Nice ass busty amateur bangs fake agent

Nice ass busty amateur bangs fake agent
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There is honestly nothing worse than being grounded and stuck in your room doing Math Homework on a Friday night. I could be with my girlfriend right now or even be hanging with my friends. They just have to pass out the report cards on Friday and Ms.Felsc had to give me a F instead of a D. "O.K. David…we are leaving now…I want you in your room studying…if you leave the house…you will be grounded for a long time" Mom yelled from downstairs and I grunted a reply.

They get to go to parties and hang out with their friends while I am stuck in my room with no phone, I-pod or my computer. "How the fuck do you this?" I muttered looking at my calculus book. "Who needs math in life anyway?" I threw my pencil at the book and almost ripped the page out of anger, but managed to get myself under control.

I sighed and went to my sister for help. She was a junior and already took all the shit I took, and besides she is hot! Amanda was 17, and a junior at my high-school. She is 5'8, and has gorgeous blue eyes, natural blonde hair, C cup breasts and an amazingly tight ass which bounces as she flounces around the house.

She has lot of guys fighting over her but she has been going out with Bruce for the past couple of years. She was not the only good-looking one in my family; as a matter of fact our whole family was good looking since we were from the Italian descent. I was 16 and a sophomore in my high-school and a football star. I was 6'1 and 180 pounds of solid muscle. I have my mom's eyes and her hair, which are green eyes and black hair.

I was going out with Jessica who also was unfortunately Bruce's sister. She was one of the hottest girl's in school but I have a reputation of dumping girl's as soon as I fuck them.

It wasn't really my fault since most of the girl's I go out with are bitches, and the rest were either too shy or scared to let me into their pants. Jessica is the only girl I was going out longer than a month. "Mandy?" I knocked on the door and opened it. My sister was on the computer chatting with her boy-friend. "Yeah what's up Dave?" she asked turning around.

Her hair was in a pony-tail, and she wore a blue shirt with sweatpants on. "I kinda need help with math…could you help me out?" I asked staring at her breasts. She nodded her head and closed her work on the computer. "Just a minute…I got to send this email to my friend" she said. I walked out of her room and jumped on my bed where I was attempting to do my math problem.

She came back after couple of seconds and jumped on the bed next to me and looked at my math book. "What do you need help on baby-brother?" she teased me and then grinned at me. She knew I hated it when she called me her baby-brother. "Just help me with my math and get out of here princess" I teased her back.

She hated it when people call her princess and her boy-friend; Bruce learned it the hard way. "Maybe if you were paying attention in math rather than goofing off with you girl-friend you wouldn't have got a F" she said "Hey leave Jess out of this…I don't bring Bruce" "Fair enough…so which problem" I told her the problem and she took a couple of minutes to flip back and look at the lesson.

I don't know how my hand got on her ass but I was in heaven as I felt my hot-sisters ass. She started explaining me how to do the problem but I wasn't paying attention. I kept on looking at her face and how she swiped the hair out of her face.

She had a beautiful face and I wanted to kiss her rosy lips so badly. I wanted to fuck her! I know it is sick but after getting no pussy from my girl-friend since she went on a visit to her aunt's, I was sexually frustrated. "Dave?" she said suddenly and I thought she caught me staring at her breasts. "Why is your hand on my ass?" "What? Oh sorry…" I sure as hell wasn't sorry and I just wanted to smack it so badly but controlled myself.

It was a good thing we were on our stomach or else she would have seen my rock-hard erection. "There you go…if you need any more help…just ask me alright?" she said "Thanks Mandy" I said. She gave me her killer smile and and she ruffled my hair. Normally if ANYONE touched my hair, I would have kicked their ass but there was no way I was going to flip out on her, she was just so hot!

I really needed to jack off and as soon as she left, I went to the washer and grabbed her panties and took a deep sniff.

God she smelled so good, I ran back to my room and closed the door and jumped on my bed. I quickly pulled my shorts down and looked at my rock-hard erection, my dick was just over 8in and 2 ½ in circumference. I imagined my sister naked and giving me a blowjob, and then imagined me pounding her pussy. I started stroking faster and could feel my orgasm approaching and I increased the speed, things went wrong from there.

Amanda opened the door to give me the pen which she took from me and she saw me masturbating with her panties close to my face. "DAVE! Are those my panties!?!" she asked with anger. Oh shit! I truly messed up now, if she tells mom or dad, I will be in deep trouble and even worse how will I ever talk to her or even look at her.

"No…these are Jessica's" I lied and tried to stuff it away. She didn't believe me one bit and marched towards me with anger, I rarely saw in her. She jumped on me and landed right on top of my dick.

"Ooof" I let out as I tried to ignore the pain she was causing. "You sick freak…I am your sister!" she slapped me in the face and ripped the panties away from my hand and stormed off the room. Damn! I messed up now; I have a hot girlfriend why am I looking at my sister like that. I knew I should apologize and got up and knocked on her door and entered. She was on her bed texting and I could tell she was angry by the way she looked at me. "I am sorry Mandy&hellip." I sat down next to her and put my hand on her knee.

"I just needed to masturbate and you are so beautiful and I haven't had sex cause Jessica went to her Aunt's and won't be back until tomorrow…" "It's okay…I understand…I am sorry I slapped you" I let the fake tears roll and she immediately melted.

She hugged me and pressed my face into her breasts and I sniffed her perfume. She smelled so good and I just wanted to suck on her nipples. I don't know what overtook me but I gently pushed her until she was lying on her back. I moved up and buried my face in her hair. "I am sorry Mandy…I love you…you know how much I love you right?" I told her and got on top of her. I kissed her ear and then her neck. "I love you too Dave…what are you doing?" she asked me as I pulled her skin using my lips.

I sucked on her ear lobe and I heard her moan. She tried to push me away but there was no way she is able to lift 180 pounds. I moved closer to her lips and pressed my lips into her lips. She resisted at first but I gently sucked on her lower lip while massaging her breasts through her shirt. She started kissing me back and I let my tongue slip into her mouth and explored it. "Oh damn!" I groaned as she pushed me to the side and ran for the door but I grabbed her wrist and pulled her back on to the bed.

"Dave…you are in deep shit brother…you better let go of me or else…" she left the threat hanging. I have two options now. One, I could let go of her hand and suffer for the rest of my life for not fucking my sister when I got the chance OR I could take the chance and fuck her and who knows? Maybe she will enjoy it. I decided to go for the second option and pulled her into me. "I am your sister! Let go of me!

Fuck your pathetic girlfriend not me!" she tried to fight me but it was no use. I was way stronger than her. I ripped her shirt off and then her bra and her shirt was in pieces.

That shirt better not be her favorite one cause it was in pieces. I suddenly got an idea when I saw a scarf hanging from one of her dresser and I reached of it. I pinned her down to the bed so she won't be able to move and tied her left wrist to the headboard. I held her right hand tightly and searched through her drawer until I found another one and did the same to her right wrist. "Oh my god! You are dead!

I will cut your head off!" she whispered through her teeth. I drank her beauty as I saw her gorgeous breasts and her nipples started hardening. I got on top of her and ran my finger over the side of her face. She thrashed around and I got off her and let her continue thrashing around mainly because I got to see her breasts bouncing. She gave up after a while and laid on the bed defeated. "You are gorgeous Mandy…why do you go out with Bruce?

I will satisfy all your sexual pleasure baby…leave that donkey-face…" I said and kissed her neck, she started moving her head side to side and I held it tightly to one side and licked the side of her face. "You are sick Dave…all you care for is pussy! You don't even know the meaning of a relationship" she said and I frowned. "How am I sick baby? I do know what relationships are about…" I said and held her face tightly as I kissed her luscious lips.

I forced my tongue into her mouth and sucked on her tongue and she started moaning. "Fuck you Dave. Fuck you" she spat and I moved down to her breasts and sucked on her right nipple and she moaned loudly for me.

I moved to her left nipple and did the same. I moved down to her sweatpants and kissed her pussy through her pants.

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"Baby…these need to come off…don't you agree?" I asked her. She didn't say anything and as I slowly moved her sweatpants, she tried to kick me but I caught her leg and quickly pulled the pants off and then her panties and spread her legs. "Oooo…look at that…so god damn beautiful!" I said truthfully.

She tried to kick me again but I grabbed her legs and forced them apart. I feasted on her delicious pussy. She kept it shaved, and it was so bald, soft and suckable. I moved in close enjoying the heat radiated from her nucleus and the sweet smell of her intoxicating me. I gently parted her lips and heard a soft moan, she was wet! "So delicious…" I said. "I bet you taste delicious" I didn't give her a chance to say anything and started tasting her, lapping her juices and sliding my tongue deep into her pussy.

She didn't say anything but her body was responding moving to the rhythm of my tongue and the further I stuck my tongue, the more her legs trembled. "You like it baby?" I asked her. "Who is better me or Bruce?" "Fuck you!" she screamed with pleasure. "Ohhhh Godddd!" she screamed as pleasure coursed through her body with the help of my golden tongue.

"You are sooo fucking dead…Ahhh…feels good" I ignored her and continued to tongue fuck her warm pussy. I trailed my tongue to her clit and rolled my tongue over it again and again persistently.

I heard her whimper and flicked it with the tip of my tongue and immediately sucked it into my mouth. She started to groan and moan, her hips trying to grind against my face. I slipped my index finger in her and she immediately tightened around it. "OHHH I AM SO CLOSE SO CLOSE!" she moaned ignoring the fact that I was the one giving her this orgasm. I curled my fingers and found her G-spot and massaged it gently, gradually increasing the pace. I started applying more and more pressure on it and made a "come here" motion.

She arched her back arched her back and groaned loudly. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH I AM CUMMMMMMMMMMMMING!" she screamed and her juices literally exploded from her pussy and shot me in the face. I quickly slurped all the juices from her pussy and loved the taste of it. I couldn't wait any longer, I needed pussy! I brought my shorts down and took off my shirt to let her see my body and my cock. Her eyes were not fixed on my body but on my cock as precum were leaking out of it.

I lined up my cock with her warm pussy and pushed it in to the hilt as we both hissed in pleasure. I loved the way her cunt was squeezing my dick and her pussy was tight as fuck.

I slowly started pumping into her tight pussy and she started writhing beneath me, buckling her hips against mine as I pumped into her deep and hard. "Don't stop Dave! Please don't stop!" she cried as her pussy quivered around my cock. I loved the feeling of her pussy and it was so hot that I thought my cock would melt at the heat.

I knew I had complete control of her and quickly removed the scarf which bounded her wrists and she immediately pulled me down and gave me a deep kiss. "Your pussy feels so good baby so god damn good!" I groaned as I kissed her. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me closer into her so my hips were grinding into her pussy.

Her smooth thighs felt amazing as they wrapped around me.

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"Tell me how much you love…say my name! Scream my name" I urged her as I ran my hand my hands through her blonde hair. "Fuck me Dave! Fuck me! Oh God I love you so much! You fuck me so much better than Bruce" she cried. All sense of right and wrong and all manner of pride had been removed from her mind. She squeezed my ass and moaned into my mouth. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" she screamed my name as another orgasm hit her.

Her pussy clamped down on my cock but I ignored the tightness and kept on fucking her as her juices flowed around my cock. It was like I was trying to run in water, I couldn't fuck her as fast when she gripped as I normally would but this made her cum even harder since her G-spot grinded against my dick.

"Oh Dave oh Dave!"she moaned as her orgasm subsided. I kissed her hard and took her nipple into my mouth and grazed it with my teeth and gently pulled it with my teeth. She tightened her pussy each time I would pull her nipple and her face was lost in endless pleasure. I found her asshole and inserted my index finger in it and rotated it and pulled her nipple with my teeth. She rolled her eyes all the way back and I rubbed her clit roughly with my fingers and brought her to another amazing orgasm.

"DAVEHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed so loudly that I thought our neighbors heard and clamped her mouth with my mouth. This time I didn't kept on fucking her but played with her nipples as she caught her breath after the orgasm. "Why won't you cum!" she asked seriously. I grinned at her. Football had trained me to last longer and I have a lot of endurance. "Don't worry…I will make you cum!" she grinned and pushed me to the side and straddled me. She lined herself down with my cock and sat on it hissing with pleasure.

She started riding my cock with all her energy and force. I was getting close to my orgasm and could feel the churning in my balls but I saw this as a challenge and wanted to outlast Amanda. "Cum for me! Cum for me! Cum in my pussy!" she screamed as her ass smacked against my hips. I squeezed her ass cheeks and helped her up and down and I could tell her orgasm was fast approaching.

I pulled her into me and started fucking her with intensity and gave her a deep kiss. I loved the way her nipples grazed across my skin and could only imagine the pleasure she was receiving from this action.

"YOU BASTARD!" she cried out and collapsed on top of me as she cummed again. This wasn't as intense as her other orgasms but it knocked her out. I thought she passed out but she was kissing my neck gently. My orgasm was just as close and I fucked her limp figure and I was about to explode. She sensed this and squeezed her cunt with force as I slammed into her and exploded. I must have cum gallons in her pussy.

"Only if Bruce can last half as long as you can" she muttered and I laughed out loud. She laughed with me and looked deeply into my eyes.

I picked her up with ease and she clung on to me tightly wondering where I was taking her. Truth be told, I didn't know where I was taking her until I saw my parent's room closed.

I opened the room and dumped her on the large bed and then jumped on her and started kissing her. She started kissing me back and ran her hands through my hair and rested them behind my neck. "Mmm" I moaned as she started stroking my cock. I could feel it slightly hardening but knew it was going to take some time for me to recover.

The next thing I knew she had bobbed her head down and taken my head into her warm mouth. She swirled her tongue over the head then started to move down the shaft before pulling off and sitting back up. She closed her eyes and really went to work. Her saliva coated me as she worked up and down me driving me crazy. Her hand now was gently massaging my balls as she continued sucking me deep. Amanda increased her tempo, taking me to back of her mouth with each movement until she slipped my cock into her throat.

She swallowed me whole with her nose hitting my pubic hair. I gently pushed her off of me. "What? You don't want to cum in my mouth? I thought guys liked doing that?" she asked in a cute way.

""I love cumming down a girl's throat but I don't want this to go to waste" I said as I pushed her on to her back and put a pillow under her ass. "Dave! That's mom's pillow! And my cum is drenching it!" she said and I noticed that but that turned me on. "Dave? How many girls have you fucked?" "I umm&hellip.I" This question threw me by surprise. "I don't know…more than I can count…why?" "Just wondering…so what are you going to do to me now?" she asked sexily shaking her ass in front of my face.

