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Morning came and I awoke to find myself alone in the small cabin, Kathy nowhere to be seen. I thought about the night passed and though a small satisfied smile crept onto my face I couldn't help but feel anxious over the fact that Kathy was gone. I quickly threw on my clothes and crept along the corridor and up the stairs to the bridge where I found Chris and Janet sitting in the corner, quietly muttering away as they attempted to formulate a plan to get us found.

They were both wearing baggy pairs of jeans and old looking woolly jumpers. Janet looked up. "Hey Andy. How are you feeling? Did you get much sleep?" she asked, looking concerned. "Pretty well actually", I wasn't lying. I felt very refreshed. "Where did you find those clothes?" I asked quickly.

"Downstairs. In that food store room at the back there's a case with lots of old looking clothes", Janet replied.

I nodded and my attention turned to the deck of the boat. "What are they doing?" I asked as I spotted Kathy, accompanied by Sarah, both of them leaning over the rail with what looked like makeshift fishing rods in their hands.

"Sarah looked miserable this morning", Chris spoke. "Kathy found some old fishing poles that still work and took her out to take her mind off things." He read the look on my face and answered the question I was about to ask. "They are using some mouldy bread they found as bait.


Not wasting our food. Fish may not like it but at least it'll keep them busy. We may even get some extra food out of it." "How's Kathy doing?" I asked awkwardly. Chris and Janet were acting no differently so Kathy mustn't' have said anything about last night" "Surprisingly well", Janet piped up. "She is really strong, considering everything that's going on at the moment." That feeling of guilt returned to me.

I wondered if Kathy thought the night's events were a big mistake. Was she upset? Maybe she would be angry. Maybe she would blame me. I turned to the door of the bridge and hesitated, momentarily considering turning back and sitting with Chris and Janet, before shrugging it off and stepping outside andstriding directly towards the two girls. I could hear Giggles from the pair as I approached. Sarah was in a much better mood now.

Both girls had changed. Kathy had rid of her dress and was now wearing a light blue tank top with her white shirt on top of it and baggy camo pattern pants. Sarah had on a Yellow T-shirt and shorts. She noticed me coming and smiled. "Hey Andy come quick", she exclaimed. "Look!" I glanced at Kathy who had barely even turned but instead gave me a curious and almost shy look out of the corner of her eye, while sporting a very discreet smile.

She wasn't angry. Good. I turned my attention to where Sarah was pointing and looked into the water. Fish were swarming around the bread on the end of their lines, taking nibbles but not biting. The three of us watched in silence for a while before I looked sideways at Kathy.

Her eyes met mine and our gaze held for some time. I reached my right arm from my side and put it on her shoulder, hoping to reassure her in some way. She gave me a warm smile and a nod which told me she didn't regret last night. I opened my mouth to speak but was cut off by Sarah shrieking as she had evidently got a bite. The three of us pulled the rope as a large fish splashed about below.

We pulled it over the edge. It looked about two ft. in length. It stopped fighting, knowing it had met it's defeat. I laughed as Sarah ran inside to show the others her catch, squealing in delight. "I hope we can eat that", I said, now looking over at Kathy. She laughed distractedly. I saw her trying to pick her words carefully in her head. "Andy. Last night meant a lot. I just wanted to tell you that", she said quickly, her eyes focused on my own. I tried to reply but she continued.

"I don't know if you know but I am just coming out of a relationship at the moment. I don't want to rush into anything.

I have never felt so confused.

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I know I do like you. If you don't feel the same way I understand and-" "I do", I replied quickly. Could I see myself dating Kathy? I don't know. This had all happened so fast. I did know that I found her kind and attractive and I did like her" Kathy smiled before going on. "And I know last night goes completely against what I am saying right now. But I would really appreciate if we could keep what happened for now.

The others can't know.


