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Terry threw his backpack over his shoulder and eyed his watch. He only had five minutes to rush to the Sherman's who's daughter he was babysitting for the week.

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He would have to run through the sweltering heat of the midsummer. He burst out of the house, locking his door and breaking into a full sprint towards the Sherman's large house.

He would enjoy the week, he thought, as it was a large house with a pool and everything.


He was seventeen and enjoyed videogames and they had all kinds of game consoles. He found himself standing before the Sherman's door about a minute late, knocking and gasping for breath. When the door opened, his breath caught. A young girl was standing before him, holding the door open. Terry had never actually seen her before, the times he and his parents had been invited to the Sherman's house her their twelve year old daughter had been away at her real dad's house.

Her dad was out on a business trip for the week and her mom and step dad were visiting an ill grandfather in Michigan, leaving their daughter alone for the week.

"Are you Terry?" she asked in a small, quiet voice. Terry couldn't speak a moment, this girl before him was so beautiful. She was short and had long blond hair reaching halfway down her back. Her tits were still small, not really formed, but in Terry's mind they were just perfect.

Small and round. She wore a very short skirt that almost revealed her panties and a shirt that revealed her perfect, flat stomach. "Are you Terry?" she asked again, slightly more forcibly. She looked up at him with her beautiful green eyes. "Uh…yeah." he said, gathering himself up and standing straight, breath still coming in short bursts.


"Come in, mom's waiting for you." She turned and left the door open for him. He stood still a moment, struck by her perfect little round ass. "Oh god, how am I gonna get through the week with her around???" he whispered as he stepped into the house, closing the door. The Sherman's daughter who's name was Amy, lead him into the kitchen where her mom was picking up her keys.

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"Oh thank god you're here, I was about to leave." she said when she saw him. "Of course I'm here, the amount you're paying me how couldn't I be?" She laughed and began walking towards the front door.

"If you need anything just call the numbers by the phone I left, but I'm sure everything will be fine. Amy's promised to be a good girl." Amy, who was standing nearby, smiled at Terry causing his heart to jolt.

"Ok, Mrs. Sherman.

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I'll see you next week!" Amy's mom kissed her daughter on the cheek and rushed out of the door. Terry looked at Amy for a moment before dropping his backpack to one side, glancing back and forth. "Uh…where is everything exactly?" Amy sighed and smiled at him before giving him a tour of the house.

They had a fun time with her showing him where everything in the house was, and when the tour ended she went to her room and Terry dropped his stuff in the guest room. He decided to go and watch TV for a bit and maybe even go swimming later, so he figured he'd be prepared by getting into his swimming suit and going to the living room.

He turned on the TV, flicking through channels for a bit before he heard a noise behind him. Amy was standing behind him with something behind her back, biting her lip. "Do you need something Amy?" said Terry, holding his breath.

"Um&hellip.yeah." she said in a small voice, "Do you think we could watch something?" "Sure," said Terry, moving over a little so she could sit down beside him.

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She walked over to the DVD player and put something in. The TV screen lit up, the words "Star Strip!" shooting up in gold letters. The movie started and Terry's guess that it was a porno was quickly confirmed. He just sat there and watched it, his cock slowly growing hard. Amy sat and watched fairly motionlessly, every now and then squirming a little. Terry reasoned that it was okay considering that it was her house and he had said she could watch it anyways, even though he hadn't known what it was.

Besides, it made his cock grow harder when he looked at this little girl squirming, obviously in the need to masturbate. At one point, while a large man was getting a blowjob from some asian woman, Amy scooted a little closer to Terry, to the point where they were touching, and put her head on his shoulder.

Terry almost jumped when she did this, but he stayed still, possibly because he was paralyzed. A very horny, very hot twelve year old was leaning on him! Terry glanced down and received another shock. One of her hands had slid down between her legs and was rubbing her clearly visible panties. The panties were getting very wet as she rubbed up and down. They sat like that a while, Terry just sitting.

