Face down ass up nasty little stepsister

Face down ass up nasty little stepsister
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Things get wild in Africa. Pt 3 I had just finished my morning shower, I glanced out of the window as I dried and saw Mary walking up the path. I could see she had her snake sticks with her. I finished off quickly, got myself dressed and rushed off to meet her. "Hi Mary, how are you this morning?" "Well if you must know, my arse is sore," she said but with a grin and then "I've come round early so I could get you on my own.

We need to talk. Let's go up the lake path before the others see us." As soon as we out of sight she said it was far enough and we looked for somewhere safe to sit. "You could give me a nice kiss first before we chat." She then explained that perhaps she had made a mistake, as when she had got home the previous evening, Jane had pressured her for details of what occurred after she and Mandi had left.

So without having given it any thought, she had gone ahead and told her everything. They had never kept secrets from each other and it just seemed the thing to do.


She went on, the trouble is that Jane now expects the same. Mandi and I are both eighteen but Jane is a bit younger and besides she's never been away from home she tells me that she hasn't even broken inside yet if you know what I mean? I told her that I had already noticed that and I had been careful. "So what now?" she asked me. "I could tell her that I don't have any more rubbers" I replied. She didn't look too pleased with my suggestion, saying "That would do it but then I'd have to go without from now on because I couldn't have us do it behind her back and then have to lie to her." We sat in silence with no obvious answer coming to mind, eventually, I said that we had the rest of the day to think about it and come up with an answer.

We then slowly we walked back, hand in hand. A short time later Mandi appeared, calling out a bright hello but I noticed she looked at me rather shyly. Mary told me that she wanted to explain to Mandi our dilemma and could I leave them alone for a bit. So saying I would fetch some drinks, I took myself off. Giving them plenty of time, I waited a while before going to look for them.

I immediately noticed Mandi giving me a rather strange look but they both seemed relaxed enough. At the garden bench, Mary pointed out that it was a bit odd that Jane had not appeared yet and that she thought she should go and look for her.

Mandi and I sat with my arm around her and she lay her head on my shoulder.

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After a while, she said "I know it's wrong after what I said to you yesterday but I'm sorry, I feel jealous.

I can't help it. And yet I know that if you had asked me first if we could go all the way that I would probably have said no. But now you've done it to Mary, well I want it as well. In fact, I know now that I don't just want it, I need it!" she said gripping my hand.

I could see a few tears rolling down her cheek again, she seemed an emotional young girl that cried very easily. But then I thought maybe she was letting herself fall too deeply in love with me. But suddenly she said "I'm being stupid and unfair again. Us three girls have agreed that it's share and share alike, so my turn will come. Oh but there's one big problem there, what about Jane? Mary and I can't be doing it with you if we don't include her!

The way I see it is that only you can decide. The choice seems to be all or none." she sat glum faced. After a while, she continued "You know before you came along none of us knew much about sex, maybe Mary knew more from the girlie chats they have at her school. We used to talk about boys and things now and again and sometimes told each other that we had had a good play with ourself in bed the night before.

But we had certainly never done anything together, we never touched each other or anything. I know now though, that after the last few days and that after you've gone, I think we will be ready to have some fun with each other which will be nice. I feel that you have not only brought us closer together but also kind of liberated us, whether that's good or bad, well I really don't know but I do know it's fun." Mary came back with a heavy frown on her face.

"What's up," I asked, "no problems I hope?" "Well you'll never guess but that naughty girl went and got one of mum's medical books and when she read up all about virgins and young girls, I found her in her bedroom with a large hairbrush stuck up her pussy and blood on a towel.

She was busy wanking herself and didn't know what else to do but I just cried and watched her until she started to cum, then I went and held her tight and she was crying as well. She told me that it had hurt at first but she had put some body lotion on the brush and just kept going until I came in, she said it was wonderful in the end." "So is she okay?" I asked.

