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Melissa knelt in the living room naked except her collar next to the recliner. Mike sat in his recliner watching TV, the dogs laying on the couches sleeping. After signing the Rules of the House and the Contract she felt a little better. "Sir would you like something to drink?" "Yes, I would grab me a coke and while you are up to feed the dogs." Mike patted her on the head. Melissa got up and headed to the kitchen and returned with a coke.

"Sir um where is the dog food?" In the white container in the far pantry door, there is soft food in the fridge, one tea spoon of soft mixed into their dry food. Boss is the only one that gets Beef Veggie; the other two get Beef and Gravy." Melissa turned and headed back into the kitchen.

As she portioned out the dry food into the tin bowls, she noticed they each perked up but didn't move. When she started mixing again none of the boys moved. She put the dishes in each stand remembering which bowl went were according to how she grabbed them, again none of the boys moved. "Um sir the dogs are not moving are they not hungry?" "Trust me they are hungry, they are just waiting for their command." Mike gave a loud whistle, and each dog headed to their bowl and sat.

"What do you say." All three dogs barked almost in unison. "Eat up boys." All three dogs began to chow down. Melissa stood in total amazement at how the dogs obeyed.

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She was busy watching the dogs she didn't see Mike get up and come into the kitchen. Mike pushed her to her knees and undid his pants. "Open" Melissa opened her mouth. "Say please." "WOOF!" Mike smiled and started pissing into her mouth. She quickly started gulping it down trying her best not to let it over flow her mouth.

She managed only to spill a little, but for her fortune, it stayed on her body. Mike finished and turned towards his room. "I'm getting a shower I will return soon." Melissa stayed kneeling on the floor where he left her. Boss came up to her and sniffed her. He caught the scent of piss on her body and began licking the piss off her body.

Her body started to shiver, and her pussy started getting wet. Once Boss was done he loped back to his couch. Mike finished his shower, got dressed and returned to the kitchen to find Melissa still kneeling where he had left her. "Go get cleaned up when you are done we will pick out your clothes for the evening.

Melissa scurried along on her hands and knees toward the bathroom. Just as she got to the guest bathroom, she realized she needed to go to the bathroom. She turned and headed to the back door.

Once there she sat up and barked several times. When Mike didn't respond, she barked again as loud as she could. She waited for a few more minutes; her bladder was starting to hurt. She barked again almost to a scream. Mike didn't respond she scurried towards the living room as she was crossing to through the kitchen her bladder over powered her muscles and she began pissing on the floor. Mike stepped from his room to see pee all over the floor and Melissa trying to mop it up.

"What the fuck slut?

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You pissed on my floor?' "But sir I went to the door and barked several times I was trying to find you when I had my accident?" Melissa dropped her head and almost came to tears. You stupid fucking slut, You should have grabbed a damn glass." Mike grabbed her by her hair and forced her to the floor.

Her face landed in her puddle of piss. He made sure to rub her whole face in the puddle. Then he ruffly pulled her to her feet and bent her over one of the kitchen chairs. Melissa was caught by total surprise at Mike speed. She tried not to fight while he rubbed her face in her piss.

When he yanked her up to her feet, she felt like her hair was being ripped from her scalp. When he bent her over the chair she braced herself; She knew her ass was not going to like what happened next.

Mike pulled his belt off, folded it in half and stepped back. He swung with as much force as he could. The first smack sounded through the house as the belt connected with the back side of Melissa's legs. Melissa screamed out as the belt hit her legs.


The second swing caught her on the ass; she screamed out again. "I'm sorry sir please forgive me please I'm sorry." "You're damn right you're sorry. You're a sorry ass slut that I guess still needs house broken. Fucking pissing on my damn floor and trying to hide the evidence." He swung again catching her square where the second swat hit. Melissa wanted to cover her ass but knew if she did it would probably be worse.

She screamed out every hit of the belt. Twenty swats in total, she saw him as he moved in front of her putting on his belt. She went to her knees; her ass was on fire and tears were flowing down her face. "Please forgive me, sir." "Get that pissed cleaned up and go get your damn shower slut." Mike turned and went into the living room. Melissa hurried and cleaned the piss up and headed for the shower.

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She got the water temperature to where she liked it. Stepping in she started rinsing her hair. Suddenly the water went cold she quickly stepped out from under the water screaming out of surprise. Mike came into the bathroom and opened the shower curtain. "What seems to be the problem?" "Sir the water went cold." Mike laughed.