I grinned and smacked her ass playfully. "Have you ever been fucked up the ass baby? Did Bruce Wayne fuck you up the ass?" I teased her. She shook her head nervously. "Don't call him Bruce Wayne! He is not batman!" she scolded me. I slowly started massaging her ass cheeks and spread them apart to see her forbidden pink eye. I scooped some cup which was dripping from her pussy and massaged her asshole. When she was nice and loosened up, I began to massage her hole with my finger.

"Oh my god Dave" she exclaimed "I had no idea that would feel so good!" I smiled to myself and slid a finger in slowly. I watched as her tight little ass swallowed up my finger and gripped it tightly in place. I could tell she was eager, as her ass was clenching and unclenching around my finger. All the while I was driven on by the sounds of Amanda's sexy moans. "You like that baby?" I asked her. "Think you can handle another finger" "It feels amazing…yeah I think I can" she exclaimed I pushed in another finger and started sawing back and forth.

Amanda buried her face in my blankets as I continued finger fucking her virgin asshole. I lowered my face and started to lick around her rim as my fingers penetrated her depths. I pushed my fingers in up to the knuckle and I knew she was ready. "Dave?" she looked into my eyes as I lined up my dick against her asshole. "Please be gentle…it is my first time" "You know what?

I am going to use some lube just for you…" I got off the bed and looked through the drawers of my parents until I found what I was looking for. "How did you know they keep it there?" she asked me curiously and I grinned at her. I took the bottle of lubricant and flicked it open.

I squirted a little into Amanda's crack, and she shuddered. "It's cold." she said. "Sorry," I replied, leaning in to breath hot air over her exposed asshole. My finger were soon back at work, rubbing the lube into her hole. I dipped one, the two fingers into her, getting her nice and primed. I then squirted some into my hand and coated my dick with the gooey substance. After tossing the bottle to the floor, I pulled Amanda's ass apart and began to slide my slippery cock up and down her crack, before coming to a stop at her tight little hole.

She was holding her breath as I began to push. Her ass was tight and didn't give much, but I managed to squeeze my head in with a pop. "Uhhhggg," she groaned as her tight muscular ring clamped down around my cock, imprisoning it within the confines of her virgin asshole.

I stopped and just let her get used to the feeling. After a while she began to relax a little more and I began to move my hips around, swiveling the head of my cock around in her ass. I then pushed forward a little more. It was very tight and hard to make any ground. I spread her cheeks and stared at my cock, half buried in her ass. I also noticed she was starting to play with her pussy.

"Keep going." she urged. "I want to feel all of your dick inside me." I reached around and grabbed the front of her thighs, pulling her back a little. She moaned louder as her ass slid down my lubricated dick. After a few more minutes I was completely buried in her tight hole.

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The feeling was amazing and I started grinding my hips into her ass. My balls were pressed firmly against her pussy lips, and I could feel the vibrations from Amanda playing with her clit. "It feels so full." she said. "I love it!" As I withdrew, I could feel that tight ass grabbing at my cock, trying to hold me in place. I pulled back almost all the way out. My dick head was gently tugging at her muscular ring, threatening to pop out.

I then pushed my way back up Amanda's asshole, this time a little faster. "Oh my fucking god!" she exclaimed as I bottomed out again. She was squeezing her ass tightly around my dick.

And I was having a hard time even moving it. The site was so perfect I wished I had a camera. The way her perfect ass was raised in the air, accepting my cock. Her narrow little waist, bending low before rising back up to her shoulders. I don't think there's anything sexier on Earth than a woman in that position.

"Faster,Dave! please," she moaned. I started fucking her at a medium pace, trying to control myself. Jackie was actually pushing her hips back at me. I stopped moving and she increased her pace, thrusting her firm ass backwards. She dropped her head into the blankets and screamed into the sheets as she roared through her first anal induced climax. I could feel her ass clenching and unclenching around my cock as she tried to milk it with her asshole. The feeling was incredible!

I wasn't even doing anything. Amanda was fucking me with her ass! "Yes, it's so good! Keep fucking me in the ass!!!!" She was turning me on! I grabbed a hold of her hips and thrusted forward, feeding my cock into her greedy little asshole. "Uhhhhh!" she groaned loudly. I pulled out again before drilling her tiny hole with another hard thrust. "Do you like my cock in your ass!?!" I groaned "Yes! I love it!

I love your cock in my ass!" Every time I heard that cute little voice of hers say something dirty I thought I would blow my load. I restrained myself, however, since the experience was way to good to be rushed.

I was fucking her ass now. I was pounding that small hole, driving her hips down into my bed. I almost got carried away, but stopped before I went over the edge. Amanda turned to look at me.

"Can we try it in a different position?" she asked. "Sure," I said, pulling my cock free from her slippery butt hole. "Get on your back and pull your legs up to your head." I had never tried it that way so I was eager to experiment. Amanda did as she was told. As she rolled over I stared down at her cleanly shaven pussy and wondered if I would ever get the chance to try that out. Pulling her legs up to her head, her hips raised off the bed.

I moved forward and slipped my cock back into her waiting asshole. This position was even better. I stared down at my cock moving in and out of her body, then up to her face. Her eyes were closed in pleasure, and a quiet moan was resonating from her lips. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. Just then I heard a phone ringing and I looked over to my side where Amanda's phone was on the bed. I grabbed the phone and looked at the caller-ID and I was about to turn it off when I got an idea.

"You brought your phone?" I asked her not stopping to fuck her ass. "Leave it and fuck me!" she screamed "It is Bruce…uhh…and it is on speaker!" I joked. She immediately grabbed the phone out of my hand and sighed in relief and threw it next to her. The phone started ringing again and I answered it and pressed it against Amanda's ear. "Hello?" she groaned giving me the death stare. "Hi baby&hellip.uh! I am fine…it is nothing!" she said trying hard not to moan.

I grabbed her and started pounding her ass like my life depended on it. She bit her lower lip and I could tell she was trying hard not to scream my name out. "Oh I am so sorry baby&hellip.I…I can't come right now! I…I am helping my brother with his math!" she lied "I can't just leave him now!

Sorry baby…I will talk to you later!" she said and shut the phone and threw it next to her. "AHHHHHHH FUCK ME DAVE!" she screamed my name.

I was closer than before and I thrusted into her ass and exploded all over her ass. "God that was awesome…shit we got to clean up everything!" she said and I helped her get rid of all the evidence. I gave her a deep kiss and passed out on my bed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Alright Dave…you are umm…ungrounded&hellip.just get a better grade" Mom said.

Amanda told mom that I studied vigorously last night and didn't sleep until it was almost mid-night and my mom believed her. My dad knew that I was bullshitting but he was "cooler" than most dads so he grinned at me.

"Thanks mom!" I gave her a hug and a quick kiss on her cheek. "so…I am going over to Jessica's house…so is umm Amanda…you know she is just back from her aunt's…and I want to spend some time with her…and maybe get my first kiss…" Dad was trying not to crack up behind her and I could tell Amanda was really trying not to burst into laughter. I however kept my face straight and gave my mom my puppy-dog eyes.

"Sure baby…don't rush the kiss alright honey…just keep it simple…and don't feel nervous…everybody has their first kiss." She said giving me words of advice "Right Larry?" "Yeah Dave&hellip.ummm…yeah…just grab her ass and lift her up lightly and stick your tongue deep in her mou- "Larry!

Poor kid he is only 16" Mom scolded and put her hands over my ears. My dad Larry knew that I was not as innocent as I looked because he came home early one day and found me having a threesome with two cheerleaders I picked up after my football game.

He didn't stop me and just warned me not to get any of them pregnant. "Alright mom…good-bye" I said and followed Amanda to her car. "You are such an asshole!" she said once we got in the car.

I laughed and she laughed with me. "Shut up Mandy!" "Maybe a kiss…my first kiss" she mocked me and started laughing. "only if she knew what we did last night!" "She would have a heart attack for sure! So we are telling Bruce what we did last night right?" I teased her "No! Dave…I know you don't care that much for girls other than just fucking them but please Bruce is a nice guy and I don't want to hurt his feelings…I really like him" she said. I did fucking care for girls and I loved Jessica.

"Ouch…that was harsh" I said and she looked at me half-amused. She parked her car right in front of their house and we both got out.

"Listen we did nothing last night" she said grabbing my hand. I tried to go ahead but she had a solid grip. "Yeah yeah…" I said and rang the doorbell. Bruce opened the door and we both frowned when we saw each other. Bruce was a year older than me and was the same height and weighed almost as much as me. Everybody at my school would often talk who would win in a fight IF we fought. He had an ugly ass face in my opinion but apparently he doesn't cause my sister is dating him.

Luckily, Jessica didn't have his ugliness or else I would have dumped her long ago. She was quite stunning standing 5'5 and she had reddish brown hair and sparkling green eyes just like me. She had 36 B breasts and flat stomach and busty ass. What I really loved about her was her cheerful personality. She was always happy and wasn't bitchy like my other girlfriends "Bruce!" Amanda jumped into his arms and gave him a long kiss.

I looked away and went in looking for Jessica. "Where is Jessica?" I asked looking at Bruce but he didn't hear me because he was making out with Amanda in the middle of the door. "Here I am!" Jessica jumped out of nowhere and tackled me into the couch. She hugged me tightly and I gave her a long lingering kiss.

I stroked her auburn hair and hugged her tightly. She smelled like flowers and it was intoxicating me! "Baby I have missed you soooooooooooooooooooo much!" she said and gave me another kiss. She straddled my chest and ran her hands through my hair. "I missed you too…and I missed these" I said moving my hands up her flat stomach.

She was expecting me to cup her breasts but I ran my fingers over them and traced her lips. "So David Silva…what did you do without me? Were you cheating on me?" she asked with a naughty smile on her face. I pulled her into me and gave her a deep kiss.

"I was lost without you and the thought of cheating on you didn't even strike my mind" I said "Good answer" she squeezed my cheeks with her thumb and index finger. I felt guilty because I cheated on her and vowed that I would never cheat on another girl. "Let's go to my room" she grabbed my hand and ran upstairs. I thought I would lose my arms but managed to keep up with her. When we reached her room, she tried to push me on the bed but I was expecting this so I grabbed her as I fell on her bed.

I pulled her up with me and she laid her head on my chest and I stroked her hair. "What do you want to do baby?" I asked her pulling her up for a kiss. We kissed briefly and she looked into my eyes. "I just want to be with you…want you to hold me" she said and I was more than happy to hold her. She put her head on my big arm so our faces were level and I turned to my side so I could look at her.

I stroked the hair out of her face so I could look at her eyes and hugged her tightly. "Dave?" she said looking at me "We are not going to break up are we? You are not going to dump me like you dumped other girls are you?" I was getting so sick of getting this question that I got really mad; why the fuck do people keep thinking that it is my fault that I dumped the sluts.

She looked at me and hugged me tightly when she saw my upset face. "No Jess…I won't dump you…why do you think I will? Don't you trust me?" I asked. "I trust you…I am sorry for asking you that question…" she said and kissed me delicately and wiped the tears off my face.

"It's okay…I understand…I will tell you the facts and the myths alright?" I said and looked into her face. "You don't have to…I trust you" she said and I gave her a quick kiss. "I duped Sara, Ashley, Britney, Brianna&hellip.because they were all bitches…and just wanted to look to go out with a hunk…they were bitches to my friends and everything so I dumped them…and Catherine, Julia, and Olivia broke up because we just didn't fit&hellip.and I might have umm had sex with some girls at parties but my heart is yours…alright?" I asked her.

She smiled and hugged me. "You are my best friend, shoulder to lean on, the one person I know I can count on, you're the love of my love, you're my one and only, you're my everything!" she said and I was baffled.

"Did you find that on the internet?" I teased her. "Just go with it idiot!" she said punching me in the arm playfully. I laughed and hugged her tightly and didn't let go for a long time.

"Dave isn't it hot?" she said and took off her shirt so she only had a bra on. It was actually not that hot, it was perfect and I knew what she was trying to do. I followed her lead and took off my shirt and grinned at her. "No fair! You have no clothes on your chest and I do…" she unclasped her bra and let her breasts fall and I had a serious erection.

I grabbed her and gave her a lustful kiss and explored her mouth. I made a trail of kisses down her chin and took her sensitive nipple into my mouth and sucked on it lightly. "Ohhh…that feels nice" she moaned and ran her hands through my hair. Bruce chose the wrong time to interrupt us and he stood at the doorway looking at us. "Ummm&hellip.we are watching a movie and thought you want to watch" He said looking at me menacingly, he was probably expecting me to move to other side of the bed and pretend I didn't touch her sister so I kept on sucking her breasts.

"Huh? Bruce!" she said and hugged me so her back was visible and not her breasts. I grinned at Bruce and kissed Jessica's neck and ran my hands down her bareback and squeezed her ass.

He looked like he wanted to punch me. "Are you guys coming?" he asked "No!" I answered and Jessica said "yes". I looked at her and she gave me that pleading smile which meant that she would make it up to me.

"Dude are you going to leave us alone now? She needs to change and she doesn't need a pervert watching her!" "Shut the fuck up man!" "Dave please?" she whispered. She hates it when we both fight and she put her shirt on once he left.

I sighed and followed Jessica downstairs. Bruce was all the way to the left and he sat next to Amanda, I took a seat next to Amanda and Jessica sat next to me. The movie was an action one named "Ip man", I never watched the movie but wasn't interested in it either. "Why is your brother so ugly?" "Shut up Dave. You are sooo mean.and he is not ugly" she scolded me and lightly pushed me away. I laughed and lifted her up with ease and dropped her on my lap. She giggled and shuffled around until she was sitting between my legs.

I moved back to give her more room and pulled her back with me and put my arms around her slim waist and rested my head on her shoulder. "You are so beautiful baby" I kissed her cheek "Your brother is the exact opposite of you" "Dave" she sighed and shook her head. "Alright fine baby…I am sorry" I looked over to my side and saw my sister resting her head on Bruce's chest. He had his arm around her and was looking at the movie with fascination.

He looked like such a fool that I wanted to laugh out loud but knew it was going to hurt Jessica's feeling. "You are forgiven by your majesty…now let me watch the movie" she giggled. How can any man ignore a beautiful girl sitting inches away from him? I slowly rubbed her stomach feeling her tight stomach. I slipped my hands underneath her shirt and slowly moved them upwards. I looked at her face and smiled, she had her eyes closed and was biting her lower lip.