"Yes she's showering now and will be along soon but you do realise what this means and what she expects now don't you?" I had, of course, realised the whole purpose of Jane's actions and I now really did have a dilemma. "Anyway what are we going to do today, it's a nice day and not too hot.

Where can we go?" Asked Mary, and then "We could walk into town but it takes nearly an hour and it's awfully dusty when the lorries pass. Hey! Can you drive Pete?" Which I affirmed. She suggested I ask my dad if I could borrow one of the Landrovers as they had several and they weren't used a great deal. When I asked what was in town other than shops, I was told there was the tennis club, a new swimming club and a tiny cinema but that only opened some evenings.

I suggested the two girls wait for Jane while I went to see my dad. As it turned out, he had already had the same idea himself. He said he'd just show me how to use the four wheel drive in case we got stuck anywhere.

Dad knew I was qualified as a marksman with a .303 and that I had, in fact, represented my regiment in the shooting team. So he said I should take both the .410 and rifle with me.

Adding that people seldom drove far without suitable weapons as it could be quite dangerous. He advised that I should stick to the town road or Sagara and not venture anywhere else. After I got back to the girls with the jeep, I found Jane had by now joined the group. I quickly told them what dad had said and then suggested Mary and Jane should go with Mandi and ask if she could come with us.

I said just tell them that there's a soldier going along for their safety. Mary did her usual giggle and said she hadn't thought of it that way yet. "Our very own handsome soldier, oh wow!" Mandi said glumly that her dad was away for a few days and she doubted very much that her mother would allow her to go but they'd go and ask.

I sorted the stuff we needed and loaded the few bits into the Landrover. And then surprise when the girls came running back gleefully shouting that her mum had said she could go as long as we weren't going into the wilds. The girls had decided that they preferred Sagara pool as Mandi had never been there before, so they already had their costumes with them. I added their bags with the rest of the stuff and went to climb in the driver's side.

All three girls went for the other front seat at the same time. "Oh oh a problem, I think you should either draw lots or otherwise all sit in the back, it's not so bad as this jeep is completely open top with just a front windscreen." Three bits of grass with one shorter, and it was Jane who ended up in front.

The other two just gave her playful glare but gaily climbed in the back. Mary said, "We'll get you back later shrimp!" "See if I care, look what I've got" quipped Jane as she reached a hand to my leg.

As I drove off down the road her hand was already exploring inside my shorts and it wasn't long before she was massaging my cock. The other two were leaning over the partition to see what she was up to. As usual, Mary was the first to speak "Come on don't keep it hidden, get it out so we can all see what you've got there." With that Jane pushed my shorts leg up and pulled my growing cock into view.

"What do ya reckon girls, nice or what?" she asked. As she continued moving her fingers up and down the length, I tried hard to concentrate on the road. "I think you should stop now Jane, don't want an accident on this road." But she answered "No I think you should stop so as I can take care of that for you." as she leaned across and lowered her mouth to the tip.

"No sis that's not fair, leave him for now so he can drive, there's plenty of time when we get there." Reluctantly and with a sigh, Jane sat back up and pulled my short leg back over my cock. "What a waste" she exclaimed with a grin.

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What happened to the little girl I met when I first arrived I thought. It wasn't long before we turned up the hill and then arrived at the as ever deserted pool. We unloaded our stuff, although I had to stop Jane picking the guns up, pointing out they were loaded and she hadn't been taught how to shoot or handle a gun. When we had finished arranging everything Mary immediately said "Come on guys let's swim first." and she began removing her clothes, quickly followed by Jane.

But I noticed Mandi not moving and realised she had probably never been seen naked before. Mary went straight over to her, gave her a hug and said: "It's okay Mandi we all went in without costumes yesterday, anyway we've seen your private bits already so why does the rest matter?" And with that she slowly unwound Mandi's Indian top, I have no idea what it's called.

When that was gone, she had a little waistcoat type of thing which Mary proceeded to unbutton. Meanwhile, Jane already undressed, went over and began to lower her trousers.

