Lesbianas latinas en una rica fiesta

Lesbianas latinas en una rica fiesta
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"Matthew, Fern, Paige! Get into the living room, NOW!" My Mother screamed. I took of my headphones and closed the lid of my laptop, got up and grumbled my way to my bedroom door, my dick swaying freely in its flaccid state. As I stepped through the frame, I saw my sisters; Fern and Paige, walk out too, with our pug, Jeff, yapping at Paige's legs.

At 19 years old, my sister, Fern, was older than me by 13 months. She was about 5 foot 4 (164cm) with pale green eyes, golden hair that fell down to her pink nipples on her 34B cup breasts. She had long, slender legs with a freshly waxed pussy. She was, as defined by most teenage males; 'Fucking smoking'. Paige, who was 14 at the time, had milk chocolate brown hair to her shoulders and a pair of blue eyes, making her look constantly sad.

She had a small, dark brown, short-haired landing strip about three quaters of an inch wide and three inches long. She had 32A cup boobs with a similar build to Fern; long legs and a thin body.

I could tell that she was going to be a guy slayer when she's older. I towered over both of them at 6 foot 1 (185cm), with crew-cut gold colored hair, and bright blue eyes. I worked out with some old weights, so I wasn't too chubby, but I didn't have a six pack either.

I shaved my pubic hair as well, and when hard, my dick was about 6 & ¾ inches, which I was fairly happy with. I had dated a fair few girls, had sex with a couple of them.

By standards I was relatively good looking. But, secretly, I adored my sister, Fern. None of the other girls lived up to her standards.

It was such a shame that we were siblings. Fern gave me a quizzical look as she turned and followed Paige and Jeff down the stairs, letting me see her cute little butt as our mother yelled at us again. I met the gaze of my mother and father as I came in, and sat down on the sofa next to Fern. Our Parents sat in armchairs opposite us and looked at us. At 40, my mother was still a very good looking woman.

Apart from her blue eyes and for the age showing in her face, and the way her breasts sagged, her and Fern looked pretty damn similar. Mom didn't bother to shave, and kept a full bush, which is a shame, as I thought she would look better shaved.

Dad was 6 foot 2 (188cm) with short brown hair, green eyes, a 'beer gut' and rather broad shoulders. He had a full set of pubic hair around his flaccid dick.

It was hard to see how big his dick could get due to all the hair, but for the few times I saw it, it must have been at least 7 & ¼ inches. "We have decided upon a location for our Vacation this Christmas. We will be leaving the afternoon that school finishes, and we will come back after two weeks.

We will be spending Christmas there also." Said Dad. "Where are we going?" Paige asked. "New Zealand, Sweetie." Mom answered "No Way!" Fern and I yelled. We are both pretty big Lord of the Rings fans, so this is a great moment for us. "The first week we will be touring around the islands, going to tourist attractions. The second week, we will be spending at a lake called Lake Tennyson, set in a valley at the feet of some hills.

We will also be spending Christmas on the sixth day at Lake Tennyson " said Dad. "Will we be going to go to Matamata?" Questioned Fern. "Are we gonna see the Southern Alps?" I asked. "Where the hang is New Zealand?" asked Paige curiously. Fern and I both shot daggers at her.

"New Zealand is just east of Australia, And Matthew, yes, we shall see the Southern Alps, and we will be spending a day and a half at Hobbiton, Fern." said Mom. Fern and I got up and ran to our parents and hugged them, giving out a heavy praise. Then we hugged each other, and Fern started to uncontrollably sob into my shoulder, pressing her naked body hard into mine, making my penis rise a bit while Paige just sat there looking confused.

"Mom, will be able to go naked during our vacation?" asked Paige "With any luck, while we are at Tennyson Lake, we might be able to, if there is no one there, but if there are too many people, we may just go to a local nudist resort" Mom answered.

"Why would there be people there?" "It's a public lake, so anyone can come by." "Oh, okay, that's fine then." Paige then got up, picked up Jeff and carted him back to her room to him up and post the pictures online. All the while, Fern and I were still hugging, her more than I, and she was still crying with joy.