Jessica was extremely sensitive and when I reached the bottom of her breasts her breathing was irregular. "I thought you liked the movie baby…am I disturbing you?" I whispered in her ear and sucked on her earlobe gently. I used the tip of my tongue and pushed it in her ear. She immediately turned around and pressed her lips onto mine with lust.

"Do you want me to stop baby?" I whispered in her ear again. I traced her nipple but didn't actually touch it, which was driving her crazy. "You basted! I love you so much and hate you so much" she moaned. I smiled to myself and let my other hand travel downwards while still tracing her nipple.

"Dave…that feels so good!" she moaned "Really? Does it?" I asked, letting my hands slowly roam higher up her stomach. I danced my fingers all over her torso, except her breasts, I came close but never actually touched them.

And when they came near she inhaled sharply, when I didn't touch them she let it out, giving me a frustrated look. When I looked over her shoulder I could see her nipples, now probably uncomfortably hard, trying to spear through the tight shirt she was wearing. "Stop teasing me." She pleaded as my hand came so close to touching her left breast, but then pulled back right as I was about to.

"What? You want me to do this?" I asked, suddenly laying my hands on both her tits and squeezing gently. She cried out, a little more startled than I had hoped but it was still an amusing reaction. She moaned as I began squeezing and massaging with my fingers. Apparently her breasts were incredibly sensitive because every change in movement I made got a reaction out of her.

After a few minutes of this I let my fingers seek out her little rock hard nipples and grasped them gently. She closed her eyes and leaned her head against mine, which was still perched on her shoulder.

"Daveee!" she groaned as I tweaked one gently and slowly twisted the other a fraction. She was shifting her hips on my lap and I winced as her weight ground my hard on against my leg. But I wasn't about to stop what I was doing. "Oh god Dave that feels so good." she said quietly in my ear. "Good, then this will feel better." I said as I moved my right hand downwards and slipped them underneath her panties and shorts. She shivered as my fingers traveled down her sparsely hairy pussy and she was drenching when I reached her pussy.

I started rubbing her cilt in circles and she was twitching uncontrollably. "I am going to cum Dave…" she whispered and I increased the speed of my thrusting and pushed my fingers into her pussy and stimulated her G-spot "Cum for me baby…cum for me" I said rather loudly and both Amanda and Bruce turned to look at me.

"Get your hands off her now!" He said as menacingly as possible. I barely heard him and doubted that Jessica heard him. She threw her head back and her juices gushed from her pussy drenching my fingers.

She smiled and looked at me. I slowly got my fingers out and sucked her sweet juice of my finger. "You bitch!" Bruce jumped from the couch, pushed Jessica out of the way and jumped on top of me. He started punching me in the ribs and stomach, knocking the wind out of me.

I soon felt the pain in my sides and pushed him off me and threw him on the floor. Before he got up I tackled him back to the floor and punched him square in the jaw. "DAVE!" Both Jessica and Amanda said in unison as they rushed to break the fight up.

"What is wrong with you faggot? Why the fuck wont you mind your own business!?!" I said as I tried to punch him in the jaw again. This was a fight people in our high-school would probably pay to see. We were both the strongest kids in school and many wanted to see who was the toughest. "Dave stop please?" Jessica said as she pulled me off. I reluctantly stopped punching him and got off me but the bastard decided to strike then.

He threw a punch at me but before I could move my head his fist connected my lower jaw. If the punch had connected to my jaw, he probably would have broke it. "BRUCE!" Amanda yelled and tried to hold him back while Jessica did the same for me. "Get the fuck out of my house!

Leave faggot!" He yelled and before he even finished the sentence I headed for the door. "Dave wait please…" Jessica tried to plead "Let's go Ashley" I said expecting her to follow me but she stood where she was not making eye contact with me. I was so mad that I punched the wall leaving my knuckle print. I felt the pain shoot through my arm but ignore the pain and headed out.

I heard Jessica's pleas but got in my car and drove home. "Shit" I muttered as blood started flowing out of my cut skin. I went to the kitchen sink and washed it off and tried to apply band-aid and wrap it up but I was hard. "Let me help you with that" I didn't even turn my head around to know who it was. It was Jessica. She gently pushed me on the couch and sat on my lap and applied cream on my cut skin.

"Ah" I winced and I could see the tears starting to swell. I knew what was coming next, she would cry and say how sorry she was even though it wasn't her fault. "Come on baby" I said and hugged her tightly. She started crying into my chest and I stroked her hair and rubbed her back. "It wasn't your fault…let's forget about it alright honey?" I said and kissed her forehead. She doesn't come to my football games for the fear of seeing me get tackled. "He shouldn't have done that…I am sorry…" she said looking into my eyes.

I wiped the tears of her face and kissed her forehead. "Don't worry about it" I said yawning "Let's go to sleep" "Hey you two lovebirds…wake up!" My mom shook me and thus woke Jessica. She looked at me confused and then realized how she got here. "Hi are you?" Jessica greeted my mom "I am doing fine are you doing? How did you do on the report card" Mom said.

For some reason my mom LOVES Jessica. Maybe because she thinks Jessica is my "first" girlfriend. I looked over to see Amanda and Dad watching T.V, so Jessica and me helped mom set up the table. They both chatted away talking about everything. Dinner was uneventful for me but was a blast for my family because my mom just has to tell embarrassing stories of my childhood to Jessica. Dad and Amanda were cracking up and Jessica was trying very hard not to laugh out loud mainly because she doesn't want to hurt my feelings.

"Mom?" I tried to get her attention "This one time Jessica.he sang his own version of goes like this."Jingle bells Batman sucks- "Mom!" I said sharply "What is it David?" She asked concerned. "Could you umm stop sharing my childhood stories?" I said and tried to hide tomato red face. "Poor baby.he blushes so easily.I am sorry baby but at least I didn't tell her the time when you wet your bed" Mom said in awed voice.

The only reason why I didn't snap back at mom was because I loved her deeply and she is sensitive. I looked over Dad who was laughing so hard he left the table. "Jessica are you staying over?" Mom asked as we finished dinner. "Ummm- "Yeah she is mom" I spoke for Jessica and helped them clean up. We all sat down and watched some T.V and Amanda tried to sit next to me but I moved so Jessica was in between. After an hour or so, both mom and dad left so it was just Amanda, Jessica and me.

I waited for half-hour or so and I got up pulling Jessica up with me. I led her to my room and pushed her on my bed and pounced on her. We started kissing passionately as we tried to get rid of our clothes and it wasn't long before we were naked and exploring each other's body. "I want you in me me now!" Jessica moaned as I started sucking her nipples.

She pulled me up and kissed me deeply. "No fore play tonight baby.I need you!" lined up my erection against her soaked pussy and pushed in slowly until all 8in of my erection was buried inside her hot cunt. We both moaned with pleasure and Jessica wrapped her legs around mine and pushed me in further. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meee!" she whispered fiercely and I moved back until my head was almost out of her pussy and then slammed home. She hissed and threw her arms around me and pulled me in for a deep kiss.

I continued fucking her pussy which was so hot that I thought my dick would melt. Unfortunately, I couldn't fuck her as fast and hard as I wanted because each movement we made produced a squeaky voice from my bed. "Stop! Put me on the floor and fuck the shit out of me" she said.

I grinned and lifted her up from the bed and laid on the floor, luckily we had carpet so the floor won't be cold. I started slamming her pussy with all my force and strength, she was trying hard not to scream at the top of her mouth and I knew she was close to an orgasm.

"I am going to cum Dave" she bit her lower lip and closed her eyes shut. I leaned down and pressed my lips onto hers and she moaned loudly into my mouth and pulled me into her. Her nipples kept on rubbing against my skin and I could just imagine how much pleasure she was receiving. "Oh gawd!" she pushed my face down into hers and rammed her tongue down my throat.

At that exact moment, she clamped down on my dick with her dick and started breathing heavily. I felt her juices flow around my cock and rubbed her clit furiously. She kept on cumming for what seemed like hours but probably was only a minute or two.

"Thanks baby" she said trying to catch her breath. She pushed me off her and straddled me; she slowly lowered herself down on my cock. "I just love your ass baby…so damn tight!" I groaned as she lowered herself down. Her ass muscles kept clenching and unclenching as she lowered herself down my cock, giving me amazing feelings.

"Your cock is so fucking big! I love it!!!" she grinned with pride as my cock was hidden in her ass. She stayed there for a minute feeling my chest and soon my nipples stood out.

"You look cute just laying down there…making me do all the work huh?" she smiled. Before I could say something smart, she rose and then dropped down on my pole. Her ass was easily the tightest ass I have ever fucked.

She used my chest for support and kept on fucking me, her hair fell to one side and her face looked so sexy. "Ride my cock baby!" I moaned as I felt her perfect asscheeks. I slapped them playfully and with each slap she squeezed my dick. I kept on slapping her cheeks and she suddenly stopped and collapsed on top of me. "Mmmm" she moaned as I felt juices flowing from her pussy and onto my thighs.

She came again and I knew she couldn't fuck me any longer. I picked her up and pushed her against the wall and reentered her ass from behind. "Yeah baby! Fuck the shit out of me!" she moaned as I entered her gaping asshole.

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I rubbed her cilt furiously and fucked her ass. I pushed my index and middle finger in her pussy and found her G-spot.

I was getting close but wanted to cum with her so I massaged her g-spot furiously. "I am going to cum baby!" I moaned in her ear and pushed my tongue into her ear. "Cum with me! Cum with me!" she whispered and squeezed her ass tightly.

I pushed in deeply and exploded in her ass and she came with me, her juices flowed into my hand and she almost fell down. I picked her up and gently dropped her on the bed and she pulled me down with her.

"Thanks baby" I whispered in her ear and kissed her deeply. We just kissed for a long time just caressing each others body. "Baby I am going downstairs for a drink…want anything?" I asked her getting up "No…just come back quickly I want you to hold me while I fall asleep" she yawned and covered her naked body with her blanket.

I pulled up my boxers and skipped downstairs, there were no lights on so I assumed Amanda was asleep and I got a water bottle from the fridge and gulped it down. I put it back and just as I was about to close the door I felt someone hug me from behind. I jumped 10ft in the air and looked to see who it was.

"Amanda? What are you doing!?!" I looked at Amanda who was completely naked. She grinned and pushed me towards the wall and tried to kiss me. I gently pushed her off from me and she frowned. "Dave I need you…I don't know what you did to me but when I had sex with Bruce I only had one orgasm and with you I had more than one…I need your cum in me…please!?!" she begged and it kind of scared me seeing how desperate she seemed.

"No fuck you! Go fuck Bruce!" I said annoyed and tried to go up the stairs. She looked mad but bent down and tried to take my dick in her mouth, which was semi-hard. I slapped her face with it couple of time and put it back in my boxers. "That is all you get" I grinned and tried to go up the stairs again. This time she tackled me against the wall. "Listen Dave…I need you right now and if you don't give me what I want…I will tell Jessica what we did!" she threatened me.

If she said that couple of days ago, I would have laughed at her but know my feelings towards Jessica changed dramatically. "I can't do it now!" I begged and she thought about it for a while and nodded.

"Fine…as soon as Jessica falls asleep" she pushed me and I went up the stairs nervously. I got back in bed with Jessica and she hugged me tightly and put her head on my chest and draped her arm over me.

"Mmm what took you so long" she sighed contently and I kissed her forehead and stroked her hair. She soon fell asleep and I waited for couple more minutes and I all heard was her soft breathing. I was tempted to go back to sleep and almost did but I saw Amanda in the doorway and she was sucking on her own nipples. I gently moved off Jessica and she didn't seem to notice and I followed Amanda to her room. She was addicted to my dick and as soon as I entered the room she jumped on me and sucked me off till I was hard and fucked my cock nice and hard.

I didn't even bother to please her and just lay down and let the bitch do the fucking job. She came twice before I came and when I came she collapsed on top of me and scooped the cum from her pussy and licked it off her finger.

I pushed her off me and cleaned my cock and then went back to bed. Jessica was sleeping soundly, she was on her stomach and her face was to one side.

I gently moved the hair from her face and looked at her cute face, she looked so beautiful sleeping. I put my arm around her and put my head on her back and softly kissed it. She didn't react or move; I hugged her tightly and dozed off to sleep with my love. "Get the door Dave!" Amanda yelled and I grunted in response and got from the couch. Both my parents went to visit my aunt because she was was sick, and they left Amanda in charge of everything. Jessica took a nice warm shower with me and put some of Amanda's clothes which were a size too big.

We all planned on swimming but Amanda was having a conversation with Jessica and clearly they didn't want me in it, so I sat on the couch and waited for them to finish.

I opened the door and saw Bruce. "Who the hell invited this bitch over?" I yelled at Amanda and she immediately ran to my side and positioned herself between us. "I did.I thought he would like to swim with us" Amanda said and I got the keys from the table. "You thought wrong! Either he is going to leave or I am" I tried to move through them outside but Amanda pushed me back.

"Hold on a second.Bruce has something to say to you" Bruce frowned and looked at me. "I.I am sorry.for starting the fight.blah blah.accept my apology" I smiled because he apologized and because the scar on his face from yesterday made him look uglier. I didn't want him having all the fun while I am in the car. "Whatever.I am still leaving if he says ANYTHING" I said and threw the keys back on table.

I went back to the couch and sat down. Bruce followed me and took a seat few spaces next to me. Amanda walked back to Jessica and they started talking again.

Either of us said anything and Bruce was the first one to break the silence. "What are they doing?" He asked "I don't know they have been talking the whole morning…" I answered "Oh…dude I am sorry for starting the fight…" He said looking at me "Yeah it's fine…I probably would have done the same thing" I probably wouldn't have done the same thing but he felt really bad so I lied.

"How is your scholarship to the college coming out?" He asked "It's pretty good…I have some last minute things to do…my cousin goes to the same college so I am pretty excited…" I said cracking my knuckles and turned the T.V.

off "How is yours?" "It is done…I just got to mail it to them…" After that the conversation flowed pretty easily, we talked about football, music, school and movies. He told me his relationship with Amanda was pretty serious and he wants to get married to her(I wasn't too happy about that).

I could tell why Amanda fell for him, he might not be as good-looking as me but he was nice and funny. We had many of the same interests and we were talking about last night's game when Jessica and Amanda interrupted us. "Hi Bruce" Jessica greeted him and sat on my lap. She pulled me into her and gave me a deep kiss.

She smiled and got up. "Come with me" she made a "come here" motion with her index finger and I looked at Amanda who smiled like she knew something we didn't. I shrugged and followed Jessica up to my room and she immediately pushed me on the bed and jumped on top of me and started kissing me with zeal.