The top came off at the same time as the trousers went down. Mandi quickly moved one arm to cover her breasts and the other she dropped for her hand to cover the front of her panties.

At the same time, Jane lifted each foot in turn from her trousers. Realising her shyness, I quickly moved over and held my arms out to her, "Come here love and let me hold you a minute." We just stood hugging while Mary and Jane had gone and jumped in the pool. "It's okay" I whispered in her ear "You know you're with friends and we all love you, it's not like strangers seeing you." She began to relax and then lowered her arm so her boobs pressed against me. She looked up and offered her lips to be kissed, which I did.

I said she could keep her panties on if she preferred. But suddenly she pulled away, bent and pulled her panties down and ran for the pool. I was stunned by the most beautiful figure I had ever seen. I just stood in awe, she's a Goddess I thought.

The girls were already splashing about in the pool when Mary shouted, "Come on slow coach, you're not even properly undressed yet!" It wasn't long before I tried the most graceful dive I could, which did bring a clap and cheer from the girls, then they all converged on me. We had good fun for half an hour, just splashing or grabbing and feeling each other and I was pleased to see that Mandi had soon relaxed and was joining in with as much enthusiasm as the rest.

Jane said she had an idea and explained that they should all take turns in sucking my cock but only underwater, so each girl could only suck as long as she could stay under and then the next one would take over.

I knew Mandi hadn't had a cock in her mouth yet but in fact, it might actually be easier for her where she couldn't be properly seen. But anyway, I gave her an enquiring look and she returned a slight nod. What the girls didn't know was that I would be able to control the moment and make sure which girl got the first load.

Jane claimed she should go first as they had stopped her fun in the jeep and with that down she dived. A hand yanked my cock (ouch) and then she had it between her lips sucking like mad, as she struggled to stay down under water.

With Mary busy watching as much as she could, I quietly asked Mandi if she wanted to be the first to take a load in her mouth or would she prefer not. She quickly answered that I should let one of them and explained that she was the only one that hadn't done it yet and she wanted to do it properly and maybe on our own.


At that moment Jane came spluttering to the surface and Mary had dived to take her place. I hadn't been blown underwater before and it was certainly good fun. Soon Mary came up, she hadn't been able to stay down as long as Jane.

When it came to Mandi's turn, I saw her take a huge breath, she pulled herself down till she was sat between and holding on to my legs. Where the other two girls had both been frantic in their sucking and rubbing, I now felt the most gentle caress. Fingers slowly tickled my balls as two soft lips took me into her mouth, her tongue busy sliding round and round my cock.

She pumped her head backwards and forward.

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The sensations were so intense I realised I had lost control, I grabbed her shoulders and tried to push her away but her hands had moved to my bum and she just clung on tight. Her hand started to grip harder and she moved it quicker as her mouth sucked harder. Then I was gone as my cock jerked and I was unloading into her mouth.

Mary said "Look, Jane, he's cumming, Mandi's got it, lucky so and so. Wow, but that was quick." I was getting a bit worried as Mandi had been under for ages but her grip on my arse hadn't relaxed so I thought she must be okay. I could feel her mouth still sucking every last drop from me as I still shook from the effort.

Then I was done. Mandi didn't rocket up out of the water as I expected but slowly her head appeared, her face coming up close to mine, I saw her breath deeply through her nose, not opening her mouth. She offered her lips to me and when we kissed, it was then she opened her mouth and she tongue fed me my own cum. She leaned back smiling at me "I changed my mind you see and they didn't know I could stay under the water so long." "My god, how did you stay down so long?

It seemed like forever!" exclaimed Jane. "Was it hard taking all that cum and not drowning down there?" Mary asked. "I was really trying to finish him because I thought I wouldn't get another turn but it was touch and go near the end whether I would be able to last long enough, I only just managed it." "Well you seemed to enjoy it enough and did I see you putting it back into his mouth?" asked Mary.

