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Dickloving teen missionary fucked by oldman
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PSG She described herself as a Pagan Sex Goddess, that was enough to get me hooked! I had always assumed the last of those to have died out with Conan of Aquilonia. How wrong can you be Far from living in the Hyperborian age though, this one so I discovered, lived but a metaphoric hop, skip and a bungee-jump from the Grand Canyon itself.

How did I find her?.I didn't. She found me!

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Any reader of my deviate writings would have worked out by now that I have - if not a fixation, then a deep 'appreciation' let's say, of youthful femininity. When such describe themselves additionally, as a Pagan Sex Goddess, it is most definitely time for some meaningful investigative follow-up. PSG had a name as it turned out - Katie. This may or may not be her real name, I'll let you decide that!

What was real however, is the photograph she sent me. But hey, I'm jumping ahead of myself here. Katie is yet another girl who likes reading naughty stuff. I know this - because she told me.

Now, given that I occasionally write naughty stuff, it should come as no surprise that the day arrived, an email turned-up in my inbox from Miss Twisted in Colorado asking clarification of certain aspects relating to a couple of stories I had posted to a certain website that shall remain nameless. Her initial somewhat pretentious "How could you even think of doing stuff like that?" soon morphed into a more honest, "Tell me more about it!" line of questioning.

Fact is - she had been getting-off on it big-time for quite a while and like all young girls.was just sexually curious as all Hell.

With three teenage nymphs myself.been through that learning curve!

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So yeah.she sent me her photograph, confessed to faving just turned eighteen, as well as categorizing herself as I mentioned - a Pagan Sex Goddess to boot. It was her photo did it. Perhaps not classically beautiful in the accepted sense of the word - she was however classically attractive and I'm sure she herself would understand my inference and take no offense at my words here.

Let's be honest though - no-one rating themselves PSG could be anything but hot stuff.

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When you get right down to it - emailing is fine but there comes a point in some relationships - and if you think about it, that is what they really are at their most basic - that simply isn't enough. Sure, you can hook up a mike, connect your web-cam, but what ultimately could be less tasteful than demanding the girl "shows you her pussy" while you jerk off one-handedly all over the keyboard.

Lacks a certain flair doesn't it? Not exactly showing her one hundred percent respect either. Mind you - any girl willing to thus perform doesn't get my vote anyway I'm afraid!

So PSG was getting to me. I wanted to meet her and in fact during one brief conversation on her cell-phone, confided as much. Whilst I sensed her reciprocated interest, there was the small matter of a thirty-seven year age gap not to mention the trifling ten-thousand mile, continents apart inconvenience.


I also told her quite frankly that were she my daughter, there is no way she would be meeting anyone off the Net any place, any time for whatever reason. As for the geriatric status of her 'admirer,' I would be recommending an urgent call to the FBI. Thing is though - no girl who freely admits to the world they are a "Pagan Sex Goddess" is gonna pay too much attention to what anybody has to say. Now as it happens, I usually travel to Vegas each year for a major dot.com marketing convention, if for no other reason, to pick up any new technology that might be on offer and that won't be seen in Australia for possibly several months.

I was actually scheduled to attend the next one in just a few weeks. Relaying this to Katie, I mentioned that it would be a simple matter for me to fly on to Denver and then back-track to her own home-town for a night.

For some reason she seemed to trust me implicitly. On the other hand, maybe the concept of being molested in broad daylight if not raped silly by a complete stranger appealed to her.

It does have its bizarre attractions when you think of it! Katie herself lives, as she was quite happy to disclose, in the rather pretty little township of Conifer, right at the foothills of John Denver's beloved Rocky mountains in Jefferson County. At the junction of US Routes 74 and 285, Conifer is barely twenty three miles south west of Denver city. Winging into Denver Airport a few weeks later, having rung Katie from Vegas, I picked up a Grand Am from Alamo and headed-off down Highway 285.

For a town with a population of less than fifteen thousand people, this was anything but hicksville. Having made an advance booking with the Clifton Hotel Inn, I had first to find 12414 US Highway 285. Well seeing as I could count - that proved no major problem. Beautiful little place too - real throwback to the 1800's and not dollar and dime stuff either!

The manageress in reception was perhaps overly dour to start with - very much a "You won't be staying here long will you sir?" kind of air about her.