"I know I turned off the hot water, sluts who pee on floors don't deserve a hot shower. Now get showered slut. As Mike closed the curtain, Melissa looked at the cold water coming from the shower head.

She hated cold showers with a passion, but unless she wanted a beating for not showering, she knew she had too. A few minutes later Melissa emerged from the shower her body felt like ice.

"Sir I'm am ready, can we please get my clothes picked out I' m freezing. Mike looked up from his recliner. "No, we have an hour before we will be leaving now take your place.' Melissa knelt down next to the recliner, her whole body felt like it was shaking, her nipples were hard as stones, and her teeth kept chattering. "Sir can we at least turn the A/C off it's cold in here.

"Nope, it is nice and comfy in here." Mike reached down to tweak one of her hard nipples. After a half hour had passed, Mike got up and motioned for Melissa to follow. They went into one of the spare rooms. Mike opened a dresser door and pulled out a small leather top.

Mike handed it to Melissa to put on. After putting it on the top barely covered her tits. Next, he pulled out one of the leather skirts the had purchased her and handed it to her.

She put it on, this like the top just barely covered her if she bent over it would ride up exposing her ass and pussy. Next, he clipped a leash to her collar. "Sir am I getting a shirt or something; this top doesn't even cover my tits." "No that's what you are wearing, and if you bitch about it anymore, you will wear nothing at all." "Yes, sir." Melissa felt uncomfortable not having any real clothing.She just prayed that where ever they went she didn't see anyone she knew.

Melissa climbed up into Mike's truck as soon as she lifted her leg to get in her skirt rode up and exposed her lower half. Once they got going mike hit several potholes and bump caused her boobs to bounce and break free of her top. Every time it happened Mike would laugh. As they got close, Melissa watched as they pulled into a warehouse business district. Getting closer they pulled into a driver of what looked like an abandoned warehouse, but several cars were parked in the lot.

Melissa walked behind Mike; she kept having to adjust her skirt, knowing good and well it was to no avail. They entered the front door as Mike was getting ready to pay their entry fee a girl walked through the door and saw and recognized Mike she ran screaming Mikes name and leaped into his arms wrapping her legs around his waist giving him a huge kiss.

Melissa felt jealousy creep. She wanted to smack this intruder hard. "Mikey you sweet thing I never thought I would see you again after you and your ex-split up." She kissed him full on the lips, then dropped down letting go. "Who's the girl?" "Lesslie this is a slut." The new girl looked at her. "Oh ok hi slut." She turned taking Mike's and "Follow me, and I will show you around." They entered the first door She turned, paying attention only to Mike.

"this is the free room kind of like the old place, nudity is allowed, but no sexual acts are also allowed no nudity beyond the door we came through. Also, there are free food and drink in here." She led them through the next door and entered the old warehouse portion several tables were set up in the central area and along the walls were several small rooms. "Each room is established for different kinks." She leads them to a room. "This room is my favorite its set up as a human urinal room." She leads them to another room slightly larger than the others.

"This room is the is the bondage room as you can see there are several securement devices throughout." "Lesslie, there is supposed to be someone here who has some things for me he made, is he he here?" "Oh, one of our vendors yes most are here follow me." They followed her to another room where several vendor tables were set.

"This is our vendor room and past it is the fuck room." "Mike good to see you, I have most of the stuff you ordered." "Hey, Jeff that's great." Mike walked over to Jeff's table as he approached Jeff layed a large duffle on the empty table next to him. Opening the bag, Jeff pulled out various toys and other equipment. "Let's see here are the two pairs of cuffs you wanted, um three floggers, a crop, two fuck sticks, leather crop, leather strap, and oh my wife made one of her tails for you.

Free of charge of course. I still am working on two other floggers and oh yes the collar you want." Jeff pulled out a pink dyed collar with Slut engraved on it and a metal ring in the middle of the U and two smaller rings on either side. Mike took it and turned to Melissa and removed her other collar and put the new one around her neck and fastened it.

The reattached the leash to it. "Sweet that looks beautiful and fits her very nicely. Thank you, Jeff." Melissa felt shivers of joy course through her body when she saw the new collar and just about started crying when Mike put it on her.