"Yes I did to both your questions, it was fun but I have to say, I want to do it slowly and properly next time." It was clear Mandi had lost her reserve as we climbed from the pool, she walked back proud and erect, a picture of beauty. We then unpacked our lunches and sat back to relax with a drink and a sandwich each. We had sat in a circle facing each other as we ate. Jane was leaning back on one elbow, knees bent up and she slowly rocked them open and shut so her pussy kept winking at me.

Mary also noticed, telling her off for being a horny little tart. Mandi surprised as all by saying "It does look very nice though, that little thin slit with only a whisper of hair above it" she immediately blushed shyly and added, "That's really not like me, what am I becoming?" "One of the gang," said Mary with a grin.

Jane suddenly grabbed a small tomato and opening her legs wide, she pushed it in her pussy until it completely disappeared. "You've all seen apple in a bucket, well I've just invented a new version, tomato in a pussy. Now who's going to try and get it out but don't forget, no hands!" she said. "I think you should try Mandi as both Pete and Mary have tasted my pussy but you haven't." Give Mandi her due, she didn't hesitate this time but slid over and kneeled down until her mouth reached Jane's pussy.

She gave it a little sniff first and then eased her tongue out a gave a little lick, she took her tongue back into her mouth as if tasting and then clamped her lips up to the slit. Mary winked at me and went to lay between Mandi's legs, lying on her back.

I saw she just had enough reach to raise her mouth up to the puffy lips above. I could see her tongue searching for that lovely clit we had all seen the night before. I watched as her tongue teased away and there it was.

It appeared, growing fast again until soon Mary could actually get both lips around it and she began sucking away just like a blow job. I heard Mandi say that her tongue had found the tomato but that she couldn't get it out. Jane told her to not worry about getting it out but just keep doing whatever it was she was already doing.

I then also bent down and put my mouth to Mary's pussy. So the three of us slurped away while Jane sat there with a huge grin, one hand having gone to Mandi's head, pulling her into her pussy as hard as she could, at the same wiggling her bum about on the blanket. Knowing what worked for Mary, I raised her knees above my shoulders, then dipped a finger in her slit before moving it to her arse hole. I felt her hole relax as she waited to receive my finger, so up it went with a minimum of resistance and it was soon buried deep inside her arse.

I didn't really have to move my finger, I lay the back of my hand on the ground and she lifted her own hips up and down and arse fucked herself on it. As Jane had been started on first, so she was the first to start moaning out loud, so I called out to Mandi to not forget that Jane nearly always peed when she came.

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But by this time Mary's working of her huge clit had sent her passed caring, so she sucked and licked even harder at the same time lowering her own hips down to push her clit harder into Mary's mouth.

Jane suddenly howled like a demented animal, the tomato came shooting out followed by a massive spray of pee like a dam bursting. Which I suppose it was. So huge was the blast that it even covered all of us, a long line of pee flying over Mandi's face and along her back, splashing down on Mary's tits and tummy and even soaking my head.

The spray suddenly cut off but not because she had stopped peeing yet. She still bucked and jerked on Mandi's fingers but Mandi had pulled her mouth back from Jane's pussy, her fingers moving to hold the lips wide open, showing her gaping hole.

She could now watch the pee leaving its little hole and shoot straight into her mouth. With one of my hands trapped by Mary's arse, I reached out with the other, right across until I could push a finger against Mandi's arse hole which I had been watching as it twitched in front of me as it reacted to Mary's administrations below.

I didn't expect it go in as I hadn't lubricated it first but I had forgotten Jane's pee and that had soaked Mandi's arse, dribbling down the crack between her cheeks. I could feel her hole fighting against my finger but I gently persisted until as she started to shake, her hole relaxed a moment and I was in, gently pushing deeper and deeper.

By now she was coming hard so she probably didn't realise she was now pushing back onto my finger, so I happily started to fuck it in and out all the while she was coming and then surprise! Because she must have decided that everyone else did it, why not her and a delicate golden shower of pee came down on Mary's face.

