a something on the ground in front of the post, kinda hid in the weeds. I got out and leaned over to pull what ever it was out of there.


It was a pile of dirty magazines. My dirty magazines. Some of my best and filthiest porno that I looked at regularly and jack off to over and over. I thought "What in the hell are they doing out here?" I couldn't figure it out. I drove up to the house and went in the back door. I guess I must have been pretty quiet because there on the couch was Daniel, one of my friends 14 year old son that helped me work on some of the old cars I fix.

He was a pudgy, pimple faced sweaty kid. And he was looking at some more of my magazines and masterbating. He had a few of them spread out on the couch and a few on the floor opened to some nasty pictures of cute girls sucking cock. He was jerking furiously on his thin adolesent penis, looking intently at a pretty lady getting two cocks shoved in her mouth.

He'd moan then spit on his hand and jerk on it a little harder. I noticed he had some of my favorites out. Pretty young girls and big titted ladies sucking on fat peters. The kid sure had taste.

It was making me kinda of horny watching him, as he still hadn't seen me. "Hhmmm," I said. He jerked to attention, his cock still in his hand.

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"I wasn't, uh, I mean, I didn't. ." he stammered as he tried to close the books. "That's all right. Just don't steal the damn things." He saw the stack of porno mags in under my arm and I took them out and flipped a few open to my favorite pictures and layed them on the couch beside the ones he was jacking off too.

" Now those are some cuties. I bet that feels good!" He looked at them and then up at me and started pulling his peter again. "Them girls are nasty, oh, oh,oh.


. ." he moaned as his thin cock got hard again as he got it going. I sat down on the couch and pulled out my peter too and started stroking it as I flipped thru a blowjob mag. "What a cutie, boy I bet that feels good." Daniel looked at the picture I was pointing at of a young brunette slobbering around a cock shoved in her pretty mouth. His pace on his prick increased. We were both sitting there whacking off looking at picture after picture when we heard a car coming. I got up and went to the venitian blinds and so did Daniel.

We pulled them up a crack in the middle to see who was coming standing there with out pricks hanging out and dirty magazines all over the place. It was a middle aged lady in a big Buick. When she pulled up to the desolate old house and got up you could really see her body. She was tall with long legs, a nice round butt and great big knockers that stretched her dress out. Her hair was long and brown and she had a clipboard with some papers and a pen on it in her hand.

She headed towards the house on her tall high heels. Boy her legs looked so nice and shapely. Before I could do anything Daniel almost screamed "Wow look at her tits! Big tits". He was pullin' his cock as he peeped thru the window at the rapidly approaching lady.

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"If you want to have some fun get those magazine together at one end of the couch and put a spread out newspaper over them.

Then get in the back room there and when I call you come in with your peter hanging out. Until then you can look thru the crack of the door and jack off to keep it hard." He scurried aroud and did what I said. The door to the back bedroom was open just a crack and I knew he was already peeping thru and pulling his dork. There was a light knock on the front door and I put my cock back in my pants but left my zipper down. I opened it and peeked thru the narrow opening.

"What can I do for ya lady?" I asked the pretty woman staring at her big fat tits all the while I talked to her. I know she noticed and right away she was uncomfortable, but she continued on. "I'm the census taker for this area and I need to know how many of you there are here." She pushed her high heel into the room and I got a thrill when I saw her nice black nyloned leg. "Maybe you ought not to be snoopin lady. Come on in if you want." I opened the door and let the nice lady in for the time of her life.

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"Now how many are here?" she demanded. "Don't be so snooty now there lady. You never know what might happen to you if you get too cocky so to speak." Her mouth dropped open when I said that and she looked down to my crotch and saw the fat bulge my big fat penis was making in my trousers.

"Here have a seat." I said motioning to the couch. She sat beside the newspapers and there was barely room for her to sit. She was writing some information on the clipboard and you could tell she didn't have enough room. "Feel free to move some of that stuff so you have enough room there ma'am," I slyly told her. Well, it just got better from here on.

She scooted a couple of papers aside and first thing she saw was all the nasty cock suckin' magazines, all open to little cuties with big fat dicks down their throats. "Oh my, " she stammered, "what is this. Put this nasty stuff away. My goodness.

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" her voice trailed off. "I sure am sorry ma'am. I was whacking off when you came up and I thought a buxom fat titted woman like you would appreciate some good porn. Did you see all them excellent pictures of them cuties?" " Yes, I saw your filthy magazines. And I don't appreciate it. You are a dirty pervert and I don't appreciate being abused." She was all huffy now, pulling her legs together and her skirt down over her knees.

