Lesbo beauty squirting after getting fingered

Lesbo beauty squirting after getting fingered
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No one under the age of fourteen has sex in this story. THE STOCK BROKER: It is Saturday morning, and my eyes blink open with me receiving very pleasant sensations on my member under the comfy hand-made quilt, that I and my wife received from my doting grandmother as a wedding gift. We were only eighteen and sixteen on that day.

A 'shotgun' wedding that was joyous, none the less. We are going on thirty years together and we are still strong together. I can hear the shower in the bathroom, so the mouth on me is not my beloved wife, but my deliriously gorgeous daughter-in-law is giving her respect and honor to her father-in-law.

Everyone in the family knows about me and my son's wives, but since in this case it is only a blow-job (as far as they know), they all look away. But, Nancy wants a kid in the worst way and her husband Matthew has shown up to be sterile, this being unknown to the rest of the family, and wants me the 'original article' to fill in for him.

After getting me lifted up, she pulls back the covers and rises to impale her pussy on my member and ride me to completion, hoping for a miracle. Besides the fun of fucking a beautiful daughter on the sly, I truly do want to do this service for them, as they are a devoted and loving couple.

After a very brief ride, she gets her due and after kissing me gently moves into the misty bathroom to cuddle with my Lydia just out of the shower. As I am laying and coming to full wakefulness, I muse on the good fortunes of my life. I then see my wife and Nancy coming into the bedroom with Nancy toweling her off. They have a certain glow about themselves that is a strong inference on what has passed between them in the bathroom. With Nancy still in her undies and Lydia naked, they move up on to the bed and under the coverlet and cuddle up to their favorite man, one on each side.

I reach around them and pull them up tight to me by their butt cheeks and glory in the wonder of it all as they caress and kiss me. After a torrid introduction to marriage and the births of our three sons, Lydia arrived at the very common malaise about sex. She probably would have fucked me six times a day, if she could get a daughter from it, but after three sons, she was done with the wear and tear of childbirths. She still reserved Sunday mornings for our 'weekly' to inspire her to true repentance while sitting next to me at church.

I am absolutely sure that the parson upon gazing over the early morning congregation, knows exactly what has produced that certain glow that my Lydia always displays under his view. He smiles in the midst of his sermon at that thought and then moves on. He is terribly fond of his; and he and his wife are regular party visitors at our home. He and his wife are quite 'straightlaced' about their sex life, evidently.

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But, they are never judgmental about ours. The only comments are made during his sermons, and they are strictly advisory and not demanding. After a few minutes in quiet and very affectionate cuddling, Lydia gets up and prepares to begin breakfast with the admonition to Nancy and I to not linger too long or breakfast will get cold. So, as Lydia moves out of the bedroom, in her panties and bra under a diaphanous cover, Nancy turns and directly installs my member up into her pussy again to get another baby-making load.

She accepts anal sometimes, too. But, that is not the purpose of this morning's efforts. And as all too often, she soon gets her wish and then it is our turn to join Lydia for the wonderful breakfast that she had undoubtedly prepared.

And then Nancy will have to hurry up to join her husband (our son) Matthew as he arrives home from his three day shift at the Firehouse.

She will then get another energetic 'boffing,' this time probably with anal entry, because it won't make any difference anyway. Lydia and I then change to our grubbies and busy ourselves in getting the weekly household chores done. With occasional sidelong smiles, were energetically finish them up, and then shower and prepare to attend the extended family monthly picnic at her father's home.

Her dear mother has passed away and her father, a very rich industrialist, has married a woman younger than his daughters. In fact she is only twenty six to his sixty-eight. So, she though actually loving him a lot, is always looking for a 'free ride' as it were. And I have been a target for some time, but a hesitant one. After all, I impregnated his fifteen year old daughter.

Our almost thirty year marriage and his three fine grandsons have much reduced the resentment over that. But, I hesitate to revive it by fucking his young wife, no matter how much she needs it. And even Lydia, might feel and show a bit of ire of me doing that. No chance of it terminating what we have, but I would not want to lower the ambiance, either. So, Lydia and I showered together with light affections and then dressed in our very presentable casuals, which we proudly bought at Value Village.

I have made great money for a number of years, but she and I have always been frugal with our monies, if not our sex organs. So, we moved out to our three-year-old comfy sedan (an Impala this time) and drove off for a very pleasant family party with almost everyone that we cared about in attendance. After we arrived and parked in the giant parking lot that Russell had constructed on his spacious property for events just like this, we moved hand-in-hand to the middle of the already lively fray.

I moved up to Russell as he was tormenting some steaks on his out-door BBQ, and Lydia was immediately glommed on to by Buffy, Dad's new wifely squeeze. I saw them mosey off to the kitchen to gab, evidently. 'Dad' and I entered into a discussion of the Twilight City's sports teams, a subject that both of us were very 'in to.' Meantime, Lydia and Buffy were engaged in a very animated discussion in private in the washroom off of the kitchen. Buffy notified Lydia of the recent visit to the doctor with Russell and the serious, but not dire, assertions made then.

Russ would have to give up climaxing for a while due to heart and stroke risks. He could still be affectionate, just very careful. While Lydia asserted that this might be a bit T.M.I., Buffy went on to ask her for my attentions on bi-weekly visits to help her cope with the missing attentions of her husband. When Lydia came back from being rocked back on her heels, she advised that he (meaning me) was pretty busy on that account already.

And that I, was though in good shape for my age, advancing in years also. Besides, though she (meaning Lydia) was being generous in allowing me some leniency in that regard (more than she was admitting), that she was very nervous about allowing the beauteous Asian Buffy into her husband's life. That she very much still loved her husband very much and didn't want to lose him. Buffy was silent for a few minutes and then gathered Lydia up into her arms and consoled her with, "Lydia, I love you and Nestor, I would never do anything to impinge on that!

I only want to borrow him for a while, and still enjoy my fine relationship with Russell. If anything ever happens to him, I am perfectly capable of finding another man for my life, without endangering your marriage and happiness. By borrowing Nestor once in a while, it prevents unnecessary outside influences from entering our happy family circle in the meantime." Lydia sipped on her tea for a few minutes and thought this out very carefully. "I guess that all makes sense, but how will we manage Dad's resentment, if he finds out about it.

You know he was very upset at my fifteen-year-old pregnancy by Nestor?" "Well, you should know that he has always desired you from your youthful girlhood, and felt very guilty about it. As far as I know, he never did anything about it. (As Buffy paused, Lydia did remember once when at fourteen she had first got her period that her father under advice of her mother, had gotten her into his embrace privately in the living room and loved her up with his hands to comfort her that she was still a desirable young woman.) But, if you were to make some advances to him now, which would be contained by his physical limitations, it should be enough to quiet any resentments to me being serviced by Nestor in the short run.

And I think, that it would draw you two very closely together, with the honor that you would grant him in his old age after very much loving you all these years." "Boy, we have all totally underestimated you, Buffy. That is all very well thought out and probably quite workable. When should I approach Dad in this manner?" "Just show him a lot of physical affection today and the next time you see him, and then come to see him on a Wednesday afternoon, when I am away to my exercise class (and exercise lover.)" "Okay, when will you first want to see Nestor?" "How about you send him in now for some kind of chore to be done for me, and I will seduce him quickly and get him back to you, you sweet darling." "Okay, I will." Lydia went outside to entertain her Dad while Nestor was to take care of Buffy's needs.

