Squiring babe caught masturbating at home

Squiring babe caught masturbating at home
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I had just finished up with a client in Atlanta and was on Interstate 85 headed to my home in Western North Carolina. It had involved some " Olympic caliber " sex that had taken it's toll on me. My nuts were sore. As the miles slipped away, I wondered why this beautiful lady couldn't find some local talent to 'scratch her itch '.

My mind wandered to how we met. Samantha had been referred to me by a lady friend of mine. As we spoke on the phone, she revealed that she was divorced, and her husband had accused her of being 'frigid' ,and ran around on her till she caught up with him. A good private dick had some intimate pics of him and his ??? Retaining a good lawyer, she had taken the wealthy guy for half his net worth. She laughed all the way to the bank with 2 million of his dollars.

Now, months had passed and she was ready to have some serious therapy, to find out if indeed she was sexless in bed. My friend had laid my reputation down thick, telling her of my massage / hot stone treatments and how relaxed she was after a session with me. Samantha had told her that she had never had an orgasm, and would pay anything to experience them.

The friend had also revealed my "erotic" side evidently. I'm sure Atlanta is full of sex therapists, shrinks, gigolos, and more.

Why she chose to contact me is still a mystery. Sex was never implied as part of her treatment. I drove to meet her in a public place, for obvious reasons. Upon seeing Samantha, I found it very hard to believe her story.

On my 1—10 scale she rated a solid 9.5 . Long shapely legskiller assand a 34 b cup made up her frame and being a brunette with long sexy lashes and green eyes completed her . A 26 year old natural wet dream.

" You've come highly recommended Dano, and if you can help me with my problem, you won't regret the trip. I have you booked at a small Inn near me, as I may need several of your treatments. When you leave, I will compensate you well." She said she would call with directions to her place after I had relaxed from the four hour drive. She had my cell number. I checked in and had a long showera double Black Jack over ice, and a three hour nap.

My cell rang at 9pm. She asked was I up to a late night session and I said " Since it's so latewhy not come over here?" Surprisingly ,she accepted. I set up my table and stonesand lay back down to wait. Samantha soon knocked. Upon entering, she did not look like the wealthy woman I'd met earlier.

She had on a pair of Chic jeans and sweatshirt. "Well my dearare we slumming tonight ?" I asked. " I wanted to blend in and not attract attention." was her excuse. I had her fill out one of my forms while I explained my routine. " I'll need the bra off, but you may keep your panties onif you're shy." "I'd rather that you took them off Dano. It would help me relax and get in the mood for this,cause I'm very nervous.

My ex never undressed me in all the five years we were married,and that may have contributed to the problem." She stood and handed me my form. I had her turn around and said --- " Close your eyesand listen to my voice.

I want you to raise your hands over your head and hold them there till I tell you to drop them." She did soand I stood behind her, leaning in to let my breath be felt on her neck and ear. I was whispering softly that she should just trust me and relaxxxxx. I slowly placed my fingertips under the edges of her sweatshirtand let them barely touch her sides, moving around to her flat tummy. I repeated the move two more times.

With her arms up, her skin was stretched tight, which added to her sensitivity. I teased her navel, which took her breath. I continued to whisper to her. " You are so beautiful-- I'm sure you've been told that." Her voice said shakily-- "N-Nonot l-lately." Her legs were trembling. I kept my fingers movingnow going up to the soft skin under her breasts.

My fingers stroked the pliant flesh as I blew warm air in her ear. I knew her arms were tiring but I was only beginning.She should not have asked for my "Kinky Genie" to be let out of the bottle. Of course how would she have known I can be kinky? She had no bra on. I was scratching the swells on the sides of both breasts lightly, then her armpitsand around and down her back to her lower spine.

I came back up, moving my lips to the other ear and whispered " This feels gooddoesn't it " My hands went under the sweatshirt again and pulled it over her head in one smooth stroke. Her arms remained up. She listened well. I returned my hands to stroke between her breastsnever touching her nippleswhich added to her torment. "O-Oh my God Yes!!" Her voice trembled as she spoke.

"You may put your arms down, but keep your eyes closed." "Y-Yesss! " Cold chills covered her entire upper body, as I continued to torment her nerve endings with my 'spiders touch.' "Unbutton your jeans and unzip them.I'll take them off." I whisperedagain letting my warm breath raise the fine hairs on her neck.