Won her over at the point I told her how appealing a lodging she appeared to preside over. Dropping off an admittedly small amount of luggage in my room, I returned to the Pontiac and called Katie.

Sensed for perhaps the first time, a little trepidation on her part, it being time basically to put up or shut up! I then figured out a quick compromise.

"Tell you what sweetheart," I said. "What say I just go order something in Starbucks down the road - I drove past the place getting here. Come on down and take a quick look inside and see if I look OK? If I do - join me. If I don't.keep walking! How's that?" Like every teenager I ever met.or created - she giggled. "Fair enough," she replied, "It'll take me half an hour to get there anyway." "No problem," I told her, "I'm starving, so look, I'll be ordering up big-time anyway." "Incidentally," I added, "I know you have my pic but I'm wearing jeans and a cream top, OK Katie?" "OK," she said, "See ya soon.maybe, haha," and the line went dead.

So engrossed was I with my third toasted ham on rye and my second OJ, I didn't even notice her approaching the table. "You look more than alright," she said breezily, looking down at me.

God damn, that pic had not done her justice. Don't know whether it was the rather delicately applied make-up, her changed hair-style, nice clothes or combination of all three.

I do know that this was my kind of Pagan Sex Goddess! "You look wonderful Katie," I told her in all honesty, regretting now I hadn't made a booking at the Clifton for six months rather than just one miserable night.

Ordered her a sandwich and Sprite while I finished off my own meal after which Katie took me on a brief sight-seeing tour of the area and let me tell you, if one were of a mind to settle down in a quiet yet pulsing little community - you could do way worse than Conifer CO. It was late afternoon by the time we got back to the Clifton. I asked her if she was 'comfortable' coming up to my room with me and did her parents know where she was?

She kinda glossed over that one, just saying that she had told them she was staying with a g/f and wasn't sure what time she would be back. As for being 'comfortable' about going to my suite.I don't recall having to use much in the way of coercion!

A couple of Clifton 'personnel' glanced haughtily at me as I shepherded Katie towards the lift. "My step-daughter," I volunteered, "Came to the US when she was a child - haven't seen her for years!" Katie's giggling just about wrecked my entire performance. "Despite its undeniable olde worlde charm, the Clifton Inn was something less than a five-star hotel. Aside from the double bed, a television, two chairs and a table that may or may not have supported the weight of a three-year old, the room was rather spartan in terms of furnishings.

I was going to ask her if she wanted to watch something on TV but something - call it intuition - kinda downplayed the likelihood of that. "Come and sit on my lap sweetie," I said. It just felt like the thing to say right then, and obviously it didn't ring any warning bells for her either because she did!

Her face now being just inches from mine and with her smiling so prettily, I simply had to kiss her. 'Twas nothing gross or involving tongue calisthenics - just a rather beautiful deep kiss. She blushed and I found that so remarkably attractive, I kissed her again.

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Strangely, she just nestled into my shoulder after that and I would be guessing we sat in that chair for upwards of an hour talking about just so many things. School, life in Colorado, life in Australia, high-points and low-points of her brief eighteen-year old tenure on the planet.everything in fact except sex! Of course, that situation had at some stage to be remedied!

It had gotten dark outside and I had to ease her off my lap (itself a remarkably pleasant experience) so as to be able to switch on the bed-side lamp. It was at this juncture Katie looked at me and I knew things were happening. "I'm still a virgin," she whispered from somewhere way left-field, quite as if this was the secret password with which to enter some underground nightclub. It was actually more information than I needed to know right that second. Standing there at the foot of the bed, swaying (probably quite unconsciously) in as seductive a manner as it has yet been my pleasure to witness, all she needed was the lollipop!

Sitting on the bed - I patted the spot beside me. "I know I shouldn't be doing this," she muttered, seating her curvy rear-end down in the spot indicated.

I was of a mind to say "Oh, I really think you should Katie," but thought better of it. "You just want to know sweetheart, don't you?" I whispered, putting my arm round her. She nodded, with a touch of understandable trepidation I suppose. "What was it like?" she asked breathlessly.

"You mean my first time?" I queried. She nodded. "Well Katie," I paused for a moment smiling at her - she was so very young! "I suppose it was a bit like having you here today.nothing was planned.just a case of things happening I guess.circumstances presenting themselves suddenly." I took a hold of her hand.

