Come thru girl you know we have things to do

Come thru girl you know we have things to do
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This is a rewrite of my last story. I did add extra content. This is a fictional story but I kind of wish it was true. I am not a writer and there are probably mistakes so let's be nice. It was my 30th birthday, I went out with my friends and a couple cousins to the bar.

Since I was also going through a divorce I decided I needed to forget my problems for the night. We all had fun that night, so much so that when I woke up in the morning in a hotel with 3 naked woman in bed I wanted to remember the night before.

I lied there trying to price it together but just couldn't so I got up and took a shower. When I came out only Lisa was still there. Lisa is a good friend. I've never tried to get to second base with her because I never saw her as girlfriend material.

I don't know why, I mean she's hot and all but I always saw her as a little sister type. We made some small talk and she said she had to go.

A couple days later I noticed a rash on my dick and thought I just needed a shower as it had been two days so I showed and went to bed but the next day I was feeling a slight pain in my groin area. So off to my doctors I went. The doctor I was seeing was a woman about my age.

She asked what the problem was and I told her I was feeling pain in my groin. She asked me to take my pants off and lie on the table so I did. She put some rubber gloves on and started her examination and sure enough I spring a boner. She just takes her pen out of her pocket and wacks my dick a good one and so much for my boner. Somewhat embarresed I said I was sorry. She just smiled and said it's ok. It happens all the time.

10 minutes later I left with some cream and some antibiotics. I was told to come back if it got worse. Four days later and I was at emergency with a fever and a lot of pain in my groin.

The doctor put me in a room by myself and other then him and a nurse, that's all I saw for the next couple days. Finally the doctor told me I needed surgery. I asked what was wrong and he told me he would explain after another doctor looked me over. A couple more days go by and four more doctors looked at me but none of them were talking. Finally my doctor along with two other doctors came and told me I needed surgery as soon as possible to amputate me penis. I was in shock to say the least and don't remember to much more.

The next afternoon I met with another doctor and he told me after the first team of doctors were done he was going to come in and finish the SRS surgery.

What the hell is an SRS surgery I asked and what's going on here? He told me I have an aggressive flesh eating disease on my penis and that SRS meet sexual reassignment surgery. I would have to have a sex change but not to worry about it. As they were going to operate in the morning. I cried for a while and then called my mother and told her that I was going to have surgery in the morning and could she come see me at the hospital tomorrow afternoon.

Of course my mom was full of questions but I couldn't tell her what was going on. So I told her I have to get my appendix removed. An hour later Lisa shows up and asks what's up. So I told her everything and made her swear not to tell anyone. We both cried and I told her to get checked out too. The surgery went well and I woke up in ICU. My recovery went well to and I was released from hospital two weeks later with a package of adult diapers as I had to learn how to pee like a woman.

Lisa stopped by almost every day to check on me and one day told me her tests came back normal. She was okay. Six weeks later I meet the doctor for a follow up and he asked if I wanted estrogen to help transition. I asked what that meant and he said now that I didn't have a penis anymore that I might be more happy as a woman. I hadn't thought about that.

What will happen to me I said. Your body will slowly change and in a year or two, you will be a woman without the menstrual problem all other woman have. He sent me home with a prescription and a referral to a shrink. I talked it over with Lisa for a couple days and decided to go ahead and meet with the shrink. The day I meet her. She told me she was glad I called and was so sorry for what happened to me. I told her everything and she even said that I had no other choice but to become a woman.

That's not what I want to hear I said in anger but I knew she was right. I went home a stayed there for the next three weeks. I didn't answer the phone or the door. I just sat there and thought of the good old days. Fucking all the woman I've been with and beating off. Finally Lisa got my landlord to let her in my apartment.

She was pretty mad at me but we talked and just hung out for most of the night. The next morning I showered and went and filled the prescription. I went to see the shrink every week as she requested. I saw the doctor every month too. About five months went by when I noticed a few subtle changes.

My skin was softer and I didn't need to shave as much. My voice was different too. The next month I noticed my nipples were getting sensitive and my breasts were starting to grow. I started to wear baggy clothes which Lisa hated and believe me she mentioned it a a lot. It was winter now so baggy clothes and winter jackets were the norm. I went to Lisa's place one day to talk and hang out, watch a movie that sort of thing.

She opened the door invited me in, I took my jacket off and when I looked up at her she was just standing there with her mouth open staring at me.

