Nasty Lia M takes a load of cum over her face

Nasty Lia M takes a load of cum over her face
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Part 2 The next morning he woke to 4 naked girls cuddling up with him and not remembering them climbing in bed. There was one on each side of them and little Britt down between his legs asleep with his cock in her mouth looking like she fell asleep sucking on him. Turning his head he started to kiss Isabelle on the lips and cheek telling her to wake up.

She starts moaning that it was to early, but listened as he told her to clear her head and look around. Isabelle gasps at the site of her 3 daughters nude in bed with them, then grins at him.

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Giggling Isabelle says "You caught a mermaid Captain Joseph." "I know and I think I am going to have it hooked good and tight soon. This was all just fantasy till you said that I could have them last night, I am still trying to come to grasps with that. Dam we need a shower and to wash both sets of bedding, you created a puddle in here to." "Come on girls get up." Isabelle calls out. "Go get dressed and get off so I can make breakfast and Joseph can finish his room." With that they get off the bed and Britt smiles saying "You still had some in you last night so I got to finish it.".

"That little minx that was supposed to be my morning breakfast." Britt runs off laughing to her room then is seen racing through the hall to the bathroom to take a shower.

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"Your all going to spoil me you know. Go take your shower while I work and then I'll join you in the dining room." 1 hour later most of his room was done just some electronics to finish hooking up so he calls it a day and goes to barrows Isabelle's shower and joins her in the kitchen.

Britt, and June are in there with there mom helping cook so he sets the table for their breakfast. Finally Summer joins them and to his pleasure they are all in short, short skirts that show there thongs every time they move just a bit to fast, and small tight shirts with no bras clearly showing there nipples inside the thin white fabric.

Summer keeps eyeing him then finally breaks away from the kitchen telling Joseph to sit, then she pours him orange juice and slides under the table. Proceeding to undo his the button and zipper of his khaki's fishing out the massive cock she has wanted to taste since she saw it pounding her mother.

Within 10 minutes she climbs out from under the table with a full tummy of cum, and her mother seeing her look upset. "Your just mad Britt and I got him first this morning mom." "Dam straight I am. If you all don't let him be I just might put shock sensors on your tits and clit. Zapping you till you cum yourselves extensively every time you go near my Joseph. "Ya rite." June says. "Joseph please grab June and take her to my room." She giggles as she tries and races by him but isn't fast enough.

On the way to the bedroom he strips her of her shirt and panties as she's begging to be put down. He drops her on the bed and pins her as Isabelle brings over a device with three separate wired electrodes and proceeds to tape them to Junes tits and clit. "This is my toy that I have yet to try, so we will test it on you on the maximum settings.

See its wireless guaranteed to work 100 feet away, and now for your hands I halve this nice soft strap so you can't take it off. Of course now one of us has to feed you." "No mommy I'm sorry I'll be good I promise." "Yes you will because you don't know when we will use this toy on you.

Now for the test." With that she turned it on and watched her daughter writhe around on her bed in a painful ecstasy caused by the current. Every one was back at the table now with June looking very flushed from a 5 minute continual orgasm she had. Joseph feed her lovingly since her wrists where tide behind her back. "So Isabelle has June ever had a butt plug before?" "Nope that sounds exciting though." "Can I sexually torment her after breakfast then she can watch us have sex.

Dam what am I thinking?

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Your going to be stuck with me forever if this keeps up." "That's OK because you're a man who shares my fantasies. Yes you can sexually torment her. Nope, I don't think I want to get rid of you but you still have to work." "HAHAHAHA, I never questioned getting out of that stuff that's part of the mans job.

June its time to go to your moms bed (June just barely bobs her head still in a daze.). Stand up June. She forgot how to move hit the button again." With that Isabelle hit's the button for just a second, but that was enough to snap June out of her sexual haze. "Stand up June, go to your mothers bed and lay on you stomach ass in the air." June rises and heads to do what she was told as Summer and Britt stare wide eyed and smiling liking what they are seeing and hoping to get there own turn.

