Emo gay cumshot facial They might glance totally yummy and innocent

Emo gay cumshot facial They might glance totally yummy and innocent
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Fat dad Pt 5 Mom had the cash in the bank, we moved into the house we had already christened, debt free. Mom said that by the time I graduated from High School that she should have enough to pay for the first two years of community college, then maybe I'd be able to transfer to a full up university to finish. The move was another totally fantastic event. My friend Dennis came through with his brothers truck. Size wise we really didn't need it but the problem was we couldn't move any of my belongings out the front door.

In fact we decided it would be best if we never even appeared to go in my room. The plan I worked out was almost totally fool proof. Mom pulled the moving van up close to the front door. Then Dennis backed up the front lawn to under my window.

We opened the garage and pulled the ladder out, ladder went from the rear of his truck to my open window. Dennis quietly moved all my belongings out the window while mom and I worked on the house.

It went off almost perfectly, the only way dad could see what was up was if he walked right to the front door and looked to his right, which he started to do. Dennis had all my stuff packed and was waiting outside, mom was on her way back in.

Dad looked at Dennis, he could see the truck from that angle but hadn't yet. While he asked who Dennis was, (he said he was the driver) mom unbuttoned 3 buttons on her blouse. It opened to underneath her bra showing off a lot of cleavage. Dad looked back, maybe because of moms arms moving and went off on mom.


"Jesus Janice what the hell are you doing dressed like that in front of these boys, what kind of a slut are you turning into?" Mom squared off with him saying "we don't live together so how I dress doesn't concern you any more does it?"During the move it became obvious that Dennis wasn't going to be able to get my bed out the window.

He did actually manage to get both my dressers out though which was pretty incredible really, not a fucking sound either. Mom quietly told me we wouldn't need a bed for me till I had a girlfriend to bring home.

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Dad spun around away from the truck and stomped back into the house. I was just coming up from behind dad and saw mom pull her blouse open a bit before lining it up to re-button it. Dennis's eyes were wide open. Once we finished the house we were starting to take the ladder back to the garage when I stopped.

I told everybody that dad hasn't touched a tool in at least 10 years since he became professionally fat, I wanted the tools. Dennis high fived me, mom rolled her eyes. The ladder fit in the rental truck, we looted out the tools from the garage and while doing that Dennis told me that my mom was awesome. I had to agree. The next day at school life got much better. We were at lunch and for the millionth time Dennis was retelling his James bond story of how he helped me move out.

When he got to the part of my mom opening her top one of the other kids asked me how big they were. I pointed over to this girl Calissa in our class, quiet, very big boobs and said they were like that. Dennis agreed with me and the kid started yelling awesome. Well Calissa saw me point and heard the laughing and hooting so she came over looking pissed.

She asked if we were talking about her boobs and everyone got quiet. I stepped in and said "well actually yes" Then I told Dennis that it was my turn to tell the story, they all stayed quiet and I told the story my way. My version was a lot more polite.

She asked what that had to do with her boobs and I said one of the guys asked how big my mom was and well, you're about the same as my mom. Now Dennis butts in and says "yea and she's been flirting with him just to piss his dad off to make him file for divorce, she told me that after she opened her top" I was like a deer in the head lights, Calissa knew what he said was true, as did everyone else.

That brought on a whole lot of new questions and I had to bail from the table. Thank god Calissa came with me. When Calissa towed me away from everyone else it looked to me like she looked more excited than pissed. I knew she was going to be asking questions that I was not going to answer so I got ready. We got near the doors of the cafeteria where no one else could hear us.

Calissa looked excited when she asked me if my mom was doing stuff with me. I smiled and said yea she was, then I lifted my shirt and showed her my abs and said we're working out together. She almost looked disappointed but she did stare at my abs. She asked again, I was really getting the impression that she was turned on by the idea of me doing stuff with my mom so I decided not to blow her off.

I told her that she'd have to be my girlfriend if we were gonna talk about stuff like that. She persisted, saying that I'd have to have something to talk about if we were gonna talk about it.

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I held my hands up and said I only maybe could talk, I had promised not to tell anybody anything. Calissa's eyes lit up with that, and she definitely looked turned on, she immediately said that I would never have to make that kind of promise if nothing was going on. Now I was starting to feel trapped, I tried one last thing, I told her that if she bent forward and her top opened, I'd look, but I'd also swear that I wasn't doing anything.

Her neck was turning pink and it looked like she was breathing a little faster, she said "I really want to know" I said, if I make the same promise to you that I made to my mom, I wouldn't break that promise either.

Her eyes flew open, then it looked like she was starting to think of something to say. She then smiled and said she wanted to talk more with me later. I smiled back to her and said "later" On the way back inside I got cornered by a teacher who saw me lift my shirt.

She demanded to know what it was I had hidden under my shirt that I had shown Calissa. I grinned, my friend Dennis was watching along with at least 15 different girls, this was lunch.

I tightened my gut and lifted my shirt showing the teacher my 6pack abs.

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Her mouth opened but no words came out, I grinned and told her that we had been talking about me working out with my mom. Oh man everyone around busted out laughing, they thought I was getting busted.