I looked behind me then back at her saying what??? What's wrong? She snapped out of her stair and said "nothing" nothing's wrong. We ate dinner and watched some tv without saying too much. Finally I stood up and said what's with you tonight? She sat there quite as a mouse and staring me right in the eyes and said your changing!!!

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Dose it bother you that much because if it dose. She cut me off and said no. It's not that. I I I just wasn't ready for this much change I mean you've got tits, I mean not little tits but pretty large ones. I stumbled back a step or two and said I gotta go and started for the door, but she cut me off and said no I'm sorry please don't go. We can talk this out. Lisa's been my friend since grade school and she could always calm me down but to tell me I have big tits to my face like that scared the hell out of me.

So I told her I needed time to think and grabbed my coat on my way out the door. It was early November now, 11 months since my operation. My condition was next to impossible to hide anymore, hell I don't even need to shave my face. I haven't told my family yet, I was thinking. I've avoided them all to this point but I needed my mom so I called her and told her I was coming for a visit but only if she was going to be alone.

Dad passed on when I was seven so he wasn't in the picture. I got to mom's house around two in the afternoon. I walked in, took my shoes off and sat down on the couch before mom could give me the usual hug. I left my jacket on to. She came in and stopped and just looked at me.

I asked her to sit down, that we needed to talk and that it was important. She sat down on the couch and said what is it sweat hart. I sat there and thought for a moment and she asked if this had any thing to do with me surgery. Stunned I said yes. But what do you know about that??? Lisa has been keeping me in the loop. I know everything. And she smiled and said can I have my hug now!!! I stood up and hugged my mom and cried.

You know, I always wanted a daughter, not like this mind you but I'll take it all the same. Mom finally let me go and said now take that jacket off in the house and let me see you. I looked her in the eyes and said there have been some changes because of the hormones I'm taking mom.

She said I can see that, your face looks a little different. Besides you've been on them for quite some time now. I smiled and removed my coat. Her eyes lit up when she saw the size of my chest and said oh my, you've grown so much. Are you wearing a bra? Mah, come-on I said. She laughed and said sorry my girl. We'll have to take you and get sized soon.

It's ok mom, I'll get to it. It was such a relief to know mom knew what was going on. Who else knows mom? Well almost everyone by now I suppose you see I told your aunt this morning when you called and you know your aunt with a secret. We both just laughed. Over the next few days I was visited or called by almost every family member I have and it was a little hard to explain to some of them but I got through it.

Lisa came by a few days later and apologize, saying that my mom can be very persuasive. Can you ever forgive me, I hugged her and said it's ok and thanked her. She had that strange look again. What's wrong now i said? We need to get you a bra. Let's go and she graded my hand and off to the mall we went.

I thought we were going to Walmart or something like that but she said nooo. Those were not bras. Those were shit on a hanger and we walked into La Senza. Lisa asked for someone to help measure me and fit me properly and a woman graded her measuring tape and started sizing me up then went and got one for me to try on.

Now I've taken a few of these off other woman but never put one on so I'm sitting there looking a this thing and Lisa knocks on the door. Is everything okay in there. I open the door grab her arm and pull her in with me. What's wrong she says. Can you help me with this, I've never put one one before. Laughing she says take your top off. I'll help. I pulled my top off reviling myself for the first time and Lisa gasped and said oh my. Those are beautiful.

She had that deer in the headlights look again. I covered myself quickly and blushed. Sorry I didn't mean to. It's ok Lisa. Let's just get this over with. 38D wow. I'm only a 34B, I'm jealous as she smiles at me. I laugh and sigh at the same time. Well that wasn't to bad was it??? If you say so Lisa I say. The end on November and I'm off to see the doctor for my check up.

Almost a year now since my surgery. There's a new doctor now. A younger guy about 30. He asks me to take my clothes off and put the robe on that's open at the back and sit in the table with my feet in the stirrups.

Then leaves, a few moments later he comes back in and asks how I'm doing. Good I think, where's the other doctor I ask. He's recovering from a stroke he had last week. I'm just filling in for the time being. Are you familiar with my file?? No but your here to have an exam right?? I guess I said. Okay then, let's get started and he pulls his chair up and turns his light on his head band on and puts his head under the garment.