Within seconds we were naked and making out passionately and she suddenly broke the kiss. "What's wrong?" I asked her as she got up. "Nothing…" She started looking through my clothes "I always wanted to fuck a guy who was blind-folded" she got a scarf from my closet and tied it around my eyes and I could barely see anything other than the lighting. "Mmmm" I moaned as she rammed her tongue down my throat. I stroked her soft hair and let my hands travel down her smooth back and started fondling her ass.

Her pussy was right at the tip of my dick and I desperately wanted to ram it into her. She probably sensed this and moved up just as I was about to pound it into her. "Patience baby" She giggled as she started sucking my ear lobe and flicked with her tongue like I always do to her.

It send waves of pleasure throughout my body and I tried to find her pussy again.


"Just a minute" She giggled and got off me. I was about to take my blind fold off when she said "Don't take it off" I sat there stroking my dick wondering when she will come back. Slowly something warm and slippery was choking my dick, I grabbed what I could snatch and pulled it down. "Ohhhh god!" This voice was definitely not Jessica's. I ripped the scarf out of my face to find Amanda riding my cock like she was possessed. "Amanda what are you&hellip.ohh yeah baby…that feel so good…doing?" I asked her and tried to get up but she pushed me and gave me a sloppy kiss.

"You&hellip.ah ah…oh gawd…weren't suppose…so big…take the scarf off!" she moaned and started moving up her pussy on my pole furiously. If this bitch wanted cock then I will give it to her! I grabbed her and threw her on the bed and jumped on her and slammed my dick into her. She shivered with bliss and tried to match my stroke but she couldn't keep up with me. I was pounding her pussy like it was the last I will ever fuck. "FUCK ME DAVE JUST LIKE THAT!" she screamed and rubbed her pussy lips but she didn't need to.

I was giving her all the happiness she ever wanted. I loved how her tits were bouncing and grabbed her nipples which were rock hard and tweaked them.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD! YES YES YES YES!" I reached down and bit her nipple and pulled it with my teeth while rolling her other one with my fingers. "I AM CUMMING! I AM CUMMINGGGG!" she screamed and her pussy squeezed my dick so hard that I thought I was going to explode.

I didn't stop and kept on fucking her and my dick was rubbing against her G-spot furiously. Her juices kept on leaking down my dick and it felt like I was fucking a hot Poland Spring Water bottle! "You like it baby? Tell me how much you like!" I growled as I slapped her breasts. She was sweating like she just ran a marathon, she grabbed my head and kissed me hard. "I love it! I fucking love it!" she groaned and put her hands on my shoulder.

"I wanna fuck you doggy" I said and she immediately got in position and I ran my dick over her puffy pussy lips and she shivered in agony. I plunged my cock into her and she screamed with surprise. I loved the feeling of her warm walls clenching and releasing my dick and I loved her perfect ass cheeks which were firm. "Oh!" she said as I grabbed her hair and pulled it back. The way she was positioned right now would give any guy an instant hard-on, her tits were hanging like apples from a tree and her face was in absolute delight.

I reached and rubbed her cilt furiously. "I AM CUMMING AGAIN!" she screamed and I pulled her cilt. She collapsed on the bed as her juices started flowing around my cock giving me pleasure. I got on top of her and continued fucking her with deep long stroked and I licked the sweat of her face.

"Are you going to cum for me again baby?" I asked and sucked on her ear and moved the hair out of her face. There is nothing like the smell of sweat when you have sex mixed with your cum. "Dave? Oh gawd stop please…I can't take it anymore…please" I didn't stop but only fucked her slowly and waited for her to catch her breath.

"Where is Jess?" I asked her kissing her neck. She grinned at me and gave me a long kiss. "Doing what I am doing…fucking her brother" she said slowly. I almost blew my load right there and stopped fucking her and looked at Amanda to see if she was kidding. "Yep…let's go see" she said. I picked her up with my dick still buried inside her and went to Amanda's room to see Bruce fucking Jessica sideways so they both were facing each other.

It was an erotic scene and I grinned at Amanda and dropped her on the bed. "Need help bro?" I asked him and he grinned at me. I gave Jessica a long kiss and positioned my slimy cock against her asshole and pushed in slowly until all eight inches of my cock was in her ass.

"Stay with me Bruce!" I grunted and we started fucking her in a rhythm which was giving her the best sensations according to her moans. I kissed her neck and her ear while fucking her ass. I could actually feel Bruce's cock fucking her and she tightened all her muscles as she came.

"This was her second time!" Bruce groaned as juices flowed down her pussy "Let's give her one more!" I grinned and increased my pace. I was getting really close and knew I wasn't going to last much longer. I could tell Bruce wasn't going to last much longer either and I tweaked her nipples.

This pushed her over the edge and I rammed my cock into her ass and exploded. Bruce did the same and within a few minutes we were all on our backs spent.

"God I always wanted to fuck you!" Bruce said finally "Really? You have Amanda" Jessica said and they started making out. I smiled and moved closer to Amanda who was smiling at me.

She moved towards me and gave me a long kiss and I stroked her sweaty hair and looked at her beautiful face. "Did you set all this up?" I asked her and she nodded her head. I grinned and used Amanda's breasts as pillows and laid my head on it. She stroked my hair and her phone went off.

I reached across and grabbed it. "What's up dad?" I answered "Dave? Where is Amanda? Oh well…listen…your aunt is kind of sick so we will be staying with her couple of days and your cousins are coming over…Jasmine and Mike…they will probably be there around 12:00…" "REALLY!?!" I said excitedly. "Yeah…bye" I looked at the time it was 11:50 so they will be here in ten minutes. "What's up?" Amanda asked as I jumped up. "Jas and Mike are coming over and will stay here for couple of days…" I said "REALLY!?!" Amanda repeated me.

Bruce and Jessica looked over confused. "Jas and Mike are our cousins and if they are with Dave you cannot separate them&hellip.especially Dave and Jasmine…it's like they are in love are something!" Amanda explained and I thought I saw jealousy in Jessica's eyes. "Do you want us to leave?" Bruce asked "Hell no…you got to meet them…and let's swim…I want to get rid of all these juices off my body" I said We all went down to the pool and changed into our swim wear and jumped in the pool.


After we washed away all the evidence of sex we all dried ourselves and sat down. Jessica and Amanda looked stunning in their bikinis and Jessica sat next to me. "So stud…you are an incest freak also huh? Have you fucked your mom yet?" she teased me. "No…I only fucked Amanda and Jasmine…" I replied and all three head looked at me shocked.

"You fucked Jasmine too? When!?!" Amanda asked shocked "Last summer…Mike and me kinda seduced her…it was really easy and we had a blast the whole summer…jealous Amanda?" I teased her. She shook her head but I could tell she was jealous. (That story is for a different time…maybe if I get high rating and reads?) "Dave? They are here" Amanda yelled from the kitchen and I almost sprinted to the door but managed to find my cool. I opened the window and saw a beautiful black Mercedes parked in the driveway.

Jasmine slipped her leg out of the passenger side like runway model and her long slender leg appeared, then the other. Jasmine's skirt ended halfway down her smooth thighs. She had on a sky blue silk blouse that was pulled tight across her firm, medium sized chest.

As amazing as her model like frame was, her strawberry blond hair framed a beautiful face that could not be ignored. Her high cheek bones, defined chin line and broad smile soothed me. Her swollen bright red lips rested below a nose perfectly matched to the rest of her face. She was strikingly pretty, and strangely similar to Amanda. She was definitely the hottest girl I have ever seen and was even hotter than most of the celebrities. One word which describes her is perfection.

"She has that affect on everyone…" I said to Bruce whose mouth was wide open when he saw Jasmine. Jessica was shocked too but she hid her emotions unlike her brother. Mike then stepped out of the car, he wasn't built like a football player but more like a soccer player. He was just as tall as me and his sandy blonde hair gave him the classic surfer look.

"Dave!" Jasmine basically ran up to me and threw her arms around my neck. I grinned and gave her a long kiss and hugged her tightly. She tasted like mint and smelled wonderful. I saw Amanda hug Mike and I was surprised when she kissed him on the lips.

Amanda turned to an incest freak after I fucked her couple of days ago and I could tell she had the hots for Mike. Mike also told me he always fantasized about fucking Amanda so I guessed his dream was coming true.

"Wow Dave…you got bigger and more handsome…damn" she said looking at my chest and then running her hand over my abs. I grinned and kissed her again. "I could say the same to you…your breasts got bigger and you look like an angel…is Mike taking care of you?" I whispered in her ear. "Not as good as you are going to…who are they?" she asked nodding her head towards Jessica and Bruce.

"My girlfriend and you know Bruce…the same guy who Amanda was going out with past year and half." I said. "He is kinda cute…" she said as I led them inside. "Hi I am Jasmine…" Jasmine introduced herself to Jessica and they talked for a bit.

She then introduced herself to Bruce who couldn't say anything. She giggled and then plopped down on the couch bringing me down with her. "Hey Jessica…is it okay if I borrow your boyfriend for couple of days? We have some catching up to do" she said as I put my arm around her. "I already told them about us…and guess what? I fucked Amanda couple of days ago!" I told her. Jasmine blushed and then broke into a laugh. "Really?

You finally fucked her? Oooo I am jealous!" "Yo Dave…" He gave me dabs and then grinned "Steroids are bad for you faggot" "I can still kick your ass Mike…don't forget it!.besides I worked my ass off to get these." I warned him and then grinned.

He sat down next to me but his eyes were feasted on Jessica, it was as if he was trying to decided which position he should fuck her. Jessica simply smiled at him and then blushed when he stared at her for too long.

"Did you bring your swimsuit?" I asked Jasmine and she nodded her head in response. "Let's go swimming then!" Amanda said cheerfully and we all headed to the pool. The water was nice and cool for a hot summer day and we all jumped in it.

Bruce and Amanda went off to a side and they started talking and kissing and I pulled Jasmine to the shallows. She looked so fucking gorgeous in her two piece bikini that she made Megan Fox look ugly. She sat down on my lap facing me and threw each of her long slender legs to a side. I placed my hands on her slender waist and kissed her beautiful red lips. "I miss our is Jenny?

Dad told me she was sick." I asked her stroking her long hair. She looked at me confused and she looked so cute. "What do you mean sick? Mom was fine.she told me to take my new car for a ride and spend couple of days with you guys." Jasmine cocked her head to a side.

"Oh? We will check on them later.but tell me about your is college? Guess what? I got a full scholarship to the same college as your going!" I said and she grinned at me. "How did you manage to do that? You were as dumb as a rock!" she said laughing. "Oh shut up! I fucked my teachers for grades and besides I got the scholarship for football not acadamics" I said and she had her mouth open.

"You fucked your teachers too! Dave name someone who you didnt fuck! And got so much bigger and you have that manly look on your face" she said and she rubbed my semi-erect cock and smiled. "Did you get big in that section too?" "If you call 8in big.yeah" "8in! Did you measure yourself freak?" I laughed and she laughed with me. I untied her top and threw it on the side. "Your tits got bigger.did you meet anyone in college?" "No.well yeah I met some guys but I didn't like them that I am single about you?

How long are you going out with Jessica?" "What do you mean how long I will go out with Jessica?" I said getting upset. "Well you do have a tendency to dump girls." she said and stopped when she saw that I was upset "Come on." She smiled and leaned forward to give me a kiss.

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I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her into me so her breasts were pressing tight against me. Her nipples were rock hard and they were trying to penetrate my skin. I ran my hand through her wet hair and slowly pushed my tongue into her mouth. We kissed for what seemed a long time and she gently broke it off. "I am hot and horny now! Let's go to your room!" she got off me and pulled me with her.

Her DD tits bounced as she climbed up the stairs. I glanced at the pool and saw Jessica making out with Mike and I felt a jolt of jealous. I tried to ignore it, after all she was my girlfriend not Mike's. Jasmine basically ripped my arm off as she dragged me up the stairs. "Come on that the fastest you can climb the stairs?" Before I could reply she pushed me on the bed.

I just lay there looking at her gorgeous breasts. She smiled at me and slowly and as sedectively as she can took off her panties. My dick was aching and she climbed on the bed and walked towards me in all fours, her breasts swaying. "Little brother did I do that to you?" She pointed at my swollen dick with her left index finger and her other index towards herself. Brother! Damn she was fucking turning me on. Her smooth tan thigh was driving me wild. I wanted to eat my way from her sexy toes to her mouth watering pussy.

I wanted to shove my face in until I made her cover it with a gallon of her cum. "Help me hurts a bit" I said playing into my role. We both wanted to play this role for a long time. "Okay.this will make you feel better" Jasmin's mouth surrounded my pulsing flesh. Jeez, what the fuck.

Every wonderful feeling I remembered about Jasmin's mouth on my cock was surpassed. She hadn't done it many times, but weight of those experiences was tremendous.

I groaned loudly as her mouth swallowed several inches of my rod. Her one hand fondled my balls while the other gripped her nipple. I took a deep breath in through my nose. I was sure I could smell her wonderful scent. The smell made me hungry for her and pushed me over the edge. I took her by her arms and pulled her to her feet. When our eyes met, all the powerful passion we shared was right there. I pushed her robe all the way open and admired her beautiful body wrapped like a present in red lace.

It was clear acting was over. I moved my hands slowly across her checks until my fingers were on her neck and my thumbs were right in front of her ears. I pulled her face close and placed my mouth over hers. My tongue quickly found hers, and we got lost in a long kiss that made my toes curl. Still holding her head, I pushed her face back and stared into her eyes, trying to read her heart.

A tear drop started to form, but before it found its way to her cheek, she pulled me against her. My hands slipped under her robe and took hold of her round ass. Jasmin's shapely rump was firm, but it filled my hands, and my finger sunk in when I squeezed it.

I reached under the bottom of each cheek, and gripped tightly. I pulled Jasmin hard into me, pressing my burning cock in between us. Jasmin bit my neck and ear. "Oh Dave, you make me feel so good. Please, just fuck me. Don't." I wanted to just shove my hurting dick inside her body, where I knew it was going to feel completely satisfied. But, I just held her against me, kissing her neck, face and lips. I had many warm sexual moments with Jasmin but it has been a long time.

I let my cheek lightly brush the back of her thighs before taking another mouth full of the back of her leg. With her legs pushed up towards her chest, I placed my mouth just inches from where the back of the thigh meets the ass cheek.

I sucked hard and used my teeth to leave a bright red spot. My passionate aggression caused a jerk, followed by a moan. Ten minutes after my lips started their journey at her ankle, they teasingly worked their way within half an inch of the prize. Jasmin's hands moved around uncomfortably.