"There was a lot of trust there." "I trust you too," she whispered. How much longer could I look at that tastefully dressed body beside me and not wonder just what secrets it held? For once, I really was unsure of where to start.

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But I was forgetting - I had a Pagan Sex Goddess on site. Without being asked, she kicked her own shoes off and lay herself full length on the quilt.

Two very provocative young breasts thereby presented themselves for inspection. Inclining my head I kissed her just fractionally above her cleavage, moving downstream rapidly. She let out a small gasp of either pleasure or shock - I couldn't tell which. From my viewpoint, it was definitely pleasure! Kissing her breasts full-on was most assuredly kicking off the lesson nicely. Katie was wriggling already and anything but minding when I placed my hands upon her breasts and squeezed both gently.

Even through her top and bra I could feel her nipples hardening up delightfully. Just how good is this female arousal software? "May I?" I asked, gesturing towards the upper buttons of her top. That brought a flush of red to both cheeks but she nodded - quite confidently I noted.

I was feeling rather confident too if the truth be known, and in just a few seconds that frilly little light blue bra was exposed in all its finery, together with the prized contents of which Katie could be justifiably proud.

Kissing her breasts now through such wafer-thin a protective cover, was most definitely warming the room up. I nuzzled her cleavage which brought forth a few sighs and a few wriggles. I won't even begin to discuss the physical changes taking place my side of the bed. Showing perhaps undeniable forward-thinking, the bra was one of those cute little front-loaders. The sighs I was hearing, moved up to embryonic moans as I flipped open that simple clasp, revealing her breasts in all their teenage beauty.

As I have mentioned many times, it matters not, what one has done or experienced with other girls in the past. Every new experience is a moment to savor, every newly revealed breast - a treasure in its own right. In Katie's case - such exposure was a privilege in the extreme and as I bent to kiss her nipples, I heard her gasp with a mixture of girlish innocence and anticipated pleasure.

If we had never done anything else it would have been enough. She encouraged me however to kiss both breasts, fondle them, even manipulate her nipples until she was wriggling in what I suppose was some sort of pagan delight! To be honest, it was outrageously sexy! Now the problem is when you start acting sexy - you want to get sexier.

Try and imagine my predicament. Sitting on a bed in downtown Colorado with an eighteen-year old sex goddess stripped to her waist and hotter than a fresh chilli-burger. Clad only in a skirt and squirming about like nobody's business - how many variables you figure would come to your mind? It got serious when I began to propel her hemline northwards, almost catatonic myself from the contact with those soft yet volcanically hot young thighs.

That very first hint of her blue cotton panties spiked my plans to keep this instructive rather than procreative - I had to see more. Swiftly exposing her panties to the max, I could well understand her gasps of probable embarrassment. Her hands instinctively taking up their defense positions, I softly took one wrist and guided the hand to her breast as I leaned forward and kissed her flush on the pussy.

She reacted as if electrocuted, but there was no denying those legs had parted marginally. Her expression was one now of urgency as much as anxiety. I kissed her there again - deliberately longer this time, aware that my lips were indenting the soft material the length of her still hidden labia. Katie's eyes betrayed her need to learn, recognition of her own imminent destiny and her willingness to submit. I had no need to seek further permission!

I think we both subconsciously knew that long before I even touched down in Denver. Momentary un-ease flitted across her face as I slowly pulled her panties down - taking care to maintain eye contact with her and not to denigrate the situation by staring at her naked pussy. That was something we could both look at together.

I think she sensed my respect and smiled at me. Unhooking her skirt, it too joined the heap of clothes on the floor and she lay there now as naked as ever she had been I imagine - in polite company at least!

When a young girl finds herself undressed in front of a man for the first time - especially one older than her father - she understandably questions her own judgment. It is a huge risk and in the situation here, doubly so - having met me but a few hours earlier. Setting her at ease became paramount. It being vitally important to get a girl used to both touch and being naked, the quickest way to achieve this is by kissing her. For one thing it serves as a majorly enjoyable distraction to the vulnerability of the situation.

Thus, by the time I had kissed her breasts again, sucked those wonderfully erect little nipples and then worked my way down to her belly - I don't think she was feeling too squirrelly. It was an inconsequential challenge let's say, to get those legs spread. Not shaven but neatly trimmed, Katie presented as desirable a female repository as any thus released onto the world market.