He touches me on the side's of my privets. It felt strange. A tingling. A warming. I put my hands down there to stop him so he asks. Are you okay. No please stop I said he backed up and asked what's wrong? Please read my file first!!! He just looks at me then says okay. He grabs my file and starts reading it. A moment later he looks up and says. I'm so sorry.

I thought you were just a woman scared to have a man touch you. We get a lot of rape victims in here and we'll you know. Do you want me to continue. I took a deep breath and said just go slow please.

He says don't worry, I'll be gentle and he was. He finished his exam and I'm in tip top shape he said. Two weeks before Christmas Lisa says I can't take it anymore. We're going shopping, your not warring these baggy clothes anymore. Let's go!! I don't have any money Lisa I said. I'm still on long term disability but that's about to run out. It's okay your mom took care of that.

Come on, let's go. Okay let's go I said. Lisa and I shopped all day. First stop La Senza.

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You need a bra and panty set for every day of the week. So that's what I got. Then she says you need a supper. And she spun around and took off towards a rack grabed a fancy bra and g string combo and handed it to me. Try this on as she pushed me into the change room. I put it on just in time for the door to open.

I forgot to lock it. Lisa stood there staring at me again. You know, I'm getting used to that you know. We both laughed and she said its perfect. Leave it on. Just give the tag to the cashier. Next we went to a high end dress shop. Lisa marched over to a rack of dresses pulled on off the rack and said trust me, this dress is to die for. Try it on as again I'm being pushed into a Change room. This time I pull her in with me and said oh no you don't.

Your helping me with this one. A few minutes later and I was in the dress. Lisa says "dam I'm good. I new this would look killer on you". It was a bright red short tight fitting dress with spaghetti straps and showed my cleavage.


Wear it out Lisa says as she grabs my arm and pulled me out of the change room. Some what shocked at being in public dressed like this, I stop and look around to see who can see me. What's wrong Lisa says looking at me and noticing im scared to death. I'm not.that's when I noticed this guy looking at me. He was checking me out and I started to feel that tingling down there again.

Not sure what to do I just turned and went back to the change room with Lisa on my heals. I was crying by the time he door was closed. Lisa saw this and hugs me tight. It's okay sweetie, what's wrong. I wasn't sure I knew, but tried to explain to her. I got this weird tingling sensation down there and it felt like I was getting hot. She actually started to laugh but then stopped and looks me in the eyes and says that feeling you had was probably your body telling you that your ready to start seeing someone after all it's almost been a year now.

Have you touched yourself.I mean explored yourself. you know what I mean. Stunned I just looked at her! In a soft quite voice and looking at the floor I said no I haven't. Lisa looks me up and down. You need to get out a bit more girl she says in a comic type voice.

I laughed at her and felt better. Let's go I said. You need some shoes to go with that dress. Let's do it I reply and we headed into the mall. We found a shoe store and headed in. There's two guys working the store and both of them rush over to us and offer there help. Lisa and I laughed as we sat down. I think you would look great in a high heal. Shoe! Or do you think a high heal boot would look better?

Then she gets up and takes off to the other side of the store returning with a couple of boxes and hands them to the guy sitting at my feet. Thanks for your help bud! She says sarcastically to the other guy. Try these on handing theme to the guy and the guy expertly slips the shoes on my feet. They fit and we payed for them and left. Next to the jewelry shop.

Walking through the mall I felt as though every person was looking at me, of course I've never worn high heals before and it was a learning curve for me but I told myself I didn't care. We picked out a couple nice necklace and earrings sets. Uhm Lisa, I don't have pierced ears. Laughing she says not yet. Let's go. By the end of the day, we spent almost $2000 but I wouldn't need anything for a long time.

Three days before Christmas Lisa and I are getting our hair, nails and makeup done. The cosmetologist was explaining everything to me so I could do my own makeup. When we were done, I didn't recognize myself. Lisa was staring again and I felt fantastic. Christmas day and everyone is at moms house including Lisa. I was warring a conservative outfit.

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Longer red skirt, red blouse, red low heals a nice danty gold chain and earrings. My makeup was perfect and a light dusting of perfume. Mother approved but Lisa said I looked like a granny.

Lol. For a lot of the family this was the first time they've seen me since my change. My brother was his usual asshole self until my aunt put him in his place.

Lisa and I left around 10 pm it was a great time.