"I knew you would like it. Do you want to try the others out?" "Sure thing." Jeff looked around. "Hold on I will be right back, need to find the wife." Jeff returned a couple of minutes later with his wife in tow. The size difference was almost laughable, Jeff stood nearly 6'5", and his wife was a mere 5' if that tall. She was naked, and her nice size tits bounced as she walked. When she saw Mike, she ran up and hugged Mike. "Hey you sexy beast, I hoped you would show. I hope we can have some fun later." "Becky you know I wouldn't pass up some fun with you." Mike squeezed one of her nipples causing her to squeal.

"Baby watch the table while we go and test out the new toys. If you come with me, we will go to the BDSM room. Mike walked along side Jeff with Melissa and Lesslie in tow.

Lesslie looked at Melissa eyeing her up and down. When Melissa noticed her looking she felt another twinge of jealousy. "What are you staring at?" "I think you might want to realize your place and keep your mouth shut sweety; it would be in your best interest." Mike stopped and turned so sudden Melissa walked right into him.

Grabbing Melissa by her chin, he leaned in next to her ear. "What ever you have to say you can keep to yourself unless you are spoken to you keep your trap shut." "But sir she was staring at me, and it makes me uncomfortable." "I don't give two shits if it does, you keep your slut mouth shut. Now strip your clothes off, if you feel uncomfortable with people looking at you clothed then you need to be naked. Now fucking strip." Melissa quickly removed her clothes and handed them to Mike.

They continued till they reached the BDSM room as they entered reached down and poked Melissa in the ass. "I think I would like to fuck you; maybe Mike will let me and some of the other girls gangbang you later." "I don't do other girls so keep dreaming." As soon as she said it, she realized she shouldn't have and knew she would regret saying anything and that Lesslie had just purposely trapped her.

Mike whispered something to Jeff. "No man no private rooms do what you gotta do." Before Melissa could react, Mike turned and grabbed her by the throat and shoved her against the wall. "I said to keep your mouth shut, and you can't even handle a simple task, and now you think you decide what you will and won't do? I have news for you, you are mine and will do as I say. If I remember correctly you agreed to that in your contract, you even said and I quote I will play with a female with joy I my heart.

So if I decide to let a bunch of guys or girls fuck you senseless that my prerogative, not yours. If I decide you are going to eat pussy or suck dicks that is my decision, not yours. Now keep your slut mouth shut." Mike let go and turned back to Jeff.

"Sorry about that she is still learning her place." "No problem Mike I know how it goes believe me." Melissa glared at Lesslie. Jeff pulled out the toys once again and laid them on the table. "Oh shit, I forgot something I will be right back." Jeff turned and hurried back to his table. Lesslie came up to Mike and took his arm. "So am I going to get to fuck her then and maybe a few other things?" "Mike turned and looked at Melissa.

"Yeah I think so, I believe that it will do her some good to expand her abilities a little more." Jeff returned. "Here you go, Mike, I think this will help in controlling the mouth." Jeff dropped the ball attached to a leather strap.

"How much do I owe you for this one?" Mike turned it over in his hand admiring the leather. "No charge my friend beside you have a mouthy little slave and anything I can do to help." Mike turned and held the ball gag up to Melissa's mouth. "Open" Melissa reluctantly opened her mouth. Mike put the ball gag in it was just the right fit. He reached behind her and secured it behind her head.

He pulled Melissa to the table. Grabbing the cuffs, he put one on each hand and secured the straps. Each huff had a bar extending from it with a hook on each one. "The hooks in those are metal wrapped in cow hide, If for any reason like all my products they are warrantied as well as the tail my wife made.

The tail is made of fox fur; the plug is stainless steel. Next, this flogger is made of bull hide and very thick and heavy good for some solid thud impact. The next one is my personal favorite this one had nine tails and made of Buffalo hide and braided, sweet, substantial sting. The next one is a real nasty one in my opinion, and you may want to get used to the others cause this one will cause damage if not used correctly, it's made of thick plastic and provides a serious thud with a lot of sting.

And again if not used right it will damage the body. Next is the crop this one is made from Delrin with a leather flap at the end. Then we have the leather strap; it is made of Bull hidden 13" in length 7" in width and double, so you get that nice wack sound. The fuck sticks are both hard steel and chrome dipped for a smooth finish.

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So what do you think?" "I like very much, these are sweet, especially the eight ball handle ends on the floggers." Mike picked up the braided flogger and moved it through the air with ease. "Now that I think of it I would like to get a few more floggers plus three to match these." "Any particular flogger?" "Nah surprise me." Melissa watched as the flogger cut through the air.

