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Arab with boy sex and gay big dick oral Blonde muscle surfer fellow
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On a hot Saturday Morning in South Philadelphia, a cab pulls up to the building known as Viking Hall, the building also known for 8 years as the ECW Arena. Tammy Lynn Sytch pays the cab driver and exits the vehicle. As the taxi drives off, Tammy looks at the building with a tear in her eye.

"I'm here Chris." Tammy says as she wipes her eye. Tammy takes a deep breath and enters the building. The familiar aroma of the building hits Tammy like a tidal wave, as memories of happier times overwhelm her.

As Tammy roams the empty arena, she remembers her debut in ECW. She remembers her countless catfights. She remembers the fans.

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her friends. and of course, her now deceased long time love, Chris Candido. Tammy takes a deep breath and makes her way to where the actual ring area is. Tammy stops at the entrance and takes in the sight of a battered ring sitting at the center of the room surrounded by empty chairs.

Tammy almost cries from being in the ring area, but her mood does a 180 when she sees some familiar faces standing in the ring. Standing in the ring is ECW's court jester, The Blue Meanie, Danny Doring, "The Franchise" Shane Douglas, and "The Queen of Extreme" Francine.

"It's weird being here after so long." Francine says as she looks around. "Not for me." Meanie laughs a bit. "That's because you and Jasmine have been running shows here," Douglas laughs, in his traditional way.

"Can't blame him." Doring shrugs, "This is a classic barn. filled with the true die hard fans of what we do." "Aww. someone's getting misty." Meanie laughs.

Tammy smiles as she watches the back and forth joking between Doring and Meanie. She walks to the ring and calls out, "I thought you guys never got misty." Everyone in the ring looks at Tammy and smiles. "Hey Tammy looking good." Meanie smiles as Douglas holds the ring ropes open so Tammy can climb into the ring. "Why? Because I'm looking more like you," Tammy laughs as she pokes fun at her own weight issue.

"Well." Meanie laughs a bit, "There's more of you to love." "Hardy Har, Har." Tammy laughs as she punches Meanie's shoulder. Francine approaches Tammy and gives her a hug. "How are you doing. Since.

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Chris's death." Francine asks with a look of sympathy on her face. "Oh. I'm doing better. Some days are really tough. like today." Tammy sighs. "I'm glad you could come, seriously," Douglas smiles.

"Well. Chris would've wanted to be here. and.

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I think it could be closure for me personally." Tammy replies. "Hey, I'm glad you're here too.

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man I remember when I first came into ECW. you and Chris were almost at the top," Doring says as he gets a fond remembering look on his face.

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Tammy puts her hands on her chubby hips and smirks at him. "You probably just remember me welcoming you with some 'Sunny Delight'," Tammy laughs. "I wasn't going to say anything," Doring laughs a little. "Hey speaking of which." Douglas gets a grin on his face, and he looks at Francine and Tammy, "You two up for one more pre-show romp.

for old time sakes?" Francine laughs, "Sure why not." Tammy has a reluctant look on her face, "I.

I don't know. Chris is gone. and. I wouldn't feel right." Francine puts an arm around Tammy, "It's ok. although. Chris probably would've been all for it." Tammy looks at Francine and smiles, "You're right.

he'd probably suggest it and have you bent over by now." "Is that a suggestion, cause if it is." Doring has a big smirk on his face as he moves behind Francine and unzips her dress.

Francine looks over her shoulder at him and licks her lips as she shimmies a bit to get her dress to fall to her feet. Francine is not wearing a bra, but is wearing a thong that is quickly taken down by The Blue Meanie. Francine gets down to her knees and tugs down Meanie's shorts to unleash his 15" cock while Doring quickly disposes of his own clothing to show off his 12" Danaconda.

"God I miss the old days," Francine moans before taking their cocks into her hands and then taking the Meanie's into her mouth. Francine fucks her own face with his cock, bobbing her head violently along his shaft while pumping Doring's cock with both of her hands.

Salving drips out of the sides Francine's mouth as she gets almost Meanie's entire dick past her lips. As this is happening, Tammy and Douglas have stripped out of their clothes and Tammy is sitting on the top turnbuckle in one of the corners. She holds onto the top rope as The Franchise buries his face between her legs. Douglas laps his tongue against Tammy's fat pussy lips, licking as fast as he can.

Tammy rocks back and forth on the top turnbuckle to press her pussy again his face.

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Douglas takes hold of Tammy's fat thighs to keep her still before she falls. "Ohhhh ohhh Shane." Tammy moans as she leans back and enjoys the Franchise's tongue work.


As Tammy is getting eaten out, Francine is on top of the Blue Meanie, riding his freakish cock as hard as she can while all the while sucking Doring's cock. Francine violently squeezes her breasts as she rocks back and forth on Meanie's dick. Tammy is now down on her hands and knees getting fucked doggy style by the Franchise. Douglas slams his cock in and out of Tammy's pussy as she pushes back against him. Tammy's fat ass cheeks jiggle each time they collide with Douglas' thighs.

Francine has now climbed off of Meanie and lies in front of Tammy. Tammy lowers her head and starts eating the Extreme Queen's pussy. Meanie and Doring get near Francine's head and she begins sucking the heads of both of their cocks. The five of them soon change positions to where Tammy and Francine are in a 69, with Meanie fucking Tammy's asshole. Tammy as her arms out and is stroking both of Doring and Douglas's cocks while moving her head all over Francine's pussy.

Francine wraps one arm around Tammy's body to squeeze the former Sunny's ass while she finger bangs her cunt as she licks it.


Tammy squirms all over Francine's face as The Blue Meanie fucks her ass. "Ohhhh ohhh fuck me." Tammy screams as The Meanie gives her some sharp thrusts. After some time they all switch again. Tammy and Francine are side by side on their hands and knees getting fucked by Doring and Douglas respectively while they both snack on the Blue Meanie's monster dick. Both women lick a side of his cock while taking turns bobbing their heads on it.

Doring and Douglas fuck both of their pussies so hard that both women start to cum at almost the same instant. The Trip of Men take their cocks away from the women and sit them side by side. Douglas, Doring and Meanie jerk off until they dump their cum all over Tammy and Francine's beautiful faces. Tammy and Francine then lick the sperm off of each other's faces and kiss each other.

The former Sunny and the Queen of Extreme swap the semen between them before swallowing. Tammy and Francine smile at each other then at Meanie, Doring and Douglas. "I think. this reunion. is so. extreme." Tammy smiles as Francine kisses her cheek.