She grasped at her chest, her stomach and even the carpet. When I let her legs lay flat on each side of me and licked beside her pussy, she clutched my hair. She pulled, I resisted until she let go. I laid on my stomach with my hands under her ass. I looked up over her mound and between her heaving breasts. Jasmin stared down into my eyes. Her face screamed for me to satisfy her. I blew lightly across the two folds of pouting flesh. Jasmin grabbed at the short carpet and pulled her back off the floor a few inches and looked down into her begging hole.

"Please, Please, Dave!" A loud groan of relief sounded as her head flopped back on the floor. My tongue had plunged straight into her hole. My mouth filled with that wonderful taste.

I could never describe the taste, but there was nothing like it. I circled my tongue around a few times inside her body and then slowly moved upward. I separated her lips with my mouth's pry bar until I reached her gorged clit. I sucked it hard into my mouth and batted it with the tip of my tongue. Jasmin's ass instantly jerked off the floor and her legs slammed shut on my head, then opened all the way.

Panting hard, "Oh fuck. Jeez!" I forced my open mouth over her gushing hole. My mouth filled with her flowing juices as I dug in as far as I could make my tongue reach. Gripping her ass as hard as I could I went back to work on her swollen nub. Jasmin's hands had a firm grip on my head as her knees pulled up towards her chest.

Her hole opened wide to my hungry mouth as she drove my head wherever she needed it. Finally, after several building orgasms, Jasmin lost it. Her hips bucked, driving her cunt into my face, over and over again. Then, with one last screech her thighs clamped down on my head. If I hadn't been so excited, I might have screamed from the pain of having my hair yanked on. Jasmin pushed her feet onto the floor and forced her pussy and my face up into the air.

When her ass dropped back to the ground, my head went with it. I watched her sweet fluid run down her quivering butt cheeks when her legs finally opened and set my head free. I looked up over her glistening body and her bra had been ripped off. I smiled as big as the sun as her exhausted and exhilarated face greeted me. In a gasping breath she spoke, "what is wrong with you, phew, are you trying to kill me?" "I am not done yet babydoll…" I smiled. She was stunning; words could not describe her beauty.

She has amazing breasts, which were perfect for her body. She had beautiful pink nipples, which were rock hard and were sticking out half-inch.I was going to feel every inch of her body. I took her pointy nipple into my mouth and gently sucked on it. She moaned and relaxed as I gently massaged her other breast with my hand, rolling her nipples with my fingers. I then moved to her other breast and sucked on her nipple, gently pulling it with my teeth and twisting it. "Ohhhhh Dave?

That feels soooo good" she moaned, running her hand through my hair. I moved to her neck and started sucking on it and kissing her.

She shook and put her hand on my shoulder and leaned back. I continued kissing her neck, and then I moved to her Adam's apple, and I licked her chin and traced her throat. I felt her swallow and she started twitching lightly. "DAVE? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MEEE?" I didn't answer her and kissed her shoulder and then moved to her armpits and kissed her, and licked it gently.

I knew I was driving her crazy and licked it thoroughly before moving on to the other shoulder, where I did the same. She had her eyes closed and from the look on her face, I could tell she was experiencing absolute pleasure. "Mmmm" she moaned unable to get out any words.

I moved down to her flat stomach and planted a trail of small kissed to which she shuddered. I used my tongue and circled the outer layer of her pussy, but never actually touching the pussy. This was driving her wild and she tried to force my face into her pussy, but I ignored it and traveled to her thighs and then to her toes. I massaged her feet and took her toes into my mouth and sucked on them gently.

She was moaning with pleasure as I sucked each toes switching ever five seconds or so. I moved to her other feet and did the same thing and I looked at her pussy which was drenching with her juices.

I finally decided to take pity on her pussy and planted a kiss in the center of her pussy. "DAVE!" she moaned and her hand grabbed my head and forced it into her pussy. I started lapping away her juices. I took her sensitive bud in my mouth and started sucking on it furiously and I knew she was about to have an orgasm so I increased the pace and flicked it faster and harder.

"OHHHHHHH I AM GOING TO CUM DAVE I AM GOING TO CUM!!" she moaned. I slowed down and let her orgasm pass, and then I started flicking her cilt again. I used my teeth to pull her cilt and then twirled it around my tongue making her go wild.

I then slowly spread her pussy lips and started licking her and eating her inside out, sticking my tongue as far as it would go.

She was buckling her hips in my face and trying to drown with her snatch. I could feel her orgasm coming close, once again and quickly shoved my middle and my index finger into her sex and found her G-spot. I made a "come here" motion with my fingers and she tightly gripped my fingers with her pussy and I knew she was close so I slowed down.

"DAVE!?! PLEASE PLEASE" she begged me. I finally decided to have mercy on her and started sucking on her cilt furiously and pressed my thumb into her asshole. Her juices gushed my face, she shook and quivered for a good minute.

I got up and held my beautiful sister in my arms as she collapsed on top of me. "Dave…every part of my body is burning…I never orgasmed like that…that was amazing…" she said with a smile on her face.

"Not fuck me!" My cock was pressed onto her pubic mound after I climbed on top of Jasmin's body. I slipped my hands under the back of her shoulders and gripped the top of them from underneath. It felt so warm and comfortable laying between her legs. I kissed her tenderly. My lips grabbed at her bottom lip and pulled on it. My tongue licked across the extended lip.

My eyes searched her soul to see if she felt what I was feeling. When her lip was freed, we kissed passionately with our eyes wide open.

When I lifted my hips, Jasmin's hand moved between us and guided my cock to her wet opening. "Go ahead, put it in me. Do it, Dave. Make love, um, fuck me Dave, just fuck me." Without a second of delay, I arched my back until my pubic hair was grinding her pubic bone. I took a long breath and let my dick absorb the intense sensation. I slipped my arms underneath and grabbed her lower shoulders, I pressed my chest against her large breasts and her arms immediately grabbed my back.

"Dave? Your dick feels so right in me" she moaned and I had to admit it felt more than right, it felt like home. Our eyes met and I leaned down to slip my tongue into her warm mouth.

When our tongue met it was like electricity jolted through my body, she smelled so sweet. We kissed for a long time with my dick inside her warm pussy. I slowly started humping her, my dick slid up and down her warm and slippery walls. She threw her head back and her mouth was wide open, she looked like she was having a stroke and I could see sweat trickling down her beautiful face.

"Fuck me faster!?!" she moaned and it was as if she had me spell bounded. I increased my pace and so did her breathing, she started panting and twitching. Her grip on my back was firm and her nipples slid down up and down my chest. "OH FUCK!" Without warning her thighs wrapped around me like a snake and her nails bit into my back. Her pussy held my cock in a death-grip as her juices started flowing around my cock.

This sent me over the edge, I needed to cum badly. I buried my face in her hair and started fucking her with all my strength. I pounded her flooding pussy as she kept on cumming and cumming, she bit into my shoulder.

"DAVE!!!!!!!!" I couldn't hold it any longer and kept on fucking her until I felt that familiar feeling in my balls. I didn't stop and flicked her nipple with the tip of my tongue and exploded in her pussy. I sent ropes of cum into her pussy, enough to get every girl in Europe pregnant. "Oh my fucking god!" I collapsed on top of her. She gently stroked my hair and I wanted to sleep in her arms. Suddenly, Amanda, Bruce, Jessica and Mike came into my room and started laughing.

Bruce had a serious erection and so did Mike, Jessica looked kind of upset and sad but she didn't say anything. "Dave? Dave" Fuck me Dave!" Mike mocked Jasmine and she tried to kick him but couldn't reach him. Everybody started laughing again and I rolled off Jasmine and pulled her with me. She landed on top of me and hugged me like a Teddy bear. I hugged her back just as tightly and Jessica looked away. I need to talk to her. "Shut up are just jealous because you can't fuck me like Dave can" Jasmine stuck her tongue out and gave him the finger.

"Seriously is one thing to moan and another to scream at the top of your lungs" Amanda said as she lay down next to us. "Mandy.if you had as many orgasms as I did wouldn't be talking!" "How many did you have?" "At least 10 or 11" She had a lot but I doubt that she had that many. She gave me a long kiss and got off me. "I need to get cleaned up!" "We have to go.see you later Dave.come on Bruce!" Jessica said suddenly and went downstairs. I tried to catch up with her but she was already in her car.

Bruce stopped me and nodded his head. "I will take care of was probably the best day of my life dude.although I didn't get to fuck your cousin!" He said sadly and got a smack from Amanda. They left soon after that and I took a quick shower (separately), and put some fresh clothes on and some cologne. I went downstairs and looked at the time, it was 2:30 and we still didn't have lunch.

At the thought of lunch, my stomach grumbled and I sat down next to Jasmine. They were all watching a movie which didn't interest me. "Yo Jasmine.why don't you give me a ride? Show off your new Mercedes." I said and her eye lit up at that idea.

"Let's get some pizza.I am starving.Amanda what do you want for toppings?" "Umm.pepperoni and onions.get some beer too.actually never mind…" "Mike?" "Huh?" "Toppings?" "Umm.same with me.onions." He said looking through his phone.

I grabbed my wallet and went outside with Jasmine. Her hair was neatly combed and it fell over her shoulders. She looked like an angel who came to visit earth. I ran my hands over her new car and whistled. She giggled and unlocked the car. It was hot inside but after we opened the window it was much better.

"Nice ride." I said after she turned the engine on. It hummed to life and I wished I had a car like her but I really shouldn't complain since my parents bought me a new sports bike. " come you don't ride your bike?" she asked "I don't want anything to happen to want to come for a ride with me? Tomorrow?" I asked her turning the radio on. I put my favorite channel and turned the volume up. "Really? That would be this the place?" she asked as we parked in front of a Pizza hut.

I nodded and we got out of the car. The place was really huge and lots of kids from my school came here after school. I ordered two large pizzas with my favorite toppings in one of them, Jasmine didn't really care for toppings so the other pizza had Mike's and Amanda's.

We both sat down and she leaned into my chest and draped her arm across my stomach. I put my arm around her and kissed her forehead. "So why are our parents lying to us?" she asked. "What?" "Your parents told you that my mom is sick.she isn't.and my mom told me that I should take my new car for a ride and spend some time with you guys." she said quietly.

I didn't know what was such a big deal. "Think about it Dave.this happened to us almost every year.last year you came over my house.and the year before tha- "What are you trying to say?" "They are hiding something" she said. I was shocked, what would they try to hide from us? "Couple of weeks ago.I heard my mom masturbating.she was moaning "Larry".think about it." "Alright.we will go check it out tomorrow.alright?" I said just to make her feel happy and she seemed happy.

I leaned down and gently started kissing her, she kissed me back with zeal and her hand started rubbing my dick. "Stop Dave.there are kids here" she said breaking the kiss. Just then a pair of hands covered my eyes. "Guess who?" There was only one person who does that and has hands which smell vanilla.

My ex-girlfriend Ashley. "What do you want Ashley?" "You don't seem as happy as I seem to see you" she said as she sat down next to me. She looked like she was drinking and her clothes smelled like smoke, she was looking at me dreamily and then looked at Jasmine. "Who is this? I thought you were going out with Jessica?" she slurred and leaned in to kiss me. I moved my face away partly because her breath reeked.

She looked disappointed but then smiled at me again. "She is my- "Girlfriend" Jasmine interrupted me and then smiled at Ashley "I am his girlfriend.who are you?" "What? I am his girl- "She is my ex-girlfriend" I interrupted Ashley. "You know Dave." She said running her sharp fingernail over my face "I really felt bad after we broke up.I even started doing drugs, and started drinking heavily.I really missed your dick" she rubbed my cock through my pants.

"Well now he is mine sorry" Jasmine said pushing Ashley's hand away. They both glared at each other for a while before someone grabbed Ashley by her clothes and pulled her up. They were two kids from the baseball team. They basically dragged her outside. Jasmine looked at me confused and I knew something was up. I quickly paid for the pizza and gave the boxes to Jasmine. "Jasmine.go sit in the car.I will be right back" I said "What?

No." She put the boxes in the car and followed me as I crossed the parking lot. "Suck it Bitch! I will cut your tits off" The shorter guy said as he forced Ashley to suck his dick. There was another guy who was trying to get his dick out of his pants. They both saw me as stopped what they were doing.

The shorter guy put his dick back in his pants and glared at me "What do you want? We are not shooting a movie here.fuck off" He said "Dave? No.please" Ashley said faintly. Jasmine looked at me worriedly. The two guys were heavily built but I knew I could take each at a time. The only thing was which one of them was stronger and I had to knock the weaker guy before I take the stronger guy.

"Shut the fuck up bitch! Look.if you don't leave right now. We will rape your girl too" The taller guy said. I quickly moved to him and knocked him out with a solid punch to his jaw and he was on the ground. I looked at the shorter guy and he took out a knife and grinned at me.

Jasmine immediately moved between us and tried to negotiate with him. "Jasmine! Get out of the way!" I whispered but she didn't move. She went forward to try to talk to the guy with a KNIFE! "Look.there is no need for a fight.just let go of Ashley and let us g- The guy moved in to try to cut her and I pulled Jasmine back but her hands were in the air and the blade made slight contact with her arm.

I grabbed his hand for forced the blade out of it and broke his nose with a punch and kicked him in the balls with all my force. He was the ground limp. "Oh my god Jasmine! Are you okay?" I asked. Blood was oozing out of her arm but the cut itself was not deep. I took out my handkerchielf and wrapped it around her. "Are you crazy? What were you trying to do? What if you got stabbed" I yelled at her. "Are you crazy? What if you got stabbed? How do you think you are Vin Diesel?" She yelled back and started crying.

I hugged her and rubbed her back. "Sorry I yelled at you…I was just scared…" I said and I kissed her cheek. She stopped crying but I didn't let go of her and kissed her cheek again as I stroked her hair. "It is alright.I guess I was crazy trying to discuss with him huh?" She smiled "Yes you were" I laughed and kissed her again. I eventually let go of her and got my phone out from my pocket and called Ashley's brother and told him to pick her up.

We got in the car and drove home immediately. Almost as soon as we got home both, Amanda and Mike jumped on us and got their pizza box and started cramming it down their throat. "Mmm…so fucking good" Jasmine moaned as she took a small bite out of her pizza.

It was her first pizza and my third pizza. She sat next to me and leaned against my left side; I put my arm around her and took another big bite out of my pizza.