She felt a cold chill run through her body. She could only imagine what it was going to feel like and thought she would prefer Mikes belt to these. Mike put the toys back in the bag. "I think I will wait a little bit before I use these, she has to pissed off right now and don't believe it would go well right now." Mike turned and removed the cuffs but left in the gag.

Mike took the tail and bent Melissa over the tail then looked at Lesslie. "Do you want the honors of putting it in her ass?" Lesslie squealed with joy. "Oh fuck hell yeah, I want to see that ass hole swallow it." She knelt down behind Melissa and spread her ass cheeks, putting her face close she stuck out her tongue and pushed it against Mellisa's asshole getting as much saliva as she could to make it slick.

To her surprise, her tongue spread it open a little with no resistance. Melissa's eyes went wide went she felt Lesslie's tongue touch her asshole, never in a million years would she have allowed a female to do that to her let alone a man.

But her she was getting tongue fucked by a girl. "Damn Mike, did you fuck her in the ass before yall came?" She returned to tongue fucking Melissa, as she did so she pushed a finger up into her pussy. Once she thought her asshole was lubed enough, she took the tail and put the plug end to her asshole. Slowly she pushed and twisted it. Melissa's asshole slowly and smoothly opened up around the plug when she got to the bulbous portion she pulled it out and then pushed it back slowly.

Melissa emitted a moan as she worked the plug in and out. Once she was happy that Melissa was excited enough she plunged it all the way in, Mellisa groaned with pleasure. Removing her finger from Melissa's pussy, she put it to her mouth and sucked the juices off. "Fuck now I'm horny, and my pussy needs some attention." Mike smiled as he watched the display before him.

"Well I guess that needs to be handled then, where would you like to go." Lesslie stood up and pointed out the door. "There is a medical room with a bed that has stirrups I would love to have her face in my pussy if I could." "Oh you can at that, I think it is time she learned to appreciate the taste of a female." Melissa, still leaning over the table and having her whole body quiver from the little display with her ass looked up and Mike and pleaded with Mike with her eyes.

"Oh, slut no amount of pleading is going to get you out of this. So be ready to taste some pussy." Mike grabbed her leash and pulled leading Melissa to the room Lesslie was headed too. Once in the room Lesslie hopped up on the bed and put her feet in the stirrups. "Now get over there and make her cum, I want her wiggling like a worm." Melissa dropped her head and walked slowly to the bed; she didn't want to do this, she had never sexually touched a woman.

"Get your ass moving slut." Mike stepped behind her grabbing her hair and pushing her to the bed. Forcing her to her knees and pushing her head within inches of Lesslie's pussy. "Now I will suggest this one time, start licking that pussy" Lowering his voice to a whisper. "Do it, or we head home, and after I am done, you will not sit down for a month." Letting go of her head, Mike stepped back to watch.

Melissa tentatively stuck out her tongue, touching Lesslie's clit. At first, she felt disgusted with what she was doing; then she felt like she wanted to through up. "Listen here slut licks my fucking pussy, you act like its going to bite you now start licking it like you're in love with it, I want to cum." Mike reached into his bag and pulled out the braided flogger.

With out warning, he swung down and up, connecting solidly with her ass, two of the braids went between her pussy lips one catching her on the clit. Melissa lurched up letting out a scream as her ass, and even clit was hit. Tears quickly filled her eyes. "Please sir I don't want to do this, I'm not bi. Please sir" Mike's face went red. He leaned over and whispered in her ear. "Is this what you want? You had better think carefully about it." Without hesitation, Melissa answered.

"Please, sir I want to go home." "Fine, then we will go home. Get your fucking clothes on and take the bag to the truck. I will be out in a moment." Melissa jumped to her feet and grabbed her stuff. Lesslie pouted her lips. "What I don't get my pussy licked? This is a total fucking bummer." When Melissa left Mike turned to Lesslie. "Get dressed and follow me, one way or another she is going to do what I want." Lesslie jumped off the bed with a squeal.

Mike thanked Jeff. "How soon will the others be ready?" "I will have them ready by Friday." "Cool I will have Lesslie pick them up I will be out of town on a job. Mike turned headed for the door. Outside Mike saw Melissa standing outside with one of the couples. He grabbed her by the arm and practically dragged her to the truck.