I managed to pull her off of me, and we headed back to our rooms, her first. 14 days later "Oi, We have two hours to get on our plane, so get your lazy butt holes down here!" Screeched my mother again. I donned some warm, casual clothing, grabbed my luggage and made my way towards the living room.

"No Fern, Go back upstairs and get some clothes on! Don't groan at me young lady, now get up there! And when you come back down you better be wearing a bra and panties, or God help you!" I passed Fern going up the stairs, grumbling with anger at our mother. I met Paige, Dad and Mom in the living room. "Oh good, you're here Matthew, help your father take our luggage out to the car, will you?

Thanks," she said, dumping her bags into my arms without waiting for an answer. A quarter of an hour later, we were packed and drove off the the Airport. On the flight, I was seated next to Mom and Fern. Fern was giddy and hysterical with excitement. "I can't believe we are spending Christmas over in New Zealand!" she quietly squealed to me, gripping my arm.

Once we landed in Auckland, New Zealand's biggest city, we quickly realized that we didn't need our warm clothing, because New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere, and they have opposite seasons to the Northern. "This is going to be weird," moaned Paige, "A Christmas in Summer? That's just odd." "Nah, it'll be an awesome thing to experience!" I replied. The first week was great, we got to see Hobbiton, WETA Cave, The Beehive, The Golden Beaches of Nelson, The Southern Alps and Baldwin street.

We also saw a bunch of Native Wildlife including the Kiwi, Kakapo and lots of others as well. But what I was really looking forward to (after all the Lord of the Rings stuff) was Tennyson Lake. The forecast was saying it was meant to be sunny and clear for all of our time there.

It wasn't far from the mountain town of Hanmer Springs, which was going to be our backup plan if Lake Tennyson was too crowded. We were stunned by the natural, raw beauty of New Zealand's landscape as we arrived to Tennyson Lake. Dad was right, it was in a massive flood plain (which I didn't mind) and at the feet of the hills spilling over into the lake itself, with a small gravel beach and creek running from the Lake.


And what was even more to our surprise, there was no one else here. Paige, Fern and I all got out of our car, ditched the clothing, and ran to the lake while Mum and Dad started to set up our campsite. I got to the water first, with Fern and Paige close behind me.

I dived in.

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The water was absolutely freezing! I rose from the water and looked at Fern and Paige. They were laughing and pointing at me. The shock must have shown on my face. I started to walk out of the water to the gravel beach where my sisters where.

They edged away from me, not wanting to touch my wet figure. I surprised them by picking up Fern, who was closest, and started to carry her over my shoulder into the water amid the females screams of shock.

Once I was deep enough, I lifted her off of my shoulder, and threw her into the water, watching her hot, naked figure fly through the air and splash into the cold water. She got up, glaring at me, and ran towards me, trying to push me under.

Meanwhile, Paige had decided to wait to go in the water, and went to help her mother and father with the tents. After ten minutes of play fighting in the lake, Fern and I got out, tried off and helped start a fire. Dad got his fishing stuff out of the car and went to the other side of the lake in order to try and catch some fish.

Paige tended the fire while Mom, Fern and I set up everyone's sleeping areas. We had two tents; a two and a three-man tent. The females were to be sleeping in the three person tent while Dad and I were to be in the two person tent. We had cooked fish and canned spaghetti for dinner, then we retreated to our tents. We spent the next few days swimming, fishing, and going for walks around the lake and hills.

It was odd at the lack of people at the lake, as we had thought it would be a popular destination at this time of year. On the fourth day of our stay at Tennyson, Fern developed a cold, probably from the lake, which ruined the plans to go for an overnight hike on the hills around the Lake. Originally it was going to be Mom and us kids on the hike, all squashed into the three person tent with dad at the lake. I told my parents that I would stay with Fern while they were on the hike and for everyone else to go and have fun.