Lydia sidled up next to her father as the steaks were burning, and after a very sexy daughter kiss asked him what he was doing. "Well, Lydia, 'Dad' is offering up smoke from his burnt sacrifice of these steaks to appease God and to beg Pastor to offer up a generous benediction on our family gathering. While the Pastor and his wife were in full prayer mode with smiles on their faces and hands held together, Lydia cozied up even closer to her Dad and seemingly by accident allowed her hands to glide past his hidden cock.

He noticed, but only slightly reacted and sighed, which the Pastor interpreted as a faint 'Amen.' In the meantime, Nestor was busy fucking Buffy in the laundry room after being notified that it was perfectly acceptable from Lydia through Buffy. She was loudly moaning and shrieking, as he determinately plowed her pussy vault with his sizable cock. After a very short time, she came and cummed all over his lowered pants, with his cum leaking down the insides of her legs.

With excuses to the bemused kitchen staff, they repaired to the upstairs bedroom shower and played some more there, before redressing and rejoining the picnic party.

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No one acted as if they had noticed any of this. Even with Nestor now wearing an outfit of his father-in-law's clothing. The sons were probably glad it wasn't their wives this time. The next morning with Lydia's project in mind, and not wanting to reduce the sexual desire that was growing in her for her father, she decided to give Nestor his favorite anal and in mouth finish, to prepare her for the Pastor's very light guilt trip at church. Without letting him know in advance, she dragged him into the shower for preliminary fluffing up and then moved with him to their bed and moved down to all fours with her butt up and her head down and invited him to proceed up the dark alley.

Nestor was deliriously thrilled at the prospect and so kneeled behind her to awaken her behind to the thrills to come. He lightly slapped her butt cheeks until they were a very light reddish in color and then moved his mouth up to her rear assembly and gently at first and then fiercely kissed everything within reach, including her anus, which he also penetrated with his tongue. This really animated her and with a "Honey we are going to be late," refrain from her, he proceeded right up into her dark cavern and quickly progressed to very heavy pounding until his prodigious release, which she sighed in appreciation for.

At church during his sermon, the Pastor noticed the unusually bright smile on Lydia's face, guessed the reason and so lightly nodded to her as he continued. They spent a very light late evening together and retired after lasting through an only partly entertaining movie. Gentle hugs, assertive kisses and then off to dreamland.

The next morning, Monday as it was, he would appear at his office to consult with his personnel as to its goings-ons. Nestor was mostly retired, but still spent some time on his personal clients. He also ran a very tight ship in his business, since the government inquiry into his professional affairs a couple of years ago. They had determined that he was only very lightly guilty of some very minor things and since he was a very small fish, who was taking very good care of his clients, they just warned him against any 'smoking gun' in the future.

So, his employees were very circumspect in their handling of his business affairs, and despite that he was still making hands full of money. A great reputation is better than any advertising ever conceived. After a morning busy in his private business matters, he excused himself with the receptionist and reminded her that he was readily available on his cell anytime that something serious came up, like she didn't already know that.

She smiled and patted his behind as he moved by her towards the door. The thought came to him that he needed to make some time for her, if he just could fit her into his very busy sensual schedule. Though, popping the cork of employees was hazard full at best. Myrna, my son Leslie's eighteen year old wife, helps their family's exorbitant family budget by tutoring home-schooled children. She makes money to help the family also by, secretly from her husband fucking men in addition to me.


Without this they would sink into bankruptcy very quickly. So, Leslie who is my least manly child, though a dear soul, just turns his head and ignores my attentions to her. He is also of weak seminal effect, so she also hopes to get a child from me, the original article I think she also dubbed me.

She is the sweetest young woman imaginable and is always very gracious to me upon my Monday afternoon arrivals. She shoos out the students by noon and I arrive at about one after her shower and appearance efforts. She looks very regal for me when I come in the door. Because of time constraints, she usually does me right in the living room with the window shades open to view by any passerby.

She lifts up her little black dress and with her shining eyes, flashes her pussy and anus at me. I get whichever one I want, and even both if time permits. She acts very sexily with me, with a lot of fervent kisses, caress, hugs and hands on treatments. I don't usually linger here, but move right up to licking and sucking on her pussy and anus. She shivers at this and then moves to the couch and with her knees spread and her facing to the wall, with her head down on the couch's back, she welcomes my dick up into her, whichever place that I desire at the moment.

After I come, she immediately reverses herself and cleans my dick with her mouth awhile regaling me with her flashing eyes. When we are done with that, she rises, takes my still uplifted dick between her legs and humps on me until I am week-kneed and then moves me down to the rug for some fervent '69ing.' With a sensuous kiss and I am on my way.

Hopefully one of these times, I will impregnate her as she desires. One of her students, that I met once when she lingered after her studies to Myrna's frustration, met me. She is a junior in high-school student, very bright, but with the very heavy load of helping her dear mother who has M.S. Her mother is thirty two years old and a truly beautiful woman.

Her former boyfriend, a nationally known rap star, still comes to see her and is very generous in his financial support to her and his daughter, Malia. After meeting Malia, and her mother, I was soon recruited to being one of each of their lover. The once a week session with Malia and once a week with Reina her mother, helped them to afford the medicines that were very much delaying the advance of her disease.

Both of them are full African American, or at least as any of them can be after many generations of white men's depredations. They are gloriously beautiful and typical of black women's treatment of their lovers. They very much like to be in charge, but are fabulously inventive and generous in their treatments. Even Malia was a wonderful lover. I so enjoyed her pretty little butt cheeks when we did recumbent 'doggie.' And Reina, though somewhat weakened by her condition was up to doing anything that she was capable of offering to me and her other two gentleman callers.

I enjoyed taking showers with Reina. She had a trapeze hanging from her shower ceiling, and it could be raised to have her hands cuffed to take the load up off her feet.

In this position with the water running over the both of us, she so enjoyed me eating her pussy and ass. And was up to me entering her up either passage as I desired. With the trapeze lowered, she could sit on it and B.J. me or enjoy further oral operations on her. After our shower, we would often repair to her bed and with her on her back or side, share in extended '69ing' until we both fell asleep in a nap.

I truly loved this mother and girl. If I wasn't so happily married, I would marry her myself and try to make her remaining years as comforting and happy as I could.

Maybe even, we could take in a foster boy, a very young one that she could nurse up to her breast, and we could adopt him. My eyes would burn at her demise, and will even if we are never married, because life is not fair, if it was she would be gloriously healthy and have a very long life ahead of her. That just leaves Thursday of my week, since Friday is my day of rest at the men's club.

Yes, you can imagine how restful that would be. But, I again show up for my semi-weekly regular appearance and after checking the books and firm's appointment log, deem everything to be in fine order. I have an outside security firm covertly observe things here, but really don't expect anyone on my staff to 'fuck me over.' They are well compensated and it is a happy place to work.

As I was about to leave, one of my prime clients, wife of a very wealthy man, and rich in her own regard too, called me and asked if I could come to her house for a brief consultation. I don't think that with what she brings into our office: her business, her husband's and her friend's too, that I would ever deny her, if she could get ahold of me. I notified John's wife Mable, that I wouldn't be making it up to her today, but would try to make up for this as soon as possible.