That teachers face almost turned purple, totally awesome day. That night when mom came home, I told her everything, she seemed really interested in my description of Calissa. She warned me to not do anything that could get us into trouble, I promised. Turns out I lied. The very next day Calissa met up with me before the start of school. With what I learned from my mom I made sure to pass compliments to her.


She blushed and said she really did like hearing things other than comments about her boobs. Then she got a mischievous smile and said "but you might know something about big boobs, might you?" I smiled and said I might, but if I did I still couldn't tell. We were close to the building now, Calissa whispered "walk home with me?" I said definitely. No real idea what it was I was supposed to learn that day in school, at all. What I learned on the way home was awesome.

I learned where Calissa lived, near a cemetery, that behind the cemetery is some woods with pathways through it, probably cemetery property. That's where we stopped and Calissa really started questioning me. She started out with saying that I would never have to promise not to tell something if there was nothing to tell. I asked her if she wanted me to make the same kind of promise to her. She nodded yes, I smiled and gave her a little kiss on the lips and said I promise.

She got real excited and said so tell me, I told her that my promise to my mom was still good. She looked down but I took her chin with one finger, like mom had done to me. I told her that I had never promised my mom that I wouldn't show somebody what we'd done.

Calissa's face lit up. I told her that she could tell me to stop, when she didn't want to know any more. She stopped me right off and said that she was gonna want proof that I wasn't just making stuff up to fool around with her. I promised her that I would take her home with me and prove it, if she let me show her everything. She stopped talking and just started looking nervous. I stepped around her and said my mom lets me hug her like this.

I slid my arms around her tummy and gave her a nice hug. She murmured that's nice but. I interrupted her and said hug and a kiss. Then I pulled Calissa's hair up and away from her shoulder and neck and leaned in and gave her a sensuous kiss to her neck. She gasped then said "your mom lets you?" I slowly started lifting my hands picking up the weight of her heavy breasts lifting, squeezing and separating a little while saying "I can show you this too".

She groaned. Then said "no, no way" but she was making no move to stop me. I whispered "today, I can show you today" now Calissa was appearing totally turned on. Each step of the way I told her what mom lets me do.

I slowly unbuttoned her shirt and slipped my hand in feeling her bra. She held my hand, pressing it into her breast. She gasped when I slid my hand under her bra and started feeling up her tit. She moaned "she lets you?" I murmured yes while sliding around in front of her and telling her "she lets me do more".

As I started pulling Calissa's nipple into my mouth she gasped out "today? You can show me today?" I nodded yes while pulling her nipple with my teeth.

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I asked her if she wanted to help me suck on my moms tits, she got weak kneed so I helped her down. I sucked a little more then said there was more, she said "show me". I slid down and started pulling her pants down, she reached to stop me and I said "I swear, today" she groaned and pushed at both pants and panties. I got them clear of one foot and dove in to suckle her wet pussy. She did have pubes, didn't shave it like I'd heard some girls do.

Her pussy lips were wet but not as big as my moms. I sucked and licked for a few then she pulled my head up, looked straight in my eyes and said "she lets you do this?" I nodded yes and said that moms lips down here are bigger and have more color than hers. Then I asked if she was going to want to help me suck on my moms pussy. Calissa spread her legs wide pulling her knees up to her shoulders. I kept working on her till I felt her shudder some. The noises she was making told me that I'd gotten her off.

I started stripping down, I got my face back in there for a few licks here and there while I got my pants off. Calissa stayed right there with her legs spread knowing that I was stripping down. I was so turned on I was hoping to last long enough to get it in her.

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I was used to my mom being wet so when I lined it up I thrust straight away all the way in. I felt something tear as I thrust past her hymen. She gasped, I was thrusting and groaning. I told her I was gonna cum, she screamed "not in me" I don't know how but I pulled out, I aimed for her one exposed breast and started shooting off. Calissa reached up and pulled her bra up to her neck exposing both breasts to my load that I was throbbing off.

I emptied my ball sack mostly on her massive breasts but I also hit her belly, between her breasts and a little on her chin. I was gasping that my moms on the pill, she lets me cum inside her. My god Calissa looked so incredibly hot there with her tits jizzed, pussy gaping open from being fucked along from her legs being spread.

I stayed hard, Calissa's eyes were glazed with lust she said "put it back in me, do it like you do with your mom" I dove back in. I had gotten maybe two thrusts back in her pussy when we heard the sound of bikes being dropped. Kids voices yelling "over here, I heard them over here". Busted, we were getting totally busted while fucking. I jumped off, they were way too close. Calissa was scrambling, I could see their heads, I started helping her dress.

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She was working on her bra and I lined her panties and pants with her leg. She got her top on and I pulled up as she stood. The kids showed up and she only had one shoe off, they got to see my wet limp dick as I scrambled to get dressed. It was plain to see the disappointment in their faces but they had heard Calissa talking dirty to me and came in like sharks. I had to threaten to kick their asses if they didn't leave us alone, they were younger and got a good enough look at my body to figure I could do it so they took off.