Tasting a hungry male dick hardcore and cumshot

Tasting a hungry male dick hardcore and cumshot
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The Step Father Part Two: The Naughty Step Son Two weeks go by and Message reads: Next Tuesday. This week scenario involves you being a naughty boy.

I think I'll have to punish you so you won't be naughty again. Can you make it around. X Over the past couple of weeks my mind keeps drawing back to that day. It was like a dream. My girlfriend and parents non the wiser. I agree to the date. And my heart skips again.

What is this addiction. Who is this man I've brought into my life. I tell myself I should pack it up now. Don't go. But I don't do anything. I fuck my girlfriend deep and love every minute of it. And sleep soundly. Until Monday night. I read my text.


I found your weed! I'm not impressed. See you tomorrow!

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The next day it was grey, shit and drizzly but I made my way across the town and discreetly to Mr Sixties house. I knocked and waited a minute. I didn't know weather to knock again when he approached the door. He opened it and walked away and I entered it was dead quiet, I entered the living room, a big couch and table lay in front of me.

On the tele porno was paused. On the table was a small bag of weed and tobacco. I looked at him confused and told him that wasn't mine. He told me not to lie and sit down at the table. He gave me a piece of paper and and pen and wrote on top.

If smoke that I Must Swallow Every Drop My Daddy Has. He told me to write this a hundred times and went back to the sofa. He pressed play on the video. Sat down and started rolling a joint. I was utterly confused but I did as told. I started writing my lines. By 50 I was horny as hell. The smell of smoke drifted past me.

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The noise of the porn filled my ears. Again it was like I had entered in to a fantasy world. He places the smoke by my side, and the words echoed in my brain. If I smoke this I must swallow every drop my daddy has.

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I smoke some looking deep into his eyes. After I put it down. He leans down and says to me that if I'm going to do naughty things I should do them with him.

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And that do I understand. He puts his hand on my leg. Quite high up near my crotch. He then leads me over to the sofa. Before I sit he commands me to stay. To take off my shoes and trousers and to bend over his lap and lay down so he can play with my ass. I do as told and proceed to lay over him.

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His smile welcoming he rubs my ass cheek and I adjust a cushion infront of myself and lay comfortably over his lap. He proceeds to play the porno and I lay for a while just watching porn a little fazed out when he says that I still have to be punished.

I whisper ok. And he pulls down my boxers and slightly spanks it. From now on he says I have to do everything that he says and when in his presence, I agreed.

Another smack on my cheek sends a little ripple up my spine. He gets a little harder but before it stings too much he rubs my cheeks together soothing the pain. He can feel my dick rock hard against him I'm sure, but reaches to the side and reveals some lube. I feel the cool drops of lube caress my ass hole and feel his fingers rub back and forth over my crack until he slips a finger deep into my ass right up to the knuckle.

I squeeze down on the cushion infront of me biting as he finger fucks me pushing down. The pressure makes me feel like I need to pee but I dare not say anything he reaches out and thrust back with two fingers deep again right up to the knuckle. I yelp and arch back he rubs my back through my shirt it already feels clammy and sweaty. He finger fucks me flexing his fingers each time I can feel my asshole stretching, I gasp each time until he stops and wipes me up carefully.

He sits me up telling me he cares about me deeply and kisses me taking off my shirt. He stands me up on his sofa so my feet are by his legs and starts sucking my cock gently flicking my asshole every now and again. He turns me round so my ass sits on his face and sticks his tounge as deep as it will go. I spread my ass cheeks apart for him whispering "ohh daddy" without thinking!

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That makes his tounge go into over drive his hands rubbing my legs over and over he moves them up reaching around one hand gripping my cock and balls whist the other movies up to my asshole and inside. "You like me finger fucking your boy pussy don't you" "Uh-huh" I whimpered. I'm still holding one cheek back so he can get easier access to my hole whilst the other pinches at my nipples.

I notice something out of the corner of my eye and realise the curtains are open. We're off centre of the room. Not infront of the window.

But I notice the rain coat clad dog walker umbrella in tow. They don't look this way but my heart beating is booming through my chest. I'm pushing back harder and harder until he pushes me up. Saying to take it easy. I apologise. I turn and straddle him as he takes swig of a bottle of coke.

He holds some in his mouth and beckons me to come closer I put my mouth to his sucking as he spits the remains pouring over our bodies. I swallow what I get and kiss him our tongues flicking around each other's. He asks me to get up and I do. I'm fully naked and he still sits in his suit trousers and shirt bar coke stains.

He removes his shirt and tells me to unzip his trousers, his hard cock jumps straight out. Pre cum glistening on top. I take off his clothes and he is now as nude as I, I start playing with his cock, wanking it slowly up and down, I lean froward kneeling between his legs start to take his cock into my mouth.

He turns the porn up and pushes my head down and I'm sucking his balls drooling everywhere in minutes. He keeps me in motion saying good boy over and over. I feel his hips start to buckle. But I also feel his hand growing tighter over my head. Placeing both hands on the side of me head holding me in place as his head falls back he pumps my mouth over and over shaking and jittering all the way.I feel his cock trying to penetrate me further, it throbbing hard and my mouth is instantly filled with a warm salty substance leaking out down around his cock.

I opened my mouth further to breath and he shoved it in further spurting cum into the back of my throat. I didn't know what to do so just held in place. By the time it was over and his cock fell out of my mouth, I was a mess.

Cum leaked out of my mouth and nose. Tears fell down my cheek. He stood up whilst I sit on the floor chubby and cum covered. Embarrassed. He wiped the cum off my face with his dick and I resumed sucking, licking, cleaning his cock up so there was no mess left over.


My cock was still hard when we dressed and he went to make tea. He rolled another and said to be good next time and not to disappoint him again.

And that maybe next time he'll let me cum. The next couple of hours are spent laughing, watching tele, talking about sex stories other role play ideas, I tell him about me needing to pee when he fingered me.

He had a coy smile and said that he'll have to work on that I never did cum that day.