Her fingers fumbled and found the button, and I heard the zipper fall. "Do you have panties on?" I whispered. " O-Only a t-thong Dano." I let my lips touch her neck, just under her right earmy warm wet tongue flicked out at the lobe. "Uughh--" Her breaths were ragged and shallow now. " I'll be taking the thong with me when I leave--" A trophy.heh heh. My hands came around her small waistjust under her navelstroking her flesh at the opening the jeans had made.

" O-Kay --Y-You can have them—oh-omm-my GG-God!!!" I turned her to face me,her eyes still closed. " Kick off those shoes for me." I whispered. She had them off in seconds. " Be very still now, I'm warning you"—still whispering.


I bent my head to her rock hard nipples, blowing my warm breath across one, then the other.Her moans mixed with her breaths. I began to slip down her tummy, locking my hands on her ass cheeks.

I licked and sucked every square inch of flesh on my way, bringing groans of pleasure from her throat. At her navel, I stopped to tongue it well. I felt her ass cheeks tighten as I did this. I let go of them to drop onto my knees, sliding the jeans to her knees.

My eyes stared at the sight before me, Samantha tremblingher legs slightly spread. She had soaked the crotch of her thong, and some had started to trail down her thighs. No way was this lady frigid. I helped her step out of the jeans and felt inside them also soaked!

I pulled the thong down, and her gasps filled the room. She stepped out of them and I led her to the table, her eyes still closed. On her tummy now, I could relax a little myself.

My cock was like stone, and the smell of her fluids were driving me like a dog in heat. It was so hard I could feel my heartbeat in it. I worked this massage a little different.putting the warm stones on her first. I had enough to run a line up each leg and a line up each side of her spinal column. "O-Oh my Dano—T-That feels wonderful." I massaged her temples in slow circles, then her scalpand moved to a point behind her ears.

As the heat soaked inI took the larger two stones and rolled them in circles on her ass cheeks. This brought more moans of approval from her.

I removed all the stones and returned them to the heater. I rolled her over to her back. Her eyes still closed. I was still whispering . "You have a beautiful body Sam-- May I suck a breast ?" "Please -Yes please!! Y-You're driving mee crazy !!" I held the nearest one with both hands cupped.

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"You may open your eyes now" I said, sucking the erect nipple in deep and rolling it with my tongue. Her hands came up and held the sides of my head in place. Tears had already formed and dried on her cheeks. As I fed on the breast, my hand slipped across her shaved mound to stroke her outer labia, already in bloom, their nectar oozing. I slipped a finger up to her inner lips, and barely got it to enter, her muscles holding me at bay. I fed on the other nipple, making her moan loudly.

Moving down with my lips, I traced circles around the cute navel, dipping my tongue in and sucking there also. I raised my head long enough to whisper to her-- "Please relax.I need to get my fingers inside to help you." Try as she might, her inner muscle stayed clamped on my single digit. I pulled it out and replaced it with a half dollar sized stone. As the heat transferred, her ass raised off the table.

" Noo--ghhh-aahh! " It was helping dilate her somewhat and I rubbed the stone over her clit to further stimulate the area. I spread Sam's thighs wide and got my face level with her pretty shaved pussy. I pulled the outer lips back,forcing her clit's hood to withdraw and letting the bud stand aloneerect and throbbing. Leaning close, I licked all round it, then placed my lips over it and sucked it inside my lips,using plenty of tongue.Samantha screamed-- as the tip of my tongue traced out my ABC's on the nub.

''I-Im C-cumminng !!"--her hands held my head steadyher cunt spasmed three timesreleasing thick spurts of cum, as her head shook violently side to side. Again I tried to get my finger in her, only this time I made it to the second knuckle.

I followed it with another, hooking them on her G spot and immediately milked it, bringing another strong orgasm from the "frigid" lady. " Oh My God-Danooo !!! I'm gonna cum again! Ahhhhhgg!!" This one rocked her whole body into spasms, as line after line of fluids shot forth from her, drenching my arm above the wrist.

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"Noo—Pl-please stop!! I can't take this!! You're scaring meee!!" I let up ,removing my fingers. Her body lay jerking, and she was crying and sobbingtears streaming down both cheeks. I stood and dropped my pants and briefsstepping up like a batter fixing to knock one out of the park. I knew I'd be lucky just to get the head inside, but I had to try.

I rubbed it all up and down the soaked lips, trying to find an angle. Sam had slowly calmed a little and was rolling her hips to match mine.