Meanwhile I hadn't forgotten Mary although I may have slackened off a bit, so I attacked her pussy with more gusto and almost right away was rewarded with a heave of her hips and then she went tense, like a statue, her arse pushed hard down on my finger, her stomach muscles clenching and her pussy seemed to be vibrating as I gave her clit a few more hard sucks.

We all just lay where we were, gasping for air, still with the odd shudder and moan. Finally, I got up and ran towards the pool. Halfway I stopped and looked towards the bushes. I was sure I had seen someone or something move but as hard as I stared, everything seemed still. But I knew for a fact that I had seen something though. The girls sat up looking puzzled as I came back and picked up the rifle.

"There's something just over there, I'm going to take a look, just stay where you are girls," I told them. "Here put your shorts on, you look silly with a rifle in your hand and a spear sticking out the top of your legs," said Mary with a laugh. Now with shorts on, I angled to the side of pool hut and quietly made my way to the back.

I peeked around the corner and there was no wild animal. But there was a very pretty, quite small african girl. She was obviously young because she didn't have the saggy tits like most of the African women I had seen, they were pert and upright with large nipples. She was kneeling bent down with her head almost touching the ground and she had one hand up between her legs. Her position explained why she hadn't seen me get up and leave the group. I guessed she had been watching our antics and had got herself all excited.

She didn't hear me approach until I was stood right beside her. Then she looked up with a start and a wide-eyed frightened look. She just knelt there staring up at me. I reached out a hand to her, trying to look as reassuring as I could, saying "Come on don't be frightened. Oh sorry, do you speak any English?" "Yes a little," she answered but did put her hand up to mine. She still looked very frightened so I raised her hand to my lips and kissed it, right away I knew it was the one that had been playing with her pussy, the smell was delicious.

I flicked out my tongue and gave her fingers a lick and then pushed two of her fingers into my mouth. Her eyes opened wide again but I'm sure I saw the flicker of a smile this time.

She jumped as Mary's voice called out "Pete where are you, is everything all right?" I looked at the girl and gave her a big smile, I pulled gently on her arm and slowly she followed me out into view of the girls. "Where did she come from?" said Mary. I explained what I had found and what I thought had been happening. Then said, no not thought, I'm certain and raised her hand for the girls to smell. Jane was the one that stepped forward and took the hand, raised it to her nose and sniffed deeply.

"Wow lovely," she said smiling at the girl. I could see that she was maybe a little older than Mary and Mandi but not by much. Mandi spoke to her in Swahili, this went on for a while back and forth.

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Mary and Jane very likely understood some of it but I was completely lost. The girl was smiling now and looking at all of us. When she looked at me her eyes went straight to my shorts.

"This is Aysha, she says she sometimes sneaks here for a swim because there's never anyone here. She didn't mean to spy on us but she couldn't help staying to watch when she saw what we were all doing. She's been here the whole time from when we climbed out of the pool. She's says it looked fun." "Well we were going back in the pool, so come let's go and you Aysha," I said.

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Without waiting we all jumped in, except Aysha who still stood with her skirt on. She was wringing her fingers together obviously not sure what to do. Jane climbed back out and quickly went over to her, she reached up and gave Aysha a little kiss while one hand went to her breast, the other went up her skirt.

Aysha stepped backwards but Jane just followed, her hands not leaving the girl. Again she reached her lips out and kissed her as this time Aysha stood stock still. We all could see, as she slowly responded to the kiss and then her arms came up to pull Jane into her.

Aysha's hips started to writhe on Jane's hand groping between her legs, we could see them thrusting forward. We were enraptured and could only stare as the young Jane seduced the beautiful black girl. We could clearly see as Jane pinched and squeezed her nipples but could only imagine what went on below the skirt. Aysha started to hump on Jane's hand, her arms round Jane's shoulders.

Then they kissed again and it was a long passionate kiss. Aysha's hands moved down to Jane's bum and she gripped her arse tight and then she was jerking backwards and forwards as she reached her climax.