I knew how to look after myself, I was eighteen after all. In the end they agreed and left for their tramp about mid afternoon, saying that they should be back just before dinner. I kept Fern in the tent, firmly wrapped in her sleeping bag and told her to stay warm and get some rest whilst I went and tried to catch some fish for dinner. I caught one, rather small fish, but ended up throwing it back in and went to make some toast and heat up some canned salmon.

Once everything was made, I went to check on Fern. She was reading Harry Potter when I came in. "Food is ready, canned salmon on toast," I told her.

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"Oh excellent, I was starting to wonder if you were any good at cooking." she replied while putting a bookmark in her book and setting it down. She slipped out of her sleeping bag, revealing her naked, thin, sexy body to me. I felt my dick start to rise at the sight. "Even after being a nudist all my life, I still can't control my erections," I thought to myself. "Stop perving on me and let me get my food, I'm hungry," demanded my Sister. We left the tent and went to the fire, and sat down in the fold away chairs and started to eat.

"No luck with the fishes?" she asked. "Nope, I caught one, but it was way too small so I put it back." "I always knew you were shit at fishing." "Shut up, you, and eat your salmon." I told her as she sniggered into her plate.

As we ate I started to notice some things about her. She had her legs spread, and was wet.

I knew that she couldn't have been swimming, she had been in the tent the whole time. And other things pointed towards her not looking sick at all. When we had finished eating, she got up, and pulled me towards the lake, shoving me into the water. I managed to clasp my hand around her left wrist and I pulled her down with me, her landing on top of me as we made a rather big splash.

She started hugging me under the water, for some random reason, I thought. I pushed the both of us out of the water, with her still clutching onto me. I suddenly realized that she was crying silently into my shoulder, pressing her smooth, nude body into mine. "You okay there, Fern?" I asked her quietly. "Not really.

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I broke up with my boyfriend, Michael, a week before we left. As you'd know we had been together for about a year." "What happened?" "I haven't been feeling connected to him recently, and the fact that he didn't take to well that we are nudists. He believes in those nudity = sex stereotypes, and he thought that I was a sex-crazed rabbit banging my whole family 24/7.


So, there's that." "If it makes you feel any better, I never really liked him." "Thanks little bro," she said and hugged me harder. "Although," she added as an afterthought, "I shouldn't really be calling be little bro anymore, judging by your height and dick size. Yes I know how big your dick gets, I do have eyes you know. What is it? Seven inches?" She giggled at my shocked face. "Well, is it seven inches or not?" she pressured. "Six and three-quarters." I replied.

"Oh, dang a quarter of an inch off, so close!" she snorted as she started to lightly brush my butt cheeks. "You're not sick, are you?" I bluntly asked her.

"No, I'm not." "Why did you fake it?" "Because… I … I.I feel closer to you, now, more than ever." She pressed her nude body into mine harder, making me become semi-erect. "After Mom and Dad said we were going to New Zealand, I realized why I felt disconnected from Michael. I was falling for you. After all, 'If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because, if you really loved the first one, then you wouldn't have fallen for the second.'" "Did you just quote Dumbledore?" I asked as her face was inches away from mine.

"Johnny Depp." And we kissed. Not a brother-sisterly peck, more passionate than that. We were kissing like lovers. Fern started to grind her smooth, wet pussy against my dick, making it stand at its full 6 & ¾ inches, as the sun set behind us in the west. She opened her mouth and we starting to french kiss.

After about five minutes of making out and grinding in the lake in the growing darkness, we retreated back to the two person tent. I turned on a torch and hung it from a hook in the tent roof. We un-zipped our sleeping bags to make a blanket to go over the both of us. She started to stroke my dick as we resumed french kissing, laying above our blanket. After a couple of minutes, she broke our kiss and said; "Just a heads up, but it doesn't take much for me to orgasm, and when I do, I cum hard.

I'm also a squirter. Every time I orgasm." I responded with: "Excellent, I like watching girls squirt." I then cupped her small boobs (I prefer small boobs) and made circle patterns with my palms over her nipples.