"That was incredible! I knew there wasn't anything wrong with me." I pushed the wide glans inside her inner lips. Sam responded by raising her legs to help, holding them behind the knees. I got an inch then two as I stroked with short one inch pushes of my hips.

I went so slow in fact, my erection fell by half it's size, letting the last inches slide right in. I folded Sam's legs on my chest to free up her hands. I reached to the side for a towel, and tossed it to her to wipe her face and neck,where all the tears and sweat had collected. "Y-You're too wide for me Dano, it's tearing me, I feel it . I pulled it all the way out, checking for blood. There wasn't any and I showed her.

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"Look—no blood " -- I said as her eyes grew bigger, my size surprising her. I was getting deep into pussy that had never been touched before. I put it back inside and quickly bottomed out again, my fat balls slapping her ass. My hips gathered speed while she adjustedmaking those little grunts that come on the downward strokes.

Her moans grew louder when I started to bottom out on every stroke.My cock had thickened to it's full 7+ inches, and she was wailing"Ahh" at every stroke.

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Her breathing came quickly to let me know she was close again, and now having a fat cock fucking her well, she put all she had into the project. Her own ass hunched upwards to meet me in mid stroke screaming-- " Fuck mee Yeah -Do it faster! Harder! I -I'm c-cu-cumm—ggg--noooo !!" I bottomed out and held it there, flexing my prostrate muscleswhich made the wide head swell more.

Her muscles gripped me hard, and my crotch area received a soaking from the seemingly endless supply she had stored up. I shifted my hips to a blur,slapping her wet ass crack with my balls, and bringing out the best orgasm yet from Samantha.Her arms tried to pull me down, but that would ruin the great angle I had on her G spot.

"G-Godd—Oh o -Shit !! Aahhhh—Nooo!!!" My seed erupted within her hot spasming walls, and she was milking my shaft with her incredibly tight cunt muscles. "I-It's soo Hot!!" Waves rolled through her, I could feel them as her head shook side to side.

Finally and totally satiatedshe passed outleaving me impaled on her contracting cuntmy cock still spilling it's juices. I had cum very hard, so I pulled out and rolled her onto her tummy. Her ass cheeks were soaked in our thick fluids. I spread her legs wide and inspected her pink anus, also coated with juices. I let my half-hard cock lay inside her cheeks, the shiny glans still dripping cum to puddle on her asshole. Try as I might to wait, I pushed against the pink muscle.

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It gave way surprisingly easy, and my cock began to slide into her rectum. The heat and tightness was incrediblethreatening to make me cum again, but I wanted to savor this wicked momentand slid forward till my pubic bone was at the hole also. I held my embedded member as far as I could in her ass, and started 'flexing' my prostate muscleswhich in turn made my rectum contract.

Over and over I flexed till another huge climax erupted from me, shooting far into the recesses of the "forbidden fruit " I had invaded. Without taking a single strokeI let my spasming cock jerk and lift inside her young assmy moans coming from deep within.

I leaned forward to rest my head between her shoulder blades as my cock throbbed out a final spurt.

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It was the most intense climax I could remember in recent encounters. I slid back out as I stood, my cock making a popping sound as it came free of the muscle.

Her anus began to constrict immediatelywith just a couple of lines of cum escaping to pool on the table. I eased her back onto her back, and wiped her up as best I could. Wetting a wash rag, I mopped the sweat from her brow, and rubbed a piece of ice across her cracked lips.

We were both dehydrated from losing so much fluids so quickly. I'd seen this before and knew how to deal with it. Samantha's eyes fluttered and then opened.

She smiled at me as I handed her an opened bottle of water.She drank quickly, downing over half the bottle before stopping. I said nothing as I drank mine.I was waiting to see if she had any idea I'd sodomized her. It was never mentioned. She was eager to describe the feelings of her first, full blown orgasm . My exit was coming up nowand my daydreaming of the encounter with Samantha had helped the long miles home pass quickly. She had asked me to stay awhile, but I told her I had others who expected me to keep my appointments.

Sam wanted to know what she owed me. I knew she could afford it ,so I charged her a dollar a mile and two hours at $125 an hour. Total bill was near $800 . She gave me a thousand, and told me to keep the change. She made me promise to come at least once a month till further notice. I still see her once a month. I had an urge to see the mountains also, but that's another story.

"It's a hard way to livebut someone has to do it" Dano