Especially Janet. You know her as well as I do and she will start lecturing us both." I knew she was right. Janet would scold me for taking advantage. I gave an understanding nod and Kathy nodded back before returning her gaze to the ocean.

"Chris and Janet got another brilliant idea yet?" she snickered. "Think Chris is planning on swimming back with the boat tied to his leg", I replied calmly with a smirk.

The day went by and it became quite clear that without having someone capable of fixing the equipment, there was no good way to get in contact with anyone. Our spirits still remained high as between the five of us we caught 3 more fish. Chris confirmed that they were edible and soon we were cooking them over the gas stove, happy that we didn't have to dig into our limited rations.

Night came quickly and we headed off to our respected cabins. I walked into mine. It was empty. I suddenly wondered if Kathy would be returning here and if she would want to share a bed again.

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After some time of waiting I walked back into the corridor and looked through the gap in the closed over door of Sarah's cabin. The lamp was still on and Sarah was gazing out the window at the water. I spotted Kathy on one side of the bed, fast asleep.

I was a little disappointed as I returned to my bed but shrugged it off. She didn't want to rush into anything. Fair enough. Another day and night went by in the same format. I had gotten myself a couple of changes of clothes from the old case and despite our dire situation I began to relax a little bit. We caught more fish, enough for the night's dinner once again and myself and Chris used old plastic bottles and kitchen supplies to create condensation traps for drinking water.

We also set out pots and canisters in case it rained. Once again I found myself sleeping alone. I expected nothing different. Neither of us brought it up either. Kathy acted as if "us" had never even happened. It bothered me a little but I got over it. Day 4 came and I got up slowly and moved along the corridor. As I passed the bathroom I heard splashing water. I opened the door slightly peering in. The room was steamy.

Someone was in the shower. I couldn't make out who as the shower doors were fogged up. I hadn't considered the fact that the shower would be operational. A sudden creak behind me made me look around sharply. Nobody in view. I turned my attention back to the bathroom and jumped as I came nose to nose with a grinning Chris. "If you want a peak you just need to ask nicely", he taunted. I laughed sarcastically before slapping him hard on his bare skin, leaving a large red hand mark on his chest.

He looked at me with a kind of look that made me know I was going to pay. I turned and ran up the stairs and out onto the deck into the warm sun to where Kathy, Sarah and Janet were standing, trying to get signal on an old looking radio. They looked up startled as I hurtled out with Chris in nothing but a towel crashing along behind me.

"Ladies, a bit of help would be nice", I blurted out as I reached them, Chris in hot pursuit. "Dumb boys", Kathy mocked as she stuck out her foot. I tripped and stumbled forward, hitting the deck. I rolled over in an attempt to prepare for Chris but to my delight he was occupied. As he had passed Janet grabbed his towel, exposing him. He looked mortified as he turned and chased Janet along the side of the boat.

I laughed hard but before I could get up Sarah grabbed my legs and held on as Kathy pounced on me, sitting on my waist with her hands on my shoulders, pinning me down.

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"Girls rule", Sarah chuckled. The girls were wearing the same clothes as the day before with the exception of Janet who had lost her jumper in favour of a white blouse, and Kathy had ditched he camo pants for some tight jean shorts. I had to admit she looked very sexy as her hair and open shirt blew gently over her large breasts, constrained in the thin material of the tank top.

I made no effort to fight it and just looked at Kathy, her grin a mirror of my own. I felt myself stirring slightly in my pants under her bum. She could feel it too. I could tell by her eyes quickly flickering down momentarily. "I've got him Sarah. Go help Janet", Kathy said quickly. Sarah got up and ran towards the pair where Chris was now clutching Janet, trying to wrestle the towel from her. Kathy looked down at me with a slight mischievous smile on her face.

I smiled back. I had a feeling I liked where this was going. Kathy rocked her hips forward slightly, grinding herself on my crotch without saying a word. It drove me wild. My hands slid up her thighs and my thumbs hooked in under her shorts.

