White girl first bbc interview

White girl first bbc interview
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#Fucking my brother in law.

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My name is shelly and here is my confession of how I committed adultery with my sister's husband Sean. It all started after my boyfriend dumped me when he found out I was pregnant, I was distraught and thought my world was at an end, My sister Tina invited me to have a night out with them and I was only happy to except there offer.

Come the weekend I got myself all dressed up even put on my sexiest underwear, a lose fitting dress that was a little short but showed of my legsmy three month bump was near invisible, I felt good I would even go as far as saying I felt sexy.

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At seven 0'clock Sean called round to collect me and on the way back to Tina's we flirted like we always did and I was really enjoying myself, when we got to Tina's we had a glass of wine and called a taxi, we had a wonderful meal then decided to go to a night club, this was the mistake, once inside Sean and Tina hit the dance floor and after a couple of dances returned to our table.

Tina told Sean to give me a dance or two and we ended up on the dance floor, as Sean held me and we moved around the floor I could feel Sean's erection pressing into my pregnant belly and to be honest I found it a turn on, when we got to the far side of the dance floor I whispered in Sean's ear that I could feel his cock pressing against me to which Sean thrust it against me and asked if it bothered me, by way of a reply I sneaked a quick feel of it through his pants, he was pretty big and not having had sex for a good two months I really didn't want to let it go, I asked him what had gotten him so turned on and he replied that he had a thing for pregnant women, by this time my pussy was soaking wet and as I felt a small trickle start to run down my leg I was wishing I had put some thicker panties on instead of the skimpy red lace ones I had on.

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Then as we again reached the far side of the dance floor Sean slipped his hand up my dress and straight onto my wet panties, I nearly climaxed on the spot, and had to run to the toilet to sort myself out, on my return I found Sean and Tina sat at our table chatting as if nothing had happened, Sean kept his hand on my thigh under the table and every time Tina looked away he would stroke my wet pussy through my panties.

After wards they dropped me off at my flat and I thought that would be the end of it, but in the morning I was woken up by Sean ringing my door bell.


I answered it dressed only in my bath robe, white cotton panties and slippers and Sean just said morning sexy and walked in, as soon as the door was closed he was kissing me to which I responded, I know he is my sister's husband but I was so sexually frustrated I would have fucked a stranger if one had looked twice at me.

It was not long before Sean was sliding his hand into my robe and playing with my naked breast my nipple hardened instantly and I felt the wetness starting in my pussy again, pushing my robe of my shoulders he kissed is my down my shoulder to my breasts then on to my nipple and began to suck.

God I was horny I literally dragged Sean to the bed room and once inside I started to undo his pants and pulled them round his ankles but before he could remove them completely I pushed him onto the bed and took his nice erect 8" cock in to my mouth and started to suck him off.

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Holding his balls in one hand and the base of his cock in the other Sean was soon approaching his first orgasm but I needed some attention so I stopped sucking him and removed my robe leaving me in just my white panties which wear totally wet through. Sean kicked of his pants, sock's and t-shirt then as good as dived on me pinning me to the bed and kissing his way down to my spread legs he pulled my wet panties to one side then started to lick and tong my clit and pussy lips better than I have ever been tong fucked before, I was in a state of orgasm in minuets and Sean was just going wild between my legs sticking is tong so deep in my arse and pussy I thought he would suffocate, when I did orgasm it was so powerful I actually squirted my love juices like a porn star something that as only happened half a dozen times in my life before.

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Then before I could get my breath back Sean moved up and pushed his fat cock deep in to my pussy a started to give me the hardest fucking of my life, this was not love making it was just sex, hard raw sex. His cock was a lot bigger than my ex-boyfriend and I was loving every fat inch of it, I started to orgasm again and as I neared my peak I felt Sean gently bite my nipple sending me into a shuddering orgasm that left me feeling total fucked, Sean then told me he was going to cum and seconds later pulled out of my wet sloppy cunt and blasted his load over my bulging pregnant belly and into my white panties which I still had on, it came out in thick ribbons of creamy cum shooting as far as my tits and totally covering my preggy belly I have never seen anyone cum so much but I just loved being covered in his sticky load.

That was two years ago and me and Sean are still fucking each other like mad and up until me giving birth every load of sperm that ejaculated from his big fat cock was shot over my pregnant belly and I don't know if this is the reason I don't have stretch marks there but I did enjoy it, now Sean likes to cum over my tit or arse and occasionally my face which is a real turn on …x