Hardcore threesome sex with double penetration

Hardcore threesome sex with double penetration
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My beautiful wife, Rachel, has one major character flaw that recently led to a rather bizarre sexual experience. In spite of her wealthy background, Rachel is a habitual shoplifter, something that I only learned recently when she was caught red handed. We had spent the day at the beach and on the ride home we stopped at a small antique shop, Island Relics. While I checked out a collection of swords and knives, Rachel browsed through the shop. When I heard her arguing with someone I went to investigate.

I found her with the shopkeeper, a heavyset Black guy with a strong Jamaican accent. He was dialing the phone with one hand while holding onto my wife's arm with the other. When I ordered him to let her go he informed me that he had caught her stealing from him and that he was calling the police. Rachel reached out and disconnected the phone while begging him not to involve the authorities.

She looked terrified as she meekly said "Please, sir, don't call the police. I'm so sorry. Please, I'll do anything!" He looked at her for a moment and then put down the phone while continuing to squeeze her upper arm. Rachel offered to pay double for the ring that was on the table but he said sharply "No! I don't want your money. You are a spoiled brat young lady and need to be taught a lesson. If you will let me punish you as I see fit, and if you show the proper respect when I'm done, then I think we could leave the police out of this." "My wife is not a thief.

You must be mistaken! I insist that you call the police immediately. And let go of her!" I said angrily. Rachel turned to me and said softly "Honey, he's not mistaken.


Please let me handle this." Then she said to him "We don't need to involve the police, Mister. What do you have in mind?" I had never seen my usually strong willed wife so completely submissive before and it kind of surprised me.

At her comment he turned to lock the front door and then he practically dragged her into a small back room. I followed after them as he said "What's your name girl?" and after she told him he said "Well Rachel, you can call me Mr.

Smith. Now get your clothes off so I can teach you a lesson." I started to object but he cut me off saying "Shut up and sit down or go wait in the car.

This is between your wife and I." I looked to Rachel who seemed on the verge of tears while saying "Please Tom, do what he says. Don't leave me alone with him." Feeling totally humiliated, I sat down on a small couch as Rachel began to unbutton her sundress. For the record, Rachel is 24, 5'6", 110 ponds with a perfect 36C-24-36 figure.

Her best features are her large firm breasts, her perfectly shaped ass and her waist length reddish blonde hair. By contrast, Mr. Smith was in his mid-forties, short, fat and ugly with very dark, oily skin.

Slipping out of her expensive silk dress, she stood for a moment in her sexy little bikini. Then she undid the top and exposed her luscious tits to this leering Black stranger. Her big pink nipples were hard and erect and I assumed that it was from fear rather than excitement. Then she turned her back to him and slid off her bottoms, baring her smooth young asscheeks to him and in response he murmured "Nice, very nice my dear." Rachel dropped her suit at her feet and turned to face this Black man who for the moment had complete control over her.

Mr. Smith slowly walked around her, eyeing up her shapely young body while Rachel stood staring at her feet, unable to look him in the eye.

Then he lifted up her chin and looked deep into her sparkling green eyes while saying gently "You have been a very bad girl Rachel. Do you know what happens to bad girls like you?" Rachel shook her head and said meekly "No sir." For the first time I saw him smile as he said "Well my dearthey get their sweet little asses spanked.

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Have you ever been spanked?" Her whole body tensed up at his comment and in answer to his question she just shook her head. "I didn't think so. Well then, this is going to be an incredible experience for you.

And you have such a perfect butt that I am going to rather enjoy it myself. Now step over here and let me help you into position." He put his hand on the small of her back and led her towards a curtain hanging in the corner. He pulled aside the curtain to reveal an old wooden set of stocks like you see at Renaissance Festivals. Rachel gasped at the sight of it but made no effort to pull away from this sick Black stranger, even when his dark hand slid down and began squeezing her smooth white asscheeks.

The sight of his hand on her butt made me wild with jealousy but I fought to control my anger. "This is the original set of stocks from Kingston Jamaica and I believe that my own great-great grandmother spent some time in them. Being whipped by her white master of course. And now it is your turn Rachel to feel their harsh embrace. Step onto the platform and let me lock you in place." Rachel obediently stepped up and put her hands in place while turning to Mr. Smith "Please don't hurt me." He chuckled evilly and pushed her head down, guiding her slender neck into the worn wooden collar.

As he locked the bar in place from above he said "Oh it will hurt my dear. You will hate it at first but I have a feeling that you will come to love it. Some woman derive great pleasure from a good spanking and if I am not mistaken you are one of them." Then he stepped back and looked at my beautiful fair skinned wife, now completely secured and totally at his mercy.