I helped Kathy rock back and forward for a moment. She looked around to make sure the others were still occupied. Nobody was paying attention. Without any other hesitation Kathy reached her hand down into my pants and grabbed my stiff cock. I was completely in her control. We both were still for a moment before Kathy began to jack me off, her twinkling eyes never leaving mine.

"And I thought you were finished with me", I grinned "I'm just getting started", she smiled seductively, leaning down towards me and planting her lips on mine, not before giving me another clear view of her big rack desperately trying to burst out from her tank top. We held the kiss for a few seconds before we both jumped back at the sound of Janet's voice. "Let's go help Kathy", she said and the sound of footsteps meant they were approaching us.

Kathy quickly withdrew her hand from my pants and placed it on my shoulder again. "Geez Andy, you're really being held down by Kathy?" said Chris as the trio reached us. He had retrieved his towel and was decent again. "Excuse me?" Kathy retorted looking insulted. "You'll be next".

She got up and chased Chris away. "Come on Andy", said Janet. "Let's try catching some breakfast" I quickly became aware that I was still at attention below. "I'm just going to lay here a minute" There were no fish to be seen as the afternoon passed on. What was more worrying was the water supply. We were quite low and the condensation traps we had made were only supplying a cupful of water each a day.

Myself and Chris managed to remove a panel behind the shower where the water tank was. It was a 500 litre tank, nearly full but the water wasn't really fit for drinking. We set it aside as a last resort, agreeing on no more showers. We sat down as evening approached; digging in to tinned food from the store everyone making attempts to keep spirits high despite the realization that food wasn't always going to be a guarantee.

Nobody seemed to even want to mention the fact that we were stranded anymore. Conversations lingered on lighter topics like old memories, gossip and movies.

We sat around the table for hours just talking. Eventually, Janet left for bed, leaving the four of us laughing away at Chris doing an impression of one of our friends. Our laughter stopped abruptly as an explosive noise echoed around the boat, causing us to jump. Janet came running back into the small kitchen. "Thunder!" she shouted excitedly. I ran to the thick curtain that covered the only window in the room and opened it, just in time to see a bright flash light up the ocean before another loud bang of thunder.

Within seconds there was a loud pitter patter of rain. Everyone's eyes lit up.

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"WATER", I shouted triumphantly. All the pots and canisters we had were still laid out on the deck. We would get another couple of days supply with this. The room was filled with whooping as everyone got some comfort, despite the fact that the sea was now getting rough in the storm and the boat began to rock.

Sarah watched the lightning out the window as Chris and Janet hugged tightly, Janet in tears of relief. I looked at Kathy next to me who was smiling at the two and without thinking I reached out and put my hand on her bare leg. She looked at me surprised.

I had caught her off guard. I smiled reassuringly at her and she smiled back before moving closer to me. She put one hand on mine and squeezed tightly. I stroked her leg gently with my thumb and her eyes narrowed on it. I hesitated. Kathy pulled my hand up her leg and pushed it down her shorts and under her panties.

I was taken aback and looked around at the others. They hadn't noticed, they probably couldn't even see with the table in the way. I let my hand be guided to Kathy's pussy, feeling her damp lips before coming in contact with her clit.

Kathy shuddered slightly, never taking her eyes off of me. Her free hand moved over to the zipper of my pants and slid it down. She buried her hand into my boxer briefs, grabbing a hold of my manhood and pulled it out. I was lost in shock. The others were mere feet away. She slowly began to rub her hand up and down my shaft, glancing occasionally at the others to make sure they weren't catching on. I slowly moved my fingers along her pussy lips before gently pinching her clit. Kathy gasped quietly.

Janet and Chris looked up. "Kathy you look flushed. You should get some sleep", Janet said as she stood up. I quickly and discreetly pulled my hand from in-between Kathy's legs and put my cock away. "Err yea maybe, I dunno", Kathy said awkwardly. We had nearly been caught. Her look of uncertainty was enough convincing for Janet who grabbed her hand. "Come on, you're sleeping with me.