She moaned into my mouth and pumped my dick a little faster, while rubbing her clit. I broke the make-out session and wriggled down her body, spread her legs more, and took one big lick all the way up her slit, causing her to shudder in pleasure.

After a half minute of eating her pussy and sucking at her clit, her chest and breasts became red and flushed and her breath became ragged as her orgasm hit. She squeezed her boobs and wrapped her legs around my head, forcing my to lick her more. She started to yell out my name as her orgasm went on. She continued to scream on her orgasm high as she started to squirt onto my face.

Finally, once her climax subsided, she pulled my head up and looked me in the eyes. "Fuck me, Matt. I want you're lovely cock in me. Fuck me hard and fast." I happily obliged, and put the head of my penis inside her. I started to push in more of my dick in until I was balls deep.

She was rather tight compared to the other girls I have had sex with. I then started to fuck her, as she wished, hard and fast. Fern orgasmed twice more in a minute and squirted onto my stomach before I felt the need to cum.

"I'm getting close Fern, I'm gonna pull out." "Don't be stupid, I'm on the pill you know that, now cum inside me!" I then pumped harder and faster into her at that moment than I had anyone else.

"Come on, Matt, Fill me up!" Fern demanded as she met my thrusts. Five seconds later I was filling my sister's womb with my cum. Four big spurts in total. The feeling of my cum coating her insides triggered her to have a gut-wrenching orgasm as she squirted onto my chest. I rolled off of her and tried to hug her to find that she was out cold.

I pulled the blankets out from underneath us and got under them. I turned Fern on her side and spoon her. I fell asleep almost instantly. I woke up in the middle of the night to find myself on my back, the blankets pulled down and someone riding my dick. "Hey Matt. Sorry to wake you, but I saw this lovely erect cock and had to take advantage of it. I'll be done in a sec." As we both neared orgasm, she leaned forwards and link her hands behind my neck and pulled her closer to suck on her nipples.

We both reached our climax at the same time, me, launching my cum into her with her pussy muscles tightening around it, trying to pull more out and her juices spilling out onto my stomach, dick and balls. We kissed again and hugged. We rolled to one side, with my dick still in her, we pulled the blankets back over us, and fell asleep in each other's embrace. I woke in the morning to feel my sister forehead pressed into mine, her small, wonderful breasts hard against my chest, and my morning wood inside her pussy.

I grinned to myself at how lucky I was. I kissed her forehead, started moving my dick inside of her and cooed; "Morning sleepy head! Rise and shine!" as she started to stir feebly. "No.no… not in there, I'm too sore right now. But lemme… lemme.lemme eat my breakfast," Fern yawned.

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She then pushed back the covers, broke from our embrace, pushed me onto my back and slid down to my dick, and took a big lick from base to tip. "Our juices taste real good together, I could eat this shit all day long." And with that, she shoved three quarters of my whole length in her mouth in one go, which caught me a bit by surprise.

As Fern continued to give a blowjob, she got more and more of my penis inside her mouth. Then she started to use her tongue and I knew I was really close to giving her a mouthful. "I hope you're still hungry Fern, because here it is!" and I threw 3 strands of cum into her mouth. She swallowed and licked my dick clean. "Yummy, creamy, Cummy!" she giggled. "I'm glad you like it, but now, it's my turn to eat!" I pushed her down and licked her smooth pussy until she came and squirted a little bit on my face.

I grabbed a nearby towel and cleaned it off of me while Fern came down from her orgasm "Ready for another shag?" I asked her. "You know I'm game." "Position?" "Hmm… Doggystyle." She turned over to her stomach and got on her hands and knees.

I put the towel underneath her pussy, between her legs. I then knelt behind her and inserted my dick into her tight vagina. I started to fuck her how she likes; hard and fast. In this position, I could feel the tip of my dick brush her cervix.

Having just cum, it took longer for me to feel its arrival, as Fern came four times and squirted onto the towel. I rammed my dick in one last time before I came inside her. This caused her fifth orgasm and she screamed out in pleasure. I could see her sex flush wrap around her chest and wonderful tits and onto her back. We fell apart and laid down on top of our blanket, and had a feeble make-out session while we rested.