He turned to me and said "Why don't you move your chair over here, sir. So I can keep an eye on you and you can see how your woman responds to my caresses. I know that her lovely young ass is hard to ignore but watch her face closely.

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I want you to see that point when she begins to enjoy the pain. It will be a special moment for all of us." I did as he suggested while murmuring "What a sick fuck!" but he heard me and laughed saying "Perhaps but this sick fuck is about to whip your woman's sweet white ass and you can't do shit!

Now, let me get comfortable and we can begin." With that he pulled off his sweater and quickly removed his pants. As he straightened up I saw his cock, still soft and already bigger than my cock when hard. He noticed my gaze and teased me "Yes, I am blessed with a rather large one, like most of my Black brothers.

And it gets even bigger when I get excited!" Rachel twisted around in the stocks, trying in vain to get a look at him, apparently interested in seeing his big dark penis. Mr. Smith noticed her effort and stepped over next to me so she could see it while lewdly stroking his member until it started to swell up into an enormous hardon. "Look Rachel" he taunted " Have you ever seen one like this? I bet hubby here doesn't come close.

Am I right?" Rachel stared at his huge cock with a mixture of fear and awe on her pretty face and nodded her head in answer to his question. "Well, I can see that you're interested in checking out my johnson but first you must be taught a lesson." He stepped up behind her and took a moment to take in her beauty.

With her head and hands level with her waist, her smooth muscular butt cheeks were in a perfect position for the spanking to come. He put both hands on her upper back and kneaded her smooth flesh, working down to her protruding butt cheeks. He gently squeezed and rubbed them for a while and then suddenly gave her a hard slap across the bottom of each cheek. She whimpered softly and he whispered "Ah Rachel, what a splendid ass you have." I noticed that his cock had grown even more and realized that he was getting off on inflicting pain on my wife.

It was now nearly a foot long and the dark swollen tip was the size and color of a large plum. He started to rub her ass again but now he had moved to the bottom of her cheeks and was occasionally rubbing against her tight pussy lips. When he first touched her pussy she pulled away from his hand and he gave her a few hard slaps in quick succession before continuing to play with her exposed twat lips. Rachel was going wild, shaking her ass around and whimpering with each brutal slap on her butt and still trying to keep his hand off her pussy.

Mr. Smith kept alternating between spanking her ass and rubbing her pussy until Rachel reacted in a strange way. Suddenly she stopped trying to avoid his hand and was instead rubbing back against it.


Mr. Smith started teasing her, gently touching her swollen lips and then pulling away just as she tried to increase the contact and slapping her butt. Rachel was working herself into a frenzy, trying desperately to get him to rub her pussy while submissively accepting the brutal spanking he was dishing out. Her asscheeks were now bright red and I could see his hand prints in her creamy smooth skin but from the way she was breathing heavy and shaking her ass it was obvious that she was more sexually excited than I had ever seen her.

I felt a rush of shame that I was allowing this to happen and incredible jealousy that another man could excite my beautiful blond wife in such a brutal fashion. "Please" she whimpered and Mr. Smith laughed before saying "Please what my dear? Do you want me to fuck you?" As he said this he rubbed the swollen tip of his enormous Black cock against her moist pussy lips. Rachel gasped out loud and said "No!

Not that" which caused him to give her a hard slap on her already sore ass. Then he slid a finger up her aroused pussy before asking again "Do you want me to fuck you with my big Black cock?" Rachel rocked back against his hand but grunted out lewdly "No, just touch me like that, please!" I actually heard his finger slip out of her soaking wet lips and also heard her whimper in frustration just as he spanked her again. He was really getting to her and as she waved her ass around she begged and pleaded with him to let her cum.

I couldn't believe how easily he had turned my usually headstrong confident wife into a submissive sexual animal begging for relief.

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For the first time he turned his attention to her full breasts as he reached under her to squeeze her soft flesh and pinch her large pink nipples. As he played with her tits he rubbed his dark swollen member between her abused butt cheeks to further torment her. "I told you she would like it" he said mockingly to me, " Now if she will just ask me to fuck her I will satisfy her needs and we will be finished for today.

Once again my dear, do you want my cock in your tight little pussy?" he said while reaching down to jam his thumb into her wet pussy. Rachel hesitated before answering, rocking back desperately against his thumb but finally whimpering "No please, your too big! Just let me cum, please." Mr. Smith immediately pulled out his thumb and gave my wife a series of hard slaps against her full asscheeks, some of them even hitting her sensitive cunt lips.


The last brutal spanking pushed her over the edge and openly weeping with pain and frustration she finally gave in saying "OK,OK, fuck me! I don't care what you do, just make me cum, please!" Mr. Smith gave her one last slap before stepping up close behind her and tightly grabbing her shapely hips with his dark hands.