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I was comfortable and content. New Years Eve and Lisa and I are dressed to the nines and out having fun. We were both drinking champagne and I for one was getting tipsy. Not wanting to drive, Lisa says I booked a motel for the night. I kinda looked at her and thought she planed ahead? What's up??? Somewhere around 2:30 in the morning we went to check in. When we got to the room, the card wouldn't work so I said here, let me try.

As I took the card from her she pushed me up against the door and kissed me lightly on the lips. Suprized at first I just let it happen then I kissed her back. Finally getting the door open and looking inside there was only one queen size bed.

The room was lit in candlelight and there was a note on the table. Lisa says, this is for you, handing me the note. She looked worried about something. Looking at the note it read. "Sweetheart I've wanted you for so long now but just couldn't work up the nerve to tell you.

Then you changed and I want you even more now!!! You see I'm a lesbian, have been for ever now and now your the most beautiful woman I know bar none. You keep catching me ogling over you and keep asking what's wrong. You take my breath away and I want you to take me to be yours.

I know you love me to.

A year ago you took me three times in one night. You make me hot and tingly all over. I love you and only you. Please take me tonight!!! Love Lisa." Lisa was staring at me as she stood by the bed. Shocked, I stood there in me slightly drunken state.

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She got up and walked over to me and kissed me every so sensually, so tender were her lips. I kissed her back the same way. Slowly, sudictivly and softly.

She pulled me into her and kissed me harder as tears rolled down her cheeks. She breaks the kiss and says is that a yes? Smiling back at her as a tear roles down my cheek I said, Lisa I love you. She hugs me as I'm saying this. I didn't know how to tell you without ruining our friendship. I felt the zipper on my dress come down my back slowly, and I realize she wants me now.

then her hands came back to the back of my shoulders and she pulled the straps off my shoulders. The dress fell to the floor. I reached down and pulled her dress off over her head. Brushing her tears away she slowly reached around and undid my bra and let it fall as well. Our eyes were locked on each other. Her hands touching my breasts ever so tenderly. Her hands are shaking, trembling. I was lost, I closed my eyes and tipped my head back as she leaned in and flicked her tounge at my nipple.

Goose bumps quake through me. I felt weak in the knees. Lisa helped me lie down on the bed. Pushing me back kissing me at the same time and rubbing my nipples in the palms of her hands. Slowly she works down to my titskissing, licking, teasing and squeezing them. Ever so slowly, downward over my stomach. Hooking her thumbs under my panties pulling them down. Her hands are still trembling.

I lift my ass a little to help get my soaked panties off. Starting at my feet, slowly kissing, licking, teasing, tasting all she could. She worked her way up my legs leaving a trail with her tongue. Pushing my legs apart while kissing the insides of my thighs to my new pussy.

Now I'm trembling, burning with desire. She kisses all around my pussy but doesn't touch it. Quivering and with a very shaky voice I say please!!! She continues to tease, blowing ever so lightly. Rubbing the tip of her nose up and down my lips. Flicking her tounge gently on my lips as if she was studying or exploring uncharted territory. Then suddenly, without warning she shoves her tounge into the bottom of my cunt flicking her tounge upwards and closing her mouth over my pussy.

Pure ecstasy rolled over me, I arched my back and flung my arms above my head. Lisa sucked and licked me relentlessly. Her hands holding my legs open, digging her tounge in and out, exposing my clit. And just when I thought I couldn't take anymore she shoves two finger's in and thrusts them in and out sucking hard on my clit.

I screamed in ecstasy as I cummed for the first time in about a year. Not missing a beat Lisa sucks hard on my clit. But there's to much for her to handle and she tries to back away but I grab her head and mash her face into my cunt as I gush out the last of my orgasm.

Letting go of her head and collapsing on my back, Lisa cleaned me up then kissing her way back up to my lip's. Smiles and says as she roles off of me, that was worth the wait!!!


Lisa laid there while I caught my breath. Lying there thinking about if I could even come close to that. I rolled to my side and stared at her for a moment that's when she said what. I just continued staring and said teach me how to do that to you.

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I want you to feel as fantastic as I do. Smiling at me she says go slow and enjoy everything you do as much is I will. Leaning in I kiss her and tell her she's the only person in the world to touch me except the doctor. I haven't touched myself at all sexually, I was to scared. Do you want to use my toys on me she says. Surprised I look her. She laughs and says yes I do have toys, I'm an adult you know. Pushing me off her, she gets up and goes to her closet and returns with a box. Placing it on the bed she says.