So, I drove a little distance to Madam's 'castle' on the bluff overlooking the finest beach in town and approached her door with some concerns about what this might be about. The door was opened up by her butler and I was directed to her personal study for the consultation. I was directed to a very comfy chair facing her and the cute little Asian maid asked for my beverage choice and also offered some carrot cake that she had just made. I selected a light white wine and accepted the offering of the cake, too.

She returned very shortly with the items and with a brief showing of her upper mounds excused herself from the room and soundly closed the door. Then, Mathilda the empress of this domain, decided to turn her attentions to me.

"Hurrumph," she exhaled at the young maid's obvious attentions to me. And then, "I guess you are wondering as to what this meeting will be about?" "Yes, that had crossed my mind." "Well, you can rest easy, there is no immediate danger of me leaving off my business with your firm. I just wanted to discuss with you the return that I am currently earning through your firm's efforts. They are not insignificant, but a business partner of my husband has been recommending that I invest with his financial planner, since he is getting a very much higher return that I am getting with you." "Yes, I hear this on occasion.

But, I should advise you that you need to be very careful of these kinds of recommendations. What would that man gain by turning you to his planner? And how safe would your assets be with him? My firm has an AAA+ ranking for security and return on investment from the State and National government.

I don't think that you will get higher ratings anywhere. And there have been several instances over the last few years of financial planners promising and even delivering very high rates of return, and then it being found out that they were a 'ponzi' scheme and the clients lost most or all of their investments.

It is your money and you can do anything you want with it. I would prefer to have you continue with us, but the return that you are getting from us is all that our business can afford. If you desire to try others, I suggest that you check with reliable investment regulatory authorities to see what they report on them. And if you decide to try him out after that, you might invest a modest amount of your assets with him to try him out over a period of time." She looked to me with glowing eyes and offered, "That is very sound and generous advice, Nestor.

If I decide to act on it, I will inform you. But, I am understandably nervous about straying from your well-managing hands. I probably won't move and I will advise my husband and all my friends to follow your advice in this." "Thank you, Ma'am." "Now, be off with you after you finish your cake and wine.

And on your way out, please confer with the pretty little Asian maid, who is hot to meet you on, shall we say&hellip.in more intimate conditions." With that she with a very big smile shooed me away from her office.

On the way out, I diverted myself to the kitchen and the Asian maid dismissed the cook for an extended break, and then responded to my inquiry, "You saw something that you desired in Madam's office?" She smiled up to me from her four foot-three inch high mouth and said, "Yes I did, and she is you." She jumped up on a stool and soundly kissed me, then moved to her knees to blow me, then up on the counter for my intimate attentions starting with 'eating her out.' While engaging in this, Madam happened to wander through and seeing us in action, remarked "Well, Lily when you are done here please come to my office for a further consultation." And with a radiant smile, she turned on her heel and left the kitchen quickly.

After that, Lily moved forward on the kitchen counter and invited me into her private love nest, surrounded by the wiriest and blackest fur in the human family. It tickled my cock as I penetrated her and must have felt really good to her, too.

Since she came the first time right away, and again when I delivered my lover's cargo to her cargo hold. All in about twenty minutes total. Another enthusiastic kiss and then I saw her round little butt, with dress still upraised as she moved to Madam's office for her 'consultation.' The cook was moving in the opposite direction with a big smirk on her mouth, as I reached the front door to leave the premises THE STOCKBROKER 2 On the way home, I stopped by the office and called Lacy, my executive assistant in to the office.

As she was moving to join me in consultations, I brooded over how to bring up the subject of my intended coming inquiry. There are all kinds of state, local and federal agencies that are ready to pounce on an employer who proceeds to inquire or practice any unsocially acceptable sexual modes with his employees. But, I could take it for granted that Lacy, would not want to upset the applecart of her very rewarding employment, and her secret (not too much) desire to get into my pants, if not more.

So, I decided to use that and other incentives to push for the objective of this upcoming meeting. She didn't have to pause for my receptionist to clear and pass her into my office, unless the door was locked she had accessibility at any time. And since I very rarely ever played at the office that meant that she had access just about all of the time. So, she nodded to my receptionist, Kelly, and entered my business domain with a turning and closing and locking of the door.

She could virtually read my mind, her sense of my business matters was so refined. She then took a seat in the 'comfortable' chair without having to be directed to it and sat with her legs parted and her nether regions in full view, if I would want to admire them. So offered, so admired. She smiled at that. And then awaited my discussion of the purpose of this meeting.

I took another look and then smiled in return. "Lacy a matter of great concern has come up today. Madame Mathilda inquired of me this afternoon about the rate of reimbursement that she is getting. A business partner of her husband's is asserting that another business partner of his, an Investment Planner, can get her a better rate of return than we can provide her. I had a long discussion with her about the security of her money and how we have taken rather good care of her over the years.

She then dithered a bit and said that she would not jump on this right away, but would consider it carefully. Now I asked you to bring in her investment file to consider it with you. You are very familiar with her account, aren't you?" "Yes, Mr. Jones, I am. I have taken it upon myself to handle her personally and to not trouble you with the details.

But, for your information, with her full investment in our agency, she gets the top return for her investments of any of our clients and better than she would get with almost any other legitimate agency." "Thank you for that summery. Now, I have to look into alternative ways to add compensation to her. I don't want to overdo the return to her, it sets a very bad precedent for her future requests of this nature and also for our other clients, if they should get to know of it.

I was wondering if you might suggest some other little thing that we could do to cheer her up and divert her attentions from the last penny that she might require of us?" With that I became silent and awaited her response to this request.

I could see her mind working this over. She is very bright and will very likely see the permutations that I am interested in and so was then reviewing in her mind what perks that she should ask for in return. After a few minutes, while I spent my time admiring the many interesting physical assets that she was flouting with me, she was ready to respond. "Sir, first please a question? Are you recording this conversation?" "Yes, Miss Lacy. As always. And after we finish it, I will send a copy to your desk for you to secure against any future disputes over this matter.

I advise you to hide it well, because it will probably implicate the both of us in actionable offenses." "Sound advice, Mr. Jones. I will do that, and you too, I might advise." With that she got a studied nod.

"I could see you cogitating on this, so what perks would you like in return for this going beyond the deion of your written and stated responsibilities to this agency?" "I was going to await your offer on that matter." "Aha! Your admirable negotiating abilities in evidence. I was prepared to offer you sole mentorship of her account, with a majority of the income from it passed on to you. An office like mine for your usage and the Title of Acting Management Head of the agency, with an appropriate increase in your compensation.

It is passed due for me to take this action anyway, you have practically run this agency for some time, and by you taking on that responsibility, I wouldn't even have to come in to monitor things as often as I normally would do. That time could be diverted to some of my other interests." "A very generous offer, Mr. Jones. Might I add one thing to the mix.


I would like your intimate attentions one day each month, to not interfere with your other obligations, but to get my share of them. Is this too much to request?" "No, not at all. I would very much enjoy that, and with your new responsibilities, I think that we could cover it well. But, I don't think that it could be for a whole day.

Would a four or five hour consultation work for you?" "Yes, I think so and since you usually need to be home at about five or six each day, we could make it a late lunch for that day. And I will await what day that you choose." "Very Well, I think that that covers the things of my concern at this time." "If you excuse me for a few minutes, I have something of my concern to share with you." I looked back at her with raised eyebrows and she proceeded to undress right in front of me and reveal her lovely 'milf' body.