Chris and Andy can share. I hid my disappointment as we were led downstairs. Sarah departed into her own cabin and Kathy gave me an "I'm sorry" type look as she followed Janet into their cabin. "I call the bed", Chris said quickly before running into my cabin and diving on the small bunk. I kicked one of my shoes off at him with great pleasure before setting up another makeshift bed on the floor.

Despite the storm I felt myself drift off quickly, even with Chris still fumbling about with the light on. I awoke again in complete darkness to a strange sensation. "Wha.What's going on?" I asked as I felt one hand on my bare leg and another quickly covering my mouth. "Ssshh", I heard Kathy whisper. "Just relax". I realized my boxers had already been pulled down. I could make out her silhouette in the dark, bent down over me.

Her outline moved downwards and suddenly Kathy licked her tongue up the length of my soft cock before slowly sucking on it. I became rock hard within seconds as Kathy started kissing the tip.

I reached out in the dark and pulled back her long brown hair back. "Holy shit, Kathy", I whispered as her lips slid down the length of my shaft, engulfing me, before sliding back up again. I could hear Chris snoring quietly nearby, almost masked by the loud thunder that continued to protest outside.

There was a certain thrill brought by this happening with him in the room, oblivious. I moved my hand to the back of Kathy's head and encouraged her to continue sucking me off. It felt amazing. Her tongue massaged every inch of my hard cock. She was enjoying it too, letting out little moans as she continued to work on me.

After a little while she stopped and moved down to my balls, taking one in her mouth and sucking on it gently, tugging it slightly. My mind raced as the pleasure fired through my body. Once my balls had been thoroughly worked over Kathy moved back and stood up. All I could see was her dark outline.

She held out her hand. I grabbed it quickly, eager to keep going, my cock sore at this point. Kathy led me out of the cabin and after checking the coast was clear she led me out into the lit hallway.

It was only now that I saw she was only wearing a bra and panties. She looked amazing. She confidently marched down the hallway with my had still in hers as the boat continued to toss and turn in the storm and led me up the stairs and into the small kitchen.

Only now that we were safely away from the others earshot did she stop and turn. I took a step forward and almost immediately Kathy leapt at me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her tongue slid deep into my mouth. We attacked each other in animal lust, my bare cock rubbing against the front of her quickly soaking panties. I reached a hand to her back and unclasped her bra, letting her big breasts bounce free against my body. I broke contact with her mouth and started kissing her neck with lust.

Kathy let her head fall back and she moaned. This only lasted a couple of minutes before she laid a hand on my chest, pushing me back gently before getting onto her knees, her eyes level with my aching hard on. She took the full length in her mouth once again and began sucking it hungrily as she massaged my balls. "Kathy, you are amazing", I grunted as she slid up and down my shaft.

"mmmhmm", she giggled under mouthful before picking up speed. I knew I wouldn't last much longer. My cock had been teased all day and was fit to burst. I grabbed Kathy's head and started fucking the back of her throat as fast as my hips would move as I felt my orgasm coming.

"Kathy, I'm about to cum. Do you want me to pull out?" I asked considerately. As a response she grabbed my ass hard with both hands, digging her nails into my cheeks and forced me into her mouth till she was nearly choking. It was too much for me to handle. My cock shook wildly as I fired ropes of warm cum into Kathy's throat. I cried out loudly but my voice was lost amongst the thunder and rain.

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Kathy took it all, her mouth full before swallowing it with a satisfied smile. I stumbled back against the table and relaxed for a moment. "Oh no", Kathy said after gasping for some air "I'm not done with you yet", that sexy smile returning to her face. She turned away from me, bent over and began sliding down her panties, exposing her perfectly round ass and juicy pussy to me. I was tired, I had just cum and yet my cock would not soften.