Britt and Summer sit on the floor as Joseph and Isabelle enter the room carrying a box of toys that was stashed in the closet of her study. They both smil as they see June doing exactly as she was told. Joseph pulls a mid size butt plug out saying they should just skip the small one and that she would stretch, Isabelle was quick to agree as she started to lube her daughters ass then the plug.

Taking the time she dries her hands and sits with her knees against her daughters shoulders she turns the eclectic device to half and turns it on making her daughter moan in delight as the current passes in her most sensitive areas. Joseph sits behind her and start tonguing her pussy while he slowly pushes the but plug against her ass till it feels like it wont go anymore.

"Honey it's ¾ of the way in should I force it." "Yes." She says with an amazed glint in her eyes that it made it this fare.


So he sits up more and calls Summer to sit on her back so she can not buck. Then he jabs it in her making her scream and instantly sending her into a rip-roaring orgasm. "That was amazing Joseph you made it fit in her.

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God you have to jab my big one in me please. Right now." With that she throws it to him along with the lube and smiles at as she bends over the bed, Joseph tells the girls sit on her back to hold her in place. He jams it in hard making her scream then moans in relief as the fat end is past her rectum. "That was so huge and you were able to fit it, that's so cool Joseph. When do Summer and I get to try that?" "Next weekend, so make sure you to play with each others butts a lot so it doesn't hurt so much ok." Britt and Summer throw there arms around him hugging him tightly whispering in his ear "We hope you become our daddy someday.".

With that Joseph kiss's them both then they run off to Summer's room to start practicing. "What did my girls say to you." "They hoped I would be there daddy someday." June looks over and stares at him then says "I want that to because I don't remember my daddy and you would make a good one, you are so kind for helping me feel this pleaser, and tender when needed." "I'm glad you enjoying it.

So how do you feel Isabelle? Are you both ready for more?" The both reply that they are so he ties them both to the bed spread eagle. Next sitting between the 2 of them he lubes there pussies well then starts to work his hands into them.

Just a little bit at a time while they both have tears but keep moaning at the same time. Finally at the widest part of his hand they both scream as he breaks past stretching them both to there max, now moaning like mad women as he is fisting there tight cunts.

Pulling out quickly he goes to the fridge as both girls are deliriously aroused and grabs 3 cans of soda then stuffing a can in each of there holes causing them to writhe against the cold. Now proceeding to play with there nipples by twisting and pinching them till they begged him to stop. Knowing they were at there limits of what they could handle, he gently kissed and caressed both there nipples as he withdrew the soda cans from there abused pussy.

Smiling down at there gaping cunts, he kiss's theem in turn tenderly then removing the electrical device from Junes body. All this stimulation he gave them left him feeling very horny and completely erect, so he pulls his cock out getting up by there heads tells them both to play with and suck his cock while making sure June knew that it was her mothers turn to swallow his cum.

She agreed and mostly just kept to his balls, but then felt both there hands work around his butt, and both girls pushing a finger in his ass making him cum hard in Isabelle's tight throat. Finally finished the two girl waddled to the bathroom and took there showers while he went and started an early dinner since they all missed lunch on that fine cool Sunday.

Joseph fixed spaghetti, broccolini, and french bread for dinner. They teased him since they were back in there skirts, but now had a lack of panties. After dinner Isabelle's daughters sat on the couch watching TV, while Joseph and Isabelle enjoyed snuggling on a large recliner together laughing at the TV. "You know we never had sex earlier." "That's because you would have been to sore at that time, I abused you both so badly.

God do I got to get pictures next time, first hands then soda cans stuffed in your twats." "Well I am not sore now, but I just want to make love now." With that she whipped out his cock in front of her daughters and saw them going to come after it like playful kittens should do so she told them not to move then slowly lowered her pussy over his cock burying it deep in herself and just sat there only rocking enough to keep him hard and teased till bedtime.