She was about forty five at the time and in extremely good shape from a company provided gym membership that she was very evidently using to its full. With her nude, she kneeled before me and exposed my member for her attentions. After licking it clean, she took it immediately into her mouth and with a generous production of saliva began to lick, suckle and tongue it to my considerable delight.

I had never had a B.J. this proficiently done before. And under her efforts, I soon emptied myself into her mouth, of which none came out.

All of it went to where everyman wants it to reside, in her tummy. With that, she stood up and brought her body up for my caressing and attentions and when I indicated that I was done, she redressed very slowly.

She promised that she would immediately make an appointment with Madame to consider her options, right after leaving my office. And that she would when she met with her, address her other needs too. I advised her about the maid, who was a lot of fun and she promised to address her needs, too. So, I bid her good bye for the day. With my leaving of the office, I remembered my usual tryst with Mabel, my son John's wife. I had bailed out on her last week due to business concerns, so decided to pay her a brief visit today, while I had some time.

When I arrived, she sent her three children upstairs to play with their allotted daily time on their video games. With this brief freedom, there was no way that they would come down to bother us. And since John wasn't due for another two hours, we had plenty of time. Mable had no desire for more children, since she had the usual three already.

She just liked to fuck with me, because I would do some things that her dear, but strait-laced husband would pass on. Like anal. So after us sharing in the requisite kissing and hugging, we got right to it. I took the thick lube handy on the sofa and slicked up her anus and my dick. I then plunged in after the briefest of times spent loosening her up. This was how she liked it, with her tight and resistant to my penetrations. I quickly moved up to pounding her while she was knees up on the sofa, with her head on the back of the couch.

She was whimpering, when I suddenly heard a sound to our right. I made sure that I came first, and so with my dick emptying up into her ass, I turned and saw her sixteen year old daughter inspecting our activity. She had never done this before. I didn't even bother to withdraw, since she had obviously caught us and knew what was going on. So, she approached me, with my dick still balls deep in her mother and her mother swirling my dick within her now very lubricated anal chamber.

Her mom, didn't know of her presence yet, but figured it out when her daughter Missy asked me about what I was doing. "Well, as you can see Missy, I am balls deep up into your mother's ass and enjoying fucking her there." With that Mable briefly cringed and stopped her motions, but very soon her desire for more overrode that and she just ignored her daughter and her conversation with me.

Missy looked over to me, with my dick hidden in her mother's ass and asked, "Is this something that my father should know about?" I responded to her smarmy manner with, "And what do you suppose that would lead to, young lady? Do, you think that you would continue to have the nice home, your expensive toys and both parents if you did that?" "No probably not!" "Then wouldn't you more enjoy in joining into the fun, than causing a family crisis?" "Possibly." "Well if you want to join in, take off all of your clothes below your waist and join you mother up on the sofa in the same position that she has, and I will give you some of what she is getting." "Will it hurt me?" "Maybe a little the first time, but you can soon get used to it, and it feels real good then.

You also can't get pregnant from it!" "Okay." And she did just so to my and her mother's stunned surprise. While she made herself comfortable on the sofa, I continued to plow into her mother and used my fingers and lube to prepare the girl for the same adventure as her mother was getting.

When I felt that she was prepared enough, I moved over to her and moved right up to inside of her, right past her cock-blocking anal sphincter. She only sighed a little and as I moved deeper in, she began to copy what she had seen her mother do. This enabled me to move past her blocking internal organs, and so I was deep in her very quickly. With the view of this very young ass in my eyes, my dick rose to its maximum inflation and I soon emptied up into her, too." With me still in her and her mother inspecting the operation on her daughter from up and close, Missy asked, "Is this all there is to it?

It feels kind of cool, but I didn't get my rocks off, you know." "Yes, that is a common result in the first few times, young lady. But, if you practice in preparation for my entries, you will soon get a lot of really good feelings from it." "Can't wait for that." So, I continued to plow up into her for a few minutes more, while she practiced the motions that she had seen of her mother and then I reluctantly withdrew.

She reached behind herself to contain my cum leaking out of her ass and rushed up the stairs to take care of it. Mable let me know that she wanted more, so I accommodated her, very enthusiastically.

When I got out back in my car, I received an emergency message from Lacy to return to the office. I phoned home that I would be very late home because of an office emergency and to not wait for me to have dinner. She promised to have a plate for me when I did arrive and I thanked her for that.

I was met by Lacy in the inner office, with her eyes wild and dancing about. After she got her emotions under control, she advised me that the meeting with Madame had gone very badly. Madame very much appreciated the offer, but she had decided upon her husband's insistence that she move her assets from my agency to the one of his partner's representative.

He was making wildly exorbitant assurances of returns on her investments with him. So, to keep peace in the family, she was going to accede to his stringent request. But, she did give Lacy an assurance that she wasn't completely brain dead, so she would only invest a third of her assets with this other firm and await the results.

Her husband didn't know the extent of her holdings and so would be none the wiser. Madame also passed on that with future efforts to bribe her, she would appreciate my attendance to enjoy the show and the opportunity to join in too, if I was invited.

I nodded to Lacy at that. The 'old bat' still had a razor sharp sense of humor I was comforted to know. Lacy, now dissolved into a shower of tears over her assumed failure in her first meeting with this very important client. Her first big chance to impress him in her business acumen. He sat now in his chair to see what this would bring. Actually, he wasn't surprised at this turn of events, and would use it to his advantage.

He knew that charlatans like this supposed are a 'dime a dozen' and that their spider-web of deceit is usually exposed in quick order. Bernie, being an exception to that rule. But, part of his purpose in this matter was to see what her level of resiliency and negotiations was.

There surely would be remonstrations of fear of her losing the account and even maybe losing her job over such an important client of our agency. And there would be the resultant offers to make up for her perceived failure in this case.

I couldn't wait to see what that would entail.

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She resisted running over to jump in my lap for condolences over this mess. I awarded her top marks in my mind for that. Business affairs, especially when they are struggling need a sound mind, not a pat on the pussy to alleviate the pain of possible or actual failure.

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So, she braced up and this time took the uncomfortable chair, reserved for unpleasant clients to address me. She still sat with her now uncovered pussy in my sight, but her mind and mouth were all business now. Perhaps, she had forgotten to recover her lower assets at the stunning news from Madame. No, I surmised, that wouldn't be my very capable Lacy in action. This was part of the negotiations, I figured. Right along with the presented humility by her chair choice to impress me with her fears about her job.

So, I awaited her first offer, in the face of all of this. "I guess some renegotiations of my perks would be in order now with this debacle. Do you want my job promotion back? What could I do to firm this up and move on to future successes instead of dwelling on this failure, as temporary as we both know it is likely to become" "I have some things in mind, what are you offering?" "Well, I know that you favor my pussy that you are inspecting from your chair right now, though you have ducked this issue for so long." "Why should I accept something offered for this mitigation that was already in play and made available by you?

You can do better than that, I would think!" "Okay, how about we halving my share of the profits from Madame's account prorated to the decrease in her assets moving forward?" "Good start!

And what else?" "Oh, you are going to be a hard negotiator, huh?" "Apparently so, do you mind?" "No, not at all." "What do you have to add to your previous offer, then?" "Well, I know that you love pussy, especially young pussy, so how about my daughters, aged fourteen, fifteen and seventeen? They are all very lightly used and would be tickled to play with you a handsome older man.