"Right nice little knees you have there lady. Hey, Daniel, come on out here. This here lady wants to see you. " Daniel opened the door to the room and came into the living room, his peter hanging out. Boy you should have the the shock on the lady's face! His crusty cordourys were unzipped and his yellow shorts were cradling his balls.

His peter was all slick from jizz, he must have cum a dozen times looking at the magazines and peeping at the woman. "Hi there lady, what you doin'? Want some wienier?" He took a couple of threating steps toward her and grabbed his dick and wobbled it at her face. "Why. why. why. " she stammered again. "Put that away you nasty boy. You're a pervert just like your pa!" Daniel was looking right up her dress and staring at her fat boobs. "Nice big fat tits you got lady.

Let's see em slut!" Daniel ordered her."I'm a pervert alright. You like the mags? And this ain't my dad and we're gonna fuck her hell out of you and pull your tits and make you suck on our cocks until your jaws are sore." "Don't talk to me like that!" "He's right lady.

You shouldn't be snoopin' around where you don't belong like I told you. Now you are gonna get it. We need a little pussy and here you are. You came out just to see us didn't you and get you fat tits pulled and your face fucked off, ya?" I took my turgid wienier out and shook it at her too.

"How you like this fat prick bitch? Your gonna be sucking like the girls in them magazines in a minute lady, yes you are. Look at em and look at em close if you don't me and Daniel here to ram our dicks up your bum at the same time. We'll bend you over this chair here and fuck your ass but good if you don't get to browsing!" I wobbled my cock at her some more and so did Daniel.

"Look at em." Daniel said, grabbing the lady by the hair and twisting her head around as he shoved a dirty magazine right in her pretty terrified face. "Alright, alright," she said as she looked at the picture of a cutie suckin' cock that was being shoved in her face.

"Just please don't hurt me." Daniel turned a few pages until he found one of his favorite jack-off photos and shoved the magazine back in her face while he pulled on his pud. "How about this one bitch?

Don't worry, we ain't gonna hurt you. Your gonna like it." He reached down and grabbed her by the big soft fat tit and gave it a honk. "Ow! Please stop you filthy punk!, " she screamed. "Sure lady, sure." Daniel said as he grabbed the front of her dress and ripped it down to her waist.

Her big ivory tits fell out and Daniel grabbed one jug in each hand and honked the shit out of them. I walked over to her and grabbed her by the hair and jerked her head back. "Now just sit there bitch. We are gonna play with your nice titties for awhile." I grabbed one of her knocks and mashed it into her chest and then twisted it until she whailed.

"That's it bitch, now you like it don't you?" Daniel was up on the couch trying to shove his dick in her mouth. " Here lady, here, here, eat this you fuckin' bitch!" It was mashin' aginst her lips, wiping up the side of her nose and knocking her glasses all crooked. "You might as well suck on it lady, cause you ain't leaving here until you do." Daniel shoved a picture in her face and said" Here look at this and suck on my dick!" She had the crusty sweaty worm wiping all over her face.

She opened her lips just a bit and Daniel grabbed the back of head and shoved his peter down her throat in a flash. She gulped his dick down and I got an extension cord from beside the couch and tied her slender wrists together.

"Just in case you decide to run away. The fun is just about to begin lady, and I don't want you takin' off on us!" I climbed up on the couch and stuck my prick in the ladie's face too. I grabbed one of her blonde pony tails and shoved my cock in her mouth beside Daniel's.

You should have seen her stretched mouth. "That's it lady, you fuckin' bitch, eat our dicks. That is what you get for comin' out here.


Now we're gonna be cummin' right down you throat and on your tits." "Bluggggg," she said as we gagged her with prick. We each had ahold of a fat tit and were honkin' em' while we fucked her damn mouth. Then we bent her over the chair and took turns dickin' the hell out of her.

We put pricks in her eyes and ears and mouth and I wiped my cockhead up the cracks in the back of knees and then tapped my fat dick on her hard kneecaps. There was spunk wiped all over her sexy black nylons. When we were done with her I threw her out and told her not to come back. Her dress was all ripped and cummy and her hair all messed up from the fuckin' we gave her and her tits were hanging out and she drove off.

What a good time we had with the census lady and I guess she sure knows who lives here now the dumb slut.

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