To quote Pink, I thought I would "get the party started" by gently inserting a finger where I figured it might get a positive reaction. If you can call "lifting her off the bed" positive.then I was definitely on the right track. You can imagine what success I was to experience with two fingers. "When a young girl starts moaning in earnest as well as cupping her own breasts in near ecstasy - you know you're doing something right. Katie was losing her inhibitions by the minute and between barely comprehensible snatches of dialog such as, "Ohh, keep doing that," and "Yes.God that feels soo good!" she thrashed around on her back in a state of complete nirvana.

I thought I might apply a little emotional torture. Pulling out my finger, which itself brought on a gasp of "Oooh," I had her flipped over onto her tummy before she knew what was happening. No position is more vulnerable for a naked girl - few are more visually appealing either, for obvious reasons. Raising her hands above her head, I simply leaned forward and kissed her right cheek at the very base of her spine.

Concurrently I allowed my hands to ease their way beneath her upper chest, where I cupped both her wonderfully hot breasts.squeezing them softly as I continued to kiss her bottom.

The wriggling quadrupled in intensity and as I widened the area of lip contact to include a zone bounded by her hips to her upper thighs - on both sides, Katie was taken to new heights of pleasure. I don't think she was even aware of the indecent spread now of those young legs. Slipping a finger back inside her pussy - for such an act seemed called for - I discovered the full extent of her own arousal. It was definitely a case of; "And now, the lesson for today is." Lying on one's tummy is actually a most accommodating position for a young girl to dispense with her virginity.

Besides offering a degree of comfort, it actually provides good vaginal access.well, so long as she keeps her legs spread! Having extricated my highly patient erection by dexterous one-handed fumbling within my zipper, whilst with my right hand I was not only applying teasing pressure to Katie's clitoral hood but attempting to part her vaginal lips with much the same skill that Moses called upon all those years ago.

At least I didn't have hordes of Egyptian chariots pursuing me. A virgin technically PSG may have been, but I'm here to tell you, the remnants of her hymen were in no better a state than the walls of Jericho following I imagine, many a self-indulgent night at various undisclosed erotic web-sites.nights she had most definitely "let her fingers do the walking." Needing to apply surprisingly little pressure to make headway, as it were, Katie let out a gasp of shock.

"Are you doing what I think you're doing?" she giggled, turning her head as she spoke. "Well sweetheart," I offered between thrusts, "I'm actually completing an honors course in gynaecology this Fall and you looked so darn cute lying there with your legs apart, I thought I'd put some of that theory into practice.you don't mind do you?" "Oh God," was all she was able to come up with though, in terms of an answer at least, as I began penetrating her to hitherto untried depths. Those wonderful legs maintained a healthy spread even as her hips began to engage reverse-thrust to facilitate the inbound member.

Holding her now firmly around the waist and aided in my quest not inconsequentially by watching her curvy young butt jiggling to each thrust, I slipped a hand beneath her and located a sexy little breast to fondle.

One reaches a stage mid-intercourse that the perfect rhythm has been reached and that it is but a short time-frame until the desired finality comes a'knocking.


That day in Conifer, I felt Katie's orgasm building rapidly - as was my own. Lifting her bottom even higher, I thrust in deeper still and was rewarded by her crying out in pleasure - at exactly the moment I parted company with several million foot-soldiers. There is nothing sexier than a girl cupping her pussy protectively within seconds of you having filled it for her, most especially when she was a virgin just moments before.

Katie lay now on her back, smiling up at me, her face flushed and her breasts noticeably damp from exertion. She looked temptation incarnate.


"As good as you hoped for sweetheart?' I said to her. "Way better," she replied, giggling again. She then leaned across and switched off the bedside lamp. "Now teach me everything please.we've only got the one night after all haven't we?" It was barely midnight and my pulse-rate skirting cardiac trauma when I recall thinking, "Hell I really gotta stop writing these stories!" (c) Peter_Pan/Phrenetic_Ice "PSG" appears courtesy of the published anthology "The Best of Peter_Pan" Peter_Pan (2008 Lulu Publishing Inc, Morrisville: NC) http://www.lulu.com/content/679070