Especially if you had some little gift for them, as they met with you. Like a little pocket money for their make-up and such." "Now, you are talking.

I will duck the youngest for the present, but I would want you present to observe my handling of each of them and perhaps to join in at times." "Done!" "Very well, you have handled this well. I accept your offers and will continue you with the promotion that you so richly deserve. I will now reserve Thursdays for you and your daughters, in the morning for my office evaluation visit and after their arrival from school in the evenings for our play one day a month.

How does that work?" "Splendidly, and thank you for the lessons now, too!" With that she lifted off her dress and mounted herself on the desk to obviously give up her ass to me. And what a lovely ass it turned out to be with my dick stuck up in it. When I got home, Lydia inquired about the disturbance at the office, I replied that it was serious, but well taken care of for the present.

And then she averred that we needed a special consultation that night. I knew what that meant, so after having my rewarmed, but still tasty dinner in my belly and stopping by to tuck in my three grandchildren who were visiting, I moved on to the bedroom to enjoy whatever she had in mind for us that night.

It was a visiting nurse role-play. I just love them. On Thursday evening, I arrived just as the school bus dropped off Lacy's daughters and joined them to walk up to the door. When we got in and after they had briefly refueled themselves to last until dinner, the youngest asserted that she had a lot of homework to do and would leave us all to each other. Perhaps just a little bitterness at being left out, I would say.

Then I sat on the couch, while their mom and they all totally uncovered their bodies for my observation and enjoyment. The practiced some poses that they had seen on the internet, not on the Disney Channel I supposed.

It involved showing off to best advantage all of their feminine assets to my visual pleasure. After a few moments of that, they came to sit beside me with their mother on the coffee table with her pussy pointed right at me. I had sampled that before and wanted to concentrate on the young girl's bodies besides me. So, I reached for the one on the right, who was sixteen and moved her to my lap as the other busied herself playing with my ears.

The one in my lap immediately began to kiss me, very deeply right from the start. And my hands moved from her tits to her pussy in quick order.

With that she reared up and impaled her pussy on my now uprisen cock, accomplished in quick order by her mom. With her penetration, she began to move about on me to accentuate my feelings and hers, and when she came, she reared up to share her bounty with my mouth preparing to allow her sister the next session. Next the other sister moved up to take the same position and mom reached over to guide her carefully to be entered also. When she was fully entered, mom guided her hips in the proper motions to bring both of us, and the little girl came very quickly, with her also dumping her gift into my mouth.

Then they moved away and mom practiced Fucking 201, by impaling her ass on my cock to their admirations. She used the same motions as the girls and resulted in her cumming also, but this time with me dumping up into her dark chamber, too.

Then she backed up to my mouth and dumped my cum from her ass to my mouth to the girl's amazement. We then got a bark from the youngest girl who sneaked down to see what the hubbub was all about. Her only remark was, "In fourteen months." And then she ran back up the stairs. THE STOCK BROKER 3 When I got home, there was a note on the kitchen table.

'Sorry hun, but I have to go out of town for a couple of days, my sister is very ill and she has young children that I need to be keeping track of while she is in the hospital. Don't have too much fun while I am gone.

You might call Nancy to keep you company at night, since Matthew is on twenty-four duty for the next four nights. Her unanswered phone can always be explained as a dead battery that she didn't notice. Will Miss Ya!' So, I did call Nancy and she rushed right over to grace and bless my bed.

She is her own special kind of fun. She absolutely loves to give blow jobs. Anal, sometimes. She is determined to get a baby by me, since her husband is unable to provide that for her. She also likes Bi action so I called and asked Mable, if Missy can come over to spend the night with Me and Nancy to allow her to experience some Bi action.

She says, 'hell yes,' and brings her over and drops her off. I promised to get her to school on time, so she brought her school clothes to change into the next morning. She wasn't going to need any clothes for the night. She might even get some sleep during its duration. When she arrived, Nancy and I had already played some together and I had unloaded a coveted gift up into her pussy vault.

So, now she would accept some variant action, as long as I unloaded up into her again that night. When Missy joined us in bed, she totally impressed with her joining two adult naked people under the covers and us astounded at her beautiful and toned young woman's body; she started a fun gab fest while our hands and fingers did the talking for us for a while.

She brought up that her youngest sister was pissed that she didn't get any action that day, with the other three of us. My answer to that was that it wouldn't happen until she turned at least sixteen and not one day sooner. Missy smiled at that, more for her she guessed.

After the talk died down with our libidos lit up, some serious action began. The two girls became very involved with each other. I guessed that if Missy was inexperienced in lady on lady action, that she was a very quick learner. And Nancy was totally enthralled with her. Not in your life, did I leave the two of them alone in the action. I filled in where I could without interfering with their fun together.

There were still asses, tits and mouths to play with while they concentrated on each other's clits, tongues and ass holes. It didn't take long and Missy was totally lit up in her desires. I then took my place over her splayed legs and drove myself home to plant my first crop up her rear silo. By the time that I was ready to shoot the works, she was bashing her clit and vulva right up to my belly as I drove my dick down to her.

Nancy just sat amazed at the sight. Nancy exclaimed as I was driving myself to Missy's inner most home, "This is a tyro with sex???" "What her mom said, but if she is, she is the quickest learner that I have ever seen." While Missy was struggling with her coming climax, she exclaimed through clenched teeth, "Both!!!" With that we both came at once and she got her cookies and crème right together on time.

Nancy moved into position to take care of the over flows. Then we settled down under the covers tangled up together with my cock now up Nancy's ass to get some sleep. I promised her and Missy another helping each of my cock juice. They smiled as we each passed out to sleep the night away.

That afternoon after Nancy had left to give a conjugal visit to Matthew at the fire station, I got a call from Russell, my father-in-law. He asked me to stop by to discuss something of importance.

I girded up my loins and proceeded to join him in his private bar at his home. He was a bit down cast as entered to sit with him. Except for a small residual of resentment for me impregnating his fifteen year old daughter, he has always been very cordial to me. And he really does love the children that I produced on her. Too bad that her mother wasn't still with us, she was just the most fun with the kids. In very innocent ways, if you wonder. As we sat down and he nursed on his whiskey snifter, he looked my way and began to tear up somewhat.

He said, "Son (the first time that he had ever used that appellation in regard to me) I have something serious to reveal to you. I will just come out with it. For the last couple of weeks I have been intimate with your wife/my daughter Lydia and I feel awful about it because of the hurt that you must feel about it. I let him sit and stew in his juices and whiskey for a few minutes and then looked him in the eyes!

"About time, Dad! She has loved you since she could recognize you and has wanted you in that way since she even knew about it. You have finally made her very happy, I would guess." He just sat there in his chair, stunned out of his mind. When he could say anything, he blurted out, "You mean that you don't care?" "Of course I care, Dad. I am just not upset about it. She is not going to have you forever, you know. Have your fun while you can, she will continue to take care of me either way.

And between you and me, I should get down on my knees every day and thank you for bringing such a dear soul into the world!" And then after a brief smile, "And I know that your departed wife had something to do with that, too." With trailing laughter.

