That amazing babe takes off his blue shirt

That amazing babe takes off his blue shirt
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This story is intended for mature adults only. It was christmas eve and Jake laid awake in his bed. He laid in his bed since morning filling his mind with erotic sexual fantasies. He was 18 and he was obsessed with sexual thoughts. As every teenager he watched a lot of porn and jerked off. Amidst his cloud of perverted thoughts he heard the clock chime twelve noon. Jake struggled from his bed and shambled out into the living room. His eyes narrowed as he gazed at the beautifully decorated christmas tree and the suspicious looking large gift next to it.

"Merry christmas!!!!" shouted Jake's dad and step-mom in unison. "Ah what the.?

you guys freaking me out! exclaimed Jake. "We just wanted to surprise you son! Go on open your present" said Jake's dad with a proud gleam in his eyes. "Oh great!" said Jake with his eyes wide as he knelt down next to the wrapped gift. "It heavy! said Jeff and struggled to pull the large heavy gift to a better position. The gift was almost 5feet long and 2 feet wide.

He slipped the red ribbon from the corner of the gift and hurriedly tore open the red wrapping paper. "Here we go!

he said and removed the lid. Immediately Jeff's face had a startled expression looking into the box with a lush naked body of a girl. Jake raked his eyes over her young tanned skin and saw her arms and legs were bound with plastic ties.

"Lets get her out" said Jake's dad and gave her a huge shove. Then her naked body landed on the floor with smack. He cut the plastic tie between her legs and pulled her to her feet. She stood with her head bowed down, Her body trembled in fear and her breathing came in harsh gasps that made her breasts move rhythmically. "What do you think son? asked Jake's dad Jake said nothing stood frozen, staring at her flawless teen body. She was a perfect hour glass figure with perfect breasts and heart shaped ass.

Jake's dad lifted her chin so that she looked him in the eye and tears rolled down her cheeks. Immediately she tried to cover her breasts and cunt with her hands in shame. "Hands by your sides" said Jake's dad with a look of disapproval and quickly her arms dropped to her sides. "Stop crying!! Immediately she stopped whimpering and rubbed down the tears on her cheek with her hands.

"Like her breasts? Asked Jake's dad Jake stood there open mouthed not knowing what to say. "Don't just stand there dummy, feel her breasts" She said with a smirk on her face. Jake moved quickly to comply with his step Mother's request and touched her breast. His fingers relished smoothness and suppleness of her beautiful B cup tits that stood immune to gravity.

"They are so tender" he said and gave both of her breasts a nice squeeze. He squeezed her nipple hard that her body jerked and she let out a small mumble. Then he rolled her sensitive nipples between his thumb and forefinger. His interest shifted from her breasts to her snatch.

It was completely shaved with a plain camel toe. "Part you legs! commanded Jake's dad. She spread her legs to continued to stand offering a better view of her cunt. Jake kelt before her with her cunt on display before his face and his finger began digging her pussy.


He parted her labia and held her clitioris. He then looked up between her breasts to see the expression of arousal on her innocent face.

Then his fingers found her vaginal opening and his index entered her moist pink tunnel. His other hand grabbed one of her ass cheek and he began fingering in and out of her vagina. Ahh ahhh ahhhhaaaa" she began to moan. Jake felt her vaginal muscles tighten around his finger and trickles of her sex juices run down as he pulled out his fingers.

"Do you like your gift? asked Jake's step mom. She could see his cock bulging through his sweat pants. "Best gift ever !!!! shouted Jake, "Want can I do with her dad? "Anything! she is all yours! she is your slave!" replied Jake's dad "Slave? that means I own her and I can do anything to her? asked Jake "Ofcoarse!

"Sex? "Yea! she is for your pleasure, you can fuck her all you want and do all the nasty perverted stuff you watch on the internet Hahahhhhhaa "Cool! Whats your name girl" asked Jake [whimpering]"Belinda master!" "Wow did she call me master?

muhahahhaaaaaaah. Jake and his parents burst into loud laughter. "She has been trained well" Said Jake's step mom, "How old are you?

she added. "19 madam" "Virgin!?? She nodded no and blushed. "Heh, that's not bad" Said Jake's dad Jake's erection was growing more and more, now clearly tenting the front of his sweat pants.

"Okay son we don't want to keep you, take her to your room" "Have fun with your toy! "Oookay, come on slave! he said and grabbed a handful of her hair and dragged her like a apeman into his room. He flung the door open and pushed her face down across the room to his shabby bed.

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Jake pulled down his sweat pants and released his semi hard cock dangling between his hairy thighs. It was almost 5'' and his hand stroked it slowly as he approached the bed.

Belinda panicked and covered herself with the bed covers. "Fucking cunt!" shouted Jake and ripped the covers completely off the bed. "Open your mouth slave" he said and pinched her cheeks with his hand as he brought her face down close to his cock.

Belinda sat motionless and starred at his erect twitching cock pointed on her face. Jake mistook her expression as disobedience and he slapped her face once, "Want more slave? and he slapped her twice in quick succession. "Don't resist slave!