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He was staring fixedly at the TV screen, but couldn't help but look down when something touched his crotch. Amy had moved without him realizing, and she was using her other hand to rub his groin while she rubbed her own. Terry looked her in the eye and she looked back. Before Terry knew what he was doing he was kissing her on the lips, his tongue sliding into her wonderful, warm mouth. For what seemed like an hour they sat with Amy touching both him and herself, their tongues playing about with one another.

Terry pulled back, his tongue leaving the wonderful little girl's mouth. He lay her down on the couch and began sliding her skirt down, leaving her panties bare. He reached up and pulled her shirt up and over her head, revealing her wonderful, small tits. He leaned down and began sucking on her nipples, biting lightly on the tip every few seconds.

His hand wandered down to rub her panties in the exact spot she had done to herself just minutes before. Amy moaned with pleasure, her hands resting on his head. Terry sat up and pulled his shirt off, then his pants. His socks and underwear went last, leaving him standing next to the couch completely naked. Amy reached down and pulled her panties off, revealing the sight Terry really wanted to see.

Her cunt wasn't shaven but it was hairless, apparently she wasn't old enough to get pubic hair yet. Her legs parted slowly, and as Terry moved around her he got a very good view. Terry sat back down on the couch, leaning down to give her pussy a short lick, his tongue barely touching her. Amy moaned a little, whispering for him to keep going. He went all out, licking across the top of her pussy before pushing his tongue as far as he could into it over and over again.

He looked up from his work to see Amy's hands working her nipples. He kept licking and sucking her pussy until he heard her gave a sharp moan and bucked her hips, her juices flowing over his face as she came.

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He pulled his face away and moved up her body, stopping to kiss her lips, his tongue again sliding into her mouth. He pulled away quickly and whispered into the young girl's ear. "Have you ever sucked cock before?" Amy's eyes widened and she shook her head no, just causing him to smile more and sit back on the couch.

Amy got up and came around to his front, kneeling down to see his cock closer. "Well, go for it!" he said to her, putting his hand on the back of her head and smiling at her. Amy shot down and began working his cock like a pro. She had real talent, he thought he would have to help her but she sucked like a woman who'd been doing it for years. He moaned with pleasure, almost coming a couple times.

Finally, looking down to see her warm mouth enveloping his dick, he found it was too much. "I'm going to come, so pull your head away if you don't want it!" Amy just looked up at him and gave a thumbs up but kept going.

Terry let go with all his force, bucking his hips, forcing his cock deep into her throat. He felt the warm cum shoot from his dick and into the back of Amy's throat. She swallowed every drop. Terry lifted her bodily and, kissing her, dropped her back onto the couch so she was laying down. "Amy, I don't know if you've ever done this but I'm going to fuck you." The girl only nodded, smiling. Terry reached down and took hold of his cock, guiding it to her slopping wet pussy.

He rubbed his dick in the juices before slowly pushing it into her. Amy gasped as her hymen broke, a bit of blood dripping out of her pussy, but after a moment she was moaning and calling his name.


Terry's hips began moving faster, and he was fucking her harder then he thought was safe considering her size and age. He didn't care though, he just wanted to fuck this little girl all day with all of his force. Amy's whole body began being pushed back and forth on the couch and she moaned louder and louder, loud enough Terry thought the neighbors might hear. Suddenly he realized he didn't care. He leaned forward, massaging her small tits while he fucked her.

She grabbed hold of the couch as much as she could and her eyes shot open, her body convulsing, but still Terry kept fucking her. Still, her orgasm had turned him on even more, and he felt the cum begin to swell in his cock.

He gave a few last pushes deep into her pussy before pulling it out, jacking the cum off onto her chest. She just sat and watched him before catching on and rubbing the sweet cum onto herself, licking her fingers off when she was done. Amy pulled his head close and whispered in his ear. "That made me all sticky, I think I need a shower." Terry grinned widely and stuck a finger in her pussy before leaving the room, followed closely by Amy.