Opening the door, he helped her up. Getting in Mike started the truck and headed for the highway, once out of town he pulled over and got out. Walking around he opened the passenger door and drug Mellissa out by her hair. "Get out of my fucking truck." "Sir, please don't leave me here, I don,t know how to get home so I can get my car." "Fucking strip!" Mike waited for her to strip when she didn't he did it for her.

He grabbed a handful of hair and drug her to the back of the truck and dropped the tailgate. Lifting her up he put her on the bed and slammed the tailgate. "You want to act like a little bitch then I shall treat you as a bitch, because no bitch is going to disobey and think she is going to ride in the cab with me." Walking away Mike jumped in and headed back down the road. Melissa slunk down into the bed trying to hide. She began to cry; Mike had yet to be this mad at her.

All she wanted to do now was to get home and try and make things right. She felt the truck different turns and accelerate out of those turns; she tried her best to stay in one place. Finally, they pulled into the driveway. She laid with her back to the tailgate when it suddenly it dropped, and Mike grabbed her. As her feet hit the ground, a car pulled into the drive. She watched closely as it came to a stop and Lesslie stepped out. She was about to protest when Mike pulled her the car and slammed her down on the hood.

Then she heard that awful sound of a belt being pulled through belt loops. "Sir I am sorry please forgive me please!" She yelled. The first blow to the back of her legs caused her to scream out. "AHHHHH!" The next one hit even harder on her ass cheeks.

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"Sir Please Please forgive me please." The next came down on her back. Mike never said a word, and she could hear Lesslie giggling. Four more swats hit her ass cheeks; tears started to flow.

The pain was excruciating; Mike was swinging harder than when she had pissed on the floor. Melissa lost count of the swats; her tears puddled on the hood of the car. When she didn't feel another stinging bite to her ass, back or the back of her legs she prayed it was over.

Without any warning she felt a big handful of her being grabbed then she was yanked upright and turned to face Lesslie who was herself naked. Then just as roughly push to her knees. "Now you fucking slut you're going to start licking and make Lesslie cum, if you don't you will get more of what you just received." Lesslie stepped forward, with her hands she spread her pussy lips and thrust her hips towards Melissa's face.

Melissa didn't want to lick her she didn't want more swats. Tears still flowed down her face when she was suddenly hit the face with a hard stream of piss. She heard Lesslie laughing as she did it. Mike still had her hair and forced her head down allowing Lesslie to piss on her head.

When he pulled her head back up the pee stream was about gone, so he pushed her head into Lesslie's pussy. "Drink up slut and clean her pussy of every drop." Melissa fought back trying to push herself away.

When Mike felt the resistance, he yanked Melissa to her feet and bent her back over the hood of the car. "Fucking damn bitch, you will comply, you fucking agreed to comply with every command. Now you will pay the price." Mike opened up the passenger door and opened the bad and removed the braided flogger.

Turning he used the handle to spread Melissa's legs with a hard whack to her inner thigh. Melissa complied quickly for fear of the belt being used even harder. When the first sting of the flogger came down on her back and ass, she stood straight up and used her hands to cover her already burning backside. If there had been a neighbor close, they would have heard her scream. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Lesslie move and grab her hair forcing her down on the hood.

She had to move her hands to keep from kissing the hood with her face. The next swing came up between her legs, she jumped and screamed again. Her tears were coming harder and faster. "PLEASE SIR PLEASE STOP PLEASE!" But her pleas went un heard as Mike brought the braided flogger cross ways hitting her legs then back hitting her other leg.

Pain shot through Melissa's body. Her scream got louder with every hit. After ten solid blows, Mike handed the flogger to Lesslie then grabbed Melissa's hair and dragged her to the front door keeping her bent at the waist.

Her sobs did not affect him he was too angry to let them. When they entered the house, Mike grabbed two pillows off the couch then went into the kitchen grabbing a kitchen chair. Placing the pillows in the chair, he put them in the chair then forced Melissa onto the chair. He stepped out of the kitchen into the back room then returned with a rope. He secured her hands behind her, he pulled her left leg to the side and behind her and secured it to the leg of the chair then did the same to her other leg.

Now with her pussy fully exposed he turned to Lesslie. Have at it girl lick it till you have had your fill. Melissa tried to wiggle back, but with the two pillows behind her and her legs at an odd angle, she only managed to widen the gap.