He spilled his drink as he roared in hysterical laughter at this attitude on my part. He got up and pulled me up to try to crush me in the strongest hug that I had ever received. Even stronger than the football coach had given me when I tackled the other team's running back on the one yard line for us to win the game. He then used a bar towel to clean up his mess and retook his seat in somber reflection.

"You know, Nestor, that I have resented you for many years. Not so much after you provided me with three fine grandsons with Lydia. But, this takes the cake, son. I will never forget this, you are tops with me." Then he continued, "I need to advise you, though, that the result of these intimacies with Lydia are that she is pregnant with a daughter.

At the age of forty-six no less. But, she is ecstatic to finally get a girl. And she said that you would take it very well. I am totally impressed." We sat on that for a few minutes and then he again took the floor, "Now I have a favor to ask of you." With that my eyes raised up to see what this would be. "I need you to do my cute Asian wife, Buffy, so that she can have a son. I seem to be only able to make girls and you seem to only make boys, if that makes sense." I sat and stared at him for a few minutes and replied, "Dad, consider it done." I learned later that Buffy was using the intercom to track this conversation and was very excited by this finale.

We had already fucked a couple of times and now we could do it with free license. What a family!!! And she actually didn't care if she got a child by me or anyone else, she was having too much fun for that.

But, if it happened that would be alright, too. I laughed all the way home in my car. It was just too rich. And I sort of felt good for the old guy, when he passed into the void beyond, what terrific memories he will take with him; a wonderful wife for so many years, a cute little sexpot for his aging years and topped off with fucking his daughter that he had lusted after for about thirty five years.

You can't make these kinds of things up. It …is&hellip. just&hellip. too&hellip. rich for words! When I got home I was notified by Myrna, Leslie's wife, that our efforts had worked out. She was pregnant with a little girl. Oh, oH! But, she was very happy about it, but that it would cancel out her dates for me at least until after the birth and healing. About one year. I congratulated her and said that that was the purpose of it anyway, and I wished her well. She hung up with tears that I could hear and her very honest thanks.

Sometimes life is so worth it. And more time for the other fuck buddies in my life, then. When I got to the office later that week to check up on things, Lacy invited me into her office to share what was going on. But, first she shut and locked the door, moved herself up to the desk, handed me the thick anal lube and leaned over with uncovered ass to be taken by me right then.

So, I obliged her, it was a gorgeous plowing and we both enjoyed it. That is that I enjoyed it and she enjoyed that I enjoyed it.

She got a little climax, so she must have enjoyed it for herself, too. Then we got down to business, mostly the firm's business. Madame had called back this morning to inform her that she was going to move all of her assets that she had sent on to the recommended financial planner back to our firm. At least all that were left. No sooner than they were deposited with her husband's business partner's financial planner and they and he disappeared.

The bank closed down the account and rescued some of the assets that were left. And several very important people were on his track to get what else might be available.

He wasn't expected to survive the trip back. And also, Madame's husband had lost his entire fortune. He was now imploring his wife to replace a significant part of it. Not only was she refusing to do that, but she has filed for divorce and frozen her assets so that he can't access any of them. With a bunch of former friends and business associates irate with him, his survival of this mess was in doubt, too.

The least that will happen is that he will lose his place in the business world and probably be reduced to living on the streets, unless Madame takes some pity on him and supports him to a minimum degree. She has also invited us both to lunch as soon as we can arrange it for a consultation of a more personal issue, with a grand surprise for each of us.

I don't know what the surprise will be, but she will surely be grateful for our advice which saved a major portion of her wealth. Be interesting to see what that turns out to be. Oh, and Mr. Jones, Myrna's daughter Missy was totally mesmerized by her night with you and Nancy the other night.

She especially appreciated the five twenties in her pocket book that she accidently found at school in the ladies' room that resounded with a very loud shriek in celebration. As far as she is concerned Missy is free to do that anytime it's convenient under the cover of babysitting your dog or something. Lacy smiled at nerve of that being passed on through her. She then stood up from the desk and approached me and gave me a resounding kiss.

Right then I was contemplating converting to traditional Mormonism so that I could marry all of the wonderful women that I so enjoyed. Probably wouldn't work, but even someone that has it all, needs something to dream about! That evening under the cover of having to tend to a sick friend, Russell was in on this, Buffy came to my place to pretend to try to make a baby boy in her.

Not that she was adverse to the threat of that, but the real reason was to fuck our brains out, and it took all night but we managed to do just that to a considerable degree. I saw her in the morning limping out to her car and very carefully backing out of the driveway. Give some of the local nosy 'bitties' something to chew on with their coffee that morning. And as I laid back in bed to rest from my sleep, the thought came to my mind. Wait a minute, wasn't this trade off of my wife to her dad and Buffy to me supposed to be so that he who could not get it up because of medical reasons, would get some and Buffy would get more with me.

I wonder now about the derivation of this whole scenario. Oh well, no harm, no foul! Later that morning, I got a call from Myrna that her daughter was now pregnant also. But, to not to worry about it, she could just come and live with me, home school, entertain me, and be passed off as a distant relative's daughter in trouble that came to be with me while the situation resolved itself.

Missy hated school anyway.

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I consulted with Lydia about it, and she said that we have three empty bedrooms, so why not. So that is what happened. Myrna brought her by, the next day, and within five minutes after she left, Missy was in my bed being seriously fucked. That afternoon, I left her with the T.V. on and a pizza on its way to her, that was already paid for with a tip.

She could fuck the delivery driver as an additions tip if she wanted, as far as I was concerned. My concern now was for Malia and her mother Reina, who had been neglected by me with all of my other balderdash taking up my time. When I arrived, Reina was napping on the couch. I woke her up with a fervent kiss and then escorted her up to the bathroom shower to have a little pre-Malia fun together. I like all of my ladies very much, especially my wife. But, I have never met anyone in my life who draws my heart in like Reina, and she knows it.

She never uses that to take any advantages of me, which only multiplies its effect on me. I love this woman right down to my bones, even inside of them. So, I try to make her time with me as welcome and enjoyable as I can. Even my time with Malia is designed to encourage and entertain Reina.

It is such a privilege to know and love them both. When I got home it looked like a hurricane had romped thru the house.

Well, not really that bad, but there were things strewn around that would not be that hard to be taken care of. I went up and talked to Missy about it. She stared at me with limited comprehension, but did get up and made an effort to get her things removed from the floors and furniture. I got to thinking that I might need the skills of a regular maid to maintain the house. I knew that I didn't have the time for it, and I felt that Missy just wanted to be fucked and then left alone to play her video games and talk with her friends, when they were not in school.

I did manage to talk her into doing on-line education. She actually showed some enthusiasm. I got it, treat high school as a video game and win the kid over. That night I educated Missy on the finer points of anal fucking.

After an initial painful start, with her bucking around, it settled down to some serious play, with her gradually getting more and more into it. Since, she was already pregnant, though not showing, it only made the difference to me that I so enjoy the comfy and tight feelings that it engenders. I am not even offended if there is a slight brown showing upon withdrawal. I just have her use some cleaner gel and handiwipes and on goes the oral like nothing has happened. The next morning, I got another email from Lydia.

Things were very serious back there with her sister. Her husband was a basket case (she was in position to help with that, I reasoned) and the children were terrified at the outlook for their mother.