We watched in awe at the beautiful sight, little Jane and this gorgeous wild African beauty. Jane held her tight in a hug as they slipped to the ground. We saw Aysha open her eyes and gaze deeply into Jane's and then lean forward to kiss her. She spoke some words in Swahili and then they hugged. "What did she say, did you hear?" I asked Mandi.

She just said "My beautiful little bird." Mandi climbed out of the pool and went over to the hugging pair. She took the hand of each and pulled them to their feet. Then reached out and pushed Aysha's skirt down to her ankles and brought them both to the pool.

We all had a fantastic half hour playing about and as last time, just grabbing and groping, it really was fun.

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It didn't take long to notice that Aysha seemed to follow Jane everywhere and squealed with delight every time Jane grabbed a hold of her. I said to Mandi and Mary, "I think Jane has got a new friend there, do you see Aysha can't take her eyes off of her?" "Well I think that's brilliant for sis and fantastic for Mandi and I, we've only got to share you two ways now and it might just solve that other problem we haven't resolved yet." She could just be right I thought as I watched Aysha and Jane giggling and splashing, as they grabbed a tit or shoved a hand between each other's legs when they could.

Mary came over to me and said "I think I might be the odd one out for a bit, I think Mandi's waiting for you to give her a proper fuck, it'll be easier here than when we get back home, anyway I'm happy to watch, well for now anyway my love." We three got back to the blanket to find Jane and Aysha were already lying in a passionate embrace.

Aysha was lying on top of Jane with a hand down between her legs as they kissed like long lost lovers. Then Jane was kissing and biting Aysha's nipples, one hand gently caressing Aysha's back as the other sought her pussy. They continued to kiss as they frantically began to wank each other.

This was all too much for me, I took Mandi's hand and looked at her, she simply nodded. I asked if she wanted to go somewhere private but she shook her head and smiled at me. I reached into my bag until I found a condom and slipped it quickly on my cock. She held her arms open to me and whispered: "Come here my love, make love to me." It had now become too personal to relate the full details here but it was the most gentle, loving and exciting moment of my life.

I can't begin to explain the heights of passion and love I was taken to that day, completely unaware of others watching us. I was totally engulfed by Mandi's love and her want of me and how she drew me completely and utterly into her. Jane and Aysha had already passed their climax, so they and Mary just sat and watched us, we were totally oblivious to their watching so wrapped up together were we.

It was heaven on earth and yet it was more, we so deeply loved each other. Our coming together ended in wave after wave of mighty orgasm until we lay in each other's arms. When we finally looked up, Mary was weeping quite openly and this started both Jane and Aysha to cry as well. They crowded around us and put their arms around us, hugging as they cried.

Eventually, when Mary sat up she said "After seeing that, I think we've just seen an hour of the most beautiful and deepest love we might ever see. Mandi and Pete are so clearly as one. Jane, Aysha I think it's just us girls from now on, like it or not!" Aysha reached a hand to Mary and pulled her in, the three girls kissed and cuddled each other.

Me, well I had a real problem. "I love you so very much Mandakranta, what are we going to do?" As I held her to me so gently. The look of despair that came over her face was truly heartbreaking. Well, it took time and a lot of talking and shouting between families but here we are many years later, still so much in love and living happily married. Both of our sets of parents have all become friends, our world was good. We have never shared our sex as we did those few days but we never forget.

We sometimes talk of it with a fond memory, for it had been an awakening for us. Mary, Jane and even Aysha in Africa are all happily married but we all keep in regular contact to this very day.


A wonderful thing is the internet. ps, Jane never did get her fuck, well not from me anyway! But then it transpired that for quite some time, she didn't want it anymore. She was perfectly happy with Aysha as her lover and who had relatives nearby, so she came to live there and they could meet every day.Under the mango tree of course!

pps. It all began with me sitting on a branch and a little girl staring at my cock. Dirty bugger! The end.