Also just to make her daughters down rite jealous, and giggling about it. After the girls retired for the night Isabelle and Joseph went to her room. Joseph climbs on the bed between his knew lovers legs and starts to gently kiss and nibble her thighs stopping just short of her tender pussy.

She finally grabs his head and moves it so that his mouth is rite on her. Feeling his tongue snake in and out, and lick from the bottom up lazily a few times before he starts to kiss, nibble, and pull at her clit with his lips while he has 4 fingers slowly working in and out of her gaping hole. Joseph watches her eyes as she looks up at the ceiling lips parted and panting keeping an eye on how she is feeling and loving the look of pure bliss on her face.


Now kissing up her belly still finger fucking her, he makes small circles on her clit with his thumb, as he works his way to her breasts. Stopping at her bellybutton he slides his tongue around then in causing her pussy to give a little shudder around his fingers, and a loud audible gasp.

Moving on kissing up to her left breast then right, he flicks his tongue across Isabelle's nipples fast just barely grazing them, and making her whimper. Telling him to suck on them, so he just keeps teasing them trying to bring her to a knew high. Finally sucking one and then the other into his mouth taking turns on both till he is nibbling, and stretching them with his teeth he slide 2 fingers into her ass making her scream out in delight and cumming.

Her thighs clamp his wrist, and she holds his head to her left nipple. While he continues to suckle and finger, giving her multiple orgasms till she can't take anymore, and starts pushing him away. "That was amazing Joseph." "I'm glad you liked it. We have visitors." he whispers in her ear. "That's OK. Your just showing them what it's like to show a women love, which is what we all deserve." "Climb on top of me and ride me like a cowgirl. June especially needs to see love and tenderness after today, that was just hard on you both, even if you enjoyed it." Joseph lade flat on his back and pulled Isabelle upon himself and started by kissing her and gently fondling her ass, and letting his hands wander.

Sliding his nails up her spine as he bites and kiss's her tender neck she shivers above him at his gentle touch excited about her daughters watching and learning how a true man behaves when making love.

She reach's down and grabbing his sex from beneath there bodies she gently strokes him and slides him against her pussy teasing him to no ends.

Smiling and laughing when he groans as it touches her tender hole.

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Wanting to give him as much excitement and teasing as he did her. There tongues entwined Isabelle finally finely slides his cock head just inside and gently rocks back and forth on just that till Joseph is begging her to slide all the way on him.

Isabelle finely sits up and lets his cock enter just to her cervix, saving that last bit for when he is ready to cum. Rocking back and forth, sliding up and down listening to him moan. She grabs his hands putting them above his head telling him this was just for him to feel and no more because all she wanted was to ride his cock because her nipples were still to sensitive. Leaning down Isabelle starts to kiss Joseph again telling him how close she is to and starts bouncing up and down hard till he says he is ready.

Then she slams herself completely past her cervix and letting out a cry and rides him harder as she orgasms and finally brings him over the top just to feel him explode into the deepest part of her body. "I will never get over how big you are and how can get that far into me. It hurts like hell but feels so good, especially for you doesn't it?" "Yes it definitely does honey.

What about the girls? They are still there." "Should we let them in my bed for the night?" Isabelle asks. "Sure if you are ok with that." "Come on June, Summer, and Britt. You can all sleep in here and I do mean to sleep and that's all." With that they all climb in the bed and snuggle up for the night. "Mom?" June says. "Yes." Can I have Joseph make love to me like that next weekend. I remember you said we are to leave him alone during the week to work and I promise to be good." "Tell you what if he is up to it tomorrow and not to tired from work he is all yours till you two are done." "Thanks mom.

Hear that Joseph your all mine." June giggles and kisses him on the cheek. With that Joseph falls asleep with his harem of girls and woman, still amazed at the luck that has finally come in his life.