She said that she would have to stay for an extended time and that she loves me very much. She asserted that I would be in good hands (my laugh at this point) with my coterie of lovers until she could make it back. She did open the possibility of me visiting her back there, and I said that I would look into that possibility. Lacy and I made an appointment to see Madame on Thursday starting in the morning at ten o'clock to see what the dear old filthy rich bat, who was our main client was up to.

So, I after boffing Missy again in the morning, drove by the office and picked up Lacy to the meeting to be held at ten am. She inquired of Missy, and I told her that she was doing fine, but that I was looking into a maid to keep control of the house. And also that I was going to have her do the rest of her high school online. "Like a video game," she remarked. "Just so," came from me. We then drove the rest of the way in silence.

When we got to Madame's place, the little Asian maid answered the door and sashayed her butt all the way to Madame's daylight office. Not to be confused with her night time one.

She was sitting in her antique chair that to me looked very uncomfortable, but since when had some cushioning that she carried on her frame, she didn't seem to be suffering in it. "I am glad that you could make it this morning. And on time, too! I am impressed. You both look so handsome too in your business suits. Especially you Lacy." We both nodded very respectfully to her and then the fun began. "I would think that you have guessed what the first reason for me to have you by would be.

It is to congratulate you for helping me to avoid total disaster in my soon to be exhusband's foolish arm twisting of me to move my assets to the loose-dicked investment planner. Sorry for my French. I did as you asked, saved a large portion of my holdings and am about to get a substantial part of the rest back. Unfortunately, my husband lost it all, by the way he consigned his assets to that creep's investment account. He is wailing at my door to have me share what I have left, but that is falling on deaf ears.

Not a chance! I am determined that when the whole legal battle is over and I win, to designate a modest monthly income to him, so that he won't be on the streets to my dishonor.

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If you are interested, I will have you manage that account for me." We both nodded. "Good, then that is taken care of." "What I am proposing now is that I know that the two of you are involved and that you each have other entanglements.

I am going to offer to you two, the use of one of my spare bedrooms that has an outside entrance to allow your intimate meetings to go on in private. Since, I am known as a meddling and vindictive 'old bat' I will allow you to have a security firm, I prefer Mount Baker Detective Agency because of their female head, to monitor the arrangement so that you are not taken advantage of by me.

All that I ask is that you use the video equipment to record your nude selves in face masks as you frolic around together and sometimes with my Asian maid. It should provide this old lady with a considerable amount of amusement to view at my pleasure things that I used to enjoy in abundance. This is strictly a gift to you for your considerable professional abilities in my service.

You can accept or decline this offer, but I would be disappointed if you do decline it. And it can all be covered by you having meetings with your main client." I looked at Lacy and she looked at me, we joined in mutual acceptance nods. "Good, now be off with yourselves, I have business partners to skewer and relatives to tease with asserted places in my will against some very extravagant favors in return." We smiled and left the premises THE STOCK BROKER 4 Life goes on.

Changes occur and we make do the bet that we can. Lydia announced to me that she was going to stay out with her sister and brother-in-law for good.

So she was offering me a very amicable divorce, with her making very small claims on our joint possessions. This was not just out of good heart over the great marriage that we had had, but also because her father out of respect for both of us promised to leave her well off, when he passed. So, I sadly signed the papers and sent a note along telling her how much I would always love and honor her. With all three of my daughters in law pregnant, they were going to be out of my fun coterie for at least a year.

And since Buffy, my young mother-in-law was too, she was also going to be unavailable, though she professed to want at least one more by me. Missy was still at my home and in my bed every night. She was doing so well in her studies too. It was inspiring to go by her room and see her sweating over the lessons. Lacy was still doing a bang-up job with the business and banging me up on Thursdays at Madame's mansion.

The outside entrance secret bedroom for our usage was very helpful, and Madame's enjoyment of our lovemaking videos made with our masks on, was a delight to her. The little Asian maid often joined us in the fun to Lacy and my delight, too. I was still seeing Reina and Malia, too. It was becoming a very important part of Reina's life. It wasn't just the intimacies, though they helped to make her life more enjoyable.

It was the positive influence that I was in her life. She was a naturally positive person, and with my positivity she felt like maximizing her abilities and opportunities, to my and Malia's happiness. Our relationship just made me feel so good all over. When I talked to Madame the last time, she informed me that she was increasing her exhusband's allowance to let him up his living conditions somewhat because of his being respectful to her and not trying to pressure her over everything.

He truly felt bad about the debacle with the financial planner that turned out to be mega dishonest. He had repaired the relationships with some of his former business associates, mainly because of them getting back large chunks of assets that were thought lost before the dismantling of the fiscal traitor that they had trusted.

So, his life was now full again with his business machinations to his delight. Madame felt good about that, too.


After all he was stupidnot dishonest in her sight. Kelly, the receptionist at the firm for my office, that I still visited to monitor things once a week, had seduced me to be one of my lovers, since she was aware of my loss of the other lovers in my life.

I never knew for sure, but I think that Lacy had something to do with that. She had no designs on advancement in the company. She was happy with the position that she had that was not too demanding of her.

She was an Olympic quality candidate in beach volleyball and so is often away for tournaments. This would not be possible if she had a more key position with the company. And one of the temps was trained to fill in for her when she was gone. So, it was all good, even the great publicity about us having her in our firm. It gave us great inroads among the athletic community and we rewarded her every time with a piece of the action for any athlete that we signed up from her coterie of athletic friends, whether it was due directly to her or not.

So, she was doing fine financially, even though she had a mundane job. Evidently part of her inspiration to tag up with me, was that with her working and travelling, she had little time for a boyfriend. When she was on the road with the team she had agreeable bedmates of both sides of the sex arena, but at home she was content to brighten up my days at work.

I am a regular five foot-eleven inches, but as a volleyball player forward, she was six foot-four inches and sleek and muscular. So sex with her was a real workout. She made sure of it. She got a lot of humor about it, too. We laughed a lot together. About this time, Russell called me back for another of his 'fireside chats' at the mansion. I had no idea of what this would be about. Be he had me seated and gazing at me, he remarked on how very well I had turned out as a son-in-law and even though it was as an ex now, he was still proud of me.

So he was making me an offer that he didn't think that I could refuse. At least he hoped not. "I am moving to be with Lydia while she watches over her sister. And Buffy will be going back with me during her pregnancy. Also, Lydia is keen to establish the relationship that we mentioned before, before it will be too late for me to actively participate. I need to apologize over the machinations that furthered that desire of mine, but it hasn't worked out all that badly has it?" I nodded at that and quietly awaited to find out what this meeting was REALLY about.

He noticed this and then after enjoying a couple of puffs on his elegant cigars from Cuba and a couple of sips from his whiskey snifter, he continued: "What I would like Nestor, would for you to take up residence in the mansion and manage its affairs while I and Buffy are gone.

I don't want any interlopers moving in without my permission, especially ones from the family. There will be a generous budget for maintenance, and to pay the body of workers to carry out the responsibilities inside and out for the estate. I would offer you a stipend for your benefit, but because I know that you certainly don't need it I will skip that, if it is okay. Would you do this for me?" I sat back in my chair and closed my eyes while they were aimed to the ceiling.

He was very still and quiet as I thought through the ramifications of this offer. The main advantage to me would be a much higher standard of living, and the prestige that would go with that. This place is even greater than Madame's. I could see no disadvantage to it at all, there would be no out of pocket expenses for me, they would all be taken care of by his accountant.