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open your fucking mouth !! She opened up her mouth and looked up at him, whimpering and breathing heavy. Jake held her head steady by grabbing a handful of black hair, and he plunged his cock to the back of her throat. Belinda's cheeks bulged and her eyes went wide and teary. Belinda swallowed the full length of the cock jabbed into her mouth and her nose burrowed into his crotch hair that made her wrinkle her nose in disgust. As she sucked his cock her cheeks went concave under the incredible pressure she exerted on his cock.

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"They have trained you real good! exclaimed Jake Suurrrp slurppp sssssup Jake wanted her to gag and choke as they did in the pornmovies. So he held her down on his cock until she was gagged hard.

When her face grew red he released her and she gasped for air. "Mhhhhhh hhhhh aaaaaaaaa" She looked scared, and tears mixed with drool ran down her face.

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He repeatedly gagged her with his cock a couple of times till he was satisfied and pulled his cock out of her mouth. Her face was a mess of tears,perspiration and drool. "Spread your legs slave" he commanded He starred down at her as she lay back and spread her legs.

"Wider!!! Immediately Belinda's hands grabbed her ankles and struggled to spread her legs wider. Jake grabbed her hips dragged her to the edge of the bed and lined his hard cock with her pussy. He mounted her in missionary position and his cock fumbled to enter her pussy hole.

So he grabbed her by her hips and penetrated her with his throbbing cock. As his erect cock rammed into her vagina, Belinda winced in pain, "Aieeeeeee!" "Ohh that feels good" he moaned. "Mmmmm aaaaaaaaa" "Feeling good slave?!!! he practically screamed at her. "Yes master" she whimpered between moans.

Jake fucked her vagina in slow and firm strokes. Jake felt her shudder and clench her vaginal muscles as he fucked her.

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Belinda's body jerked under him and her breasts moving on her chest synchronous to the fucking. Then Jake pulled his cock out of her vagina and Belinda moaned. "Lets go doggy style! he commanded Belinda rolled over and got up on all fours. Then, he grabbed plump butt and pulled her back towards his erect cock. He entered her and fucked her like a stallion.

"Ah ah ah ahhh aha ah" He gasped loudly for air as his thrusts became more rapid and stronger. Belinda closed her eyes as pleasure clouded her mind. "Harder Harder! he shouted and gripped her hips firmly with his hands and kept pulling my body back towards his cock. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" Belinda's knees got weak and her legs shivered as she exploded in orgasm.

He pulled out his cock giving her a minute to recover. Then he jammed his cock in and out giving her pussy waves of pleasure. As they continued fucking in a good rhythm, Belinda reached her hand under her pussy and used her thumb to massage her clit. "Ahhh ahhhh aaaah" Jake's brows furrowed, he peered "Harder! harder! Im goin to cum" He clutched her hips for support and pistoned her in deep rapid strokes.

Her breasts swung back and forth as Jake increased the tempo. Belinda felt the friction against her vaginal walls and strong pain crept into her crotch.

Jake's breath was coming faster and faster. His penetrations reach all the way up along her hole to her cervix. Ahh ah ah ahh ah ah Fuck!! As he shot his load into her vagina, he yelled " Oooooooh!!!!!!!!!Ohhh That feel sooo good!" "Mmmm mmmh" Belinda moaned in relief as the pain ceased and warm semen filled her insides. Pleasure spread throughout her belly and nerves began firing jolt after jolt through out her body.

After Jake stopped bucking and the shock waves of orgasm had left him, He slowly pulled his slippery dick out of her pussy and released his grip on her hips. Sex juice and cum trickled down Belinda's pussy and dribbled onto the bed. "Suck me clean" He demanded Belinda sat up and hesitantly pursed her lips and formed an "O". She felt the warm cock enter her mouth once more. She began to use her mouth and sucked for all she was worth. Jake moaned constantly as her tongue spiralled on his cock lapping up the cum and cunt juices.

"You did good slave! said Jake as he pulled his limp cock from her mouth. He cock returned to the posture of a sleeping snake, dangling in his hairy crotch. Recovering his breath after the fucking he'd given Belinda, he tumbled into bed. He reached out and caressed Belinda's face and breasts. then he pulled her to his chest and cuddled with her.

He clutched her like teddy bear and both fell asleep. NEXT DAY Belinda heard a sounds of people talking, shouting and she forced her eyes open to look around.

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She slowly sat up in bed and wincing at the pain jabbing through her sore cunt. Belinda's eyes surveyed the room, She saw Jake with another boy. "Ah she is awake! Say hello to my little brother Jason" said Jake "Hello Master" "Huh?! Why is she calling me master? and why is she butt naked? asked Jason "Hah she is a slave! little bro" grinned Jake "A slave? asked Jason "Yep she will do whatever you desire" "Can she do my homework hehe" asked Jason playfully "Ahhh man up little bro!

look at the crack between her legs! said Jake "It looks wired! said Jason starring at Belinda's hairless cunt. "It's her vagina! Sex? fuck hole?. To be continued. Please leave your comments, suggestions or feedback.