There were still droplets of my seed forming at the tip. Kathy stood up straight again, turning to face me. Before I had any time to react she ran at me and jumped, quickly wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. We fell backwards and onto the table. Kathy looked at the shock in my eyes and giggled before kissing my softly. "You ready to go again, big boy?" she whispered before biting my lip gently.

My hard dick was pinned between us. I shuffled my hips a little as Kathy raised herself. I felt the entrance to her warm cunt make contact with the tip. I stared into Kathy's lustful eyes as she smiled slyly back at me. "Looks like you are", she purred. "Fuck my brains out, Andy" and with that she plunged my cock deep into her pussy.

I half yelped in surprise as her tight flaps sealed around my pole and her juices drowned it. I never knew a girl could get this wet. In one swift thrust she fit the whole rod into her as she cried out into the night. We held this as I sat up and took the nipple of one of her large firm boobs into my mouth.

I sucked it hard and could feel Kathy going crazy, her body trembling. She kissed the top of my head as I continued to dance my tongue around it before pulling her hips up once again, my dick for the most part sliding free. She forced herself downwards with even more force, impaling herself on me as she cried out a second time. There was no pause this time as Kathy continuously slid her tight opening up and down my cock.

Neither of us made any attempt to mask the sound of our pleasure, sure we couldn't be heard. The boat rocked violently which only added to our movements on the small table.

I watched the light dance on Kathy's breasts as they bounced with grace on each stroke. My balls slapped her ass with great power. It was only after 10 minutes of this continuing rocking that Kathy became breathless and her pussy began to tighten its vice like grip on me as she shuddered in pleasure, her orgasm sweeping through her. She screamed out which only motivated me to pump up into her faster. I looked down as more of her juices came flowing down my rod.

I could feel my own climax approaching. It was time for me to take over. I grabbed Kathy's hips and flipped her onto her back. She lay there, still catching her breath as I plunged myself deep into her. She winced and then smiled up at me as I began to fuck her missionary style as fast as I could.

"Finish me Andy", she moaned "Cum inside me". Her words made my cock twitch despite itself. She leant up on her elbows and kissed me before sucking hard on my tongue. "Come on big boy. Let my pussy milk you dry. Fill me up". "Fuck, here it comes", I grunted as a hot surge shot up the length of me before I emptied my load into Kathy. "OH YES THAT'S IT", she said with delight.

I continued to pump into her for a moment as the last of my seed trickled into her, before collapsing onto her. We both lay there for some time, rocking gently with the waves, catching our breaths. I eventually got up and looked down at her. Cum leaked out of her opening and onto the already soaking wet table. "We've made some mess here", I said, amused.

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"You can say that again. I can't crawl back into Janet's bed like this", Kathy replied. "We need to get cleaned up but." She trailed off as she saw me looking outside at the deck and into the storm. I looked at her and grinned. Lighting slashed the sky back and forth viciously as the angry thunder exploded around a lone yacht in a sea of black, outnumbered by the ranks of waves.

The rain droplets plummeted down in their thousands, hammering the deck with force as two naked bodys leant against the rail, challenging the elements in a moment of passion. In front, a girl, arms on the rail with one leg propped up, bent over, exposing herself, screaming out into the darkness, her body glistening under the bright eerie flashes like a goddess.

Behind her a guy, his arms wrapped around her, hands exploring her body, his expression animal like, the muscles on his thighs flexing as his thrusts masked the ferocity of the storm. I woke up in the cabin to the light piercing through the curtains.

It was quiet. The storm had passed. Last night hadn't been a dream but looking back it felt like it had. I was dry now but my makeshift bed was still soaking. I sat up, my body now aching. I could hear voices. Janet and Chris came hurtling into the room. "Oh god. What's happened?" I asked as the joyful feeling drained out of my body, leaving nothing but worry.

"Land", Chris cried out triumphantly