"Jas…what happened to your arm?" Amanda asked and Mike turned around to look at her arm. She just shrugged and Amanda looked at me for explaining.

"She tried to be a hero" I said and received a jab from Jasmine's elbow. I laughed and both Mike and Amanda looked confused. "It is nothing…what you need to know is…Mike has some pretty messed up ex-girlfriends" she concluded and Amanda nodded her head in agreement. "Shut up…that's why they were my exes" I said and everybody laughed at that.

After I ate my full, I lazily laid down on the couch with Jasmine on top of me. We both looked to the side as we watched a movie on Netflix. Amanda went upstairs to study for her finals and Mike sighed as she walked up the stairs. "Ready for round two?" Jasmine whispered "Round two?" I asked and she giggled.

She moved up and started slowly kissing me. She slowly started rubbing her ass into my crotch and I felt my dick starting to harden.

She pulled my lower lip and massaged it while flicking my upper lip with her tongue. "Mmmm" I moaned into her sweet little mouth. "Jasmine?" Mike interrupted us but she didn't stop kissing me. "What?" she mumbled and moved to my neck.

She started pulling my skin with her teeth and I moaned as warm sensations traveled down to my crotch. "I really need your help in fucking Amanda" He said and pulled our heads back.

I wanted to smack him but my hands were in Jasmine's jeans. "You guys fucked already and I didn't even get pussy! That is not fair…and Amanda isn't interested in me! Do what you did to Nina" "Nina?" I asked confused and they both grinned at me. "Watch" she got off me and slowly went up the stairs and we both followed her up the stairs. She told us to wait outside the door and went in Amanda's door.

She got on her bed and laid down on her stomach next to Amanda and they slowly started talking. I saw Mike removing all his clothes and he motioned me to do the same. I removed all my clothes and wasn't shy since Mike saw me naked all summer. He didn't even look at my dick and when I looked at his, he was already erect. When I looked back at the room, Jasmine and Amanda were making out like two lost lovers who finally met, and my dick jumped.

I was about to shoot my load when they both started undressing and when Jasmine straddled Amanda's face. Mike went in the room and positioned his dick and pushed in. "AHHHHH" Amanda screamed surprised. I followed Mike and sat on the bed watching the erotic scene in front of me. I slowly started stroking my dick and Jasmine grinned at me, Mike was pounding her pussy with all his might and he was slapping her breasts.

Jasmine grinded her pussy into Amanda's face so she was barely able to breathe. I really needed to fuck someone and I grabbed Jasmine and pulled her into me. "Ahhh" She squealed as she was lifted off but her squeal turned into a moan as I plunged my dick deep into her hole. She grinned at me and pulled me down for a long kiss. I held her hips for support and moved my dick back and then slammed it into her again grinding my hips into hers. She moaned loudly and I started increasing the pace, I looked over to see Mike giving Amanda an orgasm.

" "MMMMMM" "Ahhhhh" "OH MY FUCKING GOD!" "FUCK ME DAVE!" "FASTER MIKE YES YES YES JUST LIKE THAT" That was all I heard, moans and more moaning. I couldn't even describe how tight Jasmine's pussy was and I milked her large breasts.

The look on Jasmine's face as she came was priceless, her eyes rolled all the way back into her eyes and her mouth formed a perfect O. "Switch Switch Switch!" Mike moaned "What?" I managed. "Fuck Amanda and I will fuck Jas" He said after a while and I found this extremely erotic. He nodded at me and I removed my dick from Jasmine's pussy and it was painful, I quickly moved to Amanda and she looked confused for a second and then smiled as I slammed my dick back into her warm pussy.

"Mmmm yes fuck me brother fuck me little brother" she screamed in delight as I pounded her pussy. I leaned down and bit her nipples hard and pulled them.

"Don't call me baby brother!" I leaned down and gave her a long kiss and I tasted Jasmine's pussy. I moved her to the side and started fucking her sideways.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me tightly against her body. Her hard nipples were constantly rubbing against my bare chest and it wasn't long before she clamped down on my dick and screamed. "I AM CUMMINGGGG- I shut her up by kissing her and she screamed into my mouth. Her juices flooded against my dick and it felt like hot water was pouring down the side of my dick.

She eventually relaxed and I slowed down so I wouldn't cum easily. "Switch Again" Mike said next to me and Amanda shook her head as if she didn't want me to leave. "He is too rough!" she said softly as I softly sucked on her ear. I smiled and moved at the exact same time Mike did and pushed my dick back in Jasmine's.

"Don't you fucking dare switch again!" Jasmine threatened but I was the one who had complete control over her. She must have sensed this because she pushed me to the side and straddled me.

"Ah Hah!" she grinned triumphantly. She slowly started riding up and down my pole. I closed my eyes and relaxed enjoying the warm sensation she was giving me. I put hands on her firm stomach and used her love handles to lift her up and down my pole.

"Fuck this!" she screamed and leaned forwards and gave me a kiss. Her hair was on her side and she started fucking me quickly. Her soft ass cheeks were pressing down my sides and I helped her up.

As she came down I thrust up to meet her and as she went back up I prepared for my next stroke. She grabbed my head and started kissing me all over. "I am close…I am so damn close" I moaned as she stuck her tongue in my ear and flicked my earlobe.

"Cum with me!" she managed and I kept on fucking her until I couldn't take it anymore. I slammed into her and my head swelled and then exploded. Ropes of cum were shot deep in her pussy. She shivered as she came with me, her pussy milked my cock and she collapsed on top of me. I looked over to see Amanda giving Mike a sloppy blow-job as he got close to his orgasm. He grabbed her head and forced it down his dick and groaned loudly.

Amanda gagged a bit but managed to swallow all of it. He collapsed on top of her and started sucking her breasts like a baby. "I wanted to do that for a long time!" He moaned. Amanda giggled and stroked his hair.

"Take a break…we are going to start round three soon" Jasmine whispered in my ear. She laughed when she saw the expression on my face. "Don't worry…round three is tomorrow" "Get the hell out of my room Jasmine and Dave!" Amanda kicked me "I want Mike here…he is going to sleep with me" "Whatever" I picked up Jasmine with ease and took her to my room. Almost as soon as we reached the bed, my legs gave out and I collapsed on it. Jasmine pulled me up and we both drifted off to sleep.

I was the first one to wake up and Jasmine was on top of me. Her head was on my shoulder and our pillow was on the floor. She was clinging on to me tightly and I gently brushed the hair out of her face and looked at her beautiful face. Her breath was so soft I barely heard it and I kissed her forehead and hugged her tightly.

I tried to ease my way but she held on to me. "mmm…stay with me…I like it when you hold me" she said and I couldn't deny her plea. I softly stroked her soft hair and kissed her cheek. She sighed contently and gave me a morning kiss. "I am ready for round three" I whispered in her ear and spread her ass cheeks and slowly inserted my finger into her ass until it was completely in her and sucked on it.

"Eww…" she said and I laughed. "I love every part of you" I whispered and went underneath the blankets and stuck my tongue as deep as it would go into her ass. "Oh gawd& still like anal don't you?" she asked me pulling me up. "Before we do round three…you promised me something" "What?" I asked trying to remember what I promised her. "Bike ride" she said. "Right now? It is only 9:00…" I tried to reason but she pouted her lips and I said sure.

How could anyone say no to someone as beautiful as her!?! "Thank you! Let me get ready" she jumped up from the bed and went to the bathroom, her cute ass flouncing. I grinned and took a shower. I put my shirt on and dried my hair, I found my jeans in my messy closet. After putting my fresh boxers, I went downstairs and found my biker jacket and gloves. My jacket was black with red stripes and my gloves were black.

Jasmine came back down with a white shirt which revealed her cleavage and had black jeans. Her hair was neatly combed and it was long and silky.

She gave me a kiss and stood eagerly. "Aren't you going to eat breakfast?" I asked "We can eat on our way" she said and I shrugged. I gave her one of my black shades which looked nice on her and put my own shades. "What are these for?" she asked as she put the shades on. "So you wont be crying and it would be better if you tie your hair back in a ponytail" I said "Okey-Dokey" she said and tied her hair back. I sighed and grabbed my keys and went to the garage and looked at my YZF-R1.

It was a beautiful piece of mechanics and I walked out of the garage and revealed it to an excited Jasmine. I got on bike and turned it on and it hummed to life, I felt its vibrations underneath me.

I put my jacket on and then gave my spare one to Jasmine. She squealed and got behind me, it wasn't as hard as I expected. I thought it would be hard for balance but she was too light for me to even notice. She slipped her arms underneath mine and hugged me tightly. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and put her helmet on. I grabbed my helmet and eased my way into the streets after I put it on. She seemed genuinely disappointed that I didn't take off but I wasn't trying to grab anyone's attention and I got on the highway and took off.

"AHH!" she screamed as we went from 40 to 85 in matter of seconds. I wasn't expecting much traffic but I was wrong, I weaved through the traffic and slowed down 70. She was clinging on to me tightly and didn't make a single noise. After about 20 minutes or so, I stopped at the nearest Dunkin Donuts. "Oh my god! That was scary as hell but so cool" she said taking off her helmet.

I grinned at her and took off my helmet and we both went inside. I ordered a large breakfast for myself and she ordered scrambled eggs and black coffee. "That it?" I asked her. How on earth is she going to last throughout the day? "Yeah Dave…I got to be slim" she said smiling and taking a seat. I shook my head and followed her and we had our breakfast in five minutes.

After she finished her, I wasn't even half-way. I quickly crammed the food down my throat and waited for her to finish her coffee. "That was quite a big breakfast" she said. I laughed and she laughed with me. "You need to eat more and then you should burn it off…not starve yourself" I said. "Who said I was starving myself?" she frowned "Oh come on…" I said putting my arm around her.

"Oh such a cute couple" An elderly couple walked by us. I said thank you while Jasmine just blushed. After they left, Jasmine looked at me straight in the eyes and asked me "Do you love me?" "Yeah of course I lov- "No I mean love me love me…like how you would love a wife" she said looking straight into my eyes. "I…I do Jasmine…but things are not as simple as they seem…we can love each other as much as we want but we won't be together…what would happen if our parents found out?" I asked her "So we can never be together…why?

Why dave? I love you so much…I feel…complete with you" she said softly crying. I held her tightly and kissed her.

I gently wiped the tears off her face. "Hey come on.I see you smiling.I see the smile." I said pointing at her lips. She first started smiling and then broke into a laugh. "Stop laughing! Seriously if you don't stop laughing right now!" "Well stop tickling me!" she squealed as my hands ran over her sides. She was all over the place and I finally stopped. "Why do I love you so much!?!" "Because you do." I said and gave her a big hug.

She smiled at me and then we threw our trash away and headed outside. She told me once she wanted to ride a bike so I got my keys out and threw them to her. She caught them gracefully and looked at me confused.

"Want to ride it?" I asked her and she had a huge smile on her face. She got on the bike and turned it on, I got behind her and quickly showed her how to switch the gears.

She rode in the parkinglot until she felt comfortable and then I told her to get on the highway. She got on the highway but was only driving in 50's and 55's. "Come can go faster than that!" I said and held on to her tightly as she increased the speed. She was quickly manuevering through the traffic like a pro and we reached her house in less than 30 min. "Whew.damn now I know how scary it is to be a passanger!" I said and she grinned at me.

I took off my helmet and followed her inside the house. I threw my helmet on the couch and grabbed a coke from the freezer and sat on the couch. Jasmine went upstairs and I started flipping through the channels to find something interesting when Jasmine rushed downstairs and shut the T.V "What's wrong?" I asked her as she pulled me up.

"Shhhh.follow me don't say anything!" she said putting her finger on my lips. I followed her up the stairs and gasped when I saw my dad fucking the living shit out of my aunt. The first thing that went throught my mind was "God she is hot!" the second thing that went through my mind was "He is cheating on my mom!". I was going to barge in their and demands an answer from my dad when Jasmine grabbed my wrist.

She pointed across the room and I saw my mom fingering herself. So this was they were up to! Jasmine has been right the whole time, they sent us away on vacations so they could have their fun but how could mom be accepting this.

"Fuck her Larry! Fuck the shit out of that slut! Then fuck me! OHH I am so damn close!" My mom moaned as she approached her orgasm. My mom was a looker. She had nice long blonde hair and green eyes like mine, her DD breasts looked stunning on her flat stomach.

Her breasts had almost no sag on them and her pussy was lightly trimmed. "Shut.the.fuck .up! He is mine!" Jenny, my aunt moaned. She was the exact copy of Jasmine or should I say Jasmine was the exact copy of her mother. They both had the same hair color, body type, and they even sounded the same when they had sex. "Calm down sisters!

I got plenty for both of you!" My dad grinned as he fucked Jenny. Sisters? I looked at Jasmine but she looked just as suprised. She grabbed my hand and took me to her room and started undressing. I followed her lead and quickly undressed until I was only in my boxers, Jasmine got on the bed and took my boxers off in a seductive manner and pre-cum was already dripping. She had only her panties on which looked sexy as hell.

"Come here baby.let me suck on you tits!" I said and she moved up and sat on my dick. I moaned as she started rubbing herself across my dick and the heat radiating from her pussy was intense. She threw her breasts right in front of my face. I sucked a nipple into my mouth, squeezing and twisting the other one as I bit lightly and playfully. Now it was her turn to moan out loud.

I switched nipples, the first one glistening with my saliva. With my mouth still playing with her chest, I stood and turned around, laying her on the bed below me. Now I was on top of her, and her legs wrapped around me while I ravished her amazing body with my tongue and teeth.

Her hips were twisting around again, And my head ached to tear through her dripping pussy less than an inch away.

I pulled back, and she looked expectantly, and begged, "Please, take me Dave." "Have to be patient honey," I said with a wave of my finger, tutting her like a naughty child. I knelt down, and put my face between her legs. The first whiff of her scent was like a drug, and I licked her panties. The white, smooth fabric was so wet I could pretty much see through it. I kissed and licked her underwear, softly enough that she would feel just the slightest pressure on her pretty cunt.

She whimpered and tried to push her hips closer to me, and I obliged her by pressing my tongue as hard as I could against her hole, much like my cock had done moments before.

She wrapped her legs around my head, and reached down to move her panties aside, and I thrust my tongue deep inside her. She cried in ecstasy as I bit tenderly on her clit and flicked it with my tongue. A quick glance up showed me that her hands had taken up where mine had left off on her chest, and she was pinching her nipples while I went down on her.