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This was my toy box as she open's it reviling vibrators, dildos and all sorts of sexy things. She looks me in the eyes and says this one is a strap-on, you could feel like a man again as she studied my face, looking for a reaction.

I have to admit I felt quite inept for a moment. No Lisa, this is who I am now. It's been hard for me but I've always felt more female then male. I just never told anyone. Lisa I'm happy now. She leans in and we kiss. I reach behind her and undo her bra. I then guide her to lie down on the bed, kissing her while working my hands over her breasts and sides of her body, working my way to her right ear, nibbling and kissing, leaving a trail with my tounge.

Lisa's breathing becomes a little laboured and she sighs ever so slightly. Down to her neck niddling as I go. My hands are roaming over her breasts, squeezing and pinching and ever so slightly rubbing up and down over her nipples.

Her nipples are rock hard as are mine so I move over top of her nipple to nipple rubbing up and down side to side in circles and mashing my tits into hers. Our hands are all over each other. I was getting so aroused but I wanted to make her feel what she did to me so I grabbed her wrists and put them down, looking into her eyes I say, no it's your turn my love them burred my face in her breasts and licked all over.

Moving slowly down under her tits licking and sucking each nipple as I went lower and lower. Getting to her belly button I gently kissed as she shuddered ever so slightly, letting her wrists go and placing my hands on the insides of her thighs I gently open her legs.

She's still warring her G string but that wasn't going to stop me. Slowly kissing and licking my way down to the top of the band I pulled with my teeth at it and let it snap back agents her skin. She jerked a little and gasped too.


I nibbled around her fabric lines being careful not to touch her sweet pussy. Lisa was moaning now and was breathing heaver. I gently blow on her pussy as I trace the outline of her G string covering her sweet cunt.

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Slowly I pull the red fabric to the side and lick all around touching her lips slightly then moving away. Coming back to the top of her opening I use my chin to press in and slid down as my nose follows. God dose she smell so good. Looking up at her briefly to gage her reactions I smile slightly as I see her eyes closed tight and she's clinched her teeth. Wondering how much more of this teasing I could do I decided to taste her nectar.

I darted my tongue deep into her honey hole. She gasped and jerked hard putting her hands on my head and holding me there. I stopped just like that with my tounge buried deep inside her as she settled down slightly and let my head go.

Very slowly I worked my tounge up and down slightly not to much just a little. Mmmm she tastes so good. But I hold back and work in and out at the bottom of her pussy. Being careful not to touch her clitoris to much.

My nose keeps bumping it lightly as I tounge fuck her a while. Lisa's moaning louder now and telling me "yes yes just like that, don't stop that's right just like that oh god please don't stop." I start to flick my tongue up and hit her clit harder a couple times and insert a finger into the bottom of her honey pot slowly I work my tounge and finger into her alternating between tounge and finger, going a little faster now she is moaning, groaning and mumbling.

I can't understand her as she is incoherent. She's trembling now almost as if she had hypothermia. So I slow down to a crawl and let her settle down for a moment, I left my finger in her and kissed all around her box.

Satisfied that she wasn't gonna cum yet I started to work my finger in and out again making sure not to touch her clit. Adding a second finger a moment later and kissing her clit slightly as it is more vulnerable now. Sticking out like a loan douglas fur in clear cut forest, Standing there proud I wrap my tounge around it and slide my mouth over it sucking it all into my mouth at once.

Lisa screamed and jerked, spasming as she pushed her hips up to meet my onslaught of her sex. Shoving four fingers into her and sucking as hard is I could she explodes into orgasm. Her hands are on my head ramming my head into her cunny. I kept sucking and ramming my hand in and out. Her legs are squeezing my head and hands tighter as my movement becomes restricted but I keep sucking and am rewarded with another spasm as she fills my mouth with more nectar.

I slow my assault on her and slowly pull my hand out, licking everywhere I can reach. Lisa is still shaking but not moving. I look up to see that she has passed out. I pulled myself up beside her and cuddled up to her with my head on her shoulder as I fell asleep with her. I awoke in the morning to Lisa crying. Asking her if she was okay. She sobbed and told me, no one has ever done what you did to me last night.

For heaven sake, you made me pass out, and you wanted me to show you how I did what I did to you. You know when I woke up this morning I could still feel my body shaking a little. she told me she loved me so much. She couldn't bear to loose me.

Smiling at her I say. I love you Lisa.