About ten minutes later I said: "We should go out and wash, you've got three loads of dried cum in you, I've got your juices all over me, and we have a layer of stale sweat on us." So I picked her up and carried her out of the tent and into the lake for us to wash and the liquids off. Once we had finished we went to find something for our actual breakfast. After a breakfast of eggs and fried tomatoes, Fern laid by the lake edge reading her book, while I went fishing for lunch.

About an hour and a half or so later Fern came by my fishing spot, with the flush gone from her delicious boobs. "Where are the fishies, my Precious?" She asked in her best Gollum voice.

"Anywhere but here, my love." I replied, trying to do my best impression. "Do you know what else is biting though?" she asked in her normal voice now.

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"What might that be?" I questioned. She didn't answer, only she slid down and took my dick into her mouth. Her technique was amazing, and I came in a minute and a half. I pulled her up and we start having a heavy make out session. I go to put my dick in her pussy, but she breaks away from me, runs into the water yelling: "If you wanna fuck me, you're gonna have to catch me first!" I quickly follow her into the water as she swam away.

Being taller than her, I reach her after mere seconds. I grab hold of her ankles and pull her towards me, with her fighting to break my grip on her. I flip her over, so that she has her back on the water. I hold her as still as I can while I insert my erect dick into her tight vagina. She stops squirming and held herself steady by holding onto my arms while I pumped into her. After she had two orgasms in that position, I pulled her up to me, our chests pressed into each others, she wrapped her legs around my butt and we resumed fucking.

After she had another orgasm, I sank to my knees in the water so that we were now nipple deep. I pumped into her as fast and hard as I could in the water. I started to feel my own orgasm approach as she had a massive, gut-wrenching orgasm, which in turn, triggered mine.

I could hear her screaming with joy, feel her squirting against my stomach underwater as I filled her pussy up with my semen. After our climaxes subsided we stayed in that position, hugging and staring into each other's eyes. Fern was the first to break the silence.

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"I think that's my sexual needs satisfied for a fair few hours." "A few hours? Jesus Christ, you have a high sex drive." She giggled at my comment and broke our embrace.

"I'm gonna go and read, you try and catch us something for lunch." "What do you think I was doing before you interrupted me?" I yelled at her as she got out of the water and walked away, her cute little butt swaying. With about half an hour left before our parents and Paige were due back, the food was ready to be cooked, and everything set up for their return, we had some time on our hands. Fern dragged me into the tent, and pushed me down, so that I was laying on my back.

She straddled me and rode me until after she had two orgasms, we came at the same time. After our post-orgasm high, Fern fell off me. Still wanting more, she told me to get over her and fuck her as hard and fast as I could.

I obliged, and filled her with my meat. After three more of her own orgasms, I finally felt close. I started to go faster, and we were both about to cum when we heard a voice behind us. "I knew that this day would arrive." We had forgotten to close the tent door, and someone had spoken to us. It was our Mother, with Dad and Paige peering over her shoulders. I pulled out of Fern and looked at them in disbelief "By all means, don't stop." said Mom. 'But… But…" I spluttered.

"If you two want to have sex, go ahead, we're fine with it." "Are you sure?" asked Fern. "Of course we are. You can have sex whenever you want from now on" "Thanks, Mom." Fern and I chorused. I knelt back between her legs, put in my dick, and resumed fucking her as hard as I could. Less than half a minute later, I was cumming buckets loads into Fern, while she was screaming at the top of her lungs, squirting onto my stomach. I turned around to see Mom, Dad and Paige still there watching us.

"Great show." commented Dad. "Very nice." seconded Mom. "What's for dinner?" Paige asked. Fern and I both blushed. "Fish stew that still needs to be cooked." "Great! Come on then, let's go eat." said Dad as he ditched. Mom and Paige gave us a smile and left. And with my cum dribbling out of Fern's smooth pussy and ran down her thin thigh, Her flush still prominent on her chest, I gave her left boob a quick squeeze and held her hand as we made our way to the campfire.