"Oh god, I'm so close." Jasmine moaned moaned. I took that as my cue, and with one motion, stood up and thrust myself inside of her. She was so wet that I slid right in with no problem. She must not have been lying, because as soon as I was in to the hilt, her pussy convulsed around me, and I felt a new wave of wetness as she came on my cock.

Her hands gripped and twisted the sheets as she cried out lovingly, "Oh Dave!!" I started to move slowly in and out, loving every inch of her. She was so tight that I thought I'd lose it right away. Jasmine's legs were spread, her feet in the air. The only contact between us was me inside of her smooth, shaven cunt. I thrusted as fast as I could, watching her tits jiggle back and forth. Her panties were on her stomach, the sheer fabric now only served to accentuate her nudity, since it no longer covered anything decent.

"Dave.dont cum in me!" she gasped sensing that I was close to my orgasm. "Where do you want me to then?" I groaned as my dick slid smoothly inside her. I leaned down to kiss her and she grabbed my head and rammed her tongue down my throat.

She kissed with so much passion that I couldnt last much longer. "In my mouth!" I took my dick out of her mouth and she immediately took my dick in her mouth and twirled her tongue around my head like a pro and took me deep inside her throat. I moaned and shoot roped of white cum down her throat, she didn't gag and swalloed every single drop. She kept on sucking me even after I was limp, until I pulled her head away.

"Oh no.we got to go! What is they find us?" She said suddenly and gave me my clothes. She quickly put her clothes on and I took my time, putting mine on. "Hurry up Dave!" "Why? He is fucking his sister and so my dad is your dad! You are my half-sister!" I grinned and she looked at me and then smiled. "Let's go!" We silently went downstairs and got on our bike, I decided to drive.

For some reason she told me to stop and I was confused but still stopped at the side. She got off and took off her helmet. "What's wrong?" I asked her.

"I need to know something.we can be together now.our whole family is into incest! I need your you love me?" she asked seriously. "Jasmine- "You know you love me what is stopping you!" she said loudly as a car zoomed by us.

"But I am already in a relationship! This is the longest I have ever been in and I don't want to mess anything up by commiting to you!" "So I am just a pussy to you then!" she said and I went near her and tried to put my arm around her but she pushed it off.

"Jasmine you are more than a pussy to me! Why you would you say that? What's wrong? We were fine couple of day's ago.and you suddenly ask me if I truly love you.I do OK? I truly love you.but what do you want me to do with Jessica?" I argued "I don't know Dave.I am not talking to you until you decide." she said and put her helmet back on.

I tried to reason with her but she didn't answer or reply to me. I cursed and got on the bike and drove home in record time. "What's wrong?" Amanda asked once we got home. Jasmine sat on the couch with a grim look on her face and sighed.

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I sat next to her and put my arm around her. "Can we talk about this?" I said looking into her eyes. She looked away and shook her head. She got up and went upstairs. I sighed and closed my eyes, what happened to her? "What's wrong Dave?" Amanda said putting her hand on my knee. I explained the siuation to her and expected her to laugh at me and tell me that I can never love a girl but she smiled. "Why is she acting like that?" I asked Amanda hoping to find an answer, she simply shrugged.

"Girls are like that.they get emotional sometimes.she loves you Dave.I know that. Just do what your heart wants you to do." she said and kissed me on my cheek and left. Mike came and sat next to me. What is this? My whole family planned an attack against me or are they all experts at love?

"I heard what's wrong are in a tough to me it will me.who do you find physically attractive?" he said "Ummm Jessica is pretty but Jasmine is definately beautiful that her." I said facing him.

He nodded his head sagely. "Alright.who did you spend more time with and who is the person who you will never get bored with?" He asked "More time Jasmine and obviously I would never get bored with her.that is why I spent more time with her" He smiled at me and nodded his head again. "Who knows you better? Who knows what you like?" He asked and it suddenly hit me whether he was asking biased questions or not.

Either way Jasmine was right for me and I decided to break up with Jessica but I couldnt just go and say "I found someone better than you Jessica.bye" Mike left after a while and I heard a car from the driveway and looked out the window to see Jessica out of her car.

I opened the door for her and she gave me a hug but not a kiss. "Hi" "Hi.come on in.have a seat" I said and led her to the couch. She sat down across from me and didn't say anything. "You left hastily yesterday.what's up?" I asked her still thinking of a way to tell her that I wanted to break up with her.

"I wanted to talk to you about and you won't work are just.too maybe we should break up?" She said slowly. I wasn't sad or angry, suddenly it felt like million pounds have been lifted off my shoulder.

"we can still be friends and since Bruce is serious with Amanda.we will probably see a lot of each other.I just came to say that.bye" "I understand.bye" She kissed me on the cheek and left without turning back. That was faster than I expected and much smoother, I shrugged and started walking up the stairs. Jasmine was in my room looking at her phone, probably texting her friends.

I sat down next to her on the bed and waited for her to say something. "Alright Jasmine.I decided." I said after she didn't say anything. She shut her phone and looked at me expectedly and I wanted to tease her. "I decided Jessica.sorry" She looked crushed as if million pounds just dropped on her shoulders and tears were forming in her pretty blue eyes. I didn't want her to start crying or feel too bad and I grabbed her and kissed her.

I pressed my lips onto her soft lips and forced my tongue into her, she didn't respond but stayed limp in my arms. "I am just kidding baby.I broke up with Jessica" I said breaking the kiss.

I looked into her eyes and they shone with happiness. I pushed her on the bed and hugged her. She hugged me back tightly. "You bastard! Don't EVER do that again!" she said and elbowed me in the back.

I laughed and looked at her gorgeous face and caressed her cheeks. She rubbed the back of my neck with her thumb and gave me a quick kiss. "Jasmine…what is wrong?" I asked her. "What's wrong? Nothing is wrong" she said and looked away.

I knew something was up, why would she ask me questions like this all of sudden. "Tell me…you trust me right?" I said forcing her to look in my eyes. She sighed and looked deep in my eyes. "Dave…I…am not on a pill and I might get pregnant from the fucking we did…" she said and I was dumbstruck. "Bu.But…didn't you say you were on the pill?" "I never said because you never asked me…I just needed to know you were committed to me…and not leave me alone after you find out if I pregnant…" she said looking worried "If I…will get pregnant…would you want the baby?" "Of course…I would want the baby…why would you even think like that?

Look…I will always love you alright?" I kissed her forehead and hugged her. She smiled and hugged me back and kissed my cheek.

I rolled off her and pulled her with me, she straddled my chest and was looking down at me naughtily. I looked at her and she grinded her ass into my crotch and smiled. The smile sent chills down my back.

"So are we doing round three now?" she asked "Round three?" I asked her. She nodded her head and I could see the smile spreading on her lips. I gently ran my hands over her flat stomach and started tickling her. She was extremely ticklish and immediately started laughing and writhing like a snake. "Stop it! Stop it Dave!" she said while still laughing.

She managed to push me away and ran for the door. I ran right after her and caught her before she could go down the stairs. I started tickling her and she dropped to the floor and went into a fetal position so I couldn't tickle her. I lifted her up and threw her on my parents bed and jumped on top of her pinning her hands down with mine. She was breathing hard and she was looking at me. "You look so cute lying there like that…" I said truthfully.

She looked so venerable and sexy that I could feel my dick rising. I let go of her hands and pressed my lips into her soft lips, our tongues met in a long embrace. My chest was pressing down into her firm breasts and her soft hands held my face as we kissed.

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We rolled so she was on top of me and her hair covered our faces. She didn't bother to move it back so I gently moved her hair out of her face and held it behind her neck. As we kissed she started grinding her hips into mine in circles, constantly rubbing my erection.

She broke the kiss but didn't move away so our forehead was touching, I rubbed my nose against her in a playful manner and she laughed. "It feel so bad doing it in our parent's room" she whispered and lifted my shirt up.

I moved up so she could get it off and she threw it next to us. She ran her hands over my chest and circled my nipples. I could feel them getting hard and she moved down and licked them. "Oh gawd…" I moaned. No girl has ever done that to me and now I know how it feels to lick a girl's nipple or suck on them. She unbuckled my belt and pulled my jeans down to my knees and I helped her take it off. She rubbed my erection through my boxers and I softly moaned. She took them off and expertly stroked my dick in her hand.

Just then I felt warm lips around the head of my penis as I lean my head back and close my eyes. This was heaven. As she slides up and down my shaft rolling her tongue along the bottom of my penis I can't help but think she is an experienced cock sucker.

I raise my head back up and open my eyes to look down at her, and it is a beautiful sight seeing her head slide back and forth, back and forth. Starting to get into it, I move my hand behind her head and rest it in her soft hair as she lets out a moan of approval she starts to suck harder.

I guess from wanting to hurry things along so I start to push down a little on every down stroke she makes feeling her start to deep throat and gag a little starting to turn me on even more.

"Suck it baby…just like that…yes" I moan. Just Thrusting deep into her hot and moist throat as I slide across her soft tongue and lips.

Saliva dripping out of her mouth onto my pants and her shirt. I open my eyes to see her eagerly sucking it, I push my dick further into her hot mouth and her throat muscles squeeze the head of my dick so tightly, I knew I was going to cum. "I am going to cum baby!" I managed to get out. She took me deeper until her nose was touching my public hair. My parents and my aunt decide to come into the room at that exact time.

They were all laughing and my dad was the first one to see me. "Dave! You don't bring girls over to our bedroom!" My dad said fiercely. I barely heard him and shot my cum deep in Jasmine's throat. She gagged slightly but managed to swallow it all. "Oh gawd that was amazing!" I said and then looked at dad who was staring at me in disbelief.

My aunt saw the scene which was going on and stopped laughing. My mom looked at me confused and then shock came over her face and finally anger settled in.

Jasmine was still facing me and she looked amused and scared at the same time. "Who is that girl!?!" My mom asked me but it was my dad who moved toward me and yanked Jasmine up. He immediately let go of her and his mouth was wide open. "Jasmine!?" They all said at the same time.

I slowly grabbed my boxers and put them on. "Yeah Yeah Yeah…It is me…I am his cousin…I shouldn't be doing this…I am the older one…blah blah blah" Jasmine said and sat down next to me. My aunt had a faint smile on her face but my mom's expression was still scaring me. "What's wrong daddy? He can't fuck me and you can fuck whoever you want?" Jasmine asked.

"What do you mean whoever I w…Did you just call me daddy?" He asked and looked at my mom. All the anger in my mom's face was drained. "Yeah…how come you didn't tell me mom that it was your brother who got you pregnant? Huh? Don't I deserve to know who was my dad?" Jasmine asked. She was the one who was angry. "I…I&hellip.I didn't know how you were going to take it…and how did you find out?" My aunt asked embarrassed.

"Me and Dave saw the little show you guys put on this morning…" Jasmine explained "I knew someone else was with us!" My mom said for the first time "You guys didn't believe me!" "I am sorry Jasmine…we should have told you but we didn't know how you were going to take it…I guess we should tell you now…we might as we call Amanda and Mike down…" Dad said Mike, Amanda, Jasmine and me all sat on the bed.

Jasmine was sitting next to me and Amanda next to Jasmine and Mike was next to Amanda. Mike and Amanda turned pale when they saw me only with my boxers and our parents sat across from us. "Amanda…Mike…we have to tell you something…" Dad sighed and rubbed his eyes "Mike…I am your father…as a matter of are all my children…I got your mother…my sister…pregnant but I was already married to my sister, Megan" "I know this is all complicated but don't judge us…" "There is nothing to judge daddy…we all love incest…nothing to be ashamed…" Jasmine said and straddled dad, who was on a chair and kissed him.

I was shocked that Jasmine would do that and looked at Amanda who was just as surprised. Mike feasted his eyes on his mom and moved towards her. I was dumbstruck when mom moved towards me and pushed me on the bed. "I guess my son is not as innocent as he seems huh?" she said and kissed me. What happened next? I had no clue! We had a massive incest party; I fucked my mom, my aunt, Jasmine and Amanda.

We all switched off so me and Mike would fuck my aunt or me and dad would fuck my mom. All three of us fucked Amanda, me fucking her in the ass and Mike fucking her in the pussy while dad rammed his dick in her mouth. It was almost 8:00, when we all collapsed. My dick was limp even though there were four beautiful naked ladies in front of me. I looked at Dad and Mike; they were in the same position as me. "Dave…come here…suck my nipples…you too Amanda…" Mom said as she laid on her stomach.

I moved towards my mom and started sucking on her right nipple while Amanda sucked on her lift nipple. "Yes…suck me nipples…just like when you used to be kids…" she stroked my hair and Amanda grinned at me. I tenderly bit on her nipple and softly pulled it with my teeth. Her breasts were falling up and down as her breathing increased.

I moved to her left breast and both Amanda and me sucked on the same breast. I softly kissed Amanda and her nipple was between her lips. "Oh my god.make mommy feel good…just like that!" We both fought over the same nipple and I saw Jasmine get up from the corner of my eye.

I stopped sucking on the nipple and followed Jasmine out of the room. She went to my room and collapsed on my bed. She was on her stomach. I moved next to her and put my arm around her and hugged her tightly. "What's wrong?" I asked her. "Nothing…I am just tired…it was a long day!" She said. I had to admit it was a long day. I pulled the covers over our body and held her tightly as we drifted off to sleep. It turns out Jasmine didn't get pregnant, she took the morning-after pill so she couldn't get pregnant.

We both went to the same college and after convincing my roommate to move in with Jasmine's roommate, we had an amazing sex life. She would bring some of her friends over to our room and we would have threesomes or I would bring some of my friends over to my room and fuck Jasmine. I was addicted to Jasmine, we fucked every chance we got and would often include Amanda and Mike in this too.

We both got married after college and I got a fabulous job. Our honeymoon was awesome, it had everything. We finally had a baby when Jasmine was 25. Nikki was easily the cutest baby I have ever seen; she had Jasmine's beautiful hair and my green eyes.

I gave her everything she asks me and Jasmine would often yell at me for spoiling her. Regardless, we both loved Nikki and our sex life didn't plummet as a matter of fact it only increased.

Amanda ended up getting married to Bruce and they have two kids, Alex and Alexandra. They constantly visit us and we have an amazing time when they come over. Bruce got a job at a construction company and he made good money. Mike married Jessica! I had no clue how he managed to woo her but they finally married. It was a little weird when we attended their marriage but we remained on good terms.

"Baby let's go! We are late" Jasmine said as she put her head right next to mine. "Sorry baby…5 more min…please?" I asked her. We were all going to Amanda's house for the April Vacation but I had little work.

"Alright 5 more…that's it!" Jasmine said as she kissed me. I managed to get the contract for my company and waited for the money to fall in my bank.