He leered over at me and said "I told you she was gonna beg for it chump. Now watch me fuck your wife with my big Black dick. And watch how much she loves it!" I wanted to tell him to go to hell and push him away from my wife but it was too late for that and I silently watched as he rubbed the swollen knob of his cock against Rachel's moist cunt lips.

Rachel rocked back against him and actually forced his cockhead between her swollen lips. Grunting like an animal Mr. Smith drove his thick shaft deep into her tunnel causing her to gasp out loud and whimper "Oh, it's so big! Please go easy!" He just laughed at her and drove his cock deeper into her tight pussy which made her squeal even more.

He started fucking her slowly and deliberately, driving his cock in and out of her, each thrust forcing his huge member deeper into her tight young pussy. She was weeping and whimpering in pain at first but as the initial pain of his penetration subsided, her lust started to take hold. By the time he had managed to cram all of his cock into her she was starting to rock back against him in time with his thrusts. It was bad enough having to watch him abuse her but to see her respond to him, to know that she was enjoying the feel of his huge Black cock in her tight young pussy humiliated me beyond words.

With each thrust she would grunt as if in pain but when he slowly pulled out of her she would whimper in frustration. Noticing this, he started to pull out completely and tease her by rubbing the swollen tip of his cock along her moist pussy lips.

Then he would brutally reenter her and ram his cock deep into her hot wet cunt. His cock was by now coated with her bodies juices and in spite of it's enormous size he was easily penetrating her tight pussy. I found myself thinking about how he must be stretching her and if I would notice a difference the next time I fucked her with my average size cock which I realized was as hard as a rock.

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It bothered me that I was physically excited from seeing my foxy wife being abused by this perverted Black man almost as much as it bothered me that she was enjoying the abuse. Feeling completely humiliated I began to rub my cock while watching him fuck my wife. Mr. Smith noticed me rubbing my crotch and started to taunt me "Hey man, you like watching me fuck your wife!

Who is the sick fuck now? That's good though 'cause I like fucking her. She's really tight and her pussy is really smooth. I think I might do this more often!" His lewd comments made me furious and I snapped back at him "In your dreams asshole!" he laughed at my comment and gave Rachel a series of especially hard thrust which caused her to squeal with delight.

Then he pulled all the way out and rubbed his cockhead against her juicy wet pussy while taunting her "Tell him Rachel! Tell him what you want." Rachel looked over at me with a desperate look on her face and said "Give it to me please." "Give you what?" he added.

"Give me your big Black dick! Please fuck me" she begged him and he responded by giving her one brutal thrust. Then he pulled out until I could see her soft pink lips clinging to his dark swollen cockhead and said " Like that?" and she said "Yes, fuck me hard." "If I do, will you come back and let me fuck you again?" he said sternly and she practically screamed back at him "Yes, Yes, anything you want, just fuck me now!" Mr. Smith leered over at me and I wanted to wipe that mocking grin off his ugly Black face but I had to admit that he had complete control of the situation and of my precious young wife.

He reached down with both hands and began squeezing and pinching her sensitive nipples while fucking into her with powerful thrusts of his muscular hips. He picked up the pace, rapidly pistoning his thick Black meat in and out of her tortured fuckhole. I could hear him grunting as he fucked her and hear the wet sound of his cock sliding around in her by now sopping wet pussy. The sound that really got to me though was the sound of Rachel whimpering with pleasure and begging for more of his amazing Black member.

I could see the firm muscles in her thighs tense up as she rocked back against him and see his dark hands mauling her soft white tits and large pink nipples. Letting out an intense squeal, Rachel's whole body quivered with the force of a powerful orgasm from the incredible fucking that she was getting. A few seconds later, Mr. Smith let out a loud grunt and buried his cock deep into my wife while filling her up with his cum.

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I could see his asscheeks contract as he shot spurt after spurt of hot cum into my wife's spasming pussy. His orgasm finally over he stepped back and his cock slid out of her with a disgusting wet noise and I watched a huge amount of thick creamy cum running out of her well stretched pussy lips. After catching his breath he undid the stocks and helped Rachel up and the first thing that she did amazed me.

She dropped to her knees and gave his slimy cock a sloppy kiss before saying "Thank you Mr. Smith. I've been stealing things for years and always got a little excited at the thought of being caught. I can't say that this was a dream come true but I have always wondered what it would be like to be caught and punished.

My ass is pretty sore but it was worth it." Then she turned to me and said "I'm sorry that you had to sit through this honey. But I can see that it got you excited too, like Mr. Smith said. I love you more than ever but I've gotta be honest. If Mr. Smith wants me to come back for another spanking, I won't be able to refuse him. I hope you understand." Her comment bothered me but I knew that our marriage would never be the same.