Handsome men gay anal sex kissing teen emo porn tube Ryan is the kind

Handsome men gay anal sex kissing teen emo porn tube Ryan is the kind
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It's been a couple of days since I've been alone long enough to get back online to see if I can connect to the mystery Network, nervously I login to my laptop and connect to the wireless camera, I feel disappointed when all I see is the view of the street outside. Panning the camera round I watch the world go by for a while and then decide to try connecting my laptop to the TV so I can relax more while I watch.


Flicking through the channels I finally find the right one and I'm surprised at how clear the view is, I sit and watch for more than an hour as people rush around outside. Looking at the clock I see it's almost midday so I decide to fix lunch.

As I'm in the kitchen I hear a bell ring once and returning to the living room I see the message I'd hoped for. 'Movement Detected, Activate Network?'.

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quickly I click yes and open the Network, the link for the ground floor apartment is flashing, clicking it I open the cameras to see the girlfriend of the guy move from the living room to the bedroom, this time she's wearing a bathrobe and her hair is tied up out of the way.

Dropping her robe she again stands under the camera and starts to tease her breasts pulling on the nipples. I watch as she starts to tease them harder and mash her breasts faster. She bites her lower lip moaning gently, as she moves her hand down to the trimmed hair of her pussy, lightly touching it and stroking.

Suddenly she jumps as the door bell rings bringing her back to reality.


'Fuck why now?' I think as she quickly pulls her dressing gown on and goes to the door. Following her on the other cameras I see her open the door but can't see who it is, with a wide smile I hear the woman say 'I thought you'd never get here!' stepping back she lets her visitor enter.

I see it's another woman and to my surprise I realise I know her very well. I had no idea my sister knew anyone else in the block!! I watch has they both walk into the living room, my sister casually takes her coat off and throws it over a chair back.


Sitting down they start chatting and my attention starts to wander. I'm quickly brought back to the scene when I hear my sister laughing say 'I hope I wasn't disturbing you from anything important.' The girl coyly replies 'Well Jack's not here so I thought I'd amuse myself until you got here.' shocked I see my sister move to sit beside the girl and slowly undo the robe enough to expose her breasts, 'Mmmmm sexy' my sister whispers.

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Amazed I watch as she reaches out and cups a breast and flicks her finger over the nipple eliciting a light moan from the girl. I sit and stare at the scene, unsure whether to stop watching or not I see the girl lean forward and kiss my sister passionately as she starts to undo her blouse pushing it off my sister's shoulders.

Gasping 'No' she pulled away but couldn't really move as the girl tugged at her bra straps pulling them down and exposing her firm breasts, 'Don't worry Jack's not going to be home for hours yet' she whispered teasing my sisters nipples as she did.

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shocked I realised my body was reacting as I watch my sister being seduced by one of my neighbours, feeling my cock stiffening I couldn't help but stroke it through my shorts as I watched my sisters nipples being sucked and teased. Suddenly the girl stood up and let the robe fall away, naked now in front of my sister she reaches out and pulls her towards her grasping her hand and guiding it to her trimmed pussy, eagerly my sister responded running her hand over the soft hair and waiting pussy lips.

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Again the girl pulls her up this time taking my sisters head in her hands and stepping forward so that her face was pushed against her waiting pussy. 'Lick me hun. Taste me.' she gasps moaning loudly, without stopping I see my sister bury her face into the girls waiting, willing pussy.

Unable to stop watching now I stare at the scene as I stroke harder and harder becoming more aroused as I watch these two sexy women pleasure each other.

Without warning the girl shakes crying out as her orgasm hits her, throwing her head back she almost screams out.

Falling back onto the sofa the girl is shaking and moaning, looking closely I can see her now soaking pussy, she lays with her legs wide as my sister fingers it faster and faster. I see my sister stop and quickly strip naked, I admire her firm breasts and hot sexy body, without warning she straddles the girl and move up so her bald pussy is over the girls face.

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'My turn now' she huskily says as she lowers her pussy onto the girls up turned face, I see her shake and pull away a little before lowering it again full on to the waiting mouth, slowly I see her start to ride the girls tongue as she obviously buries it inside my sisters pussy, her moans building as she moves faster and faster.

Falling forward she orgasms hard almost suffocating her lover, seeing these two sexy girls pleasuring each other I cum shooting hard and long as they lay touching and stroking, teasing each other. Moving away I clean myself up and when I come back my sister has disappeared leaving the girl laying naked and spread wide on her sofa, a couple of minutes later I hear my door open, quickly I switch channels just as my sister walks in smiling.

'What you up too?' she asks innocently. little does she know that I now knew what she'd been up to.