"Hurry up daddy! Hurry up! Hurry up!" Nikki said as she jumped up and down on my lap. As soon as I saw the money in my account, I closed my Mac and lifted Nikki up with ease. "Done!" I said and grabbed my keys from the table. "Umm…No! I am driving and my car!" Jasmine said as she pulled out the keys for her new sports car.

I gave her the car as a present last month and she probably wanted to show it off. I grinned and grabbed my I-phone and went outside. "Daddy…sit in the back with me and listen to my songs" Nikki pulled me and I sat in the back with Nikki.

"Did you get the contract honey?" Jasmine asked as she turned the engine on. "Yeah…it was a 180 million dollar contract and we get 18 million…" I said as I tried to put the head phones on.

"Wow…good job!" she said and smiled at me. "Am I going to get a present?" I asked her playfully and she grinned at me. Jasmine if anything only became hotter, I could see the envy in my business clients when I bring her to parties.

She would however never let me talk to her friends saying that, "I don't like the way they smile at you" "Isn't this song nice daddy?" she asked as I listened to one of her kiddy songs. The song was terrible but I didn't want to hurt her feeling and at the same time I can't have her listening to crappy songs. "Song was nice but Nikki…listen to this guy Eminem, or Lady Gaga…she is a girl singer…or "Dave!

She is 5!" Jasmine scolded me and I winced. "NO! I am 5 ½ ! and I am a big girl…right daddy?" Nikki countered "Yeah you are a big girl!" "Daddy? Can I have a phone?" she asked as I looked through my phone. "Sure…what kind?" I asked her not looking up. "The one you are using" she said "You are not getting an I-phone Nikki?" Jasmine said "I got my first phone when I was 15!" "Here use mine.don't tell mom" I whispered "I heard that!" Jasmine said as we pulled up at Amanda's house.

"How is my brother doing?" Amanda gave me a quick kiss on my lips and did the same for Jasmine since Nikki was right there. "Aunt Mandy!" Nikki jumped on her and gave her a big hug. " are looking beautiful.Alex and his sister are inside.I brought you a present!" Nikki ran inside and Jasmine sighed.

"You and your brother are spoiling her!" Jasmine puffed and sat on the couch. I sat down next to her and put my arm around her and kissed her softly. "Come on you want me to take the I-phone from her? What about the time when you bought her a computer for school work?" I asked her "That was for school!" "Really?

She is only 5.I am pretty sure she is only 5 and doesn't need a computer.let's go meet your sassy brother.Amanda where is Mr.Wayne and Mike?" I said and Amanda punched me in the arm.

"You never know Alex is exactly like you! He does everything you do and he call his dad Mr.Wayne!" Amanda shook her head in disbelief and Jasmine started laughing.

I laughed and put my arm around Jasmine hoping she would forgive. She let me put my hand around her and leaned into me, I sighed in relief. We went outside and could smell something delicious cooking. "Hi are things going man?" I said and smacked him in the back. He grinned at me when he saw me. "I am doing fine man.your sister missed you." He looked at Jasmine and fixed his shorts. Jasmine smiled at him and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Jessica and Mike were tanning near the pool and I went over to greet them. Mike gave me hug and a pat on the back, he went over and gave a long hug and kiss. I hugged Jessica and kissed her on the cheek. She got a boob job and her ample B breasts were now DD. She looked stunning as alway but now with the boob job, I didn't find her very attractive but Mike obviously did. "Isn't it a little hot outside? Anyone want to come in with me?" Amanda asked but no one answered her and went back to their work.

"Let's go Mandy.I will come with you" I said and we both went inside. I grabbed two beers and sat on the couch next to her and handed her one. She took one gratefully and smiled. "How is everything Mandy?" I said putting my arm around her.

She smiled and leaned into me. "Everything is are things with you? You look stunning and handsome.don't have any fat on you.always confident and know sometimes.I am jealous of you!" she said and took me by surprise. "But I am happy that you married our half-sister.she loves you and always did. Who wouldn't love you!?!" "You are jealous of me? You shouldn't be.if anything I should be jealous of you! You are the one who has a solid relationship and married your high-school sweet heart.have two kids.nice job.nice husband.we shouldn't be jealous of each other." "Mom!

Alex punched me in the arm!" Alexandra said. "Hi Allie!" I said lifting her up. She sat on my lap and smiled at me. She looked like Amanda and in ten years or so she will be a knockout. "Hi uncle Dave! Did you get me anything?" Allie grinned ignoring the fact that her brother hit her. "Yes I did.I brought you a Wii and some games.where is Alex?" I said "By the way your presents are in the car and the keys are with Jasmine" "Alex!

Come here!" Amanda yelled and Alex slowly walked out of the shadows. He didn't look scared or nervous but had a cool smile on his face. "What mom?" "Did you punch your sister?" "Yeah" He said coolly. "You are grounded for a week!" Amanda said "She called be baby I punched her!" He said and I had to admit he reminded of myself.

I looked at Amanda and she had a smile on her face. "Alex.I bought you a PS3 it's in the car and the key's are with Jasmine.and don't worry you are not grounded for a week I will talk to your mom" I said and winked at him. He grinned at me and ran outside. "You brought him a PS3? And he is un-grounded? Don't spoil him Dave!" She scolded me. I laughed and put my head on her lap and stretched my feet. "Don't worry Amanda.just hold me.I missed my big has been almost 5 months since I have seen you!" I said hugging her tightly.

"I missed my baby brother too!" She kissed me and then laughed when I pushed her away. We then went outside and ate lunch which was delicious.

There was all kinds of meat, bread, fried onions, and mashed potatoes. We all laughed and shared our recent experiences in and out of bed.

After lunch we all went inside and sat on the couch to watch the football game. Jasmine sat next to me and I instinctively put my arm around her.

Nikki ran up to us and jumped on my lap. "Hey mom. Hi daddy." "What's up sweetheart? Did you eat your lunch?" I asked her and she nodded her head. "Daddy? Alex and Allie have a PS3 and Wii.can I get a PS3 and Wii too?

Please? Please?" "Sure" I said and Jasmine smacked me in the side "I mean.your mom and I have to talk about it Nikki." "Why can't I have one?" She demanded me and I motioned towards Jasmine and she asked Jasmine the same question.

"I don't Nikki.What did you get on the report card?" Jasmine asked "You did poorly.a C and even a D-? If you can bring those up to B's and bring your B's to A's then you can have both and maybe even that phone.right Dave?" She looked at me expectantly and so did Nikki. I hate it when I am in one of these situations but I have to support Jasmine on this one or she will never let me have the end of this. "Yeah Nikki.just bring your grades up.I will help you" Nikki looked crushed and I felt bad.

She jumped off my lap and went inside. "That's my baby" Jasmine kissed me and I pulled her into me and kissed her deeply. "Good-night Nikki. Don't worry baby.your mom will buy a Wii by the end of this week" I kissed Nikki and she grabbed my hand as I was about to leave.

"Can you read me a story?" She asked me "Not tonight baby.listen to your I-pod." I said and turned the lights off. "Done?" Amanda asked me and I nodded my head.

She pushed me against the wall and pressed herself against me. I held her by the waist and leaned down to kiss my sexy sister. We kissed deeply and unleashed all our lust. She grabbed my hand and led me downstairs to the basement. Jasmine and Mike were already naked and Mike was thrusting steadily into Jasmine. I looked over to see Bruce and Jessica on the bed spent.

We turned off the lights and Amanda pushed me on the bed. "Mmm" I moaned as Amanda pressed her soft asscheeks into my groin. I pulled her into me and pressed my lips onto hers and she opened her mouth to receive my tongue. While we were still kissing, she removed her clothes so she was just in her panties.

"Yes.yes" I squeezed her ass tightly as my finger dug into her flesh. I pulled my pants off and left my boxers on. I rubbed my hips against her and she grinded her pussy into my dick. I could feel her warmth radiating and couldn't wait to eat her mouth-watering pussy. I quickly removed my shirt breaking the kiss for a second. I found her bra and unclasped it so her breasts fell on my chest. Her nipples were hard trying to pierce my skin. I rolled so that I was on top of her.

"You want my dick? You want it?" I whispered in her ear as I massaged her pussy through her panties which were soaking wet by now. "Yes.Yes fuck me Dave! Make me cum! Please fuck me!?!" she moaned as I found her clit through her panties. I rubbed it slowly in circles and she started moaning louder, her nails were digging into my back and she was biting my shoulder.

"Are you going to cum for me baby? Cum for me" I whispered as I ran my finger under her panties. She kept her hair trimmed and I gently ran my fingers through her pussy hair and grabbed her sex. She kept on moving her hips so her cilt was rubbing against my hand. I didn't even have to do anything. I pulled lightly on her cilt and gently rubbed it. I started sucking on her earlobe and she suddenly stopped squeezed my back and her juices gushed. They ran over my my fingers and I brought them up so I could taste her sweet juices.

"You came too fast. You should have held it longer so the orgasm could be more powerful!" I said as she caught her breath.

"Shut up Dave! Control my orgasm? I must be getting old huh?" She asked me. I looked at her body which looked like a 19 year old college students. Her breasts had no sag and she quickly burned off her baby fat after giving birth to Alex and Allie. "You are not even getting close to being look stunning!" "Too bad Bruce doesn't think that way huh?

Our sex life is getting dull.we do it once a week! He doesn't even bother with all this foreplay anymore.he plunges his cock into me and after couple of minutes he cums and I have to masturbate later." She sighed looking over at Bruce who was passed out "He is a great father and good husband.he is just.not that great in are things between you and Jasmine?" "They are fine.we fuck everyday." I said immediately regretting what I said. It only made Amanda sad. "I am not excite always find something to spice thing's up!" "Let's go I will please I said before.I will sexually satisfy all your needs.anytime you need to cum.give me a call" I said and started massaging her breasts.

"Let me get some of that delicious pussy!" I growled as I licked my tongue over her pussy lips and sucked and slurped on her clit. Amanda grabbed my head and held it into her, moaning with pleasure.

Her hips began to buck, so I reached my hands around and gripped her ass to keep her from bucking right off the counter, my tongue grinding into her pussy. "Ooooooooo. Ooooooooo. Oooooooooo. lick me Dave, lick me little brother." my sister moaned as she squirmed on the bathroom counter. I alternated between plunging my tongue into her cunt, licking the lips of her pussy, and flicking her clit with my tongue-tip until her ass began to buck uncontrollably.

"AHHHHHH!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I'M CUMMINNNNGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! my older sister screamed as I continued to tongue her, her hips bucking wildly as I held them tight to avoid her falling to the floor.


I held on firmly until her shuddering subsided and she was once again calm. Amanda looked into my eyes dreamily, moaning "mmmmmmmmmmmmmm". By now my cock had revived and hardened as my sister proceeded to suck it on her knees, fondling my balls with her free hand. I stood erect for a little while enjoying the feeling of her warm, wet lips sliding back and forth on the shaft of my cock, her tongue massaging my glans.

I laid on my back and motioned her to jump on. She did so without hesitation, lowering her wet pussy onto my rock hard cock, quickly impaling herself with a hiss of pleasure.

It was a highly erotic sight to see my cock plunging into her trimmed pussy. With no hair to hide it, I could see every detail of her pussy lips spreading on the shaft of my cock as she lifted up then tucking inside as she descended on my throbbing penis. She groaned with pleasure, her juices leaking onto my groin as she bounced up and down.

I reached back and grabbed my sister's ass, lifting it up and down on my pulsating cock. She clenched her pussy tight on my cock each time she lifted, then released for each downward plunge. I groaned to match her moans of pleasure. I looked up to see her large, firm tits bouncing with the rhythm of our fucking and grasped them, squeezing them and reaching up with my mouth to suck her nipples and circle her areolas.

My sister groaned with pleasure at this manipulation, After several minutes of this delicious fucking, my older sister took control and began to jackhammer her ass downwards rapidly, slapping her ass on my groin, moaning: "HOW DO YOU LIKE IT LITTLE BROTHER? LIKE THAT?

LIKE THAT? LIKE THAT? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed, as I felt her pussy start to pulsate on the shaft of my cock in orgasm, her entire body shuddering with pleasure. She stopped bouncing on my cock and squirmed her ass, groaning in ecstasy as her orgasm continued.

I prolonged it by furiously licking and sucking her hard nipples, squeezing her magnificent tits, my cock impaled to the hilt in my sister's fluttering cunt. When her orgasm began to subside, I threw my sister down on her back and straddled her stomach. I growled: "Time for some tit-fucking NOW!" I placed my slippery cock between her 36D breasts and pushed them together to cover it completely, then began to stroke it back and forth, my cockhead emerging from between her tits with each thrust.

She pushed her hands up under mine and took over squeezing her breasts around my thrusting cock. She said with a leer: "How do you like tit-fucking your older sister, Dave?" I groaned: "Awwweeesommmeeee.".

She tilted her head up and opened her mouth, sucking the head of my cock into it each time it emerged from the top of her breasts. I pinched and thumbed one of her nipples while I reached back with my other hand and fingered her clit in rhythm with each lunge of my cock between her tits. Amanda began to moan and squirm her ass, bucking her pussy up to my finger, her clit aroused and hard. The feeling of the warm fleshiness of her breasts around my cock was different than her pussy or asshole, but exquisite nonetheless.

After several minutes of tit-fucking, I could feel my orgasm begin to build, and began to fuck her tits with increased speed. I also intensified the flicking of my sister's clit with my finger, and her moans of pleasure intensified.

I began to groan loudly: "Here I GO!! HERE I GO!! I'M CUMMINGGGGG!!" This set off Amanda's orgasm, and I felt her hips begin to shudder as she lifted them and screamed in ecstasy. Finally my balls went tight and my cum raced up my shaft, squirting several spurts on my sister's chest and neck.

I stayed straddled on Amanda's stomach, kneading her quivering breasts with my hands, my cock still buried between them, as both our orgasms subsided. She took her hand and rubbed my cum over her chest, neck, and tits, licking off her fingers when she finished.

"That was delicious" she purred with satisfaction. Jus then my phone buzzed and I got my pants and finally got the phone out. I looked at the caller ID, it was my dad. "What's up dad?" "Nothing.Where are you? Your mom misses you" "I am at Amanda' a matter of is Jasmine, Bruce, Jessica and Mike" "What are you guy's doing?" I looked around the room to see them fucking.

"We are fucking our sisters" I said and he laughed " week come over to our mom and your aunt miss you guys." "Alright dad.bye!" I said and threw the phone next to us and got ready for another round.