"Please sir no." Lesslie knelt down, placing her hands on Melissa's thighs she put her face to her pussy and inhaled deeply. "MMM the sweet, sweet smell of pussy." Melissa tried to scream only to have the ball gag forced into her mouth and tightened. "Shut the fuck up slut." Mike got nose to nose to her when he said it.

"She is going to suck on your pussy, and she is going to lick till she wants no more. Melissa was now terrified; her bladder began to hurt, then she had an idea, no matter what happened she would give Lesslie what she gave her. Lesslie started to kiss on Melissa's pussy lips when the flow of piss hit her lips. But not reacting as Melissa hoped she opened her mouth and drank it in.


When the pee stopped Lesslie shoved her tongue as deep as she could into Melissa's pussy and licked her clean then leaned back. "Yummy. What did you think sweetheart, that you would turn me off? See unlike you I will do what ever Mike wanted; I know how to be a proper girl. So I suggest you be a good girl and enjoy the pussy licking, and do me a huge favor and cum nice and hard for me so I can have a taste." Lesslie went back busying herself to licking.

Melissa closed her eyes and tried to pretend it wasn't happening, tried to ignore the assault on her clit and pussy. More tears flowed down her face. After a few minutes, Lesslie says back. "This slut is as dry as the Sahara Mike." Mike removed the gag as soon as he did Melissa yelled out. "LET ME GO I WANT TO LEAVE I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE!" Mike stood back at the sudden outburst. "HMM ok if that's what you want then you can go now." Mike unbound her and stepped back.

As Melissa stood, Mike reached up and roughly removed the collar around her neck. "Lesslie go get her clothes so she can leave." Lesslie stood and left the room. A few minutes later she returned and handed Melissa her clothes. "I soaked them in pee just for you." Melissa grabbed her sopping wet clothes and headed out the door. Turning she looked at Mike.

"Fuck you I hope you rot in hell." Turned and walked out the door slamming it as she left. Before getting into her car, she put on the pee soaked clothes and got into her car. As she drove, she began to cry again and started cursing herself.

"Fucking idiot why couldn't you just did as you were told, Fuck I am so fucking stupid." Tears flowed down her cheeks. Arriving at her apartment she went inside and to her room, she quickly stripped her soaked clothes off. Just as she was headed to her bathroom, her bedroom door swung open.

"HOLY FUCKING HELL. What the hell have you gotten yourself into." Melissa turned and looked at her roommate. Betty looked down and saw the pee stained clothes on the floor. "OH MY GOD you're a fucking freak. My god, I am living with a freak of nature, fuck fuck fuck." Betty looked up back at Melissa. "I want you out of my apartment I don't want to be anywhere near you, you freak of fucking nature. I'm going out and will be gone until morning you had better be gone when I return.

You fucking freak." "Betty, please let me explain it's not like that, I was forced into this, please don't kick me out I have nowhere to go." "Bull shit, I found you on the floor the other morning naked except for a collar and playing with yourself.

Don't give me that bullshit. Now get your shit packed and get the fuck out you sick bitch." Betty turned and slammed the door. Melissa fell to the floor and once again began to cry. Melissa finally gained control of herself and searched for her phone. Fortunately, she thought to herself she had gotten Mike's number this last time. She found his number and dialed and waited.

"What do you want" Mike grumbled on the other end. "Sir, my roommate, just kicked me out, I have nowhere to go, I have no one. Please, can I come home, I promise to do everything you order me to do? I promise to behave. I will do anything." Melissa tried her best not to start balling again. "Ha, that's funny.

I remember you telling me that several times before, you even signed a piece of paper saying you would, then you left telling me to rot in hell. And now all of a sudden your begging to return? You must be stupid or think I am stupid." "No sir I am the stupid one sir.

I am an idiot, and I stepped way out of line I am truly sorry. Please forgive me." She sat and listened to silence for several moments. "I will give you one more chance, pack your shit and come here, when you arrive you will go to the back yard and sleep in one of the dog houses tonight.

In the morning you will take me to the airport and return here and take care of my house. When I get back, we will see just how well you listen." "Thank you; sir thank you." Melissa again started crying as she hung up.

She quickly got her stuff together then grabbed a quick shower. Once finished she went into Betty's room got on her bed and pissed on it. "There you fucking bitch, hope it is nice and smelly when you get home." Melissa packed her things into her car.

She returned to the apartment threw her key on the coffee table and closed the door without locking it. "Fuck you bitch!" Melissa got in her car and headed to her new home.