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Things were really getting serious with me and Aron.


He wanted more so did I and the most beautiful thing was that he was so innocent, his innocence drove me crazy. As soon as he said that he wanted to get fucked by me there were currents running through my body I also wanted him badly. Aron: please do it I want you in me. Me: we will do it but are you really sure that you want this.

Aron: I am damn sure. After saying this he leaned forward and kissed my lips it was very lovely and I kissed him back with the same passion he did. We kept on kissing for some time our eyes were closed and our tongues meeting in our mouths. The feeling was like magic I was again in the arms of my love and I wanted to stay like that forever. Aron stopped kissing and looked me into the eyes then all of a sudden he lay down and asked me to fuck him.

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I turned him around and kissed his back then I started to undress he also took his trousers off and now I tried to push my penis in his little hairless cherry hole but it was too tight for my erection to enter him I tried to force it in but I couldn't aron said that he wanted it inside him like he saw on the internet.

Me: I think we need something to make it greasy.

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Aron: do you have oil Me: yes wait for a second I will bring it. I searched for oil and but I found a lotion and I thought it would do as well. I then lubed it on his hole and on my cock.

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Now we were both ready I slowly pushed my cock in his hole Aron: ah ah it hurts Me: you wanted it Aron: yes but I didn't know that it would hurt so much Me: it will hurt in the beginning a bit but you will enjoy it after some time Aron: are you sure I don't want to get hurt Me: Yes I am dead sure I have seen it in the porn movie it starts with pain grows with pleasure and ends in heaven. Aron: then show me heaven Me: I will but you have to go through some pain first.

After saying this I pushed my cock inside his hole and slowly started to fuck him he was making a lot of noise first and slowly he started to enjoy it. I did not go too fast because I didn't want to hurt my lover. Aron: oh ya I am enjoying it now oh ya buddy fuck me yes yes Me: I love you Aron. After a while of fucking I started to feel that I was going to burst and I asked Aron that I am going to cum he then pushed away he didn't want me to cum inside him and as he pushed away I cum on the floor.

I lay down on the floor tired Aron leaned forward again and kissed me again.


My parents were away and they often were outside the city or country and our love grew through all the week. Aron would come to my home daily and we made love some days his brother Immi would come after him and stay at my house for a few hours and we couldn't do any thing because of him apart from a few kisses when he was busy in something Things were going so well between us we had developed a very good friendship even Immi considered me his best friend.

Three years passed like this me and Aron had done a lot of things together I had fucked him over these years but he never wanted to fuck me if he ever had wanted me to get fucked by him I wouldn't have denied but he said that he doesn't want to do it. I had a wonderful time with Aron these years until one day. a lot of time had passed and i and Aron didnt have anything between us no kisses no hugs no fucking nothing.

he would not even see me for weeks. i spent time with some other friends including Immi and Immi would even stay at my home for days but something was wrong with Aron. I decided to ask Immi about it as he was staying at my house one night. Me: hey Immi can i ask you something about Aron.

Immi: yes sure go ahead. Me: whats wrong with Aron he hasnt seen me in a while is he angry about something Immi: well you can ask that question to him i am not that close to him. Me: ok i will ask him tomorrow. Immi: why tomorrow go ahead ask him right now. Immi was right I went to their house and rang the bell and out came Aron. Aron: hey buddy what a surprise come on in Me: I wanted to ask you something Aron: go ahead dude what's the problem.

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Me: you are ignoring me that's the problem you don't come to my house anymore you don't talk to me any more we were lovers remember. Aron: lovers? What's wrong with you we were friends?

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And what we did together was just what most of children do when they are young. Me: please don't say that we were lovers we had the best of times together.

Aron: I am not gay ok I am with a girl and I don't want any problems and I didn't have the best time with you but my best time has started now with my girlfriend. Me: but I thought Aron: you thought wrong we were friends and that's it and we will be friends for ever but we wont sleep together anymore. i was heart broken after that conversation with Aron.


i really loved him but he broke my heart. i went back to my house and could not sleep that night. when I came back Immi was asleep and i twice went to the bathroom and cum twice that night.

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to be continued.