And it would be a great favor to a man who had shown a lot of patience with the young man who had impregnated his beloved daughter at the age of fifteen.

So, I rose up and opened my eyes and made a grand ole man's day and said, "Yes, I will do this for you." With that I saw the biggest smile on his face that I had ever seen. And any resident resentment that he felt towards me must have evaporated at that moment. He rose and took my hand and shook my teeth with his giant paws. He offered me a drink to mark the occasion, but I was about to drive and so declined. He respected this, too. I left him then to prepare the papers to legalize this and moved to go to home and discuss this with Missy, because this would result in her being the house-sitter for my home now.

She was so excited that she dragged me into my bed and gave me a bonus blow job to prepare me for the fucking that I would get later that night. Lydia, called me that evening and was very generous in her praise of me for doing this service for her Dad and his family. She said that her father in his call to her was almost in tears over this agreement and was also very generous in his pride in me. My answer to that was, "Pshshah, it was a pleasure to make a grand old man's day!" And left it at that.

That night when I came to bed, I found Missy over the side or it, with a stand and a hot water bottle with warm lightly salted water, I guessed, plugged up into her ass and awaiting me to plug my dick up into her mouth. While it was draining up her ass, she used my dick very well. No cum at this time. And then she dragged me to the bathroom to help her empty herself.

This was followed by another round of the same, and then a third. By, then you could have drank the water coming from her ass, it was so pure. She then opened the mini-fridge in the bedroom and brought out a two liter bottle of my most favorite root beer and refilled the water bottle with it. She then bent over the side of the bed with it again plugged in her to drain up into her after she had installed a birth control dam in her rectum up a ways.

The with a special adapter butt plug, she installed a drain hose that I could use like a straw to lay up on the bed with my head over the side siphoning off my favorite soda, while she was busy, working on her favorite drink from my cock. It tasted wonderful, and especially meaningful from where and whom it came from. Evidently she enjoyed the fruits of her labors on my dick when they came too, by her sighs and murmuring after it hit her mouth.

A sound anal pounding followed this to each of our pleasures. I couldn't help thinking of how much Madame would love this in video form, When, I remembered that it was being automatically recorded by our home security system to and inside server.

So, afterwards, I made a copy and processed it so that neither of our faces were shown and hand delivered a copy to her the next day. I got the most delightfully rank response from her, from that I knew that she loved it.

When I was sitting at my favorite restaurant dessert, a three-flavored banana split, it occurred to me that I would be living in that mansion all alone. Many that knew me expected me to marry Lacy at this time. The thought occurred to me, but she was just too busy in her profession for that now.

So, my mind wandered about this and it came up with Reina. She would have only a few more years, so this would give me the chance to enrich them beyond her and Malia's dreams. So, the next time I saw her, I ran it by her to consider. She thought it over as I made tender love to her, after she got her climax, with me emptying up into her pussy, she said 'Yes, that she would like that. That that would sort of top off her life." I liked that thought. So, I put Lacy and Kelly to work to arrange a hurried wedding.

They did wonders in the time allowed, and even Lydia came back to stand with Reina to steady her, and Russell came back to be my best man. I don't think that it would be possible for me to ever stand higher in their eyes that I did during that ceremony. They were both so proud of me. We had Malia join us for the Honeymoon and it was splendid. We took a Caribbean cruise for three and had all three of us in bed actively almost every night.

While we were gone, I asked Russell if it would be okay if we had Bath Fitters come in and adjust the two bathrooms that she would use for her benefit. He told me that he would take care of it, and the work was done, when we got home. It took only one day to move their possessions in with mine into the mansion, and they just wandered around in the house among the staff in awe of where they were. This was a true mansion, a grand one and they were going to rule it with me for some time.

Some time for Reina lasted eighteen months and then she passed away in her sleep in my arms. It had been a truly memorable year and a half. And after Malia, got over the shock of losing her mother and the center of her life for so many years, she got in bed with me, took me into her arms and with tears in her eyes told me how much she loved me for taking such good care of her mother, especially in the last eighteen months.

I hugged her and told her that it had been my privilege. And then we melded together and had as gentle a fuck as was possible. We slept entangled thru the night. The next morning, her father arrived to take her under his wing. While she packed, he repeated what the others had said about being so proud of me as to how I had taken such good care of a woman that he still loved and their daughter together.

I was a bit stiff over this, but then relaxed and graciously shook his hand on it, with a final fist bump. When Malia was going out the door for the last time, she briefly stopped in her tracks and looked back at me and smiled, then she moved on to the rest of her life and I never saw or heard from her again.

Six months later, Lacy moved in with me in the mansion to alleviate my loneliness there. Nobody seemed to think ill of it. She kept her apartment for the time being awaiting what would happen from then on. We entered upon a very happy time together. She was very well matched to me in everything, and we truly enjoyed our time together. Since, my time in the mansion at that point was still viewed as temporary, we weren't entertaining there, yet.

When I visited my house with Missy living there, I noticed that it was getting a bit ragged around the edges. Missy was in good shape though, because of the stair-step exerciser and the treadmill, too.

This helped her work off the pizzas and other meal deliveries that she consumed. With the baby to care for and her continuing schooling, which was now college level and moving ahead very well, she was extremely busy.

So, I hired a maid to take care of the inside of the house and a butler/security man to help with repairs, lawn maintenance and anything that needed to be repaired. He also drove the sedan for supplies and to take Missy to any appointments that she might need. I informed him and Missy that only one boy or girl at a time could visit her and that it would be rigidly enforced. Things settled down around there then. A year after Reina had passed away, I married Lacy.

I would say that the surprise level locally was non-existent. Nobody came back for the wedding, but very gracious cards were sent, with personalized expressions to reinforce the good feelings that the cards carried. Three months after that, Russell and Lydia decided to move back into the area to associate with her kids. I expected that they would want the mansion back and was prepared to vacate the premises, but not so.

Russell didn't feel up to caring for the old place and Lydia didn't want to be bothered, so they bought a very large and fine condo right on the bay and he had a paper written to put the mansion in my control, till I died. They became frequent visitors, though. Especially on BBQ weekend picnics. They would stay overnight on those occasions and we would talk till the wee hours of the night.

It was very great. And we became then the Elite of the town. Even Madame would now visit us for our evening parties, with the little Asian maid in tow. She often looked for chances to use me again, but I was more than happy with Missy, who was pregnant now with our third child and Lacy, who wanted none. It was the perfect situation for us. Lacy had passed on the wand of control of the firm to a younger woman, and so had a lot of time to manage our social calendar and it remained very busy with our perceived leadership now in the town's upper crust social set.

Also, Lacy had granted to lend me to Buffy to have her second child, but she had remained with Lydia's sister's husband to comfort him and he was taking on that responsibility, though she was still married to Russell. One evening as everyone was feeling very composed and mellow, Lydia came and took me by the hand to pass a little time on the balcony overlooking the gardens.

She knew this place well, since she had grown up in it. She sidled up next to me and leaned over to me to share, "Nestor, I am so proud of you. And I am so happy, myself. Lacy is perfect for you, even better than I was in our very happy thirty year marriage. Things are not as we anticipated, but they are grand anyway. I turned and gave her a fervent kiss, and then we walked hand in